10-12 Jason Pominville Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Friday, October 13th

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Despite the so yeah I mean. It's legal results right so I mean. Frustrating minutes we're getting result. Results that we wants. But I mean. Question was so what I think I thought our effort was way better and we're gonna take that with us but you know they wouldn't get the two points and that's who we play for and that's what we want him. Frustrating not to get them and just goes to show RV I mean every little detail matters and right now and we make a mistake were. It's going back there and answering an action that. Pay more and more attention to details and it'll help us win games did you feel as this game went on the team got better yeah we look I mean we looked way better than. The previous two games. Even in this game I thought as the game went on F yeah we did we'd like to things we. And more on time more puck possession Manning after two hour. We have more on scoring chances than they did much earlier quarter and about that but. So yeah we did we get some some good things as the game went went along that. Again it's it's about winning it's with the leaves and Oden. Frustrating not to not to talked about the talking about the first goal you made the play to get it out of his own it seems like they lost you have to. Yeah great timing could Draco could play over on in bottles were started from very coats and I mean nice nice play nice nice intimacy and crippled by Jack come on both goals so. You know a year that starts with very coats and you break up break her coat and move. We were to generate speed and speed and puck and we got lost and found a way to put it back and your first time with her instance did you feel you guys have a chemistry is alone yeah as I mean first time playing with them first time. I mean we had one practicing together so. He brings a lot of like if he's the table and he's he gets in there he's feisty. You know competitive and it was nice as well temperature what will it take to get over the top details it's and it's almost details we we get caught on. That would've changed. Bigger Russian made me put one in the back in that. First when PK I mean just little things that. Every little detail matters and you know it's gonna take care. One details lot of effort to to get out of respect. We got a ministry and regroup and your interest for senator.