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His fight and Pete Carroll heart. The is. To the as the gators Andrew Peters Craig rim they were alive again together on WGR Sports Radio 550. And MSG. On your TV those big highest paid people whose man you know what's nice welcome back to Marty for two days his eyes are beautiful but I tell you somebody. There's just something about looking into those ten mysterious miserable lives but chemistry. In its chemistry it's nice when you come back and you know normally get back to working years shaking everybody's hand you know I needed to see again. There's no chic and here it's all about the love and others don't hug. Can hurt everybody in the back Q is Austin. Could be back. To what happened the whistle to whistle on contract negotiations showing everybody how much who have come and work. You can drop the ball on now but that is what is gonna see your body a lot of people constantly. Where you've been I mean I had the opportunity catch up with the in the back which is awesome I do no good good blue Dini thought I was in the top. Yeah you are children per couple weeks I was in the told. Back up back up north. On in my home town. You know visiting family and friends and it's nice to be retired from hockey for you but late still you know live hockey life lately. McCain. You know you come listen hypothetically ripped kinda still plays pro argue for a living. It is ever since she's never serious work our way except for when it's game time you tell me I'm serious all the time we talk and okay soul he's never serious or work. What your great actors. And so he comes to work for two hours you know hockey games by a two robbers practice is about two hours. Comes to working grinds it out for two hard hours many leads by 1 o'clock so I think the and leads by 1 o'clock he's back in the Norah pounds. My putt by maybe 1245. So you talked about at any gets a month off in the summer. You know any actually here's the kicker. Clearly depressed it tapped the do the work outs though. You know what. I'm gonna tell you a little story about my day out work code training regime back in north and he's aka summer program absolutely I hit my a before I went back to north I hit my all time high in Allen's. Pounding Beers mean no I don't know. Ounces in LB eases into many around the waistline is I'm away yet I'm way above you now not just blow in on a vital idea I'd get a few compliments about town. While mice felt this year. But you're listening to your detector guy wouldn't put it past you'd be answering and opera. No that's. Effort guy you there's still alive material to get your own materialistic not that I say I wrapped myself and surrender out before I go out and public dole hi I get home. And I finally seeing myself. I time I'm gonna start to deduce some runs in and just get back into shape Tryon. Lose and lose weight like like anybody else you know and jogging run Joseph jogging joy here's the here's the problem I've trained on Meyer wrote back in. The cottage for years he'll leave. It's hard it's not enjoy I've done that for years so now I haven't run in five years so I get on the road and I'm thinking in my mind I know what I used to run the road. What was along his road. Soldiers there's different wrote that I would go so might my short one on the road it was like three miles. OK so. I would run three miles and it's very hilly so it's it's not a flat surface I would run in a boat in 1919. Which was fast I definitely sprint to the whole thing you're gonna. I I'd like to. Seating on the treadmill you mean there guys just to run in there guys it just couldn't run in the well you know. Here's the difference the guys that wanted to ride the bike with the guys that I'd rate be huge legs and great big blood on them and all this power I was more. So light and I I like to I was more quick. Running guys but anyway I I end up running the road and I have in my mind exactly what I should be running the rode him like when I was training. Guess what I ran the road. 55 minutes. 4435. Minutes. Such sixth birdie sixteen bio for minutes OK and I came back to I I came back to the the cottage. I literally my wife comes though with a gloss a water gauge each arm like. I can't even read that poem my legs up on and on. On the deck did get some. Blood back in my neighbor and I I couldn't even move for like twenty minutes and 35 minutes like com on. Date to pitch you've accurately. A year ago I think truck and here's the cup but she's she's literally said to me she said so we're lucky she said where did you go. I said. She's like did you run out to the highway which is another like 22 miles rate. I signal just ran the end of the Roche said it took it 35 minutes to run the end of the wrote them like I looked like they. Gotta start somewhere right to pay back our party lost four pounds. Of waterways. No I didn't I didn't I okay couple cocktails out there but. When you said. It is at your picture in picture. Read it read sends me this picture we're gonna get to everything that do well ridge was away because there's a lot that we need to get through by the sabres and things like that we will. But if you send me the picture of the the beer but chicken is that we call this year by chick and I think that's the only beer had up there. And president and his aunt chickens getting nutrition at the same time. I recognized so what are you what he's tipping the scales up for re my mind. We want all encouraged you here in this you know there. What he had to and yes. While somebody told me the other day that they were 260 scripting enabled pleaded not look to sixty a time like I might be on the show here real soon. And also. I'm gonna guess like 237. 238. Thug at speed at 238 the you know who I saw the other day Andrew Peters and Kregg Avaya is back and investigators. And we are obviously live on WGR Sports Radio 550 an amnesty so if you're sitting at your office desk. Guys and girls and you gotta check these baby blues out their back and I've missed them but you know what's on your day. Some at a golf tournament on Saturday. Up in Belleville Ontario. No idea Doug Gilmour doggie yeah Kellogg Gilmore so yes he's actually doing nowadays I told myself I'm doing. I do and she traded episode triggered today's late he stopped. He paused. And as a as sitting there on a waiting for this reaction of steady or dating Garrett at times and he can you can tell you the story. Videos. No kidding. Craig are you today and I just said yeah dies at let's have a little chatter about. Gregory May anyways so nothing but great things to say what an unbelievable guy I mean you got to play with them I was here in training camp -- them. Do you know that he's the general manager. Of the case confront and cast yep he I mean now I played with dog here had the opportunity to play with Doug Ian in Montreal and you know. He was he I kind of feel. I feel bad for guys like him when they played they were. That star studded talent. And they were bigger than life players and and and fans were crazy. All over the these guys these guys couldn't go out. You know when he got to Montreal he played a trial for all those years he could not go to trial. He couldn't go anymore. People would mobbed him and when he got too much are always the same thing so I can remember. I can remember one of the first times you know Doug you came to the team Malia we we ended up playing a game that night and usually most of our team would go to certain spots in Montreal either go to crescent Streeter you go to saint or as the two spots. Doug he said meet me at this. Place. Said meet me at this place that no problem storm driving there with my wife. And I have the address and I'm looking at the the streets. It's like the street signs are all broken in their Connick glittery and stuff from I mean. I walked into this bar and I'm like this looks like it's abandon. It looks like it's closed down by opened the door anyway I go and there's a there's a guy on on. On the bar with a head on his on his hands completely passed out. And I looked in there there's not one person in the bar. Except dug in the back given neither wave while no word that's what he did like he went to the bars where no one was he wanted to be by himself. And just. Unbelievably down to earth guy awesome really awesome one of the one of the greatest. Like god I I you know I did I was talking from all eyes see here's the thing so I was in training camp with him back when he was here he wasn't here long. So how do in 2000 because I I just had back surgery I remember that before we went to Chicago know he would no he came here cargo yet he came here now. I'm from Chicago and I don't remember the deal but I think GPD mark came in that deals well. But. So anyway I like. But I don't know him he he ended up taking my brother for dinner. In Chicago when my brother was it training camp at the hearts you know they have the the split exhibition games and if so did the same age and at the time. So we ended up you know going for dinner with Doug Gilmour and you don't expect. Doug to remember these stories right so anyway. You know just chatting with him and then I played a charity hockey game with a soul you know I was it was just it was nice to catch up to them but you know obviously playing with you I'd ask him but also like you don't want the other things I talked about was. Did you you showed me the thing that Jeff O'Neill did with them. About 1993. In the Gretzky high stick right so I asked him about that latest of that just about like you know doing the video and stuff. Pretty tense I really liked guy how these how these athletes like just feel elated about certain moments in their career late that I we. That's a defining moment in leaf history in leaf and NHL history I mean. Wayne Gretzky. Back in tooth in 1993. Got caught for high stick. Cut Doug Gilmour he should've been ejected from the game five minute high sticking penalty which would put Toronto more power play for five minutes. And they didn't make the call. Kerry Fraser Kerry Frazier and even Kerry Frazier to this day said yes it was my fault. I I dropped the ball on that call but that was it did defining moment. In that in that playoffs yours. And whoever went their way to the Stanley Cup players in the playoffs we don't know what happened after that you know watcher all pull it out can you imagine try Maple Leafs playing. Playing the Montreal Canadians in the finals. OK so we talked about this last week like rivalries in sports Montreal Toronto. Maybe the oldest our rivalry in and talked. You know maybe not to maybe not the most heated nowadays but the oldest one hour when I played it was it was it was not good. I mean it was heated yeah big time I remember that day to Gary Roberts the match son dean I don't mis. Thomas I mean they had. A very very good hockey team back back in the day Shayne Corson was there I mean. It was not well. It was not fun to play in the series is because it was it felt like it was dangerous. But at the same time. You worse by eighty senses were ten tingling man I mean you were ready to play and you do. The the magnitude of those those hockey games and that's the gains you wanna be apart. So how many of the company what you were your first year. My first year pro was 9495. So you saw. You saw the leafs out here. In 94 and I fire now 9596. Might have been my first year ago. Apparently leaves so what was that like five because I was fuel for you know what Wendell Clarke two he was another guy that was at this tournament I mean yeah he's a guy that in my opinion goes down as one of the one of the greatest powerful all around hockey all around hockey players to ever play. The greatest I think giving too he was drafted first overall as defensive defenseman yeah. Many went to the world juniors that year than in a spot on defense for rates leap leap forward. Well he's ease ease for an birds I mean Brent Burns was forward. Forward in Nashville her current Minnesota. And now all of a sudden you know what 78 years later he's Norris trophy winner in Macon eight dish million dollars a year as a defenseman. It's just amazing how that happens the account to be versatile tile. You know when Clark was the defense is that he hit his entire life. When he came to pro hockey to put him on the forward line and he never he never looked back one of the greatest power forwards ever. He really is. Didn't have a we were looking at assessed the group are actually golfing with the mayor of Belleville. OK so we talked about the loss of the Belleville bulls and we talked about how players they just got to the Binghamton senators in there so it's just. Great weekend for for myself I was upn now although but ran no oil was my first my first brawl that I was ever. Will it kinks in front Max 45 minutes off the road Kingston front Max Belleville bulls. You talk to vote try Maple Leafs and and net in the Montreal Canadians being rivals so who was on this team. Darren McCurry okay that's all you need to know he used he was the heavyweight. Of the notion that your ton of points he got kicked out of the game before that. Because I got a fight with a before that and he. So he had he had a 127 points in juniors here's the people donors hybrid and 27 as a by eater yeah. How repelling minutes via 177 they don't count tens back. 177. Pal in minutes 127. Points to 65 junior games. The now. Part of that is the space that he was he was treated but nobody under two gold escort and in this Stanley Cup Playoffs. He. You don't everybody everybody just had these guys pegged as like you know no skill this is that this is your prototypical guy that like. Did at all yeah he was he was a pleasure to as a teammate but anyway I guess remember when you talk what Belleville bulls remember. You know. Obviously 45 minutes up the road they were our rivals in the weight shell it was it was net. Again not a fun environment to play it because it was scary. And I just remember I remember remember Chris Scranton. Oh yeah Chris grad was drafted does ordered old girl or third overall the Tampa Bay had a long what you will surely won in 9192. I don't know why here it is my if it was my first year in the league. And and chris' first used the first rounder I was the second rounder in VO each element we that we. Chris grad and ended up hitting. Heath Gretzky. And completely knocked him though with a body check with only need like ten seconds left in the game and and it was just an ops Lou neatly progress he. Rancorous. And it was scary that was probably the scariest moment I've been dug duels on that team. I don't know was on the Belleville team all I normally do all I know is I I grabbed ice skated onto the ice. Scurried as fast as I could and this melee and I grabbed a guy who was like six foot 4220. Pounds I think his name was Bailey. Analysts. A whole the odds of grabbing this guy. Looking and operate now. I was driving by the Belichick had to drive by the malveaux ranked in Belleville the other immediate get my coffee I'd just looking at that rank and that was that thundered. It is the war it was the worst I never played a good game and although because they had a huge ice surface I was coming from martial law you talk more rivalries in junior. Our short Peterborough. I played in now I've played and Josh what year in 1997. And there was that first year. Now they just played each other in the NE VO itself final to go to the memorial copper in the conference final. And the two teams just had to knock him out brawl and Bill Stewart was the coach in the didn't shake hands after so the next year going into an I mean I never experienced anything up until that point actual fans. Re living hatred and carry over from the season before. But anyway so this conversation got started Doug Gilmour and so when a Clark and so he's so Doug Gilmour is general manager of the kinks in front next year old junior. Unbelievable. Unbelievable I didn't direct you get a job there. McNabb Doug Weight. To this job. 803055888550. To 550 couple they were gonna get to. We've been we've been waiting a long time did to do we did a bracket along time ago cliche brackets are gonna go bracket starting this offseason writes we got to find some very excited about this to rip is very excited about this sort are gonna start the bracket they were gonna talk about the bracket today I am gonna talk to river about a free agency but that's sports movies of all time and rip eyesore I think. I wrote down fourteen movies just off the top my head before the show. Rich wrote down tents or just started listing off my movies. None of my fourteen. Match any of his hand so. That you still attend. Yeah still a tense and I'd like we are told what you have fourteen when they told listed have ten. Well no because we're not because we're actually going to have sixteen seed that you are most or goals are gonna start this tomorrow. What we're gonna talk about it today because there are some of it was so we'll talk about that 11 o'clock and also. We are going to be talking in re actually we're gonna watch revenue are gonna watch the movie doing we've never seen it. The title drives me nuts them she stiff we're playing hockey drives me not so I've never taken a time to watch it the ever seen. Now a case so we know we both never seen it so we're gonna watch it and throw the course the the weeks here we're gonna I guess do our. We callers this by Siskel and Ebert and it would of their listeners Siskel and Ebert guess where my family is right now. For kids. Wife. Not here. What might want. It's tricky taxed. I gonna watch fall today. I'm watching all thirty top top thirty sports. Starting to basically get Ers he says to me is sleep over yet Noah and I coming over with that's again. Bring Brody that's that's off one hit better than five that's. Our right yeah you are right. Are its all free we haven't had a chance to view you ignored us on your break about the free agency so much stuff going on but it would have the same what happened to. You know knowing. Who got signed. Tom idols contracts that want Julio. Union ol' Denny. You heard Marty column Denny did you did you hear. When are any endeavor that abetted terrorists signed but the others it was. A little worried farm but I like the signing. Does that victors. You know he's thirty years old. I don't think K I think that he has more to give than what he did. With a stint with the Oilers. It's it's obviously a relatively cheap signing but you're getting a very good hockey player I think it's a good production yesterday. Absolutely I think. You don't. When you when you try and look at where guys are gonna fit in nine I mean we we lost. William Carey day who's a left Winger we lost Tyler Ennis who is a left Winger so you know this was a good. Cheap signing and I ice then now I did a really really impressed. With with all the moves that we have done that Jason barter or has it just the way back to everything you talked vote. That Friday before you laughed when they brought in parliament only brought in scanned Allah. What it does it's you know or is it allows for younger players to marinate a used to work a lot what you regard to marinate in the minors. You know what you think about Justin Bailey I mean yes maybe ready to gold but also you member what Austral said at his press conference you mean. Howell. You you sign guys like you probably got whoever. Or even a Kevin porter's neck and start the season of play the first 2530 games in them and when guys will get hurt when guys get hurt these guys like elite Kevin barrel. In the minors no question I believe he will be in the minors I know he's had a couple caught in the miner lights and as I mean. Jason Marshall when he came here. My a month and a half ago he'd talked to vote it's not just the boat buffalo its not just double the sabres it's a vote your minor league team. It's a boat building an environment a winning environment. And you have to house of great players and you have to have you have to surround like. When we sit there and talked a boat Alex knew Lander. Who shot the miners last year and there's a lot of people out there that say. We'll listen hey he didn't do as well as what we thought he would we thought that we would get more production out we thought that he would look better. Well both people need to get their head a shake because here's the reason why he's the youngest player in the American Hockey League. He's the only eighteen or one of the only eighteen year old in the American Hockey League. And that the entire team was depleted we got all the players up in buffalo because there was so so many injuries. Let me put you where Barack he is I don't on these are rounded. With the right guys so they're. Like there are people that are now just starting and seen now they are now just starting to realize how important the miners are Bravo to you for being able to. To recognize that. But what he's save of that lake people still don't think the miners matter I don't care about you know how good Rochester is I'd pay to watch buffalo. This is the long term plan this is how you make your team relevant like a San Jose by the we've got to get to patty Marleau to yet he's going across the river. And San Jose just to go to full full page ad to to thank them for services. I think Joseph Thornton did too because as he goes on salary goes up. But. That's just how I see I mean I'd I think people are now just now have because of the mindset of the new I guess you wanna call Rashean. At the miners do matter. Culture matters we had razor on the show the other day talking about just how important it is for young players to do all the things you talked about what you learn your first year pro. Right and what you learn. How to eat live by yourself. You're here on laundry I mean you learn a lot of things when I was twenty years old as the first time I started you my laundry is the first time that the I had to make my own own meals. Now granted it's starting with it started with peanut butter and jelly. But by the end of the year. I started to picture and I started to do things in and buy groceries actually go to a grocery story didn't do that tonight and anybody your first year pro. Yeah I live with. A goaltender named mark Lamotte. Yeah dumber than so he is you don't we we have played together in Kingston. And he was the fourth round pick and I was the third round pick from Montreal and we both both. Made the minor league team and we we stayed together but it was a learning experience there's no question I mean it it takes time freedom picture in and for you to Figaro. That the structure of your life and and how to be professional and and and these young guys that are in the minors now. You want them to learn from me who we you know you'd just named. Porter. You know he he's played in and I Kevin Porter he's played in the league a long time he's played you know upwards of 253 and games in the NHL. These are guys that you want people to be surrounded with talking with that that killed for doing. That's what you want your young players to be around players like this you want a stronger team. You know this team in the minors with what icu right now it will be of very very very competitive team in the minors next year. This will be a team. That your it's not just gonna be able watching the Buffalo Sabres going to tell you rate now you're gonna enjoy watching the minor league team because this is a strong team we have players. We have our younger core. With putts and bashing in new Lander and Sean Malone. You know. They're there is a lot of a lot of upside the pack teased I mean you can just go down the list we have the core Justin Bailey. But then you have those older. A little bit more veteran players that can really guide these young guys it's it's really really positive and in what IC. TS and ranked the teams with the most star power. Did you see it do you did you nor awful far I don't know or Bob Lewis on we're gonna look at how when we come back but appropriately timed because the show star power returned today so we gets talked about that it's an. I sit yes and sorry the hockey news ths meaning you know consider me. Sidney Crosby star power comic David you have two choices. So yeah rim one day once before. Said that if we were a duo. I would be that not me I'm talking as riffs here for a group of roads that if we were sitting in front of the bosses we it to masks. One of the Batman. And what was a Rodman. Which one would you put problem. And so I put the bat you now you're Robin you know that appears. You re elected. By him. I have Andrew Peters he's only Gregory will be right back and commuters over to achieve our investigators traced back. Star power we are talking about that ranking in the league star power. On each team and maybe I might even through Q school boards that rip also coming opera talk about the June. That's not a good movie June and a bunch of other sports ministers to stick around its theaters WGR Sports Radio 550 an amnesty. It's presented by and Pete Carroll thought. Well cold blooded. It. I'm gonna. God yeah. You know is did you do. About it. Oh and I. Well welcome back it is years that was they welcome him back Kregg this morning in the fieldhouse I had just. You know punted the ball I think about fifty yards with a vote. 31 seconds hang time and a turnaround and there was rim. Just walked in I got I was about the I don't even know how far away it was 35 yard line mean the I was walking back. But I got fueled. It turned. So hard you know tried to do the bachelor you know what I actually seen that video. Randy like I was and actually I've seen that but. I'm thinking what kind of hair products do you Wear like a nice shampoo and conditioner you it was like flowing. That's a look at I was actually you know I hit a hair flowing. It was waving like a close Meyer was we're doing is on so fast lord knows. That's fact guys can run fast multi year really movement. That's all you have to say about that. If you wanna see the video go to Twitter and she. This being one of them so anyway that was my morning run a Craig good morning welcome back used to gators WGR Sports Radio 515 amnesty. I will say this though. I somebody's government. Someone. Like time. And so with that we are going to be talking about star power have you seen the star power. Ranking this morning Greg. I get a peek at a yeah I have you know teams are the most are aren't the hockey news as it TS and when it's the hockey news TH and and did ranking of the top 31. Obviously 31 in the top ten. Most star power soul. Nashville had the most not lately. Spoiler about it with a with a point white star points. Yeah I. Some of these guys when you look at this you got to take it with a grain of salt because. You know you can you can give this 200 different people to break this down and you're gonna have a hundred different people give different answers. How is David Pasternak. One of the top ranked guys the National Hockey League right now he's one Q3 4567. He's the seventh ranked guy in the National Hockey League do you think he's the seventh ranked I know that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard and whoever did this needs. A slot. Toronto is a little low on the list I'd say what you asked UK piracy which team has the most our power forget about the forget about the the list in the chart here for a second yeah just throwing out there blindly which what why is Jack cycle only point 91. And Austin Matthews is one point 01. Jack eichel was one of the hawk point producing players her game and the National Hockey League. If jock Michael would have played a full season. He would've had to William. No way more what you had definitely more moral and I used to listen I'm narc and you would hide or more trying to hide it but let's be honest of this kids started healthy. He starts the season healthy. You know what I just low how Nolan is our guy any respect and here's the thing you know. I'm on I'm dragon on on Jack for a few things that he needs to get better so be it yeah you know what he he needs to get better just like everybody everybody in this league I could rag on them over something. Jack eichel. Is a stud and we are we are. Gonna be very happy fans watching this player for the next ten years. Plus and and to sit here and look at the rankings right now where Jack is on this. This whole. Allotment no way. Story he's way better than what people have them down for board you know what I'll take the I'll take the underdog any time you blow things away next year and tie that. He's ready. Third year in the league he's much more mature. He is going to break out next year he is going to give the top guys in the league a run for their money. I never in a million years would have said if you told me. Pick the team with the most star power and don't think there was a national pressing national doesn't have star power. But it just and I don't think I would have I would have says the national. And I don't even know that I would have had Pittsburgh that high either well Nashville's kind of like a there there are interesting because there are sort of in higher from serie. You know there that the players that they have right are are are a lot of them are our defenseman correct. Well Philip Forsberg is is is ranked very high com. And he should be pea case two bays rated as in the leaked. Tier talent. Roman you'll see is rated in the second tier talents as of four. Forsberg they both deserve it are bits and. Do I miss second tier talent I don't. But I think he's very good he scored thirty goals last year. They have a very very very good corps. Of of players Ryan Johansen isn't in the thirteen year. Thurgood hockey team that's the reason why. They went to the Stanley Cup finals is day how of he leaked. Star studded talent on their team denying an Italian there there there gonna continue to get better I think Philip Forsberg are bits and Ryan you haunts and these guys are all still very you armed. And they're playing an elite level which which is great and then they have their top four. Alice. Back home you'll CD. And at. You're not gonna get much better that a top four and it in the National Hockey League so they they deserved to be up there so Edmonton was in was below the championship cut off. A case soul. Does that surprise you or they like are they more. Just karma David really caring that teams coordinate when they're talking boat championship cut off your talk about teams can win Stanley Cup. Teams that they think have championship. Talent right yeah or star power I guess top to bottom. It's. It's. It's. Clearly it's irrelevant as Winnipeg number two I just don't understand right now. There's only one team in the league that has three top tier counts three top tier talents is the pop what fifteen players in the league. And Boston has three of them in the top theory I can understand Patrick Bergeron I can understand Brian marsh on. I have IIIMW. I don't whale oil has hit it's it's. Mark. What ever it's thought Brian Marcia Hoffman Brad. Iraq can I call on that duty it's easier to just calm the rat. Who you know it blazes are not at least you're not trying to pronounce Patrice Bergeron. Like. From NBC's Pierre McGuire. Was he went went at the awards the megastores. Factories merger wrong. You know. Now art dog there. The Pasternak good hockey player but I think that's his season they I would off with last I knew that I even put Pasternak. In this second tier I would not happen in the second tier the second tier. Are our players. With the likes of give Danny Malkin and its com. Jack cycles. He is just not at that level I don't think past and accept. Them down as you know you have your bark offs. You know. Parents Deval skis. I don't know Pasternak and that and that pop but you know one it is what it is everybody's got their opinion yours. I'm blown away at some of us. Florida Panthers. Yeah are you surprised where their team as their teams just below the Oilers yeah I'm not surprised no. Not surprised because when you look at their defense who's there elite defense. There at their best defenseman with no question is act applied the problem was act why it is. He's he's dealing with concussion issues you know the World Cup was it was a tough start to his season he he missed a large majority of the season. You know you have to be very careful and and he is a huge huge asset for that hockey team in you have to make sure that. You take the time to let him heal properly because you you know he could be go to the game very quickly if if he gets if he gets another one. A case of the top eleven teams were just talking about it the hockey news teams with the most and least our powers of the top eleven teams sabres not in. But Nashville Winnipeg Pittsburgh Washington cal Perry Boston Chicago Tampa Bay. Ottawa Saint Louis and Columbus. When we come back we're gonna Loren hall from the gaining your alternative what are Beisel trade. Today when we get to it. It's going to be one of these eleven teams. Wins the cup next year as I don't necessarily believe that so when we come back Lauren hog going to join us from the units in the Gator golf tournament live from over there. A lot of great guys over there for a great cause. Craig and I are gonna come back after that at 11 o'clock when a start talking about. Our movie bracket. Buy sell trade one of these eleven teams oh win the Stanley Cup next year and the movie June and a whole lot more feel free to call us tweet us. And obviously. We have to talk about ribs but he patty Marleau. Who's going to be playing for the leafs who just signed a whopping deal. On July 1 and I'm an entire. Love that sign for trial are right morally it's gators when we come back WGR Sports Radio 550 an MSG. Hockey talk any hints. This is the investigators. Presented by and Pete Carroll hardwood. Welcome back soon be instigate. Body and Sarah Dina were going to talkers well but Jimmy golf movies on here movie bracket coming golf blues yeah. Nobody can see from the top review not to come I don't want to know you can't record I don't Miami you're table are above your thinks alike must W. Yeah I have one golf I'd played in the NHL you know my peripheral. Is outstanding. Yet straight ahead. I've got one gulf movie that's it's I have out of the ten movies. I have been nine different sports. I had. And I'm excited about this this is the most popular sports movies PD you know are gonna pick we get into sixteen or should we do like twelfth. Well at the people aside I think we should do NCAA bracket okay thirty like it's thirty dollars let's see some people tweeting and and let us know if you want us to do twelve or sixteen movie brackets. Might I make sure it I'm sure your your golf movie if I'm willing to bat is probably. Happy Gilmore soul with that let's lead over two would probably the healthiest guy and all the planet Danny gare. And Laura Hall who's probably opened for a little airtime right now reporter air back to her weapon in the win Lauren and Danny over at. The golf term and what's up guys. AMR I mean at TD and birthday welcome back Cragg our here at that Danny gare and friends that golf tournament at fox valley country club in Lancaster. This all the benefit units and Danny you've been doing so much to make this state really special time a little bit about what all of your golfers haven't swords and. Thanks Lauren it's it's working out but it's a lot of fun is I think that's the most important thing out. We raise money for great cause. We have a lot of our alumni held we have some of the sabres here's some of the former bills Thurman Thomas are generous or official starter. So it's just a fun day to raise money for Greek gods yeah. So the pretty cool to have a tournament named after your outlook. It's so nice because you don't units has been a special. Part of a in my life the last five or six years I had a very good friend and a kidney donor or I should cynic. The owner. Given to him for kidney John Danny's present advises and I got to meet mark Simon CEO. Saturday and has some friends that I've known for awhile that have really helped. I rolled this tournaments or fourth year and we're excited and it's a full field so we're gonna have. You know a lot of fun out on many good golfers we go confidence here though they'll do their best their tribe at. Speaking of our friend thirty Nancy is here as well sterile where's the money raised going to go to today. It's great all the money raised today's going to go to us raising awareness about the need for organ eye tissue and blood donations so as you know there so many people right now over a 1171000. People waiting for a transplant. Over a hundred people need blood lusting or every single day. Let's just helps us get the word out there gives us money to put towards our education programs are outreach programs and Candice raise everyone's awareness about the need. We know this is this of one of your slow times when it comes to donations are any message that you want as a matter of listeners or viewers know about. The importance of giving blood in the summer months. Definitely the summer is always a really tough time for us it's not top of mind unfortunately for people to glad to donate so if you are able please visit whenever mobile blood dries whenever fix. Blood donation signers and just take an hour of your time and donate blood you could potentially save up to three life. In all ways registries and and another important thing if you're able to and role as an organ eye tissue donor that's huge too when you can have the potential to save. Close to a hundred lives. Such an important mission saving lives or western York units dot org if people aren't you setting give dean. Money blood their time many of the about right. Yes absolutely you can visit WWW you and white yes that are we have all the information for you whether it's making a financial against or rather it's in growing as a organize tissue donor finding a blood drive near you everything there. There at the keystone managed to any any and I take all of our guys went another puzzling us. Jenner had no you won't let me answer editors impeding cracked it. It goes and what is your role ended the Iranian friends tournament today I am the official. Starter. Whom the what does that mean money in the emperor who don't know I've worked in I'm working very solid on those questions. Lot of it. Why haven't you both here we know about you about earning an out of bed development camp last week how did it got harbors and what are your thoughts that's. Efforts I I would say it was outstanding knowledge for the quality of play which I thought was really up there as well. But for the response from the community and they had opened up extra sections and them together but in there I don't know of everybody did give him about. And it's it's pretty impressive when you do something like that in the middle of July and then a lot of folks from a beautiful day. And say man I'm going inside to what you see it. It was I couldn't believe the people is crazy and it. The part that I like to just watching three on three it's on the best parts of the game at these kids really. You look at the prospects in the skill levels from medals that who lead. You know to Logan in the gold and I mean you got some great prospects felony outing as they got it. The welcome allows criminals a very aggressive on beard goes the important that. So we get our site we are talking RG afraid I'd hear about. The goalie prospects the difficulty of pronouncing his medium what they outlet that Gloria. If I lose lose may have an at large of those kooky pad. The only one. Now they'll work and all I could do it and then. The American bright so it makes your right track to shoot there yeah I think they got a lot of lives widen was moved. And again while we have both here repeating Greg back at the Studio One of their upcoming topics in today's show. Favorite sports movies of all time so if you eat like to share your suggestions for not coming back. I would say that I guess a slouch I have to say that that may have been the last sports movie I watched it I do remember him a long time ago I had my two sons were very young at that time. And there in Calgary go to the stampede. And I left them in the hotel room and I cinema downstairs and come back government elements and probably said can we get a movie dead as it sure. Well back up why not gun ten minutes and back up like on the room and him in the hallway and I can hear. Exposed of this expletive that I figured out what movie did that they bitch slap shot that coastal. Two minutes for what was it fueled the sin bin. Dog I had to me is slap shot guy but I like you know buffalo movement natural right so it was done here by Hinson. I also liked. McGwire. Jerry Maguire show me the money kid. Who had I children in my other aspect ratio little by Obama and it's out yeah. Earning out of the Danny gear and friends golf tournaments about it at unit anything you want like unit how you can donate blood help barely thing missing here last junior. Just as a unit the dot alert. Today and that you damaged anything's metric and trainers this under the it's a fair golf that's. Bring out the vice a country that eating I backed the in the media. Are right thank you Lauren RJ's Serra and Danny here. Former. Stop and by RJ he's rock in the he's got and nineties at Cooper all suspenders on yeah. Woody feel like doing Sunnis see those. Gonna conflict among them back teach. I wouldn't do that are yeah I would I about I would do that but Don Knotts are tired slap shot. Do you yeah that your top slot Sharpton even for those surprised by this is not even on my irony and have it in fourteen and I'm gonna get to sixty you know he's gonna make the cut. It is not in my top ten. IE I think it's a legendary. Movie it's it's really the we are not really a movie wannabe show on my kids right now but. They didn't make my top ten and I don't think it's gonna make my top sixteen even dole I've probably watched that movie. More than any movie that I've ever watched but it won't make my top sixteen and I don't know why maybe get because it's. It's a hockey movie and we're hockey show and. That's I've young blood on mine. I do. That's a great hockey. You remind me of rocky. Carl Iraqi I find real toll of Karl Iraqi. That's what I would tell you live I was a guy like I was the skill or die hard Hillary got flood or brother or. You're young but if you're young people let's dad where he came back on the eyes in his boxers the these birds we don't know that is a that's that's big chair. It. If you don't know figures that might. Gregor of hey if you want to know crave you wanna secret. Fifteen and out to Hollywood name. He played the data young but they came back out. A hint. And Sox Jersey moving them back we're going to be target best sports movies we got them here we're gonna get to and also the movie soon. Some other savers stuff by sultry coming up WGR Sports Radio 550 an amnesty.