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Howard and Jeremy
Monday, July 17th

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So you wanna do it ready for a ready for its drop out. Edition six. This one is the easiest of the mall. Oh wow filled out this Shaq who own the awful school. It's always Simon and Jeremy White. And our workers prepared. The preakness. Biggest game in fifteen years probably twenty years let's be real. This is our super ball best forty years one of the biggest games ever today at the day we're going crazy. Brady flyers beat down field. And it is but it. To have breakfast and the end zone touchdown he beat Stephon Gilmore they have like a rented mule on WGR. About. Gore oh aren't Sports Radio 550. The. Easiest one of the whole bracket so far excuse me you've been away on vacation or we're doing we've separate all moments from the seventy your playoff drought into categories and selecting winners of each category this is gains against the patriots moments against the patriots. The most representative moments. Of the drought in all the patriot games. It's just a blowout right analysts say it's I want to give the nominees were the 88 moments some of our nominees other nominees that we have we have. 56 to ten. Cool the bills when a couple games in a row they get flexed into Sunday night. Against the unbeaten patriots. Who then proceed to four Ronald bills 56 to ten. Willis McGahee stuffed on a fourth and one that's opening day Dick Jauron season yeah there are leading the patriots. By a much the scores at seventeen that the real or something no like they end up losing like 1970 or did one thing they did oh they're nineteen to seven I think is what they're up. Whenever they're winning they're about to put this game away it's a fourth and one McGahee gets stopped he thinks its third one. Some people want them to kick they didn't take they went for trying to kill the game and ultimately they lose that game. Another nominee Tom Brady's single greatest game of his life. Week two against Rex is defense 466. Yards a flawless performance Brady is incredible that game. That's the blow while that wasn't right. That's the game where it's the bills or touched at the bills were like three only lose by eighteen inning game that they were never really an evil little ball down eight they scored late they took what two penalties that day I think maybe it was Rex pounding the podium in the post game that day probably set. TJ Graham runs the wrong route. On the game's final play New England beat buffalo that's at Gillette. 31 nothing rebuttal to the 31 nothing win. Which is poetic of course right because yup. Bills when the opener and then in the season finale the patriots on the when the playoffs when 31 and nothing don't forget about the based defense Steve wants that game. They ultimately give up. Like seven touchdowns and roll it's I'm just looking at the box score for that game because I was gonna bring that one up. I just wanna have the numbers correct on this. So it would have been. 11 is don't want to separate the bills so I think we shouldn't laugh I'm I'm really. It was 21 to seven in the third quarter. And then the patriots went touchdown. Touchdown. Touchdown. Touchdown touchdown now on consecutive possessions right now and and then. Let's see there was still another touchdown and if you go yet they scored on seven consecutive possessions. Six touchdowns one field goal and 152 to 28 when the bills were leading 217 early third quarter. Like when that and it's it's not winning but that's not really good one it's not now. You can roll Breck. And that's most of the nominees that's you know I thought about putting in the bills beating the patriots that you colder reset. Just because it seizes what it would be like to play that team if they didn't have a great core Mac you yeah I mean there's a third string guy not there at second straight I also thought about. Doug Maroney getting to nine and 7UP against a team that didn't play Brady your number of other starter sleep I think he played first half first half and they were leaving death and many came out and the bills one that really important game yup. Now. But none of them are gonna come close so that Sunday night flex game doesn't know no. This I don't know what number you're what you're talking about I just her second and third place William Hurt the highlight on the way in at the Mckelvin fumbled. That is without a doubt that's the that's the worst loss the patriots of the last seven seniors right. Europe. Multiple points multiple score of say 2412. Or something liquor right. You come out and look good. Winning at defense looks great offense was sharp that day. And you are down the stretch opening night Monday Night Football like I don't humanist I don't quite have the box score it's not quite a statement. But it's put it was it was this week one prime time yeah beat Brady in New England. Yeah I have it was it was 24 to thirteen I'm sorry Torre for thirteen. Fred Jackson touchdown from Trent Edwards. Nine day what was it nine and a half. 317 into the system during 28 in here I guess it is so. Yet little over five minutes left in the fourth quarter there up eleven. Five minutes yep. And and Benjamin Watson touchdown and Benjamin Watson touchdown when he talked when he four and got the ball back with time to trying to downing get a field goal and ultimately that didn't go. Seattle Mckelvin fumble is the winner here. And a Kelton fumble in terms of moments of the drought if you're trying to think of the most amazing and heartbreaking and all it's the Golden State Warriors of the last seventeen years. It really is. It's the dominant. Ball into it yet in this this. Break down this drought about this Brooke calling all the things that have happened and kind of you know exercising these demons before camp starts in ten days. It is the Golden State Warriors with the rain. Just imagine and together for seventeen you just relentless. Power how dominant this CD is in this turtle I. Look I iris I'm watching free agency and everything and you know Chris Paul he goes what they end up Houston and I'm thinking about guys that are out west like Gordon Hayward like. Okay no offense do you talk. Get out of their Gordon go weeks that he signed with Boston thought great I if I was a free agent in the west. I'd sign with a team in the east I just would do everything in my power to stay away from Golden State if I'm with Cleveland or Boston or whoever in the east. I don't even have to worry about gold instead until I make it to the NBA finals they're that they're that powerful they're that good and they're gonna be together for at least one another couple years now. I would just not wanna be in the west right now Chris how the heck you get through those guys and beat him four times in the seven game series. There are injuries involved that's Mckelvin. Every time a play happens this year. One like pilots are really tough play and it's a it's unfortunate the odds are stack up against the Calvin outs I'm close now that would be tough to beat me Calvin but the thing at this thing about the patriots games. But you said. So many blowouts over the years the fifth that the sudden it flex game that you brought up the fifteen to 28 that. Second game against Rex group you know we're used to Brady put up 3040 points and apple. In Gillette Stadium where you had not won the opening night. Week one prime time and you've got. And it look we all I know I thought about it in the fourth quarter were all thinking OK how are they gonna blow this one honestly I I I try would have thought. I think you're the closest one out as crazy isn't it. Eleven points five minutes to go all I know it's Brady I think didn't deaths and they found just the craziest way to. You know the kick. It's one of those every distraction had gone how'd you manage to lose that but because it was Brady because it was in New England takes on. A larger. Place in history what year was that 2012. In are changing doesn't nine it's that long ago 2009. On number 142000 president to Jauron. Manager runs all over this list. Four hit a couple of duties and fox for room you know when to throw and the the 1970. Yup. Nine gathering that was pretty easy Drogba moves on that was an easy one who got so here's who's moved on so far. Coaching Jauron moves drafting they've been coaching decisions. Rex is pulled in overtime against Miami you know that one we were yeah yeah we were debating a moron pond but I'd defer to the techsters. Most flood bill was Fred Jackson that was what Friday I think right man that feels. Like it's not the right answer. And on up fighting but it just you can always appeal to the NCAA but I don't think we're gonna have any he's on the list but. I okay funds different things for different people he was fun to watch super fun. Hype and hope was 20085 west arbitrage and we're trying to patriot games as Leodis is fumble. Which leaves what operating. Horrific losses. And quarterback moments. As you remaining brackets you and so we get an extra track nine brackets until continue to exercise the demons can't is ten days away. Could a KK get here soon enough you know. Number it ago I wanna see Sean McDermott and see what this team looks like and what it what the heck he's doing out there and let's go let's see out Tyrod looks and Rick denizens offense and position battles. But they kept as Doug morale might set. I'm looking forward to camp starting at seeing what exactly the 2017 bills. Amen new head coach there got to find out what he's gonna do. Why how we approach pre season filled due in many ways it's different than other coaches in years past. No well the like with starters are rotation just about that about I mean. When you become a head coach. You then go to what we gotta be an L I mean I coordinators would certainly know that he'd been around so it's Alec. Being in Manila in the precincts in immunity nude and its lowest. Let's not showing thing let's not do anything what's. Why are their key guys keep guys healthy squad they're not get her work on terminology make sure guys are prepared yet. Gas there's there's really little else to make sure records in body armor he's. And somehow make sure Sammy Watkins gets through the pre season healthy. That's one way for your honeymoon and quickly as a new coaches if you play a star player. In the second half and they get her boom done as though it was some crickets in the second quarters in the pre season. No. No you don't think you'll see a snap in a second quarter to better or not. I bet he does well then that would be a bad idea. Walk. While playing the first court. Klein we do this every year I don't have but honestly I I mean if you wanna bring up Sammy you could say why plays Sammy. You know get out there timing receivers quarterback duel offense. To some local. What if play. And and if you're freaking out because they lost Mike -- to the patriots there's another reason why not the place LeSean McCoy. I just there's. You can sit beacons that the entire pre season. I'd be very very careful with using Sammy but I think there's an element in getting out there and running around and trying to play. And try to get back and and work on his timing with Tyrod Taylor in this new offense. It with a running back not so much okay LeSean make your read you know why you run an inside you run an outside where's the blocking do your cutbacks it's really not that hard don't play LeSean McCoy.