07-13 Nightcap with Ryan Gates Hour 1

Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Thursday, July 13th

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WGR. Sports Radio five. No effect at all. Golf because the weatherman predicted rain predicts rain doesn't rain it's not the first time this has happened. Some she's going. What's the weather man. Predicts it's gonna rain just so we can keep people off the golf course and haven't for himself and he there. Beats the nightcap with Ryan gates as the there flat open. Hardly anybody out probably as some do but whether or us. Probably. Have you seen eleven manna that we it's not a fact there is with from cows come upon my whole island it's going a full day. Yeah they're tomorrow. I'm not supposed to play tonight but I just called me last night canceled. Because of your weather report about these dollars. We have mistakes the way my wife says that because yeah yeah add. Oops that's cool wolf yeah okay nice Cecilia business and they take care of that main. I don't quite get your point. I let them and I tell you might. I've got a sneaking suspicion. That you're predicting rain. To clear the golf course do you sell the compromise. Perhaps real popular ridiculous and ridiculous it however all Emanuel now right. I'm in a report through because every time you wanna play golf Larry makes it it's right Larry first of all I'm not a weatherman the meteorologist I'd appreciate whole Olympics for you. And WGR. Sports Radio 515. Well there's a show that is. Going to be draft. Curb Your Enthusiasm Larry David. Signed dealt with swearing signed public swearing in Los Angeles and felt you know they they go to one coast to the other. And you Curb Your Enthusiasm which is making a comeback to still ongoing technically Curb Your Enthusiasm. Ongoing series I never I didn't realize how long it's been since they have the last season is little time it's been a long time so it's going to be. I like the way that they build the show. He left he did nothing he returned. Curb Your Enthusiasm October whatever. On HBO as Brian has aroused your negates the nightcap. I'm WGR we've got a couple hours here and it's just announced Mike's show and pretty much just giving me the tax year. And giving the VA okay. Move we got another participant of the sick I'm draft in the round here with Bryan as a Rafalski. And or. Morgan and preparations tonight. And our preparations. So if you've got they they were doing that's a little bit at the end of their show. Mike you caress but if you've got something that you'd think needs to be drafted the V sitcom. Draft is a very wide ranging. Think there's so many show us that kin can fall into its. I have mine he might board here might might list and I've got about. It's it's slowly back and expanding. Start with about forty shows are so. I've now gotten up to fifty by the end of the night might be up to sixty or 76. Your seventy I thought initially I'm Mike you know five show is. You take five shows you watch five in my head I watched five shows spurred the rest of time. Because that's all I've ever watched right and that's all right we'll ever watch you got your go to shows you're like scrolling through Netflix and your scrolling for more than ten minutes and you're like man night there's nothing I wanna watch you have that goes to show you you're just went beyond his arm or for me the office is one of the fall backs it's always sunny Philadelphia. Always fall back. Arrested Development always fall back so you're looking at those shows in a you know I got here five shows in the lancet in certain that the so many show host. Roseanne has to show Roseanne and another show me can come back to. I'll ask rights Roseanne is means making a comeback while sorrows and asked in a second be good. I don't know what what throws and good. Rose I don't idea I was like seven yeah. I think Roseanne was definitely do my opinion on what's good has changed from you know when you're seven to now yeah I mean that unbelievably that makes a lot of sense. Grow up a little bit years your tastes change. So the it's that is gonna change but it's it's going to be interesting. Mary Ellis down where going to be involved as well it's it's going to be a five person draft. We're gonna have Jody B Osce on board as well he says he wants to be some sort of law. Milk hyper Todd exchange type he just comes in with pure analysis by us or you're deal. Now I'm under the draft undrafted. And I am you know on plane songs and use point clips stuff like that so it's it's. I've got I got other jobs Annie Duke stitch how is everybody. Ranking and they show like what is the criteria here because in my head I've a few things at the one obviously is it good and funny right that's got to the curriculum or the number one criteria is. How good the show I think may be my second. Criteria is the well what's the word I'm looking for here the impact syndicate ability all reruns. How often can you re run it like how long did the show last can I turn on the TV like sign Feld is this. I can turn on the TV at any time maybe it's changed because who turns on the TV now and yet he does turn on let's. But right you always used to be able to turn on the TV at any time to be assigned held up so that you haven't seen in two months yet somehow you know every word of and it's funny and it's always our. Yes I felt is definitely one of those shelters and classification. Is. Absurd it lasted so long ends. The amount of good episodes compared to bad episodes is and what a ratio. It's shocking that the offices in a shell that's mart syndicated like that or is that is it because you're new. Now because you've got like the Big Bang theory today it is syndicate shows anymore. Yeah I mean you got on captured it yeah well maybe it's because well. CBS as the Big Bang theory and they own. TB switches the other species and that the Big Bang theory is run on so it might be something to do with that as opposed to having to go while in acquired the rights to be able to rewrite shell there's like. You know we got some open slots. A Big Bang theory it's gonna fit right in the air 6 PM. But I think that's big if you're drafting a show. It can't have a run of a year and a half. Mean it's wheezing geeks is a great show and the the people that are involved in that show is massive. Dramatic just. Our power definitely helps write if a big star got their start on your show. But if you're glancing a year and a half you watch that show like Arrested Development is pushing it. For me it's him maybe my favorite show however. But there's not too much to choose from right see I am I'm a big. Proponents of and you look at a show like arrested development and you're now in short run. But it's not one of these shows that as we are talking about earlier jumps the shark and has the bed right well yeah when it was still. Super he always has that. Yeah the office the last couple seasons are. Does it does it hurt Arrested Development that it's serialized kind of like it definitely follows an order you're watching them out of order yeah you can do wit but you're not getting the most out of it. I don't think so I mean I think the with sitcoms. So I thought was one of those shows that really. Created that whole kind of feel to it where there's not really the story line that's carrying over from episode episode each episode is its standalone. Its net syndicate ability right did you pick up any episode to speak into it and you're doesn't matter you don't have to know any storyline behind is just now here it is this is an episode assigned felt yeah and like. Is that it's one that I've seen. It's not the pretzels are making me thirsty episode of seen it. I don't know twenty times probably. But. Yeah I don't think that hurts I think that hurts it's. You do have to Arrested Development is one of those shows that. It comes at time and the more time that you put into you watch it through the first time in your like. Good show solid show when he watched through it the second time it's even better it gets batter batter batter so I think that is. Good thing for Arrested Development yet you do have to kind of watch it in order. But with each watch. You keep learning different things are noticing other jokes because yet been Arrested Development they try to show abandon. And there's so many jokes. Visually. The subliminal jokes are jokes within jokes it's they tried to show up in so many jokes. That takes a couple times to really fully understands. Some of these jokes but there's a Lucille. All right well listen it's so let's yeah I don't lose the feel right. So you've got these jokes well. On the chorus development it's pretty high. On my list 8030551888550. To 550 will converse on some feedback there was some nominations. Put out there towards the end of Russian open the bulldogs there. We're looking for some feedback Rother going to be talking a little bit about some of our favorite sports video games as well because you could tell. It's a little shell solution overnight it's it's odd the middle of July so we're just trying to have some point here. You know be great if people just called in inane show us. Yes we should forget about Sony's show yet you've got if you shelves that you think you deserve to be drafted and sick and draft. We're on the here on the end where merger younger typed list on. Yeah cheers. Everybody Loves Raymond. Scrubs. Modern family Frazier you know what's funny about modern family. That shows it's that show's been around for awhile right there has got to be close to ten years I've probably seen. The last five minutes of 70%. Of the episodes I've never watched a whole episode. Because it's our right before wrestling Monday nights I'll sell you you just catch the V and so I really know all the characters on the show I think. I maybe not their names but I know the show well enough. I see in the last five episodes I'd never seen entire thing. I've never wanted to watch an entire episode we'll. Offer that does not seem bad for but I'm not a big network. Ever since pretty much the office and 30 Rock in parks and rack that. Groping a network show I think or what is impregnated nets. Yes that's pretty much wind I I didn't watch parks in Iraq. One it was and he then I got picked it up and Netflix obviously. But covers science dull shows have come off of the network rotation. I mean you've got like what are the network's shows the Big Bang theory still heavy hitter gets humongous ratings but I think of like. Two broke girls. And how terrible. That show is do you know that. Have you ever seen it I've watched probably a total of twenty minutes of the show on my entire life I've watched probably a total of twenty hours of Promos for of that show during bulls games you've seen the problems more so I think I've seen enough. Yes the ball more do you need to see while Marty need to see it a real fight if you want EE eight. 552 by fifty phone lines filling up with suggestions. You can come and sleep a couple of open for you if you've got some we got Chris in Orchard Park though Chris what's going on here on the nightcap with Brian. A mile O'Brien blockers for children my great segment thanks got to say you know Orion and around the corner where you lot of guys stand on the older shows and L'Oreal Canada value I'm in the top three rounds are pretty solid. And also off a late bloomers coached. Coach and coach is do they still show coach Sunday nights at like 113 because I go to bed now at like 8 o'clock so I don't know. On even analysts what is being shopping show coach Sunday nights after ring of honor. So it was like midnight and for some reason I'd still be up on a Sunday night. And coach would be the reruns not bad coach it would show speaking of coach. Cheers. Which head coach. Yeah the first couple seasons write another great show and I think now you can say it definitely has the star power for sewage just Ted Danson. Is Woody Harrelson a bigger star than Ted Danson ever was. Yeah I would think so politics and out is because of his movie career his movie career is way bigger cut to. It's in the TV circuit probably still got. Over Woody Harrelson but he also have. Kelsey Grammer with Frazier you know off of that cell. You hear credit do you give Frasier if you draft cheers now and now those are two scandalous but I like the cities yet you might wanna trade up and Capel of Chris was asking a little bit about the other strategy Andy was asking about the older shows and that's the way that I kind of see gets. You've got old dog you've got show you got Mary Ellis them are coming in. Third and have more personal knowledge about those older shows recent she's old. No I'm saying how bad they're gonna have more knowledge of the older shows that I will because. Anyways well. So they have more knowledge of those older shows so I figure you know what let them let them pick over those scraps. And I'm without continue to just take a look at the value that I can gateway though the late ninety's show as the 2006 how old do you go. With the show what's the old they showed you kind of like I'm looking at my list here and I would save the old the show that I have on my list. Probably golden girls. Old in more than one way yeah I mean the ladies in the show we're old. Michelle was in the eighty's he now so that's that's probably as far back I never watch the girls golden girls in my sister my sister they are talking about a little bits of sharing TVs. My sister my mom watched a whole lot of golden girls so that was okay on the TV that house quite that I've seen quite a bit of on the family. So's does that rate highly for you if. I see I don't know if it does it's been a long time since I've watched it. And I haven't watched it since so I don't remember how funny it's the one there was one episode where they wrote a letter to the president. And then at the very end they said oh no did you jiggle the handle on the up post and I think about that every time might pave the rents. Put the rent India post office some like Doug I jiggle the handle like on the family so maybe just for that reason he had some analysts. But other met like cheers is probably the old show rate yet shares rose again. Yeah rose and the early ninety's kind of sick ounces bros and I would say is Frasier. Show Cosby show is on that list fallen are like where meet council seat that's that's what we are describing it last night Cosby show is a first round talent no doubt but he's got the off the field issues so you're not quite sure where he truly slots and yet I don't want to run that risk early. I always thought that I was somebody would be off the field issues wouldn't bother me that much. I'm not touch and accounts we showed that not much in the doesn't show no on the Cosby Show was so influential though just syndicated reality is a zero now now but both Gary and I'll now always won a draft is probably got he's got take what he's like a guy who it's bad he could divide came out of college a year early and short of because you know two years ago it would of ended up first round now he's undrafted. Yeah that's okay you. I can't argue with that body. I don't ease that I consider him because of the significance of the show at the time the significance of the show at the time was was really huge. So. Now because the show's going to be going to be up they're going back to the folks here got Jerrold in Hamburg Jerrold your on with Brian Ryan. They've grown organs at McCall's and some shows that are that are something out of me that her have to be on somebody's list. So like Malcolm in the Middle finger covered so their lawyers out or your lawyers and respond Brian Christians and NASCAR are subject that. Respond Brent person's career breaking bad. Huge star yet to take that under consideration. You're you're you're great so like taxi. That was great and so all so you know on who the bar. And The Beatles on XP's comments always birdies so you expect he's up there and man I mean I don't almost you guys realizing that there are a great actor and you're mentally. I don't know is if they're you know many lucky and in the end it yet it really difficult situation money. This is some heavy lifting yeah I I do look at it and you can book online and that's what I I did originally was I was looking at lists online. Greatest sick com's top 100 sake bombs and number 99 was like happy days which is. Kind of starts I guess I think comics yet show and I'm like while they got 98 other shelves that go ahead of this law and it's it's going to be tough a tough poll here. Cannot be honest here who's the boss terrible who's the boss terrible access I'd. Couldn't even tell you anything about who's house. Guess. Yeah. That's going to be the key see that's why you've got the generational divide. The generational divide here you've got a Cy Young lipper's snapper Moline meals here you've got the John actors or. The knowledge of baby boomers and G got the job tax errors and there's gonna be a generational divide. I've where we meet in the middle does does of the ninety's the crossover points. That might be it I was thinking in my head that. Friends asked to be the cross so. I think that is probably that that that's a long show that started. You know in a time when. Older shows were on it ended in a time when you were shows were beginning I think that the TG IF lineup there. With friends and Boy Meets World and home improvements all of those shows. That was probably that was not that TG IF line. Boy Meets World it front's definitely now yachts that I don't think theory and on the same network. IE I'm pretty positive I'm pretty proud of your wrong wasn't TG IF and ABC thing. And friends was definitely an NBC thing yes. Well. Let's I'm gonna take a look at the the TGI I can't I can't vouch for home improvement either way I don't remember I think home improvement was a TG IF one it was yes. I may be I was watching reruns may be at it's which nights some of the shows which nights. They do switch nights I honestly am now I have no idea. And aboriginal TGI yeah. What now in congress TGI FA BC there was no difference. Comes when it comes to June. It is that's Pacquiao. Back in my early years when I can't even remember anything what it one more one more call in here for via we take a break and need to keep the calls coming it'll 30551888. By fifty to five if you've got Patrick in the car Patrick what's up man. Well. I'd have wanted it dark about my very grateful that white people like run and did. It ought. Great run with it and it all I'd go everything in its rate and out on the part. Or anybody else that. All the time that they're not. Ever say where. You can watch it. After all and did Reagan that led them. Yeah he used to make a certain point about how you can always come back to those shelves. You could always come back to those shows you knew what you were getting you think about signed felt. You know you're getting Jerry and Elaine and Kramer and George every episode you know what's coming. I remember the after school shows something game saved by the bell was one of them. Family matters who was another. Bomb growing pains they would show in the afternoon after school. I don't like them. If you wanna growing pains is not a growing pains and neither I never got never got into the credit and see the big a deal was all of Robin Williams. Markedly Andy yet I was terrible too. That's the way back it's lately seventies I. It 305518885525. If you've got to participants. Coming up in the sick on draft tomorrow it's gonna be going on. Ford at 6 PM show for the bulldogs show. Brian why people gonna be there Mary Ellis down where. WG RZ channel two she's gonna be on board with. Malik and the Bulldog as well so. They were we're gonna continue discussing certain things like I'm getting questions. On Twitter about what does and what does not count sort have to get into some of that's. It's the nightcap prime has Brodsky Derek cream or doing a great job behind the board and be right gates on WGR. Hillary. I think it just. Became the birds of a town called Ballard. Yeah that Carolina pins that you see that. The Carolina Panthers Twitter account. I saw it and mrs. I don't know I guess how tired I get in the afternoon and so I saw it. Andy's didn't understand what I was saying well I started to read the tweets in chronological. Order. I actually did the same page some Michael. And the hell's going on I had no idea I did the same thing when it was just like I'll go back and read all of our tweets over the past three days so why it took 3 days ago and am. It was life into this it wasn't just you them because I did the same thing it wasn't only talking about our later were right just decided let me were. All OK I kind of picked up on it like reading it backwards. I didn't I realized what they were trying. To to accomplish. And let me get back to the top here scroll down from the top to the bottom and did that it all came together for those who don't know. And last week I think it was the Carolina Panthers Twitter account played a long Twitter game we're over the course of three days. They tweeted lyrics. Of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme. As being the first word of their tweets. So then you would scroll down from top to the bottom and it was the entire fresh prince theme was the first where they're tweets over the course of three days. Pretty impressed the. I don't know really who thought of that idea ever wondered what goes on an NFL front office in the off season. It's just that level of boredom they're figuring out twitters shenanigans. Are impacted policy we got key in time Wanda keep what's up man. Hey I don't tonight they critic Mike call. Hockey to guide not even consider Tim Allen he didn't mean this is this is at its. I mean it all improvement where he had read on. I mentioned homer from a home improvement Taylor Tyler by the way not even just Tim Allen you have the beer guy and then you have the and that space guy. Our Richard Karr and and Patricia Richardson in the end what you said yeah a cut up. And it did available. I think there was indeed out Tim Allen canal big stars of you you're looking for the star factor Tim Allen certainly provides that. You've got Jonathan Taylor Thomas he was a you know I'm young star at that point. Yeah I come back in the last minute Andy attitude does doesn't you know. And it's a great show and we we laughed when we receive around eleventh stupid they you know cutoff but hey who we're who we're left early and daughter Charlotte. I feel like that's a show I might laugh at if I Sar rerun. Now your gonna be the house guys so you're gonna. Until they bring that some of the old stuff. You know. They'll have for electric for Bershard put your finger to commander Richard amount. And also do like. Also Walton but a bit of the only American guy come on there and do that is so that it looked like great. Great great great stuff. Now that show that shows on the list I think so yeah that show definitely I don't. Oh yeah there's so many shows there's so many shows you I I think about a lot of these shelves the Scalia when will definitely get drafted like. Home improvement was one that was just brought up earlier it's. Three's company which I mean clearly clearly not analyst. Nowhere nowhere near my Estes three's company now like I am I don't have I understand it's one of the year the originals so does he get there does Alou week. Get drafted I don't think so if it does get drafted I think it's only around steel type OPEC it's so different. Then Embry others sick com besides the a master of non output both of them in the same category. Where there's a really different show. You almost feel like it's an important show it trick she would that there's there's a lot of shows that are. It's kind of the feel like the trend now with comedies rather kind of mixing it. The philosophical. Toll Paula drama auditions yet the drama these styles that drown. Where there's the mixture of the comedy but they're they're trying to also call the tax on real issues simultaneously. In their gap. They're I don't quite a real issues there's how that affects packs a lot of those shows now like at a kerosene you're the worst. No I've been told that'll. Yeah I know it's really that. All the time buts it's it's a show it's like these two people who are you compatible with anybody else in the end up getting together but they're horrible people. So it's funny because there horrible people and they do horrible things and make fun of every once it's great. But that's like the real issue like real relationship issues and master of none does that kind of stuff to words rial. Interpersonal relationship issues even with his father and things like that that he's trying to. There's there's a point to it at the end not just I think sign fell to Wear or it's a yes Saudi even there's there's no point. That master of nine I really liked that show I almost feel like it's too. Much on the drama side to be considered does that make sense even though I don't happen that show more than. Most other show it's a blurring of the lines it's a blurring of what. It is their situations. And there's comedy. In that shell but there is a blurring of it too because it does have that serious aspect to it. It's these these are some of the questions were trying to to sort out here where is the line. In real serious every element that I think so I think definitely there's been some of the original. Sick alms we're tackling issues that. Were never tackled before in its beer like that's what sick comes on that are gonna be taken early have the most star power. Six pounds taken early that have the most star power cheers is got to be right big fears is good. I don't deal I don't design yells side because we have a lot. Honest our power outside of his show. He doesn't really have any sign. Star power I let's in. I Julia Louis-Dreyfus now is hitting it big with her own another show right but that's you know one person number one other show. That's I don't know I consider that to be too much star power so I think friends probably has. Malle lists with generous and Courtney Cox. They were all kind of little hot afterwards after friends but still none of them really. Blossomed in the big type stars on four bit the Schwimmer guy. Yet David Schwimmer he was in Curb Your Enthusiasm for season he was in band of Brothers he was also weigh in. The people all vs OJ Simpson are all yet that early recently I guess that's got a lot of star power in the air. And I struggled to think of other. You know Tim Allen at ease that it borderline. Stop our. But I think get to go to some of the older show is that kind of red stars and maybe that's why the Robin Williams show. It's picked because he's in well that's why look at special like freaks and geeks and think it deserves. The recognition because you have Seth Rogen and Jason to gall and James Franco. And this one isn't. The Java app at all as a producer on that Indian. Bet those guys right there. Huge beauty now stars they're bad they're big movie stars there big movie producers now so that's why I look at it freaks and geeks who like. Deserves. A pretty high draft pick in my opinion because it's it was the spark for all of these people who now are are huge stars. I just wanna get something out there as we have had a few questions about certain things in the the draft such as like cartoons of the Simpsons is being considered in absolutes yet definitely and you've got the questions. Came from a Butler where Scooby Doo. Scooby do this account. Was it ever on prime time. I've been I don't literally never watch their crimes I've only ever watched that you know and like more noon yes yes maybe it's is. I'm telling the price asked although I've only ever watched the Flintstones. At noon but that was a prime time sick count so that should count. Yet the Jetsons. The Jetsons tube was influenced I don't think Scooby Doo was ever a product on Russia sober one about bet man is that a sick count. No I think them instant it's a superhero show it's not a sitcom it's the super was it showed it to be funny at the time because I only ever watched it as a funny Batman show. No I don't think it was it wasn't medicine have to outcast. EU is bound comedy with the power and whack that was totally series at the time. I got that different. But a I didn't have it back to the phones actually tunnel and actually and the like yeah. I get done. On or I don't know man idol was he was I think this shocking. I mean. She does have the local star power there is a local statue dedicated to Lucy's so let's see there's two Obama. One of them was so bad they had to remove it yeah. Out creepy yes. And that and other things have been born in the or at the new black back qualifiers that is dramatic. See that's bad I immediately think that's a drama. It's it's it's one of those shelves that we are kind of discussing word. See eye view orange is the new black is more of the drama that has bodyguards and an eye view. Master of no under some of these other Netflix originals and having coming out recently even like a boat Jack horsemen which is animated. But it's got a real strong serious side to it. Adds a show. X. As serious as they show about a horse man can be paid a tackle some serious issues guys OK at tackle serious depression issues Donnelly won't. But yeah it's the blending of these issues where it's kind of serious that's got funny part so we're trying. We're trying to figure that out ourselves where exactly the line is drawn if I have a vote I'd vote no for that show being sick. I think artery. And a and then I would another one thing and I don't know Cooley counts and then Merrill. Are classic you have bewitched and making as well I think that a time or ID Medina. Get those are dep in its accounts yet those those are definite sitcoms I mean. I don't have a lot of knowledge and I think I think I Dream of Jeannie over a lot of some of these older shows that'd dimension over the last day or so. I'm pretty much strictly for the I can't go that's why I like watching it at like ten. And that's that's when it was. You yours ago it's on and get stuff and I'm attacks like to. The Three Stooges. Where do you fall on that does some classic. Physical comedy so is that a physical comedy years that's account because the situations they get in is that they're usually. When they dare and is that you how long Jazeera these episode have to be. I think it has to be thirty minutes yeah and a lot of the stooges broken up into like ten minute bits. Yeah but I mean you think of yeah I guess your right. 'cause it was broken up into Litman interest gets within the 24 hour period yeah like you couldn't. Pick from Peabody and Sherman as your favorite Peabody because they were part of the rocky and bullwinkle show. Of ebony. That there was just a Peabody and Sherman movie wasn't there yet there wasn't a stand alone show was far. Yeah I don't know now that's. Another another recommendation for star power parks in Iraq. That is some serious star power now yeah my vote poetry on Twitter sending me that Chris Pratt Aubrey plaza assault I'm sorry eighty poll Rob Lowe Adams guy Rasheed edged down. An extremely funny show 30 Rock is up there at the star power to Baldwin and Fey. Tracy Morgan Tracy Morgan of course and I think there are few other other sub and some other people. If that showed an hour but that's a big star power show and it's also a really funny show that when those two shows are. High up there for me it's that. Period it NBC when the office in thirty rock and parks and there really handing don't period yet and the C Collins and super super hot in that period in 030551888. 5525. If he were just burst relax and have a good time here. OK so The Three Stooges. Don't they were mostly to homes. But there was a stooge TV block. But that was back in the ninety's where they took some of that shorts I don't think accounts. For Easter is the guy. Now they're there are more shorts that yet happened in between shows and stuff like that yet I'd I'd say that doesn't count are making a ruling. Judge. He's apparently the rule master even though it is joy if this draft is as little as less than an hour ago. 8030550. Keep the calls coming. Ergen and keep talking to keep talking about the sick and draft coming up to force XP and ensure open bulldogs and I kept a WG. Well here's. Here is a a theme this a new show kind of becoming back July 30 adults and what is reckon Marty. Okay I've never watched I've heard so much about it yes. Minorities and actually showed too because it's one of those shows that also combines very. Kind of mean this that don't we here in cal is an add on at like 11 o'clock at night. Once you get a pass eleven. Are you a sick car does it have to be in front grip to clear up some of these rules and live with the guys to mount figured I'll tell you it's a big six com I think prime time is an important factor in the sick and you have to be in those in those between 811 the weeknight time slots the big time slots you gotta be and theirselves and yeah I don't think. I'll figure that ends up getting there. Thanks over the cartoons even on Nickelodeon maybe then again only. Cartoons and stimpy. Probably not because they weren't in those primetime locations in the Simpsons guess prime time on Sunday nights yet the so that is a six car for sure so that work ethics is that I've signs the number one draft pick. I think it depends on who gets set. British or Bulldog gets that it will be number one draft pick it's got to be its first round pick easy though. I hate. That might be its. Has more episodes than any other succumb I can think of any show pure preacher a a lot of them are funny it's a watch abilities through the roof fits a rerun of bill rerun ability through the roof. Star power Homer Simpson he's a huge star bar are huge star had a hit song yeah. So yeah the Simpsons as engaged in case study but yeah that's definitely sick on I think we're onto something within the rules here. Gotta be the prime time slots in order to be a truce sic on got to be in those primetime slots or else you really opened the door for a whole lot of different things yet you do you are let's get one more call in here before we we had to be. The update list. But their keys actually in a brief sports. But I'll run around and awful we've been talking about shows that and springboard for stars Ron's got here round was going and then. Well it can get to revisit this app is our issue Rick is actually top anxious to disperse our workers aren't easy really said that grew up. And it kind of got old about a rod and what are run out of there and so even this first ever earth orbit sort of Robin Williams and absorb more. More commend you mistreated he was you know dream of Richie. Why Howard. And it became our guys. Became a big star they. Created Arrested Development which might be another draft pick. Kabul well I'd probably everything else so it produced weren't surely. Joey who shot government what we're gonna put sort produced three different accompanying post during commercial goods big producer and the the brother. And they just are so a lot of star power to Abdullah. Sitting smoking and a lot of cutting sweet she's kind of corny. That a lot of people thought. And another thing on a side note with there are no more they Mary Tyler Moore that we shot at a younger group like you guys would take them. So that's that's the things that I think considering because you're you're looking at these guys and they're talking about potentially taking it's always sunny because they know that's going to be high on my list of of a show that I wanna take. But if we start dabbling back varied and taking things that they might hold dear in their hearts but you don't might be some some strong revenge. Ability plates of strategy here yet there's gonna be the strategy that has to be employed. This draft I my one thing with happy days even though it has may be the most iconic character. Right with Bonzi is up there is maybe now Homer Simpson. But he's up there ease up to the other thing that it has though is happy days now it's only remembered for jumping the shark. Which is huge turnout though so it did but it's not a good one it's not a good term but it created itself but the creation of the term does that mean it's got its cultural importance it. It certainly does but I'm just saying that if you who good look back to happy days are right now that's the one thing a lot of people are gonna take away from smoking now in now. Scott that no showed nowadays that. IDs of the Colorado we appreciate it man it's it's. I'm not jumping the shark is such cultural elements it spreads across not even just TV shows. Think that people talk about WGR here we will talk about WG RB like his pink talk jumped the shark. My account. It. Kate. I still don't think that that's remembering happy days in good light. Not eaten but it's. They created the term. Just because you're not remembering angle like this. You can not remember the office and got blight because they jump the shark for the last two seasons do you remember site public doubling even though Larry David wasn't involved with the last two seasons. Well you remember the peak of the show we don't remember them the valley but I don't remember the peak of happy days. Ball yeah you're different. You don't I don't status you know I want to be days I was going to be different for you all right it up real by 51. 888550. To 550 we are gonna bring you a little bit of sports. The Derek and bring it to you is going to be about a two minutes wrapped up nice segment and he's gonna give you everything that's happened today so. Look forward that the nightcap Brian Nasrallah skiing in and with me Democrat or run the board it's WGR.