10-12 Robin Lehner Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Friday, October 13th

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Think the fact that there was a better effort a lot fewer defensive breakdowns in the last two years. No really. You know and the effort part of the game is an automatic for me. You don't know the effort. That's an automatic re read every team mentally get around effort. Think the efforts of course was a bit better bar. Comes from small details we we knew they come all part of this building I think here. Constancy in the toasters comes down to bring everything together you know it's. You know do and if the first two goals in the first period I think. A little bit too easy. And you know the city Tulsa of the game in an accident or Greta freely under your personal account one or the other and you know we we get we got a mixer mix it altogether. This good teams in this week. They want to win in your mind here and you know doing everything consistently does your editor and I. I don't think we're there right now. Right but I see the frustration in your face Jack was just telling us as a team you guys don't get sick of losing. You write with a I mean. Justice is awful. It's awful news since not fun. You know I think you. Together a little bounce there and and such period but again I think you're going to be goal is if you don't have anyone in front and I think markers I think Joan saw every shot today. It's not to be here on and on what we got to recognize this team you know it's if you don't creates. Certain games that's fine. For at least get 20/20 five shots and have some traffic's severe things will happen. We we I mean that's not suffered through to get there and you know party. Many agree it's there there and in a five on three were created chance for a man we re getting in front. Russell attic from a middle doldrums or severance home that's what the good teams does. You get a flight to learn the shots receive this we used to go in we've got to make it tougher there. That are teams go so everything can't be back to or it's and I quote sheets you know. I don't on this score very much grief yet shoot more. Should more from the point that people from the very summary bombs.