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Joining us now. Is a former offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills spent twenty years as a coach in the National Football League won a couple of Super Bowls with the New York Giants. He is now. Well I guess semi retired as far as coaching goes is we're gonna talk to about something he did just this past weekend as part of an an issue NFL initiative. It's Kevin gill right joining us on the line Kevin thanks for joining us it's Chris and Donald with a high you don't. Don't break. And they wouldn't. Yes so you know let's just get this recent venture. Squared away right off the bat you know the NFL is. Do in this NFL coaching clinic they just had their inaugural one happy Father's Day weekend but quick schedule that one Korea. How did it go I guess this weekend urged us to start off. Yep from what I it's the I thought it was well received by the you know the attendees see the coaches there or in the audience. We were. I think blessed to have an outstanding faculty. That this sky Marshal courts what. Errors. Couple of old legend very awkward to line with Jim McNally an hour mark. The linebackers without rowand Dave once that. North turner Jimmy Graham myself the quarterbacks and then the defense Lionhead. That controllable ball wall built coach who sugar bear Hamilton's so as a bunch of guys that. Really were well prepared and it'll have that spent a lot of obviously you're preparing the message. And what they wanted us to address was. Basically the fundamentals are intact the basics you know the foundation. Of of teaching and the individual's specific techniques or the other various positions there or proper. Not all the positions were were dressed just those four and I think what that plan is next year to remove the group will. Cultures that where there are. The four different positions admit it. Welcome a new blueprint that would be the original war that will you know there were covered yesterday are over the weekend if it's from Friday through Sunday. We're like well like I I know all the all the guys who were the the clinicians that is not every every lecture so I think that's you you're pretty good indication of what you guys that are. Been around for a long time words treat them off and then there's speak the quality of the presentations were good about that our report restated privilege and everybody's. Walking yours start at 7:30 the morning and not finish in the Bob Knight heard that a court that night. That's a pretty good pretty good and cited the equality that of the contest. Yet those young younger up and coming coaches use to coaching hours I guess threatened. The act got a schedule G-8. Via those guys that were there were caught there are all. I guess. Some position coaches somewhat quality control so coaching assistance so there. They're certainly accustomed to the hours what I think the leak well it would be good that your. Some guys that have been around for a long time and I know like you know like coach Ford for your beautiful it's fortunately years so. For traditional experience. We go along well likely to reach for instance. Some of the guys in the thirty member and there are other than that so you know I Bill Polian was that it was the guy who checked at all was C. And he gave you mean the opening remarks and and then the closing remark so. The ball flow up old well representative. They Kevin I've always felt like you know there is the coaches don't spend enough time in this leave. Actually teaching you know by teaching the fundamentals of the positions I understand that. A lot of coaches are coaching out of the position they might have played or something like that what. A lot of the coaches in the NFL don't spin as much time teaching the basics and fundamentals of the position. That you know their coaching does that lead feel the same way and is this why they're holding clinics like this. You know you'd have to ask them why I I would start certainly that's probably a reasonable explanation. They steelworkers and beat her. You know to improve the Euro of these. They beat individual. Stills of players from up from you know from a technical perspective. I know that's that's art or art or about throwing motion. Of a quarterback and the things that would work he urged Surrey in order to throw the ball properly sort spent. Two hours on us. Discussing the you know the pork in the sequential. Order like all those regards sequential pattern of movement that reached civic. You know who for the velocity that one has this ominous signs that the accuracy and also taking into consideration. The court if we're fortunate it awful hard to be delivered and therefore proper motion. There's different than a pitching motion where there's no concern about how long it takes so. That's the kind of thought that was Paul Wagner gimmick ballot got into the rug blocking a couple of hours on that. Howard mug or dump pass protection shall. Very doubtful that was the purpose of the of the year beat you over the three day week or is that. You know hearty hug you get these guys that are not up not through steam and not rule. It all out. Outsmarting them you know with with. A particular player or particular boards. All of that that will take care of itself argument you have what party aren't you help them make their roles individually. So that they can execute those different schemes so different strategies. In a more efficient way and and I think that was so or are ought that the guys that particular outfit. And staying poured in it so what are. You know of the correct awards which was the our party siege ought to battles RB you know argued your guys to be better and there we talked about you know teaching strategies that apology to be hearing. And I am not sure what this what are the things that were brought up by the coaches that we had brick out section that in the evening after we were all on. And you know as you orbit and all the guys certainly like. Or or airport I would say the old days work or start with Houston Oilers. War mobile community about three or three weeks four weeks before we started art what you know with the organized practice partner and we would just feel our ballpark. Mark bomb throwing me a little bit and he basically water you know could be instructed him in the review your anything you know out of any or it might it appeared with a strong vulture or foresee through. As well that it bought it exceeded. Or thirty years has thrown all over that's the kind of interaction one on one. Heinz that we could have where we could just hold me and aren't just the former Merrill the foundation of doing whatever that. Particular skill position awards. And then we will start and reviewer virtual level. Slow raiders insert from you know from march of people and they all regard Sergio. Well those things are available anymore you know with the court of bargaining agreement there are concerns that were articulated by the Marty's younger coaches are. Which we all have their current prime time we hear are. And it's a legitimate concerns something that I think the leaguers is aware of Bernard. It is just a heart saying there are reconciled to reduce part of are particularly these young guys are on the court for example or market getting away from the server well well well wait well all is involved there's. You know a lot of them have never bet on December 4 beleaguered theater felt that it was a solid plays badly written and that was discussed is back. We spent one hour one off you know just bum rap party get up and are awful. And it appeared and articulate a warrior and I and I gave an example that you wore Gallagher with the giants go to war. Would report to me every morning. Where the typographical. Errors that were big game player. Except I think it was part of the present caught boats you know I think this secretary in this fight this secret and my point was that how. You know that's how you know apparently he scrutinized for everything any scrutinized it's working away beard because he was practicing. Saying the place so that when he got up and part of our Olympic great. That it would Walters you offered up. Offers along very smoothly very confidently. And so when the plate when no hope all are reporting on that offered units. Knew that the quarterback knew exactly what was going on army shall we talk about Pope or cardinal answered the reverend seclusion and my my respect the war. You know when you go to movies go PA's and these individual pro sports cards well towards you you you know well for you hear that this season. Our. I know this your crappy port corrects. To get better individually. Which you're on the medals during the cease and they're partners such a permit. So even though you're worried parts seen and introducing new concerts in new worries. If you didn't address the fundamentals first and foremost. During the spring and during training here you were never gonna get it done. And it's it's a complete inverse relationship the college kids are getting further and further away from what the pro game is now. And the coaches in the NFL have less and less and less time to get these players on the field. To get them the fundamental skills necessary or honed in a way where they can execute the plays that they want to so it seems like the coaches just say. I just got to get ready to play the game let's just wrap the plays and hope for the best in some cases. Is there is in that time on the field that you mention it's Kevin Gil driver talking to former bills' offensive coordinator on the subway fresh state outlined. And you know I wanna kind of delve into a couple of other things coach and everybody remembers your time here is the OC withdrew let's it was a quarterback. Obviously you want to see rubles with the giants. And I think a lot of what is you know the soup to cure for bills fans is trying to find some kind of way. To finally vanquish the patriots which is easier said than done as we have all witnessed over the last several years. As long as number twelve play quarterback for them and Belichick's head coach but I think a lot of people point to the two giants Super Bowl victories over the patriots. As kind of the formula I failure on the offensive side of the ball for those game plans but. Can you just kind of take us through a little bit of the game planning we can I don't know that you were privy to too much. Of the defensive. You know game planning but just what you remember from coach Koplan the defense of coaches. In terms of putting all that together than going out executing it. Well I don't know. People would remember what in the 2007. We played them in the last regular season game and it was actually the week after all in all war there. And we knew we had to win one of those two games to get into the term. I mean and the game actually spur off against all what was it would the weather was over there. Alia that call went sideways. With our reports O or leader at all but it. Ever hired there's pogo are forever as a you know there's a mortal game to ever get there at. You burgers because it's going to be hard to support from guard moved the ball. A ball or hear mark on the field sport Opel Berger told my garter. Are partnered very this is not a good omen. All we were able to come back he went in the game and so what we worked for the that'd that'd patriot games. Both the patriots are not certain order to regain that you don't neither one prepared for etched. You'll our position they were going to be number one we were gonna everywhere we war or trip. In in getting him in terms of you know the the match ups and everything also neither team could gain anything from that game. Neither wanted position and so certainly better than. What we were going to insult all coaches are certain you know we will probably wind up removing some lawyers would regain your law. So on and so forth well. The game wandered up beer battle and perhaps in it was a shootout and we were often on the field and he. Finally scored the beaters we're providing very good the first are bigger game debuts 3835. And they're under which it was a great game and we were crushed and everybody else was happy to prepare a remain undefeated or what have you. What sort couple things we came out of that very good one was. You know we were we thought we we had to do. A couple of things where we got to help mark these birds that we review where we were to control the ball and maybe even be a little bit more. Conservative and our approach. What we whatever weaker due to hold onto the ball limits their proper authorities. And these are actually I'd go very well prepared for it awaits some of the big worries and very very would relinquish some stock over an eight foot. Very wherever it wasn't going to be the same game as it was electric was shooting game there's there's very entertaining is that what were reported. As closely in the heart ordered what served what. You know we are so we have reported a little bit differently. But the one good thing wars. I think our guys came out of that game saying. You know what. We can play with these guys do their best personally. You know we we just got beat here we're as good as they are there Eric thing. That was the positive that while that he's taken out of the game neither he put anybody out there were all so right to the end. And so that was the preferred. When the game started in the air although people remember what we sure record our. Our opening drive we only came away which reports Arctic air support magnitude for certain to. What are awards. It was it was so you know it upset the apple that they are all in balance board. And winners 73. And then thereafter all things kind of went up and down on the field very slowly. You know we went down in the next time when all all all these minutes. Short. In the and so we Wear those order in now we got a turnover. And it features which are totally different game better or worse in the first game but again it was one of those hard fought. Gains art defense line. Really play exceptionally well. Exerted a lot of pressure on them are I'm sure greats so urgent sense if we were put before you insult. And then all of a sudden normal fourth quarter we put the ball and Ortiz and they only going to be in wards and you know we are with a more well aware of so. I thought the second time we play them we were. Court frankly I are so we're birther thing that we we dominated the game and then probably have a better chance that. They're aware by a larger than that here we we should probably weird Opel brings it when it airs urged. Uh oh here the third one Merck verdict all the holding all our love art simple it was. You know very very her younger couple players my belt and you hear the op art straighter prince wall. We're Euro hole right there since they're dollars Argo who wanna I wanna know what a 5040 yard gain that would have let some of those morsel. If you look at or formula I I guess it's their YouTube you. They pick the approach they're they're not gonna be themselves. And there are or use certainly here if you're gonna win the game and you know we've we're very confident we we we played close we weren't afraid there's. The beer in a tightly parts or break game. We have in 2011. Beat them up at her place. Another close game where we scored two touchdowns in the last three minutes against the freedom. So you know I think what we've we have never. Felt. RT bombers or to what we wanted to do is gain their although we had. Great respect for Graham and the way they play big game and Greg reported record her. I think we all felt you know we lawyers we are people blow your week we could win and you'll put report cards. When you're would be to pre report on what we lost was your own beer for your Arctic recording or. So coats and and everything you just said it's who do well one thing there really sticks out to me is you need to be able to. Play your game control the clock and incessant off that you need to be able to stay on the field it just get any points that you can ditch. And. Read in the dark figure under pressure right because. You know it's 41 of the guys that's all yesterday our over the weekend was out well of course she says. An interval port he was that you know defense coordinator ignoring one about what Parcells was there and you know you refer to their whole. Watson is. Lugar's point limit went so. It's not only did did. Is that their governing are on the line philosophy defensively. All the art solely in both checked hole. It's a big part of the sport built legible but all what they'll say (%expletive) art at all. And it didn't starts what happened launch in 2007. In that shootout they struggle when they went shingle art. Cooperate Plaxico Burress. So in this in this Super Bowl game we never got to art and we never got I was always do art so somebody woke up all ports before. Which meant that you know beat the ability to get some of the bigger worries that she was. The receiver that was capable of giving us that which was going to be taken away from what it did allow us from along the ball and throw the ball underneath that under. The other guys the army Toomer Steve Schmidt order. In the first game and are seen Nixon. And Mario Manningham as well for Victor Cruz in the in the second game. Then it we were able to run the ball because all it it was used to aren't the whole and. You know if you're good to be honest with you what happened and that first game was. What we got down with drew we were Kristi Smith figure the year first. That was the worst side they bought it then they went for the bullets and that's when you're responsible for us for the when he marched out. You gotta know you know that there are gonna take away your part everybody always talks while you know they're gonna do everything that you answered just about your strengths. Sir you have to or Rory or rule then what are essentially you can do against those are judgments are you in Turkey are going to be great. The codes win win like scooper we're bird scored demands for his team was Edison high. So what global zero there was single it was Ohio. That's that it was there that sorts out the first partnered boy or ball game area. Just so you know electric ways we threw what will probably should go wide open your life mr. And I sit what. That he missed that. And somebody told me there are that are you know little RR who was in which it was Tracy was all too well. Sort all the exact same way again and I just fortunate over rare disorder short sort of feel. It was a oil that we always rant that whites are viewed as mere three receivers so it give forestry bureau that was growing area a little bit more than I would like. What do go wilder with the facts are that over side. Characters all the more that your coach quarterback. Communications as. Our city run the exact report were ordered to be shortsighted self Brandon Jacobs a warrior buck here now. Instead serve in there and help it's our fault block their defense and because. That's the yard score your problem we hear these rare and we got the big gains fourteen yards. And they are all the same way here figured they Caribbean restraints covered. What they went with girl about what role against Seles what one in the open field and the rest is history is that sort. Yeah and I don't know how many games you're watching per week maybe more now that you know you're not really coach and every Sunday anymore but. Does it surprise you or are have you seen. We were talking 5678. Years in the rearview mirror that these game plans worked against. This patriots team grandy you guys had a pretty darn good pass first two and that always helps and hits on Brady but at the same time seem like it's been our thirteenth. Here that's second year our defense like 48 and only win more real good six threats or. The first gear we wore what sort in your remorse. Do you feel that you find it strange though that other team I mean we've always heard about how this is such a cap copycat league that. Teams haven't been able to replicate that formula that worked for you and I know each team is different nearest point five to 30% turnover on rosters every year but. With the lack of success that. Other teams in this league and had you think they'd be ruins try anything even if it's a carbon copy and they don't have all the right pieces to completely execute. What you guys did offensively and defensively that you haven't seen more teams try it or are they trying to they're just not successful. It ought to be honestly I don't know I don't look if Europe I do a lot of work NBC Sunday night since meter being so right. Break them valuable forehand you know what two weeks ahead and so. Bart timeless French really preparation for those things are getting them you know my analysis ready for. For our first Hollingsworth inferred north valley companies what. What or I haven't really watched the speaker Gingrich reporter going to be on Sunday night the prep work warrior. And you you have just look at him match ups and you know I would say this. Over the last period of time. The wind when defensively hedge changed its shops that are currently. They're playing a lot more you know in the old days like when I was with the bills. You'll we've Vick played a lot of two and you know they would blitz when he got thumped quite the reds so all the lord knows what it's. The play a lot more single file what more freshman Eric big league. Have a lot more confidence in her order now. And of course they do better what more guards from remote figure that rightward tilt or yes I think they're gonna humans do your share a lot more of that. Or coordinator for the Mehdi Patricia does a terrific job and did the same hole he may not be pop art. And in oval. Offensive yards three yards or are surrendering what. They're going to be they're going to be near the top and I know they were here last year in terms of the in my reports that bailout seems to sport since that. All right well listening Kevin we appreciate you are given a sesame your time here in. I'm glad that that inaugural NFL coaching clinic got off to such a good start based on what you were telling us. Good luck with that. And good luck with helping Collins worth we know he he probably needs that you get more access and I was under and probably as it is that so we appreciate its diamond. Thanks for thanks for spending it was this it was. There was certainly enlightening for us and no it was wearing your orange order. All right that's giving you all right former bills' offensive coordinator.