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Monday, July 17th

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Though in front that's taken away. Up on the wind event advantage accident. It goes to Campbell trade being fair or why are we playing us Steve burn day opening night his number's going to be in the rafters highlight. That's because you know that the trade that got Steve Bernie when Campbell that down please don't pull me. Brian Campbell announcing his retirement through respect a few minutes talking about end. 803055. To join us 888550. To 550 guitar baseball note in a second. There is a bit of breaking sports news on Ezekiel Elliott can. In an incident at a Dallas bar. More to come today. From ESPN. Adam shaft or has this. I'm involved in a late night incident at a Dallas bar spokespersons have no arrests have been reported in connection with the incidents. Alley it's already under investigation stemming from a domestic violence accusation against him he's been preparing a response to be a two league to be submitted next week. Mole sources tell show after the Elliott could face a one or two game suspension. That's based on the previous incident yeah NFL's tonight any decision on discipline has been made at this point. So this kind of adds into that depending on what might have happened if there's an instant in a bar. But again no law arrests have been reported I know there's Europe in on what's going on with the Ezekiel Eliot. Once again coach literally just praying to get to training camp. Meanwhile right odd. Donte' Foreman Gionta Foreman arrested for marijuana possession and unlawful weapon as well. University of Texas please parlor today so that's a Texans running back yeah like you said see previous comment just I'll get just ample media can't. So you can not have to worry about all this. On this stuff. So I want to bring up something about Major League Baseball are treating this it was up piece that Foster only had in a column in a bunch of different notes but. About. Robots. Basically rope broke were you know using. Technology is about west not and I love Westmoreland taking umpires out image abroad but using technology. To call balls and strikes. If Major League Baseball ever get to the day where they have an automated. Electronic strike zone. And I refer to this from time to time eyesight I don't remember where the heck it was the enemy that was it was a real sports I think I HBO and they are experimenting with this exact thing. There is an umpire behind home plate. And he would have like some kind of ear piece or headset on or something. And they were using a computer technology in the press box to call balls and strikes. The pitcher be thrown the computer figures it out relays it to the umpire he says baldor strike bull. And dubbed so I thought let's let's cut it to but I can't see Major League Baseball ever just. Taking home plate umpires out of calling balls and strikes completely when they only call plays at the plate you still have a Geithner argued that's that's sort of things I wanted to get to yes. So anyway buster only rights. That. He calls it inevitable. If the straw that if the electronic strike zone ever became a real thing. And I agree with the players and executives who think that it's inevitable. And perhaps closer to being implemented the a lot of folks realize I thought. I I did not see the day where they would say as much as we don't agree about strike zones we're gonna take it out of the home plate umpire we're gonna have technology analyst. And I thought right well would you do with a home plate umpire. He still got to be there like one of the things is if you use technology how the fans know what to Boller strike deal of interest you know on the scoreboard but right now there's immediacy. You the guy puts his arm out you know to strike where he doesn't think anything you know what the ball. Easy you have a light behind home plate it's green for a strike ran for a ball because for so that is like or scoreboard whenever there's got to be. Something on your scoreboards that like that even says ball. Struck sometimes depending on the umpire you can't tell because it's a little slow sometimes not just that but some are demonstrative enough like true what was he doing there right in don't you hold still. I would say this on the idea of old rope a hot extra sound but you got to keep the guys there. Because you would need someone to call plays at the plate yes right and wouldn't just take the guy out all the yeah. The human element right you only need human element I don't think you need Hewitt human element whenever does it faster when I want them. And I don't mean that I need to replace home plate on players because I want faster calls the balls and strikes yet but if they can do it real time. Do. Go for. I don't care I don't need an umpire back there it's it's it's the same is yes it is offside and hockey if you wanna have it where you need every guy down side to them might grow millimeter whatever you have. Keeping it in real time you can have at it but dole I just don't want you going back in time in reviewing stuff. Soccer has goal line technology it works the got lights up on the guy's wrist they don't review goals did go in no. Home keep playing so I'm not against a robots strike zone. As long as it happens in real time the only thing to worry about and I'm not kidding. I want Janelle I'm not kidding about this cutting. Could it be hacked. Spoke Roddick I suppose anything we had a right exactly the robotics strike zone is up all the sudden the home team I mean if the patriots were involved they're clearly Hackett and they change the size strike zone for their opponent. Account I looked outside the command the computer says it's a strike while her you know a New England the patriots were packet right. Guess I would worry about it could sure anybody you can hack anything check anything just like you could pay an umpire to call balls you could try and get into you know and I would worry about it may be getting hacked. Eight. I know in terms of the meat like I I don't think. Like that timing how fast could beat Alan. There'd have to be somebody in the press box right I assume if you if you're removing the home plate umpire from that's. There is somebody in the press box who is there are next to the computer whatever technology you're using to call balls and strikes that person immediately. That person has some kind of device or something. To let everybody know it's a ball or strike pitch is thrown to look at the computer it says ball. I don't know you hit a button you do something that says ball on the scoreboard it shouldn't take that law. It's just the reaction time for the guy to see what the pitches upstairs. And then figure out how you're getting it out of the park kick that on him ball or strike so one of the things they talk about was sub. Whether baseball loses any drama of the big third strike call. That's bases loaded your rented jagr trying to although literally get out of the inning 32 pitch. Call strike three ending of the apartment disarm up everybody goes crazy genuinely happy that you would have. 32 bases loaded early get your figures Oakmont cause get a run yeah pitched. It you would know instantly knew this would not take any time I'm saying it would it would light up a caller it would be. Right it would be as fast as the guys seized the pitch up in the press box sees the reading and just puts. About boom done all the reading what happened and then it would just. On public whenever who'd be integrated in the if this is gonna happen right it's integrated in the broadcast it would turn green return read you wouldn't have put them out of the whole stadium no. It would office the same way to integrate automatically into the scoreboard. Horrible light behind home plate like or some sort of light on the of the batter's eye or I don't know you can play. The same way to you know of the goal went in hockey summary pushes a button lights up you would know while Iraq free points to rent free points to. It I mean I don't think your fears of it taking too long our relief yeah I do list I just like you and I thought to be a human element involved in just. Interpreting what it was as opposed to. Electronically the whole process is a double life I mean crimes or how we're gonna do it but this guy called as it was a strike booms like tell the scoreboard whenever it's. No I'm OK you still have the wrongs process here I'm the guy that runs the scoreboard I wait to see if the computer lights up red all right some grain or whatever the goal and ivory and and accordingly right but the whole stadium concede that. I just have. Little lights above each dugout. Or what got red lights that as soon as that makes it's ruling it lights up red lights at them like OK I mean I haven't designed the systems like Billy exactly nobody there. I think the least of your worries is how quickly would know that you're no answer. Well the only thing I don't have a problem with a because I'm tired of strike zones not being same by each umpire yeah I don't I don't watching the k.'s own balls that aren't. Strikes are strikes and balls and tar balls I mean I'd just a part of I do I would say this I don't have a problem with that at all. I think it's just like the offside call spirit of the rule. There's a strike zone if this guy misses strike zone by a hair. Whatever what but some guys have. All I know some guys give it note this guy's a low strikes on umpire know this guy's a high strikes on umpire I don't like that tyra just give me a standard strike zone you know. Text or writes in Matt. Like a video game you know right away use his screen and have Leslie Nielsen's character umpire thank you going to be the graphic forever team say go with you get a holographic Leslie Nielsen and actually put it that is funny place. Having I'd. Spirit of the rule to me I'd I'd if we don't need this to happen I don't really have a major problem with balls and strikes and baseball what you would immediately have his pitchers and catchers complaining that the computer to note was doing. There's things that way off. You know a pain in the corner right there pocketed say it's not a strike. Because part of the gains on everything about framing is lose that element I was a frantic catcher. Catches the ball and quickly brings is lit up a little bit in the strike zone you lose any buys it buys the call from the umpire please use framing you lose. Working a corner and working an umpire Brian X no. Push him out a little further a little further terror cell I don't. Almost that I support and I just I'm telling you Andy it would work in BO OK long term yeah but yeah I'd put on needed. Well it's not again. I'm OK if they do it I have no problem if you got rid all play a part for strikes and balls because I would like the consistency. But again if we did date if you asked me as a baseball fan what are your biggest gripe for Major League Baseball. Better hope that it makes top ten it's certainly not making top five it's it's not something that I think is so important that Major League Baseball needs to spend a lot of time. Because that's dragging its game down. They have on number of other issues they can get you before do you get to. Hey we're gonna take the home plate umpire to the mix on balls and strikes. 80305 get to join us. Angelo we feel you're on WG. Right ahead. Genetic yeah they're accurate and true but when he. What might be used particularly real. Paul walked Gary automatic lock respectable. No it is and why you need to see a guy step out of the box four times to catch a ball. What excitement is there an intentional walk lean on the big baseball than Angelo what excitement is there. I think you're what do Gary walked four yeah. Okay air strikes out for a while pretty particular we're. Okay you you lost me on that one B is still an answer why an intentional walk is exciting. But okay go ahead. What they're. How are they saving the pitchers in short the for respect to reducing the viewer of wins in other waiting to viewer doesn't wanna sit there and waste. Twenty seconds for four pitches. I can understand yet but now. When I watched the price may call Asia. Absolutely what are strikes and got. Jordan got that call the worst stretch for there were urged parents got. Well you should be getting the same thing but then the Yankees pitcher should also be getting same pitch that. Getting earned judgment of a bigger strike zone by Bertram besides there. But but Angela hit it again there there's the fault your argument is if you've got to strike zone excuse me an umpire has a larger strikes on shorter strikes a higher strikes a lower strikes out. It's for all the pictures it's not just for the Red Sox pitcher the Yankees would be getting the sink strikes that price is getting. So it it's it's it's uniform. Back into. I thought about you that they were you saying the ball more like we. Supposedly the other Ben Durbin claims that the ball might be juice the commissioner has denied that there are some. Well Yahoo! and Jerry oh yeah juice for everybody yes. The advantage or for. Spent a wrote the article spoke with a double. I mean how many years ago fifty no idea. I. Little bit longer ago. Yeah well if it's Jews yes it should be it should be used for everybody I and it is if it is I don't know if it will but if it's juice yet so I don't know whatsoever with the problem there I don't know I mean you commissioners denied that its Houston tonight. There're some that do own numeric goal and whatever that studies on the wild are zero home runs. I don't know again. As a baseball fan I'm gonna tell yeah. Out of a problem with that and I have a team that I root for that actually if they don't hit home runs they don't win baseball games so it might be used. But on the strike zone thing again. If if a guy has a different zone it's gonna work for everybody this goes to Jerry's point and I I still would rather CAA uniform call. But each guy has you have a scouting report and each umpire and you're gonna know as a pitcher. Kate tonight Jeremy right behind the plate okay he likes giving you the outside corner hey tomorrow night. Brayton Wilson's behind the plate he gives ever critical low strike pay the next night so and so is working the plate he's got a high strike zone. You do know the umpires after a while so you get a book on these guys made it all the pitchers know exactly what he is and isn't going to be call you can hear it. Go listen to the telecasts go watch a game. You know watch the Mets on SNY and obvious strike call and Keith and analysts say. Well sure that's so and so lumping today he's gonna give pitchers the outside corner so they know all that stuff I just would like to get it all uniform and. For the human element I think when people say they want the human element in baseball they mean that they don't mean they want wrong calls they want. A little bit different umpire from day one to date to today three does add a little bit of spice to the game in in on the sports can ultimately do. Whatever they want to know is he's talking about them though intentional walk and being upset about the intentional walk. Wanting baseball could do another guy ever what it would be too drastic change they did you say. Intentional walks are a lot anymore. And then you'd have the non intentional the unintentional intentional oppressive mean you could. Knew I had an age there's a million things you could do have one of these sports is very entrenched it's in its tradition and just takes. Group of owners takes group players takes a commission to say hey this'll make it better and a forward pass was always in football amendment the caller says. Grumbled soldiers to be home runs right now and one then they decide they want the bold and passing and decided let's throw it or not. What about the tradition so as long as you can add the four pass going in a pro football is like Gretzky got traded that's like the ultimate kitchen. I don't rule that would try to get around for the discussion at that point I was and by the way. But I would love to have been around the discussion with somebody who ordered says it would throw the ball you're gone on spring break in college when I was on vacation you know as you know big things happen when I go on vacation. And that was the forward pass is coming to the end of the biggest why I was often Bermuda. But imagine that discussion right that they look at the guy like you grew a second head. What do you wanna do have brought we're gonna throw up all. Down feet. Clinton that's. Great discussion we get to. Gym instructors. Yeah Jim strike usually run WGR. But orders look shall thanks lessen the published in your rope particular product strike. Strike zone and I have no problem with out white out what the deal higher rate to call still. Evil or. You cut because have a behind home plate when an earpiece and he signals strike whatever got you could. Don't like political would have thought gospel on the scoreboard lit Jim Baker also released Sharm. Sure looks like that the call. Am so you have it what it pauses his left hip he'll get some kind of notification lower left hand for a strike right hand for a ball. And where he gets buzz. That's where a perfect all right and that's that that's the same as art and you know my my my soccer analogy of the soccer comparison. Holds up the goal line technology exists the umpire doesn't have to point to the back of a net either frozen clearly or it doesn't. He says hey I got buzzed. That's a goal. That's how you know that it went in. It's as soon as anyone of these almost crosses the line a few notes gets across and rockets back out the camera always go to the armed under the route the officials are refereeing in this case. And not on site at all because his goal line techno all can I wish they could easily you would think at another sports. Soccer has it. And her new camera goes to the official annual wave his arms and say no and appoint the logic did not going occurred it and that's technology. Feeding back to the official in real time in the game carrying on. And everyone knows where to lock up he's gonna be the one. So that that's not to have a guy that's not too far from a system that are ready exists I. I get your point but still have an guy there can honestly I could I could still do without it if we're gonna have. An automatic strike zone I really don't need the umpire to put a handout that is as he's there to make calls the plate. You're gonna have an audit extracts and just do with the way you gonna do it light up something. I don't know the the ball or strike comes up on the scoreboard I don't need necessarily need to guide stick his arm out or just stand there and yell ball and I'm fine without it. Thanks for the call. Thank you calls on that 8030550. Join us 888550. To 550 Jeff points out that the NHL didn't have an early four pass. In the early years they still don't have the forward pass in basketball also not have a four pass for awhile like. You know what it's clear baseball's missing the forward pass all the other sports a sudden what credential original basketball's. Yeah. Don't even know. And I didn't have like lay ups I don't know lay ups hook shot slam dunks I'm not sure what that benefited them dogs for a long it and yeah I don't know about it and F three pointers not until. What was the Will Ferrell movie. But DA BI. They're pumps so you probably struck that's when they came up with slam dunks some reports in the movie. But I got any easy trivia question for tonight right. Makes him so I was during this this morning a social noted one of the football sites I go to that by the end of the 2017 season. We could have three new members in the 50000 yard passing club Eli Manning Ben Roethlisberger Philip Rivers are all within. One solid season up 50000 yards so they'd be the seventh eighth and ninth players to reach 50000 yards passing their career. Who are the six players mr. white mr. Wilson who the six players already over the 50000 yard passing mark. I think I can go lone wolf here yet and don't mean this is easy don't over think it with old guys. Mean don't go way back when I know I've know there's a reason right so this is very modern our modern I think the farthest I'm going back is the class of 83 yes. All right that would be correct. And that case ominous say Brady. Brady is weren't huge number four Manning you patent number one. Favre number two Elway number six Marino number five. And this is the talk this is not not quite out liar but this is the top one is the top one. I don't wanna be one guy left to go lone wolf. Penalty of the stronger fresher. Bring him a talking overview I wanna say Drew Brees he's played for a long time he's at 5000 yard seasons he was drafted in 2000. One Drew Brees very goods are well I think they're a thousand yards passing totals. The national football just remember Drew Brees let the league couple of seasons and passing yards and played really well couple those years always there for fifteen years his fifteen that is 5000 yard seasons. At least one mean probably two or three Betsy go from sixth but he's nine he's the most. Like I shouldn't say most recent your point now that rivers and Manning and Roethlisberger yup they're all gonna go in. They should realize there was another guy and that draft class in that first round reversal 4200. Who. I should be able to do that he's at 458. Roethlisberger is at 46 say if he stays healthy he'll get 3000 plus Eli is Eli is easy he's at 48 to so they it they should all make it this year yes. And I said get rivers got to get 4000. It's a little over 4100 basically he's had over 4100 every year since 2010. With the exception of one year. The only other guy don't back all the way since 2009 so he he'd 4100 for him is attainable the only other guy a look at that the top of the top twenty. Passing yardage leaders the only other guy who's active I don't think he's gonna make it is Carson Palmer because it sounds like he might actually be in his final year. In the National Football League he's up 44 to. So there's he's not passing for 5800 yards this year so Carson Palmer they would have to play another season so he's the only other guy that's. Close to 50000 in the top twenty everybody else is retired. At and I'm sure they're not there are other got their these guys are and there are guys not at the 50000 obviously the 37000 plus crowd in the top twenty they're all retired. I'm trying to think who would opinion have what you gotta go back. The oldest quarterback on this list. Fred tar content. I played in the seventies for sure I'm gonna guess he was in the sixties. He is the guy he's got 47000. Passing yards per guy who. Is she and the oldest guy on that list you gotta go back is Johnny Unitas to back in eighteen to find the next oldest guy. In terms of how Fargo he played in the NFL so yeah while modernize. 8030550. Join us 88552. But fifty got any thoughts about. Baseball discussion we're having about technology for balls and strikes get some calls on that takes more your thoughts of that as well what are remind you about up a great event coming up. Later this month actually it is a week from this Saturday. 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I gotta catch for the Red Sox set a field their last night's. In these Sox win in the night portion of the day night doubleheader going back into the corner there were. The right field wall kind of comes out they call the triangle kinda jumps out thing goes back to the center field wall in the leaped up there and brought ball back from -- judge in preserving the Red Sox shut out win last night at Fenway. So the Yankees or Red Sox split their four game series Howard cheer me bring with you 8030550. Were talking a little baseball and about technology and that the idea that it's inevitable that Major League Baseball get to the point where. Whole plate umpires do not call balls and strikes the use technology for that. In in a few calls about that we're good at and T and get Bob thoughts on it as well here on WGR go ahead Bob. What I got it I'm. I believe you're gonna go that they have an umpire yeah. Yeah maybe about crop also strikes by that the guys swinging. Are you gonna need him to cry even if Bob called I. The computer Bob if you swing it's the strike so that's gonna be changed that the guy all the around the building completely about checks and I object now even swing well okay they're here is that right now because they wanted to swing and. All because it's colleagues is looking for the zone where the ball and I got you okay. Right right yeah and it's as opposed to whether to go after these swings at it did set one hops to the catcher. I don't if it's Bart's a strike on the you know and as you can and you don't because the summit but not a black and called time. Yeah well he's got to be there anyway because there still calls at the plate there's any any out call any play at the plate you've. A guy crossing the plate on any time he's driven and you've got to have a guy there to say yeah he'd still be theirs as well that I did actually physically called the balls and strikes or. Relayed the information again. Yeah traffic cop some problem. You know yeah wearing a certain area it would the balls in the dirt debt you know that cannot get rid of the guy thank you for the call up did not get rid of the home plate umpire altogether he's still. And he still has a role in the game. As you said assist technology taking care of the strike zone you don't have to worry about you know different balls different strikes being called by different umpires appreciate the call thanks very much. One quick stat for you from the on Twitter account sabres stats Brian Campbell played for how many teams you know all the teams he played for. He was on though Florida and then today sabres kept at that he scored more goals. For the sabres than any other team he played more games for the savers than any other team. Any more points then. With the sabres and with any other team so we'll pick right sixth round maybe fifth six from within a lower pick. That sounds right let's say fifth round pick that sounds slash Kitchener and me being tremor recchi played his junior hockey 156. Overall whenever that is times thirty so right at six feet around six room in that neighborhood but not many teams who were back in 19976. Room peck well now. On earn 56 overall. It great nickname and a nice mop. That from him just a great career you know I mean has there and we won of one of those players that you're seeing. He played in buffalo hockey market to play in Chicago was part of you know the resurgence Mary was in Florida and apparently had imported writers twit zone moments ago keen 85 straight seasons you miss a simple game. So it durable. Part of two division titles there in Florida at 82488280. To 82. For Campbell when he was in Florida and last year played eighty games. Average eighteen minutes of ice time. Mean he probably could still play you know a guy tweeting me about this I just looked it up because I don't remember it. Phoebe tweeted generations a guy who says CB treated and about we were to about what do you remember about prying Campbell number grow they would beyond of course the top of everybody's list. Hum burger then so be slasher Warner being quarantined together for SARS. OK I don't work I do not remember so I went to where I was wanna go for information Wikipedia now Brian Campbell's Wikipedia page. Campbell received national attention in Canada in 2003. In the context of the SARS outbreak. His sister in law worked at a hospital there visited him. Shortly after she was showing symptoms of stars who subsequently hospitalized that led to Campbell and rip Warner. Both being quarantined. Campbell missed three games before being he never had it. Neither player had any of the symptoms but Campbell missed three games quarantined. Because his. Sister in law had shown symptoms of SARS I do not remember now. Media. Campbell one lady bing won a Stanley Cup. Nice job yeah. All right anyway what's come to accept a sports that I. Coming up and examples forceful get back to comments from Darren trigger for Friday when about Jack cycles contract extension and we kind of wonder if this is a week where we hear some movement on that it's quiet a lot of places. May be I mean on the one buffalo sports team the sabres starts to make some bold moves and push this thing forward while they have a week. Have the attention of the town of you know the hockey world. Nothing going on to this the bills that camp. Still went first and our fail for she got their two on you know anybody tries I don't mean anybody now until the Q she passed Bernanke didn't sign him ranked I don't think so now from. Just just wait and so we shouldn't hold your breath on that I'm not going to. And don't forget your bid for the WGR golf tournament the deadline is but ammonia auction closes 1 o'clock today so this your last chance to get into the tournament. Whether you won a bid with place a bet on one of the on air folks here at WGR one of the sports celebrities. Or are you in three of your friends wanna be in a regular foursome just to be in the tournament. We still have spots available so WGR 550 dot com is the place to go again the auction will close at. 1 o'clock this afternoon good luck. Breaking sports news airs first here yeah. GR Sports Radio by. The thoughts. Extend a sports has brought you by sunbeam's service experts heating and cooling call 1866. Experts managed a few times Brian Campbell to tiring there's a little bit more this news he's staying with the Blackhawks and joining their front office. Marketing. Community relations. And youth development. Was for him. Yet you've docked video. Marketing community in youth hockey initiatives he's joining the teams from office in that role I think that means he gets to go out and playing street hockey games in various neighborhoods in Chicago let you know you know it. We see that feature like. Guys from the team show up hey guys you need an extra player on Brian Campbell's now you're playing street hockey games were ball hockey whichever you prefer to call. Investigators on the way next. At the end of last week they had to aaron's record talking about Jack eichel and the sabres in the contract negotiations at this point well. It's do it's just an ongoing process for the sabres that you know Peter fish in the agency that represents Jack I mean there's a willingness and a in an eagerness I would see it from both sides to get something done. And longer is better for the Buffalo Sabres obviously. Eagerness silly characters. An eagerness. And how these meetings going on and off. Errors on again off in meetings there's nothing negative in any sense at this point they continue to meet they continue to have discussions. And there are heading in the right direction this is the focus now. Or do you think bottle because he's he's done a happy model work they would say to this point yes. The new general manager of the ball low sabers and from Michael's perspective. He of the people that manage his affairs from a business standpoint. Are also zeroed in on this. Now the only thing going on from a business standpoint would be our face right dirty said griner it's probably not get a new contract. So. What are we what's today the seventeenth. Lenders coming up on the 27. This is our hearings motive on bills training camp and no bull you lot in August August 4 right. So other than that he probably just as you know just the our face to wrap up and then that and then Michael's contract. I'm guessing nothing's going on on the Evander Kane front. Right we haven't heard any no that's why some change is gonna go into the season with one year left on his contract. So from a business standpoint not much left and for sure there's nothing go and I'm with the Reinhart. Talks regularly he's just might be. Letter might be that there outside I eichel try to forgot what letters value is what to do about that. And whether or not he wanted to go to arbitration might be is next thing on the list of things to do. Think eleven this week or any any advancement on it. I don't know I'm not sure how how soon this would get done it's doesn't penalty if it takes a little while longer it's not a problem. After you know I would I would think I would think it'll get done before the season began for camp opens up but I don't know that'd it be done this week I'm not sure there's a who was gonna use a phrase that I never wanted to be used in sports anymore but. Sense of urgency and type I've hit a wall and sense of urgency I don't hear that phrase anymore so anyway I don't know that it has to be done this week but I'm sure look at them before camp opens up. Mean all hobbled the weather this weekend and even going into today perfect today. Tomorrow looks gorgeous the whole week's balls to be nice Michael. We're passing rain on Thursday but. Weren the thick of summer and it is gorgeous today eighty and clear for might want to sundown tonight. And that in his pool this week for Thursday when the chances of rain for the golf tournament all low. Lo OK I later and I today Thursday and low Friday was may be some thunderstorms. But we try to. Friday you know can absentee storms Friday driving in a you can in 19% chance of rain and 90% they're getting that exact this new app Matt young or in production here. Turned me onto a new app death because I complain too much about the old standard whether wraps soil got the when he told me to get. It rhymes with cash mark should mind. Dark sky and Cynthia it's really moloch and it's a lot better temperature or chance of precipitation by our. Cloud cover wind. Great I'm I'm not complaining about. And by weather happening more after in all solid three weeks of Everett who's gonna ruin it doesn't rain it's beautiful out on the sap has been great so I've made the transition okay thanks Matt. As a viewer I'm downloading. You better be right on this one you're costing me some space in my phone. Nearly up up against the demo but. I got to data usage message I don't know why but now. 19% IC beginning at specialist orientated and that's like for the whole day they big goal percentage by our. Well like that and I like a good a good you can never go wrong with a good radar like maps like radar you don't like consumer storms are. The other night indicator we're at Marshall Tucker Friday night other I know Scott we had a great time. So we're looking sky you're at the orange from the sunset and then you had storm clouds coming in. And it was just the like we've I would under the radar like OK I think we're gonna be okay but just the just the trailer into the storm. It rained for about ten minutes. Like right at the time when Marshall Tucker we're about to come on stage right around 830 like at five to ten minute downpour. And then we're fine but just I just did the radar let me know when it's gonna rain what time its rolled through. Went to going to be done at sort of like to get but that was it we had a great time we had a great show. There was enjoyable had really good seats right up close and they played the two songs that I air I actually had known. Dig into the plane was an odd they played like maybe 67 songs but everything was drawn out like they did a whole bunch solos for the guitarist the drummer at all. So every song instead of five minutes. I think once almost felt like it went like fifteen minute they jammed they just chipped and it was it was impressive. I thought a Bulldog like Bulldog what is the appreciation is guitars and this guy and all the it was great watching those guys play the guitar that we had a lot of fun that night so fun show. I wanted to give you one more start Torre headed out did you see about the the record that was set at the beyond USA track and field masters competition. The since any dissent. To England centenarian record it's nice that centenarian hundred plus. Yes his parents that this I wanna make the joke that I made last time the person over a hundred years old winning a race yacht ahead new world record now she ran Julio hurricane Hawkins. Scorched the field. And setting new world record in the 100 meter dash for women aged 100 and up act. Forty point 12 seconds. Carved about six seconds off the record. So congratulation. To Julia he's millennia owns and their participation trophies. Make an age group just spur her on yeah hundred enough by the way did you see the new latest thing that colonials are killing. Now Harley-Davidson. Motor oh is that right all I am business insider article written yesterday about it. Why you people dragging the world down I I guess that we just grew and everything you do. In making it about a terrible place for the rest of us now like we're trying to what's what's up with him you inaudible an although no I'm not money Ailes is a term that used to evoke. The thought of lazy person that you met once that represents every person born for eighteen years let's Britain's mark pretty much. Nine I mean I I I'm never buying our this is the first generation of humans to. Somehow confound frost rate and be on a different kind of thinking plane. Then the previous generation no you with a hip has never of course not ever come across their than their parents of thought they were like what's wrong with you guys never it's never happened before all. Which is why there are so many stories about all these young kids our parents instead about our health courses that person never senator Bob Larson kids ever yet to ruin society yes so great and sleep with that. And I'm by the way I'm not one so a vote that accounts sleep in like a baby yeah a bomb I don't worry about it when you bring children into the world Alltel ruins sly way to yet we to see how bad they're especially your kid kids all of the millennial ring please look at the fog you know some meals by the way are old enough to have kids right yes they definitely are so. What they called New Britain, Connecticut right you'd. I'm not sure what they'll junior now. I'd investigators coming up next don't forget it's your bid in for the golf tournament you have until 1 o'clock.