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Wednesday, November 22nd

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New home on the Buffalo Sabres my. From 716. Food in sports this he's not home. You built post game show on the Buffalo Sabres radio. Here's your host Ryan goes GO. On the offensive there tonight but its neighbors and fortunately. They gave up five. Type of war buffalo finding another different way to lose here in this streak that is now it sent it in a row. And buffalo goes down tonight here. From the banks that are rankles the Elvis's the Paul William belts officials sabres post EPO thanks for being with us. A rough one here in terms of the defense of the goaltending tonight for the Buffalo Sabres they give up five goals. On a night where. At they its gotten maybe these difficult innings and that's good defensive player of their own ends. Are we talking about wind but five is just too many to give up. We have a Saber team is not really built right now nor have we seen a track record of that two week shoot out and went six the five they got four. And it it DeVon duck neck that's pretty good. Pretty good outlook he had a couple of goals go in that were not good at it that awful the sabres. Unfortunately even doubt in the end that the sabres did come up just one short. Coming up here the post he will be headed to the locker room. Mean just a few moments Paul Abell it is on his way there now it player reaction from that spot for Minnesota win here tonight. Also will have Phil Housley. Is live post game comments when he meets all the rest the media. We'll have that for a game of course phone calls are welcomed 8030550s. The local Robert buffalo 8030550. All 31888552. By fifty. You could then be attacked at the eighteenth tee to excellent numbers 555 if you switch to AT&T wireless and DirecTV today it's a connected all season long AT&T entertainment. You're way he can also. Soviets we tonight on Twitter at Bryant PRI AN WGR. Well it started off good I thought buffalo brought some of their better play in the opening. 56 minutes they end up getting a goal at 655. Pop and bill and Michael going hard at the net. And common bill. Gets the goal initially it gets changed Michael but nevertheless it was a goal and a recipe for that goal that I think this team needs to follow. On a much more consistent basis bodies toward the net energy traffic. Puck is there and their crash it. And it's not just one body it's multiple bodies and that's are they able to get that first goal. The play of course you remember from back of the first it was initially waved off that and reviewed and then. They eventually called it a goal at 655 thought. Then here's retreated Johnson into the equation let's up to me what I think is basketball against Tyler Ennis Anis spins around and yes it's a quick shot but. Mean and it's it's not like he's doing this center ice. Johnson should be ready prepared. They were pretty close and it's was in terms of its location to the net at that point. So that sneaks through the pads. That a 211. In the defensive plays decently well. But grandly beats a shot of beats Johnson with a shot up high again that I like him to stop the third goal the power play. I'll play more on the fact that. Julio takes the penalty. And you know that shot was deflected in front by Peter writer and that one I don't necessarily. Put on chip Johnson. I asked all hail to the nervous at the end of the first period would you change goaltenders there and you know Paula said that he would not meet the we could. Something of over and cannot reason as to why rademan play tonight but obviously it didn't turn out case because when I got it gained start your team so they'll I'll sleep. Decides after the first period to change things up buffalo it's a goal 201. In a nice Brister for Jordan Poland. Probably goal that Devin got it would want to have back but. For dole and it's his first goal to savor. In their right back at it but then the sabres are taking penalties. And we get goals Peter writer second of the night Brantley gets another one on the power play. And it's five to edit fields over people who leave the building right art gets a goal for the edit the second. To make it 53 and then Jordan Nolan scores on what topic it sure has to not be happy about it very bad goal by insulated from the wall. To make a 54. Awful puts on some chance that they were torn down the end all posts though with one of the best chances when about thirty seconds left. But up nick does come up big there with the saved. In it and the five to four final. And now buffaloes lost sanity in a row coming into this game. The sabres have obviously lost six straight. And they have had they would have been ten goals and six games coming into tonight. The offense does to a better jobs and now that's fourteen goals in this seven game losing streak which. Is much better but at least there. You know they proved tonight with this four goal total. Game Friday night. It's a battle of baby the most disappointing team in east in each conference. Although for Edmonds in their expectations were much much higher that's the plane accident Friday. Is that beat David Oilers Edmonton it was its trendy pick in the Western Conference to go to Stanley Cup finals or at least deep into the western playoffs. And the Oilers. Are not doing good at all we'll talk a little bit more about Buffalo's next opponent coming up here. Little bit later on post game when pat mark wrote joins me again and it deals were bored. And of course we'll get reaction Paul Hamilton coming up all is that about headed sabres dressing we're expecting player reaction. Also Phil Housley live posting comments and again if you wanna join us here. The local number is 803055803055188852550. It gets this text at 555 that your so weak that Brian WGR. Other things from this game tonight. Jordan Nolan. It's a surprise that he scores twice he's not at his team's goals to be honest yes these are twice tonight and that's part of the reason we're talking about a month. I'm necessarily. Would feel like if there's a wave. That this team. Fill his spot. That I would be I would but I thought he was brought in to be the quote enforcer. He has certainly done much of that hand you know in terms of whether they need fighting or responses wake up calls it's been very limited if almost nothing. From Jordan Nolan but tonight he scores twice no but he gets credit for that term the big picture George Nolan again it feel like. If this if that when this team it's good. Jordan only to me is a player that you know may be only goes it on a night where maybe you're expecting some sort of fisticuffs or some sort of retaliation. I wouldn't necessarily want him as part of a regular lineup. You know tonight you get Josephson back. Got an assist from him on that goal here. To be honest you know Joseph since intact and his team wasn't. Much at all sort of the you know what I remember about well the sabres need him back or miss and getting him back it was a much at all but he gets an assistant like coming back. And he gets his first assist of the season and actually his first point he sees this as Justin's seventh game. And he picks up. His first assist here tonight that was condolence first goal that was the one that was two minutes into the second here detonated three to Minnesota team but the fact. At that point. But yet Josephson was maybe supposed to be a bigger piece a big reason why Josephson maybe was attracted to regain here in the offseason with the fact that. He had been so that I shoot outs. And if you remember. A huge thorn in the side of the sabres last year where their performance shootouts this year the sabres I guess it's fortunate that people involved. One. And partially courses because they're not scoring enough to have teams tied it in the going to overtime or to shoot out at that point but. That's this side conversation for another time but. They brought him in because Josephson numbers with doubles so without shootouts and it really had an opportunity maybe it all that much this season. He has now seven games played some see so far you know what its impact is on the season. Jack Michael gets the first goal tonight for buffalo it was originally a common global Michaels now up to six. That total to be still. Very disappointing. This is the 22 game of the season. It for Michael you know work. But deem yourself past the quarter are. I mean you're you're on pace for 24. That's for someone that just signed net monster ate your deal. That has to be a better number this no doubt about it I mean look at what he has seen as well. I'm not saying it would be disappointing if Michael had and the but six to me is this point. And again tonight even though we don't score. An example. During the second period buffaloes on a power play it's 42 at this point. And he's got a real good opportunity that you. And he's all alone. He decides to pass up on the clock. Is really two guys that I feel like. The way that they could shoot it they should have the green light at all times Michaels one. Names to you don't need to tell Davis he knows it eat they'll shoot from anywhere even attacked each utility shouldn't. It sometimes it causes them have it go back the other way. But to me there's two guys that if you like it score at any moment just with their shot its cycle and it's common though. And this is not the first time that we've seen Michael because it's. In terms of passing up what was an open shot. Michael is on the power play he's their number one scoring threat he should be centered around all the silly setting him up who we see with the capitals do. Try to sample batch it would seem Tampa Bay's power play kind of the same in the past with Syrian coast and it should be around setting up Michael. And remember last year's part that would so well a lot of that was about setting up like. This year Michael at times and moved in there the different spots the hotly watched a lot of movement on the power play. Hands. Michael is it necessarily always in the best position issue and I'll also say it's not always a 100% his faults. Michael what time does not receiving the best passes again portion of the struggles with this team this year because so many to list right now. One of which is the fact that they still are just not the good passing team. When you don't play facets because partially I'm not passed it well might we're ready to go all the run here's Jason comical first live at all. They're good to address team they're capitalize on the power play chances and we get we gave a press chances that's. You can't win that way and can't win against a good team and it's an air we got to get better act and it's been addressed and we gotta we gotta put this behind us and move forward it's that's not good enough and it's. It's on us. Not one guy's going to be here we all got to look at ourselves in the air and be better and yeah we got to move forward. If cents a for the person this would go the right direction guys Christian thing and pictures. To a three guys there which is something you did at the end of the last vehemently pro guitar through. Let's do that first this has yet we got to start we got a pretty good start it. Again we we get the first hole and then hand them a few opportunities they'd. They capitalize on an. Power plant up and tough call and then in Arabic and it is what it is they. They make a play and score again and I mean again me we have some smartly as we got to push at the end but. You know can win games and I was pushing and trying to come back and games and we got finally to be more consistent and to. You're 30 please I was group. Yeah David a did we I mean we obviously got to be better in that area two bit. I'm just. More concerned about our five on five and what we got to do better and special teams this is the key rates but. To me that's not the frustrating for him. The thing is this keeps happening we keep standing here talking you guys about this game and came out and I don't know I mean I think it comes to point are there guys in the locker we can do this. I hope so I hope so we. We've had talks we've had video sessions. Again that it's not on coaching it's on us that they can. They can change it it's it's gonna be us it's gotta come from us and we got to be better and I believe that we have the capability to do it. But again. That everyone's got to look at themselves in the mirror and pull up their sleeves and be better and right now it's not happening in. We got to put this behind us and move forward and then look at what's ahead of us is what's behind assistant. Isn't even close to being good enough thank you expect decent comic villain now over the Jordan known. Legal. Experts that. I don't know I think it's many guys. Do you missile Mark Sanford I'm not sure. On a conflict to in the game but. Just incentives. To transfer that angle or a game winning goal but when you have that support him. You're not or why does this keep happening and we command here keep asking the same questions over and over you guys keep saying we gotta be better we got to be better. Why can't you guys get over the top and and and turn it around. I think we have certain guys accountable. In hospice with ourselves and teammates. And return talks over him and now retired. It passed up another and we you know someone that's and as it turned over day you know chip and the relative yes it's on them. You know leads this team hasn't been to successfully years. And in these changes you know long. Long season a few sees the commas if that's the way it is. But. Via turn the page here and certainly to countless thing is that the kind of culture you came from the pickings. Definitely com. I'm in a mistake in my in my fifth here you know on tired iris army knowing that you divert carrier took apart an hour. Until after Tom if you have those underneath in the work her. Sister too long. And that's is that to slow things just islands. Come easily. And I think where governments now of this in this room but. Treasury on him. I think to be told them keep time watcher in the pocket certainly did that today it paid to paid some dividends for you. Yes I trip discipline him try to explicitly organized. I'm Matthew chance is passing games and that is happening on the and so that my game changes too much to play at Google non. So I'm sure you would rather get in the wind but I'm sure here are thrilled to get on the board yes message that your order. It is here and chances so. To the two goals as a bonus. Maybe longer term or Jordan or posting Brian back to you. I think you very much Paul Hamilton there. Jordan Dolan two goals before that Jason common gulf all part of our blue and gold locker report back to the room here's Ryan O'Reilly football. Brian we've had this conversation many times before I mean guys will play a little bit men. He believed or whatever a minute that blows up on your it just seems like keeps happening over and over. Yeah. You know couple mistakes early. Myself mistake early Cuba and give up we're going to accept play and I can't. I'm very disappointed in myself I don't think I was there tonight and we we have stick together and keep you know couple goals happen and we just cannot fall apart and you know it's it's my job it is to do look better in them and keep us together how do you change that because you've said that to me many times after games this year and it's starts in distress and practiced more you know it's. So I want to say you know I don't find a way of approaching different due to some differences and one doing man I was in I was my best thing. With as far as the team goes I know a lot of guys have already sent me this is an on the coaches this is on us we have we have to fix this were the ones Kernen up out there do you agree. I'm so I don't think you know they put the system in place and it's it's a points system that's it's that some hospitals are going thanks for the ones that are in this room and you know we. As a group armor wanna be and I myself not to trip ran off to that tonight that group and tonight that there really regroup here kind of way to impact and and change going on them. That first goal is a lot of desperation a lot of people with a net. Pucks at the night here at one that didn't count last game that way do you guys have to play more like that this to be successful here. Absolutely you know we have to do that every night and yeah its. Something that's important you know we ethic and get harder and in her play Anson Carter in different areas to. It's let's get those bounces because right now it's it's tough to score somewhere around him. I can run to. World culture of accountability here the guys have to get on each other for mistakes and so forth do you agree with us. And I think you don't complain about a tenth. Shut down it's Richard Fuld from Lehman and play better when you know it's you know what we're in this we're in this together you know one group one team and we have tall to find a way it's it's help each other out and you know you know from my best stuff to put some would be their best and he's if pushed to do my best and you know like if if you gotta be better since then what's the most. Run around him goes to Brian back to you. I'd there's Ryan O'Reilly. Wrapping up our blue and gold locker report tonight. Brought to bite the Dallas care quality health coverage it's our mission visited Ellis care dot org back to there we get a bonus and here's Chad Johnson now ball. Much he got an opportunity tonight to obviously didn't go where he wants to. No is as disappointing. You know authorities had a good start there and you escort her serves and ratings into and for squalls of Beckel and fortunately it was sort of a turning point there for a whole period and you know this one definitely nor I can say it won't back. So again as this is going. You know so issue that sort of could period and that's changed there did you not expect tennis to spend to catch up. No I mean you know I've said no let's play with them you kind of expect anything is sort of trajectory if I don't Covert clue who or whoever it was is in the slide as wide open and so I just tried to these tapes as possible on. You know came through some when it doesn't matter edited did yard patient expectancy is. Angle feed so. You know the back corner sort of turns a period there which is. It was disappointed cats can ethical and mystical things are going you know it's. We've been myself a vanity better than analysts that first period for instance were not injured also. And I wasn't. Wasn't on anything today. What do you guys have to do as a group to fix this do you think. And you guys have long talked before we came in what at what has to happen there. I mean he's got to believe I think that's always comes down to I think she you know recurrence of the game cozy enough confidence and and our abilities overall financial players and you know we've won hockey tees forward beaten teams if you Minnesota did you ever think it's in the have to believe. You yourself have to leave in this group no matter how things are going so we you know we felt with competency. You gotta believe that you could win games are from the start and declared a sake we can win so. That's the Democrats are comes down to just yet have confidence in heavily. Thank you Chet. The announcement asking Brian back to you right Chad Johnson is Knight was cut short after the first period Robin Letterman immediately period two and three. Still adds up to savers seventh straight loss five before the final Minnesota. Coming up that got Phil Housley live post game comment Paul Hamilton's take on the game your phone calls are welcome 8030550. For all of our local affiliates were gonna see it nights you have a happy Thanksgiving we'll talk you've Friday sabres in the Edmonton Oilers here. All of you on a flight to buffalo on WG aren't or anywhere around the world that it was begun WGR app. We got more posting how to be a seven point 654. Minnesota but I've rankled deal. This is the Buffalo Sabres radio network. Mob bigs they have there and DeVon dumping in the final seconds about thirty to go the clock Kyle oppose a look. Great opportunity in front that may be tied things up at five but up next. Coming through with a big save and that is our Geico save that I brought you by your local Geico agency 50% of his fifteen minutes feature free Geico quote. From local agent Scott called and or Tim lynch welcome back here to settle what six Bryant both he with you on the public about sabres post game show Phil Housley live post game comments coming up here in just a few moment but. Let's get to work top shelf goal the game. The game winner. Late second period on the power play ball into the box. And it's friendly it's second of the game putting Minnesota up five to two. Inside which of these. Effective by way. Minnesota. The grant and scoring its fifth that the of the games of that that season rather second of the game. Two wild players were front only once Saber. Again another lack of covered play powerfully goal for Minnesota that made five to that your game winner and it's our top shelf goal of the game brought to by Clarence it's designed studio. For a beautiful top shelf figure dream kitchen is that Clarence did you design studio. And start treatment Frankel there seven or six neighbors led the Edmonton Oilers coming up next on Friday we'll preview that game coming up just a little bit with apple Karl. It is the stats you won't wait for. Neighbors that coach Phil Housley. Shot to the third period were 95 buffalo. Hey take that edge for the game buffalo 34 Minnesota 32. Power plays both teams three cracks at it. Here's the big difference maker tonight buffalo 03 on the power play Minnesota. To a three. Big difference there in one bowl game. Winning goaltender is Devin dubbed it her and there was that big save and a postal lake 34 shots thirty saves. The losing goaltender tonight is Robin letter. He has nineteen shots made seventeen saves Chad Johnson. It's let let off the hook intern who lost even though he let it more goals thirteen shots. Just ten saves because buffalo did it to force of those three goal that Johnson let in and up nullifying it. Like a pitcher a no decision sort of for Johnson letter officially but lost his he lets up McKee what are your three stars are all from Minnesota. Boy who is start number three he had a couple of assists. Grant went with two goals start number two and need no need to writer with two goals is star number one. And will give the first since two a first of the second saarc poll. High impact player of the game tonight Google's or need to prior to goals for grant that they're the high impact players of the game tonight. It's brought about the lack put up Dorsey or high impact here for hard working men and women he'll travel a thousand miles to find this the world. Like ours the attendance tonight at keybank center is 70000. 418. And the sabres next will play Friday. That's against the Edmonton Oilers comic David town. 7 o'clock puck drop we'll have pre game at six. Right here on the sabres radio network. All right. Rest of the week by the way Saturday savers another game there on the road though this time for Montreal Canadians on the opponent that's a road game for Beltzner. That is also at 7 o'clock. This four game homestand that. Maybe. Could've got the wheels going in the right direction of more on that in a moment here fill all pleas from the podium let's take you there live. Talking to Jordan Nolan who's won two Stanley Cup he said we don't hold each other accountable enough for mr. reason we need to be better would you agree with. Well what they talk about in the locker room their own personal. Things that. They can talk about it but. For me and this and think we followed in play sixty minutes. You. Follow the game plan you know. In the offensive zone we return of particle or when we haven't been going down on the wall we have it. You know trying to keep the puck alive in the offensive zone we don't cover for the in the game that are costing us and I don't feel everybody's on the same page. Thing guys are taking things in their own engines as a result they're getting. We negotiate from that because we talked about it quite often after games here. Says he's walking you shake them up that because we talked about quite often after games here happens by not. I think he got to make a decision internally. You know what's. Playing the right way. Because right now we're we're chasing games and you know relate the fight that we had and to the end and another look. But when you change schemes and so we're losing recipe. It. I think it's just it's if it's missed it's a game of mistakes and in its decisions and choices at the wrong time McCain and and we get the first goal we have to do is contain disdain. Stay the course and then that's a mistake here one mistake there that that guys are making the wrong choices and playing the right way. I know it's it's try to be even back into the guys admit that I look at this feeling no idea Boyd. Just have a. Well do you know whether it's coaching staff we're gonna fight through it you know I just think that everybody's got a mind. For the message. Because obviously when you see that you can see the result there. There. Well I don't think in aggregate content in a good first period. And the decision to start to two starts and three well we're losing games we have made some decisions and we decide to go check. All right Phil Housley. Little shorter than normally to submit his response that you can kind of the sense that irritation in his voice right now I don't blame him. They'll probably live post game comments proxy by Paul William belts. Or power. Turn. That side here to settle at six we come back Paul Hamilton. Around a leak or on what Jordan Nolan said on whether the players he'd be held more accountable more on the fact that Phil Housley. Didn't really wanna comment dot net. We'll talk to Paula that we returned here three to 55 to four minutes of the final. I'm rankles deal. Timeout as the Buffalo Sabres radio network. Those charges. Rick generate the call right there it's are set a poker deck of the game a proxy by Citic poker inside the Seneca Niagara casino the real deal for winners only. Welcome back to the post game at seven with six foods for rankles it would feel about revenue could start your Thanksgiving holiday the sabres. Goalie in the with the other lost five to four the final Minnesota. Seven in a row now for buffalo tonight finally the offense coming through. But they give up five finding another way to lose Edmonton will be here on Friday. For more tonight's game we go back to the meteor now bring in Paul Hamilton. Apollo he normally break down the game here but. I wanted to write to the locker what some of these players that I think that's more interesting at this moment especially with Jordan Nolan had to say. You know that you. Spoke to be pre game. That Marcus believe golf noticed this trend a little in his short time now with the wild and out Jordan Nolan was vocal about it post game saying how. What players do something they're not supposed to do not follow the game plan to use fill out these words take too long of a shift take a shot they're not supposed to do. He says players hear about it they are held accountable. He says if it doesn't start happening here. It's going to be a long long season and even said at long seasons to come. That doesn't sound like the locker of the the state if they need right now. Well it's obviously not done here that we just got to watch their plane no it's not done here you know and I don't know this but just judging from Phil how Lee and talking to him just now. It wouldn't surprise me if he walked in that room and simply said you guys figured out and walked out. Because that's kind of some what it sounds like Aziz said I don't. What the players talk about that room is their their concern. And that kinda gives me the idea they they were and there are good long time as you know. And you heard some of the comments that were made Jason Palmer of the was beside himself if I have seen him matter I don't know when it was. He'd he'd just had steam coming out of his ears he he he was. Just extremely upset. Because he came from an organization that you know Minnesota he got used to. Being in the playoffs and winning and that everything comes back to this this is what he left. And it's no better than when he left as far as the attitudes in there and and what goes on I also will tell you when we came in that room for the first time since Chris Drury back here every player was in that room. Well so. You know we we had our pick or wherever we wanted to talk to now. When we went around to start talk to people if people work or to be asked questions they started belief but when we went in there we got our pick the players every single player was in the and as I said I've not seen that and Chris Drury is that an auto wah a long long time ago so. You know I I don't know if their soul searching going on. I asked Jason Harmon build do you think there are people in this room that can start executing this game plan and do it. I got I hope so and then that's not a real glowing recommendation to me that he's totally confident that the people that room. And Jason Matra has a problem on his hands. And Jason bought troll. You know it's it's hard to start fixing in the middle of the season. If teams are making trades and that type of thing and but. It might be start time to put some people on waivers and see if somebody else might wanna comply. And are or start to put may be surprised some people but some people the press box but maybe you would expect to be up there. And let them try to figure out from up there. All about. You know at certain that the fact of where. How is this approach is your right he was a short and you're in there so I want you to tell me but I'm sitting over here across the street and it sounds like. He was short he was a little light on edge just. He has to be so aggravated but I can tell he's maybe trying to be reserved for the making what he says. With that as aggravated UC. And after the game know probably it's it's false. But yeah he's extremely aggravated an act he was very upset after. The game in Detroit right here and after the game in Vegas. Those will be the other two that would rival. But. I think he's right to put it on the players. And it is figured out and as I said if they can't figure it out for your best players not being your best player. Play your self what it has some the end of that maybe some of them need to go watch for awhile. It may go light a fire under German and maybe one have guys trying to stick stick handle through three guys turned into two on one someone's opinion that night after night. After night it's not just like it's like well we're gonna fix this we're we've got an address we're gonna fix this man here we are talking about the next night. And if she's not getting fixed and I just don't think chipper. Group that's assembled is going to get it fixed I don't think they're not guys that have in him to do it Evander Kane yes. You know he as I said bird most nights I don't have any problem with the way he plays involved in that. I just. It boggles my mind that you watched the first goal in the got everybody around the net ever birdie dig in Eveready going hard. And you know it's because she never gave up that she scored. And you out shoot the team eleven before. And the next thing carried out 31. What he's doing. And it's time and time and time again. There but it being mentally fragile whether it's not making the right decisions. You're not quite following the game plan that's been laid out for you. And that was last year to whether you like him miles was game plan or not they were following it. Me you know the how many times can we go in the locker room in here well we're we've been told what to do it and we didn't do it. And now what's happening again with a different coach with a different system. And you know. If botrus can't find trades as I said maybe guys are waiving some people. And get some people appear nude scene wealth might want a chance to play or put some people up in the press box that you might not expect. All able to here with me right hold on appalling about post game 54 Minnesota victorious. Sabres lost seven straight. Volume matching. That the players have not been sitting around like got a room that faced the media since first race here which. Is. Connected to a lot of the tweets saying do we need captain. So I'll ask you is that overrated in order they need one who. That's my answer to that boom I've never promised what you're saying yeah yeah I. Chris Drury can't come back and play tomorrow. Right right. I don't know the right guys even in there at least the way they're set up now is fragile of their minds are now. I don't know why you have to have a C a New Jersey to grab that room Jordan Nolan didn't seem like he had any problems can not say anything. You know what's wrong with the guys were in the case why can't they stand up and say some why can't the guys who want where in the case. Stand up and say something why can't anybody why can't Sam Ryan or stand up and say something here. Why can't. Nathan bull you stand up and say something you don't have to have a letter on your on your sweater and if there was a clear cut guy to be captain. I would I would I think I would see us. But. You know Kyle also struggle and O Reilly struggling. I don't know Jack's very got. Bogosian hasn't played yet so I mean he's the only guy that's what you learned today and will be wearing me once he gets back. You know let's see what when he brings to the table and you know that. I'm under certain straws here I just I just don't know why would put it on right now isn't a complete collapse it's just. It's mind boggling to me. To watch how they do is collapse and game inning game out don't doing the things that they're supposed to be doing. Of all I appreciate you giving your best answers here and probably. A lot of these questions don't have them so thank you for your patience with that. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday hands. Rest up eat well and we'll see you on Friday here that that's it yep and I hope you and everybody out there has a nice Turkey dale so. Thanks Paul Hamilton everybody Carol the post game five before. Minnesota getting it done here tonight admits it is up next. Preview that it one moment with pat pal Karl with speaking at pat. We are gonna get checker routing NHL very easy guy here in the league so let's not waste anymore time probably here we go that's right Brian thanks Jesse. That was the only team off to night Nashville the team that Phil Housley left a couple of the sabres in action tonight. Thanks to look forward Brooks at the eleventh that the your daily Montreal hospital Wanda. Midway through the third period halfway through the second Colorado has a one nothing lead over Dallas all the sharks thanks to. Goals by voting Victorian. Skillful they have a two nothing lead on Arizona. Nine if you go in the second period neck contest. Drop of the puck no score with the ducks and the golden knights and the seeing what they mean and the jets they're just about to. Get underway in Hollywood earlier tonight Oilers scoring six to two win over Detroit. Six different goals scored for Edmonton in that gave it to you shoot out. But refer to Longo and the Panthers get the win 21 over Ronald. While rates you shoot out went for the Bruins they could be double overtime was the final for the islanders and the flyers and New York scored the fourth read. Overtime win over Philadelphia while Vancouver 52 winners over Pittsburgh it was the capitals also by two winner tonight eight defeat Ottawa. As if it acres that's all had his sixth of the year also Alec so that's did his fourteenth goal of the season Rangers 61 winners over the hurricanes tonight. Well it took over to advocate for school between Columbus and Calgary the Blue Jackets grow want nothing with air also overtime for the lightning in the Blackhawks Tampa Bay scores the three to win and also note from. The NFL today is the bills with immediate day head coach Sean McDermott announcing that the bills will go with Tyrod Taylor arrived Sunday. It was it that he would have been the starter this past Sunday the bills go back to Tyrod against Kansas City coming up this Sunday for weary confederate Debbie verified that the dot com Brian. Gonna pick him. Well staying on the field of more than thirty seconds would help the defense right there one. The quarterback to do that. For a couple weeks. I've pat well. I am. I don't know ordered him that we keep that same conversation over and over and over Jordan Nolan a fresh voice in the room at these tonight if he scored twice. And you know as I was saying before they went in the room. Would this team is good Jordan Nolan should be. Pattern I would expect it to just be on the team and maybe on nights where we expect there'd be fisticuffs or retaliation. If you answer did. But there's there's a false at least two or feel good he scored twice and Medicaid it would can't let. Yet the things some of the most poignant things of anyone here talking about how really there's a lack of accountability that. Good because if it was the same players that have been here for 234 years. It would sort of fall on deaf ears right there in one of the things that I did find encouraging out. While we were waiting. For balls that are used with the locker room might just the thought I am I had was. How many times early in the season against the federally over to the quarter point but how many times. To this point the year you have to have closed door meeting to a players only you're what what ever after a demoralizing loss. Seven at a road all right but the sabres and how many times did he have to sit their after the game in and talk about. Holly you need to be better. Maybe Kelly Jordan Poland whose. They're not quitting teams are those can't tell who's been on a better team in Minnesota those guys. Sort of know how to win it if it's those voices. And ticket there's a little more weight even though they've. It Jordan all the species more global player on this team. But there's a reason Mike Jason boffo claims that it is brought into this team. I'll read the start of the season so. I'm fine with that during the message Eagles put it makes you talk about Jeff Carter. Being one of the guys in the LA rule setting things straight what they need to be set straight. Let's hope that. Whatever this closed door meetings laws do all we are waiting to get accomplished. That all these were that close your children as well so whatever it is that we set and that players. You know he'd be there until works you've got a struggling Edmonds to. I wanna close to the interest that there. This will this will get the that the people on the other side of the Rich Little more excited or riled up when the other. The bottom four teams from the tanks these. Was buffalo Arizona Edmonton Toronto before. Currently. They're standing in the league Arizona death last. Buffalo second laps. At least in the third lapsed. Toronto. Third at the if there is not a game we don't like or at least get a point they hot receivers if they win. That. Now at but it is struggling. And there are out got a whole month. There's mostly because he took us constantly not threaten and their point nine largely the same roster as we saw last year. A lot they can't stop there. Although. At the same time the sabres were best to get Robin latter. Edmonton was the best we can't help but it looked like can't double with the answered admits it but I mean I think at the problems go well beyond him. But yeah I mean there's a lot of issues there that. We did not see last year. Everything went right to yours. It's just weird that's yes that years still lingering for three of the four franchises Toronto has gotten now. And I I don't live at the policy to leave behind it and say that. Toronto got a coach that has that wrote in straight down we keep hearing about the Romans now that we deal. Guarantee you Toronto Mike Babcock got I think it's perfect. I guarantee that he inside that room it's better there than it is and other places like buffalo there's it's. And I feel like the conversation last year for throttle once they were bounced in game seven to get Washington out of playoffs for fraud was. Well Ronald got a lot of breaks up what the way he didn't have massive injuries Austin Matthews and they're all here you know Freddie Andersson figured out relatively quickly. So everything went their way. Maybe they're not as good as we saw last year. Now we're not to the halfway point yet but they're sitting at 29 points right now communities where 29 points in the Atlantic. Who will go along way I think it's safe to say that. Everything going trials way. It wasn't just a fluke that there were pretty power could be. They are. Well fat pedals wonderful thing tomorrow we could family eats he was well and you'll see each other again try to get in front of that but it years you know what you want they offer you right back with you can't wait next prime. Capital account there but there are probably. And just to echo what it is that the patent all to all of our Saber listeners. They get their folks at that it could be worse yes but a lot to be thankful for us that know watching this team frustrating at times by. Be thankful we get to watch sports and be happy that. We have teams to root for it yes part of the fun and the the yanks the sports that the noise at times but nevertheless I would much rather be doing this than. All the other sort of things that we can with the you know real world problems have obviously that are going on in the world today. With that happy Thanksgiving and everybody will talk again on Friday with the sabres and the Oilers here from downtown buffalo thanks to our crew back in her studio TJ locked. I'll I'll thank you gentlemen. Our crew here he banks that are. That Pellicano. Articles and adults in every game show host were like so little blog and email Rick Ren and operate minus rankles in the final. It is that a five. Opel before we'll talk to get out Friday night. The sabres and the Oilers right here on the bubble the sabres radio network. Yeah.