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All right where the investigators and you theaters regularly is back. WGR Sports Radio 550 and Adam as she we are going to do over Craig is just say that we're gonna watch this weekend because he's childless and is with his wife is up with the kids in his house in north base and easier. Oh ops the top thirty. Sports movies. Of all time that's like sixty some low dollar off I'd let that I like to say and I walk right now. Cubic as she usually listens. Or watches when she can't every single day. And we discuss what I've talked about because she's colonies in mediators some Micah you can't say pattern you know but now. You can't get the cell reception up there she can't watch on TV gosh I can't handle this is usually watch McCarthy WIR boaters she's not gonna know. For those of you who's sometimes worried about not being able to hear our show like our good friend JJ who just got back from Paris and Portugal. And did not get engaged by our way to do that anyway. So I can graduating JJ this morning because. Old Wiener Smits who over here tells media that he got engaged. And I would tell him I'd congratulate KK forgetting NG engaged in pairs in Portugal a beautiful trip. You know to me writing each. I forgot there from I forget how to thanks thanks for the information drop there I've got to tell his side drop the ball on now one no idea how we got that so I so if you're traveling abroad and you wanna hear her. Is that here the show all you can go to WGR 550. Dark common listen he was alive he can he be here on the on demand audio so. You know don't be shy there's no excuses to digest a lesson gauger you're good luck and cat there. He has regular he has a good luck in cannot you know my entire right now he's still out of his league. He needs to lock that down. Are right soul with that locking it down were so we're going to be watching dune and we're gonna over the the best sports movies in our opinion. And the great thing about this is that we did I didn't fourteen before the show I'm sixteen now. So I don't know we at fourteen to ten like I had fourteen written down rinsed tents or read my fourteen. None of mine were on or any of his ten and so. So that's enemy for inched in bracket but let me scroll through some movies or see if you have to his caddie shack on years. No. Okay caddie shack case old what about what about the lovable sea biscuit to have sea biscuit on the I had sea biscuit that's my number four fourteen. Greater due to receive this. Yes great movie I okay what about here's another great movie that I think goes overlooked and ever notice that all these great movies are either baseball or football because it's all of that they're easier to shoot yourself. I have baseball football. Boxing golf. Running soccer. Looker with a variety. Of horse race is poker did this or use tucked there you tick guys. Good that guided just greeted him unfit so is renowned artist is falling for the ESP and think that poker is a sport. He's sticking out of his out of and I mean how could we not play poker and how can we not put poker and when poker ten years ago was rated higher than hockey. On ESPN also was NASCAR. You have days found her on their idea not the with the I don't like poker is this sport. The maturities that are I think. Okay poker poker I have routers in their and I think I mean routers as one might top. I low rounder Kate's sole item I'm guessing non you don't have the rookie. With that's with a kid. Cochran now let's rookie of the year. OK without Henry Henry growing gardener go right road Gartner red marker yeah garden hose there I don't have that one no. That the rookies with. The quarterback from any given Sunday there I can't let me throw a couple bombs. Here I add I'm gonna go with not my big heavy hitters right now they don't wanna. Cool running on years. Cool running what's that that's John Candy teaching the Jamaican bobsled team. It recordings on there I do not have us yet again under the movies that I just mentioned her my list either. Where boat depth Robbie kid. All rather gives me a break the karate kids not an analyst. Sadly. Me argue go karate didn't hide. And Iraq and does so it's not it didn't make my list is off for those of you don't. Who will we get guests on the show from the sabres. Chris Bender is is a guy loves Karate Kid we used or we just a reference Karate Kid all the time if the crane kick it didn't it. It's not that didn't make it listed as it slipped my mind and also. I had I went for a little bit of something for everybody wants some comedy wild couple of stories. Or some person sport greats on mattresses and it's a list and match. You ready for this one I think you've never even seen this movie. With the Allstate. Basketball. Not it's with Pedro Serrano. CC that's Majorly time for love a lot of basketball. Their loved basketball analyst. That's the that's the name of the movie that's ethnic or laugh and mask those caucus felt love in basketball. Not. Okay great movie was Omar apps anyway sounds great are rife. Well this morning and throw and throw went out to left field pardon upon you can call us to. If you have a sports movie that you love 80305508885525. If you're talking to two former hockey players that when we traveled the boss. Or hit hit the rooms in night you know you withdrawn a movie. Dvd players like we played that are aware like portable dvd players were huge basis it would Mardi arm plane and watched movies all of timely. You watch over stuff like so give us a call. 8030550. 888550. To 550 and Collison. Let us know what to think of June what what do you think our expectations of governor going to be we're gonna watch that probably between now and maybe next Wednesday we'll get back to him and I'm really looking forward to a going to be more only am looking forward it was about. He heating just pounding a pizza and a bunch of wings of the while we watch it but other than that not much Woolsey. Well ying and go you said. You have a movie for everyone I just watched this movie for probably like seven yet time with my son. Sand lot. The only reason why I love that movie is for the dark. Hercules Hercules the united I had my masters. Oh my gosh and I is that dogs in the great movie right. Great movie it is you know what it's a great movie and I'm knocking it's not for me it's for everybody but you know I have a barbecue conflict right yeah at a Disney movie. I don't know but it's a great move. Here's one that someone's tweeting and we're getting tweets here and someone sweetie and all I can classify this as a sports movie but I mean it's always something. One of the greatest movies 'cause I don't consider bowling a sport either a day when you can have a body like that be considered an athlete I just don't think it's fair. So with that kingpin. Ernie McCracken and Roy Munson. Yeah. You know. I like that gently I almost lost to a guy with a rubber. Know now yet you consider that a sports movie you know he yep yep all the media that as a sports movie but no. I'm gonna go all shoe one note left field. Have you seen the movie Chariots of Fire. So on referenced Chariots of Fire in that video when I was printing thing here at this park and somebody goes Chariots of Fire. No I've never seen it. 1981. Great movie. Great while you were you mourn I was a year old Bianca merry go. It's got some phone calls we have a couple calls here in the line 8030550808550. To 550. So what he talked about in the offseason and hockey same thing you talk about the walker here sports movies and we've seen a mall we got. We got a parts of our calls coming in here so let's grab Mike in Amherst my command after my own heart Mike Dee what's going on we're talking sports movies on investigators go ahead Mike. Mortar round I actually saw all the what was it kept it out there about the fact that. He apparently. And it warned that it hurt it. Are all old athlete. Might split what was it Mike about that is that movie that you loved. I. Get it back and hit by anti war. I felt when they get. Out of here. At Wimbledon. Are you sound like you're planning game at Yankee Stadium right now Mike so wants to go clear the mechanism. To I don't know that they do so my dad and I watched that movie years ago. You want on my dad pointed out about that movie. The opening semen walking through the airport. Casey of Billy chapel who's this hall of fame baseball player may be obviously that the stages said he's the greatest baseball player maybe ever pitch probably. You know a soft play on non Nolan Ryan right so you're watching this movie. And you see this team kinda come walking through a date start off with like it's like a slow fade in the Catholic foggy view and and to that team walking to the airport never walked to the airport with a that you just don't just feel like you guys are kings of the world. You're walking through the airport a group of pro hockey players just. We did that worry you look back at today. Hello we are all real look and we all flew on the commercial flights yeah. So you know what I'm talking about so they show all these athletes walking through and there's Billy chapel front Saturn he that's Kevin Costner's character he's dressed. To the nines. Like at lake just like here class he gets on the plane. He orders his V8 choose but he's got his jacket and tie on he's reading a book all the other guys are playing cards New York gust since he is catcher. Who's played by maybe one of the greatest actors ever John C. Reilly Mike but I've a buddy back home might heard a recall of previously called John C. Reilly. Is it just looks exactly like a but. Anyway so he's sitting there playing the play in the nineteen boy. Right soul. You know he was just kind of like look at the order of the hall of Famer and you know we're the sidekick there he got the guy I was in on and so I was trying to be the guy I've played the guy. Where in the super play in the game boy you know kinda pop vote but I thought it was an interest in take away. My dad I was showing me like you know the the classy superstar who's just it was interest in which Aetna. Clearly had to finish the shooting in fable. Great call man accused we were talking and let them move and I'm guarding people tweet and right now movies that. They loved in that were great I don't even have these movies on my on my list. Like there's so many got sick that's crazy thing there's so many great movies out there. Europe gimme gimme gimme two more gimme to more yours to more mine okay so the greatest rocky out there. You can't just a rocky and then summarize it and say OK you Kersey Percy darn you feel like I like the Apollo creed. That case are on one and why those are guys are obvious. I got the Russian I got Arnold well I've got rocky four I've cot rocky fork give me the best movie I'd rocky for college almost the very odd oddball right here. Perhaps it's I mean that was out when he went to Russia forever work out to the training montage. Iran. Come. And identity and and and an event. In. Down to it and he's just written threw in there. In Russia members train that's on the aren't doing all the work. That's and I its own. Strong when he's. Push pull the rocks and doing that yeah yeah that's south so all that stuff flip the coin who gets that one no higher Getty's you told me if I get the a movie quote. I don't I'm not a movie Coke guys so I got one. All right let's grab it doesn't have a name here but someone and would Lana has a comment about movie here go ahead you're on the line. Yes I would someone from all about what blunt well sorry tiger from wood line column about something else glad. Now and I'm couple great movies like I was the replacement which was optional in the goal. You know how can you forget that one would lie it was an incredible movie. And I know you are described and I just I just caught it you can't put gamble. For the love of the game with Kevin Costner you know. Remember that on it we just we just talked about it yeah and almost phenomenal and betraying that. Was down and then and then and then. There and wrong. Oh down to. And then and at no that was the end of the boxing fight that was the boxing I was the Russian far did you get the training montage on. I. Morale again as yeah so. I can't think about you lobbied at wanted to throw one out yeah. No because I want this guided you can after this Geithner got Harmon taught in Cleveland. Tommy Cleveland your call obviously about life major leak. Now not even close to major lead actor be of total supply almost togetherness or other and my total length is a major way in the top they're on board. I have total surprise to a hockey players we're not even think of mystery Alaska. Alt com law. Even back to under the New York Rangers out here. Claude Disney all the way Tom but I love I love for your hearts out with Aki. Eight that movie I think that funniest movies from you know why. Tom I'm gonna give it to you because it's a hockey show like eat your when your leading goal scorer is a grocery clerk. And your cast in is that town sheriff. You have a shot against the Rangers are right. I don't care what the temperature saw her own talk about the team chemistry. If you go along well that's right you know we need Tom Tom I love your call thank you very much Tommy there. The fact that there were epic Sports Illustrated gets to try your Cambodia. Not listen you know Tom I love I love the college didn't make pilot I don't have a hockey movie on my top sixty thanks for the call Tom you don't have hockey movie and top I'd Youngblood. No I don't know that. When governor of the call he wants to wanna I wanna throw went through one. And Aaron and and again this is like yeah I don't even know if this is the sport but would you consider. Would you consider chess a sport. We're gonna throw in there I think chest while supporting your exit strategy in need you're gonna play believers in the poker. Is a sport I'm gonna say that chess okay is maybe more this or searching for Bobby Fischer. Never seen the documentary about Bobby Fischer have you seen searching for Bobby Fischer yes it. What a fantastic movie incredible movie. That's Alia. Or Qatar and its is that a new list. K cross that off no way crop this no I'm not across her own can't just take a legendary movie and inserted classified as a sports movie. Just so you can have his total legendary movie that's that's a sport. Chess is a sport you'll think Bobby fish that's a legendary movie searching for Bobby Fischer and I came out that was a pretty unbelievable movie. Yeah and that came potent in ninety's. Murder. Irma bringing them back to 420 my column is of my list. The problem analyst I have 1234. Five. It's five baseball when I hate baseball. But some of the best move sports movies out there baseball so I hit chests horse racing. Baseball boxing. Basketball karate poker. Today routers. You gave it away you with I just copied off of one of my. Buddies off a Twitter here ending grounder is awesome but people that I could go with a little crossover of both that okay if you're gonna do this I'm gonna take you content coat. I'm gonna go where it error Academy Award winning actor. Sorry he was used it from one based DePaul. Pace keep law I think it was gonna. You know one Tony Awards assembly now based it all out there understand what would that while. It's about baseball and basketball need to reinvent the game called base DePaul so you're gonna go with chess and horse racing. The movie was about the horse not the jockey the horse is an athlete. The horses or is it a piece of meat we bat on really blew up is. 830 score would look at gamble on all your crazy. Okay older think that inject. Injecting horses would stop getting abused as they can make sat sport. Was there between that and the Olympics he. The two were surprised that your frauds like to come on. All the feel stared Olympics if you can not get caught in your champion. All right let me come back we're gonna do more and more in this I think more I everything in that might heavy hitters come. I say that. What is your what sport Asia heaviest hitter. Basketball. It's so amazing tweets committed all right Andrew Peters Gregor of eight best sports movies of all time after this we're gonna throw it into a bracket. We're gonna break it down for irrational at the fans the side through Twitter. All right when we return more this is the gators WGR Sports Radio 550 and MSG stand aligned callers. We're back with more of the instigated it's presented by MP Carol hard. All right welcome back against the gators enter Peters Craig who read today. We're live on WGR Sports Radio 550 amnesty getting some unbelievable feedback right now actually better than we do on any other hockey day. Talking about sports movies of all time call us 803055888550. To 550. Let's line those let's line those phone calls opulent enemy here tell us your best sports movie. Rim has convinced that I just received a very attacks from a friend of mine very funny text can't believe that. Searching for Bobby Fischer was even discussion chest is not a sport or call and know worst first eight the first person that calls us 803055888550. To 550 either confirms or denies that chess is sport. That will be the deciding factor. The first person that calls in because this is going to spread might need at an absurdity Bobby Fischer's absolutely insane movies and yeah absolutely incredible horse movies don't count either let's grab someone. My brawn and lack wanna Ron go ahead you've got a comment about. Movie here. I'll vote effort wrote most Iraqi will reap what you. And you'll find that their products you purchase. Influence because both Lisa that their family tree branch. And it appeared to have little. And all area secretaries. Said that it was definitely a bigger victory. I had to choose a sport. Or upload episode relevant. A yeah you very much. You know all just because you lost out in the years secretariat doesn't mean those guys are right. There. I all I Iowa I need those original work it out there in a lot. Or are not a sport calling it's a sport just as in the sport you know what you screw everything up and how is how is how it on ESP net. Okay how's it on ESP NX. Coming. It is a sport poker is a sport. It's it's not a sport it's competition. It's not a sport it's a competition. That's the difference. It's its strategy it's you know it's the mind but I mean it's like it's you sit. Use sitter table. And you can eat pizza wings drink Beers smoke and your hot you're telling me these guys are athletes tell me this. Ominous these guys are athletes. Okay that's what you're telling me you're telling me that. Tactically we should see poker in the Olympics. As some of the best ratings 101520 years ago right fifteen years ago. Get too cute little bracelet I would I would tell you this cobol this. And this is just me sitting around why people wonder is so popular. If everybody can do it if there's peace. Ball or football in even hockey on. If there's poker on I watch poker. You're insane unless the hockey team. There there's not ever a chance that I watch baseball. I would rather watch hockey football unless I like the team that I'm watching I would rather watch poker. Tennis you name it basketball I would rather watch poker the only sport I'd rather watch is golf or hockey. Other than poker. That's just me that's why poker so popular right now. Point break. Status as a sport movie yes. Not the new point break you know the bullet point original with their shot Johnny Utah give me two meatballs John Patrick Swayze. Patrick Sweeney had a situation point break. I want we want Peter river waters at a bank robber movie is or is. Zion can throw in their like Bobby Fischer and you say that that is he it. It's search for drugs Fisher and my brick like it's how robbing banks of the is a nice roll up point showed here right now and yet you tell me what you think these like people are written off movies that I have not seen and I'm writing them down because guess what I'm gonna be doing for the next. Little while now and child listen and white plus. I'm gonna go over some teen wolf. The basketball movie yeah. All general teen wolf. White men can't jump. These are all movies that I do not like man I can't job is another one that was suggested you're spreading he's the home owner and these are all people are are tweeting this in and I'm gonna realize you hang in a read you a bunch they're not on my list they're not even in my sixteen. Teen wolf the white men can't jump Talladega nights. Remember the titans. Did move. Little giants cutting edge. Law cutting budget Douglas Dorsey yes great. Figure skating. Nearly a hate hate hate to remember the name of the figure skating moves they were trying to do at the end there. Pam Genco. After China that it could happen to take what about half what about the movie with. If you're gonna call that a movie what about the one with Will Ferrell and a the figure skating one. Blades of glory. Yeah well you know what that is one by a bomb finding Forester. Great. Because the kid's a basketball player. You're hurt you're aging he you know rewards you want the foreign across the three decorate something that as sports that it. And an Academy Awards that you play a little basketball in the movie it's about one point break. Surfer movie. Miracle on the Wall Street Wall Street as a sports movie too because in the original Wall Street. Blood for hawks in Gordon got Google play squash. But Wall Street and might be one of the greatest movies of all time so what did you throw that in there because it to them. They go surfing I was swimming in the go in the sand by the he's a medallion. You know has no it does it's it's slap shot I do not have. And McFarlin. Pre Fontaine. Pre fund pre Fontaine. But you know Steve pre Fontaine has to do I know Steve pre Fontaine as you know Steve pre Fontaine and yes. Yes I do. Primaries around like ignorant yet France. Hide Olympic runner wanna have the maybe best up and coming careers going any dining car. That's pre fund yes. Great movie tragic story actually tragic story but great wrestler. What's the color of money. Color monies to a movie there's another one we mean a pool Opel. Pool I was Franken kennel or money. Yeah pool. It's that's a sport you know who it is it's non. Reg Dunlop on movement and Jerry Maguire Tom Cruise answer. And got you got you okay bad news bears. Tapping like I'm talking on talk and not not who's the new guys in Europe. Billy Bob thorn not really off Thornton I'm talking back in and and in the old they'd be old. Vision quest. That. I don't know what that is but I know what this is this is a great call re here Marty and Pennsylvania. What you go ahead and join investigators here in WGR 550 and MSG talk about sports movies of all time and you got a thought here that I love. Stripping booking the girls meaner. What that particular Michael until rooms. ESPN's poker. You know what do you do for an ESPN entertainment is not a sport as crazy my 95 year old grandfather plays poker. Yeah and you heard grandfather is a great athlete. Yeah he's he's a real chip and I spoke spelling bees great great athlete to third base facial anatomy it yet. It's one bit miracles probably the greatest one ever can come up with but now that it is that accurate. Look at I Syria while what about chests. A law about Jackie did you leave us in on the mod. Just right. Yeah it's a great we're I mean you've got a stretcher fingers note. Because they play speech yes they have to hit that thing on the side if your fingers are warmed up and ready Marty. Programs are you ought to. Put a ship and he's still doing it grossed out. All. War hole. Blown Millwood and. You know what I'm gonna tell you are just try and attacked your worst outside and I like that style line is this guy's name get is that party. I gonna tell you this IA I I do not due push ups anymore because I haven't I have a buddy back home. That literally. You know what's the blood sport where the guys like sits there and sheiks packs. Yeah my less blood sport summer list you know I don't tolerate this the big guys cap on the old you know packed oral dance frank I've got to buy back home we call movie. On Bloomberg. Because he's legally is. A sad and there there crazy pact or muscles and I asked them the other day. He's 52 years old they guy is he absolute man child you can. Yes that's. I'm believable. Unbelievable. Blasphemous how do you think it would take for the get nose or it's even humanly possible. He's like I think arguably I have to do Carter's post today I can't cute and a mile. So I just. I just I can't start the running first the times to negatives just to the negative push up three important the resistance the ability now. I'm almost sit here until about four or pleasure. Are you say a you do that you push ups are the only can you do in a row Marty. Ever. You didn't hear squat down here to awful you do 100 pushups on on this show will buy a pizza. I'm down one guy is doing a 150 push ups is eating pizza. Yeah ninety's retooled body now's the English speaking Marty bureau on without the accent just picking on Craig for payback. That's right. Does not so it isn't like you don't take offense guys I beauty beauty like that. The caller call and start ripping on me you know an old saying. I guess it was a huge debate out there we're gonna start it would report on this in about five minutes. Is a hot dog sandwich. So now we're gonna have now we have when it's locked out. But is our chess and poker sports go ahead Dodd David a buff Leonel I would Andrew Craig. Eight at picket pocket you guys. A entertainment or ESP aren't you guys are and what you guys are inner. That I was everyday that you are really chronic thank you real simple. Real simple the Everett heating leak shut and poker in basketball hockey. Is now captain captain poker are being. I and another thing our sport. Errant and by the way the one thing about poker distraught at the leaders now are Coker but the lot involved. What you're about each other are being put Bill Burton. Do you not think their luck involved and hockey. Rock to let me answer a question for you sir. Yeah there is locked in hockey but the differences create your own bounces and in its chess and poker poker somebody else dictates. Your next card you know not even that you're burning three cards just to see one. Just to see five cards you're not even use the sport is ridiculously stupid. I'll call it sport. And we are gonna have a poker term tonight. I'll call you got buddies here I can't get embodies let's have a poker tournament. Well let's not there you know we should do a game of poker tournament. For charity. All right see what you did their bit so go ahead you gotta gotta thought their Dave. Yeah yeah yeah so so so they're locked in art because you're looking at art there you know locking. There is no luck he'll also racial split Howard. So what do you see and gave his sane chances in. It and our and our brackets are to I have to pick another movie. Well I'll go out they they say I will play for money but it won't quite hard already. But I want me against you I don't want somewhat involved now about that chuck who by the way Turkey for Bobby Fischer epic epic data chapel. OK so is it would amass so Craig is have searching for Bobby Fischer on his list now would you say that yes take it off his list of leave it on. Note and earn. This is best sports movies of all you're contradicting yourself or not I thought were on that are not. Well. Take you off. You call back any time though I hear the last part they'll have to Dave get your facts straight called back no no hard feelings. Take one more call here. This one in this guy's gonna take a Q&A. Half a grip tweak your read it. See the light says Shawshank redemption is the greatest. Sports movies and he says he was accused of killing his wife. And the gulf broke off I. Are they all day let's stay balanced seriously are right or left turn whichever way you wanna go hard but here's ray with and WGR 515 amnesty with. And of best movie of all time. Ray. Yeah hey. Hey yeah Bryan song. The best movie. Of all Spanish or Brian what a Brian's on Brian's song song football will be seen perhaps on where. Scale there is yeah no I'm the guy work tomorrow and always listen you're not gonna wanna watch this movie and then come to work and talk about why because you're gonna you're gonna start crying it's the status. It's we element collection via our it is for a lot I have no hole. Sheen and admitting I absolutely. Ball flies out to that movie it is. Okay thanks drew ray for that one you know one. Our respect I think that went just gets an honorable mention race to the right to the final the gimme a little. To meet Charles Cullen Ebert on I'll give you rule. We got to get to the break but when we come back little more this. Margaret carry this on tomorrow so make sure you stick around because there's ton of movies and atomic calls a ton of tweets are gonna filtered all in one big bracket. And as rip which say boom Shaka locker. We're gonna we're gonna find out what's best for review all time or if the fans involved more investigators more. Great sports movies WGR Sports Radio 550 an amnesty. Hockey talk there any chance. Please he's the in stadiums presented by end Pete Carroll hardwood. Welcome back final segment for today welcome back correct to buddy thanks for joining the show we love having you on. Listen WGR golf tournament is Thursday final bidding and in about. A final ten minutes so go to WGR 550 dot com finished bidding on your foursome he can be didn't play with me if you want. That's up to you and that's your fault and so go check that out WGR 550 dot com. Buy sell trade presented by Buffalo's sports got to get that in here or go to buffalo sports you can buy sell and trade to new and you sports equipment. So with that I don't think you're gonna see any chess pieces in there or Barack. Poker cards bought you'll see a lot of everything else so in that sports or because those are those are isn't it but here by cell trait. Old school. Is a sports movie. By cell trait all schools sports movie. Mon rift. I'm trying to remember what happened that what was the other movie that you you threw in there that you said. Search for Bobby Fischer yeah. Chest movie that's we're all schools sportsman. When you wrestled in the basement all the job. I forgot about the the news. The Vasily mud the mud wrestling I always like lubrication. Saudi tolerable what sport is and I had the gymnasts sixteen at the end. Can I put that has to put that down as as as it was a decathlon. C'mon Greg I'm gonna say no to yourself yelling assault that help wanted to sell that to. But I wanted to know why you think you're gonna get to. Searching for Bobby Fischer and routers in the sports while you know it let let's let's get some straighter. We need to figure this cell because I have two on my list that you're saying could be illegal. Who do we have to go to Q you re gonna go to the big bosses were gonna Garnett there to decide if I have to change my two. Because I have fifteen I still have ice I have six I have one to go. And nine and attire right now right I've written down twenty. Movies that I have never seen before. And I'm gonna go watch him today. And I had to pick one. But we got to figure out if poker and chest because we're gonna do our brackets. Through Twitter poll that all the tomorrow tomorrow we'll do our Twitter Paul little and by 9:30 tomorrow morning. So I will have thirty minutes so you can find two more movies at when those two early and I I can I'll be able to fill those two applies to report worded. I'll let you even so that I don't steer the voter to the right or wrong question is how do you want to should. Searching for Bobby Fischer and rounder bee considered sports movies there you go on done deal. We're gonna tweet that out we're back god tomorrow attended new Mario breeders so get to get Mardy are part of a few French party will not be here. So that's actually that's actually great for us. So we're going to be able talked about this all on our own all right here investigators Greg commander WGR Sports Radio 515 MSG.