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Welcome back Indians hitters. We are only half hour left before the weekend rounds. Hope you have a good holiday Labor Day weekend. I just a reminder we will be. On the air Monday from ten to twelve here PD will still be away I believe in Boston for his hockey tournaments all oil be mean. And mr. Reid may again. And so tunis in on Monday as you're having a barbecue inning in which your friends and hopefully will be a great weekend great weather. So we'll talk a little bit more hockey which you but first now as we do every Friday. We got the SN hockey insider Darren Gregor on the line. It is by phone today because mr. Gregory is in since saint marine. Attending his son's oh wait shelter again drags on the gone over there and as soon. Well you know delegate count. During the first class organizations are very grateful historically some of the great NHL players who have. Come through these same burning so you can recruit are okay and that's big right like Lou Williams memorial game is right here is very very well. I think this city pretty jacked up about it and I know might be year old is Schiller is her work are now because. There isn't it could hit particularly. And the big difference from jumping from minor hockey that's applying against only kill. Star players did so well. Your son likes mixes up a little bit he's got the hat. Dead dad's blood pumping through his name so a lot hey he's not gotten any fights he said but he has been. Easy path to earning some had been Robin does the wrong willow bit out there. Not how odd again yesterday but he's still proper perspective should. Yeah these caps these caps of all over the year over the years that me. Yet the vehicle count that is the you know tilt but they've pretty much is you know young guys were trying to make their mark in trying to leave an impression but thankfully for the parents. And for the sixty girls they don't do that anymore so. That's pure that he's showing respect so glad he's physical but he doesn't donating the crowd. Don't show any respect you're telling your two you're pretty happy. A higher rate now they're looking for the guys you don't want to show respect. Well he's sixteen he's got a long way to liars you know I don't. Courier. Your. Well let's talk about a young player that is trying to earn more and more respect in this contract. Negotiation will all probably bring data when it's also died as Jack eichel. We talk about it's got to be a frustrating its ways and for him and for the team to be and right now where. We are not getting anywhere and both sides are staying pretty quiet weather are you gathering you're Intel and information on and a contract negotiation right now. While that double back and forth then you know I I would say that you know it's a scurrying negotiation by it by any sense obviously. You know Jack in the proper so feel that you know basic level but the market has proven. In the offseason that you know he's a key piece then and needs to be sure that market about insult. The other their practices to be an understanding here that they haven't quite reached but I don't think that we should read into that is negative fashion writer you know. I'll five cents a weaker even two weeks ago what that. You know they were still very hopeful that they get a settlement done here they reach an agreement prior start up this sees there's still that possibility. But I'm now getting the sense that. You know certainly from a player's perspective he's OK he's starting the season without a contract extensions like I don't. Not that case for a lot of guys because who worked pocketbook at every day trading Kaplan. You know obviously to the good part of the start of the regular season and the actor. The question and create an awful I mean you face that. Pretty much every city that Cuba that you know every reporter wants to be here at the same thing is. The contract negotiation at distraction. Optional because of all those things. I think it would be preferred to get a contract extension on prior to start the year but that I that I don't GAAP. From the players perspective that you know he'd lose any sleep over it does. Port and so that does mean that it would go a little healthy dialogue to a doctor or between the COLT the player. Who has more pressure. To get this deal done. Is it jacks cider at the team's side. Yeah I elect Craig I'd go to teams side to be fair and yelled out that's not suggesting for a second here that Jason model ownership off doesn't recognize what happened Jack cycle. They know that the cornerstone piece they know that he's a world obsolete well wire. Bomb plot you know there at that Atkins or. You know he used economy gave a well early black armor David is not gonna get the twelfth five. Is it better than Leon Wright subtle I'm sure Jack thank you make the case but he definitely aren't quite subtle and perhaps more important to the Buffalo Sabres organization. So you know he's gonna push for for more than eight point five that drives that ended up signing for. I got it now a hockey god smiling Jack cycle from a health perspective. I think this kid can light it up this year I think he can have a tremendous season which would be great. For the sabres as a team and and for Jack article and so. It was a bitter rescued all but if they don't get the deal done before the start of the year may be articles that are out there you know I'm I'm not any big brush let's show us. Oh well. And he put up the numbers that I'm thinking that he's likely going to put up. Maybe the asking price you know bumped up a little bit higher as they continued go back for. So for me to put jacket 35 on my list is that as we too low as Greg remain Ukrainian and crazy okay. Well that's why I really wanted to know about. A rose Saber bias no and I live veers so with you guys I wanna. You know just so be careful with that stuff. Yeah Iraq and then looked. Well I I was surprised that you know we even have that conversation publicly because. You know it GSM projects in the guru Clark and the right going to be insulted and it but factor releasing this information prematurely but should. I did he Marty could you not money list yet. That cycle yes is number 35 but just be on Marty Bronx top fifty list. I'm I'm pulling the exact opposite direction. I have Jack cycle number six. On my list the top fifty so there's a pretty large discrepancy now. Did to put this all in perspective for sabres brought and again. More immediately get Patrick Klein is 23 current. Ought to map it to 21 so those two young players are not much better protection and Jack cycle here I've got YNE 25 on line. And I believe I didn't match he news that's out there and buying jocks all. Wolf they. Well rags you know what I like is because you throw me under the bus by saying I won't get in trouble. But you go ahead and jump on that same bus that I diet are running you over. Evolving your list so. Listen I appreciate the does support and what you're doing it well. Another player that is nonetheless. Who's got a deadline. To sign and play in the NHL this year because we all know Jack cycle doesn't have a outline he has a contract is here. He has until next year. To sign but. David Pasternak as until December 1 if you want to play in the NHL this season he has until December 1. To sign up if not he has done for the year. And there is some chatter that the talks in Arizona Friday Whittier there. Yeah I in fact I I believe that there going talk later today they have already spoken this morning. That is the GP Berrian obviously Don Sweeney John Ferguson and all the negotiation that leave from. Reluctant perspective and yup it back and forth I think for the most part. Terror all sides growing impatient. And blockade I mean has been copper miners Denny's anyway from the Bruins. On the table for quite some time about the 67 year offer. On the player can choose secured term seven year term at six million per or just over that I mean that's widely speculated that's been reported by. You know the good beat reporters that often ruins. But you know that that doesn't Sully gonna get it done by a long shot from Packard. Perspective. You know you look at some of the calm that exist out there again we are right sidled eight point five. Is doctor Mack got much more. Are not much left ballplayer and dried sidled right side of the senators so we'll give ma a premium nod there. But the point production etc. Is pretty close in terms of entry level players and you'll thing you look at that terrorist Sankoh's saint Louis blues which is. You know again I I think a fair cop and he is a year at seven point spot so. I think this heat victory C I think that this association. Between giving pot I can not ruined and left the Bruins. The other change their position and they cut off their number you know this could be edited in in a dark direction. And you know as a player but it doesn't have a timeout leverage in this scenario other than I suppose that's just my own speculation. You know he could decide to. The back away from the broad backward in the National Hockey League in and played Europe Lucy I'm not suggesting that's going to happen but. That's a possibility things don't change that negotiation. Well another player. And we keep jumping all over the board because there's so much for September 1 that we wanna talk about. A player that is have been wildly speculated was gonna get traded. Not a good situation in Colorado is that Matt do Shane and now you've got a little bit more information as camp is approaching. Asked who what some of the ways do Shane may want to. Put in place to to assure illustrated out of Colorado. Well look. Again it's the same company that represented Matt bush in that represented so David Potts awkward Clark could be work here and are young they try to manage things as quietly and as attrition immediately Gannon and respectful. Of the team the organization as they can and diplomatic chain to better player you know he he doesn't believe the Colorado Avalanche where. You know crashing waves and end all kinds of bad blood. You know he wanted to this situation remedy. A long time and and you know he's. Still hoping that that's the case in the days leading up to. You know the Colorado outlines training camp now there's been didn't come suggestions and certainly not from either side that he took the time a year where. Rumors and such start to. It to carry circulate that may be ashamed. Wouldn't show up for training camp if Joe Sakic can call on out last didn't move. I'm not getting up from either side. And I eat pretty complimentary saying that I don't believe the proper. Has made dot Rutgers tactic in the avalanche. What you do got a longer. If that's the direction that this thing could go in exactly doesn't find its deal. That makes sense in him to move banner that dishing the next couple ugly all I. I would say that while this is seemingly been back burner situation for quite some time so much. Attacked over and Clark over year. I think it now shifted into a front burn situation there are they'll be some key not socket back to get me out to get this done in the next working day. But don't you feel that players and the team is right now because of that this thing goes back he's not going to be happy. And he doesn't perform that Colorado Avalanche are not gonna get top dollar so it's a lose lose situation. It does it have to be done in the next two weeks did does is it. Ultimately did that. The problem that the Colorado Avalanche is gonna run and why is it taking so long like I understand now Madieu Sheen is A all star in this week. But he is not a marquee name or marquee player I don't think at this point he would throw one points last year yeah minus 34. I mean gold why is it taking so long to move this player. Well look Greg I I I think he would take a law because. Goes back again. Have a level of expectation that much higher from Matt Shane what do produced last year and Matt teaching himself. At a higher level of expectation. Is performance and you know I'm sure that he trained accordingly involve that he's gonna put up much bigger numbers this year moving forward. But if you're at NATO general manager visitors is that apple tree that still remain interested in the machine you know you're. You're trying to make it Il based on numbers from last year not projections of what he might be moving order what he's been on the witches. It was star NHL forward. But you know from from a rival GM perspective now you're you're trying to deal. Oh with with the lowest grade of of trade going back the other way you possibly can't. I get I would look at the avalanche well and say you know playing defense on that T gotten to they've got to get some bodies and are sooner of later. And you know they were looking for a left shot top defenseman as part of a package for Matt he's chains leading up to the dropped. Two ticket defensemen. That that there's got to be top 45 guys that. You'll leaving Nashville or another team with interest well in the park bench Marty you're playing I I do think that there there is. A timeline on this. Because even though your pocketbook pro machine it sakic and all of that I mean how awkward is that. It could be peace have to go back to the avalanche. Back to that cap space the media all like a bullet he'll have to do it but it's going to be awkward. Yeah that's not gonna be good situation well you know what we will talk to you about maybe more development on not eichel contract Pasternak. Dish and all that next Friday. Good luck on Euro or less than a few days in Sioux saint Marie and good luck too little tracker for his big game tonight and act. We will see you soon may be on -- next week if Europe back in throughout thanks strikes again for a for joining us now. Boy at a holiday weekend.