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Friday, October 13th

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Well winless streak to start the season continues it adds up for another game buffalo falling in regulation by a 32 score as we welcome you inside our amber studios thanks for staying up late with us here. This is the Paul William bell officials sabres post game show while. Hey improved effort and improved game but the result. Not improved it's still loss of one regulation no points to show for it. The sabres all 32 to the San Jose Sharks and buffalo is now 03. And one on the season. And set the sabres are now officially dead last in the entire National Hockey League is. San Jose came in with the only team last with zero and now they just picked up there. First wind and buffalo in this game there's much less negative to talk about. Then there was in. Brooklyn against the islanders and then there was the other day against the devils but. Still a loss not the best thing to talk about here coming up on the post game will be heading back to the SEP senator in just a few moments where. Paul Hamilton will be heading into the dressing room to get player reaction will also have Phil Housley is live post game comments. We'll see with the sabres head coach thinks about this one here today and will also of course DePaul Hamilton's take so make sure you're there for that. If he'd like to join us 8030550s. The local number 888550 to 550 told free anywhere around the world no matter where you listing. You can always send us a text on the eighteenth tee tax line at numbers 55550. Switch to AT&T wireless and DirecTV today and stay all. Stay connected all season long AT&T. Entertainment your way and it also sending at tweet if you're on Twitter tonight at Brian PRI and WGR. Okay well the positives I guess we can still say that eichel and pollen feel like playing with one another two more for them tonight Michael. With some very good passes to set it up and Gergen sends also getting assist. And yes cycle in common bill will probably draw the office of headline but then it's arrogance and had. Some real nice roles in these goals tonight for the Buffalo Sabres. Terms of the first play a real nice feed. That sets up Michael that eventually set the pom villain in the second buffalo goal some real good work back in the buffalo went to get the plague going. To get the pass out to eichel who eventually then makes a highlight real pass to Jason common bill if you. Didn't get a chance to see that goal may be listened on the radio side. And didn't get a chance to see Buffalo's second goal it's definitely worth checking out Michael just an incredible. Plates as essentially hesitate for a moment create space and and puts the path. With the pass it sees me in between a couple of sharks very fast on the way to the net right on the stick a common Ville who. As we've seen now seems to be still having a good ability to finish so common goal with two more. He's up to now four on the season. On the other side though still. I wouldn't call it perfect in front of the buffalo nets and sloppiness. On what ends up being the game winning goal for. Team all Meyer 1430 and a period to the puck is loose near the side of the net. Bristol line and and that can't getting to it and again some other plays where Kate McCabe wasn't the best on the opening goal game. Where hurdle and the scoring and just being in the better position and McCabe was on that play just Georgia's a chance to block in the past that goes to hurl. He's unable to do sell. So there's still some things to clean up defensively was at the and tired you know the tire fire that it was the other day against the devils or against the islanders Knoll was not. That was improved. But there's still some things to clean up definitely in the defensive end. That I think you could say maybe would have flipped this result from instead maybe buffalo winning and losing by one maybe they end up winning one but. Nevertheless still only two goals to show for Michael Pollan bell and we know of course Cain. In other games has been very influential in scoring goals but still Ryan O'Reilly Kyle post so again I don't know the Howell a 100% hope also was going into this game tonight but Ryan O'Reilly offensively still has been a no show. And that is really suffered the sabres in terms of their 03 once are OK the two goals came from Jason pomp and bullets start their live in San Jose a pol. Despite drizzle yeah I mean. It's illegal results right so I mean. Frustrating minutes we're not getting result. Results that we wants. But I mean. Question was how but I think I thought our effort was way better and we're gonna take that with us but at the end they wouldn't get the two points and that's who we play for and that's what we want and frustrating not to get them and just goes to show Harvey I mean every little detail matters and during now and we make a mistake or. It's going in the back in an answering animation it's. Pay more and more attention to details and it'll help us win games did you feel as this game went on the team got better yeah we look I mean we looked way better than. The previous two games. Even in this game I thought as the game went on F yeah we did we do like the things we. And more on time more puck possession hang after two hour. We have more on scoring chances than they did much earlier quarter ended up that put. So yeah we did we get some some good things as the game went went along but. Again it's it's about winning it's with the lead to vote in. Frustrating not to not to Hamlin talked about talking about the first goal you made the play to get out of the zone it seems like they lost you have to. Yeah great Pennington Draco it could play over all I think both schools were started from very coats and I mean nice nice play nice nice intimacy and crippled by Jack come on both goals so. Yeah I would hear it it starts with very coats and you break up break or go to move. We were to generate speed and speed and puck can. We got lost and found a way to put it back and your first time with her instance did you feel you guys have a chemistry is a line yeah as I mean first time playing with them first time I mean we had one practicing together so. He brings a lot of like good things that table and he's he gets in there he's feisty. You know competitive than. It was nice as well temperature what will it take to get over the top details it's and it's on what details we we get caught on. But would've changed. They get a Russian made me put one in the back on the net. First when PK I mean just little things that. Every little detail matters and no it's gonna take care. On details long effort to to get out of respect. We got a ministry and regroup and your interest for senator. Jason Jason comment on the post it. This hole right here for a second time. Heading over here to check back on Jack. It seemed like a sick game went on I think it looked like the team improved as the game went on but as Jason palm what to say it was the details are killed in the end. That's a lot of until there's like. Rip session we give them possession we have shots in this like. We got to this figure a way to be that sick of losing mean and on supposing there's monitors that are sick of losing but. If his team playing you know hard. And play hard Smart and we got to execute her game and always still line up myself included language delegates at the losing. Pretty sick of losing a veteran players and it's very you know we knew that there are going to be desperate to image dropped two eggs earlier this year so. You know they obviously one of the team and you know it's frustrating no read that came through so. We just a specific as becomes sick a losing you know enough of make a difference in winning game you know I mean it's. But just little plays that are hurting us over and over and it's just frustrating. Was the overall game better if you feel that I mean obviously if you think Jo cheered him and yes some good opportunities at a five on three got to capitalize on the I mean. They had chances just like I said. It's not enough so we can't really satisfied at all it can't be happy with outshooting them playing hard you know you can't hire someone about it played hard we just lost so. I think everyone is as sick of it means it's getting old so we need to find a way to win win hockey games doesn't matter for on the road against a team. To find a way to win the hockey game and all the always rely on these have to be better. The only goals and three guys had him through four games just be a big problem if you're not gonna it's going through a wannabe and you're not gonna give. Did that went. Think guys are working hard to think that it ripped an obstacle to our meals and relax you know we have a lot of good players in this on this team so. You know it it no problem it'll come with it's it's frustrating that's not coming right now and you know you you wanna see results for your team and you wanted to you know we're. We're working hard sometimes are hers I don't know you know again it is election it's to get the win and that's that's of the sleaze about winning so we got to find a way to do it 300 games left on this road trip been. You know any image taken won one game at a time and and now launch at that time mr. ideas. This could as you can on that one shift and then and that's all you can really do and that's but I think we need to do here facing a good LA team who's been playing also. Sutter and it will be great test for us and you know I mean we got a well come on play hard. Did you checker column posting. This Brian back to you. OK Paul thank you very much Jason common bill before. Jack cycle that you just heard right there part of our blue and gold locker report. Right back to the room we go in San Jose here's goaltender Robin letter with Paul. We think the fact that there was a better effort a lot fewer defensive breakdowns in the last two games. No really. You know. The effort part of the game is an automatic for me. You don't have the efforts. That's an automatic re read every team Matsui got around effort. Think the effort soon as well so it's a bit better book. Comes some small. Comes down to the details here's comes down to bring everything together you know it's. You know Dave and if the first two goals in the first period I think. You know I'm a little bit too easy. And you know this the details of the game when you mix it no longer enough for you record your personal account one or the other and you know we we get we got a mixer mix it altogether. This good teams in this week. Anyone can win on any given night here and you know doing everything consistently does there gotta do and I. I don't think we're there right now. Right but I see the frustration in your face Jack was just telling us as a team he has gotten sick of losing. You write with a I mean. Justice is awful. It's awful news since not fun. You know I think you. Together a little bounce there and and the second period but again I think you're going to be goal is if you don't have anyone from an. I think markers I think Joan saw every shot today. It's not to appear on any on what we recognize this team you know it's you don't creates. Certain games that's fine. For at least get 20/20 five shots and have some traffic through things will happen. We've been through I mean that's not suffered through to get there and you know party. Many agree it's there there and in a five on three were created chance for a man we we got to get in front. Russell attic from a middle doldrums or severance home. That's what the good teams dust. You get a flight and earned it the shots you see industry is to go in we've got to make it tougher there. The utter control so everything can be back to her past and I quote sheets you know. Don't underscore very much we be at shoot more should more from the point that people from the very some rebounds. Thank you right front runner in the post came Brian back to you. OK Paul thank you who were Robin latter again part of our blue and gold locker report brought to you by fed Alice care. Quality health coverage it's our mission visit. Pinellas care dot org right sold all of the players all mentioning the same phrase about the little details llama away. You know I would agree I think that I didn't think that the effort was not there tonight and think that they didn't. Give it their best and that there was an improved play there wise but. In the end those little the goals against the part where I feel like I see the little things or even on the five on three the little things just the past is the little bit off. As letter said is there enough traffic in front. You know those are things that are gonna add up at some point and when you've got the majority of the teams in the NHL and all clump together. Those are this operators bells are what separate the guys that get in the playoffs and those are separate the ones that get out of the playoffs and usually you know you have your elite teams. And you have your terrible teams and right now I bet you there's many that pride would think of the sabres are in that bottom group which they obviously don't like. Okay 32 sharks win before your fill housing let's check in with Paul Hamels and now at San Jose while we wait for the coach. Paul three players talked about details. I don't Michael's line is a good quote thing we need to get sick of losing. Now you're standing there I sensed it from Jack I sensed it from a letter all the way across the coast here and hammers they feel like. That goes to the very least are sick of losing. How many times Brian if we talked about you know you'd like to seize more anger on this team. We saw that in the locker room tonight we saw some genuine anger from Robin Lehner. From Jack cycle and you from Jason common bill who you know is pretty easy going guy. You know yes it was an improvement there's no question about the up but it's not good enough. You know they have to get sick of losing and they have to as Robin wanna talk drug to people in front of the net and and do the little things and not have guys. You don't just let down you know when you want to getting goals scored on it because guys aren't aware people around them and they want it to be easy to happens and and those types of things that go on there are so those those are the types of things that I think. You know really. It was good to hear you know I think you know guys are starting to get angry and I think that's when things will changes when they do get tired. Five shots in the third people may wake up tomorrow policy on aging go at a heart in the third what did you think of the effort in the energy in the last period. I thought it was better won't get that once second this coach house is gonna be walking up there. Coaches talking to some of your players are descent look it we gotta get sick of losing its as simple as. They're angry and there and we think that's a good time to do for you to see them. Banks agreed to sign you know. You look at through the first four games here you don't to a phone you can accept the effort been in the compete level of our guys. You know coming on the road we knew the situation San Jose was then we knew there are gonna start faster which they did and then we get we got settled down and into our own game and you know it's just unfortunate that we didn't get that third goal but. Can't fault the effort I mean that's on the build off and that the same time you know we've we've got to start then turn around and once my kids. You were better I thought as the game went on you're teeing up better but still you look at the goals they scored it looked like guys. Missing some assignments and things like that then I'm thinking if they wind up some easy confidence. Yeah I mean it is that can come on mistakes and coverage you know so. You know those things we're gonna have to correct. I think the guys realize that their clothes I mean. You can't fault them for that in the in the bit you know we got to recognize that it's going to be hard to get get out of this and hopefully this makes us a better team moving forward. There they are getting close that you know every shift matters out there. And they stepped forward to renewals breakdowns at the last two games in seals and Russians much cleaner game than there are definitely think you you know we focused on me on that in particular. Eliminating those a plus chances in the in the two on ones and I thought we did a great job of that. And we got to continue to do that I mean we have to defend. As well and better on Saturday going and only because that's another good team and that we realized we get it. Take care of her own then for for the most part we did we a couple of breakdowns went on the PK and one on the third goal so. We'll take a look at that and we'll try to get better. Talk about what they do it right it looks good and I think we can talk on both goals the break outs claim they're coming through the nutritional fast and you want to torn. Yeah I mean we did a really good job especially after the first six minutes of the first period of getting back cuts for each other coming out. As a five man unit as a real results. Of our break outs we've we get to a loans out of it so I mean we got to continue to work from that area for game. But I thought we did Oprah really good job against the pretty good fortune to team you still need to give mark. Production and circles under I'd like to that's one of the areas that we focused on before the game is trying to get net front presence as Jones is a trip for goalie to speaking from past experience and I think we we still have to get there we have to get to the interior. Felt that we did a pretty good job in front Robin tonight that when we have opportunities to get parts and energy got a final inning get it there. And Fords gotta do from the goaltender. You've got mangled or and a point three guys have scored I mean do you sense guys are pressing you sense that you know somebody else has to score a goal here you guys through a breakthrough. Well obviously. It than that that's true that and you know and sometimes reduced squeeze your check you know stick. You know junior offensive player and you know you want to contribute and you feel better about yourself you're Phillip feel better about your contribution to the team itself. And I think it's just becomes own hard work you know we we have to work our way out of these things and even the guys that aren't scoring have to find a way to work through it if it. So I'll leave Brian. Fortune for the question you brought up before nortel's we started. Yeah me too I was listening and intently he said don't worry about it that it fills please press covered brought you by Paul William belts your power of attorney. While we were talking about you know Michael saying they're sick a losing letter sounded upset and you know you had said that. At least the three players you spoke with that they seemed. Upset about it. And it wasn't fake yeah I know sometimes you go in there and it's just a fake show you know put on for the media I didn't feel that way. All right so. We look we know that Michael heard it since common bill they had a very nice game. We know that the breakdown of the defensive end where at least lesson in this game. But as we heard there toward the end there's got to be some contributions offensively from other groups and we can go back to use some of the players we mentioned earlier in our pregame Paul which is. The O'Reilly line that group you know anywhere else that these goals gonna start coming from it can't always be. The cycle common build duo get to getting it done I guess for the scene right now. I think your proposal keeps playing the way he did in this game especially as the game went on and we didn't feel well but I thought it was best game by far. I think eventually they will start putting the puck on the night he was creating scoring opportunities more than maybe the other to work but I think. It was because they were coming out of the line and they were breaking up the crisis unit. As the game went on and and I thought Kyle also did really create some chances there and you know simply what coach tells it was talking about get some traffic in front of Jones you know yes she created chances but now get people to the net. So he can't sit there and see everything. OK Paul. And don't normally there's always like a curfew at San Jose airport is that are raising their rush and get out of here are its nominal Ugoh. And practice tomorrow in LA and then they'll play the kings Saturday that the plan. That is correct okay have a safe trip to LA we'll talk Saturday I'm pregame so out there take care okay great Paul Nelson. Live in San Jose from the SEP senator and his appearance again here on the Paul William belts post game show. Yes if you don't know there's like a no ways. Ordinance is that the word. Always curfew you like that TJ no organs it's nights like that word noise ordinance yes. The my brain still working here 1:33 AM. Basically the airport shut down because of the noise. So. Guess everybody out wine country they have them there and there they're quite nicely so good for them. Anyway the point is that. Flights can't take off I believe it's after like 1130 year eleven or the like that's all right every time and other sabres go to San Jose Paul always reminds me we have to go quick. There's the actual rush to get to the airport to get them. On because they don't wanna stay the night San Jose when I get to LA and get focused on the kings. Okay. Well a loss. You wanna say it looked a little better house all agree media but I'll agree with the players that. The sick of losing statement is correct. The details make the difference is correct and guess what the sabres are 031 they're in debt less than the National Hockey League so. They better figure it out playing in Los Angeles against the kings not easy. Playing in Anaheim against the ducks not easy. And food and at Vegas we thought may be would be a win and now look there's three you know an off and running so maybe that's not easy either sell. We've got to figure it out and fast otherwise they're going to be such a hole here that. The remaining seventy gains might be meaningless by the time they're done here with a hole. I for all of our local affiliates will Sega body you'll talks Saturday. 1030 at night for the kings. And the sabres from Los Angeles and brought you on a flight to from buffalo. We got another segment of the polity of both posting just stick around. Three to San Jose beating Buffalo Sabres are now 03 in one on the year I've rankles deal this is the Buffalo Sabres. Radio network. Our senator poker deck of the game right there mole you on Tierney. And yes Donna the AC goes Seneca poker deck of the game brought to by Seneca poker inside. The senate can nagger casino the real deal for winners only. Welcome back to the post game rankles deal here with you and sabres out shot. 26 to 25 so essentially even. Power plays each team had three cracks at it buffalo zero of three San Jose one of three that's the opening goal to gain to fifteen from hurdle that was on the power play at. So buffalo again a rough night on the power play especially when you've a five on three. For 47 seconds and the top group out there unable to get it done that would have that a goal there would have given buffalo a 32 advantage at that point. Three stars in the game common goal with 20. He scores Buffalo's lone goals. We have attorney Chris tourney with a goal and an assist start number two and Thomas hurdle. He gets a goal and he's number. He's the number one star but we'll give palm and bill. And eichel and Gergen and burning of that line I think I'm allowed to do that. Says high impact player of the game TJ can make it player's mind that allowed and talked to legal about this since right after. I'm gonna do it and go ahead Michael Berg it's it's common well. Buffalo's best line there are high impact players of the game. Brought to about a lack part outdoor store Haim pick here for hard working men and women who travel a thousand miles to find a storm like ours. All right let's get dire save of the game and this comes from Robin Lehner bad giveaway from jordin Nolan. And one of San Jose's best goal scorers is on the doorstep. Since. Oh that's good people. This. That was on the Val scheme that could have given him a two to nothing lead our. Geico save the game brought to buy your local Geico agency 15% in just fifteen minutes to free Geico quote from local agent Scott Coleman. Or Tim lynch what we had no scoring in the third but. We gotta get you are top shelf gold game at the game winner. Everyone is number one pick in fantasy team home my ear the game winner for the show are also. And yeah. Facets. Believe he was the 29. Stress she. He was thinks the 55. Sliding taken fantasy. Suite I should have his game winning goals would give me extra points Myers the game winner. Late second period it's our top shelf gold game fronted by Clarence kitchen design studio. For a beautiful top shelf your dream kitchen visit Clarence kitchen design studio. And start dreaming. Three to San Jose wins buffalo now 03 in one don't look at the standings if you're sabre fan they are dead last. Out of all 31 teams in the National Hockey League not good. And it doesn't get easier on the strip the kings are up next on Saturday. And with that being 1:41 on the morning we've wanna say thank you for still listening here in hammers or anywhere across Western New York we appreciate you being with us. Hopefully next time we'll have a win to talk about the post game for now though where you are gonna say goodbye and we'll talk. Saturday at 930 for the pre game for the sabres in the king thanks for our crew here in house tonight TJ allotment our network producer Derek Kramer. Our anchor on the scores all night long Paul Hamilton our reporter in San Jose and for our game announcers regenerate corroborate my name's frank calls deal. The final again San Jose three buffalo two we'll talk again on Saturday night with the sabres in the Los Angeles Kings right here. On the Buffalo Sabres radio network.