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Keep your swing and music great revenge. Investigators. Presented by ten Pete Carroll heart. Good morning it is the most important days of the week because Marty your eyes enjoying. The against the gators. Did you fight I'm WGR Sports Radio five if the hand and nasty and you know great up and down this morning is no I don't know I don't I. I LA I wrote the rotunda on idol of the rundown this morning. Leah year brackets I am. In the title of the rundown usually just as eons in its right atrium Matty Ellis is. I mean I know good for Matty because that is I'll failure or getting your importance that Manning got daddy and I am now I don't know you're admitting your importance is now you're saying because they here's the great thing about Fries yeah. Because everybody that toxins like on eleven Marty's on Martin's. Can't understand what he sang and they say it will because we love you re absolutely. Upon it happens to know land and you just keep them you keep you know in a straight line so. Quick story for Andrew Peters Gregory Marty right here in the years that you are Clinton by fifty. Amazing or. I don't even know what to say Marty's like the little brother aegis you know it. Can call you little brother your physical and I am now. And you were with them. Years that the 575. Really yours and I think you're roller yeah I thought on your concern there featured. You certainly know when Marty's in the building that I know Marty's in the building had it why well because normally the big bosses come down. When Martin isn't the building you know like David said Martin's raise that you must feel little insecure because you know the boss is in condoms if they Marty and I did you know we did notice that we literally I'm one of the big boys. That came in in the morning to come and see Marty. And literally right after PD had said that in walks one of the just like that you know what I am sure you have like surveillance camera on your computer at you you saw it happening in the night. He had no login. Theater pathetic and so this'll surveillance thing that's absolutely and somebody told you in your little earpiece over there a big bus are coming in via your best behavior why ever wish list and my one of my wishlists is that I was as important as Marty but I don't know we don't know how to get there as product you are inclined trying to get there. But we just we aren't there in what. Yeah if only you knew every time you say you guys get on them you know all in the public and people's we love it when my user. I eight get out there and people are hoping it was so awesome like you know and aegis date. You guys are really loved by aid of the ads in these threats diary your bartering that's up there doesn't work. As. Thirty seconds before we went on the air you guys are just all over me and I it's almost like walked out like it was free parking the world sitting here ready it was thought. No it was fun guys and anger we girl. You guys are just yet it does Hewitt little brother and I Saturday night made me laugh that I started in my. Cheeks were like. Brad you know you know what norte I realized. As the professional athlete being in a dressing room that's like literally the founder bill right. This is one thing you realize very quickly. If you are young guy. Were likable guy you were the guy that's kind of getting picked dog. And you're get jobs here in the air because guys like Q it's when you don't get picked on. That's when you have a problem when it goes over lying and and you really start to light. You pick on the guy but you want to send a message in their dead dad has been happening to. And the guys can't take it easily they bring it on themselves because you know that your get well again it's a thundered on you you go there in the morning yep 23 guys that you up to the rank. And I mean there there's literally it's it's it's occur constantly. Who's who's today's victim who and here's the thing you ought to do is you just wanna come into the race he's on a fly under the radar. And they want the victim to be chosen you don't want to view that you wanna get on the bus and are well you know I. Young guy you sit there and your pop in your head around each each hallway to see if there's any older guys because your. I remember myself while Lou remember Lyle low line and my team. How old line on the policy be okay. Being tough man and you assist Gary Meehan so I don't know guys together like the two guys on the Muppets you know the guys that openness and to eight literally I mean you would be walking into the room and you'd see the two of them together you'd just brutally turnaround walked out even get dressed. You're like on a corner of the robbery and Edmonton race there was like got a razor with all of us and decided pick on a rookie. And you were so happy if it was a new again if I was sit in the locker room and had to install without greatest day Erik Rasmussen and and also raise or just decided to go last arrest because he had a long curly. Blond hair and all they and I was like yes it's not me today leg and then. You know if you feel really comfortable you throw a jab towards. The gun rights judge Rasmussen to be unreal others although you know what's the worst thing is when you're that young guy and you're getting all those jobs all the darts thrown across the room match in your just sit their cake in the amendment out one day that one day your feel pretty good about yourself. And it throw it jabbed back I won the all as I go veteran. Like Packers despite. Their record player and everything stopped the music goes off everybody's looking yeah and they just kind of give the old. Here and try. And you're trying to use the two goal line would do anyway but yeah. And got a year Marty has yet to be and it's great to have year. My job so easy here it is here Maria just with the clock that six minutes on nine elevenths agreement. Andrew Peters Craig reframe Marty beard on we're live WGR Sports Radio 550. And amnesty call us 8030550. An 8550. To 550. We're gonna talk about last night's game but Saber related. You know we're talking Marty before you got here as we get here earlier than you you know and we set the show up and everything and you walk in just steal steal the thunder. And usually change 90% of the topics that we had just spent and I know I don't know why don't you guys go hangar to hey Danny has began here here every. I know you guys are lying scenario autos envoy says. That's of Marty does so we we went over we had a a ten point wish list for the sabres this offseason okay. And it's not like players who would you trade for all those things what it's like. For it for example ought to be number one wish here and this is Craig's question number archer the market really put a person on the show to the wish but this is a great wish because it's Pacific. So we have five which is here that we're gonna go through and call us again in 030550808550. To 553 of the show. At the investigators what is your wish for the sabres off seasons so number one wish for each year Marty and it's your thoughts on this draft defenseman kale my car. How how you draft and whatever vote they sabres have the picky could be there. But draft. Defenseman Caleb Carr that's on that's on the which YA is economic. Our big guys get Hugh. Put on your radar. Well. I'm gonna go to my a good friend. And what's his name. Why it played commons. Just law to reply can right now Craig button. What is our lower. Kill my car your good friend. I strip but anyway this this this die from what I understand he is. He isn't air air Carlson type defenseman in the sense that he's. He's highly offensive he skates exceptionally well he's a great puck moving defenseman. He's got the attributes that that that I like to see and and and and what you would look for in defenseman. In in the way the game's going right now it's it's a bow puck moving its swift skating defenseman. And and this kid debt hits all of he's the highest rated defenseman Tom out of all the from what I hear I don't think he's going to be there. In the top. And where we're gonna pack and what the sabres picking Eddy and so does guy is ranks ninth. Yeah in North American skaters so that doesn't even include the year European skaters. So. Eat dirt de fact that he's a defenseman in that we plays weighs heavily in what teams would want. Why teams that won a draft him because he's he's ranked ninth I mean but yet usually when your regularly reality American skaters that means you're gonna get picked. Well he's playing in the league yeah I think that right now hurting most is is not a one thing he's playing in this AG HLA tells junior 5454. Games played. As a defenseman he had 24 goals and 75. Points now. Now again it's it's obviously a weaker league but this kid was completely dominating the league. Com. And I think that you know if you were to step outside that league he's he's going to be tougher competition bigger stronger better players. But he has the attributes that is is is what word what we're looking for I would I would would you be extremely surprised if we did not pick a defense minister but does he make you better next year does that thing like ours has been there is drafting a defenseman in at 22017. Draft me Q. A better team next year for 1718 season. Some the answer to that for me is known zero well the reality is Marty. There's not a player in this draft except for the top two guys there's not a player in the strap that even comes close to starting here mostly you're you're thinking wish list for. I'm thinking the next five year no I'm thinking when Jack cycle these what is he 20/20 one you want rip to drop this kind get him in the system is nothing draft him and get him in that lineup yeah all right Abdullah says that jealous of our. The organizational out west let's add the next season how do we get better we get in the playoffs which we're gonna sit down on the day I've quit watering hole or get down batteries inaugural have a plan for next year. But when you're looking for the future. This is a kid right here that there is no rush to have this guy come into league just like every other. Young players they're trying to force these young guys in the league let this got a future he's a heck of a defenseman. And I think you would be a great great prospect for four power up and coming. Younger team we we the reality is we have a very young team here in buffalo. That is going to grow and become better and median three years or two years from now this player will be playing in the well. Is it what's interesting about. QL is that he is a late partly soul. Because he was born in October he missed the draft last year's draft buying a mere few days Wright was right after. Was that more wins it Burton October 30 so what is in October 5 no it's a September 15 and is still right two days so you know we we talked Austin Natchez miss is but missed that by one day but. I think now you're drafting a more mature. Player because he's a year older. Is me me I just a year from coming in playing the American League if you can get him signed so. But one and one of the things when I ate. I don't look player so I'm gonna look at is bio and see what fits whatever 511179. Pounds. To me that's a little bit of while Mike it's an Iowa governor about and the other side because. Mean I'm 511 a hundred Erik Karlsson 511180. Is the equivalent to a 6225. 5111. Needy I'm just seeing is that you better be an exceptional skeeter public I have some updates I Nikola. Lunch from the consumers but it bit viewsonic was a 62. He was sixteen was six to let's say six do is an honor and eighty pounds. You were that non market argue the river on this Mardi I've got and gotten into these battles with a before they'll come back within a pound especially working at a carnival guess your way aren't going your way in your age he was 190 pounds 6119 for. So yeah. At that close when it anyway authorities when he was forty. Use a 195 pounds when he came into the use of buck eighty soaking wet with that pops around it's probably would ensue but nick Lidstrom had was exceptional. Tentacles that that separated them from everybody else to win Europe I have 116 foot 175. Pounds. You gotta have goal is to separate yourself that this guy's more of their Erik Karlsson type steadying. Puck moving defenseman quick on me on the rush then you have the outside of the game that you need. We're talking sabres offseason wish list here our wish list here on the investigators and you know we a lot of the stuff has been taken from you know again what area Carlson sir it is not six feet tall 190. Pounds it was when how many. Let me tell you years ago. When he was drafted Eric Carlson was let's say six feet tall he was a 150 pound. I don't I don't care about guys and soul doesn't matter it has not that it is size. I am Italian whacked or I was drafted back brewers drafted it was up you were picking big strong aggressive men. That were her are there they were men were boys but they were in man bawdy era there were 210 pounds 225. Pounds six foot 46 foot two. Because that's what you had to have as young player even beat BO compete. Now the teams changed it's the boat speed and skill and create creativity and kill my car at 511180. Pounds. He's going to be 195 pounds and in two years from now. Yep wish number two we're talking about offseason sabres wishlists here for the gators on WGR Sports Radio 550. And MS chief Friday some Marty's here so obviously there's about seven million listeners right now and wish number two. Solidify bottom six forwards. Solidified bonds exports revel while you go down. Well again Anders. There's a lot of question marks when it comes to who we get a house. I think the biggest question that we have right now is who's are gonna be our number three senator who's going to be our number force honor you're the strength to your team in the forward line is gonna come down the middle. We RD know that we are. Very well off where it right now with the young Jack cycle. And and any young Ryan O'Reilly toasters you can't be happier with having ghost you guys as your senators. Who's next who's our third guy you look at all the teams that are competing and in the national and in the playoffs this year teams that are Leach. They all have. Third and and and force sent. What do you say to the guy is sort of the people that are out there in all the fans I should say that are saying. Who cares about the bottom six we need to find a top lying got to play with Jack that to me is by far the most ignorant comment you can make it because your your scenery and ignoring. The party your team that is that calmed that down the stretch way to Washington and most morrow what. What do watch what they have to do. To try to get. Better against the Pittsburgh Penguins is moving Alex Ovechkin to the third line to be able to give themselves some weight in the bottom six because. They were completely being dominated by Pittsburgh's top bottoms acts and and so Europe. Taxing your top player so much is the aptly the top minutes. In every time out there. They feel that they have to try to go back and get the momentum or try to do something out of character because they get a good shift it's that's it's 5050. How can I get the bishop maybe they went nuts if third in Portland get out there get dominated you go back to America like there's. How many minutes as your third line player in the not completely fifteen sometimes it's if those third line players kill penalties they might be in the seventeen. Some guys might roll back to thirteenth so in between thirteen and seventeen minutes is your third line you're gonna tell me that you're gonna send a line help for fifteen minutes in the sixty minute game. And they're gonna get dominated you're gonna lose the momentum you're not gonna be able to kind of continue to build that. That that positive vibe on the bench that you can create things. Washington was exactly that their third line with Lars Eller as the sun air yeah Tom Tom Wilson and a question and anyways our cows here toasty. That they were killing. They were killing the flow of Washington. Well and they didn't think they were they got so bad that you had to take Alex Ovechkin put them on the third line. So if you look at the bottom. You look at the bottom six for right now I think it's the top six and I have an open spot he goal Reilly Michael Ryan art team and our postal. That's five or your top six there's a spot there that you could filling in. Ex player or whatever your bottom six Gionta Larson flee or should be a line. For me it's should be a Portland. And yet Jurgensen if curry a you'd throw in Molson are and Escude he gears there's. Definitely some. Some soul searching to be done there and and about six to be able to compete to be able to. To roll your four lines and to be successful. I give you one last second here ripped as an earlier. Make a point about a third lines and it security well yeah you know Marty Marty brought up a great point one of the strong lines that have been us a lot of solidifying factor on buffalo for the last couple years. Is the line that was a lean all Larsen and Gionta. That's a great third line or fourth line. They have energy they have the ability to shut down they have the ability to op play good solid defense but they can put points on the grass to. But that should be your for the fourth line most important. They can play 1012 minutes. The idea they can play they play they can get him they can take. They can take minutes away from Ryan O'Reilly who I believe was playing too much at the start of the year I told you that. He was playing upwards of anywhere from 2224. Minutes and I remember the start of the year you said that's gonna come back and haunt him and down up down and it did mid February to at the end of the he looked like he he had he was drained in the tank. He looked like he was obviously fatigued and you know now if you have a stronger unit. You're gonna have guys playing nineteen minutes tonight let's setter on your that are on your top line. Let's move on to number three years and number three of this of the instant gators wish list here for the sabres this offseason is expose the right players and the expansion I think that's. That's obvious I think that statement people like law obviously but I think you won immunity or find a way. To. You don't. Have a player picked off or. Lost my mind away is it hard for the sabres to make the expansion draft list right now. I don't fit while river I did it did that the other day in and he really pointed out that it's not well. I think there's going to be so. Movement there it's not hard to really figure out who we're gonna pack right. Or you're gonna like my question mark right now is right now we we are most likely gonna pick. I'm three defenseman 7421 goaltender problem is we don't have three defenseman that we want our protect. So is they're going to be a movement is there going to be a trade in the next little while OK before the expansion draft which which. We bring in let's say defenseman where we have to protect him. Okay because right now we don't have three defensemen that we can that we want to protect. And and for me. My wish list tonight and I hate to say this because I like this defenseman. Is Zach Bogosian. If he were to get hit in the only reason why I would want him to be picked is because of the salary that's it as far as defensemen. I Lakewood he does I think that he can be very useful defenseman with buffalo next year and as the team gets stronger I think he can be had a very strong piece. My concern. Is he's going to be a third pairing defensemen but he's making first line money. First pairing money and you've. Think that is salary. And not insane all it's a good thing but Vegas is gonna have to get to a certain salary you have no problem doing you don't think they will. You know what PD PD said that this morning you know weathered the I think Bogosian could be an option for them in elect. There's going to be thirty teams in the league that are in the same situation. That are gonna protect young players that make nothing and they're gonna expose. Or older middle aged players that are making big contract knowing that. You know they're not gonna pick this guy he's making too much money the contracts to launch it doesn't make sense so everybody they're going to be I think I. Here EL is a long contract to carry on and a one year. Guess you out of that that initial season but eighty when you have 23 years left on your contract mean the dad buys you time to be able to see Oki we have a certain. Salary structure and disc player will get us to the floor. For the next 23 years while we feel out around them yeah all right what are organized rental think Ian and I read something to. With Howell. They're gonna they're gonna draft their players I was told that they're gonna go relatively. Mature on the back and maturing goal but they're gonna go very young up front. And when you're you can afford to do that way where you you need better eating good well you know you're you're rolling the dice and a lot of these younger players either their kind of players that are playing and are on the third and fourth line and their current teams now but. Are they do they have the ability. To jump up to a second line position on. And and and basically. Blossom into something special I think that's what Vegas is looking for the looking for the diamond in the rough right now on the forward line. But they're gonna bolster their back and with guys that are mature either older they've been in the league. And you look at Zach Bogosian he is that guy. It's a great team guy guys absolutely love him on on buffalo. He he he can play the game he can play a game beacon played physical he can play it. A transition style because he's such fans past X skater. And you know he's he's relatively. Young still think he's only what 262526. Years old on. My point about the salary cap on Marty just going back to what's yes it was I I I I made the point this morning that you made about it. You think it's going to be tough to get to the floor like if they need to draft a guy to get money to get to the salary cap for an end of put me in my tracks certainly. It's not going to be that hard rock there's three there's somebody's got to do it oh there's a salary cap floor for the overall salary cap to season and there's a Florida have to get to in the expansion draft. So I think that's the first down but getting to the salary cap floor. You just throw it next two million dollar to a free agent that you really want it assign a Russian guys ever play in the league format if not even that you need and and this is a very. This is very interesting time for Vegas because they're gonna have their going to be drafting these players they have to get to the floor but we need to realize is they're gonna vacant at the same thing as what. Arizona did last year Arizona. Took on a contract that gave him on their team can't in the expansion draft I'm talking out out on a talking after the expansion draft there's a certain. Wore it in expansion draft to get to yes like two thirds. I'm talking afterward and after that they can't I mean they're gonna take draft picks and they're gonna take this that the other for taken bad contracts offer other teams to give them cap relief. So they're they're going to be in battled until still available. Separate I guess I take him right now. In just a cap hit no money being paid just to guide to get to a certain place and that. That is you know I mean you look at some of the players that it with Chris Pronger was on the list of players that could not be picked in the expansion draft. You know there's so many of them out there because of that reason why. Are the investigators. Wish for what are the investigators wishes for number four and five will tell you that we can back before reuniting here. Who's the best leader to show. Blue dean great Houdini right so great Houdini tweets when I see you guys out I say how great Houdini tweets are. And then pretend not to be them. So has he kind of cross process in the like going and you guys re booties tweets emerges including his own real. And then that's actually him an and is like actually him but we don't know that it's him. You have sang. And and someone replies and is this true. If this is true hilarious and then he writes it's not but probably more resolve to never running into them in person you are gonna do us a person Bodine. Come on the show we'd love to have you on the show investigators WGR Sports Radio 550 MSG wish for five coming up and then to the point. The Biggio just said that we are. Presented by MP Carol hard. Welcome back to the S gators I'm Andrew Peters along with Craig river bay and as usual on Friday because your probably tune in for this reason work out our look at the camera literally see you. We have. And answering a tweet from Steve and the WGR Sports Radio 550 MSG. Policy 0305588550. To 515 John tweets and what are my life goals is to run into Craig remain at the keystone bank. I thought. Came here because I think it is here's the thing like when you win some award down the road for being some amazing. You know interviewer that's going to be played at TSB's Wendy my friend when you're standing there is like electric. And you're gonna show the interview hue and and HO LM VP John Scott's got that. Arming that was in an interview I've. I have not talked wilderness I am not comfortable talking to you right now at this piece that trees and are right so we audience number 45 before we get to the point. To the point by the way is presented by Jim stakeouts OE eight engines. Our number four of the investigators wish list for the sabres offseason. Buy outs a contract by out a contract so all. Do you mean your thoughts on buying the contract who wants golfers there. Marty Marty was votes talk party first. No because I you know. There's really two contracts that you could look at buying out right now there is a Matt Molson contract and areas the pallor and that's contracts so. If you look at Matt Molson. And I I did that they're quick contract like the buyout calculator when. Is cap hit would be. Two point 8000003 point 9600000. Over the next four years. So. Instead of having five million dollar cap hit next year and the year after you would save about half next year. Low over a million in the year to end Dan you would have to have 800000 carrying on two year three and four that's not the buyout would work with them money. When it comes to town and this. Is buyout cap hit would be two point 12 point 11 point 21 point it was so it's still it's a four year it's roughly the same money. So now you just have to think okay. What can I get out of Molson awakening an out of and it's over the next two years. To be able to see which one you would be by now I think that comes down to do was to. Now. Me being unlike the popular opinion on there I would say you buy out Tyler innocent peoples and on the team because they lake. What Matt Olson did last season he was a really good presence on the partly which was really hot. I don't think he's got a guy that's gonna mind playing four light minutes if you have to or bin Laden in an on the line up. Is two words more India and I think we're dollar and just wants to. Jump start his career again once you get himself going again and he may not have that opportunity to crack and then that Dobson acts. So by M I'll give him a chance with some Morales and keep Molson that's apparently where I can. IA completely disagree I look at how I love it it's it's amazing how we we we disagree like this I would be buying a map malls and only because of his age he's 33 turning 34 November. Tyler and straighten out 27 years old and turning 28 Tyler Ennis is still I believe. Com. You know yes he did have a slow start to a season last year the thing getting injured again he said two years of injuries back to back. I think there's going to be a point. When Tyler Ennis finds his game again. This is the style of hockey in the National Hockey League bits is gonna is gonna make tolerance for cash. He's fast he's highly skilled hockey player he's got great vision. He does not have to play on your top two lines Tyler managed to be your third line left Winger. Which makes that line now much better can you imagine Tyler Ennis on a line. With him playing out in the league level hockey he is going to make outlined more dynamic and better yet an injury in your top six. Tyler answers your guide to bring up I would not. I would not bio Tyler Ennis I think that he still needs a little bit more time. To show that he can get back to his form and I believe that he will get back to this form this year I think he's gonna be a big big boost for. For the sabres say that thing is is that. I thought the world of what Tyler -- could do two years ago on Nike's coming I think season we scored when he pulls the report that when he won I think it's that's that's what he's got right that's where he comes up with. And with the addition or Riley edition and the emergence of Michael Ryan art. Postal. And regain. Use them. You lose them and now you get three goals and five goals yes injuries have come to in effect or by. I think I'd seen enough now in two years to say that. We haven't seen up in two years you've been injured for two years while they like Jiri was completely injured pretty much the whole season and last year he started. And within what. Twenty games this season he had you know any Internet emote through two and a half months eight can't be where you put your sunglasses on and you say aids still great but the end. Because of injuries he did because the injuries are a factor. Next year. Injuries could very well be a factor in is development in is. Production soul to me that last two years as a whole or or because he's an extremely young guys still. That he's got lots more in the tank to give. Every single one of these guys and National Hockey League has some sort of injury every single guy. Hasn't has had a surgery in the past Tyler Ennis is no different look at Clarke MacArthur he's thirty watt. Thirty ivory now liner around Mikey he looks like he's 22 but he he's been out for two years I believe. Then we went macarthur's play these add result. Even though he was coming back he's shown in these put the points are right and I know core I don't disagree with that wide distinct that Tyler Ennis should be given. Another shot because there's still time with hold that thought. Doing sabres wish list is to gators sabres wish list for the offseason rigor were on number four if you missed the first three draft defenseman cam car solidify bottom sixth. Exposed the right players in the expansion draft we touched on that one hour talk him applying our contract which makes you want to bring in Alex in ten more. Alex journal Lyman and appears in Craig very Marty's here to what he got. Under goblet odd but there are met a lot of neighbors here are some of the nicest Maria ever met a lot. Burton never met what you is so I worked at banks that Clark Gregg got a good day that. And I do think it would and it secrete it are banking on it yet at the years ago the edit them now it forgot that the good luck. You can get perhaps even. In the lineup. Under there. I don't wanna pay a guy that I'm aware that five million dollars Q4 point 68. Copper even army or he got that game he plays went out and be dynamic. But he also liability with the puck on that aren't in the offensive zone and turned it over and create something the other way and the heat at the pack. You know Alex is that is that she's already got ol' Alice hung up I didn't hang up on camera and pallets up tranche of equity going up and want to listen. Tonight and I just throw little two cents and here I haven't sent any of this yet. So here this I don't know if this is going to be twisted train of thought when it comes to this situation but. Here's what I would say I will take. Oh if I had to choose. I would bio mammals. Because I believe you know with Tyler being younger. If he's not the lineup. If he's not producing you can throw home on the fourth line. If he's not in the lineup it's probably 'cause he's hurt which doesn't org mr. cap and Seoul and and you combine about the next year with only two years left insist it doesn't go against your cap the fees long term injured right which which that's we've been dealing with with Tyler Ennis lately has long term IR soul. You know if if something happens it's an abdominal terror something else you know. And why why would I want that VA guide at your rehabbing when you can pig I didn't get you partly go because if it's not what he means. Our rules and I was like yeah basically this whole thing going to be and it was on the number one power play this year that was the best in the league. He was the second part of still what they are part of being the best partly units and in the league. Now number I'm not gonna say this number one I. I hate. Doing this kind of exercise I mean I don't mind it but we're talking about color and as a Matt Olson too great. Straight aid like you couldn't come in the locker room and say look dude like great guys great a player just say I hope you're here. Bode Obama. Now one thing that I did not Knoll are saw much of Molson two years ago and since coming back after. Being signed back to vote total was. A little bit of GM but a commitment to say I I I want not just cool wave. And people forget about me I want and don't want to be Billy Lionel I wanna be short and a little bit higher little desire little grip. I mean at skate as fast as everybody else I mean that. Yes quick but I can get to a position and be successful so I like that I saw. Adam Apple's the season. Our guys. As you know we're we're we're gonna agree to disagree on all these things because I I totally see where you're coming from. Because I said all year that mammals and for what he was given fourteen goals and 32 points and strap you on pretty darn good year. Throwing right on the line in the car Rivlin is on the line in the car before we get to number five really comment about Molson and and a slam me what's going on Manny. I don't guys Jake Gyllenhaal. Well you're very welcome go ahead sir. I opinion you are Elmo then. It trying to trade him as a video all the millions and millions to more. Three years. So you're saying retain some salary. And so you're same bio Molson and then retains a salary on anise and yeah. You know I think I think I. To see something like where you say okay well bears a couple situation we don't know what we're gonna do you me. I have more and be a buyer art trade partner in a dollar and us that we've certainly if you retain some salary. Then you went on about Atmel absolutely so you say right okay I'm gonna buyout Molson trade en us. I'm gonna freed up room and non minute. Like really zone in a player in either in the bottom six that will give me. Solid role that will be there in I will tell you this that eyeing an anti in this were were were talking GM of the year. If you buy felt malls and if he's able to treat Tyler Ennis and Bogosian gets taken. To Vegas in the expansion guys like fifteen million dollars off your payroll. That's fifteen should Millie and dying and it's higher rate now you are now. Have a vary vary clean slate moving forty have a lot of young pass over pay Carl Walz and brought impossible. To and I hate to always go like throw but what he did. Traded castle traded enough. I treated day David Clarkson laws or rates. I mean. Data is not impossible try to sign as your grocery on what five salaries lost her two years ago when they made that blockbuster trade that took on five or six salaries rip you could you I think those guys were in the lineup yet. Read or so away from Ottawa that got traded over and all of that and ages but it on an island. Yeah they say they all of the guys here Giordano you're gonna collect your money butcher your gone. On McFarland on the Cali on metallic. There's another defenseman too that are trauma picked up from auto on the finesse trade in the discernment in the minors and big guy and he was injured. Point I just wanted to make an idol all here to target or GM of the year soul. If if you're if your soul. I guess obsessed not uber just in general about getting a Bogosian salary off you're off fear. Payroll. It's not unlikely that and a Vegas picks up an NS are Bogosian I could see them doing that. More so than Mo I would think that they would definitely want Bogosian for sure. He's he he can be a top four defensemen. He can play you 22 minutes a night but I he has more to give them what he's giving here in buffalo I don't know if how other coaching hammer what what they see in his game but. I mean we've we've talked about this many times that he's he's under utilized for what. What he can do on the ice I believe. I told news. But I don't think that and you know this is an unrealistic scenario but in its gonna have to obviously that the cards are full perfectly. Number five we will talk about when we come back in at 11 o'clock we're going to do to the point and your soldiers will shall run down to the point of eleven. We're going to have parent trigger an 1130. And he's what he's and he just I tiny but I'm sitting here without you saved some music while Germany now. Now he was in in pairs baldness diamonds and Gregor cafe and the other signs that reserve day. And now is in Germany and stagger cafe and it's some German word that he's got that he's got that job right now I wish I was drags. Well we wish we were Marty. Dean drags. Why why does Marty field that when I'm closing statement that he just feels he just ramp up and open up another one it doesn't wanna see if you're going on in a little because your Marty here. I wanted to put a gym stakeout right in that hey yeah out right here in Israel now because I'm all bringing to justice. Our right to Peter's Gregory Marty Iran will be right back is the gators WGR Sports Radio five it's you know amnesty. Hockey talk there any chance. Please he's the investigators presented by end Pete Carroll hardwood. Welcome back to the investigators I promise for gonna get through this five. Per number five wishlists. We're gonna get to that the second week it's time now for buy sell or trade presented by buffalo sports. Where you can go to buffalo sports and buy good new and used sports equipment all different types sporting equipment. To awful sports on McKinley parkway just passed. Wegmans in Hamburg to be in the right hand side. So walk past which we. May happen. Later covered the mile strip it'll be on the right you're coming in southwestern it'll be on your left on you know yours streets and live out here. No but still you know. If you're golden west's. Marty I want my ought north and south. And so I saw a trip that by buffalo sports so the buy sell or trade topic today is sabres should make a play for the number three pick because there's a rumor out there that Dallas is looking to move it so should the sabres make it make. Played for the picked by solar tree. Ray. That means no right. I'm gonna trade this issue and not make a move for the number three pick because if the number three pick was. Enticing and good Dallas would never be looking to trade it'll at least be even. It rumored to be looking at it straight so you look at the number that the first two picks knowledge Patrick Niko we sure. The airlock there one in Q3. To me as a bit of a drop off. And if you are. Like mr. Uribe says you going forward. Eat may be available at eight then you don't have to move up to three depict him. There's no need for that the only way. You would make that three to go to three is half. The area heirs say media look at where you can get one of their goalies indeed take Matt Molson C three money for money and you feel a need. And you get the number three pick at the same time may be but it is just make it a plea for the three pick went on anything around it. Straight. It's it was the most confusing answer I've ever heard in my entire life wondering you know he said but I am going to you by trade this old soul. I guess our story and it's Elvis I I agree with you analysts shows when I want to say it would go via I mean they knew that C these are gonna sell it all so you are so confusing and dignity they need friends waiting for me back there when the I'm an actor sell this also I I I think the exact same as Marty that at the top two picks are locked down and Patrick and her sheer. And and then after that anywhere from three to attend is complete roll the dice you do not know there's not a bonafide number three peck. Com. Anywhere from three all the way up to ten or twelve can be picked. As the third peck still. I don't think there's a reason for. You warning to move up to number three. In this particular draft. Bomb unless you really have a player that you focused in on that you want but here's the thing you're gonna have to pay an arm and a leg to move up to number three get that peck. And I just don't think the sabres needed I think they're gonna get a very very good player two I number eight where they are and who knows. We might be trading on every pack would you. Maynard played last year you're sitting at eight. And knowing that draft that was last year with Matt Hughes in line and read you made the trade to go to three. And avid challenger who went out three in Ireland do war now it's as different systems and I'm just saying like would you make out of his view is that trade. Last year more likely to happen. As opposed this year. If I think value of the number three pick last year was worth more as a way whereas whereas I wake up so that was more likely to happen just raid. From eight to three last season if Columbus would I would do this deal with Dallas if the wanted to take it. If if you're looking to move salary cap the mean they have some room at Seoul. If they wish to get her I would only player. On do you figure celery and one of the goal at 41 year chance chase you can trade. You're at eight and third act. Okay and you give them and yes Andy give you Kerry let them so you have one here at five million so one year and you get the third pick. They get the eighth in the against the dollar and 600% on regular OK so that's a different story now we're talking about adding pieces to that. And that's if you say a 100% done that means Dallas would never do. So there's got to be other are you you're you're gonna I mean year your party just say you out of Philly to sell well because like you you know that that that deal is way off you're gonna have to pay a tremendous amount to move up to number three I don't care for the strong drought after an odd. The number three pick in the draft as the number three pick in the draft and you're gonna have to hate again. And we're going to the number three break in the show right now and when we come back and I promise you the number five. Wish these gators receivers offseason that we're gonna roll into the gym staked out to the point then after that we got Darren Gregor live from Germany. So stick around me is to gators WGR Sports Radio 550 MSG. Message and data rates may apply.