10-12 Jack Eichel Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Friday, October 13th

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It seemed like a sick game went on I think it looked like the team improved as the game went on but as Jason Thomas to service the details are killed in the end. That's a lot of until there's like. Rip session we give them possession of shots in this like. We got this figure a way to be that sick of losing mean and on supposing there's monitors that are sick of losing but. If his team playing you know hard with the play hard Smart and we got to execute her game and always still line up myself included language delegates at a losing. Pretty sick of losing a veteran players and it's very you know we knew that there are going to be desperate team they dropped two eggs earlier this year so. You know they obviously one of the team and you know it's frustrating no we became too so. We've just got to visit because becomes a closing in on off the make a difference in winning game and I mean it's. It's just little plays that are hurting us over and over and it's just frustrating. Was the overall game better if you feel that I mean obviously if you think you know shoot him and yes some good opportunities five on three got to capitalize on I mean. They had chances just like I said. It's not enough so we can't really satisfied at all it can't be happy with outshooting them playing hard you know you can't hire someone about it played hard we just lost so. I think that releases its second and I mean it's getting old so we need to find a way to win win hockey games that matter for on the road against a team. To find a way to win the hockey game and all the always rely on these have to be better. Three guys had him through four games just be a big crowds to back on the scoring reliably and you're not going to get that went. Think guys are working hard to think that it grip mystical to our meals and relax you know we have a lot of good players in this on this team so. You know it it'll come it'll come with it's it's frustrating that's not coming right now and you know you you wanna see results for your team and you wanted to you know we're. We're working hard to sometimes or Arizona you know again it is election it's to get the win and that's that's of the sleaze about winning so we got to find a way to do it three hard games left in the throat open. You know any image taken won one game at a time and and now launch at this time mr. ideas. As good as you can on that one shift and and and that's all he can really do and that's but I think we need to do here facing a good LA team who's been playing well also. Sutter and it will be great test for us and you know I mean we got a well come on play hard.