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Howard and Jeremy
Friday, May 19th

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No place for this type of language. On a baseball fields. At home in the club house there's words out there that are very. Offensive to a lot of people. Regardless of how you use them. When you see them that was where they came. It's. I regret saying it wholeheartedly. And I look for it's making it right. That's Kevin poll are from the Toronto Blue Jays and his apologies been suspended. My Major League Baseball. Although it was a blue jays to suspend him was I saw that it either well it was graceful two game suspension a double check I thought it was awful that I used a gay slur. During game against the Atlanta Braves directed towards a picture on Wednesday night. And but it's certainly a Major League Baseball that it but the nice lead the GM from the jays flew down to Atlanta to announces suspension according to the MLB website it was a joint decision between gently he's on the blue Jake you're very much. Apple. I love watching glories a great player watches have a great year for them. And he's not the first player to do this Kobe Bryant was find big money for this. And it's it's happened a few times let's say there's another NBA player post Columbia. For somebody said something and yet what you can find links to everything for all these guys that if this had this. Transgression. So I was thinking about Kevin pull our last night when I watched a little bit of them in a watch and national Anaheim. And there's a faceoff at center ice and there's Kessler and Johanneson. And they've you know I was skating the circle mom and theirs they're GAAP and there's a lot of yap added sending game Terrell yup and I mean Johanneson has publicly said how does his family root for this guy's motto is friends they like they proud of this guy. So these two have had a feud for sure. And watching Johanneson in Kesler do this at Senna rice I couldn't read their lips and there's no microphone. And if the NHL did have them light up they would most certainly. Not Aaron things that war there off color offensive there. And it got me thinking about Clark and this is not an anyway. Aims to defend. Pull our it's just about. The more we get cameras in there and the more you get the ability to see and hear the stuff that happens. In between the lines in and you know inside the glass on the field. You can get some really nasty stuff. And I think you've got a generation of players by generations of players that would tell you about army and things I was call the things I was sediment. I would imagine that pests in the NHL mock. Dead family members and you know go to great lengths back in the heat of those moments to say the worse things in the world so. For Paul are there I mean I I'd the apology to me I think reads like it's illegitimate apology. And you see lots articles today com about how you know there's no place for homophobia in baseball. You know bold move the words that are words of hate which I agree with all that I do think though that you know for. Whether it is Rajon Kerr Rajon Rondo okay he did to Iraq so. Whether it's Rondo or Colby or pull our or you're you've got two different things here at work. You've got the word. Is it used carelessly because people have used that word carelessly for years and years and years. Some use it to actually spew hatred and another three others use it. Casually and it takes time for people that have used casually that do not mean. Hatred it's kind of like the thing with the Washington football team like bode well I I I don't mean it like that doesn't matter that's what it means that's what it means yeah and if you have used it. You have to do that you've got to think you've got to learn you've got to be educated you've got to know that. Don't say that word man like if your. Even if you don't mean the way that you're saying it to that pitcher you're trying to tell the patriot think he's a jerk in anyway if you're safe using it to accuse that person being less than. You're you're coming across is if you think someone like that is less than and you just. You've got to get it out you've got you've got to you've got to squash it. I've taken it out of the of the vote cat that I could even title last time that. Twenty years I don't even know I'll tell you that. Me growing up different I'm older than Jeremy obviously took growing up in the seventies. That word was used plenty of times. And not in a hurtful manner but in a teasing manner at the time and it was it was the equivalent of talent someone. The big baby or your soft Euro once or whatever but I've I'm pretty sure Iraq. Have heard that word plenty of times probably the east to college you know apostate whatever that the word was thrown around and use I don't know when it stopped. I can tell you that I taken out of my vocabulary. I've never heard my son use it if I if I did hear news that I would tell right away to never use that word again. So I've taken an out and look what he did was right no one's gonna defend what he did was wrong and he apologized and should be suspended. I also think part of it these two for two things you bring up here. I'm I'm wondering if is he suspended because she used the case war. Or is he suspended because. We knew he didn't like you can you can see but you can read lips and you can see what guys say someone says something on television this was not. It all in on field Mike that caught and I think it was you just read let's. I'm not sure if it's. Because you don't want this stuff and I'm sure is said in the heat of the game. And I don't know that they have players to suspend that I know they aren't. I almost think like Major League Baseball sped it because she was caught like you saw every it was no I mean here's what he said right you you can't beat nobody knew we set it to the Braves called rob their prince say. Hey Kevin Paul. I them right hey this is what I heard as Kevin you are set does he get ejected for saying it will think about the NFL they they recently made a rule where if you use. A certain word you're and the officials here you can give flight for unsportsmanlike conduct they want that word right removed from the even even though it's on the field which is. Good but I but I mean you've got to wonder. To the extent I mean I think I feel like on the field on the court in a game. There are no rules like the almost everything is fair play when it comes to trash talking and how you get under your opponent's skin I'm thinking you know you've brought right does this. I feel like over the years you would have heard. Someone tell a story about many adult talk about deceased family members they'll talk about X if you've been divorced mom forget it you're gonna they're gonna talk about your ex wife. From slap shot by the way where they meet that they went to another player and talked about Nowak all the way to Sean Avery getting suspended for what he said about Xeon for enough right now like. Family members is never six games I feel like when it comes to getting under someone's skin. Nothing is off the table in terms of personal references saw I feel like. I feel like this stuff is still going on if we don't hear about it we don't get upset I'm got a feeling that you'd there's stuff that would curl. Whatever Harris left on my head this said during the course of the game now and last night every sport at. Do we as sports fans. Here's the question the do you wanna know what Kessler and Johanneson are saying to each other last night you wanna know I didn't I because I kind of do. But then I feel like I'd laugh at it but I don't know that I really wanna be Pernod I I I certainly would wanna know but then. In my allowed to at that point one site. Here it. Judge their character based on what they're saying which are the one I know what's happening is. They're two guys here heat of the moment in a hockey and essentially a seven game series yes and they hate each other. And they want a fight each other and one of them called out the integrity of the other Leo once they can the other guy in the groin with a stick all verb for games yet. Does the viewer at the year the league you're the commissioner. Gary Bettman in this case. Do you want more cameras in those problems. More microphones on those grounds and I think or do you try to say listen. We love bring in the fans closer to game but we wanna keep we want we want to make sure. Yeah I don't think you don't go too far inside the gladiator Kate's hair I. Don't think you wanna know what's being said I don't think it's good because. This and that and I don't think it's as easy as it this isn't just well there cursing. It's what they're saying. And what they're calling each other how many times you hear Pierre McGuire. When you situated between the benches on the telecast. State of the guys upstairs boy you don't wanna know what's going on down here right now there's some stuff going between the benches that I can't repeat I don't think it's just simple curses. I would assume rob ray can tell plenty of stories with his his position now between the benches of what these guys are saying to each other Colin off the ice after a shipment has been some jousting. I don't think the league wants us to hear that I don't think I need to hear that honesty Jeremy I'm I know it said in the heat of the moment. But I would I I I feel like I I kids I would think less of a guy on my team. If I heard some of the stuff he was saying the guys on the other team I don't want another couple tax on this you'd be amazed at what you hear ten year old it's safe to each other on the ice. Right like this while where they get it from exactly. That starts at that level I have thought either the hole it if you this is on TV UC IC it's one thing. But if you're you're watching with your kid. And they hear this on ice conversation he'd turn again what is. But nobody bleep I mean you ask don't ever repeat that term. On Joseph tweets and ot the economy isn't used to study other players talk trash and learn different language which is ready to release that. He learned other languages so he could trash talk the player. In his native language that's right. Wasn't he was saying what words do you think he used. And that you know there's a fair question is the NHL let's say eight Steve not learns how to say something very bad in them. Check yet you get suspended for saying it now. Mean of cameras aren't gonna kinda let us the microphones not gonna take an up than it after interpreted with subtitles no I don't think they don't and I'm not trying to. You know dismissed what happened with alarming degree the suspension was Johnson and accused. Apology seemed to be heartfelt. But we don't know how 41 go all of this I may the I can't even begin to tell yeah. I feel like that. That references like that I don't know about commonplace. But I would assume still happen in sports. Between players. And the question is Dawes a microphone pick it up does they fanned pick it up is it seen on TV. As I said I I think almost anything is fair game I guess when it comes to trash talking and guys yelling at each other during a contest it's matter of who hears. And if it becomes public knowledge and once it becomes once it becomes public knowledge what the league has no choice then as the commissioners have to step in and suspend guys I'm sure there's a ton of stuff out there that's being said that if we don't know about it. The league just says jets heat of the moment that's the way it goes. What do you expect these guys to do their baffling. For a championship trophy. Their leave and blood and guts on the ice they're getting on each other's skin their play and every other night for maybe seven games yes you're getting you're gonna explode at one time or another and as long as nobody hears it. Then I don't think they're gonna do anything about it now and I and I don't I don't need to hear it's the stuff that goes on between guys I think I'd it would lessen my opinion of certain players few more texts on this. I remember robbery but taxer frank writes and telling a story about him talking about tie Domi your posts one of them somebody talking what somebody's sister during a game hmm I think Grubbs told that's the area. As set I think everything's fair game. I mean it's it's it's. As I said you know what I'm sure some of it is downright hilarious some it may be funny. But. I think that just stays on the ice that stays on the court and that that's word that needs to be in staying and that's it. But it helped organize a Major League Baseball had no choice. And that something is scene like that then you suspend the guy. And the easy thing is just don't use the terms anymore and don't run the risk of getting suspended because if you don't use that word that term that you oratory about ever being suspended by the sport you play him. A good move from Major League Baseball and I would say. Allard did. You know and I and I ST couldn't an apology got a honestly Jeremy I I didn't see the whole thing I saw a clip of that this morning. I read some of the pop apology is not in it seemed very sincere in his seemed heartfelt you know I think. Everything he said I don't think it was one of those you know there can be apologies from time to time we think gays. He's apologizing because the team told them you have to apologize in fact. I bet somebody wrote the apology for him maybe the agent said. Here you know apologize and here's Richard going to say ghost in front of the cameras memorize this read it. To me listening to him it felt sincere like he truly meant what he said. He he he knew he made a mistake and he he owned up to it so good for him until now pay the price for Major League Baseball in the days. Yup. And mark instrument homer for less like for them last night meanwhile the other thing going on in that series I should go ahead that you mentioned was Batiste. Obviously good text is a funny text. Archived story tweet from. Randy Randall yet what happens if when you get hit by a pitch. You then do a back flip. That's how Batiste issued wind O line they keep thrown out of her flip and a bat flip when he gets hit with a pitch he should flip that and walked to first I think you have to hit in his next at bat then and then you'll flipped the bat. And walked the first of course by then you will basically lose a picture because the warning will have been issued in the next time yet but this that Batista I'm sorry. Will be an automatic ejection that would be pretty funny. I think the the the hope them the funniest part of this last night. Plus the fact that he threw inside on the first pitch I don't upbeat he got through inside. Not an upbeat throw inside to to back off the plate or. To me that's aleris throw throw inside it and hit him I got to try to again like you keep just keep throwing inside until you hit them because then. Tehran will be praised by his teammates. This is the this is a Brock Meyer episode. Yes right great watching Brock or all of I'll rock might I add I think up three or four episodes at one of them was the kangaroo court in the locker room. And one of the players was angry with one of the other players does a guy got hit by the pitch and the clerk at the picture didn't retaliate and we think is big issue of the locker room so Brock Meyer episode. That's Major League Baseball that's how hilarious that's the office. It's Gerald Paul Brock Mara. 34 episodes and good and grade are you basing it now well I mean I watched three episodes just. Is it what a TV show would be if Greg bought had a TV show kinda. Yeah right our old friend Greg bark as the TV show that's that's to some of the stuff he says. Is absolutely hilarious is that his public address is play by play whatever it's great. Bottom line is that I don't robredo I don't you think about it I think it's funny like Hank Azaria it's a good show. As I said some lines he puts into his calls as an announcer really hilarious I wouldn't say it's like. Oh my god it's one of the greatest fortunes have ever seen it's got I mean if I could I would play a lot of the stuff they can on the air but that it's here not going to happen now though and it we get heavily fine but he FCC yeah in the but it's it's one of those shells riled I'll keep watching it's worth watching. Because it he's he's a funny guy and there are some really funny part two. Plus you know they work in. Some celebrities were ballplayers announcers all that stuff herb or have cameo appearances in the show over the course of time so that's good to. 80305 chip and join us 88 by fifty to 550 I will play on my favorite games. Did see the track now sidelined him the confidence yes I did. Five dollar admission this year. What you wanna see if you've heard of any of the yeah well wanna give you I'm gonna get a chance to bet on this nothing actually gamble just for for betting purposes on the show there are ten. Acts that have been named yes question is by previous history. You know if you wanna go with the number two wanna go percentage out of ten. I'll I'll Honeywell and I'll set the line got that and Brayton you'll make the bat. The over under on a not for fun number of acts. Howard Simon has heard oh she's three for all of the ten yes ten the over under is one half. And one half so the question is the will. Howard. No any. Any of the acts. You already got dirty water break into your vet your guess is what I hear it would be re gonna have to look at the the lineup here for this so I haven't seen this yet you name any BC lineup will he know. Anyone any act performing. At canal side. And if so what's the number just letting him so it's one half. I will cold. You know I'm gonna say that Howard at least knows one song go the older gentleman to I have one number right okay to hear true let's play the game. Dogs power know anyone. From canal side this year I've heard of can outside. June 15 yes there things get started okay. At the canal side concert series. With Gary Clark junior. What's the Gary Clark junior okay now that's a no I have should I have no neither do we should I know Gary cartoon if you don't you showed you should listen to Gary Clark junior. It's awesome. He's awesome. Or it's awesome here but they are a lot of the on ice and also many times feel like I don't as the one show I'd like to see more than any and I won't be able to they had no idea I'd never know there is okay. June 22 she'll eat. Cologne. Course I know Sheila yeah you don't yet know that's been in the songs who Sheila. 1980s when we're she would wish you'd been she but he. China. Some huge sums until at least couple bucks on Shealy nineteen. Mid 1970s. A couple of aren't so you know she'll bite I do know here you're here at one I have heard of she'll eat and I will pull up some songs entitled once I've heard of before June 30 as the BP Allen strictly hip I have hurt not only. I heard of strictly hip I have seen strictly hip on multiple occasions just kill me here not me you know what you want to credit my wife she's a big strictly hit man actually. Lead singer. Big fan of the show listens to Michelle loves us big Mets fan. July 6 did not the Tea Party and I I don't the thing is not the political party I don't think it's the local party no OK I know the political party I do not know the musical group crank. About ghost face killer with Slick Rick. I'll move along for you to get a chance Eric Paisley is July 20 theory of a dead man is July 27. Now that dark star orchestra the third one problem Robert Randolph in the family man that sounds like somebody you should've heard up should I heard a Paisley. I feel like I might have actually has it would his name that ever come up from you on the show no idea not to me I don't know that guy's OK and I don't know him and and then USS. As in like the name of a ship like USS guys who should I don't know. So earlier numbers to Julia I agree that deedrick strictly geely in graduation test 20% of the acts at canal side that I know that's pretty good for you I'm very happy it took the over then. You win or feel like she. When you know everything about queen of Sheila you and of a theory here act glamorous life okay. I I know she is I'm just try to read up on some of her songs and everything but. But there were some kind of connection with prince there at some point. So there's your juvenile slowed to a tent that's progress maybe there's a five dollar charge for the concert but if you lie ahead of time at consumers you get a voucher for a drink. Well self that you go offsets that you know go to go to crucial us with Fritz okay got a tweet Shealy was with prince before going solo thank you very much. I think you almost like yet you have to buy ahead now right I think you run the risk of like not getting into the concerts if you don't buy and I don't know about that. It depends I wasn't sure we just your stock a sell out it was going to be general mission but getting it are parked what you have to buy ahead now because they went to the five dollar they went to an admission charge their couple years ago when depends on which our park series some of them have the you know more specific Tuesday in outdoor one I think you have to buy at a time. Jack thank my wife for the musical knowledge 8030550. Join us 888552. Factor play hope everybody likes all these acts and Lotta people are excited about. These people. I'm not gonna you know dog the lineup because of passing judgment now I mean you know music is taste if there's a bunch actually come that you don't like all the people probably like them so. Enjoy the concert series Paul Hilton texted me prince discovered Sheila ER has the story on that thank you Paul. When we get back speaking of learning about things. Igor oracle tried I didn't have Paul Hamilton dropping Shealy eat now lynch in in the in the office pool today Paul's. A wise man when it comes to musical knowledge I have underestimated him over the years. Paul's pretty bright dude when it comes to the to the variety of musical knowledge that he has what we get back. Igor Broncos and giants. Basically have done this more from me than anybody else. If the sabres do end up signing Victor and keep and I'd like to know more about the guy we can watch a little bit in the world championships by Nepal's we talked to Paul about him and his game. Eager covers the KHL for sport express. And he's gonna join us next and talk more about Victor and Teepen. 8030550. We were talking about bill's office today were Dennis anomalous early this morning. Interview was an on demand audio WG Arafat if you dot com what are your expectations. But the bills' offense this season you can share those on WGR. I don't have enough thing for you with fans right now but it's certain situation where so have a regulation but his agent will be following up with them and immediately in that regard says officers who works out but I think that's an example of what this organization needs to do whether it's a European free agents call trees silicone into you're trying to find players in different avenues and it's a great way to develop a good organization. Jason Bob troll with us on victory and Teepen. World championships rolling along with Russia advances they'll play Canada next US is out. After losing to Finland to nothing. Technical finished with five assists in eight games no goals. Ryan O'Reilly had an assist meanwhile bill signed previous white and say Jones Jones has a sprained knee he is week to week. Football department a couple of hires as well assistant director of college scouting couple national scouts. More on that in our website WH ER 550 dot com and I'm over Nashville and overtime Pittsburgh Ottawa is tonight. So those are sports headlines next update on the way top of the hour that the top they are pull have. Elton will join us use it the bills yesterday OT days. The assistant coaches having their media availability is we'll talk to Paul about that might come up with a hockey question to for mr. Hamilton. And then at 930 top Michael Jonas from. Batavia downs we'll get handicapping advice betting advice for the preakness which you can hear tomorrow. On WG arm all right on our AT&T hotline the senate bids. For the big part this is as I wanna find out about this guy. Is. Igor or uncle he covers hockey for the sport express that includes the KH Alan we have more on the talk a little bit about. Victor and cheapen who may be signing with the Buffalo Sabres defenseman who has been playing with Russia in the world championships it was in the gay HL. Igor and Gerri welcome that Michelle thanks for coming on a first of all. All told the world. Or an opinion well I'm I'm looking for your opinion with America net. I'm looking for your opinions on Victor and keep in Igor. What are you hearing in Russia I know you're at the world championships now in Germany what are you hearing about and cheapens signing with buffalo. I heard this mom would go away and I know but it definitely living. Did you involvement old suburbs here. Do believe will be and Charlotte but definitely. But I can confirmed that fuel saying exactly the ball well. And he refused to talk on this. So how can get an inflammation right now but they'll try to find out. Okay then that this probably answers my next question to you said he's not talking about you have any idea. Why he wants the sun would buffalo. I'll give Bloomberg points cook them and then sabres government. How. About this country in the NHL all reflect I don't know that I'm bake apples fault for a guy like him. She is whether small picture guys but very strong on the puck and a good spot mourn dysfunctional about exactly what she. And maybe Nader or Bob or. To. Don't war. Yeah that's what I wanted to ask you about Igor as you watched Victor play you talked about him being a puck moving defenseman. Can you tell me a little bit about his overall game what he does well. All know. Converse problem with Bakken re global battle although it is you're gonna small dark. I'm marketplace that both from Bono to kill. On all of poorly and it has all the parts I'm in can Russia. And in the alt key situation is or where a home should go on the guys this year can. He's very good in the break culture if she checks well. And saw. On the condition of the firm to recruit quite reliable. So you think then you know you see we've seen some guys come over like an errant comes to mind he will not have a problem coming or from the KHL. And and and being able to be an impact player or succeed right away in the NHL. Oh yes in true maybe not. Like on the island I saw Sharon Percy in that I think the solution will be quite okay and and dumps him. Come into the NHL I think he could to make the most of from the start if it comes to sabres. This year. Igor is there anything and that as you watch him play third you've talked to people who seen him play as well. What is there anything it is game that definitely needs to do better are there are some weaknesses to his game from what you have seen. Maybe he needs to gain more speed and in the it could you tell if the NHL is shown instigate more current. Is the stronger that goes no the galaxy they're ratios are much much. A bigger car. We know all the credit. Much more which gets you you have blood weren't so I'm not. Quite different game. The other thing I ask you about it before let's go YouTube so you've seen the KHL you've seen the NHL you've covered international hockey you're at the world championships right now. Tell from for me since I've never seen a single KH a game. What is the level of play like in the league in the cage jolly and what the competition like that Victor would have been going up against every game. And it. You don't go to the big difference between top teams doesn't. Oh lower. I'll I'll I'll either I would say no but it blade every year in the oil sit down to opt to use against top opposition. With him in the most remarkable warm to go go and corrupt cops in previous four years. And if you look keep ought to Belichick's success so. To go to the plate in the Novo. Took the it would stop so dysfunctional and I'm always on all key situation and so poison. All for the final appeal of against top forwards for example the world bum displayed in the wireless. Against Scott. Guys who have. Follow how shall always yeah. It played against double pollution who's covered should chill wind she went. Down government to vote button here. I'm Kia obviously succeeded in this. Europe to. Much hope talent in the guy you know they have truly lines like that but slightly vague about the idea yeah. You are bronco list and order express joining us here. On the AT&T hotline a little information on Victor and Teepen. Igor I know you gotta press conference to get you there in Cologne so we appreciate you got a busy day there were all your hockey our responsibilities. Thanks for coming all of us for a few minutes this morning. Because Pollock Igor on Twitter as well and so he's fed far she knows that. Victor in Teepen is planning on signing with the Buffalo Sabres I assume he's just waiting for the world champion to be done and has not been talking about it since but is still planning can you confirm that and deepens planning and signing with the sabres. So that you would think would be an exit top four addition for the US sabres defense core of the season. There's a family in Pittsburg they named their son Cassel not fail. Named it Cassel went out against it can be at Phil to be for anybody sure baby born on Mother's Day. Son's name is castle room. He's thinking about names for the first child. Not castle moments where you are an advocate castle on no. People this area have named their children after athletes as their Ben a good sol it it. You don't like that there's a baby boom right when. People having a lot of babies. Wouldn't you have a sports in there and as we've got to be in a sports naming drought also who swear that the not that some say more than a number of athletes worthy of having. Children named after them for seventeen years the bills missed the playoffs in the sabres have been some pretty rough times like let it lately I've been the numbers down a lot I got a though. I was thinking booty who's the guy who are the athletes. Who's the bill lose the Saber. Like who would you have named your child after. I figured it out. Jackson for Fred he figures not I read but you used Jackson as the first name for your son Jack short whatever. Jackson for friend. I don't like Dominique came into my head that's twenty years ago this another one what you and other sabres. Nobody Charlie tweets and named his dog Kiko. Good name for a dog okay the legend of Keiko yeah yeah. But we've probably edited and well and a little bit of a dry spell cell named his kid Macs but I don't think that anything that would offend again. Dogs feel a lot of dogs on the text or we dog named Xena are dog Briere. And we call it a funny called break I thought about debris or but I figured nobody is that in their kid Briere you know I didn't -- Simon I don't know if that's the ring castle is a little bit off the re I would not name my kid cast my friend named his kid. Kelly read. I don't think really my daughter's middle name was going to be Michael if she was a boy. Next door neighbor is sun is Jackson I named myself my dog can Leodis. Really that's too good dog may say you never is you don't use the kids is much you use the it's the pats use the pats what about Thomas Thurmond. That Thurman Thomas went out to do Thomas middle lane Thurman. Would you who bet that by the time Jack Michael retires here is done playing hockey whether he replies retires in buffalo about time he's done. There is a person. Walking around in buffalo moves. First name name is Michael moon up you think that will have some dead at some point we will win over the family and be able to name their child Michael. Middle name tower. At. We named area we named our sunny Vander. You know what she almost name her son of engine died now Reinhart needs to have a really good years we have more Sam since we've got a cat named wrist though. Now not meet up and just tax our role pet names short that injuries he thought the pet's gonna complain and beat the scorn of other pets in the neighborhood because they were named Bristow. Kawika. Really permit to another week named our dogs and guess. Start. That what a great neighbor dog Dem gets. And the text Jeremy is to talk to misses into assigned felt name like seven or in Moscow no no no no he and my dog is Fitz is a red beard. My dog is Oliver Pakula and my son Troy after Aikman I got to treat from someone named his son Dominic. Comforted and has cat's name raiser in pastor nice intro is gonna charge instead of you know rob ray. Share nicknames absolutely could and anger or you know twenty years ago an underdog the dominating. Maybe you would use to just go with denominator. Its along game for a dog but dominate there yet to fit that on that extra long collar you know and that that probably cost elects to money. And it came an animal Miro. Before marriage tan. He's the bass player for cavaliers. And there's got to be a dog out there that was named Miro explosion would use the last name not province. It's Satan maybe not I Michael hunt. Well I ever get another dog not plan and on it but may go use cycle. 8030550. To join us 888550 to 550 K quick reminder because. 9:30 this morning top heights gonna join us from Batavia downs we'll get some handicapping advice and help put together some bets on the preakness tomorrow. We will have extensive preakness coverage tomorrow here on WGR Brian cultural and Dan cave. We're broadcasting live from Batavia downs we'll be on the air from two to five and ambles switch over Q race coverage beginning at five. I believed post time is around 648. So there you go up but again. Either be Willis at 930 well we'll treat it out we'll have interviewed on demand audio appearance didn't betting on the preakness and you wanna. Get some advice from Todd since if you like me you have no idea about any of these horses and knowing data that you does that. That you can someone tell you what to do we'll have that for you coming up at 930. The bills offense we've been discussing that a little bit today Rick Dennison the offense scored it was Alice earlier this morning. And that an abuse. In on demand audio WG Arafat to do dot com what are your expectations for the Eagles offense this season whatever else undermine NHL playoffs NBA play as a renowned. Last night they resume tonight. In gives a call and savers talk what have you. 8030550. Or 88552. Point fifty. To join us here on WGR. Beaumont C she's mean Rita Holmes my whole life she's never. For once had a mortgage or pay to back. It was always drain so I feel like you know my duty is to you know get hurt in a comfortable situation which costs up hers her home so. And I feel like that's my job as as as such out and I feel like you know I owed it to her father sacrifices she's made sure you know my my sister's. On the in my book Melissa still my my two dozen. Cold cold day yesterday her bills first round draft pick for Davis why talking about well he signed. So. Let's see well over nine million dollars contract totals seven million guaranteed hatred obvious but it didn't know the money. Why is mom a house. And I believe the Stanley was on hand yesterday was out on that went out on the field took some pictures after signed his contract and I assume the film is within me was taking pictures of folks there. That's a cool story here of depressing days and all the stuff that goes wrong and sportsmen here. A guy like Davis white and talking about his mom who did all the sacrifice for the family. Being able to have her own home and home that he can buy for her I just wanted to play and because I thought that is awesome. That's a great thing to be able to do for your mom it's a wonderful position to be and appear to Davis white. Bill's gone through OTAs we'll talk cooled a bit more about that coming up at nine Paul's going to be with a sub Sowells off so Paul is down and Orchard Park yesterday. Covering the OTAs there was bad injury news there's a knee sprain for Zeta-Jones. He's out week to week so OTA's front office filling out but the assistant coaches all met with the media yesterday and double talk to Paul again coming about that. That's pocket stuff form as well nobody at 9 o'clock this morning 8030550. Beauty join us as we talk. A little football at you today that's one of the story lines for training camp by the way to Davis white nickel back. Competition with keep on Seymour. Ronald Darby is going to be a starting quarterback but one of the other spots keep an eye on a training camp will certainly be who is the other starting quarterback who replaces Stephon Gilmore. And whether keep on Seymour or. Drew Davis white you'd think one of those two guys would emerge as the starting quarterback for the bills. This weekend. What are your sporting plants for this weekend you have the Celtics cavaliers tonight was a blowout in game one. You have the warriors in spurs. To tomorrow night. Why Leonard by the way is status up in the air is listed as questionable for game three if he doesn't play. You would expect I would think more of the same in terms of a Golden State victory what are your what are you in at all still on the NBA. What else have they been blowouts these two series cumbersome it can. Get. Must wanna see these two teams and the preakness of course I'd I'd like to see double sleeps here I'd like to see two unbeaten teams meet the NBA finals and well tonight 830 is your game. To tomorrow it's about the time Saturday night 9 o'clock okay link you know what it sounded like you handle it but my predators stocks is at 715. And the preakness will be at what six or 48 Seoul. Rays are good as I raise my hand at timing well you know I know I don't got no no no no no mystic. What the heck happens between known and 6 PM that. You need I need sports in the afternoon on Saturday and Sundays off I needs. And out of here I got checked that I need 3 o'clock games on the weekends. Give me some to have on while I'm either doing yard worker I've got to do worker on the house or reckon. You know on down have a beer I need to gain this is Saturday night I can make my own fun I can have some thought. 3 o'clock. He gave you watch your funny this is great I'm the exact topic see you Sunday sends penguins is that three yeah okay. That's something and then Sunday night 830 Scott Hoch behind. Should be against the law know games start after 7 PM on a Sunday. Well I'm OK with the Sunday part now Saturday in Saturday's that you make your own fun Saturday night on the complete opposite Saturday for me I want the day. To get outside and do whatever I have to do whether you know running errands cut the grass whatever stuff around the the house anything pay bills laundry all the stuff give it all done get everything done get work done get jobs stuff done. Give it all done during the day so at night. I can relax. And watch the games I'm you know me I'm boring I don't go out I have no socialized by don't make fun for myself so this is perfect for me preakness at 648. Hockey game at 715. I'll be able to watch. Most of that for the basketball game starts. And I can still watch the hockey game while watching the and then pick up the basketball game it's not a blow up by 93945. I love that schedule for me. That's perfect. Sunday is a different story Sunday night games and go without Sunday night games you can do all the afternoon stuff but. I have no lights Saturday night stuff absolutely fantastic love that he used the data do whatever wanna do go out grill visit hang out what do you do nap. I don't do much if you get in the city more. Yet you get out and get out about yeah I'd see the sites I'm not as you know what I was gonna do I'm not the summary this guy but next week off next week. So you're tour of the city be a Taurus in your own city act I'm not guess you're gonna do that my wife and I thought about you know doing things downtown that we just never deal whether it's. Canal side or what ever walking around down there walking along the water going out to eat go to different places I don't I'm a suburban side I don't get down that often. Typically it's a sporting event. Unless you know there's there's something not a show we're gonna see at the Ralph. Or go to C a show which days I'm pretty much a suburban and so one of the things I wanted to do next week was the just walk around downtown and and taken all the stuff that's happening now in downtown buffalo. I'll do that. Can also come out my neck of the woods now you're live in the hinterlands are not driving that for I don't like it that much I'll come on now and I don't know how that data out there if I wanna milk a cow. I'll come visit you. Don't mean I don't know what else. Guys do you even have television and we know we do actually really a week of high speed Internet have electricity and after he is like an out house or any thing now is there are road to your house yet is that is it gravel. Or is it paved. I mean our driveways gravel. The road to your house gravel. Paved it's paved there are some gravel roads though out my way OK I just wanted to make sure cards 'cause if you live on a gravel road to already get your house on that government. But he against gravel roads and like gravel roads they make a car during. Huge in their lands was going all out than he does not living healer and as you've never been to a real hinterlands if you think you lose in the hinterlands. Those remote place you government in your life. Is a fun question okay I I have an answer for this I I think I have the end the most remote place. Our honeymoon. I don't remember the name of the of of the resort but I mean it was in the middle of nowhere. Like. North of parry sound in Ontario I mean there was very it wasn't even a town it was just a series of cabins on a lake. And the only thing within like a half hour was a Canadian tire. I mean there was nothing up there. Couldn't even tell you the town. That's it somewhere north of Perry sound an hour to. My answer to this question is when I went to Alaska we had no TV by the way there were there was no TV reception and regulations and there was a resort Allah was a honeymoon so we needed when I went to Alaska there's a lot of plays on Alaska that are pretty remote. But one of the things we did we won this and this deep sea year glacier kayaking tours yeah. See in a vote need take a vote for two hours out to where this glacier is and you. Kayak through the glacier ice field that's cool and it was bull ride was long so we get out there we you know as they parked the vote him all the kayaks and as restarting a panel about their rice I asked to organize and just quickly. How close is the nearest civilization. Because there's these two boats out there all these tourists didn't cut execs are worth the nearest person it's not on this trip. And she said Milan. About eighty miles. That. It's got eighty mile and a half from a person yeah Panasonic. Boil nothing goes wrong this test it won't. He's dies he would you're just it's your steady the last we were when we were out in March throughout west we're going from. Wanna stay with page Arizona there was a resort there called Lake Powell okay we're driving from page Arizona. 20. Bryce canyon Utah Alia you and if you drive out last there's nothing that. I said we before we checked out of hotel I said look I'm getting hungry. Is there any plate readers or don't work we're going up to Bryce canyon Utah is there. Any place is stopped for something the age sent. Not for at least fifty to seventy miles there's nothing out there at all she wasn't kidding yeah there's no there's no civilization are there are no houses no not know pounds known. It's amazing that there are roads debt. It there's a road but it's just rock. And open land and even that was pretty she wasn't kid and it was a while before you saw anything at least there's stopped as your heading south. To where I know I was kidding I was I don't I know I'd like I'd been to your town it's a lovely place. I'll I'll take you to some places if you wanted to mile mile waved one of these days I'll I'll take you to some very remote places I'd I did a high school football game there I loved and had a great time there so wonderful little community it's not bad 8030550. Jonas. Top dowry when headlines now. Kids what do you think sure I. Bills. Have shot a couple draft picks today is Wednesday Jones Jones however has a sprained knee. Got banged up in the OTAs and he is listed as week to week for the team. More football department hires lake Austin as the new assistant director of college scouting a couple of national scouts brought in Marvin Allen Brian Adams we have details on all of that. At WGR 550 dot com. Hockey Anaheim. Blows a two nothing lead in the third and then wins in overtime three to two. That series now tied at two game for Pittsburgh Ottawa tonight US bounced by Finland. In the world hockey championships Canada moves on to the semis or rally had an assist in the win over Germany. Your baseball run down the jays beat Atlanta the yanks lost to Kansas City. Thankfully the Mets were off the buys speed Syracuse they'll play Pawtucket tonight at seven notable for a few things one Friday and I cash. To David Price and Pablo Sandoval scheduled play for Pawtucket tonight. In rehab starts also tonight is game two of your NBA Eastern Conference final between cavaliers and the celtics' Paul Hamilton on the way in a moment on WG.