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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Friday, March 17th

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I don't care about yeah. I didn't who even at every event. And and we. Sports Radio 515. What do read those at 4 AM a lot more. You know like 21. It's more hassle. Eating get a read from California anymore. The lights doc will be. Around to read sometimes. And might. Get the drive through on the weekends. Errol until 4 in the morning on the weekends I'm sure there. Is it a secret and you. That's interesting I should ask next time I'm there. Yeah yeah next on your mighty taco 4 in the morning ask for the secret menu and see where it. Active CEO Brian Gay thing analogy here it's the nightcap on WGR. Will be hanging out with you hear me and Joseph Joseph might take up a little bit who knows. Until nine that'd be odd appalling about pregame show and there is in other receivers gave tonight's. And if you continued to watch. Good for you know you are in fact a trooper. Years you're doing a good job out there you're doing a good job keeping up. With these with these sabres because beyond its last night obviously I wasn't around last night dates to Nate Kiri. For filling in for me. Last night Joseph was around Derek as well thanks to a whole game for being able to stop all forming. I was up in Toronto to see any will coach go with my friend emails browse skiing. And the local shell landed and I'll probably around. That time that the sabres game starting and we want to. Pretty much what I'm calling the sub won six of Toronto this place that we went to was. A sports bar in this complex where there was like subway. There was a strong and so there's other shops. And possibly want to this place which it's it's actually the sub 16. Of Toronto huge TV's the TB that they had split up and twelve different TV is sort of ordinary and I'll watch an attorney gains at the end of the Virginia Tech Wisconsin game. And suddenly the more the bartenders. The hockey games on the basketball games I know sabres game. And you weren't site. So what's it won't bartenders came in handy you think it'd be possible the sabres games only done one of these TVs. And the way that this place worked is that they had this control center. That's control center in the sky I would go back there and you change one. All of the TVs. And it would change like side. So Eagles back there he changes the one TV there's like now a sabres game on several different TVs on the rostrum. And then about five minutes later saw. He gets changed exchanged. And we are like Elton what's gonna be guys you guys are over the sabres game like you give us and I'm like that who vote to decide to put the sabres game on the Toronto here. I get that sabres garbage off our TVs. So it could sabres game off this place they have like a ticker. Running around that showed all the scores too so that's Canada hired you're about to do certain things there they are now allowed to do in the United States. So they had the ticker shown all the scores. And they had a about all the logos for all of the NHL teams. They have the sabres did slog logo. Was the one that they are using on the sticker and like the old king's crown logo be old Dallas Stars logo. The foot was that for staying and got the sabres game back up after awhile and we we are paying heavy attention to it. We are watching more of the Virginia Tech Wisconsin game more than we are paying attention to the sabres game. But. You know glance over every once in awhile. And it's in the game sabres two shots. Fifteen minutes into the game sabres two shots twenty minutes into the game sabres two shots. League. Fifteen minutes left in the second period sabres two shots. I was like oh mine misses. I know I notice the kings aren't good at tech stuff gun possession team the sabres have scored a goal there and forever. Since cracked rebate as everyone has side now. Subscribe rebate has played the sabres haven't scored a goal in LA by. That was an extremely. Extremely. Ugly game last night. I got tax here mighty till two. Now what taco until five. So I guess if you are getting 4 AM to read you are going to ET us we off just had a caller call in and say Jim stake out 24/7 that's right Jim a god does have tacos the year you're right they do they do offer offer tacos are much are they offer for burritos to offer full burritos. I mean I'm on the case are Joseph Joseph all we will see you might Wear. Where you can get of the lead at 4 in the morning because these are the important questions not wire the sabres terrible. But the important questions of where can get a burrito for the morning saint Patrick's. Because over here for a I think they serve corned beef burritos bucks. Were were urged China to look out for heavy secret state but wait every one and a Bulldog earlier east side. It it's it's not a top fifty holiday. Top of the game. It started as a top fifty holidays and how many realize they've okay I probably really can't back it up top fifty holiday I can't say this is the top fifty holiday. When you think there's fifty holidays in game. As archer if you really get into you know global. Global holidays is a holiday yeah and and if you wanna go like Twitter holidays you know like. National. Camp today heard something. And there's all sorts of days now and probably search right now. Besides Saint Patrick's Day what is the quality of the day I have are here if you won all rally what is today is also evacuation day. That's not Holiday Inn but the state holiday in Massachusetts. At the evacuating evacuation. Masters. I'm not sure. What kind of net I don't man either they might have been evacuating. Our religious persecution and the rolled over on the me flour and 161. There. Like maybe that's evacuation that that might be the day that they boarded the me flower I just made that up right now so that's probably not Sachs bought. Prop at Saturday's Maryland. We're celebrating Maryland. It again. The solemn look at. I get us there there's a holiday for everything so. I guess you could say that if if you really get down the nitty gritty of holidays you start talking about evacuation day. I'll start talking about. Maryland date their sweetest day you know Valentine's Day there's all these days hopefully see pictures of these top fifty. Legal holiday are gonna go out the shirt there's there's the parade on Sunday. There's the old first war parade this past weekend right now we've got Notre Dame in town. All of those Irish bands are out in about a bigger saw a quote from Mike Brey earlier this. That their party band going and they should have bail money on them that's all that's how hard the Irish have been going in buffalo. Wedge. About how the weekend to get the Irish bands in buffalo happens to be at tournament time Notre Dame game gets drawn here. And I just happens BC Patrick's day that weekend. If they if they decide to well we'll see what Alec also tomorrow it's Notre Dame in West Virginia. If there's a big Notre Dame when there might be a strong Irish fan presence. At the buffalo Saint Patrick's Day parade. On Sunday I wanna be surprised to see a bunch Notre Dame gear out there operate on Sunday if you're going to be downed via. The operator of the free for all like to call that down downtown. You could see a lot of Irish fans out there if it's a big win tomorrow for Notre Dame. Moving on to the sweet sixteen nothing my party with a parade the next day to get to the sweet sixteen in the and packet things back up and assuming these people have jobs and get it can always some of these kids are probably college students don't mean. But they're full time students but job. And I missed a lot of classes funny too that on the order game in town for Saint Patrick's Day just a few weeks after term member who. Name who did this list but Buffalo's ranked number one I saw that happening it's like a buffalo Boston it's always Benton. That those two as the top places to go celebrate. Saint Patrick's Day in buffalo Madison Wisconsin interest in movies too in the Boston's Madison Wisconsin so Wisconsin's here as well. And they're missed in their own celebration everyone's just it's it's all the at the Irish the number three college. Where Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated their here. Maybe they get a big one tomorrow we'll definitely be celebrating its iPad state parade if they knock off the number one seed. That your. Take a look at the turn. And right now they're starting third or second. I guess sub games yet UC Davis in Kansas. Right now all along with Al Wichita State and big and wedge shot if you're if you're curious about these games UC Davis Kansas that was on TNT. Wichita State in the end is on CB Yost Troy and duke is gonna tip off in about six minutes. That is on TBS. And and Kansas State and Cincinnati. 720 southern tip off and that will be on true TV and none in the later games. Miss can stay in Miami 920 northern Kentucky and Kentucky and 940 Marquette South Carolina night fifty Kent State UCLA. Act 957. At these games. We think this I've got about in the TV and here in which is nice and normal and sane and need the producer's chair Joe's take them over for me right now. So I've got the nice HDTV right now for the switch to state a game which I think will be. A pretty competitive game Rhode Island polls up he pulls the upset off earlier. They're the team that I and decided I'm gonna stick with for the remainder of the tournament. After bandwagon and seep out of the country this year and deciding that I'm really not I'm gonna go all in bandwagon in saint Bonaventure in the Atlantic time. Among the Rhode Island bandwagon. Date Mitterrand a couple years dollars and eleven seed now its looks like Rhode Island might be doing the same and Rhode Island is really good so I'm I restrict myself to them got a couple more to act Texan. Colossal cock and talent and the falls open until 5 AM. Plus. Gas stations have burritos. I know Joseph is a big. It doesn't trust gas station for not at all about Jelena taco. F 4 in the morning oh no way I don't know how long that taco meat Spezza and there at that time and on the confessed bash is at taco me. You know for for each person that comes but they do have a and that that package you know you got to the gas station it's. The capital center council wearing get premium sandwiches and yogurt cups media media bananas and there. I'll be honest I'd never even I've I've walked past those even when hungry needing a meal and I've and it's never occurred to me to stop and get something from the. Not even a sandwich and often not even a single sandwich you've never purchased any sort of food item you like a bag of chips I'm sure I'll Canada. So like that they are nothing like no. No homemade food nothing produced by the gas station itself. That's too bad mr. badge on gas station oftentimes you can finds. I won't say great food. On what you're about it and find. Nourishment when you need it. Which is really at that point it it's 4 in the morning. Maybe you're not I don't think you're not looking for the best tasting food at that point typically. Normally I'm finding myself at like a Denny's or something like that I'll hear these guys beat. See that's where you and I differ. I'm not a big daddies. Take gas station I think the gas station over Danny's. I don't know why there's there's really no good reason for it on I would definitely take the gas station over Wendy's. Wendy's Downey's. Brooke quicker Beckham chairman Rupert I've UC Davis problem. Give UC Davis problem I just because they are sixteen seed and they are put up pretty good fight so far in Kansas they're only down two. It's eight minutes left in the first half but Kansas in the national championship. So should I be rooting for the upset in the first sixteen T ever knowing that it would destroy my bracket see. I've I've always considered something like this and I'm always a person this year I only did one bracket and I don't have any money down our brackets so it's just a point of pride bracket really. With my people my fantasy football. But. Even when I do have money I'm always rooting for the big upsets like that to see a sixteen seed take down a number one seed it's not gonna happen. It's but their all I don't know how many it was ON 128. Coming into this year. And oh and 130. However what is very bright who who's the other number one or at Carolina one in Villanova won and who we forgetting things Agilent. So solidly won what 3131 and I'll number one seeds vs sixteen seeds. Not very often that you're going to see this so I would think that's UC Davis I would be called for a you can't really with these won sixteen games though. You are numbered Niagara. When Joakim Noah was still on Florida Joakim Noah was on Florida and Niagara was the sixteenth seed. And I figured it was pretty good game going into halftime I think there were like within striking distance but it probably around five points herself. But that in the second half started and that in Florida ended up winning by four or something ridiculous because they just turned on and and ran through the turn and ended up being national champions. So that's. Sometimes you'll see this what about the 116 matchup where the sixteenth seed well we'll give it a nice little. And for awhile just can't keep up yeah just yet they usually he's number one seeds. Verb bunch would it's I'll probably start for a lot of the sixteenth seed so it's keeping up it's just the fact that. These number one seeds have waves off the bench that they can go to and typically be sixteen seeds have. Add tops like seven or eight guys that there'll under the floor that can really compete against these guys ends. Usually it doesn't and only beat the full length of the game. Putts I would be I don't know how much money you got on this on this Brackett as a big money bracket you're talking. Probably about average I would say it's a bit its average every job. Pay in but a big pay out of a lot of people so big. I had won last year that Alice apart then I could about a part of that this year my friend time Pinto who was a colleague of mine. At Rockport EU reached out to be always does a pretty big one it's just a five dollar buy in. Last year he had like 160. People and it's something utterly ridiculous so the pay out. Was huge achievement and if yeah I was I bracket last year was absolutely terrible sowell wasn't medallist. Competing or anything. But the pay outs acute sleep and five bucks so like guy asks that you. You personally if you've got. And a nice pay out on your way you should probably be personally rooting for Kansas I just. A win win situation is either I get a good everyone's debt just on money. Though if you know Kansas it's it's not. Maybe not as much is someone write myself who has been in the in the finals finals. On. But it gets kind of a win win situation in a way because if I don't get what I originally wanted an and that's Kansas winning. Then you know it's pretty Cuomo and Agassi sixteen seed win and that's just that's awesome notre snaps at Alia. Or if thought Kansas does what I expect them to and at some point turn it on here just they can blow out. Then a key role and on and instill in my bracket. Right yeah you've got there's no you are a good spot because it's just like okay. Yeah I got Kansas in the finals but if they lose to a sixteen seed don't be one of those moments where it's like wow that is. Absurd I would certainly take them losing now as opposed to losing it in the elite eight like organ or something. That is to be a cooler way to go out yes will be cooler way to go out for share. Artist. You gotta referred for a huge selling these huge upsides. I mean there's about fifteen seeds not enough to you received quite a bit lately which for a while there was pretty unheard of remember Syracuse like back in the eighties that was one of the first ones and happened ridiculous huge upset. My favorite always beat the high knocking off duke because a lot of friends who are duke fans has for some reason took a couple times yeah I think they have done a couple times. I know there was Lehigh and nine. I do wanna think that there's someone else but on the 100 censure. All remember is. I got a lot of friends and a handful France where duke fans because for some reason duke fans are. Everywhere in the United States is because the consistently good at basketball. And yeah that's what happens when year a good team and your consistently on toppling that. But I remember when that happens and they had won the national championship a few years before whiff. You know. Name Harrier and carrier Irving was on that team against Gordon Hayward and Butler Butler almost had spent half court shot at the Hayward. And I was watching it with on the all I was doing was rooting super hard against. Do because you know pay you see your friends there there's certain friends that you have where. You kind of like you want them to be happy and you want their teams to do well because you like you know what I'll I'll I'll see them be happy that you have other friends we have this kind of relationship went. Where it's like you know what. No way. I can't see you I want misery. I wish only misery upon you do not want to see your team win. You'd be happy especially with duke the duke is one of the most easily beatable teams in my opinion. Mainly because they think forever and I'm a small time guy vaulted roof for the bills root for the sabres. Like I said I'm gonna start rooting for saint Bonaventure because they're like the little guy. It's always root for the underdog type teams in the morning got a front runner like duke but that's given in Binghamton. No reason to root for duke. We just chose to because they were good and he's a front runner so I can't root for you are your happiness in your success and that. Yet when he fourteen was the other one they lost the B high end at 2012 a again and have that up but. This one wasn't it to fifteen they were three seed in the loss of fourteen seed Mercer. In the first round fourteen seed Mercer arts and Bono. But that's also what you're gonna hate though that I have them winning this tournament I ain't gotta be honest in my bracket I do you have. Duke in the final. But I I do my back bracket. I'll choose some games my heart. Like I judge Charles in Rhode Island to make a pretty deep run here. I really do think they're good team but it's also a little bit of bias. But I do have duke in the final bit of a duke UNC final because I think that would be super sweet. That would be a great final they have one of the greatest. All time rivalries in all sports and have that. And a stage like the national championship game in basketball are coming from opposite sides of the bracket two of the biggest coaches in the entire country Joseph the biggest coaches just two of the biggest programs really in general college basketball. And to have that in the final. That's just super intriguing it would be super intriguing fight policy now obviously there's there's a long way to go we we have even got the field. The round of 32 site yeah and duke still has to get through Troy. And duke as it is seen they do have a little history of losing to a lower seeds. That game is just getting tipped off TV got to be checked him out. 8305518885525. Diva talk anything about the tournament where to get tacos burritos at 4 in the morning. You give me call here it's the nightcap. Oh coming up. I'll hear from Travis Yost he was on a couple days ago which opened the bull dog. But he does much good work he took a look at just the sabres and look at teams around league so we'll get a recap of the NHL from Travis you almost coming up. About 8 o'clock herself. But until that we're just kind of chatted about. What DD atmosphere was like I'm going to be down 716 working like a slob tomorrow. I Narnia I start working and that and throughout the rest of the day. I'm gonna be just hanging out basketball fans were Lyles a clear around the scene and I get a feel for in might show weed out picture before. The the noon games. On Thursday and look for. The mentally preparing myself her offer a real busy. Industrial 5518885250. Phone numbers here is the nightcap listen to WGR. Who don't. Okay. Great game earlier Michigan and Oklahoma State today ninety to 91. Victories for the wolverines. Continue there. Are great run here they they have the incidents. And with the plain. Scary incident there they go to the Big Ten tournament almost an employee and it. Bring your practice jerseys have to play in those because they could take some of the luggage off the plane slid to plan the practice jerseys throughout the Big Ten tournament. When the big time tournament and all law. There are all for awhile there. Another down they're down pretty big one point in the mean nice comeback there shooting has done just on real. In in the first game that I've seen of them atmosphere in that first game seen Michigan play but that is done. I know. What's that guy's name nick. No it's neck and on and on not a black guy at the guys that we work with. The guy and Michigan new ones is really good night. It's I don't know his name. Article I do know they went eleven for sixteen though from three point range yes pretty good right that's pretty good just a quick wrap up of scorers going. And right now in the tournament. Yeah Kansas started to poll already. About three minutes left in that 3622. Left in the first half there. Did you start out hot sixteen to four. Over Troy that you've seen over the 1505. Mentioned that one indeed tight team is. Dayton just throws up an air ball and are down one point two which states here with about eleven minutes remaining. In the first half. Sabres are coming up tonight. As sabres and I am looking to bounce back from last night's. I don't even know what to to relieving call last night disappointment isn't doesn't feel strong enough it's new loser I could say but. Okay thank. And wasn't this new reserve bureau like kings fan so why would I say it was user can't be. Terrible effort. Can I say that's yep awful effort to shops like midway through the game yeah that was. So. That's like I don't remember seeing that during the tank here. Now I mean the take your the team just. The team isn't good enough right. Now to really pushes a playoff team. But there's also such a disconnect. From their coach I think is banned growing and I don't even think it's that anymore I just think it's the fact. They realize how far out of it that they are at this point and really just aired. I got on interest. So personally I hate I don't even know what to really. What there is to gain out of these last. Ten games or so. I know if I was GM Tim Curry I'd be walking down into the coach's office and being saying I paid listen and now. You may not be around here for much longer but I need to do something for me an age of playing Jack cycle. As much as Ryan O'Reilly I need to out there on the ice in all situations I wanna killing penalties on on the power play. I want a home playing all situations because at some point. He's gonna have to learn how to do all that maybe is not gonna be a four time penalty killer or anything like that. But. At some point in some seasons there's gonna be injuries he's gonna have to know how to do it int. Playing on the power play will improve his overall defensive play in his own zone just by knowing. Where to be in certain situations so I'll be going down their Buick. Yeah you're playing your point Michael why you're going to be playing like a lot we give O Reilly a little less minutes. You've got to play 25 minutes some games and he's got to be really Fiona that they. That's let's pump the brakes on him a little bit stiff some of those minutes are legal he's learned how to do these things. So that's what I would be doing if I were the GM of this team at this point and I know there's. There's a lot of heat surrounding this team and not just obviously damp miles month span. Talked about an awful lot and I really just cannot see away. That he's he's back next year unless if Tim Murray board damn miles mind can sell himself to Tim Murray like. I don't need another year here and you know the year to to make this work. I would give it to a home this team has really science the bye week gone and obviously a terrible slide they've. One what does the Joseph two out of twelve games. To a twelve going back to the Chicago game which was right before the red for the by CS two out of twelve games. And they're ten points are now honestly to go over that stretch. I mean would it have been that outrageous to think at that time coming up for three game win street they can won seven out of the next twelve because that's what the difference between the last ones are. It's a different I don't buy into into what. It's even he'd do you think about the games that they've look like there's there's three games where the got a three goal Leon Pittsburg. They've got two goal lead in the third period against Arizona another big lead against Nashville which only ended up being one lost point by. That's five points right there and and that's already happened it. And a throwing a loss to Colorado who might have less poisonous sabres had when they drafted Michael. And another lost you heard the weather win was to at least the other ones they beat us one of their two wins that's like nine points right there that honestly you. Not only cut ahead you probably shouldn't. Yeah it's that's that's really where. It's herself frustrating watching this team go out there when. This rebuild. The it wasn't gonna pay immediate dividends this team a stripped down to. The bare essentials essentially. Where Tyler Ennis was a first line center. And scoring twenty goals a year and I know that injuries have certainly taken their tall on Tyler Ennis the two concussions and that concussion like symptoms the post concussion syndrome that he was having that was causing him so many problems. Obviously has affected his play as well. Cody Hodgson was oh what's it like a twenty goal scorer he led the team in points in that shortened season. There was a lot. In those years that obviously. The jokes silly they're still gonna be paying Cody yards for a long time particularly pay Christian air hopefully another five years. A bit opening a finger Vienna by yes yes I believe they are done with care if I am with the other one if if I'm writes I think they need right now they're buyouts. Should be. Leino was one other compliance buyouts to sell air off an action and Leno should be three. Those are the three the hots and one was not a complaint filed so he counts against the cap until 2023. To be a little when he theory they're also air often when I don't know counting at the capitol be paying air Hoff also to two dollars and 43. And they're going to be paying Leno to 2020. Yes you had all of those players at that time this team is a stripped down obviously. To get to the bottom so wasn't going to be this majestic quick turnarounds. And I think a lot of the I guess ink stick in frustration and lack of patience comes from the fact they went on that roll in towards the end of last season where. The latter was in that was going to be your goalie moving forward I call and Ryan were playing really well together. That was working now. They work on a stellar run towards the end of the season certainly OK this is what we. Have been wanting to see out of this team and to get to that point of the season where you're still in the playoff race. And a lot of what people really just wanted to round here was to have this team competing until. But the last couple weeks the last couple weeks of the season. Pushing for that playoff spot if they didn't get to it ever was going to be okay. They're not there yet but at least they were pushing for their playoff spot. Now going into the offseason. Obviously going to be changes because of what is happening live Las Vegas expansion draft. A player's gonna be off this team Joseph saw something earlier where Josh Georges was the team taken off which they do that's who aren't. I wouldn't even be about it I would much rather have them take. I think mammal since really an option. But it like mammals that are to harness it while those two and then just buyout Georgia's causes buyout will be super cheap. They can do it. There's an buyout Georgia's get a read of nor guy if it's possible. And an Alley you open up a couple more roster spots you gotta find out what the hell's going on this defense obviously where you're at these defenseman there's not really. Andy great names out there and free agency received some college free agents already gets signed out. There's still victory and keep an eye out there a point in the cage shell but who knows if he's coming over and money's gone and over. It's still not official with them. Southerners and the coach obviously the coach is huge. There's been rumors floating around about these Dave Quinn. Dave Quinn was the coach for a goal. As you know FB Euro and he's back and talked about as an option possibly. For an NHL coach for a little while. The US always die and really agree hockey program in take a look at his is profiled a little bit but. If if your going into this offseason and people always want like OK if if you're gonna fire fire piles mock. Rory going to do. At this point for me it doesn't really matter if there's a disconnect between piles mullah. In the young players. And it's it's a relationship that's irreconcilable. McGee is need to move on from its and that there's Doug coaches out there big I mean. I can't name not necessarily because I'm not in all circuits but I'm assuming people in the NHL circuits now pretty good coaches out there. Brooke Richardson. Luke Richardson what's he doing to I see a bad coach. Ball he was the guide van damme for about a year. Was rumored to be connected to the sabres and he was going to end up being the coach. He was the coach of being a key senators. All that's why he's connect to it right because of the Murray McMurray Binghamton senators connection you also plead to. For Ottawa I believe that some yes he did he play for Ottawa as well. And he currently though. It is not doing that he's not doing anything. There's another guy he was and coach for a little while for the sabres. A thing as what they are still Portland cabin to mean. Who died and was promoted her got hired as Florida's coach they when I run to the playoffs but it coupled. Really great seasons there at the lockout season that he went through that he got fired the following season about I think like 2030 games into that season. And any move done. He moved on somewhere else but now he's on he's an assistant coach with the Blackhawks. Before that he was the he was the women's. Hideouts cheeseburger in Canada. Yeah the winners head coach. For the national team in Canada and the I don't know why one day. We are talking about coach in here I think Shelton bulldogs were talking about coaches and Kevin and he was always a name that was brought up as a possible replacement for Lindy Ruff. And that he got hired for their. That Florida gig before the sabres made a move and Rolf and then the sabres you know Ron Ron Ralston who was that are. The Merck's coach at the time and that and I'll wait and partly blame Ron Ralston for things that happened because he believes. Yet the reins of the team that was going down a path and there was no way. There was no coach there was no player there was no goal lead. That could stop the path that this team was shutting down so Alice I don't know it felt actor Ron Austin because he really. Just you're shaking your and there you you hate Ron Ralston for summaries. I don't hate Ron Rolston I just think he was severely under qualified for. Warehouse part of the reason why you got the job. What. I think Darcy was trying to save his his job. And he thought that rough had to go. Because that's public that the one thing every GM usually gets before they get fired at a coaching change the yen really used. Jack Z yeah right here in the don't know where time Ted Nolan you know completely agree. Got the bad Jake well a lot of energy that he got the job because he was quality of the job he's under qualified. Yeah I guess your right there. I guess Robert Ralston was under qualified for the job blood. And we have been doing a decent the hammer seven competitive in. A few years now either and he was probably the last coach really competitive hammered steam troops I don't think he did a bad job in the minors. I think he had that look that people them like. My dad to Gartner gloves yet Gardner gloves. He Bono like Archie those glasses that he wore around. He wasn't really get on with the media so. I was always kind of felt that also ought covered and also a little bit housing college so maybe that something to do that you like was up close and personal from the few times. Aunts. I don't know that he was. He was given. I guess at the time he was given the team. The team wasn't necessarily at that point ya but that he was retained as coach and that he was going down that path and there was there was no stopping it. If 305518885525. If the gentleman about the sabres now could do that and Travis Yost will be coming up in. And about fifteen minutes or so mobile will get Travis yells to his thoughts on the sabres in the rest the NHL some nightcap Saint Patrick's Day version. And WGR. Can we go out there options we have we have plays just like we are four operates this what we're in the hunt. That's. Joseph lawless you know touch. Yes. We'll idealism. Playing out I think this team is really. Down in the dumps about. Where they ended up this season and not being in position to. Be competing for a playoff spot and. I just think they're disheartened with their position and I mean they're they're professionals and I'm not trying to. Make the case to feel bad for these guys that any points they've had many moments in this season where they could have had. A chance to return this season around them. There is absolutely there's how many times a season that we talked about other sabres they win this game the job or this team in this. They of the team that they're playing in the standings they would lose that game. There was that Boston. Like home and home series. Back in December late December before the new year. And that this stretch before that where they have a Carolina in Florida that's and there are losing all the shoot outs and we are talking about. Putting Nielsen did just for the shootouts because liner. Continues to be relieved at them but was just saw lawful action it's like whatever screw it put Nielsen. And brain Nielsen off the bat for the shoot outs when he saw that the change. There was that stretched. There's destruction just talked about after the bye week. So they've had opportunities all year to really control their own destiny and go out there and do something but. It just hasn't worked out and knowledge on bill miles mother coach to try to get something out of this team. For the rest of the year and get these players to show that they want to play for him and if you can't do that he'd. Might be seen the door very quickly and obviously in the doorway and mean Joseph Ben think you look at a couple coaching candidates house talk about Kevin demeanor earlier. Just because he's got the NHL experience. He's been around badges you made a playoff Rolen went. I guess not Iran heat and did a playoff drought a twelve year playoff drought ended for the Florida Panthers when he was coach of their team. And that he'd. To do so well after that first season he was there ends up getting fired their goals plays her coaches bird the women's national Canadian team. As Bethany assistant under Joel Quenneville. At. Chicago. For the last few years so he's got some pretty nice experience under his belt and man. Joseph brought up a name out of nowhere which I thought was interesting to see at least Mike Keenan Mikey in India won the cup. With the New York Rangers. This guy's been around forever now you've coached his first season. And 8485. And is coached an awful lot of NHL seasons. Last in all nine with the Calgary Flames before being replaced by Darrell suitor. He's got a couple seasons away. Became HL. He won the guard Gary cup with Miller. In 2000 for the saudis say Joseph. Man alert metal heard magnet. To draw almost. Sure. Nailed Mallard so he won a championship wouldn't Mallard and bad that year and he's currently coaching. The Chinese. The China team is in the cage Al was do what is eaten any of that team. I'd not sure I do know that Andre mock her off is the goaltender is now yes eight C Kurland a rap star. That's that's the Chinese based team for the cage out and of course next year the NHL is going to be playing. A is it is an early season gamers just an exhibition at these just exhibition games pre season yeah and exhibition game over there and pay. Third good team right now I think right that's none of an overnight. 24 wins four overtime wins three overtime losses 29 losses. Now they lost the conference quarterfinals. For the wind to his old team Mallard. And that's the team that. What is Victor. Victor and keep in place for an and we are also talking about David Quinn who was Jack like goals coach happy you. Maybe Quinn is. He's a guy that hasn't ice hockey pedigree. He was the thirteenth overall pick for the Minnesota north stars in 1984 heady really short playing career. As he was diagnosed with hemophilia B. So he wasn't really able to. I continue to play after that he played a couple more seasons you've just put a couple seasons in the NHL. And then just he retired because. Just knew what's gonna happen what is. Medical issues and he jumped in the coaching side. He was an assistant at northeastern university. And then help to build program at University of Nebraska Omaha. He left there. Was developmental coach for USA hockey. Was an assistant happy you and nine in 2009 was when he had his first hat coaching gig. Was head coach of V Lake Erie monsters in the age Al for her. Three seasons. Then was a assistant. For Colorado. If for one season and that he was. Named the eleventh head coach of Boston University. And is back and there ever sense and Boston University is a program that's extremely prestigious and it's occupying so if you don't you don't do a good job at Boston University you're probably gonna be shown the door. He's. In the past few years he's gotten. He's had three seasons there the first year not including this here right away his first year 221 in four there. Nine 201415. And Michael was there as he double Iran are up 29 and five. Last year when he won thirteen and five and all tried to see vikings grabbed. What they're. Record is this year before we take off. And I can't get a right now slobbering that you after the break itself but that's that's the guys that. They're coaching search might be something that lasts along time and you're gonna have Tim Murray. And I know that Tim Murray there's a lot of fans out there who think that he should be more under the microscope. I think he gets at least another year. With this rebuild in the next year if it's not looking I think he gets a full season next year and then after that it might be. Time to pull the plug and bring in someone else but I think he sticks around for at least another season. Our industrial by 51888550. To 550 phone numbers here we're gonna have Travis Yost coming up next segment and I'll find out what Bob B was doing right now. In in the NCAA this and I kept yours and WGR.