05/16 Night Cap HR 1

Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Tuesday, May 16th

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Bryan gates came out with you here. Tuesday night. Yes we may we've made and now we've made it past the the stage of GM watch and we've got our guys so. Eight million to start talking about the good teams themselves as opposed to. Who's going to be running these teams and I for 1 am excited for that arose earlier today on children Bulldog they were talking to Scott call in. Skakel the TS son. He. Every year he goes through all of the teams in the NHL only does a game and an offseason plan. For each of these teams in today came out with his offseason plans for the Buffalo Sabres and the shock of the bulldogs were able to talk to him about that. I've got that split up into a couple of pieces here so that we can and we can get his thoughts on. What has to be done. Whitney seabirds over the offseason he's got some some ideas of of players that he has in mind. He uses a lot of the the connection adjacent bilateral has with the Pittsburgh Penguins that's definitely something that he expects to. Be utilized in some of the players that he has coming over from the penguins organization to. The the sabres organization. And yeah we'll hear from him coming up into parts in a few minutes we'll get to Scott and men. I'm next hour as well Walt we'll hear from Scott in what we'll just talk generally. About the sabres and now that the G arms in place. He's he's clearly is still got work to do piecing together a staff. Their. That had a scouting was what go Altman. Indeed the amateur scouting guy was like oh also he still has to get some guys in place here obviously. There is DV had coach who will. I would expect that we got to start hearing things about interviews come in with these these coaches come up relatively soon I know that. It might not be the the top of the priority list. To get those guys in Erie if your Jason box and you come in you've gotten yet figured he's looking at. Other members of the staff to fill out before the expansion draft in the NHL draft divide. You did say. Excuse me that he wanted to get his coach in here before the NHL draft so that it all the stuff that's coming up. Really quickly. Anemia NHL draft will be. That'll be a few months probably about its. On had a date right from the bud two months. And I know the the expansion draft that is June 41 so that is just over a month away. A month in two days away is the date 5 PM eastern time that teams are going to have to have the their expansion draft. Protective lists submitted. To the league's all all that's coming up real quick I never true. Worried about the expansion draft with the Jason bilateral and he probably has the feel of what he is going to be wanting to do with the expansion draft by. And that expansion draft going to be coming up and there is opportunity. For a lot of movement around the expansion draft. Scott Cohen gets into that a little bit talking about me be a man malts and being a piece that's picked up by a Las Vegas in exchange for. Some sort of compensation. To Vegas. So they could have mammals they get sent to Vegas but buffalo has to you know. Gasoline in the pot I don't know exactly what the proper compensation would be. But the idea is okay. Buffalo will help you out here in Vegas we got new team really got two players right now more poppy I'll take mammals and take back contract off your hands. Organ need renewal something in return to two I'll help us do we just don't want this guy. Today well with Agassi mines. They did reach a deal for NHL affiliates with the Chicago wolves. That is and affiliate with the scene moves Lou so they're going to be sharing an affiliate much like a few years ago way and the Florida Panthers in the Buffalo Sabres. We're sharing and billion Rochester I believe before that in Portland. The sabres are sharing an affiliate with the docks at that point which. I know I know it's changed sides and a lot flight. How how was that's the NLV beat matching of an age old team with the NHL team we've got on one side of the country. And a diagonally. To literally the other side of the country you've got Portland Maine. You know what they're like you know that's. That's out that's that's what we need I mean I guess there is still some teams that have a strange HL hook up like that you look at the LA kings. Who better. Thirteen as the Ontario rain. So other teams and Ontario. And they have the while. It's it's not the luxury a luxury having Rochester here I know there was those years when Rochester. Was that the affiliates dude. Solemn. Some dumb reasoning I guess just political reasoning. And it. But to have that right there and be able to just I get on the phone get this guy down the road in in an hour. And then they're they're here it's huge. It's huge. But yet they're going to be Las Vegas this is they're going to be. Whipped beat Chicago wolves as there HL affiliate. And what the expansion draft they do it got roster requirements of the got need to at least three goal ease forget what the numbers of forwards and defensemen but. It's not a real worry because they gonna have played it from. They're gonna have really. Cupboards full of prospects to to send an age old team so I guess it kind of makes a little bit of science. To hang out Vegas V. Part of the duo and each squad for now just because. They're not gonna have a top prospects at the going to be seasoning in the H I'll certainly going to draft players. And maybe they're going to have to you know. All of a lot of players depending on what parents ideals that they are going to be making. Around that time of the expansion draft that that there's a buyout period right after this season and where teams and if a player on the team has no movement clause and can't work out a deal to either send that player away. Scorer get them to waive their no movement clause that they can be opened up in the expansion draft. The Uga players being bought out the example I used to use for this is. Marc-Andre Fleury Biden now he's having a health policies and I'll speak he's going to be going. Two. To anywhere. So it'll free off by. 51888550. To 550. Obviously I think most people seat. At the biggest issue to be tackled. For the Buffalo Sabres is the facts. And where do they go to to tackle that issue and what do they bring and what do they need to bring in. And Scott cones PC talks about two dot fortify its been being needed to. Be brought it. To the sabres organization to sure up that defense. So what's let's get Skype call your we'll get to the first piece. The first part of the conversation here with my children Bulldog Scott Cohen TS sound he released his offseason game plan for the Buffalo Sabres today you check it out on Twitter at. Scott call and or at WG RR at shop talk or apple blog WGR everyone re tweet it it's so if you didn't you'd find that some on. I'm a multitude of different platforms from us here at WGR here's my job and the Bulldog with Scott Cohn. What's you're mural overall just attitude are feeling about them going into this offseason and of course there have been. Changes here already. I would say optimism. But. And in some ways it. And there's challenges you know I play I think. Jason ball trophy replica a sharp guy and he's. In an apprentice there Pittsburg for quite awhile soil I look at him as does a pretty good GM candidate to bring in sort of cool with that. And I think he knows what the issue as a means what you don't you don't need your rocket scientist to figure but the problem is here. Then. The question is whether he's going to be able to. To fix the problems on defense you know I think if you if you go through the sabres forwards or goaltending you're probably not too bad but the big issue is what can you do about the Blue Line and you know it's it's one thing to the well in a cab checker to free agents so yeah. Film could go and throw your money Kevin checker but I don't know that that's really just that the problems though. No we're doing that's really think that he's lining up to come to buffalo right you know late. You know it took sometime around trying to match players and teams and so on in the off season pieces it's kinda like. Finding. The great situations you know based on the where the team has taught there one of the things that I think of it is there's I think getting Brian Campbell back would be fantastic or. But I don't know the Brian Campbell wants to come to a team that isn't you know ready to win the championship. Maybe maybe he's. You know willing to take that step but it sure seemed like humans you know ring chasing and in Chicago last year. Home console I'd be inclined to think he's. You know thinking that way again but. I I think he'd be they're really good addition justice. That somebody who might be all the kind of stabilize things personally was delighted because for years and in Florida that we everybody looked better playing alongside Brian Campbell and you know maybe you can do them buffalo. I likes this idea last year and hopefully wouldn't just be the kind of thing where he signed here for one day. Federer had to retire yeah yeah let's not have that. Let's not him that yeah I mean fixing the Blue Line is is job one it really was. A Scott would probably talk last year may be around this time whenever this this piece last year dropped. My recollection is that we did and going into the off season. We felt like okay will fix the Blue Line and then boom of the classic trade happened to get cooled off and you touch on that even after that trade was made. A bomb at the draft. We spent still a good part of the summer going populace communal we got another guy. And and then it never happened and then the season started in the season went by and even the trade deadline Oleg does nothing ever happened. So they all. I don't know how optimistic should we be that. The trade market will provide an answer here I say that because spot rolls on with a us. After his news conference and said 95% of the teams in the league what to upgrade their defense and I sort of felt he was setting me up. To be let down about getting to defenseman. The threat under promise and over deliver the that is the way to do you know Doug in the putter behaviors GM who want to make a trade to improve your ruling you don't wanna help people had a tie in the definitely wanted to do because it's. One that means the other other candidate Jack you up for price. But that it also does such a fan base up first they have these expectations and OK this is over in two wouldn't. Thumb like an alien in this piece say. Have them Greg Trevor Daley. One meter and start from Pittsburgh and I think butter might have some inclination. Get guys you're familiar with mom and and not a daily is to be hauled in dollars and inter relate he. He kind of had some ups and downs orchard delta and Chicago. But then is there has been not bad for Pittsburgh and but like I could see I continued I mean because of the sabres have kind of so many needs. I could keep him going all kind of relative particularly and does sort of challenging spot a key for the sabres as. There is an opportunity for teams to make some trade surely leading up to expansion draft and that might be a spot we're in defenseman you know popped loose. Because you know teams won't be able to protect all the top four defensemen them and you know there might be somebody you'll like. The challenges for the sabres Roland would you leave unprotected because as it stands right now you can sabres and we will restore an implosion in the cable probably. The three defense and there would be protected. If you trade for another defenseman that you have to protect well then you know are you willing to to sacrifice McKiver Bogosian took the you expansion draft and there are not a luxury you've. Have enough for the net gain to to make that can move so maybe like maybe to move past that happened after expansion this happened and and you don't know where to where teams set but it. But and in the first cut of iteration of doing this I was thinking out of receivers grabbing. Do more note of that particular no Pittsburg he's he's kind of an access card for them not to be able. Protect him in the top three but there's a web but that doesn't really can't we do buffalo when he could argue that they're stuck trying to protect. Right what. If I could expose Zach Bogosian the expansion draft and lose that contract like I would do that in a second. An employee and looking in and if you manage to get a good defenseman. You can always exposed the golden in Vegas might figure out where we don't want picked a contract either and then you have to go and still to plague like I think I think. It'll be interesting to see helmet and we teams are daring. Oh with their contracts in and who they exposed like there's some cases were I think. You know they might wanna keep a guy but they just think Vegas is into the take on an onerous contract and him to go in case price say that. That's pretty hefty. Captive for what he does and because you know as a long injury history that. You know you might you might feel to get away with okay what trait for a defensively Bogosian. Open out there and that's quite possible Vegas isn't gonna take them and you can get back. Scott Cullen with us from TSA and Mike show the Bulldog talking Saber cheer on WGR. Public upfront Scott column. How will set are they to be a good team. I think pretty close you're going to have really like. Like all O'Reilly is one to go down the middle I mean I've been on the Ryan O'Reilly bandwagon for a long time come back. Activities with Calgary made their ill advised offer sheet when you in Colorado I was kind of beating the drum telling people like Ryan O'Reilly is loses like a number one caliber senator. To just happens that now on buffalo he's number two because Michael is so good and and so I think. Having those two guys to ten acre the offense is great. You know presuming Kyle pose overcome prison. Is healthy again and apparently proposal ought to hum. And you don't Reinhard you have potential there and he's still young. The production been OK so far but from you know he's a young players to hopefully get better if they McCain it is I think the most interesting. Mean before the roster because she had a good year last year scored twenty vehicles. Percentages kind of fell his way for the first time. In a long time and and so. You know wolf wolf we'll see whether or not you know eatery that continues next season nor whether that's. No that makes the right time to treat Evander Kane. I I don't know what the market would bear if you if you usher him out there but you know it. And in teams tend not to do you might say well you know you're supposed to buy low and cell survival the Soviet chance to sell high and Evander Kane coming out of clinical season right but. These holes economic years since he got in trouble Mo exactly it now is that as far as launching get farther away from the problems that that helps but. You know I'd teams tend not to do that you know route and when a guy comes up a really good he's and they think well let's keep going with that and hope this. He keeps keeps producing but in in general like I think there's enough talent you know. They're in their pickup six forward. And adapted in bad weather in my kind of projected roster have been adding familiar but you know but I mentioned Chris -- he's you're new just. Another veteran for the there might slide in somewhere on the home in the top nine but. But for the most part like I think you got some pieces there that you can you can come up with a pretty solid top twelve. There's part one of our conversation malt shop bulldogs conversation with Scot Colin. Earlier today. And WGR and a a lot of stuff has been coming home pretty. Today. Today I would say for the most part about the sabres of course I mean yesterday it was time reared and being talked about. As a candidate for the head coaching job today. Nicky from chuck Gormley actress Selena. It's important to know sources and gotten your sources and chuck Gormley. Reporting that's via reared in a candidate for both Florida and awful the only two jobs in the NHL still open for coaches. And today it was Ralph Kroger whose name opera about any connection in. Marcel beat the sabres having interest in talking with Ralf Krueger after. Ralph Krueger goes to the world cup of hockey and takes team Europe which is pretty much like OK yeah we've got. Would like aren't they cope retiring we've got all these other players to play for these kind of crappy countries to don't relieve do well on the DC Boris got smoked together Mittal smog together and Ralph Krueger it's a team together who. Ed good players and gets the best album gets and second in the world cup of hockey and has gotten. A hot coaching candidates sense that the only season he's coached in the NHL was for the Edmonton Oilers. Indeed a lockout shortened season and that was it. Doubtless that was his his his run in the NHL is a lockout shortened season. So. That the report coming out later from. Pro. Pro soccer talk actually you know they they've got almost proto aux pro football hockey pro basketball. Sure. And but the akin to pro soccer talk that. Kruger had talked to some reporters about the the idea of returning to the NHL and he essentially said he's already turned our own a couple of jobs from the NHL. He he he wouldn't say EU which teams were the ones to. He turned down Vancouver was known to have an interest of Florida is kind of the author. Rumored team and they have had interest in Kruger cells. I would get your hopes up on him needs Southampton football club and sees a chairman and days went through some management restructuring so it seems to me that he might be. When it though with sound here in four quite some time there are 30551. EEE eight. 550 to five it via phone numbers here talk about the sabres and heading into the off season you'd be guarding against her for coach I know someone I've looked at the tax filing. But I I'm sure someone has text in the end. Sheldon Keefe. Because that's that's this guy he won't Sheldon Keefe. And he Ki bosh only keep beeper on the next year 36 year old coach of the tree on my race. You got ideas for coach you you got ideas that we don't offer coach in the call here I'll be I'll be listening to that. Also today Ali Friedman came out with his thirty thoughts and there's some good stuff in there abouts. The future of the sabres and the future of the goaltending here and Jason doctoral. Thinks of rob mine Robby bringing it to you next in the nightcap this is WGR. Buffalo's mayor this. An amazing choice means Jason as a guy that he's worked extremely hard and prepared and he's been ready for this for for quite some time now in reading everything and try to hearing what's been going on there exactly what the doctors ordered the ball well. That is billion Garrett in Billy Guerin on with the investigators last week after the hire of Jason bought trolling now. 80 we are in the mode the playoffs are still on. Our deal with that still still watch these teams go that its Nashville and the time talks about getting started here and of course. The V. Intrigue of this series is going to continue to ramp up its already. Got to the point where it's rhino Hansen and coming on the media saying are off fans. Friends family broke for a guy like Ryan Kesler. Ryan Kesler is it is a player who has been known for a very long time to play. It. I'm the judge who's shall we say talented guy. Tell the guy great second links under. CE's past the other team's top players he gets on down he talks to one he knows his role. For his team. And he is absolutely playing in the hell out of it right now because. Unlike. The U and I don't Suze they've got some pretty decent Duff when you look at their forward lines when you're talking about. Yeah I've got laugh Perry counselor Silverberg Brickell Patrick Eaves who put up a career year so they've got some solid forward partly an. Think these are all all guys there. And it. Nashville. You know not so much there they're pretty top paddy when it comes to forward in the depth of scoring from forwards. Now they've been getting how a lot of defense of scoring. Which certainly hopes that I'll let. Kessler is just nailed it. It he has narrowing Ryan Johansson if it's got to the point. To where Ryan Johansson is coming out. I guess he was asked a question he was asked a question growing prosperity he gave an answer and that's where this all kind of started. Bites. He comes out he says. These things about celery and you know you know counselors and has had at that point because. Johanneson had he should be able to do you still young guys Hansen. He should be able to be like you know. I know that's the game that Costner plays. Some things I think he he takes to the judge sticks to the groin. Butts. It's part of his game in desolate as as the top insider here in Nashville I have to know that I'm going to be targeted by that I constantly. Now it's gonna keep get worse. Because it's gonna be like our counselors likeable to comment on Buick gonna gonna cry after the after the game some more about what I'm and duty on the ice Democrat mommy afterwards. That's what's going to be happening in. I expected just continue to ramp up for the rest of the series. Which you know what god. Don't. Bring that fire that slow things about. The NHL. I think. Golly you know he got. The NBA biamby is easy comparison because. They eat and run concurrent the playoffs are gone right next to each other each of the playoffs are in error in the conference finals at this point. And I'm certainly no role expert and the NBA I think. Especially in the past few years and really for a lot of the MBAs history. Parity isn't something that has baton. Very. Prevalence Indian BS. It's always the top teams and it's never a surprise team it's always the teams that you expect to be moving on. LeBron to whatever team he's on as the team that's going to the finals. For the spurs the lakers. And then got some other teams sprinkled in there when they've had some really good players occasionally think of the Dallas Mavericks in the Boston Celtics recently. If you go back even later than this series between the lakers and the Celtics in the eighty's and ninety's that was the balls. One Mike I'm. It's always the top teams the teams what you expect to win win in the NBA and I think where we're on our path. To seeing that right now in the NBA with the cavs and wizards. Pretty much seemed like the regular season is a formality and these playoffs have been a formality just get to the ending point of OK here we go get a seven game series with the cavs and in the warriors as it was years earlier wars. With the NBA though they do old. Showcase. Story lines almost a debt that is and the storyline. Going offer for a while now. And wit this I think the NHL and probably because there's only so many games on right now and they've only got two series to focus on and they got its own somehow but they've actually focused in on this story line which is something. I think they normally eat what do you go to the front page about HL dot com or at least I did earlier. And the first thing that pops up pictures of Brian counselor and Ryan Hanson. Right next to each other. And happy being number one they do for every game five story lines going into. Game three of the Western Conference finals between the docs in the partners in this time number one story line was in the audience and and Ronnie counselor. So I think they need. This is something they should continue. To to sell. Because it's gonna make. I think more interest in series Omega marching series in the long run if you sell that conflict and you kind of continued to flame to inflame that conflict and you know push that a little bit that's just me. All of the CV. The strong competitiveness come out these athletes are measured before I went to break here. That's. Elliot Friedman he came out with his thirty thoughts today he had a solid amount of stuff. In there about the sabres and about one of the most interesting things and there's a lot there there's there's talk about you know coaching candidates. There's talk. Management candidates for forging a symbolic role and he side. It's the last one the last thoughts that Eliot is on the sabres. Is due to straight up asked Jason doctoral fewest. And here's here's the call. He didn't hesitate I have no problem starting next season with him and gold there are more pressing needs at liked what I saw from him one he won the Calder cup. So songs like. That they're Ben questions I guess moving forward from Tim Murray adjacent actual about the future of Robin one because. Obviously the trade was made. To. Bring in Robin liner for the first round pick and Tim Murray was certainly big item pulled the trigger on that and a lot of people were like. We view we get of this is this big asset to bring Google and the bureau also Murray's never gonna give that's Murray's guy Murray's guys liner V he won't go away but. I thought I'd. I thought latter played great season I know there are specific instances in his save percentage from high danger areas is agreed. But I also put a lot of that's on the defense cleaning up their act in front of one when that happens field lateral have. A better opportunity to make saves I've always been a fan of his fiery persona and well. There are people out there that don't want them from their goaltender they wanna guy backing them to do is calm cool and collected. That's the thing. Bites. I've always liked that about many here talk and he comes out and eat he speaks his mind. When he's talking in the media he's he's a pretty straightforward he's pretty honest guy. And I love that saw a ball is about Obama fan. It really that that fire got to meet one it was last season. And I forget who was but Weiner eat you got the media guys you know he got those crazy guys gone after reporters in house like. I do. I do love. Once stuff like this happens. For Gillick minor an awful lot now it's interesting due to look around the league. Right now too because. There there's been some some movement with goaltenders already. Here's bad movement with goaltenders already had a Carolina Hurricanes guilty. Third topic yet third OPEC yeah I was a third round pick from Carolina to Chicago. For Scott darling who had a great season as a back copy and high save percentage is twenty years old. But he was back. And that and they they go all after making that trade they sign him to a four year deal. For sixteen point six million dollars 84 or four point two average annual sales. And then later. Right before the deceiver Snyder hired doctoral the Dallas Stars who already have carried away and and and anti Niemi on some some pretty large contracts capitalize. They move a fourth round pick for the negotiating rights to bend bishop and then they probably sign him to the six year deal. Have the numbers right in front of me but it's just a wall a five million dollar average annual salary. I think those numbers are going to be important to keep in mind when thinking about Robin liner. He had. A better season done and he eat he just had a better season about to show up and Doug bishop got a six year. Tore me. What ever million dollar contract. I know it there's more. There's more there for best job and he had Abel a larger sample size for bishop punched a six year deal. For around five million dollars is pretty absurd in many have Scott darling who has a career back up. He hasn't even taken on the starters role in the NHL. And he's hit a four year sixteen point six million dollar deal. How is considered going into this offseason looking at Robin latter being like. Okay you give them the people raged deal in an ideal. If you're still not sold on him as your starting goaltender you get him on the media Q a year six million dollar deal. I think that deals off the table. I think it's off the table now with who just taking a walk around the league and see what some of these goaltenders are making. Scott darling four year sixteen point six million dollars in the dude has never. Been a full time starter yet. But he's going to be. He's going to be one next year make an actor in a money. So I think now you're looking at Robin liner and you're looking at probably about a four million dollar cap. At least to us to get this guy locked up for a few years. He's 26 years old he just came off his most consistencies and it's icy percentage drop a full season. And now you're looking around the league in. Its comparison. These guys are close in age I mean this up is. Couple years younger than thirty. Darlings 4826. So well. I always viewed this as being an okay. It'll probably be abridged from partner and I never expected something very long term maybe four years for your deal is maybe something on the table they can keep a mess salary. That was. The adjustable. But I figured if you're signing him to a four year deal probably be a larger salary. Man if he's not here your goaltender your starting goaltender you know I'll be paying a backup goaltender you know four million dollars five million dollars so I was like OK two years. 6000003 million a year. He gets on gets to free agency and then he'll be able to test the market if buffalo wants to move on from him and maybe. Get a bigger deal or awful remarkable blog term at that point in the long term solid and like four years ops because. I don't know it a lot of mid thirties school. So now it'll be interesting to see where those negotiations go with rob my hands. The goaltending situations kind of up in the air because you do have Robin Leinart is a restricted free agent. Nielsen. He is a free agent so he potentially could go elsewhere. Mean it's all marked restricted free agent that. Is may be someone who could get picked up by biggest in the expansion draft. You certainly want a V I say most ass at risk players on the sabres roster to get selected for Las Vegas so. There's that cal Peterson was playing in the world's. He doesn't mean it's decision of whether or not he's got to go back to college and if he makes that decision he's potentially a free agent. So at this point. You're asking yourself where is my goaltender of the future and it's a bunch of question marks there's a ton of question marks of their position right now. So now I've got to be like okay. In my willing to pay Robin liner for years X sixty point six million. It's tough question at this point out dig. Us. Out say yes. And also and one season of consistency but he's still young goalie goalies typically hit their peak at age 2728. And have their best seasons he be getting on it is best seasons in what is compare police statistics seasons from other goalies. But it's tough these these goaltender deals that come on in this offseason just early in this offseason has made it. The decision and Robin liner and kind of contract he's going to be getting this off season. I think a lot more interest in 8030551888. 552 by fifty any comments on Robben liner Jason bar troll and it seems no issue with home. It seems that he's going to be the starting goaltender moving forward which. I think we all expected. But now it's about eight what what's the trek going to be. Billy Wayne. Did you see this this from Philly why now because we're talking about the next on WGR and a very very interesting piece from Ville Leino that he posted on its agreement involves the sabres it's time that the sabres. We'll talk about and next Mike and I it's right gates you know we view here on WGR. The initial thought for ruinous you know you have to work with biggest see what deals you can work with them but at the same time you're you're talking to 29 other teams at the same time and memory cards and as a good thing was as we going to process in Pittsburgh with a couple who were going to protect but we're always trying to look at different teams and sort of figure the puzzle for the postings and I think it's kind of similar to situation here in buffalo which happened expansion draft tomorrow I think myself the stuff could easily put the list together but what players would be possible. Yeah that is the question who is going to be taken hence they appear LeBron was talking about a situation where. Yeah as a team you can. There. Bush can just be a fly on the wall for negotiations. Or some of these trades they're gonna end up happening. Which is okay like I'll be like this player from Minnesota so we want you to take them in and we'll send you. This player taken from costly global leave them open he could take him and we'll send you this like it's going to be. That's going to be a lot of that there's going to be a lot of those. It hush hush. Back Alley like Hayward. It. You scratch your back. Whatever I scratch your back you scratch mine. Type deals going on in Vegas I can't entertaining. Anything is to be foreign real fight the I'm entertaining any crazy trade offer if someone comes out needs as it got this real crazy idea for trade and I'm sick and there and George McPhee and public. Dude I've got call for a game day let's talk let's talk. 830551888550. To 550. I don't imagine one thing before I get to to Ville Leino here. And that's on. The Ontario rain. They play California. You know all about ninety minutes away from the LA kings cell. That quite Portland and I no lose it's now. Yet now that's and Ontario California. I didn't know there was not two all I did it but I just was blinded. By the fact that this this ideal is going to fit and shared about trying to get out there in Nome long number on whatever it happens. Price of Billy Wayne now. If you haven't seen this yet it's been retreated from the WGR count. But TI you posted on its degree of today and apparently. He has. Any. A clothing line I mean. And in our C he's an artist he likes to to make Artie he's been making for very long time. And. There is something called the the Billy being no cart series. That's rights Billy Dana. Spelled just like Ville Leino. Accepted the V in the owls are replaced by well not all the else the beam at the beginning of Billy. And the via the beginning of Billy. And that little Al at the beginning of only you know replaced by b.'s Billy Dana. So he hit barely has a a fashion line and he saw shirts and he puts his own. Design rain on these these shirts. All. Billy Beno cart series jail when he thirteen. What am I a most personal works I was playing my third year in the ball closely with the Buffalo Sabres. What day long and big contract things weren't working out with me in the team. I was getting a lot of pressure and heat and there was no way out of it I felt trapped and down all had to do was get up every morning. Go to work and try to make it work piece hit campaigning reflects those feelings and I was going through and that period of time. The campaigning. Is. If interest and it's got like gay a face and I'm not sure how many. How many fans of the band Weiner out there but that's what it looks like to me VD logo of the band green and got that wean face. It's pretty much that except he drove it and he wrote jail underneath that and there's like that across and money sign on the speedy transfer it over to shirt. I know it's it's really weird in this guy he talks about it being very hard for him in the NHL uses. Thirty year with the sabres a lot of lot of high pressure I mean. Do you make it forty million dollars. Hands. Yet things things aren't going really well for you and I know these guys are competitors and they want to meet deemed passed every time what. The sabres weren't gonna done anyways. You weren't and big part of taint your first thought he had used. You just had to accept your role and you're still being paid by the seekers cell. You you're getting paid one point two million dollars a year by the sabres until 20/20. We. Got to wait and Sheryl. Then got released after twenty point when the sabres are done paying you. You know what. These guys it's. I feel fans would probably say out there you know what you felt like you're in jail while you're at the sabres Ville Leino. I as a fan felt like I was in jail having to watch you put up zero goals. Because that was her fondness. And we had to go you're you're part of the reason the think even happened. Is because you Ville Leino. 4000004. Million a year for a half million a year I Garcia plays that are. And now he's still get paid one point two million a year Andy is also making side money. Or does he actually makes money on this idea. I don't know I'm not that your personally might be funny and like be like you no piece of awful pop culture of bullets. Yes of attacks and hold gladly take the feeling like I'm in jail for four million dollars a year. Would you actually. Go to jail for four point five million dollars a year. Yeah so if you had to go to jail for three years what was made it three years three years you have to go to jail but you get paid four point five million dollars and by the end of your your forget I actually go to jail for. That there's no doubt yeah absolutely no doubt it's all up in jail. A big jail for four point five million Aleks on the comeback. Gonna have more with stock calling his conversation which opened the Bulldog. About so offseason plans but the Buffalo Sabres stick around for that its ranking it's much sorry if you hear a WG year.