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Howard and Jeremy
Friday, May 19th

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On our AT&T hotline does that have bids. For the big part this is because I wanna find out about this guy. Is. Igor or uncle he covers hockey for the sport express that includes the KH Alan we have more on the talk a little bit about. Victor and cheapen who may be signing with the Buffalo Sabres defenseman who has been playing with Russia in the world championships it was in the KH Al. Igor and Gerri welcome that Michelle thanks for coming on a first of all. All over the world who are an opinion well I'm I'm looking for your opinion with America that. I'm looking for your opinions on Victor and Teepen Igor. What are you hearing in Russia I know you're at the world championships now in Germany what are you hearing about and cheapens signing with buffalo. I heard that's mom would go away and I know but it's definitely living. To give up McDonald suburbs here. Do believe will be and show that but definitely. But and I can confirmed that fuel saying exactly the ball well. And he refused to talk on this. So how can get an inflammation right now but he'll try to find out. Okay then that this probably answers my next questions that you said he's not talking about you have any idea. Why he wants the sun would buffalo. Our begins newborn boy it took some of them sabres government. How. The best defense in the NHL all reflect. That I'm make up of sport for a guy like him. She is whether small that you guys have but very strong on the puck and good puck moving dysfunctional about exactly what she may be needed for about four. There's. Stop for. Yeah that's what I wanted to ask you about Igor as you watched Victor play you talked about him being a puck moving defenseman. Can you tell me a little bit about his overall game what he does well. No converse problem with pocket and we global battle although who you know kind of small. I'm the police have both from tunnel to kill on all play and hit have all the parts I'm in can Russia. And you know all the situation is on the that often if you go on the guys this year can. He good in the break I'll check if she checks well. And oh on the leadership of the front recruit quite reliable. So you think then you know you see we've seen some guys come over like an errant comes to mind. He will not have a problem coming or from the KHL and and and being able to be an impact player or succeed right away in the NHL. Oh yes in true maybe not. Like I'm Myron I could start your first season with the I think that the solution will be quite okay and and dumps him. Come into the NHL I think he could to make the most of from the start if it comes to sabres this year. Igor is there anything and that as you watch him play third you've talked to people who seen him play as well. What is there anything it is game that definitely needs to do better are there are some weaknesses to his game from what you have seen. And maybe he needs to gain more speed. In the it you can tell if the NHL we showed you instigate more burned. Is the stronger the road you know in the galaxy that ratio is much much. A bigger and and I know a lot of which. Much more if it's true you would help why they weren't so I'm not. Quite different game. The other thing I ask you about your report did you go YouTube so you've seen the KHL you've seen the NHL you've covered international hockey you're at the world championships right now. Tell from for me since I've never seen a single KH a game. What is the level of play like in the league in the cage shell and what the competition like that Victor would have been going up against every game. Kind of hit it. If you don't go to the big difference between thought he was done. Lower. I'll I'll I'll try to I would say no but it blade every year in the play offs again to opt to use against top opposition. I don't do well with him in the most remarkable warmed to go there and got. Cops in previous four years. And if you as a key part of such talks are successful. To go to played in the Novo. Took the documents Huntsman. I'm always on all key situations. What you can. All four penalty kill against top forwards portable although I'm displayed in the form of against Scott. Guys who have. Follow how shall always yeah. To play against global pollution who's covered she chose white ship went down government to vote button here. I'm Kia obviously succeeded in this tour of Europe to. Much hope for our country guy you know they have truly lines like that that's why they've about the deer yep. You are bronco list and order express joining us here. On the AT&T hotline a little information on Victor and Teepen. You I know you gotta press conference to get to there in Cologne so we appreciate you got a busy day there were all your hockey our responsibilities. Thanks for coming all of us for a few minutes this morning. Good folic Igor on Twitter as well and so we fed far she knows that. Victor and Teepen is planning on signing with the Buffalo Sabres I assume he's just waiting for the world champion to be done and has not been talking about it since but is still planning could you confirm that and deepens planning and signing with the sabres. So that you would think would be an exit top four addition for the US sabres defense core of the season.