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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Tuesday, June 13th

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No effect good rhythm with Ryan geeks love who pulled him. For the red shirt politics love the food the good news Fuld could clearly don't look good good good good good good little political. And flow of food looked good so please stop. Oakland W. All right hour two of the nightcap. Coming up to either gonna be a lot of power to news of the nightcap furthered the rest of the summer so get excited get pumped on AM I'll be here will be seeing now. You ever get caught. Watching useless videos and answer them for you because I already know the answers yeah us. We all do it were on FaceBook or Twitter begin to YouTube Paula we end up watching. Useless videos. I just watched I think the all time most useless video that I've ever watched. It was. In elbows. Those things on FaceBook Derek its shows you how to make delicious food in thirty seconds that. You know you're never actually going to make you like watching those videos because they're. So this is more useless than. Hearing in Nintendo GameCube sound for a billions often. This pretty useless is pretty useless I watched they got those foods things they make the food real quick. You idiocy that you watch it you're like while that looks really god I'm never going to make it the least that's the way that I. In just these videos while this video came from one of those one of those things on FaceBook and those many food. Blue dogs. That create these short 32 videos of the food the delicious food. And this video was how to turn a carrot into a recorder. I saw that same video and in Washington it's tied him down there making courtroom care I'm done here. While I watch the entire thing. And much like those food videos I'm never going to turn it carried into a recorder but it's just. Not all wasted ninety seconds. Not to pull a Howard Simon here but I would never have a care house. I wouldn't have cared and who need a big carrot to make a recorder I'm not gonna eat these blogs Barney's eyes what's up doc carrots. Anything I'm gonna have some baby care it's laying around in the little damp but I'm not gonna have a full sized carrot at the very least you have to care. Planet eating carried on planned drilling holes and yet they were literally drilling holes into this carrot that's how they did it so we don't have a drill it home in your planning on making it clear recorder. You're out of luck. Your out of luck all right law. We're gonna get away from the nonsense and get to disarm somebody that makes a lot of sense and I think that's Phil Housley as coach for the Buffalo Sabres. He's the one with the most buzz around him I got a text message asking me involves anyway concerned about the the sabres. And shouldn't not having a coach at the the only team in the league without a coach. I just think that bottles taking his time. With the decision I think they'll work. Two candidates are teams that you really want to talk to you and Rick pocketed Phil Housley. So I'm not really too concerned about it's it seems like both these guys are very qualified for head coaching position. And there's other guys out there that are still qualify for head coaching positions. I mean a thing it's gonna happen but if you want them fail Lindy Ruff is still out there he is qualified coach. But the room it's not gonna happen. That's not gonna happen there have been rumors dollar and Lindy Ruff. Potentially. Joining the New York Rangers organization was coached it's a job to keep an ion with with rough watch. When that he reared rough working for Drury after surgery played under rough. And that something's gonna go right. The link all the sudden Bill Guerin is. Assistant GM. When he was playing under ten miles an. It just happens so quickly things happen these days. Irony here from Pete barber here Pete barber he joined Howard Simon this morning. He is the radio voice of the national predators they start by talking about the experience of just being able to call the Stanley Cup finals indeed. The crazy building that national was and then a lot of talk about Phil Housley and his. His. What Steve the characteristics. His qualifications. To be a head coach here's Pete Weber what are Simon. Thanks for coming on always a pleasure to have you on its nice to hear from and boy I wanna get the Phil Housley but Pete you've been around. Sports for for a long time I don't mean that as a comment about your age. I mean to put it perspective. What the last couple of months have been like for you to experience in national. An absolute dream and even though you know we lost the Stanley Cup final in game six it never was a nightmare. It was a super experience I was glad I was kind of prep Warrick. By my old Los Angeles Kings partner Bob Miller knew he'd realized how long it'd been for me so when the kings went to the final. In that 2012. And he invited me out to Los Angeles I stayed with him and his family and went through at least games one game to. Of that Stanley Cup final. In a similar situation in many ways you know nobody ever thought pickings would get there. That they have blown it you know what Marty McSorley is illegal stick. In the nineties who invites Montreal Montreal yeah. And so he wanted to meet enjoy that a man. He's constantly checking in with me on this little run because that 2012 gangs and if you of the 27 team predators very similar entering as eight Z to the Western Conference. Pete I wanted to get John because I think you would provide a unique perspective on Phil Housley whose name is in the mix up here at the coaching job because you know. Intimately what he's done in Nashville was his role on that team with two coaches and of course you know Phil Housley the Saber. So ill buy if I asked you. They look kind of a head coach why do you think they'll housing could be the right fit or the right head coach for the sabres what would you say. There are many ways I think aside from what he's done as a coach at the NHL level. The most difficult thing he had to face was going in his head coach at Stillwater high school in Minnesota with a horribly losing program. And people happy with the way things have been run. He had to change things in you know that's not easy. Dealing with parents and so on who like the way things were going for their kids. He had to change that culture he did he was noticed. By hockey USA. And then brought on to coach the world juniors who won a gold medal over in Russia. With young defensemen by the name of Seth Jones who ended up coming to national. Simultaneous with bill. And I think that what he did with that world junior team probably helped him more than anything else in terms of NHL awareness. And then who have survived the coaching change here for Barry dropped to Peter Laviolette you know bowl. Highly successful here Peter Laviolette taking the predators further than they ever had gone before and to see what bill has done now when I grant you. There's a lot of talent on that blue line for the predator you know but I think he has helped them. With what he has known and I got to tell you I'm not so sure. I know all that bill is 53 years of age it's hard for me to believe having seen him come to buffalo and eighteen Euro. But that he has been through so much in the National Hockey League wars that he has helped them. As of Casey Stengel used to say learned from his experience. I was Q Pete Weber would dishonor AT&T hotline predators play by play voice I'm I'm glad you brought that up Pete because that's one thing I was thinking about when it comes to. The that the next coach of the sabres or an assistant coach hears someone has to help grow this defense group and that's why I I was gonna askew. When you look at the top four guys in Nashville. Mean do you credit does bill housing deserve credit or do you look at it go just about anybody can coach a group like that because they're so talented. Well you have to get guys see you brilliance and talent that you have to get them ready to play the game at this level. I don't think that he has jackal was going anywhere until Phil Housley got a hold on them and now at Coleman's too bad are really the shut down defense spare. For this team at least they were during the playoffs because of maybe. So health issues but he brought him along he was able they help with the transition which was critical. This year for the predators Jay Webber goes repeat case who bad beat case who've been slotted in between is that call. But that's them broke up what have been pretty successful dual over the last previous few years. And that was the Tia circle when Ryan Ellis. So what does he do what Ryan Ellis is able lute move him in with Roman DOC. It was almost seamless I mean at least after we got through October November. And I think give people understand how difficult that can be so we'll hopefully I think is got to be considered a very strong candidate. I know Rick rocket will be considered strong to a nothing else because of his association over the last over Beers with with Jason buckle but that's just the way it's. I think Phil Housley have to be strongly considered. To when you're around this team as much as you are what do you see in terms of how as Lee's relationship with the players he played the game he knows the game. He's coached dead. At various age levels he's coached internationally what about his one on one relationship building with players that as far as UC. He's very calm with them and now that's the usual role and NHL assistant. And they will come to him for advice. And I think that's the most important thing they feel comfortable. Doing that they know he's a hall of Famer. They know how much he accomplished in his career and I think vacancy to. When they see him on the ice in practice. He looks like he could still play and that's. That's scary right yeah and and maybe could've this played a little bit longer and ended up by having as many games played. As Chris Chelios didn't quite come off that way but I say that you know almost 15100 games is a pretty good career. We're with Pete Weber urinary teach you how like you know Pete what are your thoughts and his 24 let you go one of the other things one of the things I think. Is attractive about Housley. Not to make this team all about Michael but let's face it he's the franchise he's the he's the top piece going forward. And I was thinking that. You know in terms of helping Jack cycle. I think he's got growing up to do and I think he's got to learn how to handle the pressures. Of what's going on here in buffalo and made a left to learn how to you know where the sea at some point be a leader for this team and I think if you look like Housley and Pete you mentioned you sought. He was under pressure as an eighteen year old coming in here that maybe he can help Michael in his development and maturity process. Yeah as of us think about too when Phil Kim is an eighteen year old. Not many were doing it certainly not formula you know schools yup and that is I think the most amazing thing that people have to consider. Village his career and what he was able to accomplish there yeah I I think he could play a huge role that and you know I'll never forget. Howard you know I was doing. Bison baseball in Denver when the word came down the strait of Phil Housley. To Winnipeg. Envoy in my one word what are they thinking about there yeah and then of course. Bill sort of became if you will the blasting cap for Teemu salami 76 schools these. I believe he had horses and tamed cool thing here than anybody else. Right there is Pete Weber talking about is the experience Nashville in a lot about Phil Housley in its. I don't think there's really anything out there to confirm this it's just if you lean. Then again it's one when talking at the hands that this is the guy that most fans want eight saw a poll Twitter Paul and Phil Housley Lewis. Heavily favored in that quarter pole to. I believe that fans want this guy in here. Everything you hear about this guy it it sounds like he's a great candidate he talks about pushing the pace. Off from the defense. Gave the defense involved. In the off switch as we saw with the sabres this year. When your defense can't really contribute offensively creates a lot of problems press mistress to whiten was re able to contribute offensively. But beyond that there was. Not a time of contributions from the Blue Line and I'm Mike. Pass to be the focus of how to get this team turned around. So you want to turn around it seems like Phil Housley is a great candidate he's going to be well respected. In the locker room by eight. The players at a guy who is the hall femur as a guy who has had coached a world juniors gold medal team. He's he's been around and he's helped develop players which I think is it's hugely important with what's going on here in buffalo. Our Brian colosio he's going to be joining me in about ten minutes or so about ten minutes or so he goes he'll going to be joining program we're gonna talk. All about the sabres talked about Phil Housley gonna talk about its. Robin Lehner maybe we're gonna talk about the US so little bit as well but a few quick things. Involve being via NBA first. A great story coming out and Sports Illustrated talking about. The finals and it goes all the way back to last year's finals. Golden State Warriors when it last night. Kevin Durant who laughed Oklahoma City. And BP and BP of the series. He gets his trophy. And it's all like that team is going to remain intact for for quite awhile. And its interest in the milk echoing back to last year. The Durant to. Golden State was already. A thing that was being developed. To Raymond green. Texted your rant the night of game seven of last year's finals. And pretty much side DelHomme. You're the pace missing piece that we need. We can't do this without you. And the way that they thought about it was LeBron. He did have to. Really play high intensity defense when he was covering Harrison parts. And my Kevin Durant came into the mix all of a sudden. He asked you start exerting himself on the defensive end and it creates. A player that is less effective leader in the game and that's what we saw in this series. So it's just interesting that. This saga the way that all went down goes all the way back to you last year. Raymond green was talking about how he had and recruiting to rent the route. The entire time throughout the playoffs. Think this team that just went 73 in the greatest. Regular season performance in basketball history and they are still trying to recruit Kevin Durant done. Which is crazy to me. And then that was kind of the the cherry on top of it. That being like OK we had this great year we bring it to the playoffs we get up 321 in the finals and we can't complete the look look at this. The what we have here look at what we can be for the ball long term picture. If you come and join us here in Golden State in Oakland that we could be a team that. Makes history year after year they almost it is here with a sixteen you know post season but he Cramer agreed texting Kevin Durant. The night of game seven last year and it's he said the reason he accidentally because. He said he wasn't really sure that he wanted to do it was because he felt bad. If he had reached out to land right after game seven loss to show how serious he wants about to rent joining the warriors. Ends up happening torrential team. They meek or Ron may when the final and here we are here we are looking at a potential. Long term team that could win a lot of championships. Maybe not every year. Maybe not quite got a ninety's balls run but a team that's going to probably be in the finals consistently. Sport for years to come. On the other thing I normally don't get I don't get too political on the show. And not this sit here and not gonna tell you about the Jeff Sessions hearings today. But it's something else Dennis rod. That's right. NBA hall of Famer Dennis Rodman. Unofficial ambassador to North Korea he's back in North Korea. He's heading to North Korea or is currently in North Korea. Because of his sponsor his sponsor is pock point dot com. Yes Pollack point dot com is a sponsor's sponsored as tripled in North Korea. So Dennis Rodman he puts on his Twitter had backed North Korea I think you pot going back up response and remission I'll discuss when I return. That's nineteen hours a goal according to Twitter. So lead I don't know how long it takes to get to North Korea. But in nineteen hours ago on Twitter Dennis Rodman. Talking about is headed back to North Korea and we discussed strip when he gets back. Ten hours ago. 6:28 AM from the Associated Press North Korea releases jailed US university student. Auto warm buyer secretary of state Tillerson SaaS. Get him. In official ambassadorships North Korean now. Rodman shows up in North Korea releases. A gels US student incredible. I mean we knew he was a great offensive basketball player but who knew he could have such far reaching effects in the global politics. Incredible. So that's it that's as far as I'm gonna get political if you. The most well I'll ever try to get political with you on the show is talking about how Dennis Rodman deserves to be an official ambassador North Korea. Because he shows up in North Korea and all of a sudden. A jailed US student is released. What a story. What a story might dig in a little deeper into this one because. It's incredible. The dude was again released. And then all of a sudden Robin shows up. Blocks Kim Jong Hoon ants. Brings back the student. What a story in a real fight if you want. 888550. To 550 are at the phone numbers here Brian because you'll be joining me next round talks sabres we're gonna talk US open. It's going to be good times than I cap on WGR. All right back here on the nightcap Lange gave us. Hanging out with you here. On the eighteenth tee outline volume joined by April Ryan Kozey old Bryan was going on in our youth are you enjoying your. Nice couple summer days that we've had here. It is very nice. On days like this I was inspired to grilled. So tonight with a nice assortment. Hot dog and Italian sausage. Well that's nice that's nice guy I think I'm gonna have to go back home myself. Got some. Some slabs of chicken that I left in the fridge for when I got home it's it's gonna be committed to reduce the lake well we do playground. Here. I think it's a good column value it you know it makes the neighbors Gallup I think likely that the good now going on our or it you know at work and meet you I'll. Get home smelt somebody next Barca can help them they elect a good idea delegate that to. Yet it's that's now it's intoxicating you can eat get out of your house in knobs on that hits you in you either feel bad about yourself they don't have meat to grill are you. You come wielding your own meats and kept slap him on the grill. Parker and that's all right Brian cozy all here with me haven't talked to you in a while. And say the last time was. Just before Jason doctoral was hired so it's. It's been a little bit here in the playoffs have been those are over and now we have expansion draft time upon us draft time. Coach watch so Bryant let's. What do you think it's all whirlwind right now they're so much and there's not a ton of activity actually happening but though the potential for activity to happen is. Is higher than ever so. When you're in this par portion of the off season what's your what's your general thoughts about the sabres in what will bilateral as a tennis player right now. Going into this offseason. Well I mean he obviously I think they'll vote important decision even though he might think Spain can draft is I mean I think. At this point PR he doesn't know what they get is going to be like probably got it he can I be and now like you really can do much about it either I think it's you know he doesn't have. Too much in terms of like well we can expose this guy ordered I don't hear any. Clear cut for the favorite and either. Hope they pick the one they want me. It's pretty amazingly like you to set about the time line of all that. About a lap sabres game and you know we have hockey two nights ago and it would cook calling on that. You know it wouldn't like everything about what got the draft is going to be here expansion that's going to be here and I'm thinking. At least. Seems that the team that played in the same league as the sabres like they are still blatantly illegal they were playing. And for anything they they went to collect data and we thought are you tomorrow and the sabres haven't played since. Like the first full week of April pretty amazing how long they're. That's the NHL even is that the hole which. Kind of you know again for guys like you and I that the talk on the radio like good in the sense that the result there's not much doubt because. You go from the end of the Stanley Cup in two. Iraq cocky immediately to the draft always the end that you wouldn't this year there's axed or use the spirit and draft and for the sabres. They're the whole bunch of stuff because of the Yemen the coaching they're so. I ale and then we're gonna have the prospect camp in prospect camp and training camp. Since September and like there's almost no NHL off season although for the sabres. Game viewing wise this seems like it's been quite awhile and they played it really hasn't. All right as we start about what the coaching anger and Arianna you that you like this. Thinking of all the possibility that feel like every year we watched playoff like all I what they look like this are what this fevered sense to play like national data. Or you know you want the sabres have. Skate like we saw the lightning you spoke for two or three years in a row Lubbock for the seat before they let the oil out of the you know every year like it should ask gets tweaked just a little in terms of what we're you know we're looking forward. I feel like that's probably year similarity across any of the four major sport that you watch these. Successful playoff teams and what are you want the favorite to look like in. You know we watch Nashville and we sit there watts they're great defense do what they did and that's probably why the so how Lee discussion. Get even more I think. Talked about not only with his connection to the team but the fact of like hey this guy is connected to this great defensive corps. The sabres can play like that. You know LB some special the only bad thing is that you end up getting a guy like oddly it's easier than bring. That a meeting defensive corps right what the protest vote to bet he should acute care yet know being in the band Alice I call come on whether on the buffalo that will be. That could be a nice option that boy can they play good be kept under lock them. Don't be ideal is you get a coach and then he brings every single good player with film just to his new team because if that was the case I might actually prefer erect cock I think. Yet Pittsburgh college got a little extra. In that category. I don't think the fans would be too happy though with I mean how about cross beyond the team by its overriding sentiment here is it. It there might be fires in the streets. I mean. Crosby is still doing things that makes him still beep after what about the only at all times. And for Pittsburg bill to figure out a way to win. They did not have an easy route at all I mean half. We talk about how unfair the format was many times. But let let give Pittsburgh some credit even though it kinda feel like they've gotten some benefit but. They have the like Columbus now you know the argument is well how unfair is it for Columbus but let's look at from Pittsburgh. They had what the second most points in the NHL. And they had to play the team that had or most in Columbus yeah Ben. And just to get out of their own division and they got to face a back seat Italy interim appointment Washington. And got back on somehow. Then Ottawa which seem to be honest like Cinderella run and then Nashville who. Seem to be in on this to broaden that was like the magic carpet ride it could look at all let. Pittsburgh loses their about the current Manila and they still don't know who their goalie there probable playoff it's part. Yet they figure out away they are. Pretty special offense that they could find ways to get it done and Crosby although he wasn't maybe their best player on certain nights he's involved in it a lot of the time in our. You know I I tend to every year they watched Pittsburgh. I think I I throw them more in the New England category the unknowing and all of them waiting get to be higher. The times were actually you notice hey they got another call that went their way back your ears are up more with a team like that but then. You have to take the random piece out of you and say. Gotta respect what they do and that's kind of where I am with with watching the patriots like you see Mike up they get all the breaks. They get the call. But then you sit back and they see is they just want another suitable you know and I think the penguins started followed category at this bank. They're good this and even when they're not they figured out a way to get it done and they did it again this year. Yes Branko zeal your hearing on the eighteenth tee outlined. And I mean if you're your sabres fans in you you can be sick of the penguins and I think that is. A lot of people are especially. The past two seasons a lot of long playoff series along the penguins are on TV so you do tend to get sick of that. But it's got to be about a thing knowing that you're. Poaching one of the big pieces that helped make that organization so successful in the guy Jason by troll who developed the program developed a lot of these young players that ended up coming out and playing. Huge roles for the penguins maybe not so much in the playoffs but at least throughout the season and counsel obviously. In the playoffs played a huge role so you gotta take some solace in that as the sabres fan even though he was out there celebrating with this organization that this is a guy that. Had a huge hand in that and is now gonna be coming to buffalo the lead your organization. I had a great point and the fact that he had a huge part of the development that I think it's got to be exciting because. They're still development and need to be dealt with receivers I think there're. Not at that stage were we would say they're ready he. In terms of their pieces to push forward I think their whole they'll they'll be all we can go ahead and say. If they're gonna take it step not necessarily be at the level of the penguins or at but could be and that next year of which is probably what you paid a playoff team. I think there's still hold the felony barker still has some work to do in terms of that area I mean this team even though it's still very young. I would say you know. Probably a good. Two to three to start the spot that still need to be killed. And that still at this figure and on what to do in that not that they are not options there. You've got wetter you all mark you have maybe help Peterson involving these two story and other options at their superstitions and make so he got that. It's gonna be moving over and then of course there's. The decision of how to what do we do up front if any part of it is not a part of it who could ultimately play with tech cycle. It's samurai hard gonna be a part of that future plans forever or that someone that I might at the mood or somewhere else. So it's not. It's not something we're bottle not going to be able to put his stamp bottom I think he's definitely going to be held command and that you are impressive what he did it Ergen there's no reason not to be. Then he's gonna have his chance to probably put a big impact on the roster very quickly. I think you'll see on the ice right away especially on defense likely that all the than Brendan Cooley. There's not many. Options in terms of thinking like. These are going to be NHL ready defenseman this year in the organization that didn't aren't quite on the U last year so excited he would eat out I really am because you mention guy until this. Quite a few of those type of story that could hurt you that he had an insult I'm excited he would go that the sabres roster. Yeah absolutely I am excited I think this team is having in a solid direction and just under his leadership and how that's usually what ends up happening and you know you bring in new guy in his credentials Ali's book. Pretty good I was a big Tim Murray and when he got fired I was I was old enough for them apologies by natural and what I hear about this guy and what I've heard from him all make me a little bits it heals mile orbit and be here and be the guy leading the sabres. But with expansion coming in the draft coming. Do you have the expectation. We've been hearing from different media types there's going to be a ton of movement to spend waiting for it. Haven't seen anything yet do you. Expect her to be a ton of movement with expansion and all of these side deals that potentially could be coming June 21. I tend to think maybe that that is it's overblown because people are or. How often and you aren't it have we gotten. All to all trade deadline coverage and then we're on the air for 23 hours then like well we're still waiting for something that happened just you know. But it does I think that they're kind of the way it goes right now I'm bigger of course makes it a little different than other years. I think. Is it yeah it is to order scene and they get into the side do they wanna try to win right away. And they'll probably think well would be nice but ultimately we wanna build the he the right way to younger players. Prospect to think that that yet but we got some salary but I just got to think that. He's not gonna just jumping in just grab. All the Zach Bogosian the net more and doppler want to rock artists I don't see happening in the hope that hey maybe we can place 500 hockey. You know. Be in the race I think they're gonna be Smart about their moods which means. They'll probably trade draft picks or players and I'll probably look at our younger guy than. Those sort of loose probably are ones that we would all call blockbuster or sightings so. In accents. The biggest side of things I think you know you might be coming in Marc-Andre Fleury that might be a knock that. That might be exciting for people but the draft night is where we normally would sometimes we see trade. And now maybe he'll change it could spot throw to Murray we know was always open to wanted to do something and you know look what happened last straight on line. He couldn't find anyone stopped Arctic could be either read and that we are talking about Murray being here yet maybe. He has depend not so whatever act he was doing in terms of talking about trade and dealing with them and may be difficult to deal with. But I'd IE. Bill loved Murray's attitude. About trade. And it was refreshing to hear GM. Actually say look you have to give up something to try to get something. In all of his deal. No matter how old. No matter how much the terms of the future he might have mortgaged. No matter how Ohio drastic might have been involved. You can't say that he didn't end up the bass players have retreat date. Which is I think what you want an easier and ultimately to do what you make hockey trade matter what's involved at the end of it. Or at least at the version that we can the other you've got the best and that you get the bass player in the race. It out what you're looking for I mean. In the Colorado audio hoot about player involved sabres have a rhino rally in the Winnipeg deal who's the best player even entertain the sabres haven't. The auto trade in my debated content by Robin latter is involved he at least so are other than you'd operating they're pretty respectable. So I I love Murray's mentality when it seemed trade he might have given up too much but I think sometimes that's what it ate each GM. Are more like our senior year but he. Overvalued their own there are scared to give up prospects because they think. This guy could turn out to be something. Well Marriott said look I understand that but I'm willing thrown in because I wanna go proven commodity that kind of what it would became trade please don't look mother wants so. Idol watcher of the had a little bit of what I think we like about him very united. Not being afraid to pull the trigger even now you they know he you could get burned once and awhile but I do think. Back with it being such a win now mentality with the sabres to rout out starting at opt. That is prepared to be conservative even though that might be cultural style I feel like that's gonna Wear in court. Yeah I agree with you there before let's go O'Brien got to get a little US open from new what do you what do you see from this weekend in the US open does does my boy Rickie Fowler stand a chance here that's on that's really what I'm mostly concerned about is him getting that major. I think you've got to. Normally we know the US open is very penalizing its very tight got a lot of raw now though. They'll be a cut of rough is the brand new course. It is called Aaron Hill golf courses in Wisconsin is the public off court. The first time the US opens ever been there. And they'll be some pretty cool shot of you know some of these tall grasses that probably are higher than waste Ryan. Yes golf ball and yet but this golf course also supposedly from what I've been reading about. Has pretty much some of the widest fairways that the US open that are being felt it guide and up in that off. Even though they're gonna complain about it. It's probably eat something that you pay is warranted because they've really made this a shot poorly now like. But we've seen other US soak into the fairway delight is lighted people drive it. And you know you're barely met and all the sudden your waist I doubt this is going to be a few bad. It because you missed poorly and you're going to be enough in that thick route but I'll. This course is fairly new it was just kind of read gone in like 2008 so for golf light that they really young courts. So I'm exciting to see it and the US GA last year in the US open took a tonic he. And if everyone remembers Dustin Johnson was winning in final round but you really know what score was number. He took ultimately move the ball like it and they were gonna penalize them or they're not gonna penalize them and eat a note to the end and that big maps. And ultimately they did it historically but he won by three so worked out farm. And I still think that I ability for controversy free about this year so I would look forward to be maybe a little bit more errant forgiving than maybe other US open but. SARS players go I think scholar and do it it's a super long course it's gonna play like 7700 yards which is mainly along. It could. It's to be the longest one ever if they put the keys in certain spots that had but. Boller hit oh Dustin Johnson it's a long way decent data on it I would think anybody that hits it super long. That can stay out of trouble had a chance. If Dustin got the puck well I still think he's. He's without a beat buddy Evan and putting have great ever since he felt on the stairs at the masters so I don't know. That at any tie to it or not but. He got a couple of parents in between and he has not putted well I don't know that country thing to do that but I still think he's aptly named locked out for along with. The argument I think Boller at any point here mutilated later. Yet I I help sell the U. You plan to come on show open the Bulldog tomorrow Thursday Friday we got plans with you yet. Tomorrow definitely because it Benning day that's it it is bulldogs turned. After with on the gospel and our first major at the masters. I did not I had Justin Rose I do not have dirtier Garcia. Remember the playoffs of course there he ended up winning. Filly had we had high drama there. But unfortunately. I had to. Admit defeat to Mike and Chris but now oh brought it up tomorrow so we'll get to the effect so we got I am looking forward to our destruction tomorrow. All right we'll talk about Brian. Right thanks a lot. That's Branko zeal on the ETT outlined. Talk being sabres talking US open we'll hear more from him about that coming up tomorrow with Mikey Crist on the afternoon show one more segment. Before we head off to NASCAR alive it's nightcap on WGR. Our last segment here on the nightcap that I just wanna say before I take off here that Dennis Rodman had absolutely nothing to do. With securing that students. Release back the United States it was based on humanitarian grounds due to the fact that the guy was in Tacoma. And you know he has deteriorating medical condition so I just won't make it clear to everyone out there. That yachts. Dennis Rodman even though he is in North Korea. Did not have anything to do with securing that student. And I'm sorry if anyone actually believe me and actually believe that Dennis Rodman was capable of that. All right NASCAR live coming up next ranking it's gone on WGR.