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Friday, May 19th

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Yeah it's Paul Hamels CN. Community. Backup he's a pain. Put up just who this parents Don WG ER Sports Radio 515. Because that's the facts. Paul can make it up as good as anybody I've ever heard. He's with a sunny AT&T hotline how's that for an intra I don't ballparks big and making things up you with your wife by have you is value picks on my fourth infant and the driver or you're killing me Hammel then you're not the same table. Now we're and I value not same table after a series at the same after your comment making him old older by himself Shrek I decided you could not sit in the sand table. I'm not a descent and I told Jeremy that if he put us at the same table I was walking out but if we're drafting as I said hey I have him and his wife is a value pick my boards sort mitnick who not only are we not a thing table you're on the opposite side of the room. You're as far away from me as you can do. But maybe that might be out by lakers now you're just huge speed lucky you're in the room okay. Thanks thanks for the Sheila. Leave your you know open your Hewitt you know tight right I heard of her I just could and I knew there was a prince time and I just couldn't remember what the heck it was. Also to podshow got a pretty good how he takes the day off he goes away and send you out 21 bills drive when there's like eighty different things going on I text and government so thanks for. Let me go out there when I got to write 950 articles. You dwell 951 it was it wasn't busy day so less than that there's a lot of ground to cover Nash got a couple hockey questions for him but 02 days. Will what the heck went on anything of note. The other to stop their shorts off so it's it's basically you know getting used to the book playbook got going there things. A little toasty. I mean. There are a couple of fights out there that that went on so even though they were in shorts and pads. Some offensive line committed some linebackers and defensive lineman decided that they've had for each other by so that would happen. Yeah I I think right yesterday the more instinct part of the they would have been you know you first chance to hear the coordinators and and meet with the media. So we had Rick Dennison a little bit this morning in a look at some of the stuff he talked about yesterday Paul let's start there. What what did you hear from Rick Dennison that that the it sounds like you know he's going to be fitting an offense to Tyrod a little bit I think you you're gonna see him rolling out which is the intelligent thing to do. I mean get him out from behind the line where he can't necessarily see the gets a lot of balls knock down. And get him moving a little bit. You know that that puts pressure on the defense to trying to track him down to get to lament. You would hope would reduce some of the sacks. That he took because you Tyrod for whatever reason. Doesn't get rid of the ball as quickly as some other quarterbacks to it it does cause the bills have headaches. As far as sacks and that type of thing by. If you know it there. I'm much this year Greta I think some people are going to be run first offense than. Take advantage of that it doesn't sound like you know they're going to be fill in the foot the air with footballs and you know so it sounds like Haiti it'll it'll be a a lot of writing the football maybe different types of plays and we've seen in the past but. That's some record changed to marchment philosophy. Yeah we were too we were talking about that earlier Paul Rick Dennison was all of us at 6:30 this morning we got double the interview and and we both reached the same conclusion in that might not go over well with bill's fans. Tyrod is talking yesterday about taking his game to the next level. But I I'm with you and I'm listening to Rick this morning it sounds like hey they feel and and he kind of Kennedys like. I'm an old offensive line coach what do you think I want us to do run the ball. It sounds like it's going to be a different staff but the same basic philosophy of what the offense looked like the last two years under. Greg Roman and then Anthony led. And let's be honest in less Tyrod improves drastically. You're not get too far with him throwing the football I mean how many games we're talking about a hundred or under 25 yards passing per game. You know Heidi sometimes he can hit open receivers sometimes he does they would see open receivers Jeremy. With some of the tape and film that you you watch I know you see that where you have open receivers that argument look that. Charles clay would come to mind. You know for that one soul. I I don't know how much. You're how successful you're going to be if you are putting the football pirates' hands and having him throw the ball. 3435. Times a game I don't know how successful you're actually going to be the he's more successful when he can. Uses speed to get himself around and then you know kind augment that with the past. I wonder how you know tyra is talking about taking his game to the next level. I'm not sure. That he can take his game to the next level if the philosophy is going to remain the same and it's run the ball and as you said Rick Dennison was talking about get it out fast identify the read. You know get your footwork down get that ball out on time and just keep the chains moving. Yeah and he's been around enough I don't know what the next level might be for him might think what you see is what you get. It's not like I easily in his second year and you know sure he he has started his whole career. But he's been around the NFL and been in the NFL with Baltimore and then came to awful became a starter. So I'm not in my opinion I don't think there's a huge upside there I think what you see is what you get. Paula dishonor AT&T hotline 80305 to two to join us 888550 to 550. I feel like I'm gonna ask about Leslie Frazier and I feel like I'm not sure it really matters because it's it's gonna be Sean McDermott's defense right. Well Rosie Fraser as have well respected coach in this league I didn't I didn't mean that I don't think he'd get her to be pulpit for had I don't mean it as a slam I just suck it up to get the guy was the head coach at what the defense of coordinator. I would say that about any head coach who was a coordinator that's gonna be his concepts. I think to be hired he needs to be in lock step with the head coach them you know booed since the head coach was a defensive coordinator. If talk he talked a lot about the fourth story in you know using the linebackers in wrangling in Preston brown in Humber and Alexander back. Quite honestly when the first now what was on the field. Well yet doubt for now my immediate two linebackers and yet five defensive backs and I think you're gonna see a lot of that I think the actual or three. I'll be surprised if you see a whole lot milder especially with all the way offenses are. Multiple wide receivers and that type of thing but base 43. You might see it against the dolphins when they're gonna you know tried you know write down their throat again like they did last year and made the bills' defense. Embarrassing if they could be a compliment. Two games against the dolphins the way they defended the run. But. So. It may be that he 95. Linemen on the field you know against that team like the dolphins but overall. I don't know how much for three year actually see. Yeah. So it's not that EA itself brought this up because if you look at a popular get the you know from the line to linebackers to the second arrow through the DBs in the safeties together. There are some really big questions that linebacker. And you know one of them is this drag and come back and can he play and is he healthy and you know loud. What is Lorenzo Alexander have left you mentioned Ramon Humber you know who knows what you're getting a line backing core but it might not be as big deal because. It's like you're gonna have three linebackers out there on a regular basis. Yeah and the thing is. I always tell people pot you know pump the brakes on Iraq Agilent they're plated out of the NFL yeah. Some people and I'm not saying you're just did that but some people I talked to. Government a pro ball. And it's like you know hang on he might be a great player he also may be a bust we have no idea I mean he heated get through training camp last year so. You know we need I think we need to pump the brakes on him and he still not ready a 100% he still limited in what he's doing. When I said we sought to linebackers on the field it was Alexander brown they were the two that were out there at the time so. Frazier did say there are going to be probably times where you will see Preston brown and rag and on the field at same time. So it's not like you'll you'll never see that so. It you know regular had a great college career and you would hope it translates into the NFL but he had a major knee injury and he's never played it down obviously. I forgot I knew I forgot and obviously thank you for bringing up Preston brown I said they wanted to couple hockey things with you before we let you go. But up all the coverage from yesterday with the the new hires for the front office as well the draft picks signing. Ivan that came down yesterday you can read it all at WGR 550 dot com. All wanted to ask you about the sabres and and who knows what's gonna happen when Jason box or what move she's gonna make. He made some comments to I'm Elliot Friedman the other day in the thirty thoughts at sports net's web site that. Bought the set I he'd be OK with starting next season with Robin Lehner has his goalie. And we were against Israel today we brought it up could leave you know would he want to do anything with Pittsburgh to bring one of their goalies and what are your thoughts about Leonard and where buck truly is with his goaltending situation do you think you look at one of those guys for the penguins. Because he did say uncomfortable starting. Next season with Leonard wasn't exactly a ringing endorsement commitment to Robin liner. He went on to say to me he. I'm paraphrasing is bigger worries right now against sending death my and I think I would take him at his word I aim. Don't find in the playoffs he's won a cop. And he got pole last game enabled it to get pulled I mean. I still not in a mindset that I wanna treat form. Again letters fine and I don't I don't want them to get carried away on a contract I'd be. Myself I'd be looking at probably the two year deal that. Would be less than four million dollars a year. I'd be looking out for liner. I think he's earned the right to stay and earned the right to continue. Is he a top flight number one goaltender we have not seen that yet but I still think there's room for improvement. Man. He's right today I think he needs to be looking a lot to first saw it get used salary cap under control he's got to find defenseman. If you can get liner for two year deal not knowing where cal Peterson's gonna fall nobody knows whether he's coming out of college even if he does. And the sabres signed him or is he gonna go to on restricted free agency so. I have I have high hopes for all market like guaranteeing your reason number one goal in the NHL I don't know. But I liked what I've seen in Rochester I think he's ready to commit and be part of the tandem with liner for this season so. No I would not be looking the penguins and Wesley wanna memory available to me but that's probably gonna cost you more. And I'm with cheer me a little bit I don't need six million dollar goaltenders. It's kind of like trading for first round pick for goaltender drafting or running back in the top than. Just I don't see the need for well bad news ball you can't get Ben Bishop to the sabres for six years now to say you know. Whether they got him her I I was thinking they're gonna get stupid tree give him six million they didn't they got that contract under five million. So I thought well that slot Bert I thought it was but he still not a contract when he handed out. Prefer Ben Bishop that term or no way money I just the term was long I thought the money fit enough. It okay as they said it was under five million which I thought he needed to be bad about me it's four point nine and what's like yours it's under fire at this level five. Which I think I can live with that but. What's he gonna be 36 or 37 when account at the end if he sees the end of yet you know we have three years they'll be trying to trade him and trying to subdue take contract offer hands. Woolsey. Think Paula laughing when asked about. Is rats mistress the line and that's one of the other things doctoral talked about. These big fan of rest this but wants to do something to manage his minutes ideally. What what what it what are his minutes like this is I assume he'd still be on the number one power play or what he would number one PK top two defenseman what kind of minutes what should. The sabres do. To handle. Properly properly handle rats mistress the lines playing time. Well I think for me that was the end files with downfall is handling. Of of game situations and the biggest thing is the minutes that he piled on Bristol wanted him O'Reilly O'Reilly or the line in. I think crystal line in just pass to. Inside those minutes stop trying to be everything. And stop trying to be well. I've got to do everything out here because we've. Heard it means I'm gonna. Do your job don't do your partner's job don't do the forwards job. Do what you're out there to do stop thinking about everybody else out there and what you may have to do extra. To try to help the team and I think that's where he gets himself into trouble. Because actually I'd like to see him more often the play which you would think it's a little bit more tiring hearing but it. I think you have to reduce his minutes if you want him to be joining the Russian be up in the play. And do those types of things and be effective because I think he can be much more effective offensively. By biking up in the play it when he does that he will rarely gets caught he's good to get back here and and those types of things but that's gonna take more energy which means they have to reduce the minutes Wilbur. I still want them on the par players to one among the penalty kill but. I think you have to. You have to have enough defenseman your team you trust putting my on the ice and not every time there's a defense is awful out Rasmussen Miley out of Rasmussen out there. While he's got kill full two minutes of the panel. Because we really don't have anybody else. And so. I think issue improve your defense. You know I think that can help you reduce his minutes through what about McCain there in terms of Russian up the Irish joining you know joining the -- the tallest up your talk about the risk the line and can McCain do that too. I think he can then a lot he saw the cape get in there a lot he he just week had the missed the net. Disease and I mean Derek he had some great opportunities this year where he witnessed some witness than that he'd have apple opened Mattson. He seems to be pretty tricky about. You know a pox in his own the next thing you know he's back door nobody sees them. Andy gets over there but then he misses the net. And I think that's what he has to do is start being able to convert on some of those opportunities. So he seems to me pretty Smart to be able to gauge when he can jump into a hole. And get himself open like that. And I just think he needs to be able finished more to help the office. Well mr. Hamilton I major promise we move pulse time around this morning behind the scenes we can moved him back and forth a little bit I said I apologize to a minute text and I promise you that I would say something nice. About the Yankees because I felt guilty about moving your time around salt. You're yankees are fun to watch there I said okay positive we can great doctor death when the Yankees and Mets play ever see any Yankee met game in person. Point from the if I have I don't think I have either Paul I I I get the Ohio rivalry next Thursday. Had to see the Indians have been dreads. It's funny Thursday it's funny but my wife and I were kicking around the idea of doing a quick one day trip to Cleveland next week. I'm abducting not going Thursday. We I think it'll be Wednesday because they have like a 6 o'clock game hitting against the reds Wednesday on I'm gonna be a third wheel I'm going to be there whether another couple so okay I. I'll be out of town by then so don't worry about it. Well you have yourself a marvelous weekend OK and thanks for the musical information earlier yes they'll probably enjoy your vacation time maybe I'll come down to try to find you walking around it down to downtown. Yeah I'll be the heavyset bald guy. As I wanna I'm gonna be down there exploring this summer to diet I'm better in better shape and feel better. I'm gonna be down there and roller blades I'm going to be down doing a lot of different things really explored. I that passed on to the whirlpool bridge yeah. I've seen that many times than in the old me never would have gotten back off that path. That I can't wait to go about it it's our exploring down there which I will be doing. When I start taking some time off soon I'm not gonna do roller blades Paula would hurt myself that I'd have to be rushed to the hospital on displays a roller blade Granger read that a lot. Wow that's that's impressive yeah I'm just gonna go the old fashioned way. Have a great weekend sir. Take care by Paul thank you Paul Willis on our AT&T hotline again he was busy yesterday. Covering the bills in all the stuff that happened with the front office tires in the Zeta-Jones injury in the draft picks signing. Everything is available to check out at W Chia effect if you talk com. Also going on this weekend we have NBA plants NHL plants baseball whenever your outdoor activities. The preakness is tomorrow and go get you some betting advice for the moment. Tot height will join us from Batavia downs and we'll let you know quote a bad on it's a long shots device thorough breakdown of what's happening in the race tomorrow. That's coming up next. On WGR. But called the twenty sixteenths preakness when he seventeenth preakness tomorrow. We have extensive coverage here on WG are beginning at 2 o'clock prank calls human Dan K. We broadcasting live. From Batavia downs and then our race coverage begins at five there on from two to five and race coverage of five in the race will go at around. 648 from Pimlico down in Baltimore and any ideas on what to do all day on Saturday before that. Yard works probably the answer. There's some sort of festival in town we're going to Michigan State to move furniture back you wanna come without staff. Let me know a lot. Yeah Ireland do that it's not a lot. He's at the movement is the drive and I don't wanna do well it's a fun drive now oh what about bonding and the quality time of the bonding we can now we get four hours today. I candidates or how I've been ahead I'm only five and half on Saturday. And two countries. Yeah I'll pass Joost it's gonna be nice this week and at least some do some stuff outside. Did check it out of town so 67 and sunny tomorrow maybe a thunderstorm on Sunday. The little cooled down but that's OK so that's perfect weather did you stop outside. It's a he would be plots and out there I'd I think we can finally say winter's over these guys that are you pilots I is it safe that you say it in January every right do that I think it's I think it's fine I say you know why it's safe. I switched the my furtive settings from heating to cooling yesterday because I knew the white wanna turn the AC. Yes it's definitely over on the furnace is done for the year broke for the season. I'd on RAT and T hotline is tot height out of Batavia downs because we need to find out what to do. With the preakness is less horses to go through that's for sure hate dotted soured in German welcome back sir how you don't. I'm doing great are doing well doing well thank you as always for coming all of us. What we'll what we learn from the derby. Todd well we've learned. Why John Velasquez is the hall of fame jockey you talk about a guy with ice and as things. In front of a 150000. People he gets his horse sold first which was very important point or good you don't wanna break portly. We also learned that earlier in the day he fouled out which passed he needed to be out in the derby because that's what halting jockeys. He's too they write every care for the track and he figured out the inside part of the track was much better much former than the outside so what does he do. He steered this course right over to the rail. Then what another worst passes and he just moved out one spot then as soon as he was ready Eagles back to the inside any wins the race. Phenomenal right. About sports one it was always streaming but the right was. Incredible Hulk director. Who's the best jockey in this race and betting on which horse he's on how much of an impact could it have in the batting. Well there's that's quite a few gamers got John Velasquez got Mike Smith who's a hall of Famer. I've got to upcoming star in Joel Rosario drafting very pitcher Javier Castellano riding the two you've got very good jockey the question is will there be a fair racetrack where every morsel have a chance because we certainly concede that the derby. Many horses were compromised by bad trips in the racetrack. Or will we have an object now the weather is beautiful weather in Baltimore tomorrow 69 and sunny so well we're we're not gonna have any excuses. Bigger future might pick in the derby got a Vera. He just the direct his running south I was did not work in the derby if you were on the real you couldn't win. No excuses for poor pick tomorrow guys we're gonna nail this trifecta for sure. We're joining get two and a second also let me correct something I said Dan and Bryan will be broadcasting from the military road OTB branched. At the new lackeys sports bar which is inside that branch that's two to five tomorrow. The jockey change with cloud computing and gonna Verron does that mean anything. Well I think. Cut your Castellano was just short and loyalty to our trainer Chad Brody right over 300 horses a year for. The only right a handful horses for the trainer of front. That a here so actually I don't think it's a big deal cloud computing looks like you'll be and I source. Is good enough to win on Saturday property not put that down the road. Could be a nice horse but certainly expect jockeys. They have to be loyal because if they're not loyal to a trainer and the fight somebody else I think gonna. Javier it's just been a little bit oil to China problems agree trader. Todd much smaller field which is Cigna you know typically the case right would you go for the derby and preakness when you get down to it. Ten horses. What what are the smaller field mean what does that mean in terms of odds wagering. Winds stay X whatever how does how does the ten horse field affect everything. Well it means that should be a truer run race unlike the derby which is really a crapshoot. And like it that you take a horse like classic emperor who was wiped out at the start and and really never had a chance that there should be no excuses here. There's plenty of room for every want as long as we all break cleanly I think the best horse to win and I think history show that the Preakness Stakes was won by the favorite. 50% of the time it's the most form for the Triple Crown races and picked up if you guys to stand its ground trying to teach you guys deputy here at war with us and a couple years I want you guys that didn't get picked I'll get the here's the extent this is huge and you know the horse that don't race in the derby that re the protester called new shooters doctors and some of the steps the horses are raced in the derby. Not necessarily the letter which it rates in the derby. They win the preakness stake in 85%. Of the time so I really think the horses that raced in the derby ever huge advantage over the ones that and so there's there's an angle for you guy who's going about five months. Every senator. Man I'm upset you stole my stat of the day I was really trying to impress you I've got I've got what you were just talking about in the past twenty years. Since 1997. Todd just three preakness winners did not race in the Kentucky Derby so seventeen out of twenty. The preakness winner has been in the derby. Yet it's it is to duplicate say this is the rate. As far as making a scored if we got a second I'd like to play about a few people then making squirt from the derby the only think I was really right two weeks ago on your show was like Georgia that we would have this many winners. But the people that one would win more help higher amount well. Our biggest winner with a 75000. Dollar winner believe it or not in this and Erie county your listeners were umpire. One person had a hung around this perfect and so perfect effort to create a 150000. It's. Well it but it. You kill me Todd there wasn't any other way to say you know I was I was not that one person. Well now I'm really peculiar power of one person on the TV about an on the patriot that's that count yeah Tony would have about a dollar conduct consent if you want. So one customer put two quarters together Molly kicked himself now because you can spend a dollar and played the 5111. Combination in the track what do you think. Bet fifty that we tricked out. I'd I don't wanna guess Todd you just depressing me at this point. And myself over 4000. Dollar a bad bet that. Perfect and you call a touchdown I wanna get we're gonna get your betting advice here to second but I also want to ask you a couple of things post positions. How much does that impact. How things are gonna play out here and may be specifically. Your true favorites re being right there in the middle side by side with a always dreaming and classic empire. I don't think elegant in its network that I don't really think there's the debt pollster at the rail was to be deeper debt and perhaps one or two could be compromised slightly but. I get I think it's going to be a true race and other written the way you look at the races there's not much speed in the race and normally when there isn't much speed and grace she wanted to stay away from the people or because they're gonna need a little hope. If they don't get their best face they're not going to be able to make up their ground so there's a pace scenario favors the horses that are going to be on or near the lead no question about it but it's part of this and I don't call that any factor with. There are few thirty to one horses. Give me your. If you wanted to put money on a 321 on a long shot give me your suggestion. These horse that could be interesting of the 32 wants is the one horse multiplier because he is improving as the races are getting longer its speed figures are getting better and that's something you want to see them pricked that's of course the amount 360. Now what's interesting about him is his father was desperate her and his mother was desperate or why he can run about three sixteenths. I have no idea but the it would George the result it was a great distance jockey gets so worked the settlements right nicely. He could clog up for third again I don't think he's as good as the is that the logical horses before in the fight but he could be all right another longshot. You know New York records we ought to talk about New York bred in these classic races very often but the path or. Plastic more money he's got to be the fundamental horse of the preakness nobody wanted this course. His Father's Day and see if 150 south and yet he only sold for 8500. Dollars to the sale last year so he must be a little tiny finger. It's like hippies got to be a little bit crook it's something isn't right for. That the older only to purchase a pre 8530. Earned a half million dollars that he's never been worsened sockets he got the right running style for the straight. I'm gonna use them in my ecstatic wagers as long as he doesn't quite early with the four horse I think he could be okay. Why did the JB a bets for the derby and soda my wife and my son so we're ready to go. Everybody's wondering what's the plan Todd for the preakness. Well I don't think we complain when play short picking out to be shorn look like one of the new shooters like dole and a threat even the exact at my peak and short. So what I'm gonna play it's a one dollar trying to reel with a talk about Clinton umpire but the question of why it even in this race and he's got nothing approved he with a two year old champion. He can't win the Triple Crown so the only reason he's in this race is that that there are. Always. The Triple Crown in my opinion there's no other reason that the trainer said no he's just and because the person that I don't buy it. I think they're out to show that they have a better course than all we streamed to what I would do it now let's take a one dollar trifecta. For five with everybody for third at the all but no call eight dollar and economic comeback just in case the trader Marc and he's pretty sure is right. And he does have a better course and always treatment so that I'm gonna play fight or all. Trifecta kind of nation that only cost eight dollars or one dollar wager and then because I wanna make some money for the Obama there really think the Belmont could be interest think. Is it possible that always treatment could become the 24 horse with a chance. And winning the Triple Crown only talked for grown orders for 23 horses have had a chance winning the first two legs. Five dollar tries guys this is we're gonna make money. 453. Or 56459. Or 510 hole wager only cost 36 dollars wager that. Today at 11 AM at your local all keep your easy bet or right here to Pavia downs gaming and then of course tomorrow. Preakness Stakes they all can be open at 10 AM to restrict the chemical 1030 in the preakness scheduled off. It's 648 in our big party at the TV announcer Marty tomorrow starts at 1130 for just ten dollars the same deal as it got pretty. Kentucky Derby which over 600 people shall look for our party minister records all the way are all it'll be on the derby I. Tell the folks again about the debuted vets as they set I used it to. I had I was told that DOT bees were packed so why I used it for the derby and among many things you know calculating the bad tell me exactly what I'm due animated very easy for me. You guys over 700 people for legal counsel in the derby and I. Expect we'll have three or 400 the preakness it's it's. The state of the art does so if you just go online the TV about that panic and sign up in just a matter of minutes. And the nice thing about it their personnel want that 4000 dollar bet on the TV about. He didn't have to wait three to five days to get Katie went to an off track betting location to a lot of withdrawal slip and we Tatum on the spot and I don't know about you but when I win which is off and I'd like my money and that's the key to Batavia back and even if you wager enough during the month you'll get a report platform to 5% back on your money. Everybody's talking about his growth every month TV about the account. I'll tell you I'm sorry I take a nice thing about David that I didn't win okay. Well the wife did she did a different bet she did win place show is that she wins the nice thing about David Betts we didn't go to the OTB we just had to check delivered in the mail you know. David came in my name she won her bet check came to me at the nice thing about the ticket that is my count yeah it's a beautiful thing. I listen good luck and as always thanks for giving us all the information. Our great thanks have a good week and that is got height from David downs on AT&T hotline and then bring New Hampshire will. Tweet everything out on the WGR Carroll will make you take care of C complacent ever because of that in the place on the preakness to morrow. Extend a sports on the white. When we have we have a truck that overturned. A move. Breaking sports news bears first here. GR Sports Radio. Don't know. Boy this. All right that's me sorry extends more or brought you by sunbeam service experts heating and cooling call one. 866 experts. Have decided by the way we're going to be bringing back NHL funny headlines. Because the NHL's new website when they re did it. Forgot about that they got rid all the puns. And I you know we looking good on. As evidenced by a sour cream truck overturning. Not a gimme top I'm not sure right. Sales expected to debt and that's the best I've gotten. Har cream sour cream truck overturns. With Susan Collins. That's hard once the driver was advised to keep his buys on the road. But that's really sour cream details buds you ate out he will potatoes. He's sour cream truck tipped over put drivers in commuters in a sour mood. Not curious but it's hard when. I generally try sour cream on. Sour cream truck text them tweet him and yes we gonna bring back pony headlines. Now I can't believe in each of governor those that was like for us the defining characteristic of a website Corey Perry scores the game winning goal. Scorer of some that I don't know squat down core reactor core group rarefied pair. Or it was his third. Third overtime winner of these playoffs. Perry doesn't talk pressure lock up the docks of what a lucky duck lucky duck OK lucky duck could have been a good one for that one. And sour cream truck tips over town reported to be much more culture. No he's crying over spilled milk that the attacks coming colored milk get in thing okay. It's hard when. He closed on Friday was not coming up that's why Cramer we got to bring him back meanwhile. Nick gonna tell a story private saris and text or nick assortment I'm mixing up two different tweeters and textures. Do we get to the obscure bill we got talked out that Ellis is also OK so for a long time we've been asking you with the listener to give interviews. To local news station. As former bills just tell them your name is a former bill obscure norm these I'm Callahan government I've got two missions in life out. This is one of them to get everybody on the news as. Bobby show off as life Larson as Ashton Youboty. So nick did it he did to our sister station news or the united thirty delegate yet there he told a news Bruce Jarvis a a former offensive lineman early 1970s bills yes so. And he are quoted in the story is is like this is like breaking the four minute mile we we are we're in we've done it. Now we must do it much more tell news stations it started with gave northern guy claims James gave northern there's no way escape northern. So keep going you can do it savers Georgia's bills and I only was your bills obscure bill obscure bills. Are couple tweets on this the driver was sour and creamed out of control the chip factories in tears in the of onions. Drivers learn how to jive better that you call the other mission I have of that there's two number one. Tell the news stations geared fake name number two. Drink the eleven day power play pedals to help the guys at the eleven a power play I have asked our program wrecker for a list of bars that have it. So he likes you know I'll I didn't know they haven't at this place next to meet William caves. Our lead rose about Bentley but okay great place look shows Lucius the Griffin public. TGI Friday's new McKinley mall. Bill C don't. I had one last night of calcium to go as they did. Central Park grill. The anchor barred the airport and thin man that's a list of a few that's probably not all of them. But every one of those places has the thin man power play. Pills and our. Every time you drink one you'd be donated dollar to the guys do in the eleven a power play good news I do much better with restaurants than I do with musical acts at canal side. Have been that I was in a pin to three of the once you just mentioned. Such park grill Griffin pub. And whatever the other one was like forget the first when he mentions the let's go to. John tweets in I had a golden opportunity few weeks ago I was in Costco. I wanted to go and tell them my name is Tim US but I chicken that's a good one yet John. Should do on it. A pleasure to deal US I'm not even mad. I'm just disappointed. I can't believe you had that opportunity. And you had team US to get ready to go. UH US I think to do it this is not the way to end a week. I'm gonna be sick about this all weekend here's your schedule for tonight you've got your your Pittsburgh Ottawa at 8 o'clock game four. That's on NB CS then and you've got your game to Cleveland and Boston that is at 830. On TNT and don't forget derby coverage tomorrow again BR Tuesday preakness coverage tomorrow beginning at two. Here on WGR investigators coming up next have a great weekend.