10-12 Phil Housley Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Friday, October 13th

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Coaches talking to some of your players are descent look it we gotta get sick of losing its simplest. They're angry and there. We think that's a good time to do for you to see them. Banks agreed to sign you know. You look at the first four games here you know two of whom you can accept the effort been in the compete level of our guys. And you know coming on the road we knew the situation San Jose was then we knew there are gonna start faster which they did and that we get we got settled down in into our own game and you know it's just unfortunate that we didn't get that third goal but. Can't fault the effort I mean that's on the build off that. At the same time you know we've we've got to start then turn around and when some marquee game. You were better I thought as the game went on your team got better but still you look at the goals they scored it looked like guys. Missing some assignments and things like that then I'm thinking if they wind up some music happens. Yeah I mean is that can come on mistakes in getting coverage. You know so. You know those things we're gonna have to correct. I think the guys realize that their clothes I mean. You can't fault them for that and in the bit you know we got to recognize that it's going to be hard to get get out of this and hopefully this makes us a better team moving forward. They're they are getting close but you know every shift matters there. It. They step forward renewals breakdowns at the last two games in seals and Russians much cleaner game than there are definitely think you know we focused on and that in particular. Eliminating those eight plus chances in the in the two long ones and I thought we did a great job of that. And we got to continue to do that I mean we have to defend. As well and better on Saturday going and only because that's another good team and that we realized we get it. Take care of her own then from for the most part we did we a couple of breakdowns one on the PK and one on the third goal so. We'll take a look at that we'll try to get better. Talk about what they do it right it looks good and I think we can talk on both goals the break outs claim they're coming through the nutritional fast and you want to torn. Yeah I mean we did a really good job especially after the first six minutes of the first period of getting back cuts for each other coming out. As a five man unit as a real results. Of our breakout suite we get two on ones out of it so you know we got to continue to work from that area for game. But I thought we did Oprah really good job against a pretty good fortune continues who still need to get mark. Production circle and I'd like to you that's one of the areas that we focused on before the game was trying to get net front presence has Jones is a trip for goalie to speaking from past experience and I think we we still have to get there we have to get to the interior. Felt that we did a pretty good job in front Robin tonight that and we have opportunities to get pucks and energy got a final inning get it there. In the Fords gotta get in from the goaltender. You've got mangled forward and point three guys have scored I mean do you sense guys are pressing you sense that you know somebody else has to score a goal here you guys through a breakthrough these. Think that's in the that's true but it's and you know and sometimes deduced squeeze your check you know stick. You know in your offensive player and you know you want to contribute when you feel better about yourself you're Phillip feel better about your contribution to the team itself. And I think it's just becomes on the hard work you know we we have to work our way out of these things and even the guys that aren't scoring have to find a way to work through it.