06-13 Nightcap with Ryan Gates Hour 1

Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Tuesday, June 13th

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No effect good rhythm with Ryan geeks love who pulled him. For the red shirt politics love the food the guy is cool but clearly don't look for the good kids good good little political. Love Lou Smith did. So please stop. Hello. Hello. Yes. The Mike Zahn I am talking into its. My name is rankings and the NBA finals and HL finals are all over now so you're gonna have to deal with me for two hours a night until the sabres season starts back up. So congratulations everyone out there I know your super excited to spend your summer with yours truly. Engaged in the nightcap daily. It's gonna be good times fun times you're going to be had by all. And I mean right now it's all about expansion BBB we are. In the midst of it and I know final. Not a lot going on right now. It's all too bad now locked on and now bugs. It's like god it's slow built. The slow build and when we reached a climax. Which is gonna come apparently on June 21 because. Freeman has thirty for thirty George McPhee have sad that Vegas is not going to confirm any deals until June 21. So that's. One week for him to today that so evil. It's that's Derek that's that's their right there yeah one week from today. I got us is when her big Donahue herb about these beasts ideals that are happening with Vegas. And it's guy in bull bull we'll have good times over going to be all over that for you here. That night's. That night it's going to be during the NHL awards ceremony in their heads about the. Hence any sort of. I guess. You look at how the league would want to announce this. And why I am wondering. OK it's like the whole awards ceremony you know older gonna wanna keep people tuned into that thing the entire time because of TV ratings. So I don't think it's going to be a just follow here is George McPhee and he's going to an ounce now all the players that he's going to pick. But the Las Vegas roster I mean meet Joseph were thrown out ideas last night if automate this little more interesting. A week we thought about and NCAA tournament style thing rate got a camera in each of the locker rooms around the league with the law. The unprotected players all standing there. And then once the unprotected player. Is selected as sort of like survivor moment where they. They get all in the room they grabbed their biggest and they leave and get out of Boston leave whatever town they're in for Robert. Or Joe's idea was that you have all of the unprotected players there. I think that's what untenable just because. That's a lot of players it's lot of players you're gonna have to have in Vegas I don't think that was gonna work. But off a bachelorette sky ill. You give them hats but like on male Molson will you accept this hat and become a member of the Las Vegas school nights are the biggest golden knights should say. Something like that but now won't happen now like we all know won't happen that way that's how it's gonna happen. I forget what guy they have hosting the NHL awards. It's not crew Gooding junior's cell I don't care. Why it's. They're probably gonna do it something like OK we're going to announce the buzz and a trophy winner. And now here's George McPhee and he's going to announce the goalies that he selecting for a loss for the biggest golden knights. All its. You know would actually be pretty cool about that is if the player like. A couple of the players come up that were drafted to announce the winner of the trophy. Also like you've got a player that's about to be taken in the expansion draft he's on staging now seeing. Some sort of trophy. And that he. Like George McPhee. Breaks and glass in the background and comes up. With the chair and that share is biggest golden knights shared he just opens it up and while supporters sit on it in welcomes them to Las Vegas for the first time. We'll also. The players will know that they've been drafted before the NHL awards ceremony at the before actually other got ball they're gonna know is gonna know first the players off. The players will know sold that would be evil to. You know trying to help out getting those players to Vegas. Yeah yeah that. I would be. Maybe that's the reason the players will know is there will be like wheat we would like to have you in Vegas to Abby. A wide shot of the the original biggest golden knights before half of you get traded to other teams for Assad's. And since after you going to be in this team anyway you might as welcome to the city. How would you know. Get a free trip to Vegas out of it and Honeywell to do that thing out of the NHL awards ceremony and it's not. Not a bad not a bad thing to have there all right so got a few things coming up on the show tonight alert or wait for news on the coaches Jason bought troll. Saying that's. Key is. Hoping to have a coach hired either late this week and I mean. Depending on how you take late this week late this week is coming tomorrow. So word broadly in non Null. I mean they they better be a bunch of guys apparently. Berube and no idea they interviewed the ruby until all the sudden he had a job in Saint Louis is an assistant coach. So they've interviewed guys and even kind of keeping that on the on the DL we keep an eye on the download these interviews that they be conducting. With. Potential coaching candidates so maybe. There's already back in discussions with Rick target or Phil Housley. Todd reared and I would assume there's already been discussions with him. You gotta think that these discussions have been ongoing. With Jason actually coaching candidates but he's also in always go balls up in the sky now. All this stuff is coming so quick he just goes out on the ice celebrating with the team he'd gone with for a decade. As. A scout assistant GM. Ads. One of their main guys there. And now he comes to buffalo and it's it's it's all wide open forum here he comes to buffalo ended. He's got to stick is is going to be doing hard work right away he's on that knows the grindstone right away I mean he's got the expansion draft which. I think is probably the least of his worries because you look at the sabres latest compared to other teams it's it's pretty straightforward. But you've got some decisions maybe between. And as in gear incidents and Larsen and Paulino if you if you want to happen. I mean among decided that you you leave all the the high salary players available and hope that you get in. It's salary taken off your team give yourself a little more flexibility which I think Jason doctoral being a Stanley Stanley Cup salary cap guru. What what really enjoyed. And none. You've got. The draft draft. Two days after the expansion draft. So he's got to get with all the Scots he's got to figure out his game plan and it. They going to attempt to put the first round pick in get some help on defense immediately these are all things that Jason bottles have been having to deal with. While simultaneously. Having the team is bandwidth for a decade when the Stanley Cup. So that's a nice pinnacle forum a nice parting gift. Maybe a motivational gift forum to get to buffalo and all adds general manager of his team to be like you know what. I'm I'm pumped up maybe. Ready to go here. Now there's some extra intrigue actually with the we just hallmark signs that two year deal yes ten year deal all you've got people asking now. Are they are they gonna suddenly go ahead and flip the switch and protect all market and try to see if Vegas has our eyes set on Marc-Andre Fleury and on T romped up. Well my thoughts on that maybe maybe that's right because there has banned the buzz around Marc-Andre flurry we've been discussing that pretty consistently. And he he waived his no movement clause. Reportedly only for Vegas. So well there's about these connections with query biggest going back to last week nick can pre else. The first one report goes we've been hearing about Conte rot ties while wage. If you think that Vegas is going to take while those two guys. Maybe you do protect all mark who's more of me be the age I'll starter for Vegas to begin with and the guy that they could grow and and you you would think that maybe they don't take that shot and water. That is it's pretty interesting to think about it that way they they extended all mark you know it's. Let's tiny deal 750000. A year forum. So if knowledge is breaking the bank. And that he he he could very well beyond Vegas as radar if you take a look up and down that. That roster that is available from the sabres I mean. Some of the the the -- guys are going to be available if you're looking forwards are mammals and Tyler Ennis and nick to laureate. Our defense that's Zach Bogosian Josh Georgia's. Justin fault. It may be will carrying but I think there I think I can protect I think he can't act like that's a that's that's the media and that's probably the only other intriguing name for the sabres so yeah this goalie situation could suddenly. Draw some intrigue. Yeah and I think that's a that's a pretty decent point I think Paul has made this point in the past two words. If you don't believe that Vegas at CB solid interest in miner being there are starting goaltender because that's what he would. Get taken off the roster to be on Las Vegas views liners like okay he's available Varity. Fetched a first round pick from the guy who drafted com. Maybe he's a guy back in touch and other high price again on the open market. That's a possibility bought. You would think they would want to. Habit to where they have you know starting goaltender a solid back up odd guy in the HL that is going to be developed and all mark fits that profile. He's now under contracts. I really considered all mark being the guy that would be protected over liner just out of the fact that. You would think long you'd really want Weiner to be here. For at least the short term. Because he's only legit starting goaltender. On the roster as of right now you've got all mark who's going through his progression. No word on Peterson. I don't know how many days we are into. Bob Peterson saga but there's there's no word on Peter send. And all of a sudden if you're if you're swapped with all mark and utters Nielsen being kind of your property you have is negotiating rights. All of a sudden you're not a pretty tough spot that's the only reason I would think you would still end up protecting liner. Overall markets to have bats at least probe into bona fide starter T you may not be convinced that he's the long term solution. But he is at least a guy that you know he can rely on in the short term yet you take that risk and then suddenly Rodham owners Don what you said under his Nielsen willingness Omar you might as well kiss the season goodbye. That there's some people like I don't have the tweet right front of me but I did see. It was to the GR account. That's. Someone. I was trying to find it all on the same side and then maybe give them credit later on. But Bayside in their dreams. Or weirdest Trevor G at TG. Art. 84. Love this in my dreams they trade liner and start Neilson all marked the end of next year hash tags sabres. Now. Me personally. That's not my injury. That is not my dream I'm not saying that Robin Lehner is necessarily my dream but I just think latter makes sense because you you got in here. And it's. He had a good season last year I know there's more to be desired but I think if you. And up would be a better defensive corps in front of him. That he also looks better. And goal is to have problems in the high danger areas as it's called. You can go into the deeper analytics of Rob Reiner any of these goaltenders. And they have. And Arnold decides this you know it's the stack guys out there I guess who decided maybe it's. I don't know who decides if there's low percentage shots like median percentage shots in high percentage shots and the danger zones. And high danger zone Robin minor. He didn't fare so well you gotta think meet there was there was rebounds and could be helped out with with battered funds but it puck out of there more efficiently. All of a sudden those shots don't come in Robbie miners were forced to make saves and that's his job. That's that's what I think ebitda improved defense core in there. And Robin Lehner starts looking better as well it'll 30551888. By fifty to 550. I've been all over the expansion draft. I find it fascinating. And I'm kind of getting a little. I want to fight out impatient is the word that like to use. Because of the the lack of movement. I mean the biggest moves we've seen in the past few days is. We got. Marc-Andre flurries ladies no no movement clause we've got the infant off saying that he's not going to remove his. No movement clause we've got this acronym although being told is unqualified for hockey job. We've got its. An alleged deal between the Anaheim Ducks in the biggest golden knights so that's. The docs are too worried about protecting Kevin B aqsa and having Josh Manson or semi blind then take it from their squad. And we got Matt Greene he's being bought out by LA. Green. And macarena lets Mac Greene Matt Greene and Alan. Mac greens and LA and he was making he was scheduled to make 2.5 million dollars this year that excellent plot he's not going to be making that. At least in in just one year it's gonna be extended over two years he's now going to make one point 2.5 million dollars so that's that's the news that we've got so far. And we we've heard on this radio station I mean Stephen Lionel. Earlier today I think he used the word Walker's. I think your LeBron came on the station inside. Potentially saw I do my toss for a potentially America's important word the busiest. Transactional period in the 100 year history of the NHL. Not to say here. Honestly can't. Bustle let's get to an already. There's no reason to wait but somebody hit somebody. Yeah I had somebody else now there's no reason to wait but I guess with all of the deals that Vegas is going to be making. That's going to waits until the day. Of see expansion draft lecture those details are gonna start leaking how. Through agents through teams. In that period of there's no trans actions besides. Vegas. Maybe in that period all sudden I'll start leaking out little bits ball were kind of sit on our hands here just waiting for. There to be some some movement going on around week. All right so we we do have some coach talk coming up Steven Y know who. Also is going to be on the show this Thursday and by this show I mean. Shot of the bulldogs going to be crucial in the Bulldog F four he's going to be talking more specifically expansion and a today. He talked about talk reared in associate coach of the Washington Capitals he has been interviewed by the sabres. He's not a guy that his back and while received in circles and has had you had coaching interviews and has obviously interviewed savers. Regular little insider insight. I got that covered the Washington Capitals Stephen Arnold BHP you'll hear from him as the joint power this morning talking time reared and later on Pete Weber. Pete Weber fresh off his. Six game stand in the Stanley Cup final the national predators calling those games. He came on and he joined Howard today talked about bill house Leon's experience the cup I'm excited to hear. From Pete Weber about all of that and that at 830 today we're gonna have prank calls you on. Prize to join me we're gonna talk sabres expansion had coach and we're also gonna sprinkle rim assault pay a little. Just a little bit of US open in there because the open is coming up this week giants. And I know all we're gonna do little primer Schobel the Bulldog and Brian have earned their bad that they do so we're I get a little primer. For that coming up it'll 30551888552. Piped in via phone numbers year if you got any thoughts on. The sabres have expansion what you expect out of expansion. Pay you could come on the shell collegial and if you want. Well what would you do if you're in Vegas issues. And how would you craft that team or what would you do to put yourself in the best position to be successful not only in the short term but in the long term. There's a lot of things going on Mike he'll sleep sex and things from New England which should make bills fans very happy. That's all coming up tonight cap room to hear from Stephen why no next segment on time Todd Riordan excuse me. That's coming up on the nightcap this WG air. They've they get to buffalo if you look at. I would expect there of course after three so. If you look at the defense vulnerable tiger program for deaf to leave buffalo with the team that it'll probably. Could help solve expenditure problems. Spurred other team it'll be interesting if they've they've retreated with the other club prior to these extra. That was Gary lawless. Golden knights insider on which opened a Bulldog yesterday we've got you you've got you covered. For the expansion draft lots of expansion draft gas coming up on show the Bulldog tomorrow it's going to be met art gain of the hockey news. As Donnie preview for every single team but he expects them to do for. You're also gonna hear coming up in probably about. 8 PM ourselves talking about we know them apart steam while an. I am losing my mind Stephen why don't you gonna hear from him. In in a few minutes talking about Tom Riordan also gonna hear from him 4 PM Thursday. Talk pretty much all about expansion. And then Friday. Jason Perot pro hockey talk. We're all expansion here we're all expansion here and we're gonna be covering this. A lot. Please I will be. And as per usual I have no idea what's going on on the morning show. So. Howard Jimmy talks style law. Apply everywhere know what's going on on the morning show tomorrow. It'll be great have fun threat had to Steven wanna know here Stephen whine all he joined powered this morning. No I would've told you about that last night if I'd known about T join Howard this morning. And they're talking about top reared and he was the associate coach the capitals but a guy that's and I had coaching radar for a little while so let's get a little more info on a guy that's interviewed the sabres dot Riordan. I want it beyond Steven guy that wanted to talk about Todd Riordan and I found a story you wrote about a little over a year ago. About Riordan as you know the guy waiting for that coaching opportunity he's in the mix with the sabres what can you tell us about Todd Riordan the associate coach of the capital's. People have been his mentor. Iron and played under at the bit with the best that you can repeat that he did this communique. Please stranded at he can't do the best bet could the that was I. That didn't Edberg. You'd got AA acting millionaire. That's been maligned and it. According to pick up my I'm David I don't prolonged I would want that. I think he'd been ready for years now you're just a matter of kind of equal quoted Ronald EUS aid and batted Vigeland all of them last year in Calgary surged. I'd I'd lose it every DL oriented. Inherit the body is. And any there's nothing that he got as he did you think a little bit but there's eight at that under. How much as you look at the success the caps have had Stephen how much. Has Riordan been a part of that success with his role on the bench. I don't question that they're the most. Credit he wore it quality young and they act. Out. A few years ago coming up the patriot I mean it didn't I'd stop airing the bad news about your take on. Yeah she did well and I'm even healthy scratch your big airing their acting out op board and the other art department that in aggregate. I have I think that's what he deserves a lot and we certainly I get in it but maybe you better have a career after it was not we'll be fine. I guess he didn't back it up well in the Atlantic partner in the dark about it and also in terms of preparation. And hit one hour and I think I'll go out there that are either. But this did web page does it collided in each night to add it to edit looking at allied I've written as you'd. It got lucky I yeah. That's how I calmed down a bit more important I think what if anything else. And help the guys they figure out what does this make Elliott. I don't eat out of college and looking into that sort out all you need it and get her to play I got it back. I want to ask you mentioned the thing about communicating because in you spoke to a there were released there were quotes from not only catch players but penguins players ribs time in Pittsburgh. The sabres had a serious communication breakdown inside the locker room this season. What did you learn from those guys in terms of the communicators skills or that ability that top Riordan has in his role. The Wiki content is is he might be hot you don't find any way at all. And debit took out out. Yet everybody in the player. You're an aggregate. In god and that and that apple. Everything bad I didn't need not quite the figure out the question is going to be I had my love that aren't and it didn't. What would this person real coaching mentor and Richard so who wouldn't want it. Bet you know I can't imagine that little bit about it. Then Bennett nobody thought it. What do you want our support I got that player and he'd get better players. I'm glad that I'm Richard. I find that don't adopt but he cat that bad. I need you can bet we got to deliver at age eighty do it to others. Maybe this guy about that he did work under him it didn't work out very Obama won't let him out. But you look at the other alleged that they can borrow. And then ratio at the end of the world that did them. I'm the guy that he called those players to play well I'd joke and John Heinz and also and now I. Under the guidance that. Figured it did OK because you communicate and you don't know yet there are big time. Steve one last thing or let you go it's more NHL stuff that's next week or two. How crazy do you think it's going to be with movement around the league player movement. It's. Gonna be bunkers added. Gordon had when another. He admitted Saturday and early on Sunday and got all these negative equity on all the old. Agreed to let somebody every dot that might somebody else and they. Oh and eat it go let it all we really don't want this guy could they get what they got caught. I need they beat. This week but what would edit it at that it can move players around about happen. Maybe it's been maybe looking. Bob Bob Bob Bob keyboard that is not a deliberate act although it'll be if you see how they haven't rallied outside of that it bit. And then they get out the door and she didn't look sort of game that we want to put out. Extort. What George McPhee is able to extort. From teams that's to help way to put it. Extortion McKay. Really take this guy unless you give us a first for OPEC. We are going to take Simi man in the last you give us a first round pick that's extortion. Is. Book definition of extortion. I like it I think it's it's pretty maniacal way to deal with these teams that he tried its assets out of because. There are a bad spot with this expansion rule yeah us. So that was Stephen why no we're gonna hear more of his thoughts on expansion and you heard and what his thoughts on the reared in there. And reared it is a guy you you heard from him he deserves credit for the defense he made me Matt Niskanen. Three to four guy and turned him into a number one. I mean that's pretty attractive if your receivers and a guy that made defense better I think that's mostly what they're going to be be looking at. Especially with Housley available pocket isn't that guy he's forwards guy because he. Played port. And it's. Yeah so you got to know a guy in the mix here. Where it's he's known for helping with the five and he was kind of in charge of the defense held proudly tell sultan or a guy like that. Haven't heard too much more about his name. And he might be among those in that list of people movement holds they're not going to be getting the job Mickey from. A little last week reveal little before. But. Another interesting thing that I think. What biggest could potentially do so. We've been talking a lot and for the most part what I think is going to end up happening is they're just gonna be a lot of these deals of Vegas where teams. Give him an asset. In order to do was steer them to acquire steer them away from a player whether that NASA be a peck. A prospect. That's pretty much the way I see and up golly I think Vegas looks more towards the future in building their team. And not that immediate success I know old George McPhee when he spoke here in buffalo you know he says he's looked for that bail outs. At a fund in his shoes I am looking. To just load up on draft picks for this draft for next year's draft for high end prospects. That's what I'm looking to load upon. And there's other ways that you can go about and I think this is one interesting way they could potentially go about this if you are. George McPhee. And I'm not sure theirs upper limits on the amount of players. That you you are allowed to take I know there are. Minimums that you you must take I think gets now have the numbers right front amoeba I think it's thirteen forwards nine defensemen in three goaltenders. Is why. Nick fee must take. Yeah certain the minimums at each position the minimums at each position you know what I'm doing if I'm George McPhee. I'm gay and my minimum number of forwards. Thirteen and get in my minimum number. Of goalies three. So that's. Yeah thirteen post calorie that's sixteen right. Solid math that's sixteen seldom have got thirty other teams and that leaves me with fourteen more pics taken off announcement. And taken the top defenseman from every single one of these teams. I'd try to sling backs are going in the maybe national shirt and it'll do depending on what's there depending I know what you see but say Malcolm Sudan. Malcolm suing Casey is guy. You cure developmental goalie guy you can put me show is that the play right away. But the reason I'm grabbing fourteen fans who it is we've heard so many times from different people. From these insiders. From Jason natural that's. All these teams are looking for. Top four top six defenseman. So I'm Vegas I'm grabbing as many of those guys as possible. And auction is on BB. I am auctioning off every single one of these players. So if you do get. Instead of making that deal where if Anaheim where you accept any. For hypothetical seek their first OPEC. For not taking Sammy and in our Josh me it's like no. I'm gonna take Sammy batten and and then instead of only getting a first round pick I'm an auction them off and I'm gonna get a first round pick a prospect in a forward. Just keep the he's young enough yeah I mean you could keep them. But where's the fun and that. But where is the funny and just keeping these guys having a Sammy batten and it's pretty fun. Die enough enough no it's more fun first round picks me buyer sells out and move men around the league but it first round picks could be boss. Nick could be Boston event and has been established as not a bust right but we can. Don't be that guy though well what do they call you deranged Derek and the please don't make and deranged Derek sure. But now that's what I would I would think about doing that. And there's going to be a lot of depending on all of these ideals which it's it's gonna be difficult to. Keep track of all of. So ideals that are happening because you look at a team all week. The teams that we enlisting the entire time meat and maybe just the teams that I've been listing the entire time and Anaheim and Minnesota. Nashville we've been. These teams that have a surplus. And they are going to be willing to pay a price to keep that court gathered to keep their players on their team. Which could be the case. And then you start trying to find those other players you can still find value out of maybe it's it's a prospect maybe it's a lower and guy. Maybe it's a high price Winger. But all of a sudden you end up with. This team that. Has a bunch of players that may be higher salary. That you you've got received an asset for then all of a sudden you're looking more towards the 456. Year plan. That's what I would be going for a time in George McPhee issues. And of course you have to say you're gonna be looking for success immediately because you're in Vegas. There's going to and BC. A swell of attention because they're the first professional team there they're gonna have two seasons. Where they're going to be the only professional sports team there until the biggest raiders come and so you got to take advantage of that ball that's going on. They take advantage of that momentum and creates fan base or you're gonna wanna at least the it's kind of successful. We don't wanna just gulp all while where you're gonna be a bottom feeder. You you're still gonna get a lottery pick. You still like multiple lottery picks obviously depending on what these teams are are willing to do. To give up. Or are. Have you stay away from certain guys depending on what their price as you might have multiple lottery picks. I'm looking at AB three to five year plan if I'm in Vegas. Where it's in three years. We're going to have we're gonna. It's like the sabres a few years ago during those takes years. Before they had parts Emery came Clinton. Reeled in the old and brought and Evander Kane abroad and Ryan all right we we are thinking. Waves of prospects as Bulldog club called it. Weighed the prospects guys that just keep coming keep coming keep comment. That's what I'm thinking if I'm Vegas need to do the same thing that the sabres ended up doing what's your deposition and you have all these guys. You can all of a sudden start offering. These prospects in eighty some future picks for more established NHL stars. And gun battle end up being. What happens a few years down the road. But that's what I would end up doing I'm looking at a three to five year plan if I am the biggest golden knights I'm not looking at the immediate success I'm looking at the long term. More. I guess low. Bill I'm about slow but let's I was a big fan the sabres take if you if you don't now I'm a big fan of the slow build so that slope though there. Yeah I mean slope I'm not a fan of the process of the slow build after you. But it. The expansion team that's also not something that is unexpected. Yeah I mean you look at the Atlanta Thrashers what they did when they first came into the league it won nineteen games they also attracted to one. Players that. In the last fifteen or sixteen years as the number one overall pick. And Patrick stuff on that really didn't measure up to it now ya pop side obviously he's making that case as well. So one of the two element to capture that have been boss as first overall tax that the the biggest boss piece but it's. Yeah you look at the thrashers that success isn't going to be immediately. There probably. So well how would I would definitely be looking at today a longer term plan in a 30551888. By fifty to 550 or your strategy be if year fear in Vegas if you're George McPhee play George McPhee it's fun about doing it for months. And I've got like a bunch of different strategies and I've gone through but that that strategy where I think that. You know maybe. You draft a couple extra so instead of fourteen defensemen once you draft. Twelve defenseman. And he got another extra forward another extra goaltender or two extra forwards whichever way you want to do it. But I I think you should load up on the defenseman because balls are going to be. The highest price pieces that you could spin off after the draft a renegades that stare cream or behind the board don't hold job by the way. This and I kept considered to be ger. Who is one but he's admitted Saturday and early on Sunday I think that we're going. They get back and I'll I'll be the ultimate keen focus though it. That's what we really don't want this guy if they didn't he move players around it down pat to maybe that's been made them seem glad Bob Bob Bob Bob actually board did not elaborate at all. All right that's Stephen Lionel again talking about. The expansion draft. Bonkers she did use the word bonkers when all self Mike was talking about the fact that he had a bird you know in his house today. 01 who literally just try to fly into the studio hammered the window made a nice and always. Can't confirm he got up and flew away but I believe the bird is okay. But he did try to fly into this this studio. And if he had. On olive got him out somehow I guess would you have succeeded the same way that there Mike did today. IAE dot Oakley delicately got a birdie too bad and released into the wilds. I'm not be so delicate. And Maya. Extraction of the bird. Right so. The bills. You know they aired their team in buffalo do it and there is no expansion surrounding them. So there a lot less interesting right now but. With that side. They did open a mandatory minicamp. It's no longer voluntary. You know almost beat up football practice. And if you're not I don't know what consequences are probably some find her something like that. Home I'll believe the bills had any of those problems but some of the things that champions adds. Mini camp practice today. Sammy Watkins for the first time in this offseason he you participated with the team. Took some teams rails and immediately. You heard sell pot Chicago on earlier the guys. He only needed a few wraps. With the deal Lebanon eleven's. So he was limited LeSean McCoy was out with a stomach virus which. Propelled. I guess it's the idea of raided Jonathan Williams to the number one spot he was running with the ones today according line. Also allowed teams a week to week with a vehicle injury but he was in a walking boot on the side bind. And he should look for him to be ready for training camp and maybe even a couple weeks. Into training camp before he really gets back. Out there for the bills die and offer first team hers on the bills' offensive line at left tackle you had a rookie Deon Dawkins at right tackle. The starter from last year Jordan mills also. Chantal Henderson back in pads today he missed several days last week. With with assessed. It's another note see you can catch all of these on our website WGR 550 dot com is there other notes that Sal noted in practice Tyrrell worth the starting snaps in place of Kyle Williams the starting linebackers were in the rental Alexander Ramon Humber and Preston brown. So while C I'm sure through routes. I mean there's only couple. Mini camp practices so there might not be a ton of change for those but. What's training camp comes around out expect you would see a rotation of guys in all of those positions. With Brad wouldn't brown bought. Trying all the outside linebacker position Hodges is there as well I would expect him. To take a shot out there so I think there's going to be different combinations used throughout. The whole offseason like come the linebacker position there. Ends a few guys noted it and mark load Zach. Of bills digest the he said that check gloss and had a very impressive day. They're back in action tomorrow. Back in action tomorrow for more mandatory minicamp these guys must be a practice now no more skipping practice. He got to be there. Or is gonna cost some money. So that's the part of the offseason were also Jeremy Maclin. Maximum he can make with this contract. Fourteen million dollars. Solve. Yeah it's only six million in guaranteed money obviously an incentive we can deal that sell contracts in the NFL where these days anyways. But I would have to think that. The bells may not have and willing to match that kind of price tag. The ravens that often angling with their cap they asked Benjamin Watson take a pay cut he did that so it opened up some more cap space. For Eric Decker pecker. Jeremy Maclin excuse me. To join their team. Eric records and there's really no news surrounding him the outside today was the first day that he was on the transaction wire. So he's now able to talk with teams meet with teams and really the only thing that's common now is that the Broncos don't really have any interest in him. But who knows that means smokescreen because we were told by Doug Peterson of the Eagles that they didn't have any interest in Jeremy Maclin and then we were told that in fact. There was some interest there so who knows who knows these sports teams not always honest with us. That's why people like me. In other people at this radio station we try to read between the lines for yeah I'm sure you guys doing out there because. And I'm always you know straight up with us so gaga got a little vegan. Doug ruled that sometimes it up 30551888550. To 530 phone numbers here if you wanna. Jump on with anything. You lot talk about Marcel Darius at Marshall areas down Marshall there you stay down at taco Cole field. Gave donation. Buffalo by isn't foundation. Helps the boys and girls clubs around the Western New York throw out the first pitch Sidney Crosby throwing out the first pitch at the Pittsburgh Pirates game. Apparently threw a strike of course he does he's perfect apparently. So. It's not my opinion it's. Canada's opinion. When we come back we're gonna hear from. Pete barber. He used broadcast pipe schemes. So as my Segway. WGR.