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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Monday, March 13th

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No effect rhythm rhythm with Ryan geeks the approved pulled him. For the red shirt they'll take up the food the good news cook who clearly don't look for the third place. You're not good little political games are Hulu plus could still please stop. One W. All four guys. Buckle and all week of the nightcap. Cumming Georgia. Late sabres games mean. You get more meat. For the entire week now some of you are out there promising great. This guy. Beat you to listen to this guy for two hours tonight and I got toys Sheldon. Some nights you're gonna be listening to me for two and a half hours so it only gets worse and only gets worse that your. Feel like me. I mean I'm here I'm here for the next couple hours and got got some stuff coming up Ryan Kozey all. He's gonna be happen and with me at the going to be talking about some of these matchups in the NCAA basketball tournament coming up. In buffalo this week these gains in buffalo that you're gonna get the chance to check out. If if you've got tickets in the game there's so on there's some nice ones. I mean there's the point indeed between mount Saint Mary's in New Orleans that's not here obviously. But they'll come in in the face and Villanueva. Who is the top seed in the entire tournament so buffalo. Getting the number one seed of the entire NCAA tournament. And then some other Virginia pac. Wisconsin I know personally there are some Virginia Tech fans around here there's one very vocal Virginia attack expand networks. Around these radio stations I know he's he's super pumped up about that so he's gonna be out Avant blast. Around buffalo Notre Dame Princeton West Virginia buck now it is our. It's a pretty nice dates coming to buffalo this year. And you get that the twelve and five C matchups sleep might be witnessing opts out that's usually a pretty good chance. For an upset so there's some nice match ups coming up in the NCAA tournament in buffalo. And yeah I'm gonna be having Brian on throughout the week just to chat a little bit about the turn and getting a little more depth and a previews of these schemes as they get closer first ones are coming up until until Friday. Friday Addis. As wrong as wrong it's Thursday Thursday it will be the opening gains in buffalo. In the and. You moved Friday. Saturday I mean. Saturday will be the the other round of games in buffalo. In its always. Exciting to have the NCAA tournament here IE only had covered by and once and that was a decade ago now. And VCU was in the tournament in the upset duke that year that was the year that I was able. To go to games and I had never backed into a college basketball type atmosphere before in these. Fans the crowd sections really get into it. So you've never been able to experience going to in NCAA tourney game. And he sort of conference championship game are highly recommended because the atmosphere at these places it's usually pretty electric in the year. You get the fans going it's it's got a nice kind of old school feel to it that you don't get a lot in I mean. If you're looking at a Buffalo Bills game war. The sabres game I mean they took the organ out. The sabres games than merely replaced it with a fake or sell. And you'll be lost some of that old school feel and these these college teams with the bands ended just beat the young fans the college kids that come and support the team in the family that comes out support the team. I just think it's a lot of console will be talking more. With Brian about that coming up at the top next hour. And Lorenzo or Alexander he was on with John Murphy earlier today it will bring a little piece of his interview with mayor Lorenzo Alexander back as a Buffalo Bill. Twelve and half sacks last year had a really nice season he gets paid pretty nicely is gay and for. About four million guaranteed. Indy he's he's a player that I think. This this coaching staff is really looking forward to working way he he was a player that going into free agency. I wouldn't necessarily say are predicted him coming back but you heard all the rumblings about him kind of been a priority for this team to being bring back. And I think it's because of those intangibles and I think Sean McDermott. Really likes what he hears and what you'll get out of Lorenzo Alexander and BB kind of use that guy as an ambassador. To the younger guys on the team in getting them to buy into what. Sean McDermott is going to be preaching throughout the entire year. And it's gonna be. Kyle Williams coming back I predicted from. TV moment that Sean McDermott was hired as coach that Kyle Williams is a guy that. That message would really resonate with and I think that had a lot to do with why he's coming back this year. Is the fact that I think they have a very. Similar mentality like this yellow means type work though those are two guys that. They're not gonna take the easy way they're gonna be the ones that are had first going into the rough stuff and willing to put in the hard work. And it'll be interesting to see how the rest of this roster shakes out I know there's tons of holes that still need to be filled up on this team. Wide receiver obviously is a huge issue that they bring in. A couple more guys they bring in Cory brown who like us no longer wants to be called Philly brown from listening to the John Murphy showed today so. It's Corey brown he's gonna be taking in. In it and they were being pretty storm on the John Murphy show saying I deal we he's number three receiver. I deal leak he's like a number. Five receiver who median number four mediums on a little short I'll give a number four by saying that he's Lia and number three receiver I think he has. Is really pushing it and I think that's where. The bills. It's one of the spots I think they're gonna be looking for in the draft. Is that wide receiver position deep in that position. Deeply defensive backs so I think that's what you're gonna be looking for as the bills well there's still a lot of free agency to shake out here and there's going to be. Moves that continue to come and so wall obviously be updating you on all those moves as they come and buy it's gonna be something that. Continues to grow in this bills' roster. It's it's going to be. These NFL rosters are constantly moving there's constant turnover. Corey Corey Graham was released few days ago a couple days into free agency which goes to show you. That it can change. Very quickly for these NFL players and what their future plans are so you can never be too sir in the rosters going to completely shake out. And McDermott seems to be a guy who. There might be if things aren't going well with a player. And a player that you expected to have a pretty decent role on this roster maybe. A comparison would be Manny Lawson last year training camp word going into the season you expected this guy. To at least have a pretty decent role on the team but and sub getting caught. And I think you could see guys like that with McDermott if they're not willing to buy completely with what he's selling. The art. I think Agassi. It's it's a great weight to to make a statement is to kind of be. I wanna say happy fisted because it makes it sound like you're almost a dictator but to be stern and to be. Stubborn in your position is not completely stubborn to where you're not gonna listen to your players points. But you're gonna be stubborn and be willing to take these guys on and push these guys further and I think that's the kind of mentality. That people west of York are expecting from the sky it's the change over. From. Rex Ryan. So all week we heard about circus. Circus was no word that was thrown out a lot talking about Rex Ryan and so far from what we've seen it spent a fair re. Brief time a very very brief time. That he's bad in the building in obviously. Deems manner and results matter but there. Are times you listen to this guy and you say. Mikey he's on the part he looks the part. And Z he's certainly so far. I think is really represented himself well to be bills fans. And to anyone who's been paying attention to bills I think he's done an excellent job of representing the organization and you can expect to continue. To hear this guy being the voice moving further because ET. We'll see one there's you know these contentious. Maybe you won't be contentious necessarily right off the bat but after a tough loss eat you got to see how he comes on handles all the so so far from the media. He he seems very prepared and good to go. No no issues known nothing this guy's got everything buckled up buttoned up. And yet he's he's a guy that's. Is described around the league. Adds very thorough and I think that's what we're seeing so far and you're definitely. Seeing the imprint of him. On this roster and how it's and craft itself bar with the way that that secondary. Is being. Overall with Corey Graham and Aaron Williams ball being released due to salary cap issues but you've got. Mike Hyde coming in a versatile player Lorenzo Alexander coming back he's he's a player Beckham play of personal role. In his defense and I figured I continue seeing those types of players come in who can be versatile play multiple roles and not really. They're gonna have a position obviously but they're going to be able to. I multiple hats I guess he would say be able to take a duck a couple of different roles in order to. Make this defense into. What McDermott expects it to be which is obviously better moving forward and it. These these roster creations it's always just building. So I'm still adjusted to see. How things happen as the draft moves forward as the draft gets closer but these guys are gonna be talking about as their needs. I think guess fans out there right now we all recognize. Wide receiver being a giant arm speed cornerback. Being a need. I think obviously they're there could be. A linebacker last year there. I saw my doctor after earlier in its from a guy that is back and on the show as a volunteer. He gets a lot of respect from. I think he deserves a lot of respect as he puts a lot of work into his craft. But it is Josh Norris of total world and at number time he had the bill's drafting. Elden compare the speed running back from Tennessee. I think there'd be riots. Want. Billy says in his his article in the guys. I know that they have LeSean McCoy but there's rumors and rumblings about. Shawn McCoy not being a good fit for the Rick Dennison offensive they're gonna be implementing. You're gonna draft a running back at ten. Which isn't even one of the but as the the late publisher we always get these guys in the draft like Nico late push to the top of the port of gas. This is the guy this year the running back position. The man IE. I don't know man. I've got a lot of faith in what you do buts. The bill's drafting team running back attack. And seems. The little wild passion and try to get him on and have them be okay this is why I think that. But yeah I did I just I don't know about you guys out there I think the bills would be drafting a wide receiver. At the tyrants by wide receiver running back at the time spot is just if there's no way Greg Norman on the sabres. They over the weekend a couple games that you Blue Jackets. Friday night was a little Roth with the the lake coal and I was working on Saturday over at the restaurants. And that's it game on first periods on and obviously these three Eagles start pouring and I'm watching the game and I'm like oh man this team rail the just. They've seen on interest and days but. If they aren't. Playing good goals were easily coming now. And they were goals that I think for the most part should have been saves. Andy gets saves in its crazy. How big timely saves can relieve changer fortune any child game I think Robin miner came into that game and really. And that saved at the end was in Austin saved. But this team is still I saw something earlier from one of those number guys on Twitter that you. You'll see pop up from time to time if you're on Twitter. They pop up and it's like well the the playoff. Implications and I know this team's relief are the playoff spot. They're still a glimmer of hope point 2%. Point 2% chance that the sabres can make the playoffs off you're one of the eternal optimists out there. There is you're here you're glimmer of hope to hold on to is that point 2%. But I think word essentially moving forward. With this sabres team at this point in thinking about okay where can this team get better. And where does it start to get better. And I think. At first you have to look at the talent on the roster and a lot of people wanna talk about that I've coached. I think first thing you got to do you look at the talent on the roster. There's guys on this roster that you need to find a way to move. In and picture if meet the Vegas would take a look at one of these guys with the big contract number and really OK they've they've had success in the past Tyler Ennis. They've got a pretty decent contract for a younger player at a lot of tolerances caches already paid out so they would have to pay a lot in the cash aspect of it would just be a higher cap it. Fertile ground so you would be thinking about maybe that's a guy whom. Probably. Will we'll never know. Because the NHL likes to Osaka fallen out of anything that they possibly council will never know I guess. Maybe eventually it'll be out and reporters will do good work in these these. You know protected written lists. For her the expansion draft will come out and mold actually be atlas the coolest protected who once protected but as of right now. The NHL isn't planning on releasing these lists before the expansion draft which. I just don't understand. This is so you've got this team in Vegas you're trying to create a brand new band aids in Vegas what better way. To connect with the fan base to immediately allowed them to be able to look at the list of protected players. You take a look at the list protective players from each team and be able to create your own ideal squad that you would want in Las Vegas. You talk about a great way to reach out to a fan base immediately to create some connection between a team and its fans that's all you do it. You'll all these bands to take a look at all these lists they look at sabers like look at that there's. Malts and call. It's his contract's weight too much that we can't be taken and that contract here. There's Tyler answers Zach Bogosian nicked a Lawrie is available. Linas hallmark they need to that's a guy that we want to take. Gamble and I assure. How many of these knowledgeable hockey fans will be out in Las Vegas here's a question worth asking. But maybe it's the way they get exposed to these players that will potentially beyond their team is from room creating their own rosters. And tried to craft what on paper they would they would be the best roster but the NHL just like. I'll know it's bad for business we can't we can't have any of these professional athletes. Who are making you the hundred of thousands of dollars. Pour millions of dollars have their feelings hurt. It's bad for business for us we don't want these athletes to have their feelings hurt you know we've got now. These athletes are gonna know that they're gonna. They're general managers are gonna go tell them that. There potentially going to be moved. I don't know if for me that that bothers me so much because it's just it's such an NHL thing to do. Having this this could be such a huge event the whistle Kamal you have a couple days. Where it's like all speculation here's here's the list from each team. Who do you think could be taken from this team you got shell was about it. Our shell who knows maybe we would talk about it but instead you're gonna on only to keep everything tight lipped. And yet no fun no fun for the casual on each off and no fun for anyone out there who. I mean I've bad using there's a tool and cap friendly now which is the latest one of these. A salary cap web sites that popped up. And as the expansion draft tool and you can go through and if you wanna take out the time you can protect individual players on each team. And he can go through me like OK the the Anaheim Ducks who have a very interesting situation with players that they've actually want protected and don't want to protect went a lot of good young defensemen. And where's that they will be forced to protect and a couple good young forwards so there in this situation. It's like okay we either to make actually signed defenseman or take a risk I'm moving forward. So there is a choice there. You can make that. Virtual choice and move on through this thing this is something that's out there for hockey fans to use right now. And it would be. Dare I say even better once those true list Kamal you don't have to put in all that work yourself. Now I wanna do the work of 32 NHL GMs try to do the work of one. 31 I guess I want to work 31 NHL GMs want to the work of one George McPhee why do his work. And his work is walking out rosters. Protected lists unprotected list looking at those and creating the best TV possibly count and that's something I want to be able to do. And I think a lot of management and HL fans would be wanting to do. You guys are pros do but they they they get it they get the expansion draft. I think. May be behind the scenes some GMs are worried about which path they decide to take the backlash they will get from fans which. Yet take accountability for your actions. If Tim Murray for instance. Where leave. I'll use Evander Kane Evander Kane unprotected Eden McCain heads to Las Vegas. Okay and we need some accountability on that the that's an SIA going to be used to. To actually flip for something. But instead you let him go you'll you'll walk free he goes away free cell I don't understand the reasoning behind the NHL's decision to. Go with this idea that they they don't need shared this kind of stuff but their fans bought. It's on the I hope it revisits and can come to weigh what I feel is a common sense conclusion. Of opening up the list for the public to see and being able to craft their own. Vegas squat. Especially in this generation that a lot of these kids grew up playing video games and you can actually do that you do fantasy drafts and all I did a lot of that when I was younger. You fancy draft your own team. Yeah they should do that is really open up less. It a 305518885525. If you've got to comments. And kind of a start with the direction of the sabres and somehow gotten us. Expansion draft ran by now what we'll get back to it. Coming back up. Next segment gonna have Lorenzo Alexander from the John Murphy show earlier if you got any comments on Lorenzo Alexander coming back as the Buffalo Bills the moves that they've made so far. Or the direction the Buffalo Sabres to recall here. Being out fuel until 9 o'clock Brightcove you'll coming up any talk about from the match ups coming up in the NCAA tournament as the nightcap was UW GR. Back on the nightcap Brian Gay thing analogy here for a couple more hours on your Monday hope everyone. A good day at work here in the work. Grind through printer I'll be here for it via if you need me Lorenzo Alexander returning to the Buffalo Bills the 33 year old coming off a career season. And yeah he's happy to be back we are gonna start here he was on the John Murphy show earlier so if you wanna check that out. I demand at WGR 550 dot com and I know Werner Ravitz an issue of our on demand and the apple right now and even in the entirety of on demand or her transition being through a new program here so just. Please be patient with us we are working really hard to make sure that I'll get sorted out. That our on demand section is is messing up right now but we are working. To fix the issue here is Lorenzo Alexander he starts here with John Murphy Dow Jones talking about the whole contract process went down. I'm yeah I'm you know I want free agency Powell was in negotiations with. Jim for a you know two or three days. You know after you know going back and forth came to an agreement that was great for both parties in. Signed a deal very happy in my fabrics I welcome back to buffalo really fell in love with. The stadium the fans they had a community as well all the relations we do that and then build an option guy like yourself and doubt. So definitely. Great to be back in can't we can maybe do the low down on Friday. If they speak and at the lowdown did you get my tweet at the it was announced. And I did not get between what would you say that I think norm with. That. Alessio event you know value them as the fuel and once again and I wasn't and crazy crazy call. Hey al-Qaeda NCA VMware yeah I know me you take shots at each other from time to time so the Taba just kinda shy away from me. They read or everything you accomplished last year including the Pro Bowl including MVP in the Pro Bowl how much do you did you approach is free agency period is like. This is it now's my chance to to make a big mark contractually and and two you know quite frankly maybe sending your list Patrick in the NFL and and go out strong financial. Why they didn't offer that would the that the plan they would do that be able to maximize the glass ceiling will be 34 initially season starts. I know what my numbers today in his are my you know my numbers there are limited in his leak. And I didn't wanna try to convince you Marcella Raymond that would buffalo. And I mean my family figure out so obviously. This is ready I'm against a great start point vantage point nobody at the age of you know start Beckett played to this time makes it's our money on average. So this is that it is a great time here are for me my family and I'll continue work when I'm done but definitely please allow me to get out of it. Money wise guaranteed money and the biggest thing no loves Sean McDermott you know deepens that belief in my do become me. Contribute on defense team along the locker room so that's almost about not being paid volunteer. You saw this playoffs not immune to make it play out here and like we're championship. Now I know Ewing colleagues who have friends or families are good friends with the with each other. Did he had it you have to say to come back. They cannot sell enough Nidal Hamas failed to make sure you can bet I'd say that I can sign back and I gave him and I needed. Another person that locker room that were related to Bob's that we got probably 20 this guy this roster right now understand. Arms albeit to have to Mac lean onto and those times obviously not with the young god as well and approached from different angles. Was definitely a a huge upside for me outside and bad has it been especially excited Tyrod back as well. I'm definitely gives a chance to win it people we division. And hope we find ourselves in the player. Here with Lorenzo Alexander just resigning a contract with the Buffalo Bills restricted free agent returning to the Buffalo Bills east. Like with a spies that are exorbitant every opportunity here you've mentioned a couple times about coming back to buffalo on what that if you especially. With a foot of snow bearing down on us for the next few here at the next few days here so I. I don't want to dwell on this because you know it was a lot of back patting that goes around here around Western Europe which is fine but give me a sense of what you picked up in your one season with the bills that. I make you think this is the right place for you in your family. I mean what the committee itself I mean it was really opening welcoming you know you'll be married and had enough poor kids through that live without fear. I mean this is a real. Down our blue collar city. Very passionate fan base. In now and I really love you know being take my kid to Orchard Park part bearing down. Hang out and play soccer be integrated to the community at the local YMCA there was was huge because bounces I need to be happy but my wife and kids are happy. It's hard rocking in and be successful in the field so. My kids are actually more excited in become a vet who really loved the community who love their school. So that was. Really made eat when you signed back in you know just. As far as clinical what we have we have Bob attack on the rocks we had an action he's willing to put together so hopefully on the new leadership Sean McDermott. Another NBA together right my happiness in all offseason I would definitely taken a bigger role it. Via more vocal more upfront in people's faces are making sure that we are moving in the right direction. About I don't have a couple of years left not only my only regret to say well maybe assists and a little bit more I'm only draw out there in the locker room and on the field. So have you had a chance to look at any of the rest of the bills trees assignments. I watch that's all time rock hard Julio not solve without also Mike hi from Green Bay. I'm in a couple of the guys mops out I think Michael plan though he's very versatile player to get it done. Glad that we have assured me that is where kind of solidify the offensive line he can he can make your job a lot better because he's a part of that number one rushing attack last year Ganassi Tyrod. Definitely gives the bishops who wins we'll continue to grow in its third year be enough via our leader at quarterback position. I'm excited he got back healthy here with Sam they would do. I get healthy sum I'm very excited about moving forward we now see unless we decide to bring in NFC east at NT movie it creates. And so what you mentioned about be more vocal wondered did coach McDermott maybe ask you to do that or did to assume that role went out and conversation with him. No not at all I mean I think yes that was part of my staff evaluation at the end of the year just kind of looking back and see where we're coming more into work you have done more. And I didn't do relations god it's kind of compliments I ever thought I would see gains in meetings on the field or or whatever and didn't necessarily. Million of right being in the kind of wait. So I definitely wanna be more take more initiative in that aspect as far as you speak up as soon classy. Cut it out and then let's move forward and get better so that we can win more games. It was it's a senior here you say you wanna be more vocal because it's really the same. Tara said the same thing so with last week yeah wanted to be allowed more vocal when you're leader on the team do you do you necessarily have to be vocal. No you don't I mean I think there's different ways about going about it. You know particular I'm more comfortable being in the kitty our guys going to be professionally each and every day on the show you how to work virtually how to study. On now I'm you know kind of violence follow it. Mom and now that I wasn't vocal last year as far as talking about I think this morning team atmosphere Mateen said he. Speak up and and a big mama voice. Is little bit louder this year Hamas incumbent in any situation we have got like how we and that army there you don't wanna come and in this kind of this is my team almost double people's toes like I felt always do it. Saw my class last year without coming back and are to be a member of the team and understand who god is always a machine at the weaknesses are I can speak to all our big. A little bit more easily anymore stake in receiving more because they know what I could invade data imaginative production kind of backed it up with those two things coming together. I think it is a lot more well received from. Organization. And your teammates when you see you know could be a ball and get people say. We're live via Skype with bills linebacker Lorenzo Alexander signed a new deal with the bills. Read so this question I mean it. Donald and I talked about a lot over the last couple weeks though what your role might be in what yeah it's gonna look like a different defense we would think what I know about them much that you did did. Yeah yeah sound a lot about that on mobs who got to know each other just a little bit as people. But as far as this game on me pretty much what you lie to me like he used Thomas days you know. Outside San act in a 43 system I've got to be on the line of scrimmage and affronts. All the ball over front which I did last year to a in the year we're kind of running a little bit more of rob G Phoenix they're tour is these homeless and a lot off the ball and walk the line where I have the familiarity with it. I played it in Washington where I want to have island that matches. I'm they don't third downs you live in various ways VNA Joker this theater guy around sometime it is sometimes dropping. You know we also had SPX while one of its backpack belongs rob Marciano or Colin they wish I could get inside. If you're tired of being Russian Olga and the rockets out amstel I'll definitely have a fluid roll it was changing the game. But I'm issue winning you know people ask about the sect members are reproduces Ahmed in the dental care about their noses 660 numbers. That we did it's what my career not gonna do the therefore mean I'm all about it and trying to get to the playoffs and we get a championship and expand means playing off the ball out secondary to that to get hundreds of Russia's. I'm OK with that because at the end of the day you really were previously from a football standpoint it's more volatile perhaps and ultimately win a championship. You just read about six different jobs for yourself there it's terrible played that Canada will probably follow careers. You know I can imagine I think yeah yeah I didn't know my next question that. Yeah I think we covered kick my kick off. Com and is well I'll I'll I'll return I'll see Las Vegas that back in that role because I do not see here. In big ways we have so I'm definitely looking to kind of have the same role idea pretty much last year you and a lot of different ways in. We have a big impact on on the field in different phases so I'm I'm excited about that you can continue to show people that. Calm down more than just a linebacker or it's not back or special teams guy I'm I'm a football player and that's probably not enhance it. You Ewan days Harrison must be on the scene work well. Both. Wachovia did good the more you play. Yeah it sounds you know take anybody who all the right either an off season. You know I apples are kids out there pretty much your thoughts on ethics act it out rocky. The opportunity on net you know you'll hear me down what you don't want ever go to brother and you had to. That you know for the fact that if pro you know back yet maintain a theater is legal a long time. Do all the right knee every single day even in Austin you know like that from London Fletcher he got luck Kyle Williams. Our Tyrod when he got like that about an hour from your pick up little things here and your problem my career. To help maintain my health in. Along gently you know I guess it's hard core cardinals who bought it. There's Lorenzo Alexander with John Murphy. And Donald Jones earlier today in a 30551. EE eight. 550 to 550 phone numbers here gonna take a quick break here will be back in at the top of the hour brining co zeal about a fifteen minutes away we'll kill join me we'll have a chat about the tournament coming up. Two buffalo all the games we're going to be talking about him so we'll have that coming up on the nightcap this is WGR. Back here in the nightcap right gates hanging out with you here if you are using our happen you listen to me right now I understand that we are. Having issues with the app I've been all digging here and everything on the web site is working fine. Who were transitioning to something new on the web and having issues. With Powell audio is loading into the app. And yeah we are working on it we understand that everything has a a dot MB three at the end of it in the normally don't show up with that I can tell you. Our prime seats on the guy that's usually loading audio up to the website so I'm not doing anything different. So I don't know why the the dot MB three is coming up but I'm not doing anything different maybe it's because. This new thing that we're using over a little while. Mark and our guys really work and I guess it's a process and understand what she's out there. But we are working to fix them as quickly as we can and hopefully. Everyone can listen on demand on their iphones real soon. As important we want to be there for you guys at any time that you need as part of what we do here mom be able to be there for you. And you don't have to you know house passed its during on demand time. Franco still coming up in a little bit to join me. For. Some tourney talk teams making their way to buffalo Villanova. Already touching down they they flew win. West Virginia there they're driving. And they left. Party after making their way to buffalo about it four and a half hour drive. From. From you know West Virginia. This is up from 33 hours ago they tweet this out so ago. Not sure how the weather is looking like in the southern tier but hope law West Virginia seven smooth ride up here because I know and I'll treacherous and get down there. Another the hills. The ice the storming and it's it's no more if your spirit north calpers and and you don't you haven't. Mean the a lot of tracks down to south downs in ski country Mikulski country for a reason and there's a lot of hills down there. It's not Wear us down there to drive down the 219 dragged on the 219. Usually. Number cameras a place that can get hit with a loss now. There's usually about this line. You're on the 219 it gets there right about. Hamburg area it's passed mile strip past the McKinley mall exits. Just a little bit past Orchard Park meaty. If your your driving down that way the armored duels exit if you're familiar with that are more important Hamburg Boston exit and sometimes you're driving on this thing and it'll be. You find your driving along there's barely any snow on the road. And and all the sudden. You hit and there's just a wall snell and it's coming down. Real hard about made the move transition from salt loans to north buffalo now. Hands. There there the black parents or my parents what they've seen a lot more snow than I've seen this year I've barely seen snow this year I barely. Have seen snow in my driveway. You know light dusting every once in awhile. But not Paris sometimes and he pitchers and they go a couple feet on the ground and you see the grass I've I've pretty much seemed to grasp the entire winter. So open West Virginia. They don't hit anything too bad they committed here safely ends. Enjoyed her time in buffalo and I think. I think a lot of these teams I'm not sure if any of these teams where we're back here in buffalo and any of the previous visits two David up some of that stuff. But buffalo as a as a brand new place down there which is something alike get into it prideco she'll offer for at least fans who are coming due experienced determine now. It's a much more there's many more attractions down there that you can do stuff. Obviously 716 harbor centers right there you got pizza plan upstream liberty around. Now on the corner got the whole cobblestone district iron works is there will be providing live music. He got it helium comedy club if you wanted to run strong connected. There's there's a lot more going belly who Revver works. He got all these places that have built up in the press past. Few years I really think that it. If there are fans who were here before for the tournament they just come from a couple hours away because they mind Joyce on. As he doubly basketball and maybe not necessarily have a team that they're connected to but just wanna come out for the tournament. If they were here the last time the turn it was your point fourteen. I think they're gonna be pretty impressed with what they see in buffalo here is a lot more. A lot more now to do in buffalo than there has been previously. Especially. In that area where a lot of the action is gonna be taking place I hope. Help me. They enjoy their time in buffalo. I think buffalo is always been a pretty good host for the tournament which is why it consistently comes back now. But I think it's only gonna keep growing with the amount of growth we've seen down that mr. McBride cozy up next. Right calls feels good come on we'll talk about the match ups maybe talk more about what's what's going on down there and fans can experience is the nightcap elicited a BGR. But Knight capital addressed this just. It's terrible with writing engage. It's very calculating how he says that it may sound like it's spontaneous. It's not. I'm egos and a lot of these things saying okay here's what I'm going to say about this for me upbeat about how much time he has that then he's coming up with the work group. I've never heard the word oops that's that's very creative. On WGR. No just you know. Her back here in the nightcap righty thing with you here Brightcove deal coming up in just a moment like quick. Quick update on something the LA fitness on Al Moore avenue in buffalo will be loads tomorrow due to the weather. I say it's really disappointing to me because I woke up this week now isn't good I was at a good place. Woke up early this morning cup copy you know what gyms around the corner and hit the gym today. Much try to hit the gym before I go in the morning to work every day coming at noon stop sometimes connect. I know a lot of you out there with your 95 they're feel real bad for me but I. I don't always get properly or goes to Oprah Leno to go to the gym was was working on. Was gonna go through a process and the James closed tomorrow so pretty much. We'll see what happens when Wednesday comes around. Might be a tough Wednesday morning we got Franco's O'Brien do you feel bad for me. Yeah I feel that Korea. Avenue what Veoh worked like twelve every day it's it's up you're either. It is it really is tough to get to work by noon I don't think people out there realize that is our job Franco as you all on with me. A genome has sabres host sabres and machine guy but today were put on our. Our basketball shoes I guess once they've basketball bats or put our basketball issues and talk about the tourney coming up in buffalo and Brian you've been following like the bracket apology. And all that kind of stuff as the tournament has been coming up here and a lot of the teams like I know Virginia Tech was one of the teams don't always been projected to be coming here for a pretty long time what do you think of the teams that are coming itself it's a pretty good slate of teams a lot from big tournaments are conferences. So all what do you make of the teams come in buffalo. I think it's a very very good that. And what I note that a couple things that I anger intriguing about it you mentioned Villanova. They were here the last time that buffalo posted three years ago and they've even been there being here one other time recently to. But the defending national champions they're the number one overall seed so they're gonna get a lot of attention in this tournament so electing. You know for buffalo we'd like to kind of be part of a big time stage it is likely that there so that's why this event does so well because. We don't have an NBA team. College basketball is. At times I would say it fluctuate in terms of a potential level here I think UVs has gotten. Too. But a different level I would if not at a a level that you know somewhere like Syracuse could be but it gotten to its peak level going to back to back trips. The other airport have severely and get some at least more interest around the area which is yeah I suspect. Yeah I think that helped WB women went lecter Tucson I think that that is that is growing and you know UBS I think had a chance to. Pull more people in I think alternately. Who ought to have the appeal of a how to somewhere. I you know I don't think you'll ever be a big circuit if there are you that they're that the U we had a clip they'll favor or but I think it. To go to that next level I think you need. You beat him may be joining a conference that has a little bit more. I would say kind of a sex appeal with you know whether the big east or the big panic in the eye and I don't that you beat at that state that moment but. Even I know editor and at this point might be. Good decent option forum considering the a thousand there. I would agree I mean right now for the most part no one attend UB basketball team. Because of the lure of any Mac opponent know what it. I think Raila go to the game no one is going because all. You know Penn State can count tonight or northern Illinois and Cochran like when they play a nonconference team might want to allow you know you can't OPEC had come here and they've been actually rank. Like that were happening but. Part of I think being in an established conference is that that you get. The call schedule and you know if you that they were to go to somewhere like the big east which again. All basketball schools about football being at the conversation obviously for another time but yeah you got Villanova come in and he got Georgetown coming in. You know there's some history there and Butler is now part of the big east. So it Creighton who nationally ranked part of the big east you've got. Even just traditional bigger names like Providence Saint John between Sony C call it even though he's got powerhouses as of late. Recognizable names like. People would go to C act so I think right now UB is I think doing all that and in the back to draw interest but. To go back your original question keen. Villanova really good draw there I think people are excited about the negative when you yet. Very number one seed that you ought to get a sixteen. You get that not ridding amounting Mary there are New Orleans. And probably. More than likely. A one sided game in one of those right Erica that a one vs sixteen of course we don't know he would ever won. The allure of media are being the site worked for happened you know there's always that Ike yet but I don't see happening here. But the rapid matched up. I think all our close. And I wouldn't be shocked if you saw any in the there was an upset in some of these other games but I mean clearly. Notre Dame. Is something that I think is no one's ever been to a Notre Dame sporting event. It is. Super super super cool and I've been fortunate that he won football game and a handful basketball games and even when I used to go to the big east tournament quite a bit Notre Dame and air like it could different CE. Obviously everybody knows the big Notre Dame fight song the band played like. Whether your route and former root against that everybody can hobble onto the Notre Dame so on the yeah tackle and and let's face it. Saint Patrick's Day weekend here Bob oil executives Viet. They're going to be a ton of Notre Dame bear a lot of powder cumin and and I'm guessing that they're going to make it a very very unhappy or dot com they'll be telling other integrate but I mean I think Notre Dame is what really. Had a headline that this Cupertino here I think. With West Virginia and Wisconsin. And Virginia packed even the smaller. The bit. Prince's. It played a classic old school fundamental basketball. And they play so Smart whom don't that they could do but now I'm in the same style so. There's an intrigue with even some of the smaller schools that are coming here by the Notre Dame highlight it even though we you have. Villanova coming at about the defending champion. They areas. Notre Dame gonna be adding to the Irish population downtown on a weekend where buffalo is already celebrated as one of the best places if not the best to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day weekend so it's as good an element into the weekend that's for sure you're talking about it a little bit. With Notre Dame in the type of crowd that they bring it I think that's one of the coolest things about these about an having it here in buffalo. And it's it's kind of that old school kind of feel what do you think of like college teams we don't get much of that in buffalo I talked about how the organ was taken away at sabres games and bills game Z you've got all the music in the train Warren and all of that stuff but you get the day and here you get the tight knit fan groups. They created such an atmosphere that I think we don't really get to enjoy a lot as buffalo sports fans and when it gets to come here. I think it's something that if your sport band and the March Madness tournament is one of the the best things that happens all year it's something you should really go out and seek to experience. Yeah I think I mean little better maybe going to the event for the first time you're gonna love it because of what you do Saturday you described really well. It's a great sport atmosphere not that. That that the bill in the Saber game are great amateurs and the game they're good but it different. It is something. That we don't really have here it the band. It would fight song it all the alarms in the booster club and the cheerleaders and all that order and the Mac guy I mean like. All that inside the arena. Is what makes it different and unique. And it can get like sport in an even appeared on a basketball junkie. You'll find it I think really really entertaining because it is different it is unique it's a different style and and what grated to exact you know the national and in this turn yet with everybody even non sports fans that are you or even get in. Office pool people looking at pension. And if you're in that building downtown. And became tight and there's a possible all that going on. I mean it is just it is electric and remember not laptop well I could even match like that. Flat and the teams are here Dayton. All that Ohio State's. First game of the internment at Ohio State that they plan to gulp hard experiment. And then the Dayton. The next day. Upset Syracuse and of course. Three quarter if not maybe 8085% of the building are rooting for the orange as Dayton beat them and you know it like it's done and feeling but you know the crowd it is the so reactive to everything. And then the time before that too. Maybe even to kind of go current credit because of the other. You think about the VC you do continued your area. All my goodness I mean suddenly you had 171000. Of the 181000 rooting for VCU they're yet. This is the starter. Of opening day of the current and and DCU pull that off Burnett you know we obviously seen. Inspecting VCU has. Turned into way. Already they're all tournament team URL. I was actually I wasn't there for the VCU duke game but it was the following game they paid against pet. And kind of the same thing happened because DCU got down really big in that game there are down seventeen. And then they need this huge comeback. Put it to overtime. And that's what really. I never back and a big basketball guy and play around in high school I never really follow the NBA never really followed anyone in college. But I was in that atmosphere and I became a VCU fan throughout the course of that game because they are the underdog they. Bring and his big combat the atmosphere is really weird. I'm sick and right next to the whole section of Pitt fans are right there so it's like that altogether really. It made me appreciate a lot more of the college basketball atmosphere and as college sports in general because it's something. We we do have UB we don't have UB but we know it's not this John enormous program like some of these ones that are coming in here. And it gives you an appreciation for something that we don't often get to experience round here awful. Act I think you beard is really in in most cases viewing. Bare back with what they have at like that where. A couple things that are strapping them obviously. Still they don't have the athletic budget at this moment that. Some of these other schools do exactly. The fan base is not there because. All these alarm grew up where you'd be sportswear division three or even not even fair so. You don't have this like generation after generation. Where when you go to these games you're gonna see. You know grandmother and rampant with their sons with their kids all there are all aware there lectures from the school and they are all in all. In the fight song. And it's cool and I think UB is doing a pretty good job outlook happening. Their facility in terms of football up like that I mean they've got a lot work you. It they're gonna wanna get it more but BI agent that I think alumni arena when a pack of really on quite a lot app or game. So you know on. We we have that but you know. There's nothing like Notre Dame or even what you're gonna be in that game or as we've seen with Syracuse in the building or the like that though. It at duke beat CU game could mean I mean I've been fortunate every comic and a couple of your Alex sits there like that. What can be that sick time or seven whatever but that VCU you said give me the one unit stick out it that beat you duke game. I even earlier Eric Maynor was the guard from B yeah this game winning shot. Or expand the remember that name Greg Paulus. Would art. From you could and of course became Turkey's quarterback when he ran out of member. Of the year. He was Stukes Gary we Duke's guard. And Maynor had the better game down the stretch it and let beat you to the victory and but that was part most memorable game but we've got a really good one forget that the date couple about that. Even the first year we hear way back. Early 2000 or so when Pepperdine upset Bobby Knight Indiana. I mean there's been there's been some good stuff here and west Virginian gonna be on the watch. If you have a lot like Virginia. They will crack full court press after every basket made. So they're nickname is pressed Virginia so you'll see a lot of up and down. When you watch them I think that team against spot now would be entertaining and at the seeds hold. If you get West Virginia at Notre Dame in the second round I mean that'll be one of the best teams. All the opening weekend and we'll be right here so and I think that the NCAA. Know that buffalo. Is a very good site they continued to host the first round every three years they have to wait and a minimum three years but they get it all the time and it because. This area supports it so well if you watched these other site. Yeah afternoon actions are very empty. It even that when the night session start sometimes I'll start to see happen seatbelt so they're in buffalo is packed. Every single time. And I think this is why they keep coming back has been noted that there to support it they love the event. And I would I wouldn't be shocked if it's another success here again. And that we get back in three years and every time I come here I think. The people that hosted I know can he sit and dagger kind of the inside the arena portion of it that post and do a great job but we know outside. Even better experience for everybody being here is getting better and better I you know. I love it because it's like a three year annual tradition that we get this event. I was mentioning that you did you mentioned Villanova was here previously a couple of times right. So like Villanova coming in now to this area now where'd the last time you were here there wasn't as much going on now you're gonna see. Paul hotel and carver center right next to the arena and all these other facilities are being built up so I think that 28. It creates a great look for buffalo when you have this team like Villanova comment who has been here a few times they've seen it. Down around that area leads the coaches in the program itself and how we're gonna see this huge growth outside of buffalo and they can go back to the NCAA and be like that area where buffalo is holding the tournament is guy in. Substantially batters since when they were first opening it and they're gonna continue to grow down there appears so it's it's gonna be good for buffalo to have these programs being able to go back of the NCAA and be like not only is it being supported well by the fans. But they also have all this stuff now to do round there. And the city itself I know there's like. There's gonna be like Torres to the people holding signs like god if you need info but it talked means so they they. Posted the bat really well and trying to get people who are these from out of town. To places where they can enjoy food the average round here and there's more and more places pop and operate down there. Yeah I mean at the event when it was here the first couple times the heavy criticism because. There are there work I mean think about it a decade or so though there were no restaurants down there I mean. Either I mean do do we have to have the daily joke about ride sharing I mean was he trying to get into right. But we we can throw that in that probably next time it's here that will be a terrible beyond that like remember. They had no direction no boxing no transportation no people got out of the building and in between the back and they're like okay where we go. And there was nothing I mean remember Harbour center with a parking lot the last time I was here it was starting to be built. But now the thing about it canal side was not there. Harvard that are was not there. There's quite a bit of new restaurant in the area down a cult the area are now river works not there either I mean that's just all within walking distance. And some of these places are huge leg got river works in 7162. Hold a ton of people on these places and giant TV screens anywhere you can lock so it's going to be. I think if your bank your previously. As Mimi along our fan you're gonna walk in these plays and be like. While this is pretty substantial the growth that's happened down here in just a matter of three years. Yep so if you're going for the first time that you've got will have to plan. In between had some sort of plan of attack if you're going for all four games. Sleep well the night before and it is tiring. It forward in the basketball is the product bond but it is exhausting but you'll I mean you'll have a flat but. When that second game is done probably in the 430 or 45 range. They clear the building even if you look at it for all or all or game. They'll clear the building out and you have to believe so at that point it's pretty much everybody if the mad dash to Wear my got to go get dinner and let's say that the NCAA does not sell alcohol also for some people that period. The city got ninety minute excuse Buick you can equip added twelve and and you got to get yourself back in the building. Saudi plan accordingly on that because. You know the area obviously. You haven't looked into either reservations or something around there that might be something you might wanna look into because. I just know from previous years. Lakers are mobs. And if you haven't had that sort of or at least if you don't have a plan yet we're gonna go and get them eat like. You know he should start to think about that and then of course welcome back. For the two night games Villanova has the first night game seven and what they'll do is I know they don't have the official start time for the second. When the first game and of the action. They put thirty minutes up on the scoreboard. And then essentially within a few minutes the next senate seat come out late pick their warm ups and everything. It's thirty minutes vendor for the next game so I would GAAP. With the Villanova game scheduled for 710 it'll and somewhere around like 9159. What. The next game starting about 945950. We could probably. It is gonna end probably called the midnight eager and older timer that couldn't bury Michael at the belt. You're your talking about a twelve hour day at least. Absolutely and you price and wanna get down a report twelfth two because they aren't all like the favorite game where everybody driving down a familiar with where they're going there RP you're gonna people in bulk of her Arkansas. Capping the traffic's going to be worked so. You know my suggestion is probably you know plan on an accurate. Half hour now more to take care that it can mean it probably if you're going to the spectator probably like. And 11 AM to. By the time your home and open probably at almost 1 o'clock by the patently dumb but it is. It is tiring but it super fund and it never done it it's going to be one of those sports memory they all have a tip off. And every year I've gone every are gone at some other big east tournament the mother copper tournament in Cleveland for the Mac in Albany for the other Mac and it just. These that the atmosphere in the building as you talked about before so different so unique I get a lot of I can't wait there. All right Brian eggs are up and I would be here gamble we'll catch up on Wednesday wall will break down some of these matchups and try to get about the people are going to be going a little insight on what they can expect from each of these teams. Bright colosio on the AT&T hotline which means it you know him. The sabres guy he's he's my desk. Well we'll talk again on Wednesday pre accounts in these match ups and it's going to be fun I I have. Talk a lot about my experience there. In that Pittsburgh VCU game in its. I've always baton. I grew up in buffalo you know all my teams that I light can always kind of been underdogs or. At least when dive back and participating with them they've banned underdogs. So I really enjoy the underdog and being able ago. And watch VCU was the big underdog that in seed duke game and obviously follow on and then to go on and give Pittsburgh a real nice run there. It was it was an eye opening experience to me for college sports and it's it's taken a wild sue really. Finish the job but I was really really into the A ten tournament this weekend and I kind of got brought in by Bonaventure and going to watch games with and when Bonaventure was in the turn and and we didn't have that opportunity this year has Bonaventure always in the afternoon. But I I continued to watch these games even line. On bankers complain because I just think it's these conference tournaments even it's great basketball to watch and theirs. Especially in these lower conferences. You can say that they'd step we talents there. But these guys are competing for something. That is really meaningful to them which is just a berth into the NCAA tournament where. You watch the ACC in the big east and obviously Syracuse had a huge game in the big east Iran with Jerry MacNamara. But for the smaller schools. In means so much a conference tourney championship in some of these lesser conferences in the eight time. It definitely means something Rhode Island hasn't and the tournament and he really long time the secure their birth and now we're going to be in there. And they decree for the big east and I've watched a lot of their basketball recently and a people of Rhode Island always pull for the smaller schools typically. A massive. Even now and usually the Smart schools is is how I determine who I'm rooting for so I. Term it's coming at all and always good time can't wait to I won't be down there but just. Be involved with some of the atmosphere I'll be a B work in on Saturday media be able to. You know. Assess some view in about average drinking. 830551. EEE. 55250. Veto any memories from well other times the NCAA tournament was here in my share you'll forgive me Calder and break I'll take your stories and I'll pass them longer otherwise we're going to be moving and NCAA tournament though come in this week as the nightcap bureaus and in the gates and a beach here. Welcome at the nightcap ranking taking out here for a dollar 25 minutes or so before we. Two ESPN radio for the knights of the sabres at San Jose tomorrow night's. Then there in LA and crying on Thursday and Friday will be. Obviously carrying all those teams here for you and I wanna get a disclaimer right now to. Some listeners out there. He. Right now we understand that we are experiencing issues with our on demand and are -- we are transitioning. Right now the guy it's it's weird one computer opened theirs WG ours brand new subsidy check out but oh were. We're having some issues with our audio is loading into the on demand app so we're having issues with that we are working to figure out ways. Matt when I can have these issues but it's an ongoing process so please be patient with us we are working to fix the issue Brightcove you'll just taxing the the practice sessions. Open it to the general public I have just been released. This is on Wednesday it's on Wednesday if your interest in no lie that the one year Syracuse was in town. And I mean a botched my buddies went down and you saw Syracuse Florida State to resolve what to these guys they signed shirt signed up remember him run this. Memorabilia. If you're if you're into that so. It's a pretty cool pretty cool seeing his car down there and go watch the the practice. The big names like Princeton is at noon but now 1245. Notre Dame in 130. 215. Will western Virginia. 425. Villanova five ton. Wisconsin 555 either New Orleans our mount Saint Mary's. And then 640 S for you Joseph beamer that's for you 640 Virginia attack. On Wednesday. So beard still and checking out any of these teams are opposed to Sunday WGR count as well as my own so you guys cannot see all the practice times there. It's much easier than me repeating them over and over again on on the radio so Paulson holds up on bull. The BGR Twitter and meet pat Ryan underscore WGR so sabres now. They have that out of town because it NCAA tournaments in town so the sabres they had to the West Coast. For the week San Jose as seen on Tuesday LA. Thursday Friday. In time and where the point in the season. With the sabres where it's. And a year and they're not really I guess they're they're still alive in the playoff race size. Point 2% playoff chances earlier. But they're not they're not relieve. Very alive. In the playoff race and you look at this this previous streak of games they had really a great opportunity to put themselves. If not. Right in the playoff picture they can possibly in the. Playoffs with some of the brutal losses that they've had. Going back a few weeks now it all started when you think about it starts. With the Chicago lost the Chicago lost before the break. They put a lot of hockey at that time you're playing Chicago or you're coming off a bank to act and this pretty rough as pretty and you play the blues this knowledge solemn. Other you know weak team in a big physical team like the blues and you come in before the Blackhawks they come off the break lose to Colorado. Blow lead air's own up 10 lead in Nashville. They beat Arizona U Wu would be Arizona. Losing a shootout stamp of low lead to Pittsburgh. Lose to Philly. Lose the Columbus and finally you like Ali us combat. Nice scheme to watch. For the sabres. In May and that that's streak of games. Was just so brutal because they were right there. A guy and to beat in the playoff picture and at this point we we know the shortcomings of the roster and the work that has to be done. On the defense and Saturday. I mentioned this article and I weeded out from my count. This article from two in the box. Who. And he does this work to the box he tweeted out this this article all about oh. The kind of bear bile as much time he interviewed. The shortcomings of miles mou with pens blogging depends blog writer. I'm trying to poll is named real quick. Yeah. Rich Miller Rich Miller of the pens blog he was aghast they had a conversation. About two vials in the future and how it went down in Pittsburgh. And some of the quotes a battery here these are from Rich Miller of the patents blog. It was just his time when he was fired honestly he should have been fired after Boston bears to system in four games Somali Westin a year plus the system was a big thing but even if you was trying to do something different players weren't listening to and the completely lost the room towards the end of his ten year. It is probably the biggest indicator. The change was needed I know there's a lot of people out there that. They don't like the damn miles in the system as it is right now and power relies on the structure pass and pass up the boards and and I'm not a lot of pop carrying besides Jack I call whom. Is like leading the league in all those stats. Caught carry through the neutral zone and zone entries he's he's right up there in the top of the league ball goes but. There's a lot. With these defensemen who can't make those passes and you you're still trying to force some into this system. I I figured there's burning. A lot fail a backlash. But it's just the damn miles of the system is something that. I just it's something that's been figured out and if you have the right roster to run it. Sure but I don't think in hockey hockey is a game where is he little adjustments that you have to constantly make even within a team. You don't always have to be. What is going on he doesn't necessarily like football where you get in I think at full volume console have to make adjustments to buy it. There's there's guys there's football guy you know there's Rex Ryan rules say I'll we're gonna billable Ian is gonna are. Run over people gonna run our system. And I just I don't think as a coach that's what you should be doing. As a coach you need to take a look at the players that you have and not implement a system. Two Valium. Like OK this is what I want Iran has a coach. You need to be able to adjust your system prayer that talent that is on your roster and I understand there are. Certainly holes in this roster that. Could have bad should have been addressed by GM Tim Murray. Well obviously the defenses. And he's gotten a person to admit this openly on the radio stations saying. I know we have to get out there I know we have to it's gonna be the theme of the off season that we go while and we acquire defenseman. But they're you have to be able to. Have a back and forth with your players. You need to be able to have open dialogue with them about. How the game is going what players are seeing on the ice and I know damn miles mine has a lot of experience as a coach. Obviously won the Stanley copy was in Pittsburgh for a lot of years he has an Olympic coach he's coached on the national level he was a player in the NHL who is seen a lot of team action. But you have to be able to have this open dialogue with your players where they can feel like Jack Michael I know he's a twenty year old kid. But he's seen as the game. Almost as well as anyone in the NHL right now. And I think you need to at least. You don't need to just give them free rein to go out there and do whatever how that he wants but I think you do have to be able to listen to the kid in its. Listen be like Jack what are you seeing out there league. What do you think. You don't necessarily be OK you don't have to listen to a 100% of the time. But he got to be able to at least have this open discussion with all of your players. And be able to work assist on employees. And it. You don't have to force them into one certain system you can run different things within a team. And it's one of the things I think is back and really lurking a lot of sabres fans is the fact that third trying to. Continue to run this system when I think sabres fans look at in my action like okay this isn't working. I know that you want to get up and down the ice north south as quick as he kind. Yeah players on this team are decent puck carriers. Obviously Michael Evander Kane is is a good puck carrier. Until he gets to dissolve. And then usually. Goes cornered it shoots it. Right O'Reilly delegates on these guys with a blazing speed besides Michael but he's got a good puck carriers and you want to use your talent. An album comes through the ice I don't think this is. The game has gone away from. A lot of the the dump and chase there always be there they're always be players that. Succeed in that kind of game. But you can implement different things within the year your team. You don't have that run the same system. Heard Jack cycle in San Reinhart and Evander Kane. As you do for the sender scared of since Brian Gionta and markets will lead. You can do different things at these lines I know you've got matchups they are doing differently. But he didn't do different things with these lines and naked. At least makes sense when people talk about this a lot talked more about some these quotes in this article from two in the box Chris straighter you can follow him on Twitter. He even talked without Rich Miller of parents blog couple more quotes from him coming up to finish the nightcap it's last call coming up on the nightcap. Doesn't WGR. Finishing up here last call. And the nightcap. What's got to -- say we we realize the issues are happy with their app having a little bit of the transition period to new website and just haven't. Few bugs with our uploading stuff to be apple and at that. All cleared up and fixed as soon as possible so fear listening on the app you're trying to access on demand on the cap. Unfortunately. Having issues with that you can still access it on WGR 550 dot com. You should be able to access on demand there. So and fortunately the apps now work right now it's the go to the old Internet the year and that's always there for you line. Other things stop working so back to the house blogs I read more. Waltz for all. Rich Miller. And applaud. And his two and box article. And it goes on to say the biggest issue was the teams figured out this talking about piles in the system because he's. Continuing to be 88 point. That fans have been sticking to. And it's and Paul Hamilton now talks a lot about the disconnect between coach and a lot of players in the locker rooms so it's. It's something that is going to be continue to talk about as soon as we get into the offseason too because you're going to make a move. The co Q as well give it out of the way as soon as possible bring in new guy in. And let them take a look at this roster I think I mean you bucket and ill. A lot of people out there will say that the goal is don't want this reputation of cycling through big name coaches. What's more detrimental adding that reputation or wasting talent on this young team. And I would bolt for the latter McGee got another another thirty games to get piles mower he'd get the results that he'd. Just stick around just because the goal is gonna have this reputation. I think that reputation goes away when you find a good coach that's gonna stick around for a while. And you expect these quotes it was so stupid. The way the biggest issue was like he's figured out it was stacked the rabbi and Jim up everything in the middle usually leading to those passes being broken up. Anyone can maximum would be all over who was receiving it at this point you'd think piles and would notice and I don't know maybe try something different something else never came. The guys the epitome of round peg square hole it was so stupid he heavily puck carriers he put them in a system where they have to fore check for everything. The pass is connected Crosby Malkin we're getting it in space. With speed which is great how often that happens not often is the answer. I think that's. A lot of these. Seen them. Things that we see with the sabres that. That we have issue with his fans it's. Just a system that isn't showcasing your talent and he did they go through a couple of years really pour played to not showcases get in this case is being showcase right now Jack like I mean. He is among the point leader since the new year he was on that eleven game point streak was broken up on Friday night I got back on the board again went. A beautiful pass Evander Kane for a game winning golf. And it. I think this team has so much talent on it and it. Piles moss has this defined success down. Where you don't take risks and I think a lot of these coaches stick to these defensive systems. Because as Dan miles most of last year I've never given up zero goals no coaches ever given up zero goals and and worried about being fired or losing their job. And that's what it comes down to is they're worried about losing their job I I would like to see someone come up in here ends in open it up offensively and be able to. Have good puck movement if you get another couple defenders and year out more couple defenseman who can move the puck well. And open up the offense in might be the least Jack Michael bit. Really creative way. It is gonna do for me tonight I'm back tomorrow before the sabres game before pre game pre games and nine I'm going to be here until done. And I yet obviously robbery is gonna be on the show in the morning tomorrow Dan piles law. There should be extinct. So we got PR tactic that day all the way up until the sabres game and we'll carry you throughout that so it's going to be. A long day of live local programming right here for you on WGR. I'm not here tonight get us an Adobe air.