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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Friday, March 17th

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No effect rhythm rhythm with Ryan geeks love who pulled ahead. For the red shirt politics love the food the guy is cruel but clearly don't look good look this up you're not gonna be little wind. Loved Hulu plus this so please stop. Another hour of the night cap here before we had to be Paul William bouts pregame show with Ryan Kozey all. And Paul Hamilton and then Dunleavy and rob ray on the call tonight in Anaheim meet 10 PM puck drops oh fear stayed up late. And a few beverages for Saint Patrick's Day. Not sure how Irish hockey is bots. You celebrates with a nice sabres game or maybe you'll be intoxicated enough to forget the sabres game by the end of it. I might be be better way to go about it and talking about maybe. It's still nothing official. You know what damn miles my blood everything is pointing to him probably be like oh well at the end of the season. And I just spent talking about some of the guys that. Could potentially be beef filling in as coaches here and you got any thoughts on that 8305 if you want EEE 550 to 550. In travesty is going to be coming up a little bit some are run through a couple calls real quick we've got to wait on the nightcap Dwyane was gone and. And it predicament calls on. I just talk about the decline for a second and I am on Twitter a lot at the earth from up all our news writers. Rick Perry who. It didn't. He. Would make it. He coached at cart and I quote our secure like you know. Your alternate pretty. He can get them out crop of players that don't listen to call on you don't you teen or young hockey players. And in. February that. Question he had done not being. Coached young occupiers and college about and I'm he coached the pro level in HL. And the remotely coached and goal from national chain. And outside of the technical Jack article why would you be coach he. Yeah I I ate everything you decide Berry being in the actual development program he's been happy you know we built up that Omaha program. And he's buying building up with a young kids the entire time in if you need coaching here too. Develop and he's had experience he said he you've mentioned the HL experience he's got an NHL assistant coach. Briefly for for one season with the Colorado Avalanche but that's still. Experience on the big league in the big stage you see the inner workings of a locker room and what you gotta do to control it I think. I think it would be a great candidate and if you can bring amend and be like hey listen we've got a ton of young players that. We need to work with and we figured I'd bring a message across and he's he's worked with a young players so I see it as being really. A belief that because there's. This is gonna be more young kids coming up to. Figure all that's actually going to be. Ryan O'Reilly Kyle post so apostle is almost thirty already all right we still 26 point seven. So all the media old guys are not necessarily. Gonna be that old but. You're going to be the only Jack Michael samurai and hard. Brendan goalie when he comes up rest his first line instill the whoever is going to be popping up in this draft whether it's defenseman. Bailey Baptiste. Mean Lander but you're still dealing with a ton of young players so this is the guy is banned. The dealing with those younger players in that crowd is totally different environment and your only. Having those types of players you don't really have. The older guys so we have to get third and until but really be important is making sure. At those young kids are getting the message and their develop isn't being stunted by group coach B got July now as well julliard and I kept. I don't think anyone at all sure what you get pulled over. Just your second accountability are now. Our John Roberts. Back on hold at this point. That was Joseph. He. He's got something going on right now I guess maybe maybe you need to stop bad. One of the places we are describing. Here it is talking about 4 AM burritos he's like you know what. Irony of the burrito at 4 AM a shopping now. And I'm in the Toledo. So you you might have been placed his order there amateur but go talk to geo an old it is a good point. Whipped with Quinn. About. It isn't just about Jack Michael. There's so many young kids that are going to be coming up Joe's gonna now joke we're gonna have Joseph back average back. I can't always asking about our quarterback situation I was delivering pizzas and that's what and delivered pizza. Possibly I was saying that maybe you heard me talking about the Reid knows he would stop and get one yourself belliard delivering pizzas for people it's a noble costs. Well actually very good accuracy victory not only really get. Terino the guacamole. That's it's a power move that is a power moon no ways. I that I didn't like the whole. I had to file and aren't the only. The general situation and we attic is a bunch of players that were posted now and we had a bunch until the players and well he's not give direction of what we want to do. And I think with all this talent urging is that what direction they just want to thought play. And doing without these coaches that worked former hockey players in the seventies and eighties all the old school healthy players. Now I think we go and fresh. And just let Eric go out there and play and held at thirty or apply and does what he's due to do. I think I think pessimistic but like might even mean all I don't act in no way. I don't that certainly is just a name that is that's what it costs round because he is someone that's at least known it. I I kind of want that's the the go back and just let them play let him play but you also own need. Have these guys and a little bit of direction I know you want I call and write an arcane. Those guys to be creative but. Eventually at some point they're gonna need a little direction as well so I don't want someone who's just gonna be strictly out there being like. You guys go and do what you have to do I need. A mix between what Nolan was which was pretty much a free for all this go out there balls along play hockey and what piles mine is which is. System system system played the system we got to play the system I need a little bit it makes a ball then I'm not sure what David accords doing MB you need to find some sort of mixture between those two. All right do absolutely anything and the player or players go out there opera part athletic coaches say you know what happened out there that what you did this what you should have done but it. I. See it in its exit here. Well at number eight at overseas but it's too confusing to let these guys go out there. And I think we need old a couple of steps a little bit more willing to let it go out there and do what they're capable of doing. I agree wholeheartedly with that there's no doubt about that base for the college though in doc one when you're delivered pizzas and glad to listen to me. But it's the district right. Upbeat. That was Joseph guys while lost my pet phones I got too excited over the compliment Joseph does that mean I can't hear anything and I'm saying. Are Ambac. What Joseph palca. Yeah I mean I I understand it's completely web. You want Jack cycled to be able to go out there and play around be creative. But at the same time you also need him to be that's I wanna play so much more right now. How necessarily bottom in the air because piles mines. In bottles must trying to push him into the system anything I want about their because eventually at some point Jack Michael's going to be guys played. A ton of minutes for you and every single situation. You're gonna want that guy on the penalty kill. Yeah maybe you don't because you wanna save on but it. That the EP figures out what he's doing a defense is only becomes more defensive responsible and that's. That he'll be a great option because. This beat that he brings and the counter attacking Iran is something that you absolutely bond. In a penalty kill situation. You wanna be able to push the pace you wanna be able to push up if there's a forward playing defense be pushing towards that forward. And if you saw that one game I forget which gave it was in overtime where it was Kane and Michael storming down the ice on the fast break. Canes played some penalty kill time but he's an. Put those two up and the Polly killed gather and you've got an instant thing where it's teams are gonna have to do. They're going to be on the power play but I have to respect your speed coming out defensive zone with two those two guys are two of the fastest guys in the league. I never thought I would say this but. You Anwar and mean Joseph we're talking about this yellow on arson is a player that. Maybe one of made a huge difference. To the sabres season we would have pushed him in the playoff contention or anything like that. But I think with how they use their players Johan Larsson was really important he was there. Defensive starter behind her final rightly Ryan O'Reilly is just there. All around guy he does everything and arson was more of the he got to the offensive touch a little bit not supreme offensive numbers or anything like that but he was. It was the fall mean all Larson Gionta line that would be winding up against the other team's top lines usually and now he went out the lineup and the big never found another guy who could take face offs effectively. And it forced all right we'd be put in situation after situation gets stuck on the ice. Penalty kills defensive zone draws he gets stuck out on the ice because it in piles mud and have another guy that he could count underwent a face off. And he never thought like we don't Amar Singh's good player. Is a good player I never thought that. You have like this big and the fact Connie on the season. Because he was he was important. He was important to this team and what he did. In the defensive end and they just could not find another guy to. Replace Larsson. Everything that we expected and wanted out of Gergen since the duke was being talked about I probably was one of these people. Joseph has had some tweets that Shelby today which were pretty hilarious and I. I'm gonna bring him up and pledge on blast will be here from these previous tweets but don't feel bad jail. I was there. It is deserve your right but how the person out there saying that you know what it doesn't matter zambians to your needs and deserves the C. Right now. They just give it to bet that after that big seasonal big season is any. That's hyperbole that's hyperbole of the season eighty author and this is because he was from Latvia. The only reason he made the all star game is because he was from apia. But after that season I was like man. Put the see them like cartons sold guy leaves it out there every night young. Pretty cool he has tattoos but it just give this guy captaincy right now. But it's not as bad as Joseph here Jolo. I don't of the tweets economy so when I'm gonna like. Can bring them up right now but the gist of them where these were tweets from these are tweets from about five years ago and I think the one who was the success of army Gregor Blanco. And what was the other one pass classic well. Well define us for the next if I find that this team for years to come. And none of those players I mean. To those all are or where yet to those players were flipped for her and pretty key piece this team right now weaving motorcade and Ryan O'Reilly. And pass it was it's awfully. Obviously treated for Dmitry called cops. And but. Yeah that's event yet. Not his bed though and it's five years ago. When I advocated. That the sabres should pursue. Odd their Centre court to be made up of Hobson and it's look at him and pork. That was really bad that one. Does the good old. Let's put right down the middle. Hodgson and you're number one stunner is that we think you're probably thinking hot spots to number one Hudson number one senator and it's number two senator. What McCormick he had to be the numbers four and Luke Adam look at them big about it at the time look at it was fresh off the young guns game ever he made that. He didn't make the young guns that was when he was only last one I think too that's when he was in Europe and he was shattering. Vatican palm until early in the season we are all holy crap look at look at him he's going to be awesome. That was an ass when he had just got moved to center that year when it better early in his career and it's was Austin. Has been ruled out it's came up as a rookie and gave them a spark at the end of that year and in the playoffs and then he did again a year after that. So you know I've always kind of been an and it's fan I'm not. No I'm not on this the other story is just it's kind of sad because. It's almost like the Tim Connolly still out all over again like vicious concussion. One that laughs in the east having those ridiculous. Concussion like symptoms afterwards that won't go away. Those art to two players in buffalo history that word super promising you might get derailed from injuries which is really sad. And then Cody Johnson of course it was right after yeah SE in deal. And of course I think people are. Iowa we thought about that Cassie and deal for what we're so pumped about cats seem that we thought they would ever we got for him that must be awesome yeah yeah I have laws and now. Yeah I remember armor on that Cassie deal happened who we are watching trade center and I bodies police in college or something like that and that they are really no big deals for the sabres that day was at the they brought in rocky Torres. That it was at notre that was hired a ship to go Austin L that was the they should they sellers at that point in the gossage trade which admiral was expecting. But the powerful treated the may have happened. No upon those endless after her after an idea of the Boston trade whichever is expecting came in a little after three which is when done by analyst and then adding everyone I. Never ever kind of breeding for things and that's that deal never unexpected I think that's that's it and then boom out of nowhere. Is can't see Ian Hobson. Yeah and that's that's what it was like loses it ball. Hockey trade lake. Good prospect for a good prospect. And yeah I mean it didn't really work out for either of the teams Cassie and as a lease on an NHL roster now. And Cody McCormick I believe is like running youth camps in Nashville third something like that so. You think youth directors have no idea. I mean you look back though and you could say I mean that was the one thing Darcy was never really able to do other than injury at. Drury Briere as he never was able to capture and number one center for this team yeah and you can argue marine has brought in three of them. Was third right hurt arguably I mean I'm not here he's by plays. On daddy's deftly plays honor Michael's not here. So maybe on a dart seeking probably and are immediately. The thing with our Murray pulled the trigger on that old Riley deal which is. That year your number one Saturn and what Michael's right it's released up to the play which I think he's he's been shelling at this point that he just about there. A key you'll be your number one's honor but all right Lee has come in and and it's. Give us love the game and we plays in the the look that he has with his beard and the two that he can remove I think everyone loves the removable too it's really endearing. In the removable too to something I'm personally very endeared himself that's what people like about. The players on this team I really do like a lot of the players that are on this team especially in the top six a lot of the top six that's their right now. Yeah figure out another piece to add to that. The bottom six could really use it over all my opinion they arson probably gonna stick around like full Leno. I think he plays he'd like your fourth line Winger on the playoff contending team and I think you'd be good in that role. But otherwise. I could use a complete overall. Of them on six I got to get a break here and on the long end. I still intending to bring you Travis Leo so and had this break now we come back. A gauge that it just short segment in the I'll be right to us sabres hockey and 9 o'clock thanks everyone for participating calling and it's been kept posted WGR. That you're in the nightcap. NCAA tournament action tomorrow threatened down into the arena after the exact time around noon it's gonna be. Notre Dame and West Virginia tipping off and then about a half hours away at them and hence you'll get Villanova and Wisconsin before. They all out of town under the next later. You know. Going home want to do they look at the games yeah Kate you pretty much went on a huge run since we talked about. That B game being evens now 79 to 43 Kansas over UC Davis. Date it and Wichita State it's a good 13131. The second half just getting under way there. Duke twelve point lead on Troy 52 to forty about ninety minutes remaining in the second half and Kansas it or yeah Kansas State in Cincinnati. Just finishing up that first half. Cincinnati with about a nine point lead. There on true TV all right Travis yells to join the show a few days ago with mics open the Bulldog he's always got some good hockey sense and good hockey analysts. Analysis while he's not and hockey analysis Travis yells he's a hockey analyst for TS and he does hockey analysis and furious with my job and the Bulldog. Travis I assume there's no chance. That a sabres and could could feel satisfied by this season are considerate any sort of like achievement what they are. So what's left is what's happening is okay. And what's happening is not okay. So which side are you one really here or should is this season right to look at is it's winding down as a disappointment but a legitimate one. Or is it more along the lines of where they should be. I think back in. September October we talked and you had asked me for my forecasts on unseat him and I wanna say that I a lot of say that I had buffalo. In the U eighty to 82 rating three point line beat. You're right you're right and he says its sixth or seventh place. Yeah and I I think at that point per game page and I haven't been in the gate but I'm pretty sure they're very addict or operate like I said the. Yeah that's about it yeah there there it's 68 yards through seven games. People so. Sergeant sweat a lot out here I mean that would cut one of the lucky yes right like that it's not a lot fielder Brad at a point I would make there is. Needy fans need to be a bit like I think maybe bad maybe he'd be a bit more realistic with what could make the roster vote like all the the same time. Being able to criticize what I think is a roster that maybe at. More potential like the third of the biggest concern. If you are receivers Anthony. That you now have to look at this team and you have to say. Okay who well don't take that over again next year because a big piece of why we felt the team would be decent this year is hey look. We take our young guys are really gonna improve and to some degree like that kept negligent in the year that would help them but one thing I would not get lost on is they are true like high seventy low eighty point team that's not. You know the single biggest thing that were against the sabres this year. The fact that these operatives so freaking good like that do not side right like it this sabres. As an eighty point team in other years would have maybe banner at the selling in big bet they'll point you to stand depending on what your your benchmark your goal was but. It had not benefited the sabres didn't get all the Atlantic is the money is great division like half of their conference is insanely get. So that that is not how things they're they're they're play projection would look an awful lot better at play in the western. I think it's kind of reconciling the yours where I think we really could have been proved verses you're the things that may be worked against us this year that are are out of work. We do have. Point one game GAAP. To start the year with only goal but 49 games played 48 points. If you're willing to you know. Count on that a myth that that's that's an off game for me to feel like I've got a guy that's appointed game. And like that that step is welcome I don't know there's another one coming behind it but if he turns into an eighty point scorer. That's pretty much what I was expecting when I draft that. Yet at at the good spot at the bit started where I like you have an eighty point scoring your I don't. Got eight. Eight big jump over mostly in the NHL and I think give theirs. The biggest positive by order means that Jack cycle where like no doubt about it I think we all ought. But it's like a really have to key in bear that out and it is sacred that we've been better but in the unexpectedly. And that that also goes my point of hey look like he met the first one he ought to 2222. Games. Of the heat and beating injury like. What does buffalo look like with him gone like I don't know how. I go work and work and then I would bet. Your best player your best skaters probably work. Five or so wins over a year and I'm talking like that he tries so maybe eichel was work work. Three wins over legacy and the leader ass bro OK so maybe we maybe were 345 points better. Now is that is that acceptable he wouldn't say it was gonna get everything goes back we all think it's super important Turkey's. Everyone in every industry did you idiocy that is what our goal. If we do not meet this to be tough question yes. We do meet this question people how to use it whether where where their next you go oh. For me from either update but for other people I think they underperform. Here here's the thing about about the pace they were appointed game without them. And there are still pointing game with a silly that gets you I think too well I was expecting it if he's the most add wins. That really didn't happen well there there's some some thing something didn't go right. Because they never improved. In the standings in their point pace is the same as ones even behind it than it was when he was out. So this is what I've accounts Hewitt let's replay those first twenty game a 100000 times yeah you think they have as many pointless once or more points I would bet. That they usually have less points in the what they actually keep it like I. I think you can easily make it as Gordon and a buffalo with a better key. It cycle we're turning out in May be the wind haven't borne that out but it definitely he'd better like I think they were probably getting. The right side of things a bit more than we would have expected in that first one you're so game like they are clearly a better team. I'll be in. Seems to be a big. I think it's important that Albert again that rightly did it's. It exactly the Tampa Bay hit a really good when here. Is that he did that goes like no target but it be echoed the problem. Well maybe I would get up and all the curtain domestic up all the guys that have left the injury doubt that they it was a great point there about wireless. Well dominated maybe their their run and certain other run and pot right is he different. Travis Yost of TSA and with a us Travis how do you reconcile your point about. Which you know in terms of the standings is clear mean you that the high bottom in the Eastern Conference U overall quality the metropolitan division. I'm 49 in coursing. Five on five a worse in Colorado on worse than Jersey. You look at shot attempts with this team and it is less that is pretty typical it's terrible. So can I still have a level head with that. So that's the part where he criticized. Not only make the roster but also the coach because. I think you could still but it looked like part it was eighty points and were about where don't you target. But how did we get there at the end of the day. I think though underlying results or did you know like he performance. Has not been acceptable and yet they travel to big meet your goals your macro goal of eighty point yet maybe but. How big an eighty point good team. I don't think the chances that yet and it I think your point I mean it is looking at the grossly out shot most and in the thank you coming back he is. I don't know that they have enough like I certainly don't think it's good. That their biggest prize prospect outside of Michael in the rest and respondent. I don't think it's stupid questions following in the same questions people at the other a man who while the reputation that they are very good. Why is this guy always. He gave in when he's independent third and why is one of so many shots. To which the sabres did not when he got the nightly basis not this is any question that is not certain. And like I think you can really have that conversation go they what we think we're fine player but this is something we got to figure out and they've really this year or anything. I think mix and match trying to buy an opportunity for him to prove and whether they publicly admitted they're not like I don't know how much they think were the line is an issue. But at the end the cycle point right like you need your best players to be your where Jack -- is their sports. Com I don't know that were wrapped her on and and that's the problem like with any other. First pairing defensemen would give it first or defenseman Al that are really I don't I'm not comparing Cuba the call and you're event Doughty whoever. You can always go to that players that need and you could they yet he is one of our best spokesman. By reputation by palate and the numbers bear out. And the reverse is true with buffalo we think by reputation Allen a but the number not there and now this is you see. Right if they've got enough of it that last year they traded away a player who was at least good. For a player who they thought would fit. Right hand shot or whatever was to tell them. In this school copper concentrate in the cool copping to narrow off the ground as a bench or broke open in pre season game and he just has never been helping. But go but we're trying to solve it last year. Yes and by the way buffalo not the only team dealing with this issue like I literally wrote an article last week. The biggest issue facing the Toronto made police today. Is that Morgan Riley had not been defenseman that they thought he was in the volume wonder is it different animal while he is wondrous offensively. He is as equally bad defense blew it you your prototypical all a and he is the biggest reason why did you bomb gone in the defensive zone and like you can get away with that keep this second pairing guy or even a first pairing guy but someone next to him. It's such as stabilizing force that they it went all of you know you can extrapolate all the strength that Riley and and kind of skirt around the weaknesses. But Toronto would go to the same exact issue as buffalo here and it's not that respond and Riley are players or even maybe how that would think bulk of the market. Do we need to find a guy organization that did it on that pairing do we have them here. Today we need to get them tomorrow or further that how much it is hey look maybe this guy and as good as we thought he was going to be we could. Reconsider what we're what we're doing in the next here too and I think. By the way I mentioned Toronto Ali in the same region. Ottawa's having the same exact issue although they don't realize that with Corey he and Hillary delighted. Cost over there is so easy is not their best front right it's not they're not that expectation on him. So they can item on the second pairing and he did bomb dog but guess what it's less noticeable you have to. Travis Yost CSN with a us Mike show in the Bulldog on WGR. Travis how about damn Viles met here so you speak of expectations and that's right the thinking about the bills are you senator bill spent. And Rex Ryan was fired even though objectives expectations. Say the Vegas line is right where the bills played to at least in terms of wins. And this team is about that as well. But you have you know conflicting. Analyses here with respect to their season so I've got the Stanley Cup winning coach in year two out of five. Could the sabres be done. I I really think that this is the last it will lead about what. Based on expectations based on results predominantly in my opinion to be mostly little. And not the win loss column but how might he got to where they are like date. The sabres have now with a good team like it had been at spurts they've had periods but they have not been good he most the year. You have given Viles McNally roster that probably should be a bit more competitive. Forget again forget the when the laws just that they are watching the game and there's no and that's on the right they've played more on the opposite on the not. They're not doing that that are close to doing that. I I had higher I'd actually is about I thought it's just going to Dickie it's. What you get to a point where you've now played under some odd games lots of a guy even though the roster building he can't seem to moving in the right direction. Drop the ball in like is an it issue and I don't I eat out there but what I can't say is that data certainly doesn't native file that there. The thing that have to be killing buffalo I don't know they realize this or not. But the last summer. They would have never moved down from about last year I would never moved on while you're but talk about a missed opportunity now in retrospect. Because. If buyout that would not in the equation. Bruce Boudreau was available and maybe he comes your teammate he did not. But look at Minnesota again like Minnesota I think on this white hot date percent Bender in there but they are but again the day they're a plot shot team. Drugs turned them for a roster that there were so many questions about to another first place in it is now the third team like that and he's gonna boots you're winning the division. The big big ideas in my opinion the best coach in the NHL like Eddie Eumig Bjorkman in Babcock article. He is there any that might you know. Went to Saint Louis as likely temporary and holding pattern and he took over for Hitchcock. And Saint Louis. Signed him just under the premise of yet not now but maybe later like could could buffalo picked them. So like at the end of the day like you talk about moving up a ball that great that's fine but firing a coach did not play and you have to have. A second guy that you can plug and elect Colorado my opinion. Would absolutely. In the right to move on from patent law they never did he quit. But if they would've fired at any point they would have I would pat on the back the right decision but now who is that guy you replace him. Because you could be you know the grasses and only greater he got to have someone. And I don't know. We'll know more when he and in which coaches are available which art by. I think there might be less like Rubin coaching gallon this summer the or. Yeah that. Had to cut that short because we I can't talk talk to the pizza guy for a while so and could cut that short trips yells I'm with. Shop in the Bulldog that's from a couple days ago he ends there where we ended there was. Oh wait. A point that I have thought about before but I've I've never vocalize to and it it it's. I don't think about it as then OK Bruce Boudreau well. Was available this last summer army piles wells in the equation the sabres could betting on him I thought more of like. If Anaheim could have only held off on firing Bruce Boudreau for another season so and bottles and and his time here ran its course here. He would be available at the right time for the sabres but. Here we are in so we're talking about some potentially replace the another Google hired coach after two seasons into his five year contract and they. Snow overnight and overnight as the sabres fan and we got a game coming up about an hour and fifteen from that guy take one more break come back. With an update you on the the toothpaste my toothpaste roommate now we never put the cap on the toothpaste. Yeah it's. A gauge that after the break and then of course the Paul William about pregame show starting in nine Broncos he'll be here Hamilton being now. TJ locked in just walked in he's. He's going to be producing the game a solid day and caving in around here somewhere that Angel areas. My captaincy WGR. Wow. In case looks through his right. Buyers that we intercepted. Picked up by Melvin spent. Jacksonville. Calvin Smith intercepted that and it's intended for Robert hood. We. EJ Manuel memories. I feel like I'm a person. And our world bills fans here and we all have our EJ Manuel memories but to have a real special connection speed and that's because. His rookie year. It was an usher at the stadiums so I was there for all of us and games are the good times remember that come back against Carolina. Greed drives on the field for the last second touchdown. Remember him getting injured. Remember. Jeff tool throwing an interception on the one yard line and it being ran back for a touchdown. Those are the only two games that went two of those appears the Carolina game that came to see him via. That was. I remember being in London when he turned the ball over twice zero. Dollars and mind standing for beard swearing. And no one else in bills year round me. And EJ Manuel he's he's moved on folks he's moved on from from the buffalo bills' season now. Potentially. The Oakland Raiders backup potentially. Their third string quarterback and potentially maybe one day getting a chance to hand the ball off to Marshawn Lynch. Ended wouldn't that be everything come full circle they key EJ Manuel they keep for the memories. I got a couple more minutes here quick rundown. The NCAA scores Kansas final one on read it to 62 over UC Davis. Do go holding right now only sixteen point lead writes yes. I can do math sixteen point lead 68 to fifty to about ten minutes remaining in the second half Cincinnati. Ten point lead 43 to 33. About eighteen minutes the second half just getting under way. There and a great game going and right now between. And Wichita State shocker vs flyers about eight minutes remaining tied at 43. Apiece. That your your stead had a CBS for that one. That's where that schemes Henrique and listen if your in your car ESPN 1520. We'll have the on the end of that game so quick update on my how my roommates. He he's been known to now that the cap back and indeed the toothpaste and it's almost say. There's been there's bouncing baby steps made progress has been made. Three out of four days this week where I walk up the cap was on the toothpaste. But I am one of those days. The cap was on the ground. Sell. I'm taking the baby steps you know I'm appreciating the effort that he's putting undue. Those that 12 process of screen cap back on toothpaste. He's still not perfect yet but I appreciate the effort it's a process so it's like the sabres building one day at a time. Getting him to put the cap back on the tooth paste 100% of the time as a process. So yeah well we're working on that. Broncos heal up next to the poly about pregame show got a couple shows next week there's three sabres games all beyond those off nights. But Branko seal up next to apple Hamilton on and keep hitting the updates and I think rob ray will be re played again. For the pregame and then I'll be puck dropped and Pia and acts. And in the end Dunleavy and robbery on politics what's in the nightcap all week has been right gates for WGR.