11-14 Paul Hamilton Post-Game

Sabres Hockey
Tuesday, November 14th

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Five before the final let's go right back to PBG pizzeria in Pittsburgh Paul Ailes and standing by for his analysis. Paul I asked you during the sect intermission what would you like to see the sabres do in the third. And you described exactly what you thought could happen. And every player said what. You had said we've seen before about sitting back you said. Keep it going play this up tempo it's working. And if you have to win no I'm paraphrasing here we got to win six the five go do it and they sat back and every player owned up to it just like you said we might see. Yeah they talked about how they were just flipping pox out and they were really doing a breakout or anything like that it was just. Hold on and hope he gets through it and they almost dead but you you know home Malkin and Crosby are against the sabres and they did it again. They they all these comebacks that we described in the past 234 years. Three goal comebacks everything. Malkin and Crosby have been the catalyst of the whole thing. And even though Crosby came in slumping he did it again scored a goal even know we gave away goal to two. Do Michael I mean he but he scores one that he sets up for it the game winner. And that's just too young mistake on the game winner I mean check cycles and it got to take cheer their and he EU. You know winds at his watching behind the net this came in and Crosby do battle and and we came to the bad job crossed each decree player and he's gonna get that out there you know he's gonna put it right on the tape. And it's you know when your three on three it's one on one ever is government. And that was Jack man and he just wasn't aware that he was there and didn't cover him. Paul Michael had a I thought a very good game and he also owned up to the fact that he thought he should have been quicker to cover Cherie on the game winner. Absolutely he knew it and but you're right he did have a good game and what he did her samurai and heart goes a long way as if you were saying you know a lot of people right don't want jet cycle drop the gloves and I totally understand where you're coming from for that but still I'm a 1000% on whether. I mean he he was there in a flash and then Evander Kane saw that Jackson involved and he got involved in vendor Cain might be one of the toughest guys on the team so. You know it just you know they were all there for each other and that's a good thing. There are a lot of things to help them momentum wise in this game at times he took advantage of the momentum mean that play they score. Right in the beginning of the second period sixteen seconds and they score with six point seven seconds left in the second period to take the lead back. I mean they're a lot in the five on three kill was phenomenal I mean that they're great job so much desperation. That you saw there and you know did did a phenomenal job with that so there are so many times that they would grab the momentum from the penguins. But yet in the end they still can't get it done they did get a point out of it which they usually don't get the usually wind up losing going away out here but. You know they get a point out of it that quite frankly just another game where sooner talking about where they should've gone to. Paul does a quick thought on letters night we mentioned the great. Jaw dropping saves in the second but I mean he faced 45 shots and a lot of power play opportunities. Yeah he was phenomenal but he unfortunately for him though he gave that puck away behind that. And the bank did an awful Riley why wonder still behind the net so that's you know minus there that's a goal he gives up that it's not you know a full. It is not even in the net for but it's the past that he makes that second time that's happened to fairly recently. So but overall he makes over forty saves and made some phenomenal saves along the way. And really. At times battled you know battle through screens battle through bodies to be able seat box. And dive it pox and a dive forward and you know you would say he probably deserves a better fate but one of the goals as I said you know is is is totally on them. Paula is safe flight and he said they're coming back in the go back on the road for Detroit on Friday. That is correct the kind of weird road trip I don't know if I've ever done a road trip like this works three separate cities in a row but. Is back and forth back and forth is spread out so much yeah. Paul thanks a lot we'll talk to you Friday pocket.