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Speech John Murphy show presented by while on. Another good afternoon welcome it's Friday Friday afternoon at one bills drive this Jabber B show presented by NAPA Auto Parts and John Murphy Donald Jones former. Bills receiver calls in studio with us for the next three hours here to talk some bills football and it feels like the end of the week ago it would a long week. Why what it has been a long week. They don't I I do do. It that I was pretty nicely in terms well we're here and in practice and everything but even the weather's been. It's been pretty non. It was even nice to know whether to gloss please people. Did you play he nodded and place but I heard about. People contact your wallet yes yes I will. Brent being about. You know deploy at a Q and how that went through a full contact with inside jokes with the the best we're here for three hours speaking of Brandon being. He's going to be joining us in just a minute the Buffalo Bills new general manager. Who had was introduced to the media a week ago. Since then seven days six tires it's been it's been a remarkable string effort Brandon being at Joseph chain assistant GM hired over the weekend brain gain. Vice president of player purse or else hired last Sunday but Lee Boyd director of pro personnel are a couple days ago. Lake Dawson the assistant director of college scouting hired and then late yesterday Bryan Adams and Marvin Allen Canada's national scouts. That's the only time so far he is a job creator he's amazed that for granted being will join us in studio to talk about his. His personnel department as it does take shape and he's going to be joining us any minute now a couple of minutes here on the show so that's coming up on the show today coming up at 1230. Out of this hour Rick Dennison Buffalo's new offensive coordinator will join us in studio. He met the media yesterday at a press conference yesterday what I've been a little bit deeper with the offensive coordinator about some of his plans some of his personnel in what he's looking for over the which as you know TH. Coming up at 1 o'clock we're gonna talk with a reporter from a Rico Rico back from the covers a digital media is name is Kurt Wagner he's written a lot lately about the NFL the move to my Twitter as you know and then to Amazon for. Some of these streaming rights for a pro football games at a though games. We'll talk to him from Wagner about where this going and what the future is of broadcast television for the National Football League. As usual have fake news really was a couple of other discussion topics and a lot to talk about that a panel with. The OTAs and being yesterday the rookie still here most of them still here but that rookie development program there was once a week ago two weeks ago. Early last week I guess what the Marlon Kerner was in history where this. Talking about the rookie development program that's what's going on right now he's got a group of what twenty rookies. In town for the next couple days and and it indoctrinate them into what it means India felt the program. Yes a good program for these guys and it will continue all throughout the spring even into the summer and from talking a marlin he wants this thing to go into the season and he wants to veterans that have programs as well which is something that teams don't typically do in house you know they have different things at the NFL level. But for the teens they don't quite run continuous program through these veterans only for the rookies in the cycle one time thing you know so. Marley seems like he wants to release. Make sure these rookies have a handle on everything that comes with being in this league he talked about you know even golf and golf etiquette and different things like that because. They will be invited to different charity golf events and you can't be out there with some genes owner or something like that you know so he he he wants these these guys and a couple of different things. So that's going on as we speak and dumb. We'll talk with their branded me a little bit about that when he joins. In a couple of minutes Twitter poll is up and it deals with the coach Dennis in the brand new bills offensive coordinator when I think that your thoughts on this about the coach Dennis and which of these position groups do you think will improve the most under the new offensive coordinator Rick that's. Come let's call on that to the Poland's open 8030515. Tool free. 1888550. To 515 which position groups will get the most improvement. Under Rick Dennison asking your project it's pretty even them. Pretty even their vote right now with a couple undervotes and 37% of you say the quarterback will benefit promotes the quarterback position 30% of you say wide receiver. 30% say tight end. And just 3% say running back so almost evenly distributed between quarterback wide receiver tight end. Because of the limitations on Twitter we did not throwing enough. Offensive line in there and they've been pretty solid group so we forget that was easily about what you think who will benefit the most. From Rick Dennison some of us has to do Donald it's coaching obviously but. Some of an issue personnel took in particular when I look for improvement from the wide receivers but yes I think coach Dennis and and it's apple have something to do with that. But more importantly they've got to get the right people in there they've got to get people healthy and staying healthy for the entire year that was the biggest problem I thought with a wide receiver. It was the biggest problem with our receiver group then. You know might have that carries over to Tyrod Taylor and I think he talked about there yesterday at the practice you know not having those guys on the field had trouble. You know he didn't have big guys out there that he trusts and so. You know I think if you can keep these guys healthy being used he would be improvement from the passing game from the wide receiver group from Tyrod Taylor everything. I think in terms of the scruples on Tennessee Titans I think the titans are going to be used a lot more than they have in the past and and we know Charles clay had fifty plus catches last year but I do think that he's gonna have different types of catches I think he's going to be used a lot more down the field. Now he's there they're going to give him the ball and allow him to run and allow him to to be a weapon in his office you know and even a guy like nickel Leary might. The use a little bit differently Yuma we might see him catch a lot more passes I don't think we've seen we scratched the surface of what nick O'Leary can do you know even though he doesn't. He doesn't look like he's faster anything out there. He can catch the ball you know and I think he can be a solid tight end and in new system I think. They're going to use two tight ends a lot more than we have in the past and Mike really use these guys and use them as weapons in the passing game. So let us know what you think which position group would benefit the most from. The new offense coordinator Rick Dennison a couple of tweets on this and foot amount tweets and none not a good choice. What we missed a slew foot your mom. Went missing though what what would be in what I was with some. Office of lining us up to object which if hardware counter anything you will be Tyrod plus familiar with the office coordinator with the help. For his sake and for hours I hope he is great. I would vote Tyrod Taylor I think stands to benefit the most I don't think Tyrod has been it's been bad through his first two years as a starter but. Yet the familiarity with the offense I think means something. I think become a commitment to the offense having the full commitment from an offensive coordinator group doesn't have to you know. Take over as head coach or you know I read lost his office coordinator a a week into the season their two weeks into the season last year and I think you know they. Obviously there was some continuity between Greg Roman and what Anthony Lynn had did for the team but still. Hmmm I think just having that the settled down situation and continuity in their will help iiroc Tyrod Taylor a lot and a chance to work in this entire offseason. With Rick Dennison office I would vote for him as the tech quarterback group as the position group to benefit the most and directives. I think Tyrod Taylor is he's gonna benefit from. The familiar in the system. Playing under coach Rick innocent in the past. I think he will benefit from that but I think he'll benefit more from having his guys on the field of these guys to stay healthy. Then just having it for me you know familiarity with these with this offense I think last year. Aren't so would have been a lot better if you had Sammy and all the rest of the receivers that were out if you have those guys in for the full season. I think it would have been a different season passing wise for Tyrod Taylor so I think if we can keep these guys healthy. He'll benefit from that place not in and he's gonna benefit from being familiar in his office nothing. Has more from Hamels. That's their new fault lines open 8030515. Toll free 1888550. To 550. Which position group on the offensive side of the ball. Will benefit the most improved the most under Rick Dennison buffalo new offensive coordinator it'll 30515 to free 1888550. 2550. Tyrod obviously got through the three days of the ETA spoke to the media yesterday. He gets up and applicable to our attention late in his comments yesterday when he was asked about Sammy Watkins and his expectations for Watkins and I cried basically said he does detect more mature maybe more. Focus does anyone tunes on the field through these early part of the spring workouts which I think both of us for terrorism political. Yes and and you know like SAS and it's just been out there me watching Sammy do do what he's been doing on the sideline he does look a little bit more focus. And when a team doesn't pick up your option and you wanna get a yeah it will it will straighten you out now I don't know if he he he wasn't focused in the past amassing net but he just looks like. He understands the situation he wants to come out here and show and prove to this organization to this fan base. That he could be Sammy Watkins this and it likens he was coming out of college. I think he also wants to to prove nationally you know because he doesn't know. If he'll be here next year and he really doesn't know you know so he wants to come out and improves every team out there that I am a premier receiver in this league. And you know message from your quarterback. The state things like that. Oh man if he's really like is he called me out right now you know it is it's not like a personal thing yeah this is. But this is what the deal is you're trying to get paid we're trying to win games. I'm I'm glad to see that your focus out there I'm not saying that you weren't focused but I can deceive the focus in news and I want you to keep it going at this level. Yet and that's what I was gonna say you don't heat it's not as if Tara Taylor said hey Sammy snap out of it what he said right. They Sammy looks like he's a little bit more like that and then by the way. That would be I think that natural progression is a guy moves into Gaza. Is a career and gets into another year of looking up now it Sammy Watkins agent know he still you still you know he's still a young man. Millions and 123. Point four yeah he is. Four in 93 of B 24 years old he's not even 24 years old yet so. I think that's a natural progression for a guy that age but it it did get my attention I think you're right about. He is essentially a contract year and blockages and that'll get a player's attention to it you can speak that. Yeah and it's on an account I mean dies commodity you wanna. You wanna win games you want to help your team get to the playoffs up team get to the Super Bowl ultimately wanna get paid to you know you're in a contract year. You know the situation and you're like I got to come out here and do everything I can do for this organization so that vacancy. And decide if we wanna do something moved forward or for any other team out there I want guys know and I wanted and didn't ace in the entire country you know I am a premier player obviously. It is John Murphy show presented by NAPA Auto Parts John Murphy Donald Jones and joining us in studio and is familiar seat now and Ersan happy to have the general manager. Brandon being with us on behalf of Governor Cuomo in the State of New York with a thank you for all the jobs you created over the last week you can get whether or you know greater New York State right now. They voted him into it hurt and permanently to. And osment fund I mean a lot of good guys even some of the guys that we haven't hired it's been a fun process just to get to know the character some of these men. Which which I put a lot of emphasis 77. Engagement and the Jabber at least are Buffalo's six hires more common insurance and yet or but let's talk about some of the hired you made in the those personnel department analysts let's work backwards let's. Start with yesterday when you named a couple of national scouts' first of all explain for our audience because of exactly what a national scout those. So a national scout is he's he's an overseer each check and over that we common over the top scouts have we ever area scouts that we divide up. By region. And then we do we have to that wolf split the country. And that's that's going to be their job they're gonna split up. And will do that we haven't we haven't dated at a scene teams the east and west of him going north and south. Will work its some of them are more familiar with certain schools in certain areas but basically it's the second look on the area scout. And when they make their look than they're given it to Joseph changed and myself and Brian gain of art. Are you definitely do need to come to school legs don't worry about going to this school we get that guy's ears we thought. Is it dumb. They on the ground like I do they traveler than he had sixty boxes or buffalo or no vote no they they will travel though the work firm from their area. And they're they're just like a scout their scalp their travel will be more the spend more time on a planes than probably cars because. They can have to cover from the east and West Coast. We divided up. Let's talk about the big guys a name yesterday Marvin Allen comes to the of those. A 24 years experience that's pretty extensive experience for I was thrilled. Marvin. Kind of popped up late. Joseph announced Sunday and have a lot of names that we're going through and Marvin was not one and he was at the time college scouting earth Kansas City. And they were having some changes their Schwab and some things around and I got word that they would potentially let him out. They were gonna reorganize their deal and and Marvin. Was the college scouting director in Kansas City so to give him as a national scout. Is can be great he's been with the patriots the falcons the chiefs and now now built that's like a lifer scouting Malia 24 years yes it is the the other nationals got tired of city Bryan Adams what can tell us about so I was her from they were Brian. Brian and I had some Carolina ties I don't think roster around 2002. And he left around late earnings news first decade of the two thousands and became the assistant director for the new New Orleans Saints. He says they have some changes he left and his most recently in area scout with the cowboys so this was back a step offered him he played in the NFL he'd enough. You know did you know. A kind of wanna get. That to them we can get back to these guys but I wanna keep that to just the process the entire process after the Klestil meetings and you had to area scouts these guys will go out. You have your list of you know guys around the country. Is there are more of an emphasis on going to like the smaller school guys. Because the big schools and you're gonna see these guys on TV and everything the of course you gonna go see those guys would just trying to get out to every small school out there it is. Find that engine. You ate you know it's important to do your research and the guys will be doing that this summer. Of what you can't make every small school so where are there are some guys and it's most of these guys have done that last year you is you've checked around schools. Hey we don't really having my this year but next year we've got this wide receiver this you know he's kicking terror this defense of Lima. So make sure you get back through your there's a lot of talk the best for the blessed of guys really help the blessed to have guys main job is to get to all those small schools. And make sure that they have. You know vetted him out and see if there is anything there that we need to take a look at. The lead you look at small schools are this small schools out there that are comment traditionally. Putting out talent putting guys into the NFL that you typically we need to goes to school even though they might not have be saying they have had a. It varies you know there there are times when there been some small schools that have. You know back in the Boise was smaller school and they and they build and then have advanced but they were but now some players mean at. There's been some junior colleges that if you had some great players. That Santa Monica junior college and Steve Smith and Chad Johnson on the same time. So there are some different schools I don't think it's. Always the schools always put an amount I think it varies from twenty days ago Ron are certain coach. That was when our coach and our level had some connections. Which bring him beat the bills that general manager talking about the scouting department personnel staff as it comes together earlier yesterday you announced late dots in the assistant director of college scouting. Again an extensive resume than any was set he was way up in some personnel departments right. Yes lake you know one of the things you you pursing electro lake is he did play. Good college player Notre Dame play in the league. Brings experience worked his way up from the from the bottom of the personal ranks became a VP of player personnel for the titans. Most recently. They had some changes a few years back but and he community he went to Cleveland after that became an area scout. The lake actually interviewed for several Gian jobs. You know in his history and and brings a wealth of experience talent and he's a good man as well and he's gonna work or reports he's assistant rector countdown QB assistant director colleges are director Alice down we don't have one right now but it is positioned to refill its position that we may feel we're still up in the air. I've always believe you don't put some money in this seat if if if that's not what you want to and there are some options out there I think I mentioned earlier you can't always the guys that contracts have. Targeted a few guys still massage and what's can be available or not but. It we have enough experience if we decide not to feel it. With Joseph and Brian and myself and some of these other guys that have been in the seat to cover that we would be fine how valuable is it to have former players. Meaning you can't replace you know a guy and I think that brings the respect. Before you even you pull out their scouting car that that they have played in what looks like. But they still have to do the work there's a lot of players that think they wanna get in scouting and it sounds. Glamorous and all that but then you realize all the days on the road nights in the hours. These guys like lake have. Not only done at night and talked the talk they've walked the walk and you can't replace that. I don't think it sounds glamorous Allred doesn't whatsoever and you don't glamour part what I think just you know the fantasy football world of picking players in drafting error but it's all hype about the draft. But think of all the work that goes into before you actually get to draft. Those guys work apps I've seen him I've seen how they work they drive around and various colleges in the middle of the week all by themselves for the most part it there's there's nothing glamorous at all its planes trains and automobiles. It's it's a lot of nights on the road. Specially when you have families it's tough. And you know these guys have added. Have all mean would literate literally got more experience than ever thought I'd do it in this for Ron and it's like you know you're going to schools that it might literally in the middle of nowhere to like schools you never heard of these guys are driving into these games you don't bump into some of these schools has been there if it could try to move there if our with Brandon being bills general manager talking about the structure of his personnel department earlier this week you name bully boy as director of the pro personnel. Talk about their role in and how you envision enrollment in your personal structure. So bleak he brings a lot of experience. Told you guys just like players line linemen love linemen that are. Tackles and gorge versatility flexibility. More leaks and no one. But just like lake had done prone college Malik has done pro and college he cut his teeth in the college game. Steve time. Who gave me great recommendations said you know what this guy needed to see what office looks like. Seeded Dayton did that the dynamics of you know. Players' contracts and things like that leak is in the league has not been exposed to a lot of but he knows what it looks like. He's been an assistant pro rector Arizona and he brings in a great experience. He's got a bright star bright future. I wondered does. In Europe viewed as Europe pro personnel department you're director even to big to advance scouting or is at all just looking into potential create yet. He'll do at all do advance scouting hill who also teach you know we're I have three scouts underneath and so. I just like we grow and develop players that's part of his role that I talked about grow and develop. The guys underneath him so but yes Capitol Hill advance he'll teach him the younger guys that we have if they have not advance before. I'm how to do that obviously I'll have a short list ready and we had injuries in in here now training camp in the season. You'll be monitoring practice squads. Other team's practice squads. You know we have to look for any avenues to get the best players took it will constantly trying churn in the bottom of our roster. Over the years I've I've got and some and a pro scouts advance scouts and it's funny it's not funny but it's interesting to observe them they do a lot of their work in the 45 minutes were kicked off yet ripe yet they're talk about that YouTube probably from a hundred pursue. You know you're their job is to know the if you know the opponent that we're gonna play you know in in the coming weeks and they've done a lot of research on him. They're out there watch and pregame whose warming up is anybody not what's the you know this has been on the injury report does look like he's gonna play this week well. They've got to let our coaches know hey he was inactive this week but I did see him run around he looked pretty good. You should expect him to play next week so it's important for them to be at the game their time and how quick. They're coming out of the huddle when there should you know when they're snapped the ball they snippet of before twenty seconds before ten sacks on the run it down. How many times really checked and they're looking for all the signals that are going on trying to pick up in accusing clues it's a big job to help you know he'll be very important for for Sean and his staff. But and costs so people know it's the object I believe is to supplement the coach's video right so yes coach's video it's cut pretty tight you don't see what goes on between Stan. A 100% you need to be there to fill the game understand there's things that happened in the game that you may not know just from watching the film are you may have to do more research so. They're filling in all the cracks. That you did it take itself doesn't bring because there's not volume national. There's not the weather necessarily mean sees snow and things that may be a windy day that you could tell was when Venus earlier today. Great apps on Donald and some of the guys in the office I actually know. Pro scouts and in their role is advance scouts. And he's I don't we're talking about radio shows but they told me that yet if the if the team as if my teams playing the jets. I'm listening to the jets radio station and reading the newspapers. Do what they're saying in the week leading up to we're just trying to collect information is that part of it. 100%. You'll see these guys most of them with your phones and they've got you know one of the local. You know air game going on to whatever radio station it is in their listen because there's nuggets pay such as such. He's new he's missed this or he was doing this a practice we for they said he's. 80% and we back there's all sorts of nuggets that you can give it and you wanna you wanna have your antenna for anything. Courts I am curious and you're still got work to do assembling your step but. Of course some of the scouts and most impressed you when your years in the league is there anybody as a pro scout maybe that you thought this guy. Really doesn't right he's like the model for what I'd like my pro scouts to. Well Brian gain was probably the guy that I had a target on. For whatever role like you did Brian is you know as you know winning rumor our VP of player personnel right. And the great thing about Bryan is he's been in this division in the with the jets he he was actually on the jets' roster one point name turns down. Was that the cowboys the dolphins and then they're much recently with Texas but. Who's you know assault Bryant talked ball within. Brian is so deep tailed. With every single thing him and he sees like me almost of an OCD about it but. He just. He's a pros pros he was a guy always had mild. Ready net's three days of OTAs wrapped up by yesterday any here and by the way I saw Brian on the sidelines I saw. Large ocean and the silencing you guys are get to know your team are there any initial observation you from first three days a vote. You know not individual his players I think guys are making plays and guys settle and then bit. I liked what was going on yesterday Sean did a good job they had they worked on. Some game management situations this fourth down OK it's going to be third and six at this for a clock it. Punt team be ready Phil both team be ready. And there was a couple of errors Cobb mistakes again and go home and it's good to go hitting get that those guys thinking about these situations because we get to campus can be more important to be ready for those and thought. There will again Sean jumped him a couple times which I thought was necessary but the more they do with the more than rip at the better nobody when we fall. How much can you do it -- evaluation of a group or even just an individual player in the time like this and don't have pads and they're just around the sort of yeah I think the skills it's easier right now to to you know you can see the speed you can see the full word you see the vision of you know bullish on the court cut through their. You know the linemen that the with the rules the way they are in and no pads you can see they're athletic ability the you know or limited athletic ability. But you're not gonna see the tenacity to fire. The power. You know all those things that you look for in a tight ends is really important this guy can be great receiver a scene in the form been fooled this guy's kicking tail in May and June. But we get to August has a tight end he still got to build a block and hold the point of attack can handle at the end and so we're gonna fund analog. Get they receivers of the same name and they mean you look good right now until you get into. You know to buy in this like put the pads on guys actually on your back and everything and can't test yet they dropped passes so. Is this is so differently to him as Taliban were impressed by just in general overall tempo. And pace in almost intensity of just you know day three of OTH yesterday you could see them. Yeah you know one of things shown talked about here was. He wasn't fired up about some things he saw in the in last year's practices for a month and you know I'm I'm used to what we had Carolina so I've not been able to see some of that but so you look back and look at video when you are right you know I'm pretty sure Rebecca what to lash is beating justice seated you know the tempo and and everybody's got their on the Sante shot but. You know Shawn is a detailed guy you know hot he knows he's gonna want everything regiment and out we're gonna bam bam we're we're knock me walk around the field were were running from industry go to this trio from this period this period. He gonna see that assess how he's wired and that's what he's used to. Hamas serve you guys did this down in and Carolina believe you guys pain during training camp practice against other teams. Is that something that you would like to bring up here when I was here we didn't do it and always I wanted to because any target practice and against my own does yet. You know what. We did it a few years you with the Miami we didn't last season but. When I was a Carolina we actually set it up they're going to be scrum engine the titans. We to pre season. So it is something that I addition it's important of who what team you're partnered up with. You know you don't want for some are you playing this news in during the season. I'm also is that coach can align with your values of making sure we're protecting the quarterbacks you don't want anybody get hurt you wanna have good work. And you gotta make sure both coaches. Talk to their teams. There's no fighting if if you (%expletive) me is just pointless. You use you get people hurt and it's a waste of air buys time but you can get some very good work if both teams are focused and disciplined. When you're going throughout the course of training camp and then all of a sudden now we have another team that was in the scrimmage we're gonna practice against him. Do you see the intensity kind of take up because in training camp once you get in a week week and a half. This like men this hot president has the same guys you might see the intensity kind of died down but if you bring another team in DC comic the government. It is most definitely does it feels more like a game there's a competition to an even more I don't want this cash on me up. And two it lets us see who can step up a little bit you know this is the first chance to really see that and you know also. May be on the left tackle bombing going it's the how does he adjust. And seed meaning you you'll see how guys react differently you know to who they're going. Rated thank for this among some people cells that's my lower home away at banks random recruited Brandon being general manager of the Buffalo Bills and we returned. Rick Dennison office coordinator listening to the post a couple of months ago and join us live in studio that's coming up next John Murphy show presented by. NAPA Auto Parts on Buffalo Bills read. John Murphy she. Welcome back to show John Murphy and Donald Jones from one buffalo studio Baghdad in the audience whether it's. On the radio and WG RR and joining us in studio the new offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills coach Rick Dennison coach thank for much about it thanks for me finally get a chance to meet and talk to better for. Much you've been busy for a couple months that yes triggered do a lot of things in evaluate talent first off what was what was here looking at free agents. I received a drafted to play and we're together now work with players how was it initial evaluation of the talent here I'm not good for agreed to but did you feel like you came into it. A pretty good situation in terms of profits yes I mean you know tell all across you know obviously. I was on a very good player very good player I've had Tyrod before Baltimore. You know all fall when it's really good players so we felt good about. The players that we had to come in just had to supplement and and try and blend everything together. When you're evaluating these guys I was somewhat coy you know I mean everybody knows the some accord with you still say our I need to see. What this player has the look. Claudia you certainly always always wanted to do that and and and and how receptive as it is too coaching you know. And he's been great they all bring great everybody's eager to learn. Wanted to do the right things so that's that's all part of it that's where we go through the different phase one phase two. The offseason. Is it also liked Kate this is this players decide the way he's he can play in this scheme but maybe that it is much. Well I I think there's a blend in order coaches from all over the league you know we all there was only two of us that came from Denver and there's. You know I've or coach was one other want and I know what he and he knows of fraud in or. But we tried to blame a little bit of everything in and certainly. Not disregarding what kind talent you know we know we got up there were weak and we combined to make it all work and incorporate the 2017 Buffalo Bills. With Rick Dennison the bills' offensive coordinator you coach and every played in Denver right now and here's the Broncos yup he played linebacker. Hip how does a linebacker become an office report. Well I was a college in college over an office supplier and of this I was a wide receivers tight end. While most of blocker it was a catch all of us. But my transition to defense. It was a former coach was and appears scout actually for here Buffalo Bills and and they come and try out as a Lima. Charley Armey OK sure this end up you know will generally used you know one point time. He had me come out here way back whenever when the date myself but it. Along time ago and it was a rough transition from. From being receiver to a linebacker winners and a few years turn on the made it. Played a few years nine years in the NFL. Got out started doing some things and missed the game started coaching and teaching enough small prep school in Connecticut. And then now when Mike Shanahan took the job it and Denver. Gary Kubiak and I were teammates and and friends. He called me and said you know common thing try coaching in Munich quality control offense. Which is breaking down defense though so that's how I started. Worked my way and it's and special teams which I really enjoyed it to a special teams and play it and then I start work with the offensive line and learning in that system. Knew we were talking about a one looks scores before we came on air and for me I've always been like I can look at certain players and as an athlete with. And I'm like Wendy's and vehicles like you can just a you just tell house Marty is how quickly you can pick up a new system whatever you look at guys the same way that you coast. Yeah I think the guys that just like he says help pick it up but but but how fast they like. The concept sink in this mine you know it's not so much. Memorization to this concept that's the easier way to play in my mind you know and that's that's gonna Wear alarm but that's I was an engineer. In school that's where I'll learn you know wasn't. Biology wasn't my deal had to understand what was going on in north could memorize things so. You're right in some regards you know you concede that the guys that are that are really detailed and their technique those guys have become really coach. When you're quality control coach are you also. In the back your mind playing the role of the coordinator position coach Jimmy do you remember back then. Yeah we hear you're always trying to pick up any options and for me I was always trying to get a piece to coach you know that's that's which he started to do you didn't really have positioned. So I'd steal some time the courts and special teams Richard Smith was a special teams coach and he he allowed me to take you know part of a line. In part of the Frontline in kickoff return and start coach and work and that but always trying to understand you know why were runner and certain things you know on offense for. Why defense is trying to do certain things you're trying to find those angles. In use that men and hopefully your memorable says you know and and use of futures future times always feel like I mean if you're not learning something. I don't know users do not grow five to this day I mean I learned from. Players most of time in his notebook like coaches clinics in him and now I I have not most of time mum on talk some of these coaches on staff does is it it's a great resource because place that you'll come from different places and done different things. You know there's there's more. More ways to win than just the way you know and players always. Always an entry resource how do you see this play in what makes sense to you our. You know if you get great insight from them. But it still things in this game and of the game changes that involves there's still paying some time that you see on tape and it's like you know clinical acts the defense of mine close. Or was that they just do sure we need all the time you know you're trying get a good exchange. And then again from defensive players DeMarcus Ware was really good about that in general last couple years he'd say you know. When I see this this is what I'm thinking when I see this this is so you help us with mold with tips for it to their bit. You know it coaches have always been you know straightforward. No this is what we're trying to do we've seen this. Rick Dennison bills' offensive coordinator in studio whether you mention. Shanahan and in Gary Kubiak anybody any coaches that you think you learn the most from our a great deal from over the course of your lower. Lucy ice cubes he he's one between me and an offensive line and and play and work in his own teams so. That was a clinic every day so we'd start we're remembering him and and at night very late especially in training camp. But I think I learned a little bit from everybody I mean Joseph collier was my defense of coordinator when I've played in I told him one time I learned a lot from him recently coach office. It's it's. How he presented the material you know just just how we dealt with meetings in and certainly linebacker coaches are when I've had. Each one of those you try to draw a little bit from you know not just the material you're doing but how they how they present an immaterial. Taught to respect coach here for companies you know way way back. I'm Rick Dennison is what this tell us a little bit about them these three days of OTAs is just wrapped up what was your goal going in and how did you. How do you feel you came through with it. Well our goal is is too to keep working our techniques and still teach in our constant you know I'm not worried about. You know. Just trying to get everything in so they can understand what we're trying to get so that in future and our goal is to teach them all the concepts and all the verbiage what everything means. And then we draw from that during the season so there's a lot of information. It's our goal was to get as much as we camp in them in their heads and get him to operate on on the field and I think we did. You know we're we're not where we need to be there's some techniques and there's some doubt you know so. Details that we need to get better but we will I mean it's just repetition and by the time you get to training camp I mean you know basically. Yes and do we would with the veterans right now they've. They've heard like the three weeks between two days of installation they've heard the first three days three times now. So when training camp will be there for the rookies we have to catch up in order to catch up but will. We'll hit the second half of the install this will be the second time they've heard is so we get to training camp will be the third time. And you know it'll sink in hopefully if if we do your job coaching. Rick three years ago you were quarterbacks coach of Baltimore had Tyrod Taylor in the quarterback room then what do you see from Tyrod now. Compared to where he was three years ago. Well I mean he's played a lot of football you know he's been successful but I I saw that I thought. That he had a good chance to do very good player and you know fell just just watching him work is his ethic is his unbelievable leave it means a lot to him. You know he was Joe's back up but the two of them together did a lot of a really good things you know they they talked outlook for Russians weren't how to get it done and and watched a lot of film together and I see him. You know continuing to watch film on his own meat you know he thinks about football when he's away from the building. Are there things you feel like you know American and peruse game every player in India and I've talked to a you know I I don't know I don't know. Need degrade the system and what they were coaching him but as to any sacks last year when you know he can avoid a sack but he doesn't need to. Make huge place uses these to knuckle backwards so you know second intend. May not be as good as second in two but it's better than. Second and fifteen you know so he is just got to have a sense of operation which he does and listen to his feet of teaching timing and we'll get him. We'll get him to operate move the ball down field. An incredible athletic ability and the ability to sometimes make. Big place from his feet did just detect that he maybe relies on that. Yes sometimes I mean and that's what we have him a ball or were convince them look you're you're just to talented. Told on the ball as you are on and it's a trust pressurized not just your feet and in. He turned a corner when we worm an awful lot thought he did a good job and we'll get him in the system he really. I think he's really really wants to do well obviously. And I think he's correct it's great to tell how much Steve detect last year and does not mean they went through a lot of different receivers. And just not trusting the guys up and two I really can't you know saying about that I know they had a lot of guys out there but. You know we'll get fourteen healthy and you know. Have some competition around and get the best guys out there we'll have a good level and every time this tyrant trust what he sees Korea he's he's starting to and you know you know but. Even then the first you know just yesterday we ran. A concept for the first time in the probably took too long stare in the concept down now he sees that he sees that I tape all right I gotta get off of that in this state the defense gives me which. Hey he's he can again that now you get that next time he gets you'll be fine. You go through film from last year means totally different scheme but he knows I'm I've we only went through the film just to buy with the talent not disregarding any kind of scheme and you know because they did their deal so we're just look to see. What we have and how we can adjust and in how we can blend their talent and our system together and now we're just start from press. Or there's a lot of attention to me the bills have led the league in rushing the last two years but. The passing attack is not Ben up near the anywhere near the top of the leak how much do you which try to achieve balance or is it just. Let's just win this week in the numbers to. Are you always try to have balance I mean certainly a run the ball well here. And we have talent up front we have really good running backs will. Will do that that you know will will complement it with just on the field you know will do everything we need to underneath and and is figure out ways to move the ball in and make or first downs like ball possession I think that's an important part of an offense cupid defense from the asylum move the ball. You know. The trick related on the field news or use this term you know. A lot of first downs if you're if you're on the field a defense isn't you know they don't have time making these points or yards. When you think back to you linebacker days when it meets an offense. Difficult to defend well. Giving multiple looks I mean. Certainly I like use a lot of different person now but. You can teach it the same system on the same scheme plug if personnel to be three tied hands are three wide out that you still run in the same deal so they they hear the same concept. But to give multiple looks to a defense so they can't figure out what's going on. Everything's got to look the same raw and play action pass that should look the same to a defense that was the what. What I used to think was the hardest you know you're stepping up and he should be running back. Now when you look at this team you can put three wide receivers out there on the field do you feel like you and and run a certain place. You feel like you can do that with you know two tight ends on the field and have like Lester says Charles clay out in the slot or out wise. Use him a little bit differently that's what we're gonna work for you know we're we're just had a third day and that we have a lot of competition on the team and we'll see who you know who steps up that's the big part you know we're. Guys who make implies that told the CO the day guys that make plays will deserve play time so you know he's gonna make some plays and that's all on. On us preacher in the right spot and make some plays and we'll catch on the field. You've been coaching in the sleep what 2324 years now and stepped down. With some experienced guys we talk about Shanahan and Kubiak what makes you wanna come up here and worker approach your head coach on the. Well. After I was let go in Denver he called me. And so it's come up for an interview so I came out I've known less for a while I work with wants I've known him for a long time. Set down talked to we talked about football what how to win football games just. General concept so we're looked a little bit it taped together. Of some offense and molded around the to a smaller and I enjoyed our conversation I really. Really believe what he's trying to do on talk and want talk in the lastly. Talking in my family you know was this something we want you would it was shot that I felt really good about so. We are great at your coach that combine your attitude. Let's. Doom and build an active role in you know and a pillar with a fine get and coach Rick Dennison is the offensive coordinator for the bills out of tonight back and mourn a moment. John Murphy show from one bills drive this is Buffalo Bills radio. That John Murphy she. Back to back solid debuts on the show Donald good work. I didn't need to commend you could handle those enemies are we went to both the epithet but thanks again to Brendan being the bills GM for joining us into a coach Dennis and fascinating stuff from both of them go back to brand him being. I was kind of fascinated to hear that they act the coach McDermott actually looked at practice video from a year ago. I don't method is anything wrong with that but boy gets girl that's the most detail and hasn't. Things like I mean what he's trying to get a sense of culture and everything. I need to look at because practice is huge in the way you practice is cute and you'll hear coaches preach that. Everything will some coaches preach that every day the way we practice is the way we play the game so you come the practice. And it's like you're out here walking around you're not going to and everything at top speed gains speed. You when you get to the game is going to be way too fast for the game you're gonna have to catch up to the speed of the game about a time you catch up to the speed of the game. It's too late we're getting blown out at that point you know also. He goes back and he looks that he's trying to figure out the culture of the team let me see how these guys practice last year. This is now I'm like this this was good but I don't like this I'm gonna make sure that we don't do this this year and I'm gonna make sure that these guys understand. At this is not what we do. Under my receipt. How about Rick Dennison and I like this through that when he talked about. A tough grinding. You know what that was and I didn't ask a loaded question but I said this Tyrod trust what each season. He went out talk about a new concept that they put in for yesterday's practice and how he thought Tyrone as little slow on it and they're gonna work and that it's just good to know that. No they see the same things that maybe would seek once yeah I think I'm sure they do they watch a lot more video and a lot more about it than we do but. It's intake air aware of maybe we're Tyrod and and all of the team can get better in the work. Damning you know we've we've been around a game you and I played the game you've been in Washington for a long time so you can see. Certain things in a quarterback and when you look at other quarterbacks that are necessarily let's say the top quarterbacks in the league. And they do a little bit differently and it seems to be working. The site while wonder if that's how it should be working yelling and so when you get that confirmation from a often the coordinators like OK I was right about that you know gas and you know and I think you know people the the comic one of the common complaints about tyra is well he misses open receivers to me that's the only he does this ambulance and us what EC doesn't pull the trigger. I went it's I think that's. Probably his biggest thing you know the soup things he doesn't trust what he sees and yeah it it comes back to just being late being laid on everything you know I don't know these necessarily missing receivers I don't know if he sees something that. That we might not see from up top because from up top it all looks wide open but from where he is he might not be able to see things but they we need to be able to see. Interesting stuff but thanks to Rick Dennison and to a Brandon being for joining us sounds like the GM like dominance. And we three times in the last time this week like you said in the message. You know telling but yeah. But Clinton but that's going to be there a regular basis of that coming up next we're gonna to I think we're gonna talk about the way that. The NFL product is delivered over the TV on digital media gonna talk with Kurt Wagner who is a reporter or Rico dot com just talk about where it's going. It should hear from him. Took mom back for more that's coming up right after the top of the hour break the John Murphy show. Presented by NAPA Auto Parts bite from one bills drive on Buffalo Bills radio.