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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Tuesday, March 14th

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The Knight capital addressed this this. It's terrible with writing engage. Skate very calculating how he says that it may sound like it's spontaneous. Did not. And the egos and a lot of these things saying okay here's what I'm going to say about this for me up big about how much time he has this then he's coming up with the words proved that. I've never heard the word oops that's that's very creative. On WGR. You'll just right. I was black guys trying gates take about what you hear Derek. Kramer behind the board where here until 930. Bringing you all the way up to the Paul William Weld's pre game show. It is coming down out there right now like stigma like Al our window can now the fun parts beginning BS you're out there on the roads driving around nature take its quality safe. It's it's relieves starting to come down and you know it's start early part of my job here but I take a look at the radar here from our friends over at WG RC channel two. And it looks like it's snowing literally everywhere so even if you are up north in Niagara Falls maybe period in. He would down south somewhere around off and we reach and scope counts because that's who did go to via its raiders it's snowing pretty good right now so make sure your take your time out there. Get home safe and and listening Doss yeah and keep that Akbar god keep your own straw and while you're driving. In this winter mix so the sabres three games this week in California San Jose tonight to. The sabres for some reason always seem to have third number. So we'll see if that streak continues tonight I think it's 9011. In the previous time and against the San Jose Sharks and LA in time this week their meet him there. Annual California trip. And it's that point of the season I just saw something from sports that sports nut in Canada saying that. It's 93 points expected it. To secure the final. Playoff spots in the east. Cells in order for the sabres to get there they only have to essentially. When every single one of their games and you get in overtime loss in the air once a year who. Yeah so points percentage of pretty much a hundred yeah easily it's it's going to be a high point percent effort for the sabres. And now that it's come to this point of the season and I'm just wondering what is it that fans are. Thinking about right now I mean the errors. College free agency coming up the sabres are connected to a defenseman. From saint Lawrence Gavin. You know what else named Eric. Beater. Concerned. Well let me get in front of me aside and save your group Heather Gavin in Beirut they're gonna say given Beirut they're there the sabres are. Reported to have interest in Hindi. A guy who has been putting up a lot of points. In the college ranks for awhile and then. And keep him from Russia he's played six years in the cage Al he's done well. A pretty solid performer in the cage jellies and an all star. Multiple years he's 24 years old young defenseman and as you heard Paul Hamilton say a Nike. Is someone who. Quite possibly. Could be here if Dmitry cool cop decides he wants to stick around. And he could have a PayPal to go around it and if that's true Paul Paul mentioned earlier that. To meet you cook off it's head and having trouble fitting in with the sabres. It's what a rough. What a rough trade at this point it's it's looking in. Worse and worse over the course I'm not one that was howling when the the trade was made with mark classic in pass like adding to. Ford offered me to cook often swap packs. But it's. If cook off doesn't stick around they they weren't able to. It's been him for anything at the deadline due to its health issues I've been one to say. I would like to see him back next year because I think this is done pretty much his worst season as a pro and he's a guy that doesn't necessarily. I don't I think you could use another year here to show what he has bought it's it's sounding like he has not enjoyed his time here which is that doesn't. Sound like he'll be making his way back but they do have this reported interest. In this Russian defenseman and Teepen. So we'll keep you posted on all of that the sabres are expected to sign this guy sold with Beirut they're the college defenseman from saint Lawrence. Now Bob McKenzie saying it's this was an hour ago from Bob McKenzie it's a two horse race buffalo and Dallas to sign. College you left a gap in Beirut author of Saint Louis a decision seamlessly in Lawrence decision coming later tonight or tomorrow so we'll keep you posted on. Anything we hear about Beirut there and then with an Teepen. It's a expected that he can sign. But the sabres after they finish the BK HL playoffs over there so. Not sure when these defenseman are going to. And keep in it it's actually on the article on WGR five dot com. And keep in his team is currently up 30 in the second round of the Cato playoffs oh so you see my flight data arriving yeah yeah Mike you make it around. All right well yeah you might be seeing some some fresh meats in the sabres lineup on the back and if these guys actually do get signed. A Beirut they're es he's got to go numbers of these these NCAA guys. Can get to get signed after they're done with their policies in Beirut there is done he's back and eight top parking puck moving defenseman who has been under rated because he plays for saint Lawrence according to. A guy who's been watching lots rust lightly so there's. There's always these moves that kind of being me around this time of the season with college free agents and different players being. Abroad and last year it was casing policy being brought in Hudson bashing was also brought and he was already sabres property. But these these different players and upcoming at the end of the season and get a little luck a little view of what these guys can possibly bring your in its. There's thirteen games for the sabres season. And there's bad obviously a lot of chatter around the sabres head coach his future moving forward and what do you wanna see. This team is. Its back and disappointing to say the least. The way that they were they were and it's right there up into the bye week. By its upcoming bye week made me fall flat and have an. Really underwhelming ever sense and oh. What do you want out of these teams I was hurt earlier saying I wanna see Robert parks and one face that's. As one of my goals for one these last ten games not only to see like the giant all necessarily. That's usually how things. Default if you are gonna see goaltender somewhat in the face it's usually in some sort of brawl atmosphere I mean we haven't seen Mike. Full on brawls last year with rob a minor punching people in the face she dated to our McCarron in Montreal. And you know he punched him with a block the next scene is got a block properties punch in this guy. And and no lot McCarron from Montreal on single at this yeah awfully happy this year oh yeah Ellis in his creates those at all flawed yet and then there was the Jack Johnson hit last year. In Columbus. Rob miner comes out starts punch and Jack Johnson. And that was pulled that was the day of the letter face. Yeah the latter phase Norwalk or forget that so. I know I don't need maybe I don't need to see and maybe I'm maybe I'm backtracking here maybe I don't deceive Robyn Meier punch anyone in the face. I just think in knowing he did this offseason training with the Western New York and that made. And he might as well put into practice a little bits while all of got an opportunity here Ares are restricted free agent. Don't know what his future is moving forward I would think that the sabres would like to resign him and continue the work they've been putting in and mean it's all mark and receivers goaltenders freeagent cal Peterson possibly coming up for the sabres under contract. So what what do you sabres fans want these games partly. Especially this week. You've got these late games you you wanna know Jews you follow Jews in these match ups to keep you don't. Keep don't drop the season 8305518885525. If you what do you look at or from the sabres for the rest of the season. Top kicking this off your time tie in it I want down your neck yeah. I don't like to see this team come together as a team. In his chambers greatly broken down into an expansion team to thirtieth place finish in a row. And you know we're starting to scratch basically so gonna take time or the team to come to getting got to get the coach. You know another year you'll get a couple better players in here and you know. They don't think the coach you're not you're not in the camp that thinks the team should move on from Dan miles. Don't not yet got another year give the players and a that your child in a couple of new players and their players should mean yeah out there by about our. Really did not collier that you don't put our specialists. But you know give it another year. Our thanks for the call to I'm not sure I agree with that they especially just because if if there are these issues between players and coaches which. There have been rumblings of these issues. For a very long time with Dan miles ma. I don't think I want to waste another year of Jack Michael and Sam and arts entry level contracts to. If it's. I under I understand the the point that you don't want these young kids. Pretty much god being the ones calling the shots here but they're really unhappy with the system you're gonna. Put him through another year dubbed air miles on them be okay now. Wall go ahead and say lots law. Let's let's get rid of this guy I'm not end in that camp that's in favor of if if there is really issues here between the players in the college. I just don't think you can waste time I'll be to waste another year. With this kind of relationship or even a couple months into the next year no I'm not even about that guys not about. Aren't all that's always been a Thanksgiving given more time. Everything I've read about them vials ma and his time in Pittsburgh it's all of the same issues that are coming out. In buffalo the players. Think this system is over complicated. They think. That there should be. A little more. Free I guess allow for a little more creativity in the within the system and artist I'm not a person that thinks a coach should come anyway at a certain type of system. And put that upon their players that he could drop Carol Wallace who did there's these parallels with bottles mullah. And Rex Ryan because there ball brought in are on the same time they were. One of the big name had coaches available on the market by and they were brought in. And it's and I'll potentially. If files much does end up getting fired will each be fired after two years out of the five year contract. But it seems like Rex Ryan when he came and Rex Ryan came and he had this system that he wanted to run. Yet this system that he wanted to run the Rex Ryan deep balances his trademark that's what he was known for. Even though the bill said the personnel for 43 at that time. Q what's coming and he was going to run that defense there was just no if ands or buts about it. And I can't get the feeling that gamble isles not with this system is kind of the same way. It doesn't seem like he's a guy. That's has really updated its system from time to time and I can be completely wrong about this I'm not a person can break down. Hockey tape and know exactly what kind of systems at the running. But it's a lot of the the complaints it's Marla that stone from Pittsburgh are ones that are carrying over. Cannot. It's more or less that Dan Bozeman soul and this is the part where you're going on about systems he so. Rule not necessarily reliant but he's so willing. Teague use this defensive stretch pass constantly in his system is a complete in Pittsburgh its complaint now on buffalo. And it's one of those problems where. Eight right now you don't have the defensive corps to be putting up these stretch passes what you do have is talented top six. Full puck carriers that can move around with the got Jack likely got a Evander Kane Kyle postal when he was healthy you know those are guys that carry the puck and that is their MO that's their calling card. Yes and that's what you Aussie that's something. Obviously we've baton on these great streaks with Jack I called. And Evander Kane who look back and putting up really great numbers but it hasn't worked out and wins for the sabres. I would certainly like to see more five on five scoring out of this team it's. A team. That relies. On the power play an awful lot further scoring or near the top of the lead. In the power play percentage. And normally. A year or near the top of the league in those kinds of things you're near the top of the league and special teams you're gonna have a pretty good team and I know they're not great at the penalty kill their near the bottom of the league. In the penalty kill. But you are near the top league in power play usually means that your offense clicking very well. But outside of the power play. Yeah it hasn't been working for the sabres offensively. Andy need to be able to. Start on these parks and five on five jobless talking about it during his afternoon show there are near the bottom of the league. In course he percentage and I'm not a person that. It takes accorsi percentage. For gospel. For awhile. I need relieved. Did and understand it and why. It was this number that so many people put so much stock into. I thought you could kind of eat as a player you could it. Counting game course see if you wanted to. If you wanted to make sure that. Your course you stats look I think Evander Kane was probably accused of this for awhile because he would take shots from anywhere and you have got coursing numbers take shots from January you're gonna have good coursing numbers I didn't necessarily. You course yet this thing it's okay. They have possession of the puck in the offensive zone that's how they're generating shots and at. Creating more shots than the other team I'd unit is OK even you take a shot from anywhere. But where are the shots coming from I think that's more important. But being near the bottom of the league and teams that are had a view like Colorado oh in the New Jersey doubles. These teams these types of teams that. The avalanche do you have. Pretty good offensive players and our top six what you need to have more out of the sabres top six in the eyes of course C. Because. It's it's time this team starts baking that kind of that more of that ascension. A lot of people are expecting playoffs this year and within the organization. They were expecting playoffs see you go back to over summer. Damn miles must saying with BC beer median 95 point team without him maybe in ninety point team. Doesn't appear almost eagle on any ridiculous terror here that are going to be near that pace it seems like they're going to be. Right around where they were last year about a point per game. And injuries certainly played a factor in the beginning of the year. But it wasn't something that carry over. And has significantly improved. With Jack Michael back in the lineup with Evander Kane back in the lineup with Ryan O'Reilly back in line with all of these guys in their together. It's not something that is significantly improved they had good runs in. January. And February. Until that might be an app I became and it really disrupted something good that they had going. I think it didn't help at the last game for the bye week was this and it which is just a complete annihilation viable Blackhawks. That's losing all mode Joseph and then not getting back on the ice for five days with that being the last game that you played. That professionals yeah he can't. The re. I know you're you're pulling the black hawk is just translate it just seems like that's the sort of thing that would be. So troubling is suspect you know bats last game you played. I think if that's an issue. The nets finished yet done. Eat at toughen up. Chicago Blackhawks. The way better than you guys. No crap gonna get blasted by the Blackhawks when you. Just were black hawks are playing back to back that night too but you just played a back to back game with saint Louis blues the night before. The afternoon before I think and it was 6 PM drop. Chicago had to travel gate at a harder road if you're looking like. The Blackhawks are better team and he had the break. It doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. You know because you played that team to a 32 overtime loss earlier in the year. Yeah and last nights to pull wasn't islanders lost eight to Ford of the hurricanes that mean they don't bounce back. That's your that's your eye and I'm just saying the fact that you know. It really is unfortunate that the last game for that bye week was such a terrible loss. And then you come bought come back with speakers after that to really just kick yourself bottom playoffs. Yeah I'm more worried about that I don't view that loss to Chicago as a bad boss I really don't. That you played a ton of hockey in the two weeks before that. You're playing the Blackhawks. Won the top teams in the league. Who was more Ross rusted then you work the sabres had played four games in five days at that point one. Sell the sabres were on the stretch of hockey where they are playing a lot of hockey at that time. And they had five days off OK you had distinct got to put that behind you got five days off here you gotta be looking hat especially if you're taking this really seriously. And your thinking OK come we're coming back we've got. The Colorado Avalanche not to mention a bye we that was very generous here and standings. Yeah see you didn't you did sink too far in the standings below that we've got the Colorado Avalanche the worst team in the league you come back. You put a sticker up against. You go to Arizona after that. You're looking Doug you're looking good in the new blow up third period lead. And they blow another lead to the Nashville Predators. It's just the eaten. Of people questioned the consistency of this team but this team is consistently inconsistent. So. I don't think it's a consistency issue you see flashes from this team but. Right now it's just. I don't think the talent is there they're just not a playoff team there's not a playoff team right now industrial by 518885525. If you've got Anthony infidelity Anthony what's going on man. Taylor dawn. According I think getting rid of too big name coaches between the youth is French either in my how we. Court or attract other freeagent coaches then that's gonna have any impact and Google sport entertainment. I personally think it has absolutely no impact whatsoever each of these guys are going if if files much does get fired after his second year here. And at the bubbles are truly worried about this. Image. Oh man we're gonna look like bad bosses if we. For your coaches after we signed a five year these guys are getting paid the. I might I might say it's actually the opposite it's more a suspect that they care that you're not getting the wins. That might actually paint the picture of these guys wanna win you better come in and you better be ready to get things done. Because guess what they want wins this is a win based business that's what it it's. Yeah I just I I'd want my owners to care. I don't think it's it would be. I'll think it's not an indictment against the goalless I think it would be worse. For. Coaches for me. Coaches are essentially. They're they're pretty interchangeable. Heads the talent on the ice that matters the most which I think that's why some people like allies down miles and getting so much he and the defense is amassing needed to be taking a look at that and who's in charge of the defense to Murray. Why isn't he getting more heat for this. Coaches' demeanor are fairly interchangeable. In this thing. A coach's job in the end is that you don't they have to make the most of account that's given to them. And coming into the season a lot of us thought this team could contend for a playoff spot. And for most of the year they did. Even with an injury to Jack article said the season. Even with Evander Kane cracking some ribs to start the game shifts to start after the first game. It just seems that buffalo didn't get the job done and sometimes that is the coach's job is that they do. Respond and they do content. It 30551888550. To 550 if you wanna get your thoughts in here if you're making out on hold. We'll take your call after the break and I kept listening to WGR. Actually a different player right now than when he wasn't as stepped out here last year and with the California trip so the same time it's going to be a tell us from. It's one you know kind of interest in this vehicle through. It. There's sabres head coach. Dan vials of law sabres at Seattle's eighth might handle thirty puck drop. Of course you can hear it all right here on WG area last year this sabres went out while stands. Jack Michael was essentially shut down no points in those three games but. In that time Ryan O'Reilly. Was also injured so Jack Michael was the the true number one there and it'll be interesting to see how he reacts because last year. The by the Fed Q is different where last year he was a different player last year and he could certainly see it in his past twenty games or sell. Is that when he six points in his last nineteen games he's almost at eight point per game pace. And it's back and it's been a joy watching Jack I call and it's just unfortunate that this team right now. Campy batter because. Man. It's gonna happen some day. But watching Jack cycle in the playoffs is gonna be. A joy I think and some of these other players on this team to if they're still around when that time comes but it's it's just disappointing to see. I goals great care here. Go to waste Evander Kane who's been scoring and high clip his side's goal scoring ability that's seems to be going to waste but. What do you wanna see on the sabres what are you wanna see out of the sabres for these last few games you wanna see some of these younger guys get hadn't been in the lineup more or whether it be Justin Bailey has been in the line up for awhile. A Hudson bashing is what the team making the trip. But it appears that he's going to be scratched tonight and nick glory is going to remain in the lineup. Rusty out bashing because. Yeah yeah because. Hey man you got to game point streak that alert on a tour and boy streak on your right K also myself but can you really take that door you out when he's on his hottest terror of the entire season the answer is now. The answer is apparently now. So this weekend Saturday nights the sabres did any. Beyond the blue and gold. Series they it's their little series that they do there on nine series they play it. During intermission and the Vigo two sabres game. And this one was about the brawl and only to dimension. Which brawl I'm talking about here the Wilbur all. It's it was about that it was it was a well done piece and I saw something. It was die by the blade by Indy Bora and and it's the headline is it's time to move beyond the brawl and eight. Have to agree with this because. It's he goes down the whole article posted on my Twitter so you guys can take read. Of that but ID. That that time that time the the rivalry between Ottawa and buffalo was super d.s team verbal really good they were. In the playoffs against each other the year previous. And they had always play each other extremely tough. But this is the moments that is back and celebrated. I guess from that air as opposed to. Some of the bigger moments that. Deserve more celebration. Whether BE. That seven to six. Ottawa game from the year before in the playoffs energies apartment bills shorthanded goal. They they could have done these. In depth pieces on those and they do a great job over at the blue and gold all of those those pieces that they do are really really excellent and I recommend watching a lot but there's ban all of these moments. Here that could have banned moved. Forward to the bad cabana a tenth anniversary. Of those that all 516 this 06 or seven presidents. Trophy winning teams these are teams that brought back a lot of hockey passion. In the Western New York area and I understand the brawl was there was a lot going on there was a lot of moving pieces to that. And it was it was cool to get that perspective. Of at a mirror and Andrew Peters and I'll name you used. Obviously this was a project that was done. Throughout the entire season it was a project that was used because you have got Wendy rocket got primary. In this video. Got Ryan Miller in the video you've got all the pieces there so this super sting video bought. There's there's other moments here that could have gotten. Celebrated. More than those from that time and that was. That time there was that was a moments where. You were fired up with that team the passion that you felt with the team at that point was very. After that. Egos and talk about it here he he makes west anymore and I had to die by the blade seriously let's make the make. Eight list of about 98 related sabres moments from 0727. Team that you can remember here's mine Chris stories tying goal in game against the Rangers and seconds left. Ryan Miller brewing about becoming an American hero for three months. But he the president's trophy aside and drafting I call the Google family buying. A lot of those are you know great on the ice moments holocaust and they're really amount to anything but those. To Rollins to the playoffs. And it appeared that the sabres are going to be essentially out of it in ball. 2010 and 2000 lab and to me those runs to the playoffs. Always got. Always on always fun when you're in the middle of a playoff race but otherwise. It's not real he. Oh lots suit celebrates from on the ice perspective. And there are other moments ago celebrated but yeah. Move past this idea. Of the brawl and it kind of celebrating it dads this big moment doubtless so polarizing. Between these two teams realty. Galvanized fan base behind this hockey team that was already happening the passion for this hockey team and and rekindle. With the previous season. And I've been advocating I think it said on the show probably ten times. How the sabres have not released. Eight greatest games series. Is beyond me if you include Becky because that's probably one of the greatest games. Putting dinner but fans would eat this up the good put in the seven to six. 76 game there's. Playoff game from the ninety's May Day. Among others. Let's get hand in four overtimes cash it makes seventies aids. There are a ton of gains that can be used. For this type of project for this type of thing to be released in the sabres can make huge merchandising money opposite the Pittsburgh Penguins and it got. Stanley cups. But they've already released two volumes of great schemes twenty games released on dvd. For their fans to eat up and we have the greatest moments of the team way. And there are these types of things that the sabres could do and there are so many games that could be used in that series in that. Ten games. There's games that I don't even remember. Point 91 missed games that I don't even remember games from the 70s80s. Not sure. How well stick around but there's so many games that could be used for something like that and there's so many other moments that we should be celebrating here. Don't be above the above brawl was a great time I wish I was there. But it's. And just. It's wish there was more attuned to celebrate gas in these these past. However many years it's it's it it's almost as if it's the defining moment all I don't hardee's dot those teams and I don't think it should be the defining moment of the two teams there. I'm sorry I got way more chills with. The overtime game against Philly when Danny Briere scored nor time. I got more chills way more chills I was at the sabres Rangers game five. Killings tied it up. And then a pentagon was there to score in overtime that game was probably the coolest moment a mile. You know what the brawls the brawl. But you know what it's about time we start celebrating. Everything else that this team has dot. You know meaning something that it's so it's a ball will kind of thing where people this awful gravitate toward the the third buying grind kind of moments. You know. That the Campbell you know you look at that it can watch it over and over again. Let's forget the fact that you know embassy were playing flyers in overtime they blew up the flyers several times in this here's our number. Ken Hitchcock's agreement Lindy Ruff because his teams get lit up in the playoffs. So you know. 76 buffalo Ottawa that team was slow. Ascent to pencil out no idea yeah that's an all timer games such a back and forth. The pond the local before that you were on the edge your seat every sect it. Because you like I don't wanna lose to Ottawa I don't want to lose all my god were advancing. You know it was it's affordable at big moments. That you want to see the Carolina series. They are hanging in in game seven with probably their tenth eleventh defenseman playing second line minutes. This was you know this was a pair of teams those two years there were truly special they need to get some more recognition other than Tate. We fought we fought a bunch of guys here airs here and I made sure not to Todd Bertuzzi Jason Spezza the you know Adam Mair I got to him credit for that to this date for not Todd Bertuzzi in the guy pitch he saw him a little bit behind them and like throw a bit of a punch. But you know congratulations for not Todd Bertuzzi and the guy that moment could've gotten a lot darker NC resistor. They go to baton but they fully get and like I said it was I'm not saying that this wasn't a necessarily rates moments. Again that was a great game that was another one of those games goes back and forth it was. I guess that's like the epitome of the Ottawa series back could be when those that rivalry was super high. But I just I think about that that 0506 sabres Ron there's so many games in the air that. All love to see lake remastered and HD someone just some just accident at 555 of the above sea games with the French connection. Mean do I never accept down about able the largely in nice 1970s game was Joseph bare for all. And all of those like Rick Maher and runny Robaire. In grand easy they all of those guys above to be able to sit down and watch like a remastered version. A just a great game could be from the 75 playoff Ron. There are just a team that errors. A million goals late we don't see anymore are getting a ton of goals in the goaltenders are all over on their asses on the. The wide open areas of the eighty's and ninety's where you had people getting beat out of their pants all the time. Reconnect the stand base you know what the younger crowd that seeing Jack Michael play you know. But then see the days of Pat LaFontaine Alex Mogilny ripping it up. You know let them see the French connection let them really get to some of the history. Of this team you should the pillars outside of keybank senator with all the plaques and everything like that. What a great way to go ahead and seat history rang you might need Billick. Get a copyright on this or something so that it. I don't you know don't deserve it copyrighted sits at some loyalty just I just feel I agree it's too got a good idea. If royalties. But it's not even in that great at its it's a great idea. But it's it's not heart idea to come guy is kind of the way that I feel it's an incentive there there are it's hot trying to help you man and now I know I know we're trying to get meet Kader so confident but it's. It's it's something that's. I don't know it just seems so obvious that there are so many of these teams from. I don't even know I can even a new game from the seventies. And eighties and these great high scoring match ups. From that air that we don't see anymore in the ninety's you have. A ton of those types of games in in the playoffs they sabres work off in the playoffs. There's so many games that are just lost that you could bring back it. Tight as you back to those teams nobody backed of those 990 and everything you loved about that run in 99 nor. Bring you back to those times and just it gives you a way to connect with the team on a deeper personal level especially if your hand. From back then it's something that just makes complete sense. When you think about it because you can revisit those and really those moments that. Brought you to this team and really grew your law of for this team. For me it's that seven to six game and pomp and they'll scoring. That'll five or six years the year where it was. Yes my heart grew three sizes for the Buffalo Sabres in those moments and now like to be able to read of that money. Nice remastered. Richter and rec call. Basis. That threatened here's a game where the sabres set the record for most points in a game. From you know collective goals assists total. From all the players generosity set a record for most points scored. In any game. Yeah magnet that lineup and with that when an a texture comes in with how about the game for the red army you guys so I was that's a great tech. That's lose them one I was just looking up sounds like OK yeah there is that game and you forget that the best neighbors. In the game against the Soviet wings and ended up. Beating them twelve to six. The game and the brutal honesty twelve goals and game from your team yet it's it would be great so there's there's a lot more games out there that I don't know about. If you got any ideas for games it should be an agreed to schemes that. For the Buffalo Sabres you gain. She'll meet taxed here 55550. It after me on Twitter at Ryan underscored WG guard Derrick you that you put you here let's get an actor Kramer WGR or you can make me work and call it a three over fifty. Precisely in 030550 or the phone numbers here if you wanna pop in on that he want comments. About just what you wanna see from the sabres for the rest of the season. Is it more of Jack Michael indeed crazy pace that he's back and we'll talk about some of the numbers with Jack cycle. You can project him over the course of the season and he kind of see where he winds up with some of the other top young talent in the league. And he looks pretty good if you project all the stuff over fall season. So wall won't talk about all that's coming up next segment it's the nightcap you'll see new WGR. Back here in the nightcap grind games and they're cleaver analogy here up until the hallway about pregame show at 930 tonight puck dropped 1030. From hand San Jose. For the Buffalo Sabres got a text from my friend Mitchell he mentions the five to nothing red wings game. When hash it got returned to HSBC arena. After getting traded I remember this game very vividly. Because I was a very pumped up for that team I'd done at two games then. Of the 2001 playoffs against the penguins with my dad and my grandfather. It was it was a bonding moment between vida gates none. The gates generations of nine right there and I remember that Napoli coming down the eyes hashes right in front of us. Baghdad the Ares is Kansas phase of them like it come. Concert score here and cash it. And then of course. Turned back there's period cast brightness take shots and their stash X skating off the ice for. For the last time ever in our remember the game has actually came back and the sabres were taken it too long. It was there on the penalty kill. In Max the Pentagon office in the penalty box and next on again off was my favorite player at that time was my first Jersey got a Max pentagon Jersey my favorite player. He stops on the penalty box gets the pass goes in on a breakaway. Scores get cash or cash or did he ate and I was is this about where my. Like my dreams began of being kind of sports writer type because at a old typewriter that my grandma my commitment partial typewriters around. And you'd find ink forum and let justice you know mess around with deals typewriters. Went upstairs in my room and the soul typewriter in there and I wrote up a a piece about how the sabres and the last dated hash it. On his return to to buffalo. So yet F five to nothing game that's all that's been at least memorable than me but I there's there's a lot a lot of personal meaning behind that for me. Not the fault got a market cap more market you got gas and sabres games the past. Yes. A few that come to mind. On the Poland about closely emergency seventy early 1981. Played on a lately some odd. In a bottle. Destroyed at least 144. Scored nine goals. In the second period and I believe that shall record. I'm golden period but it team in the NHL. Yeah I'm pretty sure that is still a record yeah. Another one that comes to mind certainly you know 92001. Commemorative bottle limited in the flyers. Gained six week nothing. Could solve goalie Rick I think mr. Atlantic with the goalie Gregory received and we had no it has been in the playoffs we lit a mop. And we destroyed believe Leo suppliers according to Q8 to nothing. In the arena that was sweet. Of course. I'm sure you remember 1987. Derek Plante in overtime and Ottawa. Yes Ron Tugnutt. Yet Celek that I was there for that one that's the only game southern. Buffalo Sabres have ever want. Out of it what 45 tries it is hard to believe that they've only won one and all the in the 47 years streak. In another one if I certainly think he brought it up. Seven to six over Ottawa in game 10 that 05 series both six. Yes. That that's a that's hub of personal game for me is Somalia that's you had a lot of good recommendations variants. I I doom. I've talked to Paul Hamilton about this before I think and thanks for the call mark balls hard fourteen to four is that's what the kind of game that I'm talking about watching. All of their sabres team just destroy. Someone. Fourteen of foreign nine goals in the second period. The were leading Toronto wanted nothing after the first period and you know it's scored nine. I'm trend doesn't look up. Joseph their parole hat trick. Michael meek shall we shall Little Rock he yields on nine goals in the second period. This from 1981. This game fourteen to four ouch via fourteen to four you have that game seven game legion of doom. That's the legion of doom call. From wrecked Jenner rats. A famous one I forgot about the eight to nothing it just absolutely destruction. Of the Philadelphia Flyers in 2001. Because when I think of like lighting up the flyers think of that 05 or six series one and it was Robert touch. Coming out of the net and just losing his mind when they were down like five to nothing in the second period. Of game two against the sabres of that series. So if there are there's just so many games and it would be absolutely worth it and I think a lot of sabres fans would eat up the opportunity to be able to. Two and be able to watch these games you you talk about the games Ivins to. The only game sevens that I know of and I would have to I'll do little digging in for. Are the game seven's there's that 97 dare plant which they win. And that and the ones in my lifetime that I obviously stick out to me is. The Pittsburgh and ones. I just talked about game seven in buffalo after class scheme is Saber. Obviously heartbreaking Carolina in game seven there. And I know it's Philadelphia. In 20111. When we are encouraged to sign DiLeo and when we are encouraged assigned Ville Leino because of that game six overtime goal. And that that game is very blurry to me because I drink a twelve pack of Miller high life during the course of the entire game. Because. For that game. We are we at a rituals for watching I was in college at times we have rituals that we we stuck with. And I've gotten there must not working out of college radio station or some had gotten her just the game starting. In the first period happens and awful almost escaped that first period game seven against the flyers in 2011. Being out shot like sixteen or eighteen to two something ridiculous like that five minutes of the game like home and it's going to be along games start. Play donny's nor highlights a little more aggressively. And they don't escape the first period they give up a gold really weigh in that period. They end up losing that game I finished OPEC Miller high life that I went back to my dorm Allison very depressive trunk. And I also drink a a leader of red wine and needless to say the kind of my night was. Very very very very very nice. Like to see yours. Game seven. Being at Massey has. I was much last year by the end well. I would say big project an out after that was much faster. Well yeah that contract was down that was like one goal came and he just. They they think Brad Richards gap read our teams lining up for Brad Richard Nixon you know consolation central. I will say Brian mast rusty cars on this program sometimes. He called the Ville Leino assigning two months before it happened. He's like. Ville Leino is the type player that the sabres are gonna go after. And than they did it and it's it was a sad day. You know 30551888550. To 550 are the phone numbers here if you got any a great sabres games from your youth. They you want to and on this this classic game lists that I'm gonna start compiling insanity it was in sabres. Here's a list of thirty games chose ton and pick on among dvds in its solemn. People buy him a promise god games they want. Recommend the a 30551888. By fifty to fight if your shoots taxed at 55515. Is the nightcap listening to WGR.