10-13 Sal Capaccio with Howard and Jeremy

Howard and Jeremy
Friday, October 13th

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You sound of my GOP is key phrase that's not my time here. Turns out the best defense is still. Where tiger cubs from the zoo what you do it by eighty pounds of raw meat every week. Here at Atkins Diet. And I'll help you get that tigers furry as the Texas based app because guess what. Tigers are still legal in Texas you have to titans. Office the better coach Zeljko my geo on WGR. And if Francis. Do its sound. They're like some kind of high end like with that is nickname in high schoolers and clinically whom now. South BR AT&T hotline. You know definitely plays like he's right that wears you would like to name is Michelle better call Saul. I don't know show all okay I always said I don't I don't know that I'd never Sheen breaking bad had never seen any shells I don't know the show don't. I'm sorry gift that can understand by now I jumped explains me. I watch like nothing more to show nicer it's it's eight at the end of the clip PD yes it's better call sol. I was paying it I watch like four shows Chu are reruns of seventy shows why it's any consolation. If estate agent household really the only shows I watch are okay. Dora the Explorer. And lays in the box there a you don't wanna know the stuff I want to Jonathan was little yeah it just we were big into Barney just ask Jonathan Weil what. Breaking bad and better call saw you want to let us not yet know whenever that I always ask him about everything in the world good morning mr. Roger honor eighteen yard line are you. Thank you ointment estimates and its partners valued in this protection act. He's I just couldn't I try to try to try to watch it in Atlanta I. Thanks anyway what we're so remote fell off my bed and helmet and walk out and looked up IC. He was injured in my year whoever was on the post game and it was Andrew Brian Duff and your mind that they and down its services. You could've gone to bed after the second and right after the second period you really would admit there was nothing to talk about the third period nothing so you didn't miss anything. It was like watching the bills' offense now. He says turning the conversation to football. Right you know I got there are few things I haven't asked this treat that like to bring up presenting to be some some key questions coming out of the body. Some of that injury related but let me ask about the offensive line because that's that became a question going in particularly at two spots left tackle and right guard. What do you think plays out at right guard I've got a two part question for you mr. departure let me start with. Do you do you believe we'll continue sing and open competition first and and I got to follow up. You. Asked Sean McDermott M Monday it. At some point do you need to find the right you don't you need to do that and of when it's becoming petition at some point this. Sadly this group of course that's the goal the ultimate goal which tomorrow. I mean compare for him but he. It's like there's a deadline incessantly do that week tan or something that we come out by visa so I think. As long as one guy doesn't say this is my job. It's going to be competition testing for any bills would be one does I think you want US which wants united Ingraham you know you want to John Millard. Beat that guy let you custody so. You know I I don't know who's going to be the starter coming out there by eighteen planes specific thing to be quite honest with Howard. But I expected to maintain competition here for a little while east as I called my follow up is this. Were in October we're talking about an open competition at that position. Why hasn't Ryan Greg shocked this went and I know he came in and played seven when Eric what was injured but he looked like he can handle the offensive line. It. A great question I think. The simple answer here instead of looking in Dolly's deep details I think the simple answer is they just simply want it available to play center or guard Boca and so so. They they make him the swing guy and making the extra right at the real I really believe that's what it is because. To be honest until they sign aid. Practice squad setter this past week that it back setter to air one so let's say right Roy goes out there starts and he gets her back yard. Now you really you only have one cent got you got so I think that's the simple it's about the incredible maybe they shouldn't do that. I used ago. That may. We can read into the fact that they did sign a center to the practice squad yeah Adam Redmond is his name does that mean to me I don't know we'll find out next week. Does that mean maybe now you do have a guy that can work here throughout the week that maybe you can think about. Activating at Sunday's are signing to team what's he's ready and may be right or becomes starts working more at Garrett is what I'm saying throw yeah. I thought I mean it makes sense because I guess the thing like I'm I'm struggling with here is. You know Miller do cost Miller do cost whatever you wanna drink your best five. And light is better than those two guys and you you you're supposed to play your best five on the line so why would you take a shot I know what you're saying is he gets hurt and then would goes down of the game you're screwed you literally have nobody left to play center so maybe now that is the significance of the Redmond move because it would allow the bills and dear to say. If Roy's one of our top five. Get him out there agree. I don't I knew I would not. I doubt that maybe they're doing and I don't know the current navy is one of the top five I'm L. A lot of this is the type assist them they're running the scheme their running you know who knows maybe they feel that he just doesn't fit at aren't quite as well in the system. As he does senator maybe you know last year was a little bit different what he was doing. Lester didn't run he's kind of like an extra lineman come and an extra attack on the and things like that so. I like to see him play a little more considering the state of where. The office of lightness so I guess and I think the simple answer is they really just wannabes have insurance in case something happens to. Eric what but I would not doubt me becoming out of the Bible and for that we might see some. OK and that it and that what I wanna get to tight end because it's clay injury but left tackle. What how does this one go now with with Glenn how healthy is key. The not getting on the field against Cincinnati. Again a two part question. What happens with Glen and then the second part I'll tell you now is going to be how you think Dawkins has performed so far could you see them just saying we're sticking with the Hawkins. I can't I can see it. I I think that ran as of right now if you look at the long term vision of what they want. Considering salaries considering he oh. Past players brought in their players brought in all that stuff performance everything injuries. I think the undocking is their guy at left tackle whether that is now all for the foreseeable future in the rest of the year. Weather is you know sometime in by Thanksgiving Ian he takes over full time whether that's hey it's gonna happen next year I just think again Dawkins is the guy they want. At left tackle and as long as he doesn't go out there and just you know throw up all over himself which he hasn't done yet but I think that there's a possibility for that we talked you and I and Jeremy earlier in the week about. You know that money they would costs reporting we are payment itself recording that's a good football player. You know I just don't know if he's their guy and I I wonder when it's gonna happen I think last week was a pretty big indication if you're gonna dress him. But not play him you know I mean yeah he might he might have some interest he's still working through but he dressed which means that you. Probably competent up beat up their play so that might be indications are we'll see where that goes I wonder if he'll. Let's remember now they did pick up a waiver bank Conner McDermott earlier in the year he is on the active roster he just has happened activated in a game. Right and I I think they like him too so we'll see you know maybe he starts factory in the mix at some point when you circled for I think he had Dawkins. Is the full time left tackle of this team at some point I don't know it's gonna be this year I don't know is getting the offseason or next year they think he's at least played well enough to justify that saying. We can have him play there and not pay or pay according life. Solace on the AT&T hotline 8030550. So case out that this significant injury going in a brick was Charles clay. Let's start or nick O'Leary how much can he bring. In terms of trying to full fill the number one tide and roll because clay was off to a great start. Key was the deep threat in the offense so how how much can O'Leary due to fill what clay was doing. While. He's much more limited and it is easy to atlantis' ability to stretch the field outfield and threatened to I think. That's the biggest thing you're really missing out Charles clay. That and the fact that you possibly can block two in the middle there can't but he just recently matchup problems as we've seen because he can't block. You have to respect that and that you consent on the field you know there's one thing that you'll talk about how teams have loaded the box in excel shockwave that's true. But by product that it be positive is it load the box and it's a lot Charles clay downfield and you know because there are some matchup problems that happened when you do that. Look I think it. It would this way. In its football I picked up nickel this week I think he's going to be a big party office I think he's gonna get a lot of targets now I don't think he's going to. Put the numbers necessarily that Charles Clayton of these you put the touchdown necessarily. The Charles played I think they're gonna look to pass to throw the ball oh export and he's gonna have to he's just getting more of the traditional kind of tight and catch it. Get a feel he did a good job and it's it's adding content as we know catchy Zachary hands in the it is used clubs and I expect that he's going forward. Now the question is. Does Logan Thomas will or role in what they do there artist Carrie Lee now. Start you know playing what he's on the active roster but I do think nick O'Leary becomes a big part of this office at the tight it will be almost no matter who is there it's just in the mean. Which you use I wanted to ask about Logan Thomas but a bigger issue is just now cropped up. If you add a bills player and your fantasy team isn't that insider trading. Maybe I I saw it's I think guys might actually be bringing you up on charges and insider trading. They'll have to stardom but I think that's that's all I've still got to catch volatile right and they throw tied at rising. Is it play exceptionally well I wouldn't it wasn't like exceptional I I don't think it's a bad idea honestly I think you're under the they are gonna throw the ball and he's got a good pair of pants you know each I get jet. Big plays downfield but he's got a good parent. Logan Thomas you look at him we watched him in the pre season I watch and I'm every you know you would bring about us at training camp. Physically he's quite especially mean he's a big target he's got a flood a schism. He looks like he's got a decent enough pairing hands he made some tough catches in the pre season but that's a long way from from saying he could be. No a a good part of the offense what could you expect from Logan Thomas and do you think there might be more role for him. First a quick. O'Leary six targets last week when he came here to read your tired your reply yes it is bright idea of what he probably well you know be in line for when you afford look. I think that the play and asking Logan Thomas that was late last in their vote in Thomas and tyrant on the same page. It tyrant was waving them in the field. And you know he didn't throw the ball because it was kind of going towards the quarter Paramount it's vertical and whether or not Logan ran the wrong route out Marcus is bumped off the route that you that guy yet so so maybe that kind of bit about what happened but. I think that's the issue right now would vote Thomas he has played this position and often as. He hasn't you know. Yes he can catch the ball yes he's a very good athlete he knows how to run routes but there's a difference doing that you know he's essentially a rookie coming in who's at very very. Minimal experience doing it in the league but he hasn't spent a quarterback so. As much as it might be nice to say we have this really nice athletic big target red zone guy. All that stuff if you wanna put out there first of all he still working as blocking it's getting it's come a long. And that's why they're giving him some more snaps but the other difference between going out there and being a blocker what's while and now suddenly you're gonna have to be inline blocker Lockett are coming pass rusher on a consistent basis which you might do more of if you you don't want to use them more on and the second thing is running routes understanding cots that's what we're eighties are angles adjustments and things like that. Those are things that he's gentler with tyrants I think that was indication we saw its steady arrogant pull the trigger because he was waiting for low. One that you couldn't get him to do that maybe that's Charles clay that happens right it in its not because Logan Thomas still aren't like them. I think he can still be a guy that you you hope can develop in the past catcher and a threat he might have to be thrust of that rolled out our. But I just think we're expecting too much of you think he's just gonna step on the field and suddenly the some tight end point to solve all the problems of Charles please injury. I am for sure I want to also ask you kind of backed the opted to line I guess there's been a lot of talk about scheme. And what the bills are doing. Do you think's ally eye to eye and I always wonder. At a bye week how much a team really could do I don't think you'd have bought OTA's and training camp in practices and install everything and all of sudden say. Hey let's completely scrap something. Having said that would you anticipate any kind of changes to their approach when it comes to blocking in the running game. I do when I. I don't know how they were looking to overhaul you're just gonna be little things here that this the buy widgets for that this is what teams do with a bite weaknesses itself without UH itself scouting for a whole week. Really before you start preparing for your pointing out there's a little of that goes it goes on I have to think. Going into the Buccaneers game we'll probably see some wrinkles we haven't seen. I don't know what that is. But I I would like to see them try to incorporate a little bit of what they did last year to try get the running game going. As I said he got before it's tough to do that because of certain rules in the blocking scheme is different it's art you know. It's it's got some of the same concepts but when you're teaching a system that's what does system. Hey is what you want to explain it really doesn't change you kind of have the same rules seeing technique you use you can't just suddenly go away from that for 34 please again. React to the professionals but you kind of rat the same type type of stuff all week so. I I think that within their own system should try to do that I don't know that's we're gonna see I do think we'll see some wriggle I think. They'll come out and. My prediction is they're gonna run the ball better than people think on Sunday. Next week against Tampa because they have two weeks to figure out how to try to do that and put some wrinkles and the haven't they haven't seen in the. Got do some self scout. Now beyond that. What you get to Oakland. And the jets after that. Maybe that goes away may be eagle one week because there now suddenly you're back and a one week preparation mode team Seattle although that more but I do think Sunday against the Buccaneers a week from Sunday. My prediction is they'll run the ball better than they have in the past few weeks because they've had two weeks to figure out sniping and arrow. South here 8030550. For your bills questions or comments for mister C Tom you're on W jar with sound right ahead. An hour of the show and tell you do a great job for those. My my question is you know they are funny offenses struggle as part of what is particularly acting you know they. They bidding got too it the running game going get the running game going to free up that the packed game and there are the failure to pass game. I'm I'm of the opinion they got to depend I think on and that's clearly what's left of the running right now is that you know deeper evolve but they can. They can focus on stopping the Shawn McCoy in and and sports car to try to beat him in the problem is you know their offense he would have acting in the with the receivers or whether Arabic and get it done. I am mr. Whitley and I think is that more got to get the passing on or two people running game or are really the running and getting it going or NL period if Sean McDermott kind of a gut that one way or the other. Why hasn't. You know I think it's all over the summit Germany's everything we got to get better every area because he's a coach and that's the way they talk I don't disagree that. I think at the end of the day that's how he went in this yet throw the ball at you gotta be able to. Have the ability to get the ball with three and a half minutes left to drive down field it's it's a doctor's office a score situation. Or at last year's picket picket teen pic games they have that it would be that. I think it here buffalo the reason why we've talked about running the football on the struggles of it is. Tom it. As you can probably realized you know they'd been so good at it which started I used to them not being good at it and people like. About the running game on uses this is what you're good that is what you should be able to do. Against it but yes. In this in the senate well the way you win to me. You've got to be able to throw the ball better I just don't know if we can expect that that's the problem. Think about would have wide receiver pick about the injuries in the quarterback who does some things while he's limited other things. So I think maybe the reason why Howard maybe used to I don't know we ought to yet they're passing but. Bet that's harder to do with this team they can't get the running game don't we know this team can do that that's another game. Harder it was harder to do going into the season in might be down right near impossible right now which plays injury and an even Jordan Matthew's injuries now I think. Tom I agree with with south set I think he's right you. I think if you wanna win a championship in this league you better have a quarterback who can throw the ball but if you're Sean McDermott. You also need to know as a coach your strengthen your weaknesses in if you look at this offense but even even before the injuries. Dubbed best player going into the season on the op and your best weapon is LeSean McCoy. So I think you've got to do everything you can't you unleashed your best weapon. This cannot be a team that goes into a game thinking we're gonna diminish LeSean we're gonna lean on Tyrod to throw us to victory. He wouldn't have done it with Clay Matthews there's no way it's happening without Clay Matthews so I think they have no choice the Smart play. Is to to try and do everything you can to get McCoy back over a hundred yards on a regular basis. Yeah and here here's the thing Howard what's interesting about this conversation their next game against the team Buccaneers. Top ten team against the run. One of the worst teams in the leave it's past my god this might I'm saying this might be a game where you have to go in knowing the guys that throw the ball a bit. They are good at it part of the reason is they don't pass rush. They are one of the worst easily getting passed or factors sacks per pass attempt is. At the bottom of the NFL so. Next Sunday against the Bucs might be a game where they going going to look our best way to win this game is throwing the football we have to do that. What do you do on Sunday for your for your bills by day. It's a great question I thought about this I have had an actual Sunday. To sit and watch football while much of the reason is because. You know what you're off on Sunday and you have a three year old spent time writes I've done battle that but I do know that accidentally have. An appointment up some plans on Sunday that they're going to that I apparently by this but. Another audit their votes parties on the so I will have a few hours it to watch some football and I will do that but so that'll be nice to last year. During the bill. We hit by. Every week we flew to Seattle on Sunday from running again and again you know mom if there are. Our bye weeks obviously had this Thursday let this Thursday it and we had. Greg Roman get fired at Friday's ticket took the weekend you know talk about that and trying to figure out everything that so. I'm hoping that this Sunday does give me a couple hours to at least watch football and if not and that's okay because I'll spend with Max and I'll be happy. You know let. Count can't get caught up release for. I'm just I would I'm gonna plop my but there it yet I'm and plop my butt down in my comfy chair and watch the patriots in the jets and it's gonna chill out and watch football I hear you so I think it's. It's nice to not think about having to work and and in bright articles and all this other stuff just relax watch football games that's nominee do. Wanted it in now the Yankees play it who are who didn't. I tonight tomorrow I without religion is out I can't I can't quite make out what you sank sound you got I think he's done so well. So are good well now I can't take good luck to your yankees sell. Enjoy the series tells that are you really like heart for rooting Astros oh my god yes I'll do not know me. I'm gonna mine Astros cap today we root for out. In all. I'm not a huge fan of the Dodgers I'll root for the cubs. Yeah I've always been I've always liked the cubs they grow up like they were kind of like the team that I can watch a little bit and actually I don't reform like the Yankees but it's always team I've always had a soft spot for yeah but then last year because they want anyway I love Joseph Maddon I'd love to meant so much less would be down to dampen. You know. Eight in their spring training was like literally rate or just a few miles from us. Rightly so slick like got to go there and you know met Joseph couple ties my problem but anyway now that they've done that. Alec I don't like the Dodgers are the F if you're a yankees fan yes I do want the cubs but it has lost it's luster from. I think the only thing I would say if the Dodgers went off to a good for Dave Roberts you know there's a buffet out and that's about it that. All right thanks district about Chilean enjoy your weekend. Appreciate it thanks thanks salad aside our AT&T hotline and brought you buy outlet liquor need to stock up shop near only outlet liquor.