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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Thursday, March 16th

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I don't care about there. I didn't who even got to have big plans. And and we. Sports league or five feet. Just kidding right gates here tonight they Kyrie filling in for Ryan as he goes out and had fun this evening. I've got NCAA college basketball coverage it is started at noon it extends all the way till I don't know like eleven or something pretty like. Pretty I'd think even maybe later than Nat. But before we get into some of the match ups from earlier. Branko deal is it not on the line yet but we will have him here momentarily he has been down at keybank senator all afternoon. We'll be there all evening and then takes over for the sabres pre game that Paul Eagles pregame show kicks off here at 930. Following our. Extended version of the Knight capital goats home 9:30 this evening tonight though I'd like to hear from you. We've got a lot of stories and as you alluded to there in the optic eight. EJ Manuel has a new home in. I feel like he almost needed to elaborate more jail like holy cow you got site I didn't necessarily got an economic. Especially you know. The raiders not exactly at quarterback needy team they also have comic book dead aid spent the third aid to Africa but I'm willing is he still there is a UF phase for. So likely they'll have three quarterbacks going into training camp most teams do I expect the pills to technically they do. Third I am a roster though I don't know. There now. 8030551. Tripoli 522550. We kind of have the you know that the taste of the night every guy's won talk about it we can talk about it and we got. Bill's new is obviously a busy first week or so. Called week and a half. Of of obviously free agency for the bills a couple of pretty big signings a couple of feel fairly second tier or. You know I would dot com mediocre signings but I mean you don't some. Some nine. Sexy sign sexy. Couple full backs obviously so low we'll talk about that walls talk about a couple other guys each market. Ms. bills fans look in the bills need to bring it okay. But before we get into any of the bills top let's start talking basketball here Branko Zuma joins me in the AT&T hotline live from several sex. It. It's nice also on six and you make your way over to. Court. Oh okay. And they are doing starting lineup for Villanova or not they buried at eight. Sold Bryant obviously I think you were over it's a success average over which enabled earlier thoughts on that north western women maybe there another team in this tournament. That may be is the sick calls into all the the darling of the tournament other than northwest. It I think that probably bigger laureate gonna get a lot of media expected under the big market odd don't you look at what looked at the a lot of do you remember what they're gonna give a little like the law to the only other one that he could hear a little. And mark Eckerd it beat it into court can't hear what are white black we would speak and earn it. They don't want that logged the wallet I'll be with god and and he. Other upbeat going to get them back at all. This again. Maybe get through that we get I think directorial. A lot like. Brian obviously you know. A sixteen seed has never beaten a one seed I don't see that coming in tonight I disk don't seem mount Saint Mary's. Within now. Allen enough firepower offensively anyways to beat me perennial powerhouse at this point I mean after win national championship last year. I I'm interested in your thoughts on. Eighty projecting out this Villanova team moving forward into the tournament I do see damages potentially a favor the number one overall seed for the tournament but I just kind of wanted to hear your thoughts and Villanova team this year in the likelihood of repeat. All the other fun experience brief years starting lineup got are one of the art in the country there's a unity. You know Darrell run out of the three year clear enough for copyright one of the book the art street. They come in with a lot of experience now that the a monopoly last year tournament on where they are winning you're beating a good Carolina. I would agree I don't think that I you're gonna be any sort of magic here buffalo game. In Ellwood a big guy that it would float you're like I don't app no Villanova like I what are eight point underdog or. They pretty good and all I don't be partly the result a lot you can do they play here they're very small. And adding Villanova that letter that have been in a strength inside. We'll probably be too much at some point sell it over they are all read and don't be honest. I think got to draw other than they have the hottest. Coming into that you can beat people a lot of delay that plague right now. Do what we needed the adult thing to help the white checkered anybody right now. I mean that all the way to the elite eight bottoming at Villanova in the elite eight and lose it you got to see that. But I think obviously with the expectations of what they did last year. A a return trip to the final or at all the only thing that Benedict right after. I bright tip off about the start of their keeping senator we will get you back around halftime. We'll talk about next team which start at 940 from keybank senator. And that'll be Virginia Tech verse Wisconsin so two thoughts that otherwise enjoy the game court sites. Awesome thanks Brian Franco's do they are on the AT&T hotline as you heard live courtside at keeping setter where. It will be Villanova response to Mary's tipping off here as we said moment. And you know what I gotta say this. Fans got spoiled the first two games I mean you had to wire to wire games. With Princeton Notre Dame. And then at Bucknell keeping up with West Virginia all gay yeah they were the cart Corsican go away but. They also couldn't quite get to it like within one possession game and that's what you see too with the full court press especially off makes it's it's section. My bracket I do have West Virginia advancing pretty far I've got them I think in the a leading eight liter final four is simply because I see them. But that's full court press it really. I'm really changed things up for teams OK the other two leaders two games currently in action. As I mentioned Villanova and one seed mount Saint Mary's that's at. Keybank senate that just hit dobbs as your score. And as I say that on Saint Mary's scores first and a sixteen seed out to an early 26 team first we will see how that plays out and then also over on TNT. You can now and I believe what's your station and I would assume the local one would be sister station is typically and a shark. Jodie you know. Well I was listening earlier and I'm not sure they have one game on. 'cause they were well when I was on they were rotating to face whoever acts island red zone doesn't file. OK we got our version of and CAA bad. The ball red zone over on ESP in 1520 so I'll be known during the break if you topple over listen to some game action in Libya and over there. And as I mentioned the exit your into Maryland that's the succeed Maryland verse eleven seed Xavier Musketeers that one. The musketeers up 1711. With a little over ten minutes left in the third there. In Boca keep you updated all of the scores as we move forward in this evening as I mentioned. Make your here in for running gates tonight there Cramer also hanging around studio in Jody via C on the port running updates as well. Soccer soccer. It is also a sabres game this evening so dual splits time previewing that as well as they had just struggled mightily on the road immediately all season long but especially as of late. And it's certainly isn't because they're not getting goaltending they've gotten goaltending policies that really hasn't been the issue so Barton but. What I have noticed Eric and unfortunately I was able to watch the other night because you know. I have a job well and he EU's. I couldn't be up until 2 AM what could I just don't do well not being able to sleep the next day. So I while on Saint Mary's. All lot of law. But so why as you see will probably be reckoned real time to to this game as we watch on the ITV here in the studio but as I mentioned to with the sabres tonight. They'll have it believe latter is expected to be in goal letter is Internet Jonathan Quick on the other side. Com and if you wanna have some fun on Twitter go I hadn't just check out sabres Twitter. For late night West Coast games hash takes errors after dark today goes after dark because it is sometimes the most quality of stuff. That he can get from sabres fans pretty much at any time I'm into that sabres after dark it's pretty. That's pretty cool like that it's a lot of fun it's always lot of fun I did definitely didn't miss a quality games Italy's no. I mean any time you get an own goal that just kind of tells you how your night's going to go. But even before the only goal they were outshot twenty to nine had a one nothing lead somehow. You know that's really sort of ban the issue with this team and and as much as I think a lot of people. Naturally are pointing the finger towards DN miles not more to Marie whoever you feel is more deserving of the blame most people band miles. But. It is at this point they've just been. It's not that they haven't but in games and their ability to come back in and never really truly be out of a game its noted and I mean now I will. I will keep that in the bank for bile is that he seems to have teams that just won't seem to quit down three goals. They're still not out of it bought. What you want to start to see eventually and I think we wanted to at this point CE. In more consistent product in the ice on out not only really a night in night out basis more like a period to period basis because that to me. Has been the biggest issue with this team is they've struggled a lot the second period. But now over the past I don't know seven ERA gave secure struggled in the first period. To get out and getting out to slow starts and then having to fight their way back instead of being in the game all along and I think that to me is a little on the coach I would see it affecting you can't get consistent. Play. Night in and night out but period to period I mean that's a problem. And and ultimately it could lead and could ultimately be the reason for his demise if he is quite in the here. I suspect he is an an as much as wanna people wanna point to you know to bows and having all of these issues or him. Ever putting an end and I even guilty of this too little bit is looking back at files and his career in Pittsburgh. Coming in around the mid season break after the trade deadline and the legalize guests had that had that Ron ready the end of the C. Really is Michelle Terry and on the right jobs and next scene now big on win right when right answers sent me and run. Right to the cup went after being a runner up last. Though the report just in an even though I don't wanna look back at that use it is all well you know clearly by asthma can't coached our players because you know in in the one time in Pittsburgh. It didn't go well for but right now it's not going well for a meters. And I mean it's pretty noted I've I've been listening the past few days I know it's something that's being talked about and almost a regular basis is. You know is piles my handling his bass player Jack Michael the wrong way. And I think a lot can be made it I I'll tell you that's. I'm having played sports for as long as I have my whole life basically props. It's one of those things where it's not even really about being the bass player or were treating the best player differently because I don't think you should necessarily but I think. Really across. Every team I've ever played for some teams I've been the best player most teams not. But. You do as the bass player and get treated a little different some coaches hold the bass player. To a higher standard other coaches. Don't other coaches bull let a lot of things slide further bass player because he is that best player. I guess it really kind of matters and the coach but I think what you have to do early in what I'm a little surprised about with piles not. Is it seems like he hasn't really made earned the trust or the respect of his bass player but I think. The frustration. Of maybe the way the game is being called the war or situations where. He disagrees with the coach that there is it I don't think enough. Of a respect level area in and I don't know if that cops. But alternately you want your bass player. To be the act go of your coach you don't want your best player butting heads at your coach it's a recipe for disaster in most times. You're bass player wins out and he always well it's not about allowing a player to be coach killer or allowing a player to dictate. The terms in which a coach can't or cannot succeed bought. In this case. I don't wanna say it's a unique case because they think you see a lot of young players earlier in their career not respond well to tough coaching. I don't know though that this is top coaching. I think more or less I think that he's maybe. Picking the wrong things that Jack Michael's game to be were critical about and be over publicly critical out. I don't necessarily disagree with the fact that coat that that involves the ones. Publicly critical. Object like I think that you need to be consistent marks as I mentioned your best player in your worst player about being publicly critical but I don't think there is a place right now. With not really being able to find. Potentially the finger to point at somebody epic everybody's kind of pointing at someone. And no one's really decided to pay. This is what we have to do right the ship and it and is much is wanna talk about how you know go to the captain Brian Gionta is in the locker room and and heard during open bowled out when Paul was. Talking about Gionta as a captive. In kind of. How he'd. Leads by example but it's it's not everybody that follows and I think ultimately the goal of this team is. When you look at the Blue Line Rask mistress the line I mean he's York clear cut best defenseman. And I think for this team to take the next step is the need to have. Someone next to Bristol line and I don't necessarily mean someone that's worse than a slap I think what you need. You need a player more talented then Rasmussen of the line to put next to him an app is a book and top two pair. But that doesn't come easy you don't just find. A Shea Weber unless you have someone like Pete case a band trade back and and so it's difficult for me. Define how this team now all. Can find. A book and franchise left hand defenseman to pair with their right hand franchise defenseman. And I think until you find that you're gonna go through coaches. I think any day about what won't be the only coach fire in the next short term couple of years if you don't put it another. Player on the Blue Line who is able to not only kind of take the lower offers the line and not only for a minute sneak. Scoring touch a guy who can beat that offensive leader from the Blue Line this team has missed that. When his team was at its best. When Tyler Myers is at his best that's when I think use and that was his rookie year gap that was it but at times. I just think that there is so much that this team should be accomplishing. Put it they're being held back an obviously Jack cycle being hurt over the first 21 games or whatever was. Is a huge reason as to why they are where they are who knows. Over the course of that first quarter of the season how much better this team could've been with the bass player playing bought. The tail on this team is good enough to be better than they are right now. And you know what that what you said Cote is gonna go right to my point here. What is the number one job. All the coach of professional sports team is get the most out of your players get the most are your place and we have seen clearly that this is not happening. We've seen players like Zach Bogosian Xen is gearing since taking massive steps back under Dan files mark. Then the other thing is. You have several players in the locker room it seems the whispers are that. Everything else is just not working. This team is not jelling with their coach this coach is not getting the most out of his players. Furthermore he's predicting a system that he's not willing to change on. With stretch pass from defenseman which usual weakest point of your team right now we do not have. 34 defensemen that can make those stress tests on a consistent basis. It sucks that to meet you cook up got injured because the fact that. You know I feel like those are wasted season not just for him but for the sabres. That trade looks like a laughingstock because mark has it been playing but he's not been spectacular down there in Florida. But to reach record Cobb has not been available because he had his but essentially broken. Because of a bad bad itch that he got hit into it I just need to intervene here not series seven nothing. And six minutes in now. No points for Villanova six minutes and again it's six minutes and I'm not American in god freak out about nothing written up on to say an end and there's their bucket cap fairness there and it's live right there close or their first bucket ever going to brief now the phone because we've got Adam in buffalo was waiting on hold and Europe in the nightcap while. It's I really into the conversation but I'm gonna have to be. Not good to you but I'm prepared. I don't think that Jack quite cool like his coach I think that check uncle doctor like to lose so would you compromise Whitner. And somebody who after a law called that help in what you're and it you'll. And the other merits that's what your soul. We're the type of attitude that person becomes a winner it's gonna act like. Well we discussed the reprimand of the game and we need you're right we elected to. Back in delete carried a little bit immediately like in and out of those alt. Jim Murray beat I don't think Gergen this year or get minority year. Adam I want as I wanna. It's your question and ask you question back because I do think you're right I think that you can't blame aisles not for what he has on the Blue Line. But would she say that piles and has some responsibility. Tailor his system. To essentially the weakest part of your game which is the Blue Line and to expect. That that week as part of your game is going to essentially start every rush for you. With a long pass from your defenseman Ed and that's ultimately where I comets are right. I don't think you can blame piles up for the lack of defensive count on this team I think you can blame bows before is his refusal. To scale it back for those guys and make it easier for them to succeed instead of deciding. You'll need to played in my system even though we don't have the talent to necessarily acts cute if that makes cents. That Arctic and OK so let's go ahead and let's see what players that were put on it. Coat and an opportunity and job and probably could have been good trait peace but it did happen. Cool cop who probably would have been a decent got to carry the pot the note apple Newman and sorry you got the effort past. And then you have guys that are along the line of kind of on their way into movies like you kick caved in and that your article recently into and out the lights. That conversation. About the time spent with the young guys are nice. It's in its system defensively. And maybe include K until he had gotten a lot. And every other night it's as good at a guy like we did it just where. I don't know where to go out. I think offense initial production you guys discussed earlier Apollo Powell. There about other people better candidate and put it like it here. So I don't know if you go back. Book and look at certain war. Now and I appreciate the call an old I say I slowed him what Isaac Ferris a couple things that I I take some umbrage with. According France and wasn't trader at the trade deadline because he is not good. He's been a disaster in his owns well. I'm more times than not and I know Joseph you watch series in a lot more religiously than the to a bust you. And Cody France and generally becomes more of a problem and not in his own result. And furthermore I think the other thing is that going into the season we didn't see this defense being this big of a liability. That falls on coach. We didn't see it just ends being attire fire we didn't see Zach Bogosian becoming a guy that we suddenly wanna get rid of contract. Or possibly projecting that we can leave him unprotected. Went to Purdue and at one point is your third best defenseman behind McCain even Bristol line in the there is a genuine problem with getting the best out of your defenders. And that is almost Rex Ryan acts. Not being willing to adjust that a dip at this point about a vendor can entertain. It's like at last may be the best hockey of the may be the best hockey this career. He's also done this before he's also he's been a twenty goal scorer in this leak has been a third goal scorer and certainly on the when he was young but I think you're starting to see that he still list. But the thing is that I think that the jets didn't get enough about it him. And they want to dump him because there was a clear locker room chemistry issue with Cain. At that hasn't appeared here that hasn't shown up yet obviously off the ice sheets have happened but. That issue in the locker and certainly hasn't at this point. Trumpet Evander Kane it'll 30 fight for Q1 Tripoli by fifty to fight The Beatles the numbers to call we're talking sabres right now. But there is some NCAA basketball going out as well currently. And you're looking at the game after watching and CBS right now mount Saint Mary's holds a slim ten to seven lead with just over eleven minutes to play in the first half. We will have Brian Kozo joining us at the half. The talk a little bit about the first half play and that wants to stay tuned here. We also continue our savers talking about actually into some bills talk as well as were here tonight dirty denied pregame appalling about pregame show starting at 930 right here with Branko from 716. And it's sabres tip our odds sabres face up attack. 10301030. From Los Angeles thirty faceoff from the Staples Center in Los Angeles to hear that again of course right here on WGR cell. You're listening to the nightcap make your. Dierker. Jody the Osce will have an update for you here shortly and Dahlia listened to be. I've implored judge who needs that I can only do you resent having turnover. That he's not trying to do the right thing. It's time and place situation for those attempts and that was in the goodwill. Tough balancing game for anything and go play him in and you know we're trying to pick up on end up in the moment that's it courses like slaves I think two on. Sabres coach Dan vials not and it. Michael immediately following it with some interest in back to backs. And some interest in music. Molex files and I know what there's there's really no conspiracy as to what happened there. There's. There might be its fiercest of what we think the dynamic is between player and Roche shares the mr. Ayers the mystery but there's the alien. I feel like there's no mystery at this point. So I think I think that Dan Viles has not really been purple using. His top talent. He's been over using Ryan O'Reilly and rest distrust of line in Bristol Ryan's been OK with that he's been responding well. Ryan O'Reilly is not the same guy. As he was to start the year. He's worn down beat he's being used yet it doesn't help that he's the only one that can win a faceoff worth a damn war played defects as a forward. He's abreast of principle that he has dome was be in every single defensive face off but for him to be that's always used. Forward in terms of ice time. You'd like to see that B Jack bought. Jess Jack I sixteenth. I think you have to take into account not after two Spanish it's at exit sixty what you have to do is any you have to take into account. Situation hockey in way aired Jack is playing compared to where. I think. You know Ryan rallies playing and this goes to my interesting point that I was I was talking with my roommate about yesterday and it was bear. I guess where I am with this team is as much as I think that up the middle you're taking care now. What if this team decided I'd. To make our real run by Johnson heiress. I would love me some Johnson owners and are you seeing. It as much as you like Jack up the middle and you want Jack to play up the middle. I think I'd be OK moving him to win. A penal if you isn't it it's just because I don't think it's not to say that they don't think Jack's face off gain in his effectiveness. In face offs can't develop over the next few years that I I'm not gonna say I'm talking about against that happening but what I'm saying is. With the problems I don't see problems I guess the inconsistencies. In Jack's game at the defensive side. Maybe you can alleviate some of those defensive responsibilities because up the middle you're expected to really be the best defensive forward. And maybe it's not allowing him. To be the most creative. Version of himself and I think if you put someone. Up the middle it'll object to tube to essentially. In a move over to the wing position. I think you're setting yourself up greatly but the problem always is and will continue to be. Is really you have enough cap space if you decide to go Engel after a big forward know what you need. A defenseman hear me out so. What you worry about over the next two years by signing a big board is obviously the contracts of samurai are. And Jack Ike and obviously came in at McCain and your goaltender if you think Robin Lehner if it to Emory believes. That Robin Lehner is that franchise goaltender for this team he's going to be paid as much and it's likely going to be about a five or six right for five. Six million per year kind of contract yup. So that you have to say. The feed because they also need and the defense. But my thought is that you thought you could sign edged out of it and I think you haven't Gallup also. Probably does you some gut in this in this scenario having cal puzzle healthy for the and this would also help. What I mean they'll have and how close is his ability to potentially recruit there. The issue is that I I think that I while I love me some Jon to bears. In the end what you are talking about is a poetry. Because they do not have the cap to allocate that sort of finish my thought though with the future. What you obviously the impending. Expansion draft. Will have the a lot to say about what sort of cap space this team has taxis and bright now is it stands. Without taking any buddy that's currently under contract for the future got a 24 million to work with next year. I would still you that's a lot of cap space I know you have the you have to take their problem and he's you know he's a restricted free agent right that's normally it says don't. You have to take care of this is what kind of well what I ever impending defense and you get open. I don't care I don't know what happens how you get him. But just getting burning glee appears not don't know golf course and you have a guy like Carlos who is going to be -- easy to beat a top defensive UF fate in this free agency period parallels is a very solid yes all around defenseman yes he has. On you might have to pay him a nice cap allocation. But you also have to continue to think you can't think just about next you have to think don't I give you about what you can do necessarily what the bills. Which is sort of just throw a lot of money around. And not really worried about the future ramifications yes but I agree the I think you absolutely do need to worry about. Allocating funds in the right places to be able to pay your franchise players who is Jack Michael will be for action and yeah and how much is Jack likeable again as first contract. Growth probably 845. Year deal would be right up I would say very similar rest this for the lines. Maybe some more money this is we're just absent the. Issue with that is IC. Michael of course is gonna. Either demand more money or think he's gonna go for the big deal right now he's gonna look at the PDC band situation. Su Banda didn't get the contract that he wanted he won that huge like 78 year deal right after his first are they deal and this event didn't get it. He got a bridge deal and then it back kinda everything spiraled down over the next year's Nancy and ended up out of Montreal. So you're hoping you wouldn't end up in that situation. So I think Michael's gonna watch that long term deal right off the bat and he's gonna think he's worth that big money right away. And I don't know the sabres going to be looking for that or they're gonna. I don't if they try to bridge fuel and Michael's not happy about that you don't want another C restaurants and no that's right in and. I like your point to and and here's the thing now is. Is I think you'd do what needs to be done to make sure to insure more you have Jack Michael here on this team long term and whether or not that. Is giving him the short term or rage deal. That he desires or the long term big money deal he desires I think as if you're Trimmer. You need to do everything in your power to make sure that dat player that Jack Michael. Is on your team and is your building block moving forward I think if it not if it's not or play. To do whatever it takes to make sure that Jack Nicklaus here for. Not only the immediate future as we're talking about here the future. Down the line five years six years. I think you need Joseph I'd I'd I like your point. I do think that ultimately you do want your bass player in this instance Jack Michael to feel as though. He's going to be playing with his team for the rest of his career in and I talk about my Romero Tom army knows pack very he knows. And when we talked his first thought is well there's no way Jack sent an S. It's not necessarily up to him right now I mean he can sign it Brittany talked about. With the new FAA rules and that they're not that new but they're they're fairly new. With these rules it's difficult for teams to lose their top and tail because of the are restrictions that team alternately has. They ultimately as the ultimate leverage because players that can sit out. Your ultimately gonna come up to some tendered agreement whether or not tender him or arbitration which I don't ever think. That the sabres or Tim or would allow the Jack what the situation to get to arbitration I think that not only sends a bad message to Jack cycle. But I think that would cloud up this potentially already volatile relationship that's building at the above I don't think you want that sort of relationship. To be created with Jack into Emory and I don't think that necessarily there I think. I think most players if not all players. Really like and respect hammer and they it's because he is so candid with not only his players in the media. But I think he's very honest I think you know what you're gonna get from Tamarine I know when you work for people when your boss is a candid open very. You know he is critical. It is publicly critical he's bad. Almost to a fault publicly critical of guys like Matt Olson now ready here on this program last year was very critical Lester the embassies apples and basically coming out it's publicly saying he needs to be in better shape restock. And well he's certainly gotten more out of doubles in the season I think we can all agree that that was a tough contract it is going to be a tough contract moving here forward. But there are a lot of interesting things when you look at cap situation of the sabres team. There is certainly money to spend there needs to be upgrade either to the wing position or as I mentioned a marked heat up the middle scanner. Too so that you get the the flexibility to move jackal I think ultimately what they need to do is add somebody this top sex addict is no doubt about it. I think guys like Justin Bailey is much is it really like just daily. He is no more than a fourth one. And I don't think asking more of I think asking more of him. May not necessarily be unfair to him but I think at this point you know he has eight leak top end speed his speed is what has gotten into the NHL. I just don't think you're ever really get more than single digit goals from Justin Daly and I think as much as you like. And want that. I just don't see it in his game I don't see predicting up putts the best we don't know what's up with putts that I don't think he's top six eat if you try to project him out in his speech I don't think he's tops export. My counterpoint to that would be yes I'd probably agree with you on all of that I don't think just and he was going to be top 640 must he figures out a way to do like Carl Hagelin Michael grander have done. Whereas you just have the speeding you just figure out a way to score twenty goals a year. I don't think bashing it's gonna get there I think he's gonna compare to Marcus Leo I go to the next couple years tiger but. The difference is and why I've advocated on treating one of their current top six guys for a top four defenseman. Is US strength in numbers on the wing right now you've got Alex knew Lander Hudson fashion Justin Bailey nick bet T east. I address this ass when you've got all these young forwards. If I can buy five or six guys potentially I would think it's fair to say one of them is gonna end up turning into a top six. Would you say that maybe it's fair to look back at a lot of what happened in this in this three. What could happen in this rebuild. Was okay. We're gonna tank well I think early on and I think this is what accelerated the expectations for this team. Are the trades for Ryan O'Reilly to trade for Evander Kane. Those accelerated. This rebuild in I think that is what potentially placed on realistic expectations this season on this team is that they went out. They acquired Ryan O'Reilly and Evander Kane and now they're expecting the fruits of that. To be blossomed and they're not yet. In their at a place where they currently stand where you have good top end talent. But the depth around it isn't. Really performing a park it and as we talked about with not only Bailey and bashing but. You're right about elks the Lander and asked blend in and in some of these other really good prospect it to her at. What makes sense right now to be trading for a guy like Riley. It makes sense right now where this team is that they need to get that'll Riley and I think may be those early trades. Have pushed back really maybe that aggressiveness that Emery has shown. In the offseason to employer top and tail at this team even though you're right that they are loaded at the wing position. It's not a leak tail at the position and sometimes an and that's what's confused me the most about memories you have not on the waiver wire. But acquiring young players try to develop at this point. I can't wait for Alex need Lander to blossom into the top six forward is that's two years down the line this team needs to win next year. I need to figure a way to add to my roster to help me next season. Elks Zealanders great I love having him in the system but he does not help me win among our. And that's the issue I'm having and that's the issue I wanna talk about tonight you know thrilled by 51 Tripoli by fifty. To buck fifty to take a quick break we'll be comeback and beat your calls per hang out and hold. Stick around there we also to keep you update on the games not so they are still holds only one point lead as of right now. Over Villanova. And that line and he's still leads so there's about three. It's ten seconds left in this one as I mentioned mount Saint Mary's still up on number one seed Villanova 23 to 22 and the other game currently going on this one. Is the eleventh seed Xavier verse six seed Maryland. Maryland has the slam at 3635. Lead that one is at the half so this Villanova Monty buries one had happier shortly we will hear from Branko steel. At the half to preview a little bit about this close up first have a play between mount Saint Mary's at Villanova so we'll get to that has become forward as I mentioned if you're sticking out on hold in the air that you wanna keep your calls I love the conversation we're having we have. You know a lot of opinions between the three of us tonight about what the sabres need will be Ford and I would like to hear from you as a match the numbers it'll three. 0551 Tripoli by 52 but if you're listening to them like kept right here and a Biggio. That's probably didn't call your for Hudson. Considering the injury considering where he was. Coming back from. He gets the opportunity will be an opportunity for him to kind of very similar to last year when he came in and played seven games to show what you can do and he's a big body guy. Physical along the wall. Boards area protect the puck and and that's what we need to see him do. And he's gonna hopefully get a chance to do that here. Welcome back to the nightcap naik Jiri here in it for Ryan gates this evening you heard there. That was sabres coach Stan files not talking about what's in fashion will make. He is I guess date view ish from injury and October 3 to pull it means. Action legal okay it's October 30 was the last time that Hudson fashion plate for the sabres. He had some time on and Rochester lately to kind of refresh his game pollen a groin injury that kept him out for most of the season. It'll real fight if you want Tripoli fight to fight to keep let's go to the phones. Where we have market Buffalo's been when you know pitch mark your on the nightcap. All right thank you very Marc Collins. I would gently modest. So we can replace in just in LAS lend you Lander. Well I said it. Kind of like that I said that its strength in numbers of about five or six prospects like that chances are one of them is going to replace cane in my opinion. All you are. And how does he watches hockey. Okay because you don't want all players are nowhere near. Well it's hard to make that judgment considering none of them plea to second in the NHL and can't say that for sure. And down and none of that score a goal here what you can't say that yet you don't know you're all full score thirty goals. Predator and common goal scorer network CK. Okay and we got paley here. Can't get Marie how do you replace. The standard and what I mean I know guys who are unproven commodity. Well for small markets for the call I don't think anyone suggesting you tried to replace the production at Evander Kane gives you an a tonight basis with. Just in May or what's in fashion I think the the conversation was that they are loaded at the wing position and on loading one to get a top four defenseman is certainly a possibility but I think. What the more important point here is is how do you Ed to top end talent on your top six forwards because that's where I stand is that as much as I like a lot of the young depth Beckett alternately take over for some your best players here up the line is that I need someone next year that can help in beat twenty to 25 to maybe a thirty goal scorer in their top six right now. They don't have that on their team right now they have a lot of young talent that has yet to really make it to the image what NHL level. And have any sort of long term success doing it. So for me. I think yes you do have a lot of good young talent but as I mentioned before the break last time it's how can you supplement some of that good young talent in use as ammunition and and Joseph what I was kind of referring to earlier was. As much as I like Howell. LT Lander looks. And how he might project out. He can't help meet tomorrow. He. I need somebody on this team to morrow or next year. That Kim played. At the four position on the wing with Jack cycle on a consistent basis. I don't what I don't wanna go into next season doing is continuing the shuffling of lines because it makes it so difficult for guys like Jack tackle who had a lot of nuance and or game that there needs to be someone who is also. I think you always get because it's going to be hard to find some equally as gifted as Jack Michael. But you need to find someone. That can keep up with him not only keep up with him speed wise but. But hill lies and be able to be on the receiving it in Berry receiving it because the guy can pass all over. The ice pick I can. Backhand Tsotsi can put the public he can make any passing he's probably more playmaker Benny is a sniper or anything else in this game so. For me you need to put someone. And maybe that's how oppose an eighties art anti but the problem is you need guys obviously on your for you need for winners and right now you have to. Better playing I think any good three. I'll say three. With Evander Kane Kyle post so in samurai and you have three of your top four and if you wanna move one of those guys to get a top portraits are not talking about having to. Really good top four winners and that's our top six winners so that to me is an issue is they need more talent on the wing to morrow. Not. Two years from now. And I see I agree that I see the argument for and that's why I'm not a fan of treating you and -- at I wanna trade added he's not the direct. Because of his speed and you're right you play on Michael's going he can. Keep up that pace just like Michael. And if you wanted if you regret it people would rather trade elks new lender or dot trade one of the wingers and all that's fine. I seen them right now is having huge weakness on the back end in them when I look at their prospect apps you have all these forwards coming up. And the hope is. That there's so many of them that you get one or two of them that pan out yeah on the defensive side. You've got Cooley and make an organ may be boarding and that's about it your banking on Brandon goal will be to become a top tower or not here basically or you've got nothing coming that can potentially become our. It'll real fight if you want Tripoli fight you two to 550 I've got to break when we come back I'll have a quick up. Eight from Brian cozy who's live at keybank senator. Villanova in mount Saint Mary's ten seconds left mount Saint Mary's still holds a one point lead over the old one seed. He sixteen seed has never beaten a one C I still don't think it's happening tonight. But we at least see. A a good competitive game keeping senator. So if you or with us for the first robber hang along as I mentioned we are eight long in an elongated version of the night kept it going to 930 until sabres preview which starts at 9301030 faceoff. From the Staples Center sabres kings 1030 right here on WGR you're listening. To the nightcap make eerie Jody B Osce enter Kramer somewhere I don't know where he has but you are listening to WG. Time now for the nightcap. Finally in New York Jets against the bills Marty Lyons give it to Jim Kelly after the incomplete pass. I'll fight breaks out. And at that everything clears the rest were given the official call. And folks it was the ruling of the day. Yeah. The small number 99 of the defense. Until a new GR Sports Radio 550. I look back or two of the nightcap. Make Erie filling in for Brian gates this evening. As I mentioned and promised I've got her ankle was alive from keybank center here to give us update of these very close. Villanova mount Saint Mary's game. Phil Noble holds a one point lead I believe Brian their first lead of the evening here over the sixteen seed mount Saint Mary's. I mean I'm watching on TV Brian but. What is the one time that Villanova seven such. Top and to be honest I a lot of missed layup spot as mount Saint Mary's team. There's a really good opportunity for this Nazi Mary's team to be up like double digits right now they could hit some of the you also on the lamps they miss but. This is a lot closer than I think we predicted a really just about everybody predict. I would agree I mean idol they had no shot coming in there are all T. And Villanova flooding and Iraq and you you're right not the Barry is not. Like there's no light daughter and there are only 40% at that look Villanova and they're all city forty oh. And not married not like they're making to really be there there'll. Though not act now or not we'll update Perry to doing it yet. Don't know it all up and Utley knocked it right now. I don't think arbitrary or twenty not Villanova at this story but the fact that only know what took so long or it was. At the bit even before they actually bought it. If they only have thirty year either and run a double or part of a point out that the writing right now I mean you know. The thought of go to keep you don't want you afford to play in all a cold outside or or lead in the second half the and that what you're going to happen one the actually get their act together all the way at some point are probably are. Boy at the bud that your app diamond right now be. Better at it pretty Bob. Pretty much all the opt. And you can back right now people are they're wholly out for the he'd ever be don't want it all tactical Italy not everybody out on the editors right now. Yeah unfortunately meet Joseph DBS are talking about it during the break it's almost like you wish they had gone on net 103 run in the last five minutes instead of the first five. But I mean right now they're playing well Bryant when you look on the landscape on and day one of of tournament play. I mean you have one real blowout it's got the once he got back over South Dakota State the sixteenth seed but really. Early on that game was close contact the far superior team and it applaud the way. Are you surprised about how close it just seems every game has bad on day one and is really maybe tell you a buyout. Just how competitive this. You know division one basketball relief from the the big power for conferences into your mid majors how close the competition has gotten really over the past few years. It is illegal pirating every year will Alter our blog are leaving our player leaving early to go to the end okay. He don't have a player that it beat the other and you know it together. Cool aren't you know that are due out at the colonel Burt the odd. Did meet your school's out here on TV or other getting more coverage they're getting more spotlight so it. Matter where they're more apt to play. Activity smaller older lately are low because they already. I'm on here the network a and never got before they'll agree that they're not there at the Butler the world like. Did anybody else and that they'll never they never get to work out there that they sure like every year albeit great order. They don't why it and they're all that the only can happen that they could lose. And that you know they would look portly they have nothing to gain by going to be quick update you like that they'll help in the tournament it forces. A beat in happen that would normally get actual. We yelled at the peak on our copper gold are better. Go to some eight acres road building and Larry whether or herb but what about the Berry or go somewhere else go to our outlook for. Call a lightning. In the Arctic report Belgrade at the accurate at airports and the sports they capped the play and you realize that app is not that big. Jack you get the block by. Over the course that you hear the majority at the very electric car. Prime more question here as we move into tonight's game obviously still have to play here between Villanova. And mount Saint Mary's the one verse the sixteenth seed tonight's game may be the most compelling. Of the four games in buffalo this afternoon Virginia attack verse Wisconsin the ninth seed for the eight seed. Records very similar both play in difficult conferences I'm interested to hear your thoughts on tonight's game in May be who you have point. Adding to pick contract and I'll repeat it back. Pretty athletic he don't mind getting out in running whereas we got in. Like the kind of shut it down Utley on a metal plate to eat that without the want the winning team in order. Which wouldn't be edited and you never everybody here like. Collided at the contract and I'll. Ultimately when you aren't eager like that sometimes we're nerves come into play or they keep it be tight. Genuinely I would think that if you like we got them. They have experienced upn Phillies the players were part of the team that went to the national title in a couple of years ago they locked the duke by. The fact that. Fundamentally either I feel like less likely to break out self IQ are being a very well being ready to go either way it. You're at the line in the game I got I would go with the cock. Yet though that's the line I believe they're favored by six. So that should be an interesting game tonight movement for Bryant thanks for joining us again. We may or may not be able to link up with you before you had on it he can preview what you're doing in the preview. Of the previous that would that sounds about right so maybe we'll get to that after the game that he had over 76 man. Our record or are you enjoy the second half Bryant. Brian cause sealed air on the AT&T hotline joining us again live courtside from a keybank center. We are Villanova holds a one point lead at 31. Lead over the sixteenth seed monsignor recently the scores. From action around the country that day Saint Mary's seven seed holds a thirteen point lead over the and CD CU. Which may be a bit of a shocker from most people I don't know it's Mary's was or was not favored in this game they are hired the law or C I should say. But it does he think a lot people had to see it is going to the sweet sixteens. So now. Like Satan is a lot they played in that pretty easy conference with guns at a one of their own loss but they did beat downs at once. In regular season played in the other game currently an action thirteen seed Vermont in four seed Purdue tied. With just under a minute to play in the first half at 35 so. Interesting and as we Meehan Brian we're talking about just that is. You know just how competitive these days when teams have been other Americans are game but you can argue. That one really played up pretty close in the first half and then obviously the number one team the guys that one against the bulldogs they pulled away. And rightfully so in the second half but at it yet. First app was a 2620 game very close. And then got that one and that running 14224. In the second half rule in the late 66 to 46. Some of the scores from earlier include west Virginia's 8680 win over book now that one was that he thinks senator. As well Notre Dame 6258. Over Princeton and that one at keeping senator as well. My upset special the East Tennessee State over Florida did not happen Florida the fourth seed beat east Tennessee thirteen seed eighty. 265. To move on and that when that earlier as well a lot of people Cinderella pick with. Winthrop lost by twelve to four seed Butler who another team that won't sweet sixteen. The forced Butler between forty and season they went by twelve and Alan they move on earlier that. I thought this one what about the upset as well I did pick Virginia the five seed to beat UNC Wilmington. The twelve seed and they get 76 to 71. Earlier as well I guess you could call it an upset however did Tennessee State is 31 in four and they were favored to win the game they did win by 981. To 72 in that one and maybe the story of the day northwest. The eighth seed at 2411. Getting their first NCAA tournament it ever which is crazy to think about because the university of buffalo has spent the NCAA tournament before northwestern. It's pretty crazy. Mean at that it's taken this long but they get it done against Vanderbilt. You're really do feel bad Joseph and I were watching the end of that game Joseph had and the I had northwestern advancing in my bracket and right at the end of the game that bone headed file. By the Vanderbilt forward that really ultimately cost down. The game which is unfortunate too because at that point. They had an opportunity. To get a shot. A debt to win the game and they chose to take our Healy deep contested three. Moves out and end up going off of them and that was really the game after some free throws in Dallas or north western moves on as I mentioned the other games currently in action. I mentioned view that scene Mary's holds a thirteen point lead over VCU with two minutes and 44 seconds left. Almost to have Vermont has now we did technically but Purdue just back. 3736. And the other game in action just started the second half of play exit eight year. Losing eleven seed exhibit losing to succeed Maryland 46 to 44 that was close. As well we've been talking sabres tonight and it's been a great conversation and ninth and ticket they're talking about. So it'll three off by 51 Tripoli five. Which is bad to really kind of talk about the and miles not the volatile potentially volatile relationship he currently has the sabres best player. Jack Michael. We decided to kind of move away from that talk and talk a little bit about the future and what this team has to add to take the next step next year so wanna hear from you it'll three. Or by 51 Tripoli fight you two to 550. What the sabres need ad is it top forfeited were on the greens. This team needs to add a top four defensemen. If I don't isles was not stories here it doesn't matter that's the one position I think you have to address but the argument that I made tonight and I've really sort of thought about. In the recent is what they need to do the top six. Winger position obviously you had the offering yet. You have some additions you need to make some. Improvements. On the top six forwards that you could happen just not in love with that gap. And the NHL level as Joseph and I were talking about the depth in this system. Is rich. As you match. LT. Rasmussen asked. Talk about you know Justin Bailey say we what you will about just Bailey still is a young player in your system who has at least develop nicely and is one of the best skaters on your team. Putts and fashion at the wing positions so there certainly are options for this team in the next two or three years but. This is that my point Joseph is I don't know that I'm comfortable what I guess I have been waiting for is. Got to make another old Riley trait. To me that's what needs to happen here in. To Emery has shown that he is willing to make the splash trade to make improvements to the roster and I think right now. Maybe that's more important than ever is I think they need a serious improvement in the line one or two. Top six the what you need to defensemen to play for your next uniting our. Port port or not saying he's clearly need one for sure top four spots and pick what you hope. Is that you at a top four goal lead likely is in your top four next year and you hope. You hope that Zach Bogosian can find consistent media and in his game instead of being so up and and. Me personally don't think that would happen but it's within the realm possibility certainly at the physical tools to do what he's never been figuring out I think the point that there and right now. They have a number two defense in my opinion bristling and they have a number four. At a given number five in the ocean and don't want to six's yeah so somehow someway you've got to find one a three way to the kids jail. Makes and attempts. At and number ones are extremely hard. Cooley could do that doctor Keith has been a number one for over a decade now he's the second round. So you could I get that way but you can't bank on that happening. And political party kept center center and a half million dollars certainly he's never dancing that was number one defense beneath the number 23 defensemen in the court's gotten them so right. I hear there are hearing that for sure and what you don't wanna do also. Is pay for a mediocre defenseman like Florida did last year with keep the handle and now they're kind of in really tough spot because they're paid him seven at half the year. To be their quote unquote franchise the facts and he's kind of old these kind of over right. So you've turned into a position where you have to be careful spending the money obviously we made our points about want to make sure you have the funds to allocate. Correctly and properly to your top player and Jack Michael you have Brian Reilly locked in long term we don't have to worry about him an immediate future you have. Jake McCain locked in right now for the next two years and a very very reasonable. Two and a half million or something like death rate is our Internet rake contradict teasing you're he's number three. He's in your top four defenseman and as project him for just don't think you want him on your top Perry he's up. Second pairing guy in what you need to do is find somebody as you mentioned they wanted to for one and three to fit there properly but I also think that there needs to be. Maybe. Answers to some of their issues are in free agency this year it's not a great pool of free agents bought. The top two guys in my opinion TJ oh she Carl's car. Those two top guys I don't think the bit the sabres have the ability to arguable I think getting one. Dating is huge getting TJ or she's kind of redundant because you had your TJ it's Kyle pose. A daddy spend money on free agency or four who has scale. Yet Kyle closest I think she except teach Yoshi can scoring shoot out. Very well I'll tell you that's at the Visteon he's pretty that would close up yet because we've got mark in kind hours but we don't hold mark your the night. Hello guys. I think that we're gonna have a very well played and not only that they are. Implication that the artists with you know I inaudible wanted to make a decision on coach. So. He mentioned that. He won't talk with Michael and my heart. In July. You know about extensions or whatever. Because you really do not want to have. Let's go to after the third season you're playing with fire in a vocal in the past has been burned by proceeds. And you can't let it get their way and that to the original sin and with the date. They have to get this thing done. You know after the season because someone world. Democracy it and so that you don't know what it's only since the defensively. I'm very skeptical that they can make a move. As her straight so I think the fact that they couldn't make any trade deadline. I I'm here over the NHL is becoming. Vienna sol where trade are so hard to make or almost impossible now because of the money involved. And Larry Maher he's going to have to build the pipeline. Through the draft almost exclusively I think it's getting him. Yet they are Bridget calling one thing though it is. It's much as I hate when potential potentially agree with you that I think they should begin negotiations the year before just four. Safeguarding themselves but maybe getting themselves a better deal for the team and not Jack cycle but here's the thing. You're just not see in our face. Offer sheets and really doesn't matter who it is in this it's really just it's too prohibited you have too much right hate. I just don't see anybody trying to put out there and an auto let me play what you put an. If you putting out an offer she project article that is for first round picks add. Yet. That's it it's a guarantee for you not signing Jack an act of two and offer should unless it's big money. It and it's ready enough team to where you're either putting. The team the current team any badcaps situation like the Oilers try to you know try to do with with Thomas Beck back in the day but. No I did with Dustin Penner they succeeded coaching Anaheim there I just don't think that. You should worry about another team coming in with yet now our faith I will say the are facing is not a big deal and the other thing is that traits I. This trade deadline was dole for one reason and one reason only that's because Las Vegas in the franchise draft is hanging over everybody's head. You wanna trade for an asset a potential asset permits I have to get away rat out or make a hockey trade. You saw it Tim bade dump off Ben Bishop because they had to. Pittsburgh is now risking losing Marc-Andre Fleury for nothing. So you've got it's really catch 22 with how trades were getting dot. This trade deadline and you're gonna see more activity with the offseason making deals like that is. I guarantee Anaheim's not to be able fit all their players on the wonder if they got a chip defenseman Nashville might have to do the same Pittsburgh will try to trade flurries that. It's really. I will say this. Mark have hope that trades will happen again because the franchise draft is the only reason I. That this is low activity I think you're going to see. You're gonna get in this summer this summer. I think you're going to see some significant hockey traits I think there's no doubt about just seems as you mentioned we're gonna have fun I think there's certainly going to be a lot of fun this summer it'll thrill fight if you want Tripoli fight you to fight to keep Jeff in Taiwan a year on the net. They don't Brian. I'm just wondering about. I I watch it and then it's just been over if you know Forest Park. Change I mean I understand that he he's the creator everything about. One end. In the defensive zone in just looked when he's not open its ascent to a and it is it just doesn't the president makes sense to. Get Jeff thanks for the call I mean maybe they are trying to get the puck jacket too much but they went out best offensive crater I think he should go more. Not to mention Jack eichel is the best in the NHL when it comes to transition. When echoes of pucks carried into the zone those advances to sixth he is the best at its own and treat and puck caring for transition from defense offense. I'm sorry but. Jet what you just said. Did the puck to more players out there are you know he's got to make mistakes. He's twenty years old. That's gonna happen. And guess what. With time. The franchise cornerstone remember those are the words franchise cornerstone. He's going to get batter that's the fun part is that Jack Douglas playing so well right now. He's going to get better. So everyone's got to come down on that part right now angry and he's almost a point per game player now so it's almost scared I think if you could get better what he could potentially be not to mention if you can solidify the top six yeah. Not insane to get slipped by the toxic but you've got a lot of work to do I think to solidify the top six Matt buffalo your the nightcap walk out there are cut. Armed for bear. Oh oath. I'm sorry Matt I I sometimes we'll tell you yeah it was me I'm mad if you'd like to call that I'll back I apologize they did the do I what happens is they use my left hand on this mouse and I have no control over my left cancer freeing up monument if you wanted to it's called back we will take your call. On the and the number if you need here is it'll throw like he won Tripoli fight to fight to the spot track currently. And now I'm looking ahead to the 20172018. Season which would be this summer. In the estimated cap space currently. Way it's fifteen guys and contract. 25 and have. On that does not include the projection for the salary cap going up I would assume they'll have more like 27 million. To spend taxis are so no excitement. Because of the fact that I had to help out running around with technical things. You know getting us connected for the game against Los Angeles Kings at 1030 at night. I have some umbrage with some things that were sent and hiding get a chance to speak on them or earlier yes. I I got a problem with bulls are you saying one thing a guy and and you. You you know I was a sale would back though are mainly directed at me in my all I've got I've got one or a court offense I've got one for yes yes that is correct Joseph but there's something that the bulls you said that I I wanna go after a while you heard it here in 0305 if you want Tripoli 522 but if you were gonna get an update when we come back here. Biscuit to get to Brian over at keybank Rainer keep makes and I should say. So when we come back we'll continue talking sabres so after hang on hold stick around is who will get your column to come back you're listening to and I camper here on the Dijjer. I. And. Then he'd been drafted I was drafted Sam. In fact we drafted me in my browser. Three forwards highly skilled and found work. And extremely. Happy that he's able to golfers like that but you know it's a little bit off those guys in the draft talk people. We haven't been enough if you all thought myself and this goes too far apart offensive line. And that would be careful when it in this. But sabres GM Tamarine make theory and here Kramer on which would you be asking feeling it right it's now nightcap. And we were pumping up mount Saint Mary's I feel like they have in school. Murdered since the last time came I was watching and they're out now like well it's after being now I want. A blow a ten to run field goal percentage in the second half Villanova 75 months series there he. It was fun well last guy searching all run right now the last five minutes for Villanova running away with it. Only all against an enemy. It's going to be one right there now let's talk about. Let's first go to the phones because I'm echoing that and buffalo we do Matt his time Matt welcome back. To the nightcap I apologize bring up any earlier there. I'm as far as personal these out these callers and some milk or not firm digital. I heard her on the one Barrick analysts say Paramount question aren't. Is. When files were took over. In Pittsburgh and they won the cup player. Do you really think that he installed systems Verisign will play video. Deathly not in the way here and they do not the players fight. And then want to insult his system and have they gone to the quarterfinals. Or on turn the conference finals signs and I know that echoed cup you know. So I mean is now seems like we I know we light the bio Simon you know we kind of of the coach. He won a copy coaching SA I get it by. At the same time I don't. I don't get our record player left side and couldn't. Yeah appreciate the comment and a there's a lot of credence which set in and I think it's. It's made one of those scenarios where they shine a little bit that China has has you know don't hold off on on my house especially not only at a mostly with the fan base but maybe. You know the national idea. Of files and as a coach and I do wanna take this next call because they he has a good point don't talk about so what can buffalo a year on the nightcap. Yeah I'm interest in what's going on with that so Russian defenseman that they're pursuing our. Our Internet and. Yet the aren't so. If you're just asking what the status is as to why hasn't signed yet it really is just more or less decay HL playoffs need to conclude in order for his contract to expire. Says he can sign in the NHL otherwise. And right now that's not happening his team had last I checked a three nothing series lead. In the second round of the Cato playoffs it's really it's more of a time thing than anything else. We call server Reid's opposition what other teens what this. Stories. Our eyes for par is I heard they were basically the team that each has chosen essentially. There were they were picked by what Dallas or some Dallas Dallas Pittsburgh and buffalo and buffalo he became the clear front murder according to Elliot Friedman Dallas was the team for the college that's and I think for it to pin it was because I'm ever looking at the listener was. Buffalo net all playoff teams it was like Calgary Chicago you Zetterberg that was right. And one other plants in eighty Washington but they used buffalo they said the won the recruiting battle it's linked by lifts. Well there you go Mike. Yeah no I mean we use every avenue that we can find. But to pick up all the finest police stopped the front that we need in almost as sort of dropped one. That we have a chance he didn't give me somebody without having to give up draft picks or are now other. I broke problem out there my ally yadier. There there's always your points well received and it could be one of those Casey Nelson situations I mean I think you are all hoping. Betty ends up you know. Being a better version of Casey Nelson because he's sort of flamed out since that really does start he had last season and the final few games. Following here is. Signing right out of the college season he's really kind of Ben disappointing said. Furthermore on antigen. The biggest thing here is a Paul Hamilton was on with. Which of bald or on Tuesday when they're talking about this and he mentioned that this may have a profound effect on trying to retain Dmitry cool lookup. From bolting in unrestricted free agency. From what it seems like according to Paul. Cool cause not necessarily happy here and awfully doesn't have anyone to communicate with and sometimes that's how it is with Russians is that they. They don't have anyone to communicate with next thing you know they kind of feel like the outsider. They don't like it they're no longer happy. You know it is to be the same thing with a pretty much any nationality but it's just you know what. He really doesn't have anyone to relate to. And this signing could also had a secondary effect in addition to adding some depth on your defects. So. If I'm if I'm gonna go on to Iowa and more in favor of the secondary effect which would be anti pinned. Being kind of a catalyst for cool cop to stay. And let's see what we've really got out of Dmitry cool cause. If he's actually decent defense and we suddenly get the you know the next nice signing from Russia. I'll take that you know if we get the defensive version of panera and I'll take that. Exist that's his bonus money. For me she also reads like he's he's not this is not going to be their topic it's not against guys 511. He breeds like a very one sided offensive defenseman. But remember last offseason Tim Murray specified going into the offseason is main concern was the fine eight quarterback defenseman and he never found it yet and while this I'm I don't think Marie even in his own mind would believe that this is going to be that key guy but he needs more powerfully defenseman coach Franzen go out the door. For exit okay powerfully defenseman but that's what usually specialized otherwise is doc you've got Jake McCabe on your second partly you know right now in the case got some offensive skill but in a perfect world you don't want him on any of your partly. Well it's not like this guy could comment he could be. That point man on your second partly you know and like their sympathy if you can somehow help cool kotsay and they need as much help on that left side as they can get I don't know how interest did. Miami and trying to retain. Two major who look up I mean out edit them okay within like a one year two million dollar deal on the that's something that he could get with. But I don't know how low interest that I am in retaining him I don't know that. Even if he was a 100%. And playing maybe I would have a different. Outlook on this and I would I be interest in bringing him back on more of you know it's worth three year deal but as of right now. You know I think that it was up on this trade. And it makes you try to wipe your hands clean of it and move on completely try to find somebody you could find yourself a mid level lefty and defensemen to pair with your last pairing. And I what I'm not interest in doing is paying him more than any more than two million dollars a year whether or not it's a one or two year deal I just I it. Out and prove to deal. I am over her gold cup for Coca playing here or anywhere else especially after what's happened this season it's probably going to deal Warner cheer prove it deal. And I think that again cool cool cop is much more talented. Then he has been able to show which is the unfortunate part about all of this. Because he's never been a 100% since halfway through the priciest. And Paul brings us up a lot if you sign an. In that islanders series last year in the first round for the Panthers he was the best defensemen probably on either team so he's capable that by 108 point. This year has been a train wreck for him and players can disintegrate pretty quickly in this league and he's already won 26 point seven years old so. I can see which if if he wants more than one or two year deal or more than 22 and a half million dollars. Yeah I'd I would prefer to stay. That in. That's probably a pretty popular opinion I would guess. There are certain. To me what it reminds me a lot of it's a little bit about what the bills are doing with the defensive back field they've got a new regime come in and it completely clean house in the defensive backfield. And are starting in new I don't necessarily think that's the way to go here but I think. Getting rid of contracts likely France and I think being overpaid for what his production in his. Skill locks on the front of bronzes about the actually he saw Josh for an actor when your ideally he's your sixth defense. An ideal world I know he's making a lot of money at your expense but that's the way it is he's off the books in 292018. Along with talent so moving forward you do have some options. Then. Okay I just what I hate I hated. Veer off the track because we have been talking head at that and having a great position the sabres but. I've been just kind of perusing through Twitter. Obviously as we heard earlier Rangel Roy. The bills have matched the Ryan way. Offer sheet that like two years to blame for its yet two and a half million per three and a half million guaranteed. Great 'cause they're paying less money than they would have that they were put the second round tender on him the reason I'm bringing this up it is is Kevin miss area on Twitter. I'm just posted something about I believe it's from pro football focus not 100% sure but. Right now. The bills are one more US state qualified. On restricted free each loss away from gaining a third round compensatory pick. That's I think pretty candid big news if your appeals and because of how little picks this team has in this upcoming trip to six picks in the seven rounds coming up. They certainly and that's really kind of where the discussion has been about treating back is to obtain some more picks because there are some holes in the team to pick up but. It would be adjusting and and I just ask about felt because I thought felt had signs. But it apparently at our site with Atlanta. But apparently that contract is not yet for sure so if the bills lose Felton they would potentially gain a third round compensatory pack. Yeah and found. Should get signed somewhere I mean he's still equality fullback thanks guys. I mean hey Atlanta and lost their fullback they might want just replacement when you deal with a guy like Jerome Felton yeah you know something quick like that but again there's. This time will tell as to what happens there but as you said with how little the bills often seem to have the complete. Registry if picks your engineer out. It would be nice digging yourself a third round pick an extra pick in day to. To try to stack cover. What do out of bounds for the bills to be calling other teams and try to convince them to century film for that cost. Not sure I feel like I got quite an unprecedented. At might be. And you're artistic thing so I'm this tweet you can see gives the the position record opposition rank but they'll all alternately I think it's like the top 1000 players. Stephon Gilmore ranked 51 here at thirteen. Million. That. That might be their player ranking one to 1000 overall the league not just you face kit. I'm not sure about that I don't know what this ranking is but Stephon Gilmore is 51 in something. We might need to double deeper in the could be position. It goes that's position ranked and odd New England had to watch it we should look into that I think I might just be overall player ranking. If its overall player ranked him and we lost the fifth time loser tonight NFL there's not a good way to spend its. I'm not sure I don't know I don't know Faxon yeah I don't know what the ranking and is on this it's the best free agents overall. So that Atlanta now Mort that felt that's on the land had been equal fake news yes I did see that I was just merely speculating it. I was I was really speculating because the fact is that they do paddle board fullback. It's easy to project that sort of fake report with your spam account by the way delete your account. But it's but it's easier projecting any you know what teams are going to need a full backs are somewhere. Teams that still employ one will be needing one. Right right one can hope you know that's that's moralist what I'm doing is I'm hoping. They're there are certainly Timmy a lot. You know I mean when we're talking about the bills here there's certainly still apples to be filled as you're talking about. Obviously I think the defensive backfield still needs a starter at the outside corner position players can play outside the numbers that they have. Adequate talent to play with in the confines of the numbers that he's don't think they haven't outside. Quarter right now on the team of the Enron Darby I don't think you want to keep on Seymour ideally playing that other outside I think what you want it. A guy acted like Brandon Carr who ended up signing we did the Baltimore Ravens. So the ravens have a really nice defensive backfield situation air while they just signed Tony Jefferson. In the options that it got some interesting tale at the defensive backfield but I I. I am I am looking for the bills to potentially add a starter here in the coming weeks I mean. Morris Claiborne is still available alternate burner still available there are some players still available that can take over that starting role but. If you don't add a starter. It makes me start to wonder why you signed Tyrod Taylor. And just because there are so many holes. His teams still to fill I think really and the starting role I mean you still are very top heavy with not a lot of good mid tier players left on this team. A lot of leaving in free agency and now that you've pretty much medically he won't be signing Zach brown linebacker becomes affect a priority for me to sign. Either in the offseason or in the strapped in Osaka with air term of cover one. In one of the conversations we had was about us on rhetoric from. Temple as being a real possibility for the bills attacked if they decide state. The reason being is Eric projection to be Healy good outside strong side for three. Outside linebacker. And although my initial thoughts and it was the ideal position that you like to see erratic play. Is that outside linebacker in the 34 where he's is got his either his his hand on the ground Horry standing but he's rushing the passer and consistent basis. He showed very well he's a big athletic guy. What he had a play linebacker dropped back into coverage he wasn't out of his element while he did add to that to me is an interesting guy to look at attend but really my ideal situation here before we go to break. Is this team treating back and acquiring. Is many additional picks they can't just a lot of holes to fill it's a very deep draft. Within the first three rounds especially at the defensive backfield position I think if you could add another third rounder or add a fourth round pick one treated last year. In order to get Reggie rank and I'd make it be nice to add a mid level player like that because I think you can find a starter. In this draft really up until the fourth round so you can add one or tube sixth a and ideally for me you move back about five spots and you get an extra second pick that's. To be a perfect world I'd really like to see them at a number sec pick that as a top and start to me in my opinion. Either the linebacker this safety wide receiver position war. That's three take one of these quarterbacks I think to meet. Really looking at this situation moving and April I think it's impair this team explores every option at back. In order to acquire most of real fight if you want Tripoli fight you too. 550 would talk a lot of Saber tonight. But I am transitioning over to bill because they do. I wanna close up to show talking bills indicates you kind of set up for next segment each set up for. Faceoff but really the polling ambles pregame show which starts here at 930 face off at 1030 here and to be juniors here those ball as mentions 930. Branko zeal and Paul. Yeah we'll come live from 716. We'll be here right here on the radio receivers that Biggio sports review like if you can't wait to bricks on got to go when we come back as a national continue talking bills here and that's an interesting points of interest named to the degree of you guys. Did you get your opinions on Toledo 30551 Tripoli fight to fight if you're listening. To the nightcap bakery in for rank it right here on the beach. In case looks through his right. Buyers that we intercepted. Picked up Mike Tobin Smith. Calvin Smith intercepted that and it's intended for Robert hood. It's about the last night Egypt at the Balkans right there inside that and Jack Ford credit. Now ripped into the Jack. Emanuel what's with the ball in his hands and could not recover and the jaguars. What Obama get to. And. I. Ellis spent at a fair. And very touching tribute to former first McKay Jim Angle who is now. Moved on to greener pastures where he can potentially probably get cut I wish we would have had a voice. Reporting. The time during training camp where he threw the ball and a day for stuff. That work with from Jody VI ST oh great work and you know what that deserves Twitter shout outs appreciate it. He should go to that has some great producing as I do imagine a great audio clip what did you span Blake. Plaintively EG jumping back the past and you hear the loud noise of the football hitting the time. I mobile mobile world. So follow any reality WG your report from rural world. Says the Seahawks are open to treating Richard Sherman. Dodi died. Out. I'm sure they would ask for eight on oh why would sit out some first pick probably more than just that idea player and a pack. Something some team probably do the key is a rate. He's he's a guy worth about thirteen nine wouldn't islands it mr. I've got a break is I went over last segment. Soar to go to quick break here Rick come back we're gonna talk a little bit more bills for half the segment and get in to us receivers pre date plate tonight against the kings at Staples Center. And Al eight. They start at 1030 faceoff 1030 you can hear right here on WGR. Paula about pregame show that starts at 930 that's immediately following customer to go an extended period here till about 925 it'll bring you right. To pre game actually Bryant goes. Sort of back as a national Conchita and bills you're listening to that night peer on the beach year. Nightcap it was a surreal experience. Never quite done anything like this with Ryan geeks. Yesterday I had seven Twitter followers and two of them were my grandmother because she forgot her password and had to do it over. And now I have a couple hundred which just seems bizarre to me I don't know why people care what they have to say. On WGR. We're back here and the nightcap and extended version of the nightcap this kids go for 21 dunks no in mystic and did replay. Now it was two handed down this time really. Well they say it like guys can't jump. They say and he's proving to be true while this games this sort of run away after related start. Is your job like. And we have right now our. Franco's right there. Or upgrade you know nothing just watching this well I don't the hell happened here Brian maybe you unite it tells what happened but I mean tough. We were talking we were really talking upset but I mean sure we were talking this is a great game and all the sudden it's now 24 point game. And I saw one point Villanova hat was shooting 75% in the second half. With months Mary shooting. 13%. What are data as well but I mean talking about the second half of what went wrong from bouncing it. I would pay less went wrong for them more bill Alter it in the year in Villanova now over the back of the game and they're 40% of perhaps I mean a riot at the app or agree. That the app though. There shoot the ball dramatically while it got the free throw it down that new. And they're getting the good stuff from another player though you know of the of their better players are now well. No I think from what we're seeing it could be overall talent level over dot repeated that though that Eddie Berry Berry gave them. I want their point guard though I think it. What are being the Bob and Mary to really get lightning. I've been wrapped up their fighting you're the energy in a dialogue with 48 but going art et Al but. I didn't think and yet the better even the pulling away in a out of debt to go out. So bright you're not gonna get an opportunity to see a late game tonight but you on intercity you've got a full day over there. And god had to take in three games this afternoon in this evening to interested in maybe the experience that once you sit down there courtside maybe the atmosphere. Don they're keeping senator for. For the tournament obviously they did every couple years but it seems like that buffalo really embraces the NCAA tournament. And and really makes it their own. I agree that it wanted to her background that you that. Sell out and bought it I'm that you're not a you look at the plate nor the quote the capacity. And the energy you're good I'll think buffalo had some good break. Hey they seem to get a good draw not helped out recently ought to get more. Eastern T are you getting a little getting you out of your hat are good. Getting at when they were good Eric use when they're good. You know this year Notre Dame at West Virginia so I think that helps a lot more bite but he you wrap it up all the good. Anarchy he'd and we all that I'd break. Particularly new that would almost shocker that are already earned that had a shot at the order to win. Yet at going outlet. At all the whipping up just got to eat yet they got a great yelled yes showed up but. I had the bat both you and they aren't over and over ten years ago Eric Maynor. Double and I'll Eric curl route or the 08 normal are you over they're used. You know even in the initial air here we are upper apathy but it never beetle one while. We have to audit by the possibility they'll be seen that would adopt it in the path. And so far so good year I would say it we're group creaky and Orton got a later the team got the ninety the night. And then. Wikipedia I think a couple of break the art Saturday at Notre Dame what part in your game in the Villanova gonna get the winner of the night that your. Brian in about twenty minutes he'll kick off the polling about pregame show what do you got going on tonight's what can we expect that the shop. Well another late night he's having a deal he struggled out you know shot that the shot terrible. I'll literally the order or the Indy is not really know. Whether or not eat meat but eat it. Better at all but there were moments aloft the comedy. I think. Like liked it better over all I'm. Our Brian appreciate and enjoyed this one and we will lockyer you about 1520 minutes at a polling about change. It rankles him there on the eighteenth he highlighted you heard there he will be joining the program in Apollo. Thirteen minutes or so. Little lasts for the hole in the pregame show. They saw 1030 LA buffalo right here in the flagship station this procedure for treatment if he's as much and that game just one final Sunday 656 Villanova. So there goes final in ultimately. It was a very close games started just like the other ones he game. The South Dakota State and Gonzaga game to be between point game. To finish so before the break IA said that we would talk a little bit about some free double but I do really kind of wanna get in hockey so we'll talk. An and another guy that wanted to bring up two guys as much as I wanted to talk about four point the greatest hockey. When you first of all you have some some great chip to get out but yes it I say something about Josh. Yes please can we can we say how ridiculous this whole quote unquote controversy is about as number. It's ridiculous. As one to get tackler that's just penguins fans been in and nonsense at Mario is treated the same skirt. Where the but. I mean he should be the past what has not retired Sony's long underwear ads that talk about hosting a watching it on Twitter alive which by the way. The HL if they've done anything right it's a fact that I can watch hockey on Twitter. You know it yeah out I guess that is Ed that is a good thing going for them I mean I just until strong get robbed. But Conner held buck like he had his hands up and everything and he had to turn around go wait we didn't score. What was hosting was last year's draft practice. To Emory reportedly tried treating back into the first round to get him into and and it was not last year was couple years back the kid is just before. Yet because I carrier it was the right. Here because they ended up with a brand new and after. In the second round first to the second round. They are trying to get in as Joseph said back in the first round you know saying who ended up going authority. I. And we ended up with brenly who didn't even wanna play here by good riddance we have event McCain McCain gaffe he had postings really nice player. Yet the so you ads on you add some disagreements with mr. and it showed like you're and so we can have our of our self. Must start with both you and I'm gonna go after Joseph is Joseph and I have a Twitter beef that is pretty much constant as we do yes. Every time you bring it up I keep. Saying no isolate this point that yes pocket point are so what you guys said something about job about just me yeah. But the fact that he would never be able to coach Mullen tangles season. I find that that's a little extreme kid's toy one he's still working his game he's learning the speed of the NHL level. And I think that even presidential level he's that fast. And you've seen players with that kind of speed be able to at least create. Production on a third line level which could give it ten to fifteen goals a year it seemed island Marcus we'll find that. Career path now. And I feel like Justin Bailey is a guy that. He's a faster more skilled version of Marcus is not nearly as tough as Marcus legal but. He's a top nine forward who can play in the top six if you need him to and when you have that player that has that flexibility. In his later years he's going to end up getting there and remember this guy is in his first year and in the NHL. This the first real polls that that he's getting. And I think that just in Bailey's got enough scale to the point where he is going to be able to beat a guy that. He may not threaten it that often but he could get a nice little. Where Eagles season somewhere along the line just random. I don't think that it's gonna be a constant thing but I think that would be like you know he'd have a plucky little year where he ends up with twenty goals because OPEC and he has that kind of steal. And the sabres in the coming years should have that skill overalls a team. Yeah. I'm kind of disagree media and just merely point in and the reason being is is much as I do love his speed I think it's. One and he's probably one of the fastest skaters in the lead him he's I. Analyses right there with me David and David's more all the skaters too fast but he's close but the problem for me is and I don't think. His skills in his hands. They certainly haven't caught up to his speed yet and an end and burglar that can be developed. The problem is is I just don't see him. The guy got a really good opportunity playing alongside Kyle post and Ryan O'Reilly in really a lot like the other players they put an outline have done nothing with it. And you look at gallegly and Kerry today. He's just about the same player as just to be except a little slower but he's also and others burner. I just don't think they have this scale. To be anything more than a streaky maybe they get to nine goals of they have a streaky and it's just don't see them as consistent. The the best I can see Justin Bailey the only role that I interest in seeing him play in buffalo. Is not a fourth line role in that's the exact kind of player I YC on my fourth line is a player like Justin Daly. I just have no interest in seeing him in a third line role IC I have no interest in in a second all what she's basically doing now. I just don't have any interest. I need something I need Tim Marie. To want better. Than just bailing your top. I feel it he's still young he's still figuring out his game I think that's not I think it's premature to say what you have set. It might be premature for me to see him say what I said is what solid all except those sorts of things. And a hero but it one quick point on me because the one. Issue of bone I detect a lot of ways it is logical to the ball right to pick review is on the fleeing a comparison. Because while Justin Bailey is super fast there's a difference between Steen super fast and being a super good skater he's not scared he's not strong on his skates he gets pushed off easily. Now he's young like I said that we got put on weight and he needs to. Find a way to do that batter and then then. He has the potential. To do what you're talking about being consistent. Top six are top nine player but at this point. That never not everyone always develops to reach their potential yes sir if he stays at this point he is not and he's not a top shirt. Ottawa or potential on this in relief in there aren't you as is based on her well sequel they certainly got a guy that a lot of guys in the development pulled up high ceilings of potential. It's just like sales okay and they needed me wanna create more. For maybe one of every four real prospect so it is in the same terms of sales one for those good numbers for you to hit on you can hit feel for people interested in your product or you or whatever your editors selling. Typically you get one of them to close the same has to be said about what the sabres had their system is. Maybe one out of every four of their top prospects right now are going to kick in maybe that's LT and maybe that's Hudson fashion but the problem and I maintain that this is the problem. Is right now there are a lot of guys who can help this team in two or three years. I'm and I don't know that I'm comfortable right now more than forwarded to next year with the cap space they have. They need to use the aid package up I think that package got some of their young talent and shipped it off too soon. Yeah they didn't waited off they didn't wait for the right time to make those traits but. I have no complaints about having Ryan O'Reilly and man wrecking your right no complaints about that what I'm saying is. The time to get a player like that to add this roster I think is now I think it's imperative this team adds a top six forward and top four defensemen and as you mention. Tube top or an at and maybe by doing that maybe you're getting rid of the top six offensive player right now so that. You're forcing a guy like Alex he Lander into a position he may not necessarily be ready for it will surround him with superior. In that top six I think his progression. Potentially get expedited and he's able to play at a higher level earlier than expected but it's our. To me that year advocating for is yes there may be they hit the fast forward button to quickly when they shipped away. William Carey herb I fanatic and now yeah and pass and I and all these guys but. What it sounds like your advocating for is that they do that again because now they're in the position for because if you do it now and see it doesn't work again. Then now you shift the weight who generations of prospect yeah. And I get at all at fast or twice I guess that maybe you learn from your mistakes that you ship will be some defensemen again immediate now you be patient. I don't think but I think that time did the tying to what had been patient has come and gone. There is no patients locked in this been based for this team and this corporate pop the structure and this had coached in the current roster is. They expected after getting Jack Michael to win pretty soon you call one year three of Jack Michael and you don't have a playoff. I think you're really into hurting in her situation that does not mean you sacrifice the long term basis of the French and well and I. I think we'll run franchises do not do that I'm not suggesting that you trade some of your young talent for a 32 year old player what I'm saying is you you'd trade that. 181920. Year old player for 26 year old player just like the Ryan Reilly traded or debater can entry. Go get it guys it's an established and it's a player and yeah maybe you give up a first round pick any prospect that you really didn't wanna get to get rid of let's say Hudson fashion for tropic that you get. I don't know. Baxter OK at the wrong name out there a player like that name right but I'm saying if you could. Move a team that is but disappointed let's say for argument sake you know I don't think it would ever go after and I don't think I'd ever want my team Mac machine. That's the kind of guy that you can bring and that is failing orbits floundering it an organization that is high draft pick the teams will give up on much like Ryan O'Reilly. They decided to prioritize do Shane. Over all Riley which was a Puerto decision on their part. But what I'm saying is that guy like that a guy that has worn out his welcome all. McCain if you see those kind of guys I want I don't wanna. There's a whole lot there's a problem though is that you're what you're saying is. Yet they're giving up these pieces to get these players to try to win now but the social lot pieces there is there's a lot of pieces and you've got to go ahead and think first off. All right trade. I'm just gonna say Joseph sack that was on drugs yeah look at. I'm saying good trucks use up some years that's a really good drugs for pinging that that was a good deal to take on the Calgary wrinkle and acute as the door sure you know what fine. A deal with that event McCain they had to wait a year and a half to really start getting validation out of the straight. But not every tree has to be like that I'd like Hitler said he would trading for the players that you're asking for. But weren't different Intel is this we a lot of assets due to be giving up I agree and went there that you don't mile and a around Evander Kane. Two years ago and now. Is significantly better I think they are one or two guys so if you can't move a guy like Hudson bashing maybe I agree that you get it's it's risky. To start and beginning to mortgage your future to get good now but it doesn't mean that because you're swapping out young 21 year old player with a 24 year old player doesn't mean they're going to have the same longevity of career where you can build Romney's got there is room at exit 25 and a half million dollars and it probably more like 27. After the seller kept goes up to spend obviously you have to allocate funds to act like we talked about it but. Elsewhere when you look around the heat. It's a star driven leak and when you look at Chicago at 211 million dollar players. And there are so damn good. It doesn't matter who you put in around they've played so obviously you had Duncan Keith who is maybe one of the best court made eagle the longest you you may not successful defenseman in the lead you may have just dug yourself a hole with that logic but star certainly part. If the sabres if the series have these stars white trying to trade for more of these they have quite early courts. The differences at that time when he made those deals the overly deal McCain deal they would strip everything down to write what they needed everything in any opportunity had to do you're saying they should have done and jumped on an eight bit. Right now the difference is I only. Open to doing that. If it is for the U right player that's got right decision right I don't think it just throw caution to the women like packaging if you can hit a decent deal met you Sheen Acosta oaks new later. I'm not really itching to do that but I can get a got a ticket Trueblood and a similar package or it just went home or you say. And right now well I'm not gonna go there and I'm Tim you have got there with my problem with you and I'm Dublin I am. Very much for doing what you're saying but it is to meet only if it's on the Blue Line. Yeah this is not something that you do trading for four anymore this is not that time is not that place we got to that stage here for. Savers things we'll deport. A a win against okay against LA. You know I think death them after adding I'm looking for them to put together three periods of hockey. Yeah look at the company TNN isn't Bryant sat right were we when we had a month during the segment is. There is a hot to play for at this point they're out of the playoffs they have to go on a pretty miraculous run. And hope that teams currently am miraculously pocket light and no Tampa Bay. Right I was getting. Beaten down by Toronto but. What I'm saying is a barring some sort of miraculous undefeated run to finish the season here that's that the playoffs are all but over. I'd like to see what this team has moving forward. This year and I'd like to see a guy like Clinton bashing finish out the season. On the roster. Playing any significant role I think now is the time to do your valuation do you guys wanna keep some of these guys what now's the time to evaluate them as much as. People into Emory has expressed not wanting to bring elks new and are up why not. I understand that you wanna continue slowly continue him along in his development the HL. But now is to me the time to bring him up in putting him in a significant top six role. And allow him to kind of learn on the job it's what she did with bashing last year now maybe it was too quick into relief for him. Letting guys like that need to get some actual time here coming down so as we mentioned appalling about pregame show hot coming on next. With Brian goes healed and cable behind the anchor duty and I'm sure that Paul Hamilton along side as walls you've been listening to like appreciate if you missed any of it. You can go to on demand. Adobe yup I could die economist Paul two and a half hours of glory thank you for joining in Lake Erie and for rank gates you'll be back tomorrow you've been listening and like jeopardy under BG.