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Friday, October 13th

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It's. Much like our team we're building in the you learn from bowling game to the next positive sending it to yesterday we had some of those moments where we've got to learn from wells so really what I'm looking for us is to continue to grow for one into the nexus like our team won one game does not define who we are as a football team win our lose so we have to continue to build continue to put in the work and grow. That's what you do when you played your best football in November December. We've played pretty belted deep as this but when you look at the film a lot of time to just go monitor stuff at one go out bought your blog so we got a larger didn't have a penalty on these couple played your book ought differ we would you have no station. We're always trying to refine our rosters so that's an ongoing process and work in progress of who we are a team that we're building and that I think is the biggest thing in the most exciting thing the same time we're building a team and yes we've made some huge strides that we get some work to do it I love the excitement around the team I love the fan support I love how this community is get behind us when we were three and one hour three and two doesn't stop or momentum we continue to move forward. Non WGR. Sports Radio 550. Sean McDermott and Eric Gordon filter on the bye week enjoy your Sunday appeals free football I. Am pumped. I can add value and this is not a it it's not meant as day oh god the bills are killing me. It is the NAFTA works and I got I am really psyched about that Howard great with you Jeremy out today. It is football Friday by the way brought you by Seneca poplar creek casino and nothing else comes close I wanna get into some football stuff. With Brayton we spent the whole first are talking about the sabres and now that it's seven. And thirty. Game at around one you got think at 130 woke up at 630 got five hours or more people awake what Saber game last night. No needle trailed 550 we've been talking about the sabres. In a nutshell. If you didn't see the game was into the game or hear the first hour they lost last night. Better defensively cleaned up their game less odd man rushes. No offense. That's it I mean I got to fill four hours but apparently headed to a 102 show that's how I would tell you. About the sabres game last night. Reported football there's there's two stats or tickets. And I should probably bring up the one moment last night that was actually funny thanks to rob ray. I'm still flabbergasted by this week we come up with a stat of the day every now and then right we and it doesn't have to be buffalo related. Anyone of us can just see is that some work by stat of the day today was going to be. That Dusty Baker managed baseball teams have now lost ten straight post season closeout games. And that was a pretty solid stat. Just he's never been that good a playoff manager so I thought that that's pretty good one. Not what I got from my stat of the day I think it's a lock winner today I am still flabbergasted. But let me think give. That if you take a vendor Kahne and Jason palm in bill out of the equation. The two of them up four goals each. Were four games into the hockey season. The rest of the roster has one goal. Hang on I got to do some math 12345678910111213. Fourteen. Eighteen other guys have played in the game this season for the sabres eighteen. There's one goal in that bunch. That. It's a great stat I mean it's a bad stat of the day it integrates data that. I'm still flabbergasted by that how you go play four games and have out of eighteen guys one person has put a puck in the net eichel. I treated about the defense and it's a good point to actually if you break goals down to the sabres have nine goals think about this. It's hard to Sri breakfast sabres but I've been up for like I've been up since 245. To watch the game back on DVR and I'm just bounce in off the wall right now I didn't even take an energy drink its natural adrenaline. So the Saber 79 goals. To have come on the power play. You have come shorthanded. So in four games that give you five even strength goals. The system that's not good. And then a guy treated in about the defense a guy a person treated and I apologize it could be FEMA somebody tweeted and don't forget our defense that is going to be involved offensively as to points both assists for misalignment correct. Person. He does. And one of those assists was on the power play. So not only do. Maybe it's not as biggest thing that none of the defense and have yet scored a goal. In four games after all the sabres defenseman did next to nothing offensively last year. But again a group where five man unit. We've overhauled the defenseman we've got better skaters. We we think there are better offensive players on the Blue Line now. That grow. Including risk the line and has one point at even strength in four games. Each. So they're not doing made think the Fords are doing a thing these two guys were playing on offense came in palm and bill. In the sabres are still struggling mightily and even strength scoring that's a continuation of public team has this been going on for a lot. Anyways so that's that's how we get we we opened up with sabres 8030550. To join us 888550. To 550. Elegant simple on a moment but if you wanna talks on hockey I know it's football Friday but we're all absolutely have to take your calls on the sabres Kennedy Amherst your on WG. You are right ahead morning Howard Oreo I think you've got about or four years ago about it and how long you wanna consider it Malia. We decided that the best route for this team most distant and turn loose change in home committed fraud. Don't don't put out now or. Now we're talking about should change in the lineup won't Josh Gorges make a difference. We got to school coaches never never done Ireland teams like Toronto all. Minnesota. Or other at the world in the same position I was not sure we are winning game Austria is one in game. So protected did the supporters all about does this make or. The other thing I gotta start on. And it's like whenever and with aplomb or where it was pretty seems too good don't you never hear from our older. You never hear Jerry Jones like talent image that it craft needs to make a comment. Hornbeck in the big Steinbrenner. But when things go bad here you know were here when we got an announcement anywhere in the world you won't hear resign cycle there's there's a man but. You know you may be all the problems of capital this coal. General manager of the sport they export believable broke out in the end they were don't you know wanting to ground at some point this man step up and say. And it's a sore this or don't. Let him resort to be found wherever you make the play social only sports and surely dealers while I wish I appreciate your of the gracefully. You bet that your call I don't let me address a number of your points. I wrote down what it could truck and dragged out too humid a lot of different points. With the tank worth it. Don't blame the tank for this this isn't the tank I get to reflect that but I got Jai closely at the tech was worth that the sabres did business the non tank way. For forty something years and didn't win squat. In fact free tank think about it right what's the highlight. Get rid of the two years. After. The full season lockout okay those first years they're fun they're exciting or entertaining back to accomplish files that the envy of the league Briere and Drury leave. Yeah that all goes downhill. And then we look at the team and say well Roy vanic. Palm and Bill Miller all these guys they were good at supporting actors but they weren't good enough to be the leaders it all goes downhill. Does zenith the high point of the last ten years. Is. Odd division title pre tech. They went down the tubes are Darcy and Lindy when they were trying to win there were plenty of seasons where they tried to win it one year. After Briere and Drury left. They won a division title knocked out the first round. The middle class the year after that. What happened they were the black one of the worst teams in the league in December they played their butt off for three months may the plastic got bounced in seven games in the first round against Philadelphia so don't let the tech. The teams back for a long time. And this team was dead when they tried to win and didn't tank and then they decided hey you know what let's get to the top of the draft and then it's up to decisions you make. The tank is and why they're in the vault where there and right now. The tech gave you access. You still have to make the right moves with those assets used stuff to make the right traits is stuck to signed the right free agents used to update hit. On the draft picks. You got Jim Reinhart number two overall. He's not playing like a number two overall draft. You who. Traded for rob and letter give up a first round pick not a really good decision nobody liked it at the time and you certainly don't like it now that you give up first round pick for. Who's okay not right up at. He's not not worth the first round pick the tank is now lying. The GM makes a big trek were Winnipeg came turns out really well let Bogosian hasn't amounted to much of anything. We're sick you're talking about a rally a rally was a major move for Jim Murray look great when he first got here he's doing nothing right now. A postal big free agent signing got off to a really great start last year and then you know some stuff happen of course he got injured he dealt with the on this. But he's done nothing in the first few games it's a big forty million dollar signing. So that's the don't blame the tech. It's the decisions that are made by your hockey department. In Toronto. They wreck the bottom for quite some time they went a lottery. Doesn't hurt to win the lottery but they made really good decisions. With what the high draft picks they got. And they brought in guys like Willie Neil lender and like Mitch Bardner. And you know they put together a pretty good group of defensemen so they've made good and got a really great head coach. The sabres went out and got a head coach who wasn't gut. Hopefully houses the right choice began about Mo was not. Police got Mike Babcock. Edged Toronto so again that's not detect the tank. Didn't have you get their involvement instead of Mike Babcock. Toronto was no good either so I I you know I know the tank irked a lot of people. Don't blame attack. And I'll always get back to get at one time an entire franchise history all those years they tried to win. They never did squat. They tried it this way to get all these draft picks and they did what they're supposed to do. We got the number one at a got the number two over pick lost a lottery got Michael got all these assets and then it's what you do with them. Do you use the sixty trade picks and how do you put the roster together and at this point they picked the wrong GM who picked the wrong coach. Who put together a flawed roster. That now the new GM is evaluating trying to figure out who he wants to keep. With the owner this one's easy for me most owners don't say anything they don't say blow to the three guys you brought up. Are two of the most vocal owners and history of pro sports. George Steinbrenner and Jerry Jones both guys are not the norm they are the extreme exception. I could probably and if you know if you would have called back I'm not gonna do this concern would be boring. But I can name all these major professional sports teams I'll bet you couldn't identify. 97%. Of the owners. Most these guys don't say anything when their teams are bad or good or whatever they stay in the background. So what for goalies are doing. Pretty much what owners do in professional sports most guys don't want to be. The Jerry Jones is the George Steinbrenner is the Al Davis is they don't want to beat front and center. They prefer to stay in the background. Dan Snyder might be another guy you bring up that you know as an owner that you know you you hear from from time to time. That is not the norm. What the goals are doing is what most donors do so that that doesn't bother me that's what they do. And quite honestly if you asked me if I was a public relations expert. I would not put Terry Google out in front of microphones. Nice guy thank you for saving the bills he's not good in live interview situations. He's fantastic businessman. Smart businessman. Built himself up from nothing. He's not good like ad living and answering questions so if I was working for the sabres or bills. I would actually tell the owner not to do media availability is because she's just I don't think he handles it very well. 8030550. To join us 888550. Q. And we'll go to John and Sanborn next John you're on WG jogger right ahead. Good morning good morning. Ai had a lot of Colin I'm O line situation I think it's important to get cycle playmaker whether it's Ryan Carter. Bring up someone like Bailey someone who could skate with the I'm Arnold Arnold dropped odds started. Haven't someone like you like in all of that they can gain that Michael is important he isn't doing nothing but make enclaves. These young kids need to step up and Rochester we need bailing him back easily beat tiger optics does start the start produce and in the third show that they belong in buffalo. Well that's part of the problem this goes back John thanks indeed Altay and we you just said back to the previous caller and about the tankan Jeremy is made this point this week and he's right post cycle. Worth the impact player certainly not from any of the draft picks the closest thing would be opposed so. And proposals got no points it is a minus six in four games this season and we think he's healthy. So both guys have been disappointments. That's part of the OK now though that again those were not talking first round guys. But what was daily Brayton second round right that he's maybe third. Bailey was second bats he's third okay so we're not talking first drunk guys not talk and sixth round either. That he's did nothing in the pre season. Daily his highlight would have been what the prospect challenge where he showed succeed. A guy has got NHL time playing in the prospect tournament should dominate that he goes into the pre season there's a job way to be taken by both guys. Neither one grabs. Baptiste is is practically invisible and Bailey just doesn't. He doesn't play bring you were talking earlier about playing physical and checks and all of us. Daley doesn't use his body he doesn't play. As fierce a game it's he should play I look at him and think he's got some power forward in him I think he's got some skill I think he can skate. And I like him when he plays with an edge because I think he can use his body effectively he doesn't play to that level though and that's where he's an Rauch he doesn't play too. Andy and it consistent since the shown. That like had he shown that he can use his body to protect the pot. And that's it that's all you really wanna do with that is an offensive player when your in your own zone is being big with the puck don't let. Anybody trying to sticker an arm around to try to whack off it's off your stick. His plea big with the puck in and don't be intimidated when guys are coming at you mean. That's that's one thing that. I've heard Paul Hamilton say a lot or just like guys just you know. Not big and Ali I mean I hear him say that like some guys just especially with Bailey it's like he doesn't utilized his size to advantage and when you do utilized yours. Your size and your big body. I mean it just creates space players will respect the fact that like okay this guy's got the pocket if he's going to be a force he's the come at me like a train. I'm getting him a little of the space and I'll back off a little bit maybe trying to block the shot yeah I just don't think that Justin Bailey does setting up. Eat right and I think that's that's the point right you see it and you say. That's what I'd like I need that more you know and at a guy like I mean fully known not a great skater but police know. Create a link. Maybe his game better to the poor became better offensively. We knew he was dig we knew we had size we knew this guy we checked people but could you do anything offensively and heed to his credit became a little bit better offensively than they. The ship them off in the deal for scandal. But that's part of the problem where the young guys maybe any lender who knows a mile under would have been healthy. Maybe he would play well enough to make this team that's the guy you could put your question about Michael and putting a guy with speed but like a mile and a would be the answer there. And if he's healthy maybe makes the team. And if he's here playing with Michael maybe there's another gold are true that makes a difference but he is not and he's not even healthy enough to play in Rochester yet and the other guys just flat out disappointed the prop. That I that I've been seeing lately over the past years especially is we all had to get this mindset of just like okay this kid's coming up from the OHL or hate. The skits coming over from Sweden. Let's get him in the lineup right away and let's not have them developed at all whatsoever and that's the big problem with that but I'm sure he's real under had a year and Roger got -- and you know his brother earning a part of two years may be in yeah I can tell he was in the HL for about a year and a half and then finally made the full time jump but it ain't. With with players like new Lander in bee Lee Ann Baptiste you know. Some time to develop in in juniors air not juniors but in the HL is probably that they and we talked with Chris Taylor yesterday. And his big goal is development he wants his players to develop. To be able to. Be ready to go to the NHL whenever they need. And then go back to the HL they need or you know they he wants the gold would be for every player that he coaches in the HL to get to the NHL and stay in the NHL. And I think that's something that the sabres have lacked for awhile is the lack of development I mean they've had guys come in. Eight the ship them off too early to the NHL they look like they're like all while look at that it's a flash in the hand and then after like two or three games. He's that kind of fizzle out and neglect HL and their confidence is shot. I think and she. Your I forgot the point about the other guy Michael swing. I actually thought. I don't think they would wanna break up Ikon common bill I think that's a really nice combination there working well together you're talking about palm and go with four goals Michael's got five points. I'm not sure that they would put came back here yet because then you'd look at it you've got all your guys that are producing on one line you know literally nothing. Coming from many of if Michael Cain of pop Michael Caine Tom and they'll have the nine goals you have nothing coming out of your the three lines. I actually thought Gergen and did some nice things on that line the problem with dirt incident is he's not going to score. He'll get he'll he'll he'll make the dirty plays. He'll work hard help fight for pox he can skate enough. He had a couple nice plays three got pucks Michael. For sure one of them set up led to the common field goal to one of the Palmer of ovals and the PLO and might have been. On Dirksen stick at some point Q I thought he did a nice job that line laughed last night as they said the only downside to him is. What are you gonna get I'd he's not a if Jack is setting him up he's not a finisher. Not a consistent finisher but in terms of Bob's skating. And some board work and some grinding and some things that he brought to align left that I thought he Ethan and actually nicely last night. 8030550. To join us this morning on tap. We got our NFL surprises and disappointments we'll do that we get back on tap this week premier gourmet on maple road and Amber's check out the mir's newest draft a vintage gag from. All my gang in the celebration of the Belgian Independence Day called Belgian Independence Day repel. If I mispronouncing his badly someone treat me or choose from over 15100 Beers. At premier gourmet question number two and Golden Nugget trivia guy have a plan that will play that pretty much every Friday during hockey season. Is this. Last that we were looking for all this'll cheer you up. Looking for the last year the bills and sabres were both in the playoffs. Okay I'm talking calendar year so the state the bills were in a playoff game in January. And then four months later in April the sabres were in the playoffs to what year was that. That's question number two in Golden Nugget tribute a lot of question about an hour for an eagle 30550 to join us and WGR. Departed the game is an automatic for me. You don't the effort that's an automatic every team instantly get out the effort. Think the effort to. How's was a bit better book. Comes from small. Into the details here's comes down to bring everything together you know it's the first. Two goals in the first period I think a little bit species that's the details of the game and an accidental grid after you record your personal account one or the other room. We got a mixed makes it all together this good teams in this week they want when you and I hear him do and everything consistently does your editor I don't think. Where there. We can't brought it now bite here and it's. Going well. Convinced me. Capitalist I didn't want. Inside Buffalo Bill. Bill. We got it up on the way you know to senators who becomes like a little with a lot of upon myself I couldn't. Had two goals for Jason Hoffman bill second two goal game of the season so that would make goals three and four for him. The only two goals sabres scored last night. Good to hear Rick on the call of course those are. Big moments of the game the first big moments of the game from last night that you sabres goals the big moments brought you by firth Jewelers moments in your life go fourth to first. Don't forget to tweet. At WGR 550 use your first moment of the game view that you have a chance to win a 100 dollar gift card from first Jewelers. I use the hash tag first moments FIRTH. Howard and bring with you Jeremy opted to thank you for joining us get some headlines. Then. Can we keep teasing the NFL stuff. It's a four hour show will get them eventually. Because I wanted to mention blood drawn that you heard a moment ago the guy beating the drum in San Jose last not a need to bring something up about that. And I never talked about how rob ray provided the best Mona night last night and some humor in the game so we'll tell you about that you sabres. Didn't really provide any human last night I don't know what that that means nothing I don't know why use that three cure they lost for the sharks. Mentioned Jason palm until both the goals buffalo now 03 and one. They're tied with Arizona for last in the NHL. The West Coast trip or western swing continues tomorrow night in Los Angeles will have a game here and WG arts at 1030 peso. Some of the other games throughout the league last night Kevin B Pittsburgh five forced to have goes got its first goal of the season. Florida beat Saint Louis 52 Detroit over Atlanta or over Arizona and afforded to. Cubs beat Washington 98 to wrap up the NL DS. And move on to Los Angeles game one of the NLCS is tomorrow night it's game one of the ALCS this evening the Yankees at Houston. Tanaka against Michael. Thursday night football is a good one Eagles beat Carolina 2823 Carson went continuing his strong play this season. Three touchdowns last night the Eagles are five and one. Pit stop before into no running game last night thirteen carries for running backs one yard. I Cam Newton had a passing touchdown rushing touchdown bought. He was picked off three times and an appeals court has upheld the six game suspension of cowboys running back Ezekiel. Those are headlines next update coming up at 8 o'clock. So the drum guy last night right. Britain you you're you're lip watching a game listening to game right every now and then you hear that a shark you know that the drama guy beat the drum. And they did. They're chip was wrong. Leg is done done done let's go sharks. And they drew out the one syllable. And then there are other times they did a different drumbeat and did go sharks go. I think needs to be your role in sports I think if you have a one syllable nicknamed you can't do that bandanna and like let's go buffalo. Let's go Rangers what you need multiple syllable nickname to do that. If you're a single like kings sharks I think it has to be your your chin has to be. Goat single name go go leave skull. Go sharks go go nights ago again I don't like let's go sharks. I just don't like the dragon out the sharks thing yet it doesn't sound bothered me last. Stupid things and actually I think about. Okay building on what every it was robbery he was great last night. So they have this stands Bobble head voting going on. Which you can do with sabres dot com. You know like biggest they're gonna have a Bobble head night later this season and I think fans vote. On which Bobble head you want it's down to eight. Went in and I got to get my notes I get this all right. Up up up Al K here are your eight finalists Marty Iran Danny gare Phil Housley Joseph Bair Perot. Danny Briere Dominic Patrick Patrick letter rob wreck and you can vote at the sabres website to October 19 but rob is Polaris last night he said. All those guys had success. Throw them out give it to me please that was pretty. Line rob. You know have a prayer rob I would vote for. I thought about thorough. I'd vote perhaps. In part that's because I didn't grow appear bright if I grew up here and I I watch pro as a kid that might feel differently but I think. You know by and large now in this era you'd you you said Buffalo Sabres and fans outside about global think of Dominic hasher. So I thought hash about it would be really cool so that's my vote down the cash for what it's worth. We want to get you some edit they'll surprise and disappointment to have a lot of time here but. Break I'm gonna have you start off with some of yours because. My voice is shot and the less I talk the better off we're going to be some distilled two hours and twenty minutes left in the show so gimme gimme a couple argued a couple on both side tour. Three surprises disappointments so far well I think right off the bat I think. One of the bigger disappointments that we've seen so far that is the New England Patriots with their defense because. Of course you've got Tom Brady you've got the offense that is always high powered its goal is gonna put up points. But their defense has been sole bad at them first five weeks of the season I mean it's. He he it's really hurt their chances of you know just running away with the with the division with AFC everybody thought they heard ago. You know undefeated again you know they organize and be a shoo in for the Super Bowl Dan and right now there's nobody in the AFC except for the chiefs that are even close to contending you know and and pulling away. And being with the chiefs in that other category up yet their polling the way they're dominant team their right up there. I mean there's so many other teams in the conference that Artest. Bright out a that are just all right they're tightly packed in that next group including buffalo and ball below. You know obviously it hurts with. Then losing some of their targets in and not having. Some healthy bodies but I mean you know the defense is holding them and they'll probably hold him in for the rest of the year keeping close and in close games. There's going to be probably teams where. It's going to be. Bill's gonna score maybe 1617. Points and that the defense is gonna give up maybe that much or lesser little bit more I mean it's. It's it's disappointing that the bills can't figure out because this conference just aside from the chiefs just looks a lot in the. I I have the raiders on their two RD have pets energize the raiders' second had the pats on their too because everything you just sets are won't repeat that. I did have the raiders in there at two and three I know the last game they lost to Baltimore that it never Derek Karr. But the running game's been so so the defense having problems Amare Cooper has. Apparently disappeared from their passing offense. Anyone car was in there I mean no great shakes in the raiders and I thought. I'd I think I picked him actually to win that division because I've never been a Big Ten Kansas City so the raiders are among my disappointment. I put C and I put the giants there. Only because. They're the giants were playoff team. Like holy Moly O 15. I don't know that then Mac I do makes it through the season you know he's under fire there in New York it started with that. The throw in Eli Manning under the bus. Earlier this season the offense stinks nobody's happy in New York he's he's he's he's getting into. Squabbles here with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie it's just it's the wheels are coming off. They're all in five their ironically I think gonna beat out the jets were higher draft pick which nobody saw coming. I put the giants on the list that the raiders when it comes to surprises. I think you do have to put the bills by the way on your list audio surprises. I don't think. I don't know that anybody would have said. You what are you what is said the defense will be better. But I'm pretty sure you might not have said guy. He it'll be number one in scoring defense through five games on the season. And I don't think anybody thought the secondary would look as good as they've looked for the first few days I'm gonna hate to say this but. He can get at the jaguars in the surprise that's it you're fired and cut our annual handing your notice. I Bob I didn't not expect. Jacksonville to be. As good as they out enemy even then the AFC south is still kind of a tire fire but. Even then Jacksonville's looked very good on defense and indicating that they just had against Pittsburgh where they picked up Ben Roethlisberger five times at home its home Bentley holding and it's been. Good broad bent but home band and they picked him off five times. Jalen Rose is an absolute monster that defense looks very good you know and even on offense Leonard four net is putting up production. You simply portals has been. Kind he's he's been efficient throughout. The season didn't look good early on but. He's kind of turn things around and I mean it really turned around when they got that big. 447 win over Baltimore and since then it seems like they figured out things they've they're starting to click more and I think Jacksonville's on my surprisingly says. As a good surprise I won't put him there yet but again it's just me. I will say this I think what we'll be surprising about Jacksonville as if they pull this off panicking keep winning because. They're the boat where the bills are. Where you don't Tyrod the better quarterback in Blake portals but they're very one dimensional on offense except their running game is working but my point is. They're trying to make it work offensively. Against your. Normal thought process in the NFL right in the NFL you better have a quarterback you better be able to pass lot of teams pass to set up the run. The bills run to pass and the jaguars run to not throw the ball. They don't wobbly port member they don't want on the ball so they're leaning a lot on their their basically we're gonna pound away at teams. Now we're gonna play stifling defense it is working to the point where their three into. I would be surprised if they can sustain it even. Nice to wanna say this even in the AFC south of nervous about saying that if they can sustain this over sixteen years. Us sixteen games if they sustain it over sixty years I'd be absolutely stunned by. The other surprise I got a few others will be able gets more during staff but I I put this Watson on the list and it isn't surprising he's playing well. I like them at Clemson. I'm just surprised it's happened so fast. And you know distraught that first started made against Cincinnati where he was really shaky. And he's been great the last three games and he's coming up with passing touchdowns and he's using his legs he has been really productive and I didn't think he'd be. That good that fast and I don't think Eagles beat five and one that's a really nice win for them you know Carolina. Look much better their last two games as opposed to the first. Three games you know they go in and win in new England and and they they beat Detroit pretty good too on the road. And then Philly goes in the Carolina last night Webster a three TDs he looks like the light has come on a year to. Schwartz's defense is playing well and Phillies 51 I'm surprised by that. An aura Prius brake like can you still believe that the browns wanted to trade out of number two. Because they didn't trust Carson once they didn't think he was gonna be good quarterback now a look at what he's done this year I mean you did. Pretty much say. That he's figured it out he's turning it around in the Eagles are not have been one. And that offense looks very good. Well not only Carson Wentz but I know this week Q Jackson. Was taking a lot of questions. About. Pass it on to Shawn Watson. You know they advanced Kaiser innate they went to. Kevin Hogan and they passed on to Shawn Watson and I think there and they're catching a lot of grief if you will in Cleveland for doing that. 8030550. John as one airline called a coming up and vulnerable talks of football LaSalle as a buy we will still still talk. Bills in the NFL it's now coming up at 8 o'clock. Why don't I call today is next on W Chia. And our own good. Of our own merit brown went off. These multiple blows very personal phone call me. And rolled it loose. And all resolved. It's a beautiful thing. Is it Friday the thirteenth that it. That it is yes it's thought that are you superstitious now. Now but that's now. I apologize have a throw drop Ross I mean my voices dine. You should not what this sport superstitious. No. So none at all. He's certainly not with the death but not with Friday the thirteenth kind of things now got now I like I. I'm not superstitious I don't do that throw the salt don't walk under a lateral you know the Mira I don't do any of that stuff. But I have been known to be. Don't change the channel don't do my team is winning watch the game in the same chair I mean I've been known to do stupid things like that when not to jinx like it actually will matter. For the outcome of the game you don't have any of those. Maybe but I can't write I got to Wear the same shirt at they want the playoff game in game one I got to Wear the same shirt for game two of that type of thing he had no I don't I don't have that. Any kind of radical thinks but the way I said Jalen rose's playing for the jaguars Palin Ramsey stealing Ramsey I apologize for. For that now I had a couple of people safety in the rose again if we start apologizing for mistakes were gonna add another two hours on our show for me. Don't worry about it. Maybe Jalen Rose came at a retirement maybe he did. Jalen Ramsey you know it's for the jaguars and yes start my bet. Our white line call of the day any of the bills by a week. One line is available over the weakening as a lot of stuff going on in at the Yankees went tonight you can just call and complain if you don't I will. 8430234. You know Yankee fans I kid because I love all of you you know that right. Some people don't understand the what do my Mets do and how are they enjoying the golf club and the golf course and all that. A kid because. You know. And caring about the Yankees whatever all the white line call of the day brought you by the premier group wind made easy. The premier reportedly gives reserve saint all of cabernet. Just 1099 for a 750 milliliter bottle. Only six dollars and twenty by tune during premieres double provokes him also brought to buy premier gore may Buffalo's craft their destination. When we get back. Mr. departure is gonna join us. And hopefully with some Huey Long answers 8305. Chipped it to grab a light sabres losing to San Jose last night now I know a lot of you. Who are up right now sought a game last night we are taking your calls on the game your opinions of what you saw last night. In a nutshell. They cleaned up their defense event it was better not perfect but much better than New Jersey. They limited the odd man rushes the biggest problem last night was can't score. You just can't score they got two guys scoring goals and nobody else. So what will take your calls on the sabres that the four game start 8030550. Governor bill's comments questions salas on the way next it'll trio effective due to that let's give you another chance to and a thousand dollars shall we. Our wind cash a code word is told. GO LD. Techs are now 272881. If you do that we have a chance to 1000 dollars yet until 810 messages and data rates they apply again text the word hold. GO LD 27 Q8 81 and we wish you the best of success.