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All right well we welcome this sort turn trigger that's a tough act to follow Daryn while welcomed like your Germany now. I am I mean Cologne Germany was looking forward to this segment but Marty just. Prior crates down to ground level and really. Thanks guys who were killed in the line of duty. You know why bring it back up is IA I mentioned. A little picture your buddy Gordon Miller put on Twitter yesterday about that Gregor are FAA had the amount of why in in the year we have it on our screen right now the amount of white in years it's guys that at the table that had to be a lively event. Yeah well you know what you guys know this is ex hockey players. You know they're absolutely and a number of code broken like tweeting out pictures that's disaster this day. Well hey don't guard Miller there's always codes being broken there that's not so pretty brutal that he would do that I can't they're daylight. What happens at the drag your cap based eighties at the trigger cafe area off camera and all. I bet you this morning and he showed his wife that pressure first thing in the morning luckily daring and dying he's drinking out here. Well and because these cement in the fact that to my bought rather com who also there ray Ferraro there. Gave Tomlinson of course was there I mean you know I might pick. Group whose I didn't see a big plate of chicken par on the table I think Ayers and that's enough. It. So what else is going on there what do you what he got for us what's the biggest news you can give the investigators today. Well you know want. I'm not entirely out of the loop. You know from an NHL perspective. On because in covering the world by you know focuses thought we could Wear should be enough on the static well North America but. You know here in in Cologne Germany Canada is that for our other Russians are big part of the news yesterday it was pretty obvious and that. She mile pay. Frankly not showing up against the fence. I I've looked at American court coming into the world that I thought and got a good young talent there Michael. You know color Larkin and go to unless the shoved a promising not roster locked. And did a great preliminary round game against the Russian. Still they seem to be trending in the correction that they needed to and then it flies out you know all the respective Finland noted Palin today Kinect. Quarterfinal well I was certainly a bigger story here and cold air. Yeah I don't think that was quite get over here yet. As there. We we've talked about the challenges him but I it was a bad game. To say the least I know riven Marty you're so dialed into the world champion John you know it's funny though because everybody's talking about the way that. You know our conference finals here Ottawa Pittsburgh Anaheim Nashville it's not really what the NHL had in mind out top teams and I look into the wall championship. Finland will please Sweden which is a usual ivory and Canada Russia. Which are probably exactly what the wall championships our organizational committee wanted to see. Yeah out eight guys that are you know. I'd never I've been to Germany could copy through I mean you know you're going to Italy go to Frankfurt or whatever but spent a little at a time we are not mark. That building was. Go on and Adam yesterday for the Germany candidate game. And you know as. German squad they'll let you know they kept push a bill. Look people you're right the semifinals sent out a pretty nice but you know clearly overshadowed what was going on and national hockey now I get out you guys like. Again I'm watching from afar and I hit the video lecture at what he had it on replay rather watch life in the late thank. I I was curious and and was amused by the reaction on Twitter Corey Perry on ending Acker remain at. Marty I guess what you're on the that is but. I didn't allow the but doesn't that solar bodies would Corey Perry has. And I don't mean that they currently. I mean these guys scored a goal and did again last night but to have the presence of mind or is dirty Dennis. Who pulled out act off. In the way that he did it was pretty remarkable that fair. It is fair. And you look at the Corey Perry he. He's in that conversation now when a guy like. Maurice Reshard or demos overtime goal in one playoff series east side with Iraq I mean that for a guy that. Is known for is like you went out is as is greeting NASA and sometimes and things just on the outside the line. To be able to score that big gold. In in a time where do you really need it erupted nothing he led its Lipton six minutes. Of the third period and Andy comes through it lucky bounce but still that's twice now he's done this against that bill through and block from bad angle and getting goals so. Yeah you gotta get of that court period some credit but I said on the air the other day and age just okay. TSA and the hockey insider Darren Gregor joining us on the line from Germany here on the investigators staring you hearing anything about the sabres coach. No not ought to be honest. Yacht doctor JJ earlier in awe again and I am somewhat. Is connected because of my assignment currently buy it. Yeah are you talking I've talked a bunch general mine workers who were over here. Yeah it's usually aimed straight at earlier Oprah the potential fill out we were talking rewritten game. Is been out there and whether connect the ball or connect it to the floor Packard doesn't matter. I'm but it does say that I think a decent honorable is going in direction acts. I I can't say that an accord is owed there's been speculation and you know last week we cycle blog girl being hired by the Buffalo Sabres. Is there fit with someone within that penguins organization. And Rick talk it's seen to be the most obvious. To me that. Pretty obvious. Lot I'm not willing to reporters stopped or had any credence to it because that our side pocket. Or. Use water or specifically about that but at the connection obvious and it does makes them. What about a guy like as it Ralf Krueger BM off period in Germany sought out their babies some some word out about Ralf Krueger because he's. Involved in the soccer over there what's that what's the word there. Well look there's always is rocker. I had her a record I think they'll quote tell me the other day. You know he's. A handful of major junior team. Call him trying to connect them with Ralf Krueger. You know European teams are always basketball Ralph cooker and their NHL interest in Ralph Krueger. NN I would at all surprised if he's done bottles left. The problem that. They might. They being awful or any team in the national security is Kruger gotta wanna come back to the NHL. Com and select we all the complications are like you know his son plays over here. His family is pretty established in Europe. You got an unbelievable. Job and my understanding is that again not report this distract just what I've been all. You know any big help all owe them money and and by comparison. I would suggest that whatever any teams get a pay them you know he's gonna take that take. Is he willing to do that just yet I don't know so I can't discount him. I'll let it I don't know what bought or let it but I'd be surprised if he wasn't on the list given the outside interest in Ralph Krueger overall. Disarmed China the last few are for Britain but it was ribs his purple. You're talking. And it has been a little noises dig them over here pay Yahoo!'s your GM and the Q are you got a kick it's unbelievable this that. I don't know I guarantee you I truly believe you actually believe that. I know but I feel there I believe it and rip up I'm not throwing out are you comparing you to judge O'Neil. But I it's time that the vote on a on television and on radio and he's famous for the iceberg where. He doesn't really you'd have to really think anybody is watching your lists all that year low but it. I applied for auto. I no knowledge that it's entirely believable. I. I've done is muted but does that they thought Jeff O'Neill is is notorious for. Often there. Like when he thinks the Mike is down seeing something and the comedy made at the trade deadline this year when he asked teams that the arch up on that because Harvey's on burgers. And it went on the air or way to get a transition to an interview. At Atlanta and. It's tough market but achievable. The other dog you're trying to conquer hate lets let me ask you this she did she have. Of the year you have Dorian you have. Oil and surely who are you liking. For me and and I mean that's with great respect for their oil. It's between Dorian and and Peter surely be issued naturally without. It is yelled the pieces that you know Atlanta didn't like happen and doesn't get a bigger than Connor gave it. But he did make some little he has significant deals including count all but you. For me was one of the most underrated stories in the National Hockey League is here out leaky gut nearly enough credit for. You know what he did in in helping the Edmonton Oilers only nailed down a playoff spot went around again battled day in and push the Anaheim Ducks so. In battle. Deserve the acknowledgment you know even the Taylor all traits for Adam Larsson. You know in the mall I think both the plot that the orders lost that deal because Taylor all of that is the best player in the deal. But Adam Larsson. As stabilize that blue line and you know in auto lock your door and was was fairly full immediate start with a higher. Should keep in shape the it guy out there and and for some reason he's a bit of a short term got a look at the results that he's getting. From that Ottawa Senators game and and there are other moves any grades that are paying dividends as well. The fire were giving me yet to prop up give it to feature Ali but just by a fraction over here or. I don't know I I I'm with the I think I'm I'm I don't think I see. You take we gave it off the roster. Retake the guys around him off the roster Dellucci still Larson yeah and company on other pieces and I I mean you could have been David there but. I still think he's done a phenomenal job and I think it's unfair that everyone says hey you know has beat David so he doesn't deserve it. What about it drags the fact that. This awards only been going for seven years and three of the winners were fired by their teams just two years after area. I curse to the edge GM of the year award going forward you look at even got a few guys have been. His team now and even make the playoffs the Jim Rutherford may not be with the Pittsburgh Penguins for many more years. He was last year's winner now. Is this what do those with the GM's decision you know wet I'm fine being Kenya away from the spotlight for this one. I guess Marty but. You know your car boat a couple of very experienced guys insure rally and say David oil lots so in peer oriented. And I other superstitious that attachment to it got. You know what I think of Avaya equipment out there like I I think it was more that happy electing all fired the player out here. You know a lot of it was injury related that doesn't lessen my view he buys. And and the fact that dignity does an excellent job at the general manager. Of the lightning so. There is that of a bad rap that all of that but I'm pretty sure that every guy in the final category this'll work would be thrilled aerial water letter. All right Daryn drag her TS and hockey insider every Friday we appreciate it from Germany to thank you very much hailed otter. Oh yeah like Europe and culture the Atlantic here a lot yeah senior editor well in the background. No then. No idea all their ago. Dan Arum yeah yeah yeah now. It is built up but there's I don't know the name and people are going to be mad at you bring it up because they don't know the name. But there's a payment cute Beagle here and won't. That is just spectacular so. I think your thumbs up if you blurt. PD and let somebody else Google. And you'll see the Specter that that stopped any. I do yourself a favor wants to hit uphill confession we'll talk to next Friday. Eight the bank that modulator.