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Howard and Jeremy
Friday, May 19th

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The call the twenty sixteenths preakness when he seventeenth preakness tomorrow. We have extensive coverage here on WGR beginning at 2 o'clock Frankel feeling Dan cave. We broadcasting live. From Batavia downs and then our race coverage begins at five they're on from two to five and race coverage at five in the race will go at around. 648 from Pimlico down in Baltimore and any moment ideas on what to do all day on Saturday before that. Yard works probably the answer. There's some sort of festival in town we're going to Michigan State to move furniture back you wanna come with us death. Let me know a lot. Yeah I don't argue that it's not a lot means that the movement is the drive and I don't wanna do let's fund drive now what about bonding into the the quality time of the bonding we can now we get four hours today. I don't is or how I'm ahead I'm only five and half on Saturday. And two countries. Yeah I'll pass Joost it's going to be nice this week and at least some do some stuff outside. Did check it out of town so 67 and sunny tomorrow maybe a thunderstorm on Sunday. The little cooled down but that's OK so that's perfect weather did you stop outside. It's a he would be plots and out there I'd I think we can finally say winter's over these guys that you pilots are up at safe that you say it in January every year idea that I think it's I think it's fine my safe you know why it's safe. I switched the my furnace settings from heating to cooling yesterday because I knew the white wanna turn the AC. Yes it's definitely over on the furnace is done for the year wrote for the season. I'd on RAT and T hotline has taught high out of Batavia downs because we need to find out what to do. With the preakness is less horses to go through that's for sure take dotted soured in German welcome back sir height you don't. I'm doing great our door to a while doing well thank you as always for coming all of us. What we'll what we learn from the derby. Todd well we've learned. Why John Velasquez is the hall of fame jockey you talk about a guy with ice and as me. In front of a 150000. People he gets his forceful first which was very important point or good you don't wanna break portly. We also learned that earlier in the day he fouled out which passed he needed to be out in the derby because that's what halting jockeys do they write every care for the track. And he figure out the inside part of the track was much better much former than the outside so what does he do he steered this course right over to the rail. Then what another worst passes and he just moved out one spot then as soon as he was ready Eagles back to the inside any wins the race. Phenomenal right. About force one that was always streaming but the right was incredible Hulk director. Who's the best jockey in this race and depending on which horse he's on how much of an impact could it happen the bad things. Well there's that's quite a few things that John Velasquez got Mike Smith who's a hall of Famer. I got a upcoming star in Joel Rosario drafting very pitcher Javier Castellano riding the two you've got very dejected the question is will there be a fair racetrack where every morsel have a chance because we certainly consider that the derby. Many horses were compromised by their trips in the racetrack. Or will we have an off check out the weather is beautiful weather in Baltimore tomorrow 69 and sunny so well we're we're not gonna have any excuses. Bigger Q2 might pick in the derby got a Vera. He just the direct his running up I was did not work in the derby if you were on the real you couldn't win. No excuses for poor pick tomorrow guys we're gonna nail this trifecta for sure. Which are gonna get two and a second also let me correct something I said Dan and Bryan will be broadcasting from the military road OTB branch. At the new lock he's sports bar which is inside that branch that's two to five tomorrow. The jockey change with cloud computing in gonna Verron does that mean anything. Well. Javier Castellano is just showing some loyalty to our trainer Chad property rights over 300 courses a year for. The only right a handful horses perk the trainer of front. That appear so actually I don't think it's a big deal. Cloud computing looks like you'll be in light source. Is good enough to win on Saturday property now put that down the road east. Could be a nice horse but certainly expect jockeys. They have to be loyal because if they're not loyal to a trainer than a fight somebody else I think coach. Javier is just being a little bit oil through two rounds agree trader. Todd much smaller field which is Cigna you know it would be the case right would you go for the derby and preakness when you get down to it. Ten horses. What what are the smaller field mean what does that mean in terms of odds wagering. Winds stakes whatever how does how does the ten horse field affect everything. Well it means that should be a truer run race unlike the derby which is really a crapshoot. And like this that you take horse like classic vampire who was wiped out to start. And and really never had a chance. There should be no excuses here. There's plenty rule for every want as long as we operate cleanly I think the best horse to win and I think history shows that the Preakness Stakes was won by the favorite. 50% of the time it's almost formed for the Triple Crown races and picked up if you guys to stand its ground trying to teach you guys be had here at war with us in a couple years I want you guys to give me a pick solid took. Here's the extent this is huge and you know the course that don't race in the derby that re the protester called new shooters doctors and some of the steps the horses are raced in the derby. Not necessarily the letter which the race in the derby. They win the Preakness Stakes in 85%. Of the time so I really think the horses that raced in the derby have a huge advantage over the ones that and so there's there's an angle for you guy who's going about five on. They're raced in the. Man I'm upset you stole my stat of the day I was really trying to impress you I've got I've got what you were just talking about in the past twenty years. Since 1997. Todd just three preakness winners did not race in the Kentucky Derby so seventeen out of twenty. The preakness winner has been in the derby. Yes it's it's to duplicate say this is the race. As far as making a scored if we got a second I'd like to play about a few people that meets and squirt from the derby the only think I was really write two weeks ago want your role was like Georgia that we would have this many winners but the people that one would win more out higher amount well our biggest winner was 75000. Dollar winner. Believe it or not in this and Erie county your listeners were on fire. One person had a hot around this perfect and so perfect effort to create a 150000. It's. Well it but it. You kill me cod there wasn't any other way to say you know I was I was not that one person. Well now I'm really peculiar power because one person on the TV about an on the patriot that's that count yeah don't even have about a dollar compared consensus if you want. So one customer put two quarters together Molly kicked himself now because you can spend a dollar and played the 5111. Combination in the track what do you think. Bet fifty that we church got a I'd I don't wanna guess Todd you just depressing me at this point. And myself over 4000. Dollar cup bad that they are perfect and it's your call. I wanna get we're gonna get your betting advice here to second but I also want to ask you a couple of other things post positions how much does that impact. How things are gonna play out here and maybe specifically. Your true favorites re being right there in the middle side by side with a always dreaming and classic empire. I don't think you know again at ten or that I don't really think there's a bet pollster at the rail was to be deeper debt and perhaps one or two could be compromised slightly but. I get I think it's going to be a true race now the written the way you look at the races there's not much speed in the race and normally. When there isn't much speed in the race she wanted to stay away from the people or because they're gonna need a little hope. If they don't get their airspace they're not going to be able to make up their ground so the the pace scenario papers the horses that are going to be on or near the lead no question about it but it's our old position. I don't call that any factor. There are few thirty to one horses. Do you mean you are. If you wanted to put money on a 321 on a long shot give me your suggestion. And these horse to vet could be interesting of the thirty want is the one horse multiplier because he is improving. As the races are getting longer its speed figures are getting better and that's something you want to see them break that supports the amount 360. Now what's interesting about him is his father with a sprinter and his mother was a sprinter why he can run about three sixteenths. I have no idea but that it would George result it was a great distance jockey it's where the settlements right nicely. Secret club cup prefer American Idol and she's as good as the is that the logical horses. Before in the fight but he could be all right another longshot. You know New York records we hope to talk about New York bred in these classic races very often but the pat or. Plastic more money he's got to be the fundamental horse of the preakness nobody wanted this course. His Father's Day and see if 150 south and yet. He only sold for 8500. Dollars to fill Lester so he must be a little tiny finger. His leg hippies got to be a little bit crook it's something isn't right for. Other than the old early to purchase it for 8500 he's already earned a half million dollars he's never been worsened sockets he got the right running out for the straight. I'm gonna use them in my ex attic wagers as long as he doesn't quite early with the four horse I think he could be okay. I did the JB a bets for the derby and soda my wife and my son so we're ready to go. Everybody's wondering what's the plan Todd for the preakness. Well I don't think we can play and win place show I think the job to be to shorten much like one of the new shooter who I don't. And at that even the exact might be time short. So what I'm gonna play it's a one dollar try and I really would talk about Clinton umpire but the question of why it even in this race and he's got nothing to prove he with a two year old champion. He can't win the Triple Crown so the only reason he's in this racist said that. Always the Triple Crown in my opinion are no other reason that the trader said no he's just and because the person that I don't buy it. I think there ought to show that they have the better course than all we stream it to what I would do if I'm let's take a one dollar trifecta. For five with everybody for third at the all but no call eight dollar and economic comeback just in case the trainer mark and he's pretty sure is right. And he does have a better horse and all we train saw them play fight or all. Trifecta kind of nation that only cost eight dollars or one dollar wager and then because I wanna make some money for the Obama there really think the Belmont could be interest think. Is it possible that always treatment could become the 24 horse with a chance. At winning the Triple Crown only twelve crown winners for 23 horses have had a chance winning the first two legs. Five dollar tried guys this is we're gonna make your money. 453. Or 56459. Or five and the whole way generally cost 36 dollars wager that. Today at 11 AM at your local all keep your easy bet or write your two previous downs gaming and then of course tomorrow. Preakness Stakes they all can be open at 10 AM to retreat to the local 1030 in the preakness scheduled off. It's 648 and our big party at the to get out from our tomorrow starts at 1130 for just ten dollars the same deal you got for the Kentucky Derby which over 600 people showed up for our party mr. record all the way around it will he be on the derby I. Tell the folks again about the tape your bets. As they set I used that. I had I was told that DO TVs were packed so why I used it for the derby and among many things you know calculating the bad tell me exactly what I'm doing it made it very easy for me. You guys over some of our people the General Counsel in the derby and I expect we'll have three or 400 on the preakness itself. It's that the state of the art and so if you just online the TV about that kinda went up in just a matter of minutes. And the nice thing about their personal one that forced south dollar bet on the TV about. He didn't have to wait three to five days to get Katie want to heading off track betting location to a lot of withdrawal slip and we Tatum on the spot and I don't know about you but when I win which is that often. I'd like my money and that's the key to Batavia back and even if you wager enough during the marked you'll get a little work platform to 5% back on your money. Everybody's talking about it grows every month data about the account. I'll tell you know I'm sort I'll tell you the nice thing about David that I didn't win okay. Well the wife did she did a different that she did win place show is that she wins the nice thing about David that's leading go to the it to be we just had to check delivered in the mail you know. David came in my name she won our bet jet came to me at the nice thing about the debut that's what my count yeah it's a beautiful thing. I listen good luck and as always thanks for giving us all the information. Our great thanks have a good week and that is got height from David Allen's honor AT&T hotline and then bring New Hampshire will. Tweet everything out and the WGR Carroll will make you take care of so you can place than ever because I bet you'd like place on the preakness to morrow.