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Friday, October 13th

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Don't develop over the little bleak too small bowl mix of live. This 35. Look at it and took touchdown. Are you today. And I can't. Flew off to highlight of one his touchdowns against Oregon this season views from he is the quarterback in Washington State. Which by the way you go watch who fought tonight if you want 1030 tonight against cal. 1030 an ESPN. Will talk college quarterbacks in a moment with Greg Gabriel. But first let's get to the headlines the sabres still looking for their first win of the season opened up their four game western swing within 32 loss. In. San Jose last night both goals from Jason palm unveiled. You've got four on the season the sabres are now tied with the Arizona for the worst record in the league if you care about the stuff at the four game mark there in Los Angeles tomorrow night. Tampa beat Pittsburgh Florida over Saint Louis Detroit downed Arizona some of the other games around the league last night. In the National League the cubs outlasted Washington 98. Max Scherzer came out of the bullpen for the naps in the cubs got four runs off him in the fifth. Chicago moves on the Los Angeles open the Dodgers in the NLCS game one tomorrow night. Yankees get started in game one of the ALCS tonight in Houston to doctor Bruce is critical. Philadelphia Eagles improved to five and one with a an impressive win at Carolina last night 2823. Three touchdown passes from Carson Wentz in an appeals court has upheld. The six game suspension of Ezekiel Elliott is your sports headlines the next update coming up. At 9 o'clock 803052. To join us we are talking sabres this morning. Because of the game last night but it is football Friday it would just had a nice conversation with sour about the bills on their biweekly governing football thought you wanna contribute he did as well. We're talking football right now. You know we've been talking about college quarterbacks all season will continue to talk about college quarterbacks all season lot of guys you go watch this weekend. On our AT&T hotline is former NFL scouting director. Greg Gabriel among things you can find him that right now director pro football weekly in the he's joining us here on WGR Greg good morning how you don't want. I don't know Howard are you don't I'm busy man I'm watching college quarterbacks every Saturday this scouting thing it takes a lot of time. Yeah it easiest thing to do. Well at least admiral as this you're getting paid its work cut like I am too actually elements and you know I I wanna ask you about in other big name guys for shore. But I but in general let me talk general generalities your first Greg when you were out scouting quarterbacks. What are some of the things NFL scouts look for what are you guys watching for when you go out and look at college quarterbacks. Well obviously when you're looking at the paper you're looking at quarterbacks live and I'd like to see a quarterback like in the game because there's so much. To watch. When he's not on the field you know how do you interacting with coaches on the sideline I was interacting with a teammate. As you showing leadership on the sideline those types of things and you're you're not can see that. Getting paper on a television game but you will see it. You know people in their lives. You know you're looking for production and his mechanic. It's. His poise his timing of of his throws Eckerd chic and when I say accuracy I don't mean. Completion percentage because that a blown up statistic especially. Right now when you've got these. Spread offenses that the colleges are playing live and those are high percentage officers. Quarterback should be completing you know 65%. Of their passes if not higher a lot of stuff and so you're looking at where he's putting the policy putting the ball. In an area where you know he can. But receiver can run with that. You know after the catch those types of things that you're putting your word you know but the defender doesn't have an opportunity to make a good play on the ball. So both these are real important. When you're you know raiding the papal. Quarterback is there a guy from the guys you watch so far this season first off lets give me the me get to this question. Dessert guy you like right right off the bat more than anybody else. Well I look back up a little that you know there's a lot of hype on the quarterback's going into this year it was the best quarterback class of all time. Those types of things and you're gonna see teams like buffalo and the jets in Cleveland ten. To draft a quarterback this class is very average effect I think lectures classes better. And and a lot of the people. Who who made these. Claims are people that work in the NFL. You know and so they don't really know or understand what goes into the evaluation of the quarterback you know. Then that the guy who was on the top of everybody's list alluded to the year. Was. Joshua Allen from Wyoming. And then you know first game of the year against guys always terrible when you look at last year at the end of the season against. Depressed he's terrible place than it in the Mountain West Conference it's not a strong conference. Very weak defense of conference and yet the same time he's only completing 55% of his throws in the and a in an offensive in the conference where should be ten to twelve point higher net. You know when you look at touchdown interception ratio which is. Yeah. They're bad against argun to the two big test yet this season. Yes at any time he put Eagles up in competition. As play goes down let. You don't get a the other guy who's a favorite and from what I understand he's. As of right now he's probably leaning more toward stay in school and coming out this and Arnold from southern cal. Good player. Can make things happen. There's really good that maybe these are strong too many interceptions so far this year he's got. Twelve touchdowns and nine interceptions. And he's got a little bit of for lack of a better word (%expletive) you release the long release of actually reminds me of Jay Cutler's. Release but it's a little bit more exaggerated its long he drops the ball down low. You can get away with that out of the NFL look at paper released defensive backs are gonna get a jump on. Andy many qualities throws. That they guys that are kind of coming up. And both are seniors and then as a base and Rudolph from Oklahoma State had an outstanding season he's big he's big he's strong he's. Very strong our music. Extremely accurate he can make all the throws good leadership skills I think you know. People are taking a strong look at him hesitant kind of a surprise guys look alt. From Washington State but the question you got to answer these guys. Products of. Yes I wanted to ask you that you know like his his. I haven't watched as much of fault but I was gonna ask you for sure when you think flock you think Mike Leach you think system and even Mason Rudolph you might think. Dundee Brandon we might come to mind as a scout again. Greg how much do you take into account. Where guys playing what quote system or coach he's playing for we are trying to evaluate his numbers and his game. Well that's important you you'd wanna look at the is he playing an app field off center he's playing you know full field offensively making you know does he. Does Ian is he able to go through a progression how quickly does he get the ball out of his hands. How quickly does he make a decision those types of things but a lot of times with the quarterbacks and what. People understand. It especially with quarterback not a lot of evaluation goes on after the season is over this when you get into these one on one situations in the classroom. A part of that part of the private workout with Dole's. Did a bunch of private workouts. Last year with the quarterbacks going into the last April's draft and there's going to be an inordinate amount of time. With a player not just wanna feel for an hour workout go home you know they're spending. 567. Hours with these guys a lot of it in the classroom and they're trying to get. Players understanding. Of our offense what he knows what he's doesn't know this is stars contest college quarterback when the first round a few years ago that I you know and I talked to teach. They were shocked at what. Little he knew really about offensive football has not stopped not that he wasn't a Smart guy that's what he was brought up in bulk and high school and college. Greg Gabriel witness from pro football weekly former NFL scouting director Josh Rosen let me ask you about him on and make prediction. I'm gonna guess you're not a huge fan because of of some of the off field issues would would you give me give me your thoughts on on on grosans game Greg. And how many teens would be worried about drafting him because he's outspoken. I think from a standpoint of pure talent. You know he's right up there at the top quarterbacks in this class. But then you look at. You don't personality. War get sick you know as people say he's got an entitled. Type attitude. He hit a you know what kind of leader Izzy. Those beat tangible in the intangibles make up 50% if not more devaluation of quarterback. His physical talent as outstanding at BP and intangible server are the local lines so to speak. But because he's got such rape. Physical traits he's gonna go. If he decides to come out now whether he. You know take a step in and and matures and becomes a quarterback he can be. You know that remains to be seen but that's why we see a lot of quarterbacks taken in the in the in the first round of the top every person on the bus that they're missing things and then the people are doing the drafting or missing on the evaluation. Destroy the guys on ask you about let's go to little oval first to give me your opinions on Lamar Jackson. Different kind of player and he's going to be one of those players that. You know well a lot of evaluation will happen after the season. BP cut the number one of the offense he plays in the number two. Did because of that let us as a great I guess if you wanna say your I just somebody who beat Michael Vick but he's bigger than Michael he's probably two to three inches taller. The victim was. He's got. Strong arm but I think his accuracy. I'm paper he's like 62%. But when you watch an of the he had these scanners the ball over. But he could take place with the speech he's got leadership skills but the key is a little bit flat voter would be standing in the pocket. Does seem uses lower bodies the way you look when he's making throws from the pocket. Right now I yacht I I don't see in his first but it doesn't quarterbacks always get. Over drafted who wouldn't shock me did but I again will back to a lot of his evaluation will come after the season. The other guy when asked about his baker mayfield. I doubt they're the guys think it would be more this system quarterback and your guide very productive at Oklahoma. But he really doesn't pay out the side he's about six feet tall. The arm strength and those types of things that he has a lot of the intangibles he's going to play in the league but I don't think he's as good as the numbers say yes. Is there anybody we didn't cover is there a dark course guy out there anybody else that you think. Between now and draft day could rise up for some reason. Well there's two guys and and he'll probably start talking about a you don't want to get into the All Star Games the bowl seniors won the sprint and silver should Troy State. He will be at the Senior Bowl. Because he played school. Goes to school in Alabama. Interest in guys athletic with the Arab straight accurate. Has touched down production hasn't been that good this year easily get two touchdown passes but I know. Feel that would really like that we used to be the GM in Cleveland he runs the Senior Bowl and salute very very high adamant that a small school guys that I've heard some scouts are very. Highly about this title well let her. At Richmond who has is numbers are off the chart. And then you know you look at person lead but would personally want to be able to do probably permanent and CS level school. Now whether he's a bit cabin where I've seen any tape I've just heard what people talk you upset about a minute really like that so. He's got to keep an eye. All right great stuff I can mr. Gabriel thanks for the knowledge the well thank stripping our enjoy the rest of college football season. Anybody Greg Gabriel there you got it.