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And joining us via Skype here this hour. Is bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander. The media mogul as we now call one those guys all over the place. So Lorenzo thanks very much for joining us we appreciate you give it some time to us here in the afternoon I just left this building on Thursday Ernie. I don't bug in here to figure this image. I'm just say I was the one message you know reach out children's coaches. He's proud not to sure it was you to. Actually not going to be the debt that is working now no have a cell with me I'll thinking what treatment filmed in Britain where an all day but you know I can always did you guys in. Now let's send me over there they appreciate that so look day is all but you know pushing out there and everything. Well you know that Donald would give me a hard time yeah this this used to written you know we go back and forth what we always do when I'm in studio. Guiding get a chance to talk to you at the close of mini camp but a couple of your veteran teammates Eric Wood among them. Fill out that this. Mini camp and spring practices in general. Were the most intense that he has seen in his time here in buffalo now I think. When you have a first year head coach in new coaching staff coming in I think you always expected to ramp up a little bit guys trying to prove themselves to the new coaching staff. But do you feel like it even went beyond that because of the way. Coach McDermott has tried to put this thing into motion with respect to his vision plan for this team. Right. You know no better now Vietnam in his league for thirteen years and I think I led he had he might be mocked. Ford knew they called it a bit and then obviously everybody that is my for a job rookies avenue and make sure that they belong back Hokies coming in. Make sure they get this list of coaches that coach McDermott is trying to create force. A moment with all that obviously is going to be a higher tempo. Com how I'm more competitive. But I think the key world like you thin and Arab world I think and who alluded to it as well as they sustained throughout the entire offseason program. Oftentimes revenue back on Mindanao in the last you know maybe for the first or second week. But the image that coach McDermott brings to our team in two practices each and every day. Percolating throughout the whole offseason schedule now the key is to kind of take that. Over these next six weeks. And continued that on your own at home and then bring that same time energy that and those players when training camp starts because right now it's easy to kind of keep that energy. Everybody's feeling good. The fresh start but we never really handy guy bullet in the adversity yet so door training camp you know when it's hot. It is muggy out there you know god tie here the god may be nicked up because now we're hitting. Can you maintain this thing tackled. Image he competitive. Atmosphere while we're out there now who will be playing games it will mean at that time so. I'm looking forward to vet I'm not invested through testing to see where this team is going to be going this year and if we cannot drill our way to win one or two more games and find ourselves in the playoffs. Veterans I've always felt like this month or this time off the new six weeks 56 weeks that you guys get off there's like one of the most crucial months. And a franchise and going to the season if these guys can take the momentum you just had for many camps in the notes CA's. And take that into your offseason where this market training today you're ready for war training camp went to get to training camp you'll have any steps back. I've always felt like that by one of the most important times going into the season possess something that you guys as a veterans on the team talk to the younger guys about. Almost definitely. You know it felt kind of throughout the whole offseason program even unless we really that bad day. Did make issue that we communicate it when guys come back we knew that they're the best version of yourself. Almonds but everybody NFL look a little bit differently but in the game route you know to win games give the playoffs and win championships so. Whatever it take you to be a part of that. And you'll miss well you know what this move a little bit away. And it's in the playbook a little bit better. On being more of fifteen to. Player from down a down day to day. I'll whatever that looks like for you to make sure that she can correct that listings weeks improve morning. So we get back you know playing catch up you know out of state. You never look at the playbook for a month and that may be mentally sloppy here. I'm so whatever and specific issue that you need to work one or prove wrong. We definitely made sure everybody knows from top to bottom I'm saying wait mentality and a different game. Are today's newswire we're all in this together a good time is always limited you never know when you're lefties in the news. So we've all mention that we're on the same page and hit the ground running we get training camp and on July. No coach Jerry addressed the media on that subject to weakness in your players are around their out. You know on their own. You know subject to their own devices their own decisions rock you know he's he's as operate form. A brand car I'll everything's okay that I I was six weeks it's genuine concern yes this coaches love control. Over the players aren't they don't have that control. And that's where you better leadership. I'm the and I think he did a great job. Chime bill relationships within the guy I'd had a different guys throughout the years here that these stories. I'm you know strategically placing got to block Roland the young guy I know I have a couple young guys next to me. On that mid domestic pay my position on whether or received there or. I DB but Mel's alleged its own offseason he he's playing but I'm calling guys. You know kicking me I you don't want out then you've been working out you know you need anything. I cannot be armed I think each guy is you know especially the leaders have kind of been charged with reaching out to you know everybody know the one to die it. That you may have a good relationship with that may need a little extra. Our ports or incursion into an all season so I'm automation of the talent that just pick up the phone and make that connection though. Guys are just out there are grown whole time he's doing you know what you know did not these days whether we're calling a fact what we're doing right now. You can still have that relationship or make sure guys are being accountable to themselves and as well as the king. I've got a two part question for you as you brought something that that sparked my memory bit. The locker room is part one is locker room is a complete. Jumbled jigsaw puzzle now you know typically get into it in a lot of locker room is it panic. It loosely goes by position group in terms of you know we are we line up for five linebackers over here in. The kickers and owners are over here and quarterbacks to wide receivers that usually an area. A general area at least for certain position groups. Coach McDermott has turned that on its year he's flipped it all around I mean there's still a couple of guys in familiar places but I walked in there are the other day. I got to read I got to reboot my memory is out where everybody is an air war but maybe speak yeah who speak she may be why that. Why coach McDermott did that you think maybe he's communicated to you being one of the better players why he might have done that and secondly secondly. You talk to me last year about some players that on every roster in the NFL drifting into the gray. And you router players have to pull them Matta there and get them on the right side of the fence so first address the locker room jumble. And then where you feel this roster is right now I know he's still don't know everybody maybe on this roster like you want you. How many might be drifting into the gray sometimes it is it less than last year. What is definitely. Strategically the way our locker room has been set up an upbeat you know he's plays guys around their leadership. I think he knows. Has that really maybe become leaders themselves all you know about like how teams Tyrod. Myself another guy that luckily we've been identified. I'm due employer I'm Micah Hyde you know especially defense. To help cultivate their leadership attributes that he sees in May be a first our second year player. I'm and then also feels that the mission and they get to the great to pull them along so they can. See that is only calm on the practice field how you know how are you ready for practice. I obviously you know what he wanted to block review its playbook you know loses they look like everything I have a simple conversation. I'm a geek and know what did he do and all these I'm not a time when you're not you know next to a guy as far as a lot we don't get to know that it commit. Our relationship as far as keys wives. Family and all messed up that really brings us together so when you're out there you plan that was hard because you know a lot better. Arm and as far as guys being in the great. Are they bad post Madonna in a whole front office have really done a great job of identifying high character guys but evidently didn't play. So this year the guy they may drift is. You can't drift because it's only got 11 direction we don't have got they can kind of clicked we're kind of walk with me together. And comment you know comrade behind it we've done a wedge out of his bring it from all the work you guys got that no I don't win half one. And I can't do an arena rocker played bad when you see guys like that started fourteen. Playing away producing you're forced to keep up your forced to bow to but I'm too that we're trying to create. And I'm happy yes I want the biggest things. I'm because oftentimes you know Penske in his life and in in his league and you sometimes willing to take a list. Can't the guy for the talent that he brings but we've done a great job everybody I would have thought welcome barring him from free agency. Our high character great do you look at camp can play big ball out of Sunday's game I'll play against men and women respect that they RT now. Greens are you've been in this league releases like to infidelities slightly back and all of. I don't know I've moved that's what I've learned that dotted and I'm not a lot of the and in an avid poker overwhelming what was. And and it is may implement different things. As I knew I'd do it I want to. Connecting you with all the different outlets that and at the I don't know. I got as there is pleasantly at the the and you you you have been to the bill what they're too busy thirteenth year and this week. You've gone to a lot of different coaches. How different are the things that coach McDermott is doing now with this team in terms of the locker room. And terrorism how practices on how different is what he's doing from any of the coaches you've been around. I'm up to more than 1111 business that's why don't really think of all that much different you know it's all about. You know. Would lose if you remember that we're the rob Bartlett flew to respect I mean what coach McDermott we don't have a lot of rules all of the Valero which is the thing they trust loyalty and respect. Nothing when you start they are you know actually. Our own. Had a bet he's been a major yet that you don't have a lot of rules because you're you trust everybody on the moon won't be respectful. Imus says there relationships. I'm all around and I don't know if you don't net you know man if they build relationships that continuity my body and so. All come and give us all from all the doubt that I've been around their head. That's definitely he has a little bit of each other and not be put into with all of is always grinning at all of how to. I'm from I'm very excited about what this team is gonna be able to do I'm a big if fix to this new age player. To this kind elude the league needs a little bit more structure. In vision I kind of communicated to them so they they not elect in the wind. I'm bear that out myself into the matter who they also brought in just and noble that you depend on your your rookies executive you player commitment wiped out about how to. Be professional and the way you structure and everything is going to force being an act and how they cultivate into the professional they need to be if they wanna have any type of longevity in Italy. So I'm a lot of great things from me. I'm no longer continue to keep that in the energy for days are so obvious I'm I'm looking forward to and you know to be one of its okay that they are worth that kind of help. Replicate and spread their culture on the reform act that would give the heat of the battle because that's really where you start seeing greatness be produced. We're always planning in slow we're doing right now so we hit a season. All the good all the big labor that we put in come to fruition in the and we can be able to step up and play well when when the game is not a real. Target of bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander who's joining us on Skype here on the John Murphy show and whereas I note you know NFL player rap and you know there's been some stuff. Percolating around the league in during dead time it's getting more attention. Ryan she's here the linebacker from Pittsburgh. Was one who was commenting on rookie deals for players you know he's obviously been pretty successful earlier early in his career. Aaron Donald probably another example O'Dell Beckham junior another example. And these guys feel a little restricted by the current. Way the CBA reads. And I'll just read Jim Ryan's quote I just like how to get your feel on it. Does he says quote at the end of the day if you're playing at that level. You should be able to get that opportunity. To redo your rookie contract. Whenever you want to. And he basically says. At the end of the day it's between you in the team if the team wants to do it it's great if you play at that level you should be able to re up whenever. We all know that fits your eye that exists for those top fifteen picks account holds their salary. In line even though they are getting paid significantly more than maybe those first four years but. What are you write about wiggle room for rookie deals. And it makes this coming out who is something that you know Gaza in a situation. One who want. The change in an and he's complicit I mean I've been in in in a deal myself you know trying to re getting you play it. And I don't have any restrictions on mine in the team's building wanna do it so you know even if we don't have that restriction in I mean I'm always for less regulation. Anyway. In the U a couple of Philippine right now the teams are hiding kind of behind that call as far as we that the that we can't do them any way where really they probably wouldn't. You know it's NG new edict Likud in most cases you know you look at eighteen they always know planning for. Salary cap. Who Golisano offseason so he actually you know when you sign up for your deal. And the owner or the GM why don't we let you when your third year when you step two more years to play. I understand the sentiment but I just don't think he would honor you know. You know if it's one being the be you know have regulations from post a playable when I go to the business side. A lot of thought he would. If you don't lucky to become all about business and from a GA perspective about a young talented guys then how are Paul and its second year after about two more years. Our before I have to work. About Simon marks in them in you know in and I obviously a salary cap will eat while I'm while I do that England's rugby is the airport outside making him happy. So it sounds good. But I don't necessarily know if we would be any different result I have got our earlier I'm it would actually pulled that commentator right now but I behind that that call. Not to mention the fact that you'd tick off 31 other team is right that that precedent that. People who are a variety. Most everything Taylor the how but how often do the younger guys on the team and I don't know. If the younger guys on this team even know that your its own ball with the NFL PA but how much. How often do they come and speak to you about different things like they weren't though is this okay like. Just ask you to write off about things. Yeah unless it was on our team had been a part of that the union I'm actually executive committee member of our team is Tyrod air wound. I'm also a lot Patrick DiMarco was is guerrilla and I think my guys whale. I'm a week's advantage presented to the team as far as being that are going on as far as in a feeling they feel PA business though guys come in and when they have questions. You know where there's about something is going on practice. You know whether it's ensure its workers some type of planning their contract. And I just thought about it may not. And on this day and every game went out about our great land so. I'm proud of the middleman between the PA and the players oftentimes. Cinema over directly to the PA and we have a great player at advocate he's in the years. I'm he does a great job as far as it got they need so what got them to the often. In I try to directly as this is back in or educated on what I've learned throughout my years. And I wanna get I don't wanna give away any secrets with regard to scheme or anything but we're trying to get a handle on your role in these defense and are there we see you move around a good deal. You know based on packages and things like that would it be. To put a general label. On May be your role this year should we call you a Jack of all trades type just in terms of the different roles you may have in this team. In my our career so I'm I'm you know I think that would actually next to mine ain't know put linebacker. TH. And obviously you know whether it's not catching him is playing off the ball alive Becker on the ball linebacker. Miner could be that all you see the idea last year. You not because we do every came in also Leslie Frazier watched the film is all that I have a bid to move around. You know oftentimes people say you know Jack of all trades master of none. But I'll prove effective in a big reduce Venezuela's place specialty so. I look forward to help when the team in in various ways at different packages in I think you see that across all our keep it filled. Our personnel in general I mean a lot of guys can play nit or corner complete safety or come down play corner. Play. Arm but planned to send the same all just because you are a lot of guys can do a lot of different things that looks different but we're playing some different. Or looks the sameness and difference always is a great way to play great because you never know weren't. Before letting Donald take is final parting shot as he usually likes to do I'd like guns on our bills today today when we did fine and I and how much you're into the advanced analytics Lorenzo but. You know pro football focus as there is you take it with a grain of salt sometimes but they did and advanced metric that measured. Guys who are most effective in the league last year in terms of turning. Pressure. Pressures in two sacks and you were third in the league in that category last year obviously you know it while half sacks on the season. Back I don't know a fight fully grasp what that's that measures. What I'm guessing. You're not just a little pressure you're finishing the play. So why. Where is like you know taking advantage of the opportunity to a lot of times you can get question is luminous targeted quarterback Dan you know especially my guess like a cam. I knew knowing their lockers murders are things just convert that pressure into the set which is fine again but I can see it. The metrics this is the same thing I'm proud at the bottom of the keynote at the thought I was kind of kidding with a grain of thought that great for the fans the category. I think he can engage into the game. But as players you know basketball and are not meant you really don't need analytic part of the began to to see them don't feel he has anything challenges throw on the. Challenges are really do have a question requests for these. As a as a veteran in this the guy who is going into his thirteenth season a guy who is a father husband a true family man. And and you keep those core values. What do you think about when you hear a guy like Michael Bennet say what he's today in terms of why miss always. It makes great sense and you know I think everybody's situation is different everybody's mindset I mean SM that I struggle with. You know at this point in my career do I need OTJ's. To trying to be ready no but this particular I need to learn the defense and up and offer our I had a great leadership. I think value to the team as well. Arm but Michael's been made his situation is CN may be completely different I'm one of families and because you know we are what they that a week I'm up in buffalo I'm missing. Think he's a school picking them are. Mrs. the full practice that you know the culture here as well an academic and everything I want to. I'm recommend them to do my buddy Darby if my daughter you know that's up on the leaking in but it is ours is very challenging and you know he let us all that behind him as well and and and that you know what I feel when they were do we do. And I respect where ever you wanna handle you all season. I'm but no I don't disrespect you treated differently. Mom and and obviously if you in this case and that's good to see so it makes it really easy when they do what Washington Redskins I live in Virginia here right now holds really easy just go over to work and Theo Dumont my family duties so. And my situation is different again where he's coming from. And I really respect it and eat eat eat and Michael this articulating it put season in great perspective in Nam. And no impact and is often a little bit I really wouldn't respect everything that he does know socially. Football why they're in the community. Well knowing this is the time where you get the most family time we appreciate you giving us twenty minutes to your time here today Lawrence it was always a pleasure having on the show. And out will leave you alone for six weeks. I'll bet it would implement. I don't give a promise that these flat and I get beyond that I'm I'm not present at least I'm I'm not I'm not a lot of music and out of you guys you guys beat that out on your own. Thanks Lawrence as always we appreciated. Our bed.