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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Wednesday, March 15th

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Nightcap it was a surreal experience. It's I've never quite done anything like this with Ryan geeks. Yesterday I had seven Twitter followers. And two of them were my grandmother because she forgot her password and had to do it over. And now I have a couple hundred which just seems bizarre to me I don't know why people care what I have to say. On WGR. Our guys trying gates thing out of you here at the nightcap here for. Right here very right with you here tomorrow the NCAA tournaments. Kick off the first round he got your play in games tonight one on and right now. Tomorrow it's one and all the action starts happening and who's a good time to get time for buffalo it's great to have all of these teams here. It's not ideal. Last week the weather was better. Hopefully things walled continued to. Right now I'm looking I don't know know where you guys look outside and studios and it is stopped snowing this news at a peak it out through some clouds it looks pretty nice out there right now. And I'm hoping that then that'll be some of the weather that is at tomorrow and we're gonna have all of these fans one in the streets of buffalo. Look at. Go to our local staff publish minutes have a good time. And it's it's just one of those one of those things the tournament it is so unique in what it rains. And I am super pumped for it to be in the area tomorrow I wish I would be. Able to go check it. Had down to via the downtown area for a little bit. Maybe between gains or maybe even in. My forehand just to check out the scene I'm actually going to be off tomorrow I'm going to see concert in Toronto with Brian as Ross give W beyond. So I'm gonna be our two miles I might be able to check out. At the scene around. The arena and how everything's looking. Practices as they are having their practices today. Our own ads the QB examiner. Bill will be here in from a brain calls Il he'd join me on Monday we got a little preview he's gonna be doing a little more. In doubt football players you should be watching that kind of stuff that's coming up at a as well as Joseph being Joseph beamer over at WBI and ease I'm with sandy beach she's also producer of the morning show there with brightness while skiing Susan rose. He he was out there hanging out he's a big of Virginia Tech fans so he's a guy that is super pumped to beat. Have to have this team here he's a guy that goes out every year he gets says he gets a season tickets for his Virginia Tech football. And then he goes down he makes the trip every year there's kids nuts but he I'm not sure if you guys have. Had the pleasure of Joseph be murdered if he's ever. Grace to these airwaves he will later tonight. But it's the type of caddie he loves his team so much that this is this is sometimes. His weekends. In September and October when there's college football and a fellow gone he's a Virginia tax season ticket holder he's also a buffalo bills' season ticket holders. So some weekends they both have on games he'll drive down to Virginia tucked to Blacksburg Virginia. Call party. For the Virginia attack game on the Virginia Tech game. All home. And just drive through the night and called directly to the bills' game. Set up is tailgate and get the bills game and get doing what he loves to do so we're gonna have him on as well I'm sure he'll have. A lot to say about Virginia Tech and what's gonna be like for him to I have his team. Come to Tony's been paying attention bracket for a long time and I now. That he's he's super pumped to have his team in town everything kicks off tomorrow. Afternoon. It starts web. Notre Dame. And it. Princeton Notre Dame in Princeton and then in the second half of the first segment of games it's going to be West Virginia. And buck now and then later games at Villanova on mount Saint Mary's to. Beat. New Orleans and nail biter last night's 67 to a sixty sex and then the nightcap. Now the show butts. Virginia attack and Wisconsin so if you're out of the games this weekend. And what's what some of your favorite things about having the tournament in town for me it's just this you've done. Is it's not like anything that we really get to have around here in buffalo and you can go there and you get this atmosphere. That's pretty unique for our. The kind of seen that we have here in buffalo also want to mention Al Burton and Wesley we've been mentioning him well throughout the day here he was earlier with. Howard Simon and Jeremy White summit be bringing you. His interview as well and we might hear some. From a bunch of the other coaches that were down there I know my job beamer was gathering sound so we might hear from some of the coaches. Batter into our own for that turn into but anyways as I was saying. That this is one of those events where. It's again it's almost a national holiday the effort for some people it's one where your your sit network. By. You got the you've got the NCAA alive. You're keeping track of everything you've probably got your bracket. Say it right there you might have an office pool bracket urged to bracket you've been doing with your bodies for a while you might have your squares. You might have all these different things keep your interest and and those first couple days of games where really a lot of the upsets happen. And a lot of the big moments the big shots that become. Iconic. That's an a lot of that is going on Indy can live some of those moments. Don't here in buffalo and buffalo is batten a host for this event for awhile and they continue to do. A great job with it and people now are coming in and probably seen all the snell. They're like army and classic awful I'm not sure I saw this earlier. But I saw him. Someone. It's gonna bother me I want to make sure I get it right side. Some of them was pretty much say. What would it what would you expect from from buffalo lake buffalo halts the NCAA tournament and of course is going to be super snowy there in. Great whether it's buffalo this is what happens in buffalo doesn't matter it's a summer it doesn't matter if it's winter. Do you think about buffalo evening abouts now. And kinda got stinks because we just had the image on left here this huge event for professionals week. And the weather. Was gorgeous. All week long on the out of baton there was outdoor activities that you could take part in that hole. The fans celebration right outside of the NHL draft it was eighty degrees and sunny every week and I'll show open the ball Barbara do her show live from canal side. Just hanging out on a beautiful summer day in buffalo. And last week. That was 5060 degrees some days into where we get a snowstorm that hits the entire northeast. Now or pretend like it's buffalo raised his buffalo that as the snow here. We'll disappointing to it appeared something like that but. People got to understand. This will be deal with in buffalo but it but it how we live we continue to live even though that there's snow here you're coming here to enjoy this tournament. It sounds a little bit you. These teams are coming from necessarily far away from places that have never seen snow the Philadelphia. Indiana Wisconsin and it plays ball seems now it's these people and they know how to deal with. But the national perspective we always try to rebel against that national perspective of you sought in if you were watching the OJ meet in America series. I think it was the first episode they talk about buffalo. And especially back and they talk about the perception of buffalo and I forget which are ones but he is like buffalo. Was like Siberia. League. Just called frozen and waste land essentially. And it's in case you with here you know and appreciative acquire out there right now everybody knows this league you get to a nice. Buffalo summer last summer was just incredible was a great summer. Sunny 75. Ago that it's it was great. But that's. We get the big stories for the snowstorm to get seven feet of snow drought Sonja. In a matter of 24 hours and obviously that's had once come from and now we've got to turn it down and that's the biggest snow storm that we've had. All year long that decides to you know pop in right now it's not even wake facts now which is much. Particularly known for known for the the lake effect snow but this is. A nor'easter the nor'easter that's covered not just buffalo but many other parts of the northeast. I hope it does not stop anyone stretchers aren't gonna stop anyone from showing up having a good time. Going out seeing our local restaurants and now there's so much more going on down there and just happy that term make him come back and buffalo seems to continue to do a great job web hosting it so I hope that it'll be back again in another few years in that area wall. Continue to grow and continue and then maybe. Buffalo is also. Putting an embed the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference who is. The whole stove the tournament here it's the combination of niece is in Niagara you're gonna be putting in a bid for the frozen four which is the hockey version of the final four. And a couple years. So he got the world juniors making their way. Two. Buffalo so Buffalo's becoming a place we always talk about. Buffalo is a place. As a Mecca form. Hockey events especially in in the United States might be one of the best place to hold hockey events because there's such a strong passion for hockey. But these opportunities. Make it so it's like okay buffalo. It doesn't just have to beat hockey events to happy the world juniors the frozen for the NHL draft the draft combine doesn't have to just Beatles balance can be. Even. The NCAA is if there's a new stadium in the works for the bills may be eventually it's it's a final four. You can get these events once you get that the stadium seat belt a stadium in Minnesota and on the first thing in the end up getting is that suitable. So you you have these events and just proves that. Now we can't we get into in house on the negatives. Right sharing is something that is awful the last make some headway into. But I'm sure. If if that's about comes back in a few years. I don't think that's going to be much of an issue anymore. Right now it's an issue but I think will progress. To make that no longer an issue in have people be able to. Access rides anyway they want whether it be on the phone call someone for taxi cab. They'll be they'll be an issue that's solved. It says one of my favorite events didn't. This sports calendar those first. The first weekend of games because he does that you have action going on all day it's nonstop action. Starting at noon going until. Almost midnight. There's always games. Games overlapping each other you can flip from channel to channel whether it's true TV your TB and TB. TNT TBS. CBS. Yet all these channels gone now wants some people have multiple screens going at once I know when I was in college even. I'll probably do it tomorrow we got multiple TVs setup in my living room I'll probably have a couple. Computer setup so I could be keeping an eye on all the action now once that's why this is one of the best to balance because it's so engrossing. I can just suck you win. From the get go in buffalo as a as a good guy who's gonna be calling all the games here legend and broadcasting community burned Enqvist so it's like okay. The bottles metal legend here in his broadcasting jobs he's going to be calling these games as you look around buffalo Ali you had. Bob Huggins earlier talking about how much he loves buffalo Ali has gone fishing here he's taken fishing trips up to buffalo that he was glad that they came to buffalo. So Buffalo's getting a lot of play. In all the snow still out there they're going to simply nationally from the coaches and they're never gonna say on and what it terrible host city by may be buffalo. Can continue to show. What they have as a host city and the basket and keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger and that's ultimately the dream gonna get to burn one quick steer her in the Enqvist. He joined Howard and Jeremy this morning we are comforting and four children Bulldog are Jeremy because of the punch. They do that sometimes they beat disciplines they govern Enqvist and then coming up later Joseph Bieber he's gonna pop has had in here. After he gets back from the arena. Gathering some sound from the coaches from players he'll be popped his head back and here are gonna have him on talk about Virginia Tech. We'll talk about the fan experience and I'll college experiences different. From a typical professional experience and Branko zeal on eight and will do lay out more in depth preview. Of the teams that are going to be coming up tomorrow. And what what match ups what ideal match ups Brian would have moving forward into the weekend right now burn marquis on with already Jeremy. It is tourney time we're we're really delighted to have this guest on the show I'm not saying this because he's on hold and he's hearing us intra him if you listen to the show. You know Jeremy been talking about a for years but you know we Holdman. High regard as as really legendary rock living legend Gladys yes it is burn Lundqvist and he is in town. Calling the buffalo games in the NCAA tournament and we're really delighted to have more on our show spurted soured in Jeremy good morning and welcome to the show first off thank you come anomalous. Well you bet it's a pleasure guys are you doing. And although I think about it now I'm gonna guess there were not too many interviews over the years you've been introduced and the threat they trashed you and the talk shows say now joining us. One of the worst play by play man and his broadcasting Vern welcome to the show. In Alabama. So this is your 33 year covering this tournament and I'm one of the things I wanted to ask you about. Up of all the things you have broadcast over your illustrious career. NCAA tournament games we're stuck up with some of the other many assignments you've. Well it's it's a privilege to get to do this side I was lucky enough to do the first one CBS did. In 1982. And I'd I've done all but the reason that I ticket. A brief couple copy and we lost the NFL. In 94. I stayed for a year that I went over to turner sports ironically there are our partners now. And I was determined through three years of doing the NBA in the NFL also I missed the tournament them. I came back to CBS in 98. And Sean McManus is kind of up to say yeah. And then they paired me with pissed at all. Elderly gentleman. Admit they must soldier on boys and he's done pretty well as it was bill rectory. Yeah. Raft and I were together for fifteen years and if you enjoy and the band. Your enjoyment of it is an enhanced a thousand times if you're lucky enough to get to do would bill. So the first time he used onions what was your reaction. I fell on the I'd I'd I'd do a lot of speeches in the end. Use a lot of highlights. What I do know my usual other video it's easier wouldn't. Tried it is to stretch out the bad story. And we were doing Ohio State's do you have a poet and maybe eight or nine years ago mountain. And but given Ronald Moore for CNN there was an 89 seats there wasn't a big upset. But Seattle is holding its own with Ohio State. And as the clock was winding down. In the first overtime. There's Ron Moore took a Korean candidate. And immediately my apartment yelled I'm just. Now we go to the second overtime. And Ohio State's scores to go up by one whip ten seconds ago let's say. And here comes Ron Moore again and this blocked it was used around. He launches another three hits and at the Seattle Williams and bill would I didn't. Order. At. He's so memorable I mean it's it's you know all right you Selma. And he's he's every bit. As nice a guy. As as you would hope that he would be he's just. He is sort of my dear dear friends and Jolie and my wife Nancy are good friends and so for us. Get together at least fourteen year even the throughout around the basketball court. Are there other games over the years from the tournament that stick out in your mind is as some are you more memorable events to be around all. Oh sure there was tidbit from buffalo they've done Christian and later yeah but. Will he he had a game for the ages in 92. And we were in Philly and I was sort of mountain where Leo more. You're the duke game against that this. Not stuck here. Out. Out millennial Florida ironically our producer for this event Craig silvers. He had I've worked together for thirty years and Craig was a producer of that game. It is just you never know guys. You get aside to a site you hope something exciting breaks out of that case. I I picked Villanova would disagree that do content he was greatest in government. You know that Chris Jacobs shot last year was pretty remarkable. But worked for us old guys. Who relish having. Participated in what is still regarded by many as the best game ever played college basketball. That's the biggest thrill I've ever had. Doing mr. Argument you've done so many events in so many sports resort was Ernie ever ever any sport you. Wish you had done more often than that. No not really. I did I get asked a lot about moving to I did baseball for one year in the sixties. I was starting out at the university of well let it Austrian. And myself to hear him in television and radio. I did the University of Texas baseball team. The full season and on the college World Series but that's it for baseball. And the one that I've never. Ever done and don't think I could do is hockey. I'd absolutely don't I'd love the sport I love it and purse. But I don't I don't know enough about it so I don't. I don't. I'm not sorry that I haven't done it but it's the one major sport at that support terrorism it other than Matt. I mean the heck I've done archery and ways. A bit of putting all and you have been the absolute staple of college football coverage for so long. Win year net now that you're done and it will you be a fan on on Saturdays we be just going to of those games a year. Can I just travel the country staying stay near home like how all your college football Saturdays look from now I don't know. I really don't know. I don't think anybody's been lucky enough. To have a final season. As pleasurable as mindless. We can't just let it by design. The folks at CBS just kind of let the ball and so there there was no intention. Of having some kind of farewell tour we're you know arm waving at the masters. That this. That was never my intent it was never CBS's intent but it. All of a sudden it by our first game last fall was UCLA at Texas they have them. And the Aggies got lovable and they are they are lovable as it's a great school great people. And they gave me a framed it. Jersey number twelve well look you know anything about they of them football to the twelve man this is a revered institution that provision. And then we put that on television world that can I kick started to race and and every stop. Would be a new wonderful surprise so. It was it was an extraordinary time of year capped by. Are we beating navy so I would want to change that saying about that last season it was the right thing to do Brad Lester will step them. But I rather expect the bad movement you lived in steamboat springs Colorado which is. A gorgeous gorgeous ski resort up in the northwest part of state. I watch it absolutely all watched and I'll probably do what people at home didn't scream abuse. That's it could have might. God what do you editing and I didn't I'd I'd I'd. Don't think I'll do that but they'll be a little bit of it but I will remain a fan I'd. I did the other itself for 1618 years I'm not even sure how many. And then what I was assigned to the SEC. In 2000 I thought it was a bit of a devotion that. I was number two guy the other fellows were within geared towards. Light was really good. And then all of a sudden I get a call mr. Rios which you. And it's just turned out to be the absolute best thing that ever happened to me professionally so I have. I evident during the love. Of the sport of college football and for the last seventeen years every Saturday afternoon for treatment after hours I put my blinders on to pretend world student athletes. And when you when you were in the moments in those games he did you ever want to be. Remembered that you love that fans remember your calls and remember that you lake. If if you're Auburn at Alabama fan or whatever great call that your voice is in that is the soundtrack to their favorite moment or their least favorite moment like. Is that something that you take pride in error that you loved over the course of your your career. It's certainly nothing and I aspired to. I don't think you couldn't you you couldn't be if you're lucky. Some great events some great moment war break out the front of you know and the challenges. To capture it. In the us of silly to put memorable way and I've been fortunate in that respect. That some of those moments have occurred while I was at the game. And I picked for the most part for the most part. I was equal to that took that challenge of that opportunity. And of course I take great pride event. But it's not something we use it won't say. Well I hope Chris Davis returned to miss Google 109 yards. And then then new plan what you're gonna side at a guy wants. A writer. Who just I guess didn't make it true. But it would Tiger Woods chipped it chipped the ball in the it to 62000. Bar. You know the ball it's a memorable shot didn't match is more. And he added 480 feet that took what ninety feet straight took a right turn and stopped on the lip of the hole and fell and in my response was in your life have you ever seen and it certainly. Well they just happen to that is it obviously expressing. What I think people at home felt I've never in my life seen anything like that as so we came out and I had a writer called me and say. Did you play a match. And I said are you suggesting that last I would like couldn't sleep. I thought if Tiger Woods as a 180 feet away from the hole since he and he has a ball that with the logo showing 41 point eight seconds. And it drops InBev I think also a in my life I've seen it. No you you just you redacted in ours. Is it craft a reaction. And and then I've been really blessed that I'd been a I've been pleasant to have a couple of memorable talks. Burned Lundqvist with a sauter AT&T hotline. We can keep gone all day I can't do that we have we appreciate you coming knowledge for given usher time insurance and stories and have a good I know it's here for Europe for business but had a great time I here in town here. Thank you probably relocated and are you guys in charge get this on back. Tenth and you don't you must have brought the snow from Colorado because we have had the mile this winter ever. You brought the snow. It was reported reason my own doctor that's pretty good and that's not here so now what this weather stuff you brought its ease. Get done and go out and go do some scathing article get out boy. Go it's relatively okay thank you add that great but we earned our right. Bernal and with the legendary broadcaster in town. With turner sports calling the buffalo games for the NCAA tournament. What a guy. What a diver and long question and some of his stories from his career. With our jammies Mori to catch that guy in or near I didn't hear the whole thing and WGR 53 dot com the brand new. WGR 550 doc bouncing check it out. On demand more German talk coming out with Joseph beamer bright cozy all. At eight this of the nightcap proceeded WGR. We always wanna go somewhere that's good weather and I. Yes absolutely you know we're we were excited to hear your gonna get twenty inches of snow. Now this is. We're we're really comfortable here it's great to play in the city but I really like buffalo I actually can earn more efficient. About them for which no other cultures contrition. Here's Bob Huggins a West Virginia as a head coach did talk about. He likes buffalo who has been around buffalo will talk about that with. Ankles feel coming up at the top of the hour some other news in Nelson Darko over it was earlier today. And Rea Holmes was. Reported from a couple guys microns and all of ESPN and then Mike rode act as well. After that that the bills had signed a contract to win. Hundred homes in its sense ban. Andre Hall just over two or was like hey listen guys. No. I didn't sign any contract as of right now in anything major hearing otherwise. It is just not true. Apparently this this contract it's it's part of the process of you you signed the contract in as an agent and and though NHL PA. Looks over its in his like OK it's cool and then the agent brings it to his client and they sign in itself. I don't know what exactly is going on. Bear but it sounds like there was just a confusion about the country that an NFL PA. In that. Rusty I know who sent out a tweet afterwards saying that he just it was a mistake he sought there. In the NFL PA's contracts action and so decide to report on applied it's not. At least as of right now it hasn't gone through so wool Woolsey will keep you monitored. And how bad is going moving forward but. A he's he's a bigger receiver 64. And he's the kind of receiver just an honor he had signed today. By the Pittsburgh Steelers so maybe he would fill back up and roll over the past few years. Win for Oakland he has scored touchdowns in in four seasons of Oakland's usually. Right around three or four per year and that's what Justin on a pretty much was last year B Andre Holmes hasn't had. A ton of the tar production in the past two years Big Three years ago yet a pretty nice year with the round forty catches. But now the previous two years he's been right route and fourteen receptions each of the past two years for touchdowns. Last year was three touchdowns so he's he's kind of that that same type of guy who he'd be a nice red zone threat for the bills. Big body to put down their but as of right now. There is not that there's nothing on him about it and officially be a Buffalo Bill. In Maliki he. As an opportunity I got to go around and be like K this is what the other bills are offering mean if you want to go down this route of the bills are offering me guys so. You need to. Need to step up this offer if you wanna give me also some notes from sabres. From last night obviously gave a loss. But it's. Justin Bailey. Injured blocking a shot so might be seeing Hudson fashion in the lineup would ban. Recalled for the Western Conference Trent. And then also all. Just in fault is expected to miss the next couple games so the sabres may be recalling. It defense min I probably Taylor for do unified answer to gas to make the trip over. And play in LA tomorrow night sabres still a couple more games this week 1030 LA. 10 o'clock in a high name on Friday. And it's. Things are not going well right now the sabres Jack Michael I mean fourteen minutes last night. He is finalist was being back and stints. As as Mike said. That line was out there for all from a bunch of the even strength goals all of even strength goals against. The sabres so maybe there was a message trying to besides. But I just don't know I missed it this team is team right now is it's so frustrating to watch and it's not. It's not getting any better so of those defense and we we mentioned yesterday to that gap in Beirut again in Beirut there was the defenseman from saint Lawrence University. He has been signed by the Dallas Stars it happened late last night the east starts Twitter account kind of announced it. But it became official today so sabres on Beirut here. The and Teepen victory and keep in. In the cage shell his team moved on to be cage fell leave conference finals so he's still playing over there. So of the sabres are expected to sign him as Friedman wrote. That seems to be the case he could be. Becoming a Saber after his season's over by. Picture much longer he's going to be playing hockey in the cage. To take a look at some of these matchups that are coming. To buffalo and obviously you've got past years. Number one. Got the number one overall seed in film although last year's champion. And it's. Now that uses. Different here. Once he still. But this is they can't be that team that's just well. Where the number one seed just roll through here Wisconsin. Wisconsin's one of those teams that's always in the tournament. Kaminsky few years ago we always know what to expect from them and currently the the midwest it's just like that and it blasts mentality. Grinding. The grinding hard nosed basketball at the and play strong defensively. And that's a team that's could be. Going up against Villanova in the second round as a tougher draw for Villanova. Five Wisconsin can beat Virginia attack while collegial beamer isn't here yet to start yelling at me that I'm saying that Virginia Tech. Maybe maybe you know non advancing in the tournament history probably try to fight me. But it's. Can be tough draw forward. Bill and all of moving forward in this tournament and even throughout the rest of the region you look at the rest of the region and do is. In that region with Villanova and duke has been playing. Some really good basketball has blades. It's it's not going to be an easy path for Villanova. All in this tournament and then you look at some of the best match ups typically. Tend to be. The lows. 125. Match ups in the and you do get one here. In buffalo he policy at the thirteen and form a job I don't have this gathright mean by believe a twelve seed has advanced and most of the past. Few years of the tournaments is it twelve seed usually. If you're I'll be picking eighty upset pick in your bracket. A twelve seed is usually a good back to you. Make that that and it's Princeton. Princeton. The Ivy League is the last league to have held a conference tournament. It was the first year they held a conference tournament Princeton went into it this year. Wave in undefeated conference record ago they win the Ivy League tournament. And I was watching that game fans. Rushed the court for the first Ivy League tournament win in program history and conference history. I just don't understand well how they ever had a conference turned four is ideally it's one of the oldest leagues. That exist and it never had a conference tournament just on the old school. The the top of the leaderboard. Gets the automatic bid and now things are gonna be changing in the Ivy League where it's gonna indeed just that. This year it really didn't matter because Princeton. They are the runaway in the regular season they went right through the Ivy League tournament. I just can't leave that it was the first year any tournament was being howled. For the Ivy League one of these really old institutions. That have been around for a long time never public concern old school. All school Ivy League was sticking it old school and today they finally came around conference tournaments have got to be. One of the best. And it spears especially if it's close to places where fans can get to. It firfer UB for UB when those games. Are in Cleveland. For the Mac tournament and UB gets to the finals of the Mac tournament. It's only three hour drive for hours student at UB I would make that drive. Even throughout the tournament make that two or three hour drive and never very reliable car. Back then in fact at one point I was driving this this old shabby. Two sabres are party in the plazas on during the Boston Bruins theories. And we're we're driving back and forth I'm I'm the one who took it upon myself to start driving my parents didn't even want me to bring this car up to school. Because it was though it wasn't very reliable. But I. You know I like Coke and bring an anyways whatever. In though won't try and back and forth between buffalo. And Rockport. And they don't want me doing that cause they knew it wasn't wasn't a good car. And eventually what happened was I was driving home and luckily I did manage to make it into the parking lot I park my car. I was driving home in. The alignment was was really starts I'll be driving in it you know when you're driving. You've got here your hands at the what is it twelve and twelve. Tied into. Tend to us what they tell you got keeper and attend to driving along so again my hands tied into whenever I had to keep a man like twelve ends. Four I guess it is but it would be I mean I drove with one car. So I'll I'll just have that twelfth but imagine if you're driving. The tan and juice dial. And yet keep your steering wheel turned with like twelve and four where your hands are. That's where my steering wheel had to be just drive straight. And how would make turns and onetime I mean a turn and there was like a nice. So there was this big noise and I continued driving and actually got this parking lot. Drive down this parking lots like eight Al sleet you drive Dowd you took a lot and you get to the place where there was parking spots. While so I drive down and make it in there there's a tree class right outside this parking lot she heroes and targets and I'm driving in there. Do and just make it then and then I can and driving down at the turn laughed I can no longer make this turn and turn my steering wheel laughed. Can't do it. Have to make like 27 point turn to get in and described on where the cars apart and you know there like 38 point turn to get my car parked. Turns out that the the steering wheel had at rusted out and I needed new steering. But anyways if I had and a new BUB student. In that conference tournament was super close. Three hours away a three hour drive to Cleveland RB make the trip out there I think our efforts tournaments. Our our super cool because your your plane for the right to get and the the big dance which for some of these smaller schools like TU BE. You get in there that is pretty much the prize you know that you be isn't gonna make this. Majestic Cinderella run to a championship the national championship. But you get in there you get a game you play nice game you play a big opponent. And it's it's pretty nice to just see your team out there on the national stage and that's what the conference tournaments are about self. I just a surprise that Ivy League and have a conference tournament because. That's what it's all about it's it's those chances. Ivy League usually sends one school so that's one school it's it's all on the line right there. And it sides a huge important games on just shocked they didn't have one. I know if I was any ED one school. And had the opportunity to seize on conference tourney games Libya making those runs there close enough to me I'd go super early you're gonna take a break. When we come back at more turnip bright colosio coming up at 8 o'clock with me here on the nightcap. Back here in the nightcap Bryan gates bright cozy old coming up and non. A few minutes here. Hear from Joseph beavers well. Bought them out at the practices to aid down and keep examiner. So we'll hear what was going on down there. So the players and the coach talking Hampshire tea they'll talk to them. A report coming out from Arthur staple Newsday. Sabres likely to be playing was kinda. Well not ten years ago this year but in 2018. The winter classic sabres are likely to be playing in that Citi Field in Queens. And yeah I've given ninth. USA Canada. Also going to be playing an outdoor game at new airfield. Right around this same time. They've got the gonna have the the ranks up there but they have decided that while. Reportedly. And decided that Citi Field. It's going to be the place where the next classic was and they'll be the ten year anniversary of the way our classic and the sabres were gonna be back in it. A reportedly. So that's pretty cool that's pretty cool if the the sabres get back here into the winter classic a decade after they hosted it the first line. I know that's memorable for a lot of fans in memorable. For just. Pretty much anyone in buffalo that the like god snow globe that day you got your little. Moon thing in the past snow blow be here skaters on the area shaken up that's what. So the word class globally when it was in buffalo so that the sabres could be participating in it again. Saw some quotes from right don't I Lee and Jack Michael talking about it from my Carrington in the Buffalo News. And able sounded super excited about it Ryan Reilly saying that it would be. Awesome he's always want to play in one has gotten an opportunity. So I'm not sure if there's going to be. Any official time that the NHL decides to announce this. But I as of right now according to a report from Arthur staple of Newsday the sabres will be participating in the winter classic next year bowl keep view. Up to date with the latest on that coming up next Broncos deal. Well join me. Talking more about. Some of the the cool stuff around the NCAA tournament the coaches. The matchups some of the match ups outside. Of buffalo in how the match ups in buffalo can affect its well we're not talk about. All of that comes and knocks bright cozy old and my calculus two to WGR. No effect rhythm rhythm with Ryan geeks love who pulled him. For the red shirt only takes up the good the guy is cool but clearly don't look good look digital. You're not gonna did Clinton into our food looked good so please stop. One W. Thank chairman nightcap for our one more hour the NCAA tournament it is common that you. Tomorrow may playing games are going on right now. A couple of sixteen seeds playing that's in the second half another one of those. Close games but hey it's gonna be in falsely tomorrow and it's one of those great athletic days. And the calendar where you can just. You circle it you know when it's coming yeah a couple weeks before hands and you know all day long it's going to be just basketball basketball basketball. Rankles you joining me on the night camper right now he's gonna be down and you're gonna be down there to RA Bryan. Oh. All right Brian will be down their Brian IE he was down their efforts some of the practices today and bright out to see in some of the stuff you were tweeting. Earlier today some of the like the fun facts from some of the coaches and just some of the connections to. Awful low in the area and while I think my favorite one is the facts that in and Bob Huggins contract for West Virginia. He gets 25000 dollars for every time he beats Kansas and then immediately takes them money and don't need that to cancer researcher I just think that's. What would break a contract clause first ball and then what a great way to use the money. Absolutely I mean how his agent was able to negotiate that didn't. I'm sure that in the course of that negotiation that he didn't bring up what he was gonna do that it was just sort of thing I mean. If you followed college basketball everybody would know that Candace is legitimately like a perennial power every single year so. Beating Kansas is a big deal. And it's. I still it you know how sports just throw them out around money you know already hear the freight student athletes quite a bit this week he. Yet yet the NCAA is gonna make get you know like a billion dollars on this tournament settlement it's kind of contradictory sort of thing here. But anyway yeah it's a nice thing that that Bob Huggins does that he's able to get that the contract and you know he has done it but actually a couple of times since he's been at West Virginia beating Kansas but it is a nice thing that debt he make that donation when I first saw it. I didn't know. Actually that he'd donate the money you know thinking like wow like this guy's got it made it like what what what personal motivation he has to track that. It felt. But people can millions and this effort at that point that out and it's it's a very nice gesture out at that yes. But it didn't think it gets nice and his contract and he was talking today and I just had the the quote probably. Half hour ago he he's talking about coming to buffalo and a lot of the coaches today and there's there's some big name coaches here between him Jay Wright Mike Brey. These are some of the bigger name coaches some faces really get to college basketball in. The coaches are really the faces of the program obviously because the players don't stick around and buffaloes got lucky to have some of the the bigger guy is being able to come here. But. Huggins earlier was talking about buffalo coming to buffalo is like I had nice to to come into a great wider than the twenty inches of snow and he's talking about like coming up to buffalo in. And fishing in buffalo so he's a guy that clearly. At least is familiar with the area and that kind of stuff I know really resonates with all a lot of fans around here. Absolutely the fact that he's not fazed by the snow says that becomes appear to finish I mean that sound like the buffalo guy right there are excellent that people would rally behind. And in terms of this is actual physical peak in a and he looks. The opposite of Jay Wright middle and oldest coach I mean if you said. Like give me the college basketball coach that's going on the cover of GQ. I reasons picking Jay Wright the perfect banker's stripes suit. With a tanker ship in the IA it's perfect and nothing is ever rundown he'd never sweating the chair ever looks like it's a taped and then he got Bob Huggins. Pretty much just Wear it like a big win per acre on the sidelines. And I only report I'm guessing like pants if it probably wouldn't get. Talked about too much but so that's his outfit and you know he's from what I remember from him being in the tournament before. And sitting close eat. Has. You know an interesting vocabulary that too yeah it did became friendly friendly here on the radio but if you're sitting close and you're taking your your young child tomorrow. Be ready to comedy that her. About hundred. Yeah ID these is very. Expressive we should say forget I'm on the sideline he's been known to it's to really be passionate down there. So these games in buffalo there's got be be obviously the it starts with Notre Dame. And at Princeton in the morning. And an Eagles West Virginia. With Bucknell and in the second set of games as Villanova mount Saint Mary's and Virginia attack. Vs Wisconsin so what are you know. Looks like some of the keys they're looking at some these games are some of the other big players that fans do. Aren't really familiar with these teams score some the guys that they should be watched now for. All that first game Notre Dame Princeton. Probably if there's going to be one player to look for its Bobby beat Cole then at Notre Dame. He just. Get that done in all areas keel he'd like get cute calm maybe that kind of a power forward. If you ever it is double or read our game he's averaging what eighteen point 82. And he's Notre Dame go to guy but he also has a good shot to with a click you'll see him she dropped out of considered dangerous is that he can really score where there. To be the small TV the score inside the bigger TV can bring a guy out and make a mismatch there could be pretty quick with the floor cook the ball itself. Well cold and provoked you to be could be wearing thirty I took Notre Dame so. Probably the best player. It and that first game I think it's perfect prince didn't. It is the first time that they eight have had to play well and he's the Ivy League schools and had to play a postseason conference tournament. Yeah. And yet the idea we never did. Which is weird because Ivy League is around like forever. Yeah out. And I guess you'd say. Leave it to the Smart guys to figure out that. It's called sending your best team based on a regular season is the way to represent your conference it's probably right place. Let's think about some of these other smaller conferences like the Ivy League that put them what would go to UB covered the Mac Akron dominated this year. They were like 21 in five or six they went fourteen into in the match they were very very good. He came from a maximum I'd be able upset somebody. It probably would have been accurate but. What happened they had one where they didn't go to at Penn State beat him and now Kent State and probably would. A very small chance at all of winning in their game I mean like I guess I thought it. These smaller conferences. While you're conference to look good yeah because if there's ever that time where you're arguing for that second team to get in as an at large bid what you. Where cop that education so you always want your best representative going so if someone looks fourteen who like. Obviously Akron dead like. You want them to go so these conference tournament. Eight sometimes set it up where. You can get not the best even going from the top it happened two years in a row in machinations and got mine that has been the best team in the metro Atlantic and they've got not that. And I just think it doesn't look good for the smaller conferences that are trying to gain respect. And Princeton went fourteen you know in the Ivy League this year I mean they should be going but it but they were in a battle. In the finals and with yell and it almost ignore it almost against them and that if but I had I don't know. The conference tournament so much that it appeared ultimately. The reason that the league static. And you know in the league school donate you know the whole world is gone the way it is that they been holding what might not send it right but give us about champion. It gives us great exposure for recruiting and a bit of money because the tournament create stick to tell action TD came to extra revenue through advertising. Told me want to restore the in all the or are these that you and I talk about tonight we did on Monday we will for the rest of the tournament it's all because of the almighty dollar which are in the this is what sports is all about that just bit. So anyway. Pretty steady bat. League this year sport it. Or whatever they got to face Notre Dame I think it's going to be a tough task and that because of the fact that Notre Dame and Erica flat. A bigger Notre Dame in the normal to. Can always play fundamental to our best golfer don't see him getting blocked out but. No particular how all great they played in the east EC Turk got a win over Virginia. You know they all in the finals almost gave duke a run for the company to beat that to. So I think no team hopefully this one but I'm looking forward to seeing a market Princeton plays classic old school basketball. Yeah I Brian to beamer high and I have prince and actually as the outside buffalo always hosted outside scenes and I would not be surprised especially at Princeton transition defense. And inside the paint they're actually pretty good defensively. Against Notre Dame I think they will you know they run for the money and the best chip shot as any on the outside because Bucknell not gonna do against West Virginia. I would. Oddity he spotted eagle that you think there could be an upset I think that's the one. West Virginia to me way too big way to athletic community remember the EB commute each. Two years ago content they'd best stick they put smaller defense that tied to them they pressed again yet every minute you beat them craft. And we thought now all the smaller teams go to the trouble with it it really forced to kick it out your rhythm. If you run out of offense very good shooters the whole time your feelings were rushed because equipment and that trapped company does that double double team coming. And it reapply it got to get shot on offense a lot of he's sloppy your game. He's been totally do offensively in terms of their rectitude which usually goes down. Yeah I agree I think that there is an upset that are brewing down urge our media nine medium. It's not who wins that that's not an opt. And I don't. Also do you not think the Terry Pennington. On a goal that was developed that. Celsius and the big difference and they are signs when they came on the floor today compared to Villanova. But they've made it has gotten guide that look like it's from like. A modified team from the middle school like at the decider I. Thought I if I think you're right I think if there's an upset. At what they're not don't get one we saw a weekday it would double BC you stop a date back to beat the first time with Pepperdine over Indiana. If were to get what I think Iraq it's coming from Princeton Notre Dame game. It is laboring up not down a man that I Jay Wright said something in his press conference about the toughest bat the toughest opponent. As a sixteen was when he faced mammoth in Philadelphia Paul places in the first round one year. That's the good metro Atlantic team. I mean they air the air of the stars of that conference right now it's too bad that two years that are over they've gotten bounced from the operative term and this year again is now. It is not a topic for our but. Not much had looted a pipe when just yet the turn admit it in that any note are at the end it all home floor for their home fans. Again I didn't feel like. Why yes why you put into the best team in a tempest in spending at least operatives. I think it's possible if it is and you enable the whole bit. If I'm the commissioner with smaller conference. I'm saying look if you are regular season champs and we get up at the top tournament make money or they get what you will be a site for at least. Hero in the regular season a little more and that led to do Lou I think what well then at least you used. Big excuse out of the book the even post turn your on important arm band. He didn't pick up well that one beach marketing we get get rid of appears some of these small term. That'd be better for the Mac because this seems like every year you watch the Mac championship in the place is three fourths empty. And you're eating. As meant in in the media that cover that macaroni and a lot of Ohio by there was that being completely in the Mac officiating is very consistent and it's deep ball quick and up to one of the Ohio schools like 08 and the Packers and I'm. All high of its tentative you can get looked upon the different in different I don't particularly I mean. If a match at the top spot at the beautiful building Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland it's a nice central location and I get told what I'll. But I think. It's somebody symbolic commend you want your esteem I mean but a decade ago. Them demand mid America can you peace conference. Pet consideration for multiple bid if you remember Reggie Witherspoon at one time I. We at all no big controversy whole county didn't get it in their RPI in the the Mac would be to get an at large bid or some of these other. Candidate for that I didn't think. You want your best schools to go there C a a bit ago made a long run the certificate eating. All the good effort here pre conference Akron has had a couple of wins it's. This week sixty I mean you want it at your conference do well so I don't belong rent that out. But he. That I could could do a better job of spending their best eaten by step it up what it giving the top speed at double I in their demeanor stomping on the line. Yeah you don't have yeah I'd Tina got lucky one week and up on the true TV game Tuesday night in the conference being mentioned for the rest of the tournament. Right goes on the ATT hotline at Joseph beamer also joining us here he'll be around for the rest of the show O'Brien just oh. What are what are the game times tomorrow to self fans have an idea of all what's gone on you got the first sector of games and then the second half where you've got that ninety minutes. In between so just give fans an idea of what to expect a fair and downed the arena tomorrow. So we said notre Princeton stuck up 1250 tickets and if are watching at home that's to be. All the buffalo game that there's there are on CBS adult I think with the good draw. The more high profile seat and then coaches like we mentioned the bill although Wisconsin electrocuted Notre Dame. That putting it. Oh my fortune cookie be asking and teacher TV if you get the putting that up what it's all on CBS so you'd have put up tomorrow if you want a game. They'll all be on channel four. And he figured it out to keep it with a lot quicker than the guys there to that wanted to cut off the key disputed that and proximity usually column back into the two hour or kilometer no overtime. So then they'll put thirty minutes upon the clock. It and the next that it seemed to come out warm up that spot out of West Virginia and the wanna start they could probably get somewhere around 240 spot changed. When that game's over late torque blockage could justify they'll clear the building up if not minutes even if you hold. It's touching you have to leave you banks that are. You in a statement because. When schools get our allotment of tickets to. They can they don't give you both factions so you're of over and over a student or a boost there. You get a ticket because the night session where it's. In the afternoon that's a Notre Dame purpose and a piece that dramatic acting feet so that's why I. But technically the pulling out as we felt that you're not even been attached to go to dinner and drinks or whatever you wanted to and that. Get back in that it intended or not but. And not the Ares and then that team it'd be not in which shipped to the market had a Wisconsin and West Virginia and it's probably a Smart thing but instead of look that way they put Villanova is the late game. People probably uber elite that are going to be one sided. Only been at Villanova game early connect you got the main thing coming up afterwards and want to be the second game site that was probably the intent on why they did in that order. I know they're doing with the scheduling look around the rest eternity got the only teams any sleepers you're looking for any. Eighteen that you expect to release shall well in the tournament. Well it took so many good teams that I think this stirred up likely speed up their years. You can do good are you a couple we feel like this T this year you could arguably be like seven or eight could win it and we in one bracket on and that's. You could argue the North Carolina the top. UCLA all good enough. Could be in a call for. In the midwest people candidates. Louis bill organ to the for an injury I'd like Iowa state health Hamilton appreciate that. Michigan did it seem that people can be very high and right now ever heard their store pre. It it will preview article have power and I and WG I can't check it out their eighty guiding kind of mean he crash will call it. A emergency plan to. John Beilein seemed court ambulance he's coached at some sort of incident where the point they almost didn't play in the Big Ten tournament. They are to play diets are scared to fly the topic in the mean time they had push to keep back it would practiced there's these. Attrition are they what do the whole big tent in the wind and beaten to keep all the way include optical the year. So people would pretty high. But they've got to topped people. At. The TD catch then probably haven't faced loop on route to. I bet you lead off the tools people are gonna take Michigan the father of the nice story and on people watched. Other brackets that is the story at Gonzaga. How much respect they get they don't really play anybody that difficult on the schedule they did play Arizona. Arizona did not have the same line up they do have at this point right now but they did beat him earlier in the year and ironically enough conduct an Arizona are in the same bracket the one of the to sell. I'd like to see those come their and that's part of the buffalo gained a net western bracket Notre Dame West Virginia and there. I think whoever wins that notre in West Virginia came. If that's where it ends up that have been ten. Think at that Clinton has the book can beat at the object. It think it's good for how medical Gonzaga can keep it rolling gives mid majors and opportunity for go to the victory for you can think Bonaventure the you know being picked up more or having their miracle that men should be pretty good thought and a scenario like this. I think it. Via the showdown that. Everybody is hoping he'd eat the little to do can Madison Square Garden in the east final. I think Duke's playing as well as anybody this year there is anybody right now and they're healthy and coach k's back and got them together. On the official prediction that you can make fun of attitude is like it's not stopped is duke and Kansas in the I spoke with campus twenty. Liu we we've noted that what about a Middle Tennessee State Middle Tennessee State. Is the first cover twelve seed to be favored in the 512 match up there they're facing Minnesota. It's you you don't you don't normally get that Middle Tennessee State tied them what. Yes that is odd the 125. Is definitely hate speak and so being that. People like to pick the upset former at least favored. And you know what I kind of like Minnesota. In in about it early in the game but I think they're fun team you couldn't open a variety of their car coach. Coach Minnesota it is Richard Petit now. Guess that it that's our look what would the coach Rick Pitino so he could go to basketball has been. They're for decades and then Tubby Smith case but few years ago. Got fired at Kentucky and got them act and I the state aid and then it since Richard pitino upon he's really taking it up. To a whole new level I mean kept point four been this year. I think I'd have to buy an off. When you watch some of the experts on TV make this election they like to say that this this is the spot for the upset but. I think that to be a really grippy competitive game. All right Brian thanks for joining us again maybe you'll luck catch about Friday after this next round games. I. Branko seal on the AT&T like Joseph beamer here at daybreak now I'm and I hear from and he was that the shootaround the practices all day. So we'll see what he has to say about what was going on down at the arena this afternoon it's my capitals in the WGR. Hardback here in the nightcap rice gave Joseph beamer and joining me Joseph beamer making is this your WGA are deep UV her. Mom this year at the great question actually think I called in here. All you early while. No no off from attack game I think since I've been employed intercom but this look at this effort and in the GR studio that I not your doing an overnight watching the HD television. Yeah they do of the HD television here got the the nineteen inch Toshiba and 1990 three's by the way UC Davis up a basket with three minutes lost and those those sixteen playing games have been the the one last night was good New Orleans losing by a point for mount Saint Mary's and come and I'm here to buffalo about the New Orleans players losing their minds after a defensive breakdown you had shopping on the bench out of you saw that coming artists that coming up the core models and hit a three. Going to media time out. Anti north players got into it not just John they got into some. It's the cost some physical reality yes the end. On when and when that happened I was hoping that New Orleans would've gotten out there with the wind because how much would you love to ask those players about that today. I would about an. Have been greats that have a great firfer people like for you mean you're down there today wolves seem like it. It was awesome you know I think as you well now I I he's very well I use this how these college things like go to a lot of tech games Virginia Tech games on. The Bristol game these neutral site games in its awesome because you have people from. The other two teams this is even better because you have eight different schools. Eight different schools represented you know and get their fan base a lot of schools proper cheerleaders in their bands and bands are practicing as they were. As the team was practicing area. It was for a for some lightning just loves college sports and takes it and I know the listeners now you know I. On Fridays during cultural policies and get my car and drive to Blacksburg to welcome games I was I was mentioning ally. If you don't know Joseph beamer and his kids a little knots this kid goes down he goes for home. Virginia Tech games and then you'll drive back Saturday night and go directly to the bills on game. That Sunday it is tailgate started and you know what you know in our ego in most games you know like this here didn't go to Notre Dame was awesome and drank all it was was. Definitely cracked on my date if you've never been to Notre Dame even if you're not Notre Dame fan I would there's a Virginia Tech and that is something you have to take yet even if you're on a college sports fan you have to take that and as a sports in the atmosphere. Brian was 100% right in the socket that Monday. Out what Leslie on the sixteenth and I do and I talk but the rest of the bracket I'm. Nile Saint Mary's. If you seem like Madonna and this is not nothing on I mean I'm the most and athletic person around. This is not nothing on. He out that's. Indy. I even I feel bad because I think back to even when it was like Niagara playing Florida now want to hear when they had Joseph Kim no lie on the team and I'm looking at Florida like. He's got their freaking huge he got Joseph Kim knows the seven footer and they got people from Niagara was like 65 their biggest dude. A Niagara loved it you'll they got next year off of that. They got the 8 o'clock Damon twenty NB AM game in 24 hours of basketball took off on ESPN. It's that's that's pretty good gig that's not bad but as I mentioned would for with what winkle who knows I do like Princeton over Notre Dame I think buffalo usually gets that upset game it's the first game of the turn it literally the first in the tip off his right here in buffalo. Vern Lundqvist on the call who was at practice today really cool guy we had him on the air or. Did EGR had him on the air this morning it's on demand part of us your part of boxing audience and Brett period a year you're part of the oil we are I do like Princeton on coming out of that game. I'm obviously I I think West Virginia will have an easy time when them you know I'd. But now. And that might come by that to be an ugly game if you if you have tickets sessions one and 20 yeah and Julie gonna have to and eager drinks started a little early during the West Virginia about. Now game yeah because you only have about ninety minutes to take your drink on anyways they got exactly if you had a chance to extend it was today with the game there. For itself you're if you're if you're drinking fan you should be voting very hard for West Virginia and. You should be happy that's the second game and not the Princeton Notre Dame game when it comes the afternoon but he'll look at the brackets something I want to mention there are just really interest in. Florida State Florida Gulf Coast and 8314. Nautical Florida State in Orlando right because they like to put the higher seeds close to home. But they also put Florida Gulf Coast in Orlando that could end up in a home game for the fourteenth street. Yeah that's. It's not that's not the best way to do a chorus to I was listening odds it ESPN radio last night. And they were talking about how they. Figure out CD and they're talking about the the women's tournament but I figured that the same thing happens with the man turn and they they go through. You got your teams that are in need go through and he got out a 12 in this case 68 seed. And that the may they try to stay as true to that as possible. But what ends up happening is you want to have. Like the region's be represented so you don't want team's traveling too far so that's why it's like Villanova. Geez for the Virginia as it's not too far. For them to travel here at Notre Dame but these aren't. Really far trips. Wisconsin is probably yeah furthest. If if you look at the lower seeds it's not too far for them either on it is interest in now that the weather has obviously play a little bit of a party arena announced that it you have tickets left. And down on Miley out of the arena I did talk to rent a knock him bias to who I ran into him. Some people that do run the hokey club and they said they have tickets left so I hope this doesn't. Her Buffalo's chances in three years the weather I think they've got what that they are well I mean downtown with clean before anywhere else. A mom but yeah Nicole. You have to know mark there are tickets left agreement. And yet there's they're certainly take it's not digging get them from non NCAA online side Hampshire keeping senator hasn't there too but buffalo usually shows pretty well. For all these games even considering the fact that it's it's Thursday you can watch some of these games on the Thursday and you'll you'll look around. And it looks like OK it's a half full arena but it's a buffalo it's typically you've got bad it got nice crowd at least the lower bowl is. Pretty filled up even the 200 levels I'm not sure about the that doesn't ever get. Doubtful for the 300 levels when Syrians when searches is here yeah it was packed and I think that had a lot to do it and of course when it's in buffalo they hope Syracuse has been season. Syracuse I adult and and I don't wanna get into who should've gotten into that that's we called the conversation. I don't understand what Jim but they Haim was complaining about I thought that was really petty. That he was complaining that they finished ahead of Wake Forest and regular season play and that's when Michigan and wait force wanna game in the ACC tourney Syracuse has yet to Syracuse is always three since entering the ACC in the ACC tourney so I don't know what all of us. You know what in moaning is about is all about Oz are reasonable and to be that doesn't deserve to be there. And I'm glad they're not. Yeah I doubt I'd never thought that Syracuse was. They were a bubble team the whole time and you and we're talking about went the other teams that. They were a bubble team as well as Rhode Island and Rhode Island it goes through the eight internment when he's the A ten tournament which I think. Really ends up hurting Syracuse chances and I don't feel too bad for a school like Syracuse won big hit when there bubble team. And they end up getting knocked out because I. I'm biased towards like the little or guy and I think last year at saint Bonaventure getting. Pretty much knocked out the tournament and they had. I think they had a better argument last year than Syracuse at this year oh yeah and Syracuse that the reason why Syracuse as this argument that they continue to bring up is because. They're in the ACC so they play all of these big name schools over and over again. But none of these big name schools typically the ACC. You know the Big Ten big twelve the big conferences they don't wanna take on the the littler guy because. They're afraid that if they lose that game it's gonna affect their resonate so they don't and don't. Challenging themselves and challenging themselves like risking our quote unquote bad loss. It it's it's like in LA division one college football you see less similar schools taking the what you speak all the one double light it's now called the FCS team and they'll take the UB yet and that's why you've he's been able to get some higher competition yet they have to travel. But. Who wears the risk you know beaten at the smaller school if they lose they're not gonna go down ranking in the SES every snow there in the hunt money portray a win there. You're right in basketball as well. And I liked every Virginia Tech and I do like to see that isn't him the bigger schools because you see text scheduling teams like Michigan out of conference who they beat by the way. You know it's odd tech sane and Nebraska. All messed. So I like that now looking at the bracket yeah that's that's what we're gonna go right. I'd like as the prince of my outside the Michigan State Miami game. It's going to be really good because Michigan State is just like Wisconsin as you were saying earlier this to say it's one of those teams they hang around the regular season. They're they're they're they're that you lose some games that makes you scratch your head. The want to come tournament time Tom Izzo knows how to get their team go and they they look like a one seed. Early on. Yet and some of the RB you got any of the big upset picks behind. You obviously have Princeton is that your your lone upset that guy I look around. And obviously a good to talk about this guy a tad biased and I austerity create Rhode Island and free in that 611 matchup in the midwest is I think Rhode Island. You look at our basketball team in the guys that they have on it. There are so huge and muscular and bugs generally big dudes. That's why it is like other teams in the eight and really had trouble against them because they were just so much they can out physical everybody yeah I. And that's a really interest in that's yup Rhode Island increasing both teams coming in really hot Chris played a great big east turn the final against Villanova. And Rhode Island as you mentioned on the bubble the entire time what they do they took care business build great last week in the eight and turn it looked really good in the eight bit. To be a really good game. And I think Rhode Island little when they could very well when I won't I wouldn't I wouldn't bet against that I bet that's in at all it would be a great game I would not his game going either way. And what the interest that wouldn't be such as you wouldn't be surprised if it goes into overtime what is present royal ends. That your religion I totally agree. Yet at that game is one that I've certainly got circled. And just yeah so you're guy. Though not necessarily looking at the bracket here. But you're guy that he does do. All of the college events as we talked about you do the football games have you done like Virginia Tech basketball be gone down to Blacksburg for those types games I don't. God and the blacks for for game this year but I have gone they're averaging a basketball games I do know this is the closest game. Before this BI closest record the buffalo was my father and I went to Rochester to see tech played bond adventure a few years ago not a game that tech police sixteen point lead in the now won in overtime. Off of that but so I was talking about it's nice to have this event in buffalo. Because. Buffalo it got here that its its sole pro focused years in this sport CD with the bills in the sabres. And there's you've got UB who's trying to really. Make a footprint I guess it's a trying to kind of gated island there but it's tough because it's so much of the tradition involved in buffalo revolves around the bills in the sabres and no big college scene that it doesn't really. As much of an impact but what does. What does that AA college atmosphere that's why Obama is about coming in here because it brings a unique atmosphere that typically awful fans don't get to be part of. You know you be has a positive and a negative reflect on on professional sports in buffalo. Because you do a couple of people who who like how sports party picked a bigger school in at 330 they're probably not gonna go do you beastie you know watch TV can't stay. Because their team's plane on ABC ESPN or maybe they're going. Non but in turn bills games. Aren't unlike any other NFL to any NFL game yet Sarah bills game is like most college atmosphere I wouldn't say it's. Go to college game you'll see the difference the gulf we'll see what I'm talking about similarity. But generally done the tailgate indeed the atmosphere for the game and now and the like rabid you have the fans getting really wild and loud inside of the game. Yeah I mean at the college football is unlike any other I will. A very recent example would be the Bristol Motor Speedway when Virginia Tech played Tennessee. I mean for a 150000. People I mean. Electric you could barely hear yourself think you get then a 150000 stadium you get that 80000 people stadium I mean the state that the the the game that the crowd is is crazy kick off is they are at the end of the game I don't care if your plane. Miami when they are really good or if your plane Delaware. You know especially attack. For Manson or the fourth quarter. The places just electric with four minutes ago in the first corner and you get a lot with college sports you know. The band played like two little tribe their drum line and everything he had what. You know that the student section going. Absolutely crazy Virginia Tech values as an example enter sandman comes on. The place the starts jumping up and down I mean lose your mind that at that that just push when they come on the field. Is amazing and you don't get that anywhere else except for college sports it is it is. It is great if you've never taken a game and go to a big state of the school and I singled averaging attack like I said Notre Dame Alabama. A neutral fields like go to the chick flick kick off game when it's too big schools and the puppet George though many more at the nude at the new Georgia Dome. It's called I have no idea I just say no I'm talking out on it is crazy. I would definitely if if you've never been to we college. Sporting events. I would say go downtown to get tickets tomorrow because especially that first game with all the Notre Dame fans I saw here it is going to be an awesome awesome atmosphere. And then get yourself to the palace for the game preferably. A neutral site game receive both fan bases just go at it and it is it is. This is the past that it is a beautiful thing my. That is the word I have to use it is such a beautiful thing yeah you you've never experienced anything like it it it might answer your question MI did a little. I might seem a little less crazy for going on attack every weekend went to take it away. I'm just gonna have to come with few of these weekends I'll got take care invitation yeah I've got take a break Carol we'll have more of Joseph B were coming back he was down at the arena. See what he are heard and saw down there feared making it sting from. The coaches and the players in the Anthony tournament time is tomorrow and it's always agree times and I kept listening to WGR. Oh. Got more minutes left here on the nightcap ranking aides Joseph beamer hanging out with me here. Before we get back to joke. At the WGR march bracket contests now we get a chance to win thousand dollars from Reid giants had to WGR 550 dot com. Sign up for the WGR march bracket contest fill your bracket. The player with the best bracket yet in the tournament. It's a 1000 dollar gift certificate from Reid's Jackson's so you can register. For WGR five if you dot com register for the region's. Engagement and wedding showcase at reeds Jewelers. Dot com. And I fear if your lazy your procrastinate or your your weight on your bracket you wait for these games to finish up tonight don't worry you have until fifteen minutes before the round one games begin tomorrow. At noon so you still got some time. What you actually have Tillman and because the first game at 1215. Writes that's what I missed bright Joseph that's why we have Joseph here he Java JavaScript so Joseph you're down at the arena. I think notable Eddy Cue that the coaches were saying. Dom you know Jay Wright Mary like as I was talking off the air awesome to see these guys he always see on TV right your cornea mound but it's Jay Wright yeah. Your typical. Coach answers when it came to melting or is he he's not brushing them off you know the players even sounded that way. And they talked about the difference of coming in this season last year they lost the big east turn this will be one of the east you know. They don't have a chip on the shoulder how that go to got them going into the later rounds last year. They were disposed in the sweet sixteen a lot take a lot of people had written him off I'll be for the sweet sixteen. And now not having that chip on the show them he said it was really interesting he said how he got last season in the hangover off their heads they want to Spain over the summer as a team. And he said that they are playing Spanish pro teams over there don't know ask like I ask what as a team and he said. That realization that you know were being treated like no ones know when do they were in Spain you in Philadelphia. They're the talk of the town. But you know being able to where they're Villanova stuff from Spain and not one person he is he said that really got that. That feeling that he's an off into and connect to Philadelphia never americanized and again they realize this is a new season I thought that was he docked and after about five minutes. And it was it's like that's held airplane I mean look at there's no there's no hangover on this team this team looks great in the big east tournament and I I do think they're gonna go. It is as much as it pains TSA does it barely have to be pretty attack eight I think they're gonna go pretty far and use the term of the here. Are you where we're pretty much out of time here Joey wanna make some quick quick picks for your buffalo games the four games some well as you know the Villanova obviously yes palm prints that. I'll be all Princeton is my accident a West Virginia ruled take care but no no problem and yet it's biased but I am gonna go with Virginia Tech. And then on Saturday at Villanova will be Virginia Tech and I have West Virginia beating Princeton all right so. I'm gonna go obviously Villanova here. And going Notre Dame Notre Dame in it and pulled out and out West Virginia. Over Bucknell as well and I just just to spite you I'm gonna go I was Aaronson just despite UN and Villanova gonna move on over Wisconsin. And how much ignored him over the West Virginia area just buffalo so. I will keep track of that and yeah everyone if you go to the games tomorrow and have a great time I know it's always great event violently against sadly a decade ago now. And it's one of those those those bonds that always sticks out in my memory is really truly memorable sporting event and I hope everyone has great. Okay to shut out. Sure writing in Natalie listening in Charlotte thinks listening guys really appreciate it there's Joseph Joseph well Joseph B Beck. Sometimes Joseph does big Mets fan he knows baseball knows college sports so all get a line in the summer when I'll be with the guys five days a week. Coming up next ESPN radio is the nightcap in this into WGR.