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Monday, July 17th

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It's how we Simon and Jeremy why it's an aging electric field in the name. Kings later that dirt easy answers of course of Matt King every second of his name also target area. It. You got on fire and ice ice and fire that the fifth redstone. Hey John again they're there. Let's go geographic. All right the question is what is the capital of west Thompson. I hope this is going to be a game approach geography and help. You rent so what's the capital. Of the state of Wisconsin. Alaska. I feel like you know that's wrong I do. You're there. Okay well I'm here for game from us install it on masterfully. All right and it's yours. But the wealthiest namely west rose asked me yes. Let's say they wanna put all their money and a Roth IRA. Come again what is the Roth IRA. I don't know off. I was it was addresses a dragon right now. I'm glad you are non WG ER Sports Radio 550. The last two explain everything to me about the game throws listen. That's never seen that there's a Mulder is a very good news is gonna tweak this out. This is this show that will guarantee. No spoilers. We're not gonna watch tonight before I never I don't watch it I have to admit that I eight. And that I caved to peer pressure. But I've found myself last night thinking all right what exactly did I stop watching it where I leave off because it I did not watch last season. And I was behind. And old world is watching game of drones we thought now my world to see the bills what they twittered out. Now I'll meant to be it's a great little video it's got Marshall various and Zeta-Jones. And a bunch of players explaining what game throne is. Why they like it and help him watch parties are martial various as teammates over they have watch parties for him thrown at school team bonding exactly so I guess they really don't like Sunday night games because they got to get home to watch game throws. Soul you know after watching that I thought. Nine or how far back toward ago when I'm so I spent about an hour to an hour and a half going back. And old episodes to find where I am. And I finally did so I think I'm just gonna go ahead and catch up and I'll probably join every one and a couple weeks. Because I got to knock out seasons five and six. I watched the first four. I've literally never seen the second you know like you know sometimes chills will come up and I'll say I don't really watch it in our mail I. But I would've seen a few minutes flipping through whatever curiosity. I've never ever seen a single moment of any game thrown show. Couldn't tell you what it's about know nothing of it it's about I like to be different you know I don't wanna run with a pack like that you my own guy right right. It's about warring families but it's not mean you watch the crown yeah right which is is that warring families. Is that political ground stuff this is much more of the crown that there was more to it it's a background ul ul and Queen Elizabeth OK but that's real. Ads are based on fact that historically accurate got them this is more you know dragons and OK wizards of sorts and stuff. The the the exit of the about a for me that I'll always remember with key difference is that I had a friend who told me to read the series of books. She's told my third. Fourteen years ago and read these books July compared to assure. And then six years later I decided sure all right I'll I'll give moloch it and read them and then HBO comes out the near a monster hit. It's just it's funny how sometimes something can be around forever. Until someone decides to put it on television or make a movie out of it and then it becomes you know this massive thing Lord of the Rings and that was obviously a very big book series at the time. Does around for what thirty years or B maybe maybe a little more or less it was around forever before they actually made movies on it and a whole new generation it's. Exposed to its audience drones have been around. Those books are not new or old mean he would think about that to direct five books book for books by the before they started tees one on television yeah. So it's a cultural phenomena if I had to Sadie you why it's super popular. Now it's it's it's HBO they they do of whatever HBO does they do a great job with right for the most part. Whether it's I love west world sopranos had that monster following forever yet they're always some. Each feels always one and only that Sunday night time slot. That's when Russell was somebody dying because that's when sopranos was the Sunday night if you look at their big franchise show is. It's the Sunday night time slot free HBO that they lockdown well outside of football season night look at things Europe from a sports perspective all the time outside of football season and gets in Sunday nights or white a wide open in because the networks don't really write a much what I generally what they do on Sunday and outs. And there will be eight and sixty minutes probably what ten episodes a bike and cal goes off the second is right to the first NFL Sunday night game. A maybe a little bit no goes well in the season here does it occur anywhere. What it's late July we've got a couple Sundays in August and then. Yeah that's funny I I didn't watch sopranos either so I apologize for sounding ignorant that run during football season. Yes okay and by my count this season ends in week two of the NFL's incident at that now. Did sopranos runner in football season definitely is a guy I remember being collar watch football all day long and then. You just watched sopranos at night yeah you wouldn't yet. Like on on the list of shows that had. This show is such a cultural. What every once a phenomenon but it's so important that people get together to watch it sopranos had that. Absolutely survivor for a couple seasons had that people and watch parties Redmond that was brand new. Game at drones is definitely watch party for the let me ask you this so so when people are watching game at trolls like you said. It's kind of like a sporting event you just don't you know you're worried about you'll hear what happens you don't DVR you watch it live our people tweeting. Yeah we we will tweet during a game right will be tweeting you we do everybody that you treat during your watch in the bills of the sabres whatever you're tweeting. Can't believe they missed that penalty block what appear to bet you do the same thing during game thrown I noticed that last night so last night again I'm I'm doubled back and watched the to have premiere of season five Kazaa a so I'm catching up. So all who's on the seven episodes this season so mobile before double secret over Cory tweet today and thank you Corey so. I'm all back how much in season five to trying to catch up and I looked on Twitter and yes people alive Tweety what's happening on the episode or reactions and death. So like closed down because there's also something that's different for me. Having read the books. Know what was that word about having on the spoiled for a and I knew there relic some of the most dramatic and surprising moments in the show. And in the history of the story are all the books and I I knew at all. So that's no fun. It's as fun as reading a book commencing a movie which is I don't typically do OK I've done that idea that a lot infect a feisty a movie is coming out. I will overrule the bull rush to get the book CO wouldn't do that they would wanna know what's happening in the movie well it's done a lot of times there's there's plenty differences could you do that with bill's season by the way give me the book. But before they play the games and let me read it and see if I like how it turns out on the question what I wanna that would you like it don't read about the bills' season first and then watch it I don't I bet you wouldn't want I don't I would I don't think so either I would again when you make a movie. It is. Different it's open to interpretation this series has gone a little bit away maybe a lot of it away from the books and in fact now there aren't timeline that have passed the protect the god don't put it best. It's its own kind of thing so. So for me I never had to worry about spoilers because I kind of knew the big events will now. They're kind of in uncharted territory on the books in so I don't have that. I had the shot off Twitter and think Arriaga I'd wanna have anything ruin foreign media so we can make up we can make a solemn vow to all listeners. This will be a spoiler free game throngs. Program all of the talk to you because like I said what does it take me if there's only seven episodes I'll catch up until maybe the finale. I had two seasons to came to cram in before ravens start on this season. But I may be out I'll go and a little HBO on demand and start watching NC. David out of the bin to watch out well it's some who watched two episodes that turned last night from season one so I need he's on the still looking I'm still looking for that that show that and I'm locked in on how do you handle I would like what he's an early and in with a seven all meant a lot but they're not long seasons I some dollars and nights in the dorm at saint John Fisher coming up Diego Meehan my laptop or some television shows are. 13 1420. Give a throne is like 710 this one is seven while so yeah it's it's not as much raced there are seven episodes which means 1234567. It is over by the end of August. So it will not conflict of football season it she's gonna get monster ratings in the dead this time of television in the air which is it's that it's the dead of summer. And if you wanna think about it what night works for if you wanted to dominate a night of the week in the summer. Sunday night is a pretty good spot everybody decide your uncle back home. Whenever we key had river weekend plans you're doing your your most likely going to be home for that they put on Saturday night yes you know you're out it would be DVR all pocket tomorrow here. So yes a last night I. I was talking them Molly and as I said Dick going to wanna get back on the war and she had watched the buses and as well. And she's like whatever I'll just jump in where you are so yeah I ma. What else am I gonna do. There and Korea Sunday night the summer I got ten days still bills camp I months until the hockey season. What all smug and there every ounce. On a night at 9 o'clock I can handle. Yeah I know I was Mike my idea. My weekend early Sunday was was supposed to be sports related I I got up I turned on the the gentleman championships at Wimbledon and it was a big nothing. Option there was just that thing just went that at which is the one hour and I think 49 I turned it off after the second set yeah I'm in digests. I felt sorry for Cilic. And I tuned in because the better to me is one of those sports stores like. While look at the ancient guy trying to win another Grand Slam was 303636. Users its third ancient guy. So like tuned in because I thought great story line let me see Federer and it was over before you know it was just it was like a blowout Super Bowl and at halftime your thickened. To still watch this because it's a major event and everybody's watching Georgia I turned it off after two sets it was just. That was the big sporting event of the weekend it was your pick of the week by the way Wimbledon yen and I did tune in and it was just no contest in addition to pick the game throngs season debut. That he's ordered it warcraft the logic to get this the Tennessee I've been ahead at significantly higher number of viewers yet it was there it again I I tuned into watch Federer but I just. It it wasn't competitive I mean it was I don't know maybe 6361. In the first two sets it went fast and he. Cilic was having issues what he had to I think gets like a blister on his foot with a timeout where they were. Talking to on the sideline and their show and many see that we're looking at the clip now he's in tears he's crying and it was just. Was a very. Strange first couple of sets. And the McEnroe Brothers are talking about is it possible he's just Wigan out on the important. And he's he's lost his focus it was odd it was. Sadly it it never materialized and anything it was just applaud victory for Federer which was called anyone but I just. The brick rather boring sporting event for the thing I was over bro weakened in out based crichton yeah it was it was very weird now. They just showed a clip where they had his shoe off and they're attending to his butt. I'm almost positive it it was all of those things right had a on his background I'm doing work for the show or read them doing stuff but I haven't on. And all of a sudden they show him on the side trader comes over. Maybe a doctor came over I forget and they were attending to them but they won't do anything. But they weren't working on a body part and all of a sudden tough loss crying. Yeah right now he's crying so southern dirt on it they're talking about it on the telecast his apostle is there an injury that we don't know about. Or. It teaches you know mentally is he just dispersed I think it's his first final at Wimbledon. He's got off to a bad start Federer beat them pretty bad did you just become unglued it was a very strange situation to a lot pop. Yeah like maybe you get to that moment and you have such a Porsche stark that you think you almost think like I'll never recover from this yeah at least in this match and what I wouldn't get to start over again we'll have lost it before and I'll look I've got I'm not showing the tennis I can play yeah I've got this audience I'm in the final everybody's watching and I am you know what in the bed. And it's it's not the tennis player I am and maybe he just became unglued it was it was thought it was very now afterwards they said he had a blister but. I don't recall that work on foot on that stoppage anyway that it was and fortunate it was a none of that event Federer as world. I was up yesterday morning one and got around a golf and want to get ready for the golf tournament I've decided not to practice now I'm going on practice sets. That's a bold strategy that's fine it is to be brought coordinated their ticket to scramble yeah I to right I'd the last few seasons only play golf during tournaments and this year I've played twice. Just actually play golf which is penal kind of a bounce back for me. It's because they're from the course that I can get a quick nine in in doesn't take up my entire day. Because golf for me that the toughest part to play not a lot yeah I'd gladly go south populate. Yesterday but yesterday morning. At the whistling oaks at Delaware medals that's what I call and city give Delaware park about a fancy names to make it sound like something that we see at like right CBS exactly the whistling oaks has done over bingo every time of the everytime I talk about playing Yemeni giving you fancy name which is Doerr partner. Which I. I think I've made fun of the idea of playing at Delaware park on this show before maybe a couple of years ago. It's great. Since okay. Not really good nine hole there's eighteen there no but I mean for me I'd Max out aria so we just like and I play beyond nine got some golf been ready for the tournament. I'd heard sells good golfer I can say accurate a guy play idealists who played pretty well Erica so lot if you think about would have been on for the golf tournament I know a lot of people are still available I'd like the Patriot League team I've already got my automatic bid. I'm Marty in the guys that bit on me did it early so. I'm not I'm not sweat now selection Sunday here I know I mean I'd say I was the Ivy League but even they have an automatic bid now they used to not have an automatic bid now while you gotta you you're in to write your bits collide a bit knowledge and early so no I don't know about it it's it's the boys over the David downs I hope they win because there. They see the nice thing about the golf with the same people they know how bad idea you don't. This is right you trying convince other people to bid on use known or not to the wasn't it Batavia downs don't get a chance to come determined yet so you can meet another person knowing you know what honestly it's I don't because you know why I will feel. How to describe the feeling with a new foursome. Uncomfortable yet. But it's not if we got to be you'll be self conscious about how many whips are gonna make yes and how many times you gonna Shanken who would yes it's not it has nothing to do with I'm anti social norm you know I don't wanna meet new people you don't have disappointed but I. Just don't want people to seek comptek. Mean I do I get nervous when I go to this tournament I know I stink. And I know we're gonna cheat and nobody cares who wins. But I get nervous at you know to just flat out. And it's gonna flat out embarrass myself I am that bad end with the guys from Batavia downs having golf of them. Multiple times they know exactly how awful I am and I don't have to worry about it if it's a new group I have to worry about how many times I'm gonna miss tee shot. How many times I hit a ground ball on the tee shot how many times I'll within the fairway and it is just. It's just awful out there it is there's a nice level of comfort because I don't have to worry about anything they know exactly they don't their expectations are. As low as expectations could possibly be for the turn it matches what you like. Exact human chances surprise some people if fight if I hit a shot if I hit a straight tee shot there impressed. Sell the if they set the bar is set so low if it's a new group he had no idea how low the bar should be set now so if they they learn after a few. I can understand how are they don't know part of the the mental battle of golf when your not very good or don't play a lot is. Any time any person is looking at you plight. And that me I can't hit anybody on any other group I don't let anybody when I'm when you when you when your group get to a tee box and another group waiting there kits that you hate it I cannot stand that because I know army and you know the worst guy to have an area. Rob wreck. A a rob sided this year right but heat there I mean there have been times and he's on the if he's near me I mean it is just and listening to rob can trash talking tees with the best of them you know I had that's another party effort if there's a back up and then people are watching me hit. I just pray. Since the ball hit the ball I don't care it's slice is I don't care but slice is over three fairways just hit the ball and that spot use wanna hit it as far as you can yeah. Fairway doesn't matter if you smash tonight 250 down on the right side no one thinks like. Yikes and that's when I hit instead Sony five feet left to the bush right now it's not it's really that's at did you see who the very recent ad was the celebrity slash athlete that we had a very late I think on Friday. I heard Justin Bailey yeah that's also you can bid on Justin Bailey he's the latest entry into the WGR golf term. So to gunfight a couple of buddies to do with its it's tough on. To wanna join us bidding ends today at 1 o'clock 1 o'clock tonight. We get some bits and get some people place in golf this it's the social regular fortunes open as well now. And you mentioned south south still available calls deals are really good golfer he's available. Bulldogs have I I've never golf football blog but I would imagine is a plastic hang out with and golf with. Like I said don't don't bit on me I'm just it's just that success is you know what this is this is collusion between units aviat down yet they can offer sheet situation yeah. Where they're telling don't know telling about anybody will match whatever you do don't waste your time until it outbid dictated that justice does this leave it where it is and but it put it in their yearly budget and then just budgeted wet Everett takes to get power in the golf tournament yeah Heather's. It's. It's a pity pitted let's face it it's a it's a pity did. So I idea. But but but I make it worth their while I'll I'll pick up some of their favorite beverages and bring it to the tournament for them you do. A ventriloquist bit. It pumped into jolt polls so are a lot of entertainment along the way they act. So bidding for that ends at 1 o'clock today the WGR golf tournament which is Thursday at Hickory sticks and a creek Seneca Hickory stick. Golf course and access to get up there are actually on the course environment through a side just I'd just. Updated I'm just checking our bits Justin Bailey closed already well while so he was added but Friday legacy that I think some sort of mood and its cost could show up. I'll. Brian Duff close closed the price and not closed off from Brian like a really good golfer. Oh so Brian Duff Justin Bailey pack a letter Thurman Thomas you. And three of the regular fortunes are now all closed in the bidding. Just say I'm scrolling up and delicate for Justin Bailey were as you Rosie Rosie yeah I closed. So there's still all of us and what Renee Robaire Harry Neale. Injured Peters Cody McCormick Booker register and Edward cal ski and one Jew. Think there's still six regular force jacket and that's plenty of regular foursome still available. To get your bids in a WGR 556. Force and if you do this to. The and I'm doing the math in my head it's on hundred and 220 bucks a person roughly. If you want to do it that that sector pick respect for that and if you wanna win. And off coast he'll still good I think you probably I would think you still and he was he's consistently Ben good so if you wanna win maybe consider cozy. Franco's. And is a good these young guys he spun hang out with I'm sure he's he'd be a lot of fun on the golf course now. The question Gary you were or think it's dead this week right pretty dead. But I'm I'm in mail in vote all week I I'll be honest with there's one big thing that could happen in pre camp mode but go ahead. About Jack tackles contract I lose it is it time. Read an article yesterday from forget might have been fan rank and anything about Michael's contract you know you're you're. Rob it's got to wait to see what happens and I don't wanna pick on this person individually but it laid out why he shouldn't get make David money okay and why of all a good number for cycled it seems reasonable B six to seven million. In which cases like all right everything I just read from you is really bad movie you can't possibly. Expect. That six to seven million dollars is gonna get the job you just can't expect he's gonna get more he's gonna get a lot more than map as he should get a lot more than that. So I wonder if this week is the week. On Friday the guys the investigators they had Daryn drag around a place of the highlights may be next segment here said that both sides are eager to get a deal done. That on again off again meetings are heading in the right direction and that nick David and price set the market for franchise players. It wouldn't surprise me at all. If will we ultimately see coming out of the new the the landscape of the NHL being that you know you're gonna pay one guy. Fourteen million dollars not Michael miscues but it looked for the and then the rest your team is gonna make about four. And you'll have. The Oilers when they win the cup in two years McDade it'll make Fuller thirteen. Dries that'll make nine and a bunch of guys will make three and four if they're gonna do it right and I got us to be a problem you have to put the cap jail by this just. It separates the guys that are the approach of the best in the league from the guys that are. You know finger quotes replace it yes they play an important part but you just kind of Null I can replace this guy for someone else who's three million dollars. Analysts say that it makes it where everybody in the league ends up. Like we all talk about goalies can find someone but he can do effort cheaper but the Lance Italy can might move that way so I would say. What can happen this week to make this panel one last dead week a big week. Michael. It's the erosion is the I guess the argument of the erosion of the middle class yeah we talk about his sport sometimes and I was just. There's just look at that done today I was getting caught up on thirty thoughts and Elliot Friedman and his lead item not she is note before they got in the thoughts was about me David signing. And then so he gets 125 and contact Kerry price gets ten your point about six to seven hears it wrote about Michael. So he points out bottles and talk to Michael's representative about an extension that you give everyone a good idea of where we're going in terms of salaries. Let's say you're going to argue the next year should be four million dollars below the highest level before that was six point five now to eight point five minutes. There's an agent and here in anonymous agent quoted. They'll say you know they're gonna say I know I'm not comic David but I'm not six million dollars worse than Connor were David so Michael's age innocent they're gone is my guy six million dollars worth the economy David and has been six point five isn't known so six to seven is not gonna happen everybody knows it Dave it is. Mean David he's got his own salary category right now. The question is how far away is cycle from a David he's not. Hat he's not 50% of the Davids out. No he's closer to McDade Dniester Kyle post so. Culp also makes six million dollars a year right he's closer is he closer to make David that he is to have Brian O'Reilly. You might yes ideally is a case Ryan O'Reilly makes seven and a half as a kaput so you know I think that. Ten sounds about right and it's the same kind of money that Toews and caned it is the the kind of player that Patrick Kane is not yet. Is he the kind of play the Jonathan Toews is not yet not from a complete player standpoint but from a points standpoint needs might be better. He puts up points and only when it comes to Toews that the ten million dollar player with leadership and you know everything the tapes does so. This is the way that works how many quarterbacks make more money than Tom Brady a lot of all right fifteen. Warning. Could it. He has as a whole bunch more with the contracts that are coming up the next year so a quarterback you know peck next year Kirk cousins can be bacon thirty million dollars and diocese high speed quarterback when he made teeing up. And Matt Ryan's contract is up is gonna be if you guys are gonna be up but they're talking about. If Washington doesn't tag him again after next season. Who go to the free agent market and people are speculating who make thirty million dollars a year Kirk cousins who's not in the top lot. And he's outside the top ten quarterbacks terms of the best quarterbacks in the league making thirty million dollars I don't know why it's it's one of those situations where. People Washington don't think he's good and a few people outside Washington do. Which is sometimes that happens a Tyrod that was a lot of guys you know the guys that are the people that are closest to that quarterback might be overly. Needles screwed us up a quarterback's play or might be right on with their evaluation. 8030550. To join us this morning we'll talk a little bit more about. The contract situation which Jack -- get in the some football issues at the same thing on your mind from the weekend. You can join us as well. Don't forget again the bids close at 1 o'clock for our golf tournament you can bid at W WGR 550 dot com. And our wing catch contest is back to show starting around 6:55 this morning. And will be playing every day for the next four weeks your chance to win a thousand dollars details coming up in a little bit on WGR. It's cute it's just an ongoing process for the ball sabres that you know Peter fears in the agency that represents Jack I mean there's a willingness and a in an eagerness that receivables nice to get something done and longer is better for the Buffalo Sabres obviously. This kit send Darrent Prager. It was down with the investigators on Friday. We'll talk Livermore about the contract talks what's going on with Jack cycled with David talks the big David contract and how that affects everything happy Monday everybody. Wimbledon to Roger Federer yesterday and it the we'll be broke a sweat beading you know Marin Cilic in straight sets. Wimbledon title number eight. Four Prager in his illustrious career Grand Slam title number nineteen. He didn't drop a single set first guy to in the modern era at Wimbledon two win the tournament and go unbeaten basically not drop a single set since Bjorn Borg in 1976. Baseball the Yankees and Red Sox had a date night doubleheader the Yankees won the date version Red Sox won the night version. Jays lost in Detroit in the eleventh on the bases loaded walk medical which means in my world it caught. Who Yahoo! pitcher of record when I was watching it too and I don't remember who the pitcher was. The figure is facing Cabrera with the bases loaded them. And I think as I've said before at that point just under hand the ball. When you never walk again and with the bases load to care what you he hits a Grand Slam whatever you lose the game yeah. You know there's more earned runs for you I guess but throw the ball over the plate he up now that's the old the Kenny Rogers and bases loaded walk we're in the adult soccer sucks that the Yankees Friday night to roll the Jackman same thing walk off walk. I'm maybe you're not caught but under hand the ball to home plate said it tee up for the guy and say here hit it. The that's lost to Colorado Verizon's dropped one Scranton. NFL news today's the deadline 4 o'clock today as the deadline for players. Who are under the franchise tag. To be able to sign a multi year contract if they don't reach an agreement by 4 o'clock today they're playing for one year Kirk cousins and later on bell are on that list. Hockey the New Jersey double sign number one overall pick Niko he's sure he sure propose an alum Shire he Shuler. It's he shear key sheer. Him he signed Brandon period Kevin Klein signed to play in Switzerland NASCAR Denny Hamlin wins the race in New Hampshire both your headlines the next update at 7 o'clock. Don't forget about Bryson to sham bow he's young guy that's really we heard in has. Clubs that are all the same length but would different angles on I forget there is a feature on him a couple years back how. He's the guy that goes to Texas. The eucharist Texas whichever team he's on. But he's trying to rethink your golf from a mathematical standpoint in like. Completely. Have the same swing at almost all times with different clubs instead of you know your nine iron swing isn't exactly the same measure for iron swing my kind. Or something that effective feature on I'm on CBS during one of the masters and this would been like 23 years ago it was twenty years told them time he finally got a win he's 23 so he's an interesting guy. Legislation plays the game a little bit differently and I hope I got that all right if there at all for listening to know that'll butter me. I'm sorry if I kind of got like the bones of it there are not all of it but he he's he's worth looking into he's a different kind of cap. We were talking about the eichel contract there was one other thing I wanted to bring up from nurses. In the break looking a little bit to deeper into the thirty thoughts stuff from Elliot Friedman. Any talk to agency talk to executives about the beat David Diehl any port beep did put in a note. That may David there was a verbal agreement with me David Byrd the average annual value to be thirteen point 25. And Demi David was a little skittish about that number so they walked it back to to the twelve point what was it twelve to two or 125 whatever was. Anyway the upshot is how this affects we talked about this when the when the contract was coming down on M it was somebody called the show and then said something like it doesn't matter but ever we he's it's me Dave and I said it you know. Every contract matters there's a there's a trickle down effect you know. No it's gonna get paid like me David right now but would make David got what he got all other values go you know dries idols number went up Michael's number went up these numbers go up. So. The eichel discussion is finished in one. One executive again talking Elliott Freeman and I think this is really entry went went Toews and Kane got to ten it was big news around the NHL like white. Guys they're cap numbers are average. Ten million dollars bullet when executives said that the make David Diehl the biggest changes who qualifies to break the ten million dollar barrier end. The fact that David did it without any Stanley cup's grand that he won every trophy possible. Now you don't even have to have cops if you win trophies it's not necessarily just the team thing Toews and Kane multiple cups. They point that you know is Drew Doughty going to be hit the barrier now. What about Eric Carlson he's never won a couple look at all the individual awards she's won the ten million dollar barrier is now that tree gonna put the top the elite players in the league. We're now talking about at least ten million dollars he's got I think I'm always low on this stuff we talk about Michael few weeks ago. I was trying to remember the number I have but it was low. I would think it's a minimum of nine for Jack Michael. I would have thought eight help at all times because he has to make his have to beat you we know this works. More than O'Reilly there's no way he would sign long term to be paid less than Ryan O'Reilly yeah wouldn't make much sense. And and that concept that how silly it is that you would have normally had to have one caucus yet another team to get paid that's what that part of that conversation was that used to be if you're gonna get that a leaked. Top of the NHL money. Cups damp and the David doesn't have any but he won the Hart he won appears in you know he walked away when all the main hardware one big thing to watch on the Michael contract and maybe this is a week we get. Not a story that moves it for a little bit more. There's a growing. Conversation I think about how great players are asked to take less than their worth yeah. The soul guys that are great team can make more money. And this is. Actually a problem not some problem but it's a scenario. That is really pushed by the existence of a salary cap comic David is worth. 48 million dollars a year to a hockey team right. Toronto if they could pay him forty million they would and they would pay a penalty a luxury tax they wouldn't care he'd be worth it. And maybe buffalo pay that money too but the point is. The salary cap its existence means that make David instead of taking the Max contract which you see in the NBA all the time. Instead of taking the Max deal he takes less than the Max deal and the idea is well I wanna make sure I don't hurt my team too much. Nevermind that the teams are they want the cap right owners the NHL they want a salary cap and yet. In order to help the league deal with the cap that they impose on themselves. Players take lasts. Silly you you run this very odd scenario where me David is not only worth more than he would get on a Max deal. But he takes less than a Max deal right because there's peer pressure. Right if if if Friedman is correct in what he's reporting. It was that it was gonna be over thirteen. But he walked it back you didn't and I assume they said he was skittish about the number which means I assume you look at and go. Does that mean it's hot it's part of the sign tries idol that they signed tries idol and they give me thirteen plots is somebody else getting caught are we not signed now we not resigning another guy down the road so he walked it back a little bit because I think. Now then there is it now if you're a David. You know the union wants to get as much as you can write this wouldn't they. I would think wouldn't yes higher salaries is good for everybody thought I would think yes but again by not taking as much he can he insurers that some player that. Doesn't deserve as much as him will somehow still get more. Not more than him but I got its four million now to get four point seven million and a guy that's five million get six point one because he took less money. The other thing about you say he's skittish about the number one of these of those guys it's a frame number thirteen. Erica it's possible it wasn't it was thirteen like 5% still a thirteen death and they would go to Celek are at it while fourteen or twelve. He's one of those guys it doesn't wanna stand at thirteen Florida hotel and yet it. I don't I don't know it didn't say anything about him being said skittish and they can make you think I don't think it was because he's who is yes it was thirteen to five. And he wasn't he was a little skittish as it says so they what they dropped it down to twelfth he gets just as likely. That. He's just is like he's a friend in the number of thirteen otherwise I mean what what's the let's I think about one in twelve point two let's think about it actually right. It's an eight year contract even still it's 750 fills a thousand dollars in cap space. And don't. Even though if it did did the math over eight years it's still only what 56 whatever million dollars. The life of the contract so it's not like it opens up upon a cap space but he's he took the lower number repair. Quick correction on Bryson to channel couple textures and this and he went to the same you with SNH dame is pains to work. I'm an estimate SN shaking my head he went to the subject manage your amateur as a university SMU physics major that's from Jesse and now detector says he's on. In all of us clubs are caught the length of a seven iron yet but he wants a repeat also a physics major. Won't work forum maybe not new is now the talent but it's interesting I remember watching that. And they can while this is a guy that I would wanna know it to know more about seems like in different kind of player on the door somebody you remember. That you would. Want to be good because. There's a different person I'll try that Thursday a couple like clubs to the same like this if it helps that the media WGR golf tournament my guess is a while. 8030550. To join us. 888550. To 550. 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A little bit of pressure though obviously the number one but I decided to dive right in and go win the terminal you don't know he has been. I don't know a lot of stuff because not a liberal party of something my first pick. Cheers. But it NBC show. Solid pick them but first overall I would not take insurance that. I have. That seemed funny tears in my day. It's. Good joke when a great characters or great episodes to great show and has anybody ever. Quoted cheers like to people walk round Robin lines from cheers or did day at the time in like its peak through. Could it felt like I don't normally quote that shot right appellate less about. Lying comedy and more of like these people are just living a life and their font the only thing I would quote that shows if I ever worked that nobody who was named Norma we don't know. Does that and yelled at him when he walked in the bar on top of the debt through early early quote the show. I enjoyed the sitcom draft greatly I was following it on Twitter there's one problem what tool. The whole draft a tool well I was gonna say I love Bulldog Bulldog went old school I was a little surprised that some of the shows he went with. He went vintage 1970s. Yeah shows. I I love Mary Tyler Moore and all the other. I was surprised Barney Miller was a big shock to me but I love those shows Bulldog when some serious old school in this. Which was not gonna go over well with people of your age now he also. Either through Bob Newhart show we had eight Odyssey through a smokescreen talked a lot of Simpsons and then went to sign called number 2 instead I think central number two was a really good peck yeah. I would have been like a said Nash was my one signed felt was too. I like Mazur route ski Mazur oust the I think he's sort of pick fairly directly that so arrested development and the Simpsons and yup yup the two young guys drafted at the back in the draft so be it bid the way that it snaked it would be like. Old old old new new new new old old old old old old new new new. And you know. Our surprise the bullet going all the old school all old school Bob Newhart show. Never would have drafted and I think you know I'm half kidding about a lot of this adding a lot of what. Would folks did was you know draft shows that you grew up on death which is why I would say full house and it was that the funniest show ever of course not. But I watched every episode because I was 101214. Years old and that's why like an icy happy days Mary Tyler Moore. I was surprised Bulldog drafted it but Mary Tyler Moore form for that age me though that was appointment TV again there were no DVR there were no VCRs. So if you wanted to see the show you watched it live. And that's what I did with that happy days and all the shows from the seventy sought a full blog I loved your draft man I just it was for old guys like me I would have been able to sleep. If I'd been a part of it dressed in full house and saved by the bell went undrafted I just. And limit that you're on the phone with saved by the bell says the draft now over now if you didn't get trapped that you are basically told to go to die and simulator you're not worthy. That's what pisses. Eight rounds a Getty rounds in but limited time so Mike nice job didn't care paean Cincinnati great great show. He would he did a tough spot and take fourth overall all that's very Curb Your Enthusiasm the top spot after the top three. And he was he and Dick Simpson somebody else would have. Norman to dog eat dog world and I mourn milk bone underwear that's a good one yes. That's right yeah I try senate if you're gonna quote lines honestly I think that would be. Whatever comeback whatever report there was always a different retort every time norm worked in the barn that was. To me that that was like the funniest part of the show. What's the retort this time around. Yeah good stuff yeah it is it's at that I haven't seen a single episode of the top three shows that were picked in the succumb draft what the because you've never seen cheers you've ever seen sign felt I can never seem Gerber in dues you know. I get shares IDC for people not watching that they're not hard to see not seek her between us on HBO it's very hard cannot Epstein signed felt at some point. Mean I've never bothered to sit down and watch a single full episode is on for you have TV where you live yet as Sammy do signals get in immunized is there. OK I was of her times OK it's a struggle I was your thought maybe just like read books. I don't really have many books don't want to fight he's listened to the presidential radio address each week it. Is that still on that self thing I'm not province Saturday address and after his PR and radio as well today he's got old tapes of the fireside chats from FDR it's okay they just got into town this week I think. From pony express. Scott tweeted and his favorite line from cheers norm women. Can't live Wear them. Pass the beer and nuts I just thought that was the best part of the shell out whatever or read this if there's one episode irreverent doesn't everyone remember the episode or cliff goes on jeopardy. Now like the number one episode hope that people consistently remember that that is a bad if I tell you you don't one I don't I don't remember. While her grammar food fight at Thanksgiving dinner. You know what there's no true I think there's like one. Oh my god great episode. I love I cheers noticed it was not the kind of show that I would quote lines. And tell you like I could not bang out like my top five traditions like any other draft and that each team needs something different you know like I'm looking for this I've got too many old shows and either yet so you know. Can all falls in the plays like that. Nashua to do it signed value be heart side though you'd be having a discussion forever trying to bang out your top shows didn't miss too many. At times news good job I'm Merrill what else similar to she was a good guest. And who lost who finished in last place was there some real silly somebody great their drafts well yeah I need somebody's always gonna wins is gonna finish. According to a lot of the polls are run to reach yards Twitter account and a Bulldog would probably. On the on the article there that was tracking everything lot of Mike's picks did not get favored. Yeah. Interest and now Mike is Mike hit some solid picks KRP got only took all the family. All might quit with self. There are guys you know what I love and show draft modern family family ties Mike well done sir. Or Mike who had sex in the city that'll make my wife happy and an instinct or controversial tech in. I we got our bills drop out coming up to ever gonna get to patriot games today on the drop out will clock we're talk a little bit about the eichel contract today. 8030550. To join us 888550. Q perfect image in this earlier our national win cash contest. Is back chances many chances you know what a thousand dollars is very sim we get your code word. You text it to 72881. Our first call recorded vote. BO ATK boat text that right now seventy made it one and just like that here in the running for the thousand dollars you have until 710s. Detects the word message and data rates may apply. Now we will be playing this every weekday for the next four weeks left code words just before seven and 8 AM. And this afternoon the guys we'll have code words before 4 o'clock and 5 o'clock again you get the word you texted this time vote. To 72881. And that's it last time we put the contest we had a few winners with W journalist who's winning a thousand dollars so make sure you get involved text the word and hopefully you walk away a winner. In our national wind cash contest. On WGR.