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Friday, October 13th

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We. He's always signed an end Jeremy. Did it wrong but none have done it looked good. Good golf and worry about what look good you all watched it but I hope not the world we loan limit big show. Talk PetMed strong. And then we will within the world Lowe walked. Just like that. How did you welcome that I think Google. Went up body like guys that did he really. Send us. You. In that and felt like in the event. It's an odd jets out. Then I'll custom made that I'll look good. No good kid that's got lost all wheel drive no big peppered pretty well wrote it I won't go nowhere product approach to learn. I got all of it loved it got beat up a bit but the road to the world rep. What would Rick Blair good dog show track. None WGR. To support that showtime. Happy Friday everybody. I suppose I should set a little bit more excitement happy Friday every out of him. Yes so here's the deal. Which are witnessing the baseball game last night it looked like it was rather entertaining did not. Went to bed early woke up early watch is sabres game back we're gonna start there its football Friday but the girls are on the bye week now we will. We have football to get cute today it will toxin bills we'll talk about the matchups around the league coming up. We'll have cell joining us at any point if you have any thing you wanna talk about the bills are football that's cool. But organ open up sabres because the sabres opened up played last night opened their four game trip and still Huber their first win of the season. Lot of thoughts on the game last night let me is giving the phone numbers right off the bat eagle 30550 to join us 888550. To 550. Perhaps well. Again you I don't which you've stayed up watching game 10:31 o'clock maybe look at it like maybe four hours of sleep but. If you did see the game barrage you know rises as your finding out about the game and you wanna talk about it that's cool. So here we go out and there's good news but there's bad news. The good news is the sabres looked better. Which would have taken much look better than they did against the devils and the islanders. Still housing said this week that job number one was to clean up their own end first and foremost they did that last night they were better they they were perfect. But they were better. They look more organized. Their word not as many glaring turnovers. Miss plays bad passes there was still some sloppiness I think. The first period there are still fairly sloppy but they cleaned it up as the game went on. It's gave me. So they did that they were better in their own and they didn't make as many mistakes there weren't as many odd man rushes it felt like there was an odd man Roger every two minutes. Where another plea in the doubles the other day they didn't give any shorthanded goals. That's that's the good news. That does is they still lost is still can't score and they saw some things to clean up in their game. And right now the team has two guys. Pretty much scaring the offense in terms of goal scoring and nobody else. 03. And one. Grandkids four games but whatever it's still 03 and one they are tied for the worst record in the National Hockey League and Arizona in the heavily nine goals and four games. The power play is not helping. As they said the positive from last night power play with they can give up shorthanded goals that's an indication of the rough start the sabres are happy. They're having scoring issues a team that has had scarring issues continues to have scoring issues until housing changed up all the lines. Still. Not a lot of really quality chances last night the true goals they got pretty Eagles and I'll I'll talk about the middle vet but. Few and far between 25 shots on goal and all said and done. You know a one goal game going into the third period I can't name a legit chance they had in the third period they had five shots in that period up post so. Hi they got a pass from Jordan Nolan had a shot between them it was between the top of the circles not that great a quality chance. But relatively speaking in the third period they have that and common bill had a shot in the slot in the third period I don't know if even got good wood on that day. There was no like. Water two or three star saved for Marten Jones Knoll. Go one man Ollie came so close on that fill in the blank chance there was really in a 32 game in the third. The team desperate to get its first points of the season. San Jose was there too by the way the sabres really generated next to nothing in that period and overall. You know they had the two pretty goals but it really didn't make Martin Jones worked that hard. So a team that has at that has had an M all of they struggle scoring five on five. Is still having that issue. The power play didn't help last night a power play goal would have been nights. They will for three they had a two man advantage for 47 seconds last night actually Michael had a great chance on that. On a cross ice pass from Ryan a rally body might have been able to put it in short side Martin Jones got over though and made a blocker save that was the best opportunity they had. Probably all night on the power play it's. And again not getting at power play last year looked savers still weren't good and miss the playoffs with a power play at least made a difference it helped that it gave them a chance to win some games. Population is not doing the job right now. And on a team that really doesn't have. Strong ability to score five on five that are playing makes a big difference. The stat of the day which I think. Illuminates the issues on this team right now in terms of offense in terms of scoring again. Defense wasn't really the problem last night it was against the islanders it was against the devils. You know Robin Lehner was not put in the position he was okay last night he was not put in a position that the bailout. His team after mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake. The theme last night was they couldn't score. Public bulls scored both goals. This may stat of the day. Comic villain Cain. Have combined for eight goals so far this season the rest of the team. Not the rest of the forwards. The rest of the team. Has one goal in gains. What from everybody else on the sabres you think it would sit up a couple of geysers on one goal. So the the offense is stagnant feel like I'm talking about the bills. And the power plays not helping. They didn't get off to a good start last night 36 seconds in the games and politics is slash boom San Jose's on the power play. As David said imperfect on the penalty kill but of course San Jose gets a power play goal and and just like that. Two minutes into the game you're down one nothing to the sabres credit. It would have been really embarrassing if they did this at that early but they didn't hang their head and do Lois may but they did that against New Jersey maybe. A little bit against the islanders but for sure work. In that second paired against New Jersey they look like a team that started feeling sorry for themselves. And just not uh oh here we go again and and it was goal goal goal I mean this thing just blocked. They didn't do that last night. They came back they tied the game. That that first goal on the power play guy here in the early hole and that they did make some sloppy plays I I I. I take notes and all the games because I can't remember all the stuff so I know having having listened to build houses this week's day we got a clean up her own and first. I tried to spend you know a little bit more attention watching them. Make plays trying to get out of there own and what they were doing back there I mean it was disastrous against the doubles. Mean the defenseman were turned over machines before it really weren't help very much the gap for bad it was to total nightmare. So last night again it was better but we're still issues eichel was rejected his own and he lost the puck. Pull out lost the puck in the neutral zone San Jose comes right back and Nolan had a really bad turn over in his own end he. They backed can't the past right on the stick of a San Jose player that led to a a quality chance. So there were still. Pull up well always thought Orton went. I forget we walked around he walked around somebody and got to always mechanic McCabe like and it's paid hey you're Joseph fort here just go. Or around me and have a quality scoring chance so they were still having issues after that power play goal in their in the area and it got better as the game went on. But then the sabres score. They're true girls are actually really nice goals. Public dole scores to make it 11 on up a beautiful feed by Michael. And that's that was the kind of play. That. Till house least talking about. That's you know you've got the puck behind your net you make really good break up passes boom you're up by its. Everybody's joining the rush. Rich I think was crystal light and started at play behind their net. And he passed up on the right side boards the pomp and bell who passed it over to Gergen sins as you cross the blood battle is that this was OK and that line last night. He I thought it played well and I thought he did a nice job of getting pucks to Jack eichel. On he was in on that goal obviously but I thought he did a good job of it was his passing and setting some plays up for that line again. Relatively speaking on a night when the sabres had two goals did really have a pond of offensive chances. But Gergen since made a nice play crossing the blue when he takes the puck into the yen San Jose end. And any fines Michael. Now Michael I still think Michael needs to shoot more now he makes ends up making a really nice pass the common villain the school. But I still think I got a guy like Michael and his offensive ability I'd like him to think a little bit more like Evander Kane at times and look to shoot more often. There was one time in the second period. Where I was yellen at the set he made eight gorgeous plight he gain the zone he beat a defender. And I'm just think you know sure it just showed it now there was another guy coming over closing on abuse on his off wing. Maybe didn't feeling that the time to get off for good shot he tries back passing the pockets picked off and I'm by just Jack pot shot on net you know. Maybe you score may be Jones kicks out a fat rebound you never know maybe he. He kicks it added banks and off of one of his players I need eichel shoot more having said that. He did make a really nice pass the pomp until. On the first goal. So Michael's got it and he's he's he's drawing players kind of looks over his right shoulder season trailing common bill. Gives him a drop pass and pom double scores and it's 11 the sabres never had a lead in the skin that's another issue they're just they don't. Not since the Montreal game don't they played with a lead at all in AM any of the last three games and I can Wear on you as a team you're always playing from behind her tie game what have you. Today they try to give up at one. And then the second goal for San Jose is I think it's one of those goals were you kid. I guess maybe it's how you look at things it's a really. Nice place. For the San Jose Sharks. But I look at it as we're looking at a from the sabres perspective and say hey guys wake up in you you got to be ready for just about anything. And it was a play where the puck was behind the sabres net and adding it was out there was don's going behind the net for San Jose he's going left to right. Looks like you trigger a case gonna carry the puck behind the net come out the other side so letter moves over to the right post. But Don escalate is able to pass the puck back the other way. Okay to the weak side if you will to the left side up letter that side of the net is wide open so letter buys don's got it going behind the net. Let's go to the rest of the sabres. Somebody's gotta be you know stay a white fellas you know they all bought that same play. McCabe. Is in front of the crease he sees dobbs scored some key goals and and and leave that other side of the crease wide open. And then scanned Dallas back there Q and scanned Della turns around and he's got to try and tie up I think it was tear gas scores the goal tyrannies wait for that passion don's court. Skip Dallas probably think and guys going the other way and have to worry about it be back passes to Tierney your recap today and get doubled to lead on the check so it's a nice play for San Jose but. I wake up. You know don't take anything for granted be ready. You don't scan ballot get to the pre skeptical necktie that guy out don't let Tierney get the past or you know or may be McCain's got to read it differently. You know letters on the right side he's got there's no stop shot. Lenders there. They just fell asleep you know two or three guys fell asleep on the same plan that made it two to watch soap the sabres come back right so they tied again. Again common bill gets the goal. Four goals for pom involvement in four games this season perfect pass from Jack tackle really nice play. Easy tap in for common bill and it's suited to and you think it okay. Here we go they they got the gold they're feeling better about themselves to tie game again looked San Jose's been struggling to start the season. And then to me you know if you're gonna look at all point where you say guys this this is where it was that's where they had that power plant. It's 22 they get a call. I'll be honest we didn't. I thought it was a bad call against San Jose sabres got a little bit of a break they called trip against them and shaky so they go on the power play and then they get another trip. What's five on 347 seconds and it's tempting you got a five on three from 47 seconds the best chance they got out of it was cycle. And Jones made that blocker save and that was it that the only legit chance they really had. And then San Jose scores to go up three to two. Little bit of a bad balance. Sabres didn't play it that well but a puck hit off wrist the line in front falls loosen its GM didn't buy it by Meyer for San Jose a 32 and that's how the game men's. So so those are the goals again if it wasn't. The thing that's discouraging for me I mean if if you're looking for a positive they were better in their own end. Again not perfect but better. It doesn't it would have taken a lot to that though because they were train wreck the previous two games but what's discouraging is they still can't schooler. And they still don't generate a lot of chances. And they need that power play to come up really big for them. And it just it didn't do it last night with the O for three and and that's going on the two man advantage and it just. It's like again it's like we're talking about the bills when when you're having trouble scoring. In a look at the bills in the offense we talk about how much pressure it's putting on the defense while the sabres are doing the same thing. And the inability to get past two. They scored two goals in three of their four games. The one game they didn't was New Jersey where they were blown out it was 6215162. On the end up getting three goals. So you get stuck it to it's putting it's putting a lot of pressure a lot of pressure on the goalies puts a lot of pressure on what you're doing in your own end. Defenseman and for that matter for exit if you know having trouble scoring. Maybe you're here. -- pike in your own ended may be that leads to some some breakdowns and some bad passes in your press and a little bit but that's the discouraging part and and as I said the third period you know I think it's 32. San Jose lost their first couple games there they're looking for their first win. And I'm think and then you are they gonna pull the old we're gonna protect the lead in the third period we're gonna lock it down. Gonna take any crazy chances if that's the case and you know may be the sabres can get some some good chances yet again generate some shots that get some. Possession time maybe it's 111 of those periods where you know you're gonna ask your goalie to make some big saves. He didn't break a sweat. Mark Jones in the third period not us sweat I know Robin Lehner after the game talked about how. He felt the sabres weren't getting enough traffic in front of Jones. The two shots that I mentioned that where the finger quotes chances for the sabres that stood out in the third period a pulse on common bill nobody was in front. It was a postal alone high circles and palm a bill in the slot both guys were just taking shots there was no traffic there was. Nobody there for rebound I mean they might have been they might have gotten by with meat in goal in the third period as opposed to Martin Jones there was no pressure. I'm not gonna go sense of urgency because that gets an overused cliche in sports. But there was just you expected. And desperation whatever you expected more push from the sabres trying to get that first win and again in position. Input you know New Jersey no not the third period elders are not really interpret three Q game. Yeah not playing badly. Right there can be a really good twenty minutes at least get the tying goal maybe get a point get this thing to overtime. And there was just nothing. At Timmy that's what stands out on the whole not just not seeing any spark any life in that third period. You know waves a guy's going in their put pressure drive into the net. Well. Pressure on the at the San Jose defenseman whatever does nothing and the fact that it's just it's literally. Two guys that are scoring. You know we're so rally. Where's the postal and I mean Michael's only got what it got one goal now I gotta check the stats yet one all right 'cause the other did two guys at eight goals cycles only got one goal. At least he is generating some goals with his assists you know yet a couple of nice plays last night assists last night but as I said Alec see him shoot more. Where I'd you know whereas where's the office where is it where else is anybody on this team in terms of providing some kind of scoring. Defenseman do enough then you know Reinhart. They shifted lines last night by the way. Prior art not then I'm not gonna pick on the fourth line. But who else. Cain's doing his job common bills doing his job Gergen since again I thought at least help on those two goals last night poorly I've done nothing so far. Does look up and down the lineup I don't know what you're gonna get it out Jordan Nolan Jason Jacob Josephson says Griffith. Whatever and he really knock knock gonna get much of anything or count of anything from those guys. So the big guns like a rally oppose so and Reinhart and and they have to come through. And they have not come through at all and last night was another game try to think of a rally. To get a nice setup I goal on the five on three it was his pass across. I don't remember a rally mean it really doing much of anything last night there ends on chance that I remember are. Eileen having where it's light and fed him on a nice. Pass on the power play terror was first third period at the news first period and not. He tries a one timer goes off like Hewlett stick and like Eagles off the post Downey that that was probably his best chance Seattle night but Gavin Wright or Riley has been. Very quiet the the first four games in this little concerning does that mean it's not only O'Reilly it's it's a lot of the players that NC. They're not. They're not playing physical enough that seem like they're just getting pushed around too much there there not. Taking bodies out of the play they're not doing enough. To give themselves a better chance of breaking outing getting the puck for Ian and getting in at those gritty battles that they need to get into. She'd start. Creating rushes to start creating opportunities for them. To generate more plays to get the puck on net I mean that's that's that's the most concerning part for me and you know with the defense yesterday. I mean date switch it up in the wind up lines and everything but still it's a slight efforts there and you know they're. They're putting more shots on goal I guess you could say but you know they're they're it's still not playing. Physically. Strong enough I think. In order to create more opportunities advocate they work taking bodies off the pocket and and being more physical in both ends of the guys I think that would open things up a lot more for them. Yeah I don't remember I I didn't check the final shot attempts. Fifties maybe I think for the sabres. The exam as it was in the sixties maybe the sabres in the fifties and they end up with a 25 shots on goal that's why said it's it's inching letter after the game is talking about how. He feels like they're not getting traffic in front of that. Mean. They are worried that there were guys in front of that or get many chances quite honestly it's just he really. Was a difficult game to watch from an offensive standpoint other than the two really really nice goals. What else Georges was okay George went in the line up last night now that's again that's not a guy who you gonna look at from an offensive standpoint. Who's gonna boost your your your offensive side of the game. But he was part of them cleaning up their own end the ice he was fine last night they. As that as a group. With all the defenseman. Did a better job last night of you know decision making. There were still issues where he had that you know. They gave up some plays and around and but I thought overall we did a better job the decision making some of their passing but the ports were a little better at coming back. Helping out as they were they were they were trying to break out of their zone. A little bit better and it was it was an improvement from the previous two games but at the end of the day. Loss is a loss and I think that was. Might have been your best shot of the three California games you have a San Jose team that's struggling for whatever reason the sabres have. That had San Jose is number over the years. You know your your first game on the West Coast trip now. You gotta go into Los Angeles tomorrow night. And you better win that game because I don't think you're coming out Anaheim with a win on Sunday night play in the third game in four nights that's why I thought last night's game was. Really important to trying get a win I'm I was looking at four games sand. Can you go to into can beat San Jose and then I don't know maybe be Vegas I'm not completely sold on their. Three you know start. But you lose that first game ninety got to win in LA because of not your plans something not against I think the ducks are better team in the king's. Your plan up back to back set in Southern California. And your game Sunday night as the third game in four nights. I think you know you got to beat LA tomorrow night if not now you're looking at 04. And one point in Anaheim you know when that game now at 05 and one. Going into Vegas. Reno you know. Not I don't know what's in it you're not gonna freak out no one's gonna talk about firing the coach Byron GM and blowing up the roster but this is an awful start and then the biggest problem is. Nothing's changed from the standpoint of this team being offensively challenged and the big guys that they're counting on. Who guys have come up and the rest of the guys are doing anything right now. 8030550. To join us it is football Friday if you have any bill's comments. I did not see the Carolina game last night watch some of the highlights great win for Philadelphia if you wanna talk about. That game you wanna talk about the bills are some of the key matchups coming up on Sunday. I promise you we'll get to some football little bit left the vote of a slap on football a little football Friday because. Those aren't playing. And the sabres played last night. So again you wake it up maybe some of your getting up now that saw the game last night listen to the game would love to get your thoughts in on the sabres. At 8030550. Got a tweet from. Hank junior I don't think that's. Hank Williams junior probably doesn't I don't think any of that famous files me probably not I'm not I Hank junior treated and disappointed and aggravated they're better than what we've shown. And it's frustrating watching them I just don't get it. Chase treated and well the population went up in palm and bill they look better but I'm also waiting until after game number ten to see if they get it together. George treated and it's 3:12 AM in Cali. I'm disgusted that turnovers penalties missed assignments should I continue going Sunday vs the ducks hope IC better. I mean you can continue on Bakken tight stop watching. It's frustrating. The penalties. Or even that big a deal last nine means can Delis slash half a minute into the game wasn't that good. Again to me I think it's just an overall it's it's frustration at the lack of offense and the lack of this team to be able to put the puck in the net. And just day. A really lousy third period last night when you had a chance to take. A point or two at a San Jose Chris tweet that I think I'm glad I went to bed after the second I miss nothing yager you were right in the third period with. Jimmy treated and give came to see the guy deserves it the team needs a change Michael in poverty aids rework the leadership. I don't think this is a letter issue. I know that came up the other day and O'Brien calls you lump access to do that we get back. Untapped we'll make that contact coming up next we'll talk about leadership and letters and all that stuff. On tap this week it premier gourmet on meet the road and Amherst you can check out premieres new strapped a vintage keg from. I think it's renounced all the gang in celebration of Belgian Independence Day called Belgian Independence Day propel. I hope or choose from over 15100 Beers at premier gourmet guess what it's Friday you know what that means to our favorite game playing Golden Nugget trivia. It's very simple previous series of 3 questions this morning. The answers will be numbers remember all those numbers remember the answers in the 8 o'clock hour we give your cue to call if you're the first caller that correctly identifies. All three answers. You're our winner and Golden Nugget trivia you'll win. I gaming centers certificates Golden Nugget gaming center you'll win a gift certificate to happy Jack's restaurant. And chance at 5500. Dollars cash. In our hat trick contest our first question of the morning. Arts and yankees are in the VI ALCS much to my chagrin. They're playing Houston tonight game one our first question how many World Series the answer is way too many how many World Series have the Yankees want. That's question number 18030550. Let's go sabre fans phone lines are open crank it on a Friday give me your thoughts on last night's game. And the start of the season here on WG. Asked a lot of until there's like. But it possession we give them possession and we have shots in this like we got this figure a way to be that sick of losing an arms that the losing is monitors are sick of losing but to have his team playing you know hard and play hard Smart and we got to secure game and always filled lineup myself included language delegates that it was me. Sign on us if we can speak for all the fans right. We're all sick of losing. I'm not sure. I got a question about that Britain on I ask you about that second and I wanna address. The tweet about the the letters. Noted that you've sabres while lost again last night case you have. That he went to sleep before the game ended. Three to the final in San Jose both the Saber goals coming from Jason pom and bill so he's got four this season. The sabres are 03 and one. They are tied with Arizona for the worst record in the NHL. One. Other at Los Angeles tomorrow night of the game here on W juror that's going to be at 1030 start tip at beat Pittsburgh last night the action around the league 54. Florida down to Louis five Q Detroit over Arizona fortitude somebody sent me a picture. The Vancouver game they get paid Winnipeg at home last night. There is nobody it looked like a Carolina hurricanes' home game there's nobody in the building in Vancouver. With that I mean and other than that but Canada. Baseball last night maybe maybe the yeah flipped off the sabres still want to watch I don't mean literally flipped off the service I mean turned off again it'd mean to put the finger up at a that to watch the cubs nationals game crazy NL playoff game last night 98. The cubs win it. Four RBIs for Addison Russell Chicago goes on to the NLCS they will visit Los Angeles game one in that series is tomorrow night the ALCS starts tonight in Houston. To knock a vs Kiger pitching matchup the Yankees and the Astros Thursday night football last night at one another. Quality when for the Eagles to their best win of the season at Carolina a reborn Carolina team 2823. Carson lands three touchdown passes for the second straight week. The Eagles. Are now five and one. And Carolina in the meantime they dropped the 42 also an appeals court has upheld the six game suspension. The NFL handed down. On cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott both your headlines next update at 7 o'clock Jeremy is out today it is me and Brayton. And my voice is about to go so we need you to call in and share some opinions this morning so to give give give give me a little break okay yeah I'm I'm actually going for the sympathy vote 8030550. Join us. 888550. To 550 as we get your thoughts in on the Saber game last night. With letters let me bring that up real quick. I don't get caught up in that stuff I we will double talk about it we'll have a discussion. As they said it would have been. Monday's game. Yeah I think it would have been Monday's game that I was listening to Bryant and Paul talk about it. That you know nobody's were in the sea and all that stuff I personally don't think it it matters really done. I think we've put a lot of weight on letters because it's so prominent in the NHL as opposed to the other major professional sports. But honestly I really don't think that's that there there should be. I'm not leaders on the team. That. Letters shouldn't even matter at all I mean if you didn't give us see urinate anybody you should still be able to annul that in that room. Eichel. Old Riley. A post so. He doesn't play but Georgia's risked the lying in. McCain I don't I mean there's third. I don't think leadership is an issue. I don't think not having a C is an issue I don't think well which guy gets the day is an issue you you should have enough guys in that locker room. You know here's cycle talking about you gotta be sick of losing you got. It's not just play hard it's like hard and Smart. Here's letter after the game last night talking about how we're not getting traffic in front of the net you have enough guys in that room. That should be able to get the message across without having. To designate a letter on someone and have that person stand up and read the right actor get in someone's face or lead by example. It's not even just you know the letters as said to me it's more symbolic. You use your leaders on this team are not just guys that'll. Lead the way in practice with the work ethic with paying attention with putting in the time with the when the video work and all those things and you know first on the practice site's last off. Get in a guy's face whatever being got a had a guy on the back. But early on the ice too you know scoring clutch goals. You know giving everything they got over sixty minutes you know and doing all the things are supposed to do. That's where you get the leadership again the you can put a letter on a guy but he knew that these op plan well who cares. You know all rallies not playing well. Oppose those not doing anything right heart's got to do more. You can't I've nothing I can't find any fault with Cain are common but really pulled what looked eichel shoot more united I would like do you score. More than one goal at this point of the season you know don't give up that she had you had the second period last night when you beat the San Jose defense when he tried to pass it should. But the leaked the letter thing to me I think can be really overblown in the NHL I don't think it honesty matters. I don't think that you know vote but not having a captain is not what they have nine goals in four games they just don't have enough guys that put the puck in the net. On a regular basis. So appreciate the tweet on that 80305 Tipton joins your thoughts and on the sabres. When Susan talked about break there was something else we're gonna talk about all the sick of losing team wanna get back to that two. Let's see. I'm just trying to look at a couple tweets here. Jack treated and something needs to happen have all lines contributing offensively can't win with one line scoring well I mean how to try to do that he broke up the two guys that are scoring. Cain in common Villa the only guys scoring and then that that line came palm a bill Michael had it. We'll have accounted for all the sabres goals. So he broke them up last night he put keen on I think you put came on the in the last game it didn't matter reunited him in the third period against the devils so he put those two back together. A year ago this time they had a nice chemistry there regenerating. Offense and chances. But he put kaine on that line last night and it's still wouldn't get a rally up also going. So I think how these tried to do some things he moved right are two wing. Figuring it on the let me move move Larsson from the fourth line up to the third line center may be injectable speed down the middle in his third line. You know but you're still looking at two goals at the end of the night so he tried to do some things last night Robert Sweden. Newsweek or rally is back to his old self proposal and can on the fore check below the goal line he skating backwards at the Blue Line. Leaving the zone. Paul rally as a rallies troubling that there's no question about it. It was she's I would drop was my Carrington war. He was John vocal somebody had to go to oracle in the news yesterday. What did Dunn was so all rallied after the big was the New Jersey game. Ready made comments spring remember when he said the stuff about how he was pretty useless he's been use this New Jersey and yes. And he was right by the way but. Whoever wrote the article news pulled out some old quotes from a rally and one was some last season wanna say like February and another one was. Early in the season before that anyway he was in the same thing in the point it was Gerry 33. Times in three different seasons from run around in space with sand. I'm useless I got to play about a got to say that yet. Did you have a big contract that was a major trade when he first showed up he was gangbusters she was playing great you're scoring more. Then we should anticipate him scoring YouTube if you go by is that's in his career. But he was scoring which provided leadership groups wouldn't face off she was the two way players can penalties he did everything. And quite honestly last season his game went backwards and so far again it's it's four games but he's been practically invisible. And that's that's worrisome I said yesterday with Jeremy and I. You know like I couldn't get that thought and I had the other day. After I saw what he said about being uses and I couldn't stop thinking OK this is why Colorado. Said we're not gonna pay you what you want and in fact we're going to trade. At time we all thought what are they doing the jobs are knots Ryan O'Reilly. Why would you get in the contract fight with him just pay your putting together a good team you know you got McCain and got. Landis Geiger putting these really nice parts together get a rally what do you do and then they trade them we thought. Okay great for shark take rigor rank go and a dar often com fur and Andy came in as they said in his first time this first season here is great it's been kind of a gradual tail off and now he's just done nothing in the that's a leader. Whether he's wearing a letter or not. And and I don't put as much stock is some of you do end contract. But he does make big money he is supposed to be a guy who when this team is struggling. Badly needs a win. Needs key goal in the third period to tie the game or need to keep gold take the lead. You need a guy like a rally to come through and he's just not doing it he's not the only one but he's a glaring gaps and so far this season. ID 8030515. Let me get that Tim in here before the break Tim you're on WG jogger right ahead. Morning Howard. I need a man our 32 air we here for me. I could lead last night after. After the game and it's really comes down for things that I'm just sick of and I'm government about the looking. At the standings and seeing you know neighbors and flat place. I'm gonna live like you that earlier. One lying contribute yet post secondary scoring decide you know what everything beta cycle amen 01 game. And then I'm I'm just sick of excuses are no. It was latter said. Oh game or maybe New Jersey game that there you know learning and sit diamond. You know what this segment she got Vegas who you know 28 new players that played and obviously very they wanna and so. I know what are the women sleep but my. Aunt out trying to like. I finally all sleep I a lot of comparisons. That they do not ironic by. Sabres he's been seems to me it's like the movie Titanic. You know Ed. It's very long. And in the middle so are some good parts and it and it the end all and always end up with Jack. The the thanks I'd Tim I appreciate it it is frustrating end. And it's it are numerous fronts and and and again it's not just the four games now it's the larger body of work and and I and I get that. And it's the sabres and the bills that the buffalo sports fan I mean it's been a it's just the cumulative. No I don't even know where I'm going to slap I think what get a break I'll address. Some of the things you brought up about scoring and you know what the guys have been saying to. 80305 that I do think there is something by the way to know your point about Vegas right they've they've they they're together first time as a team. I do think there is something at least from those islanders and devils games they look so lost at times like I do think about something to. Trying to get a handle on how how's he wants them to play the game. But. They looked good in the opener against Montreal and they looked more organized last night. So all I made maybe I should backtrack on the system stop it goes into the four games they didn't look lost. In the middle to elect idiots. 8030515. If you're on hold we'll get your calls 888550 to 550 shirts football Friday but the sabres played last night we're talking about that. It the bills are on the buy but you wanna talk bills football this morning would get to that as well on WG. He tells me we get caught on but little changed. Bigger Russian neatly put one in the back in that first one PK I mean just little things that. Every little detail matters and garrison take funny details on efforts to get out of this looked. We got a ministry every group and your interest for senator. Jason hospitals and his comments after game and any he's thought about. Little things little details in the pockets up in the back of the net the first PK think about so skin Belichick's slashing its culture moments are industrial like that it. Gun belt that's Mandela takes a slashing penalty 36 seconds into the game. So the sharks go on the power play and they end up scoring. And it's a really nice pass from mark Edward plastic to the front of the net it was a really breezy the easy redirect but if you look at that play annual back. So Josh Georges and Jake MacKay group are that you defenseman Georgia's on the left McCabe on the right. Plastic is on Georgia's decide. So Georgia's moves up to go get classic. Well the problem is McKay doesn't rotate he doesn't get down quick up Thomas turtle is is there in front of latter. And so Georges has that that area kinda covered you know he eased between hurdle in plastic. He moves up to go out and get plastic it opens up that area Qaeda doesn't get over. So hurdles just stand there on the doorstep members and easy tap in as a nice pass from plastic right where it needed to be. You know cross ice down low opposite side and he just re directed into that little things like that just little they don't breakdowns that are that are hurting the Buffalo Sabres and and again with a with a lack of scoring in the struggled there having offensively other than two guys doing anything. It's led to go three and one start. 80305 chip to join us let me I wanna get them IQ but quickly on the last got to look you know the excuses that I mean Nigeria I'm with ya I'm frustrated. I understand it I I would read the comments I looked at some of the stuff we have some. Post game comments and interviews at WGR 550 dot com and I saw the stuff about. You know Jack stand you gotta be sickle losing and I don't wanna hear any of the either I understand I really don't wanna hear any of this stuff I don't wanna hear about systems I don't wanna hear about breaks. I don't wanna hear about common built sane is the details and I don't hear about letters saying we don't have guys in front of and I just want to win. So I understand it these guys you talked to him and they have to give their opinions on stuff. To might be frustrating for you but I understand your coming from nobody cares anymore. Well we're out of I'd love listening to. Well it's this it's that it's this it's the coach it's the roster it's the power play at this it's the defense the odd never nobody cares anymore. Just with African hockey games I get it so I and I understand your frustration I think like I said. If if you're trying to grab anything from last night if you want anything positive. They did clean up their own and they were much better they cut down on odd man rushes. But the the biggest problem for this team and it's been that the last couple years and it's still there through four games this season as they just don't have enough consistent firepower. Let's go to Q Mike in Amherst next Mike you're on WGR a redhead. Good morning Howard morning. I would say they're thanks in May be O'Reilly that McCain. Is Kate is is seeing that he's ever gain yeah. That game mountain against major. AK. Complete a couple he was an old team. Probably I would then you know rightly. Or try to get him out of bunkers on the UK about it in the press about antsy about it. Yet that the defenseman book bench in the defense and it's easier to do once Bogosian back. I'm not I don't know that he would do it right now. But. Bogosian didn't make the trip by the way so that would now I McCabe is struggling luck against New Jersey by the way they also. There wasn't a defenseman who played worth his salt in that game. I thought Georges was okay last night he's not a long term solution back there. I don't think he he can compliance date in this system he isn't an offensive threat but you're trying to clean up your own ending you want some kind of up. A steady solid presence back there the block shots and make some plays Georgia's. Was good last night for what they needed. I need McCabe to be your right and he became to be much better. I thought again last night their couple plays in 04 and walked around him one time he did add some horrendous passes against New Jersey. And he wasn't as bad last night as he was against doubles by. As a group. The defense we're better. The right things interesting anyways I don't know that they would take McCain about right now the Matlin trying to play through little bit more Iraq I think is inching again not a guy that I think there would bench right now. He is one of the leaders on this team. But I you know he's not a sacred cow so sure at some point if he doesn't turn things around on this trip. If he keeps. You know basically contributing nothing you wanna send a message to the rest of the team you can sit rhino rally if you think he's not. Poland is waiter he's now working harder paying attention to doing the things he needs to do you consider rhino rally and then maybe that's an eye opener for the rest of the team. 8030550. You're sabres thoughts if you stayed up last night. And you listen to the game or watch the game you know what a bachelor wanted to say quickly because relate to the brink. Got called up and said he was tired and stayed up in the game. And he couldn't go to sleep see this is why record West Coast games. Hey it's a late night I don't stay up until 1 o'clock and then wake up at 430 you know what I found because it can be really frustrating watching this team play. And you record the game. You get a good night's sleep on Thursday night I go to bed last night before the game even starts have no idea what happened in that up I wake up and watch the game. I did and go to work so they can't ruin my night's sleep challenge late late games DBR watch back. Wind catch code time. Here's another chance to 1000 dollars this make your day rightly feel better you know the sabres are zero through wanted to have a thousand bucks gift. Text that right now to 72881. GI FT you have until 710 message and data rates may apply. Gift G I FT texted to 72881. And you have a chance to 1000 dollars in our national win cash contest 8030550. For your sabres opinions this morning on the game. On the four games so far we'll do some book all talk we get back straight and are gonna talk about. Surprises and disappointments through the NFL as you get ready for week six it's coming up on WG.