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But partner on WGR via live deal. Inside the locker room. Who enjoy shall Bulldog team vision for Oklahoma Buffalo Sabres other triage portrayal of the it's not me it's the guys that do the show live. America. ER Sports Radio 550. I don't bruise and he appearance has always brought to you by the folks at chance smoke shop to where everything you smoke in point 47. By the Laporte outdoor store high impact gear for hardworking men and women. By the Riviera theatre set the stage historical Riviera theater and gym stay out revenue pizza steak hero. At Jim's steak and I. Right on QQ. You've got it. I've got good whistling pitch Chuck Berry wrote this. Not many people know that the league rate Chuck Berry. First ballot if there was even a ballot rock and roll hall of fame the first class Chuck Berry it's appropriate righteous yes. Rob ray from. Detroit. Motown. Brought Detroit. It'd motel legislative got about a hundred million turned. Smoke and today because it is dark and gloomy. Dark and gloomy you're she does it help you did for us to tell you where you are at this point so you know yeah. It helps him more let me know what I'm going to be home. I sent that let it you don't many hours your home for this weekend. Saturday it was cold and sir. What boat. That boy thirty hours. Between Gary Condit. Let's talk about this this cheeseburger. Now which org cheeseburger Paul tweeted a picture view and a burger and I'm wondering if it might be old. It's got a fuel because of Paul has been around me. OK and we offered to take ended in her last night we were this really cool barbecue place. And needs declined. Yeah. Because he said he's been doing under the weather and he hasn't been able to work so quite the way he would like to for the last week so. He passed me in the lobbies and okay middle locked out of the ranks. Where are we get there how to I go I give me directions. And by the time I got out of the RB I see him coming back into the lobby and heading up shares. Any charity Tommy to dated only where did that work go to in the hotel because it was too cold it was hard. A month or. So everything they can or that may have multiple life. Well this burger I think I've seen this before but we've got. The pictures normal actors have got a little wanna talk yeah yeah slider that was not Edmonton there was an Edmonton Canada I don't brew pub and amateur. All right let us to made no burger beacon hand mushrooms. That should is that chicken there what is a ball elsewhere do it via your chicken tender their demand relative brisket on I want to. Brisket blue cheese and then the little slide her stock into the top moves the ball on her ministers would not in the so we questioned but the for the what is the point of slider on top. It's the body which is just to give you look at manageable burger to eat while you try to find a way to squash this monstrosity down into like dubbed. But some in the opening your mouth. Though is just ahead on the big long to pick hold it all together. Society it. A lot of this you have to it's on the presentation. This is an attractive place it is yes good presentation is right. I watch commercials on TV and it's very hard in the book and sometimes it doesn't taste that great but homeland in the workplace on the plate they. You talk about I agree with that I thought our local shows. I love those shows got some fourteen year. Am hoping to catch up so you at the Fries with cheese as in gravy. This is. Incredible that is it does this does this kind of place that and is the kept caloric intake. On the menu. Because I'm guessing this is like 101000 dollars but he's got to be the dismembered replaced but nobody really cares crept into get a well. You know sure Canada still. But by law I think there are certain rules that need to be followed taught just curious have you had an idea what that. How many how many miles on the treadmill you Houston's go to work that bad boy off. Given up working out as soon as certain words you know Paul this year might back out where my hips got bad and I just I'm done I'm done. Armed is going to be like you guys who are. Up. But. Well I mean that's not so bad. I'm laughing at like how different Bulldog and I are in the way back. Britain you guys there one thing so rough you're do you ever watch the the NBA. Out why. Once all right well I I think it's probably a reach to call this a trend but a couple of times this year. The best teams the NBA. Set their best guys for road games in the name of rest and we just that it with Cleveland on Saturday. No LeBron no carrier ring no Kevin love the Providence three best guys in the bronze LeBron. At the clippers already give these guys a night off and there are easy to understand defenses. We're trying to win a championship and we think this is better. You're in a stretcher with the sabres. Monday flight to California. Tuesday play in San Jose Thursday LA Friday Anaheim fly home overnight practice the next morning Sunday. Mourning the flight to Detroit tonight in Detroit tomorrow Pittsburgh here. That sounds pretty crazy. Do you think hockey teams are about to get to this point where they will sit guys for rest. Well I'd I'd know what they do it already. They do it if your team that. In a position to do you know a player out front. You do you cut back guys facetime or some prejudice you may give them a nice job yes. Not poor Biden at a time. But I think it's more managed by just cutting back facetime bit no on meantime guys are taken and I talked to. You know just to get ready to prepare and even have even a little older guys did goaltender a lot of the times and all goaltender gets tonight not just. Make sure you're ready I either get it you're crazy if you don't do it. You're managing your team your managing here you know what the culture the general manager you know what. The limitation of your players have been what it's gonna take hectare arrest of. Put yourself in favor resting anybody know I I'd dug I don't give the impression that they are either. I don't regret they don't how how well you're you're a fan in LA. And you buy you know sometime months a goal may be on the secondary market maybe you're looking up to give him the box of view by. Tickets to take your family. Do go see it's LeBron James is only. Appearance there that you're playing the clippers he's our teams in and out in the same conference. And you used to you you pay whatever you it's gonna cost you make that happen. And then point four hours or twelve hours before the game you find out that they're taken the night. Are unfortunate but. That's it. Yeah a bit. I know what the game entertainment game but bottom line to you have to you have to win here hold. Obligation of playing the sport coaching it'll mean it is winning. And I don't think that. A cavaliers ran is going to be. So watered rate because the ball on a ticket in LA begin they rested their stars. And a day in them you know what having a good run in and taking a shot at the championship or winning it. Well no certainly not about a cavaliers fan although Henderson and Bianca are. Inside were coming into the trade to thank. And you sit Jack cycle that maybe people didn't feel that that's not the sabres responsibility. Tiger came be traded. Sam. I think it is a lot of it I think it is settlement I think I mean to put it that way is hard or harder to argue with but I think it is a little bit the responsibility of all these teams. To play their best guys best available players on the road it's definitely it's definitely complicated bill I understand. The other argument I'm also somebody who sent here two years ago and was opened the sabres lose every night and if you told me that. A row who wouldn't have been title run this wasn't gonna play. For whatever reason Buick greats. So I just I always feel like the fan who buys the ticket gets the short. Straw and that's. That's what happened here I mean those those moments where you get you go to that you pay that big money to gold would deem and CE LeBron James. In real life. That's that's what it's about I think that's really important. Oh it is and I think it is suited to sell the game to do a certain point but you're you're getting to a point in the season now ordered. If you're not thinking about anything but you know that group of twelve guys or wherever you about smoking that. You know. To get them to where they need to be it'd for the run ago you know I would I would welcome at oppose cloture. General manager whatever it seats doing every have to do to make sure you're you're ready for. You know the stretcher gonna get our and so that kept hitting certain. You know that's with every the team's side of it is worth pointing out the basketball I think is it as much says any game that I'm gonna go to marijuana seed Jack Michael or Sidney Crosby tomorrow night for example. The the impact that those stars can have on the game. In basketball. Is is almost under and I don't say on the nightly guaranteed delegate its. You're gonna get moments with those guys words and a hockey game you don't always get that. You know waited just a game go by end of the best player on the ice. The biggest star in the game might not get a chance to do the thing that their best known for doing worse in basketball. The chances of that the impact that one star player in this case three star players for Cleveland would have on their team that night. Is immense. Or that it. The price for our beat for robbery with us from Detroit might show in the Bulldog WGR sabres in red wings tonight sabres and penguins here tomorrow. Robin Lehner plays tonight right out ands. Have you talked at all or does anybody talk at all with one or about shoot outs. The head unit Nielsen the other night ten rounds and and a win and I wonder just what. Your read it to rob or if you know like that the team's attitude as a whole is about this subject with him. Why doctor Robin play any added I speak Robin. Ought probably more than men and just what any other guys. He he knows himself play either of them hide from Needham and hide and say you know there's you know it's it's just dumb luck. He goes I practice I practice I do everything in practice to make sure that when that time comes. That I am 100% ready. And he goes. 100% of the time I'm going into that shootout I feel good incomparable word I'm gonna do and what I have to do you believe them. I do I don't they give any reason to lie to me. I think it you know. You know the way you talk where we we talked that if you don't. I'm hoping that you know he wouldn't hold back from before and I don't think why he would you know. Changes are minor changes story just so I would thinking differently. Are our situation like there's when. More personal things that you know his point by point. I know I don't mean that he would be lying to you pursue a I just think it could be a thing where you're trying to tell yourself some thing. You know like I. I do that I mean don't we all do that is like yeah I got this site but you know back your mind you think you don't so huge you try to sort of give yourself into the right frame of mind. Never. I think goaltending is is probably that that position in hockey that you have to be mentally tough and you've got to be. Sharper. We gotta be positive you gotta be able to let things go you gotta be able to have short term memory. Yeah I adapt. They'll tell all week I don't think that that's how he wants to be here that's how we are to be in the in the club's interest is you know do you you've got this and that's probably what. The boys on the bench say when the shoot outs about the start. Okay they ritual actually gave me a kid played exceptionally Damon and stop that. We don't want to break ways you may get they may give up or something and be phenomenal and then all of a sudden he gets into the shoot noted that things. Don't go your way com. I don't know if that they did it all mental part political it's not something that you really can't do it it just. Yeah you get to that point and and there's there's this little block somewhere ease I don't think you you coach your way out of it don't they give. It's just a matter of you know doing it a couple times and and having success and then to build up. Has he talked at all with you about. But how much that they have they've looked at the attempts this year. That have gone in on him. Is their suck anything as Arnie crew there that he's there he's committing two early eighties there's a towel whatever it is is there anything to be gained from looking at. What has happened to him specifically on the easy chewed up to its. Made daybreak on every goal they look at every goal they what's great what's wrong and then you know he he used his comment would be. He goes everything fundamentally that I would have to do. To make to save. He says they get away from it he's a very open up my leg open up pieces he's that they are they're dropping down leave in the top of the net open. Sometimes they get too aggressive looking for the poke checked and you know they walked around it. He did everything that I would would know and think about going into it. It kind of goes beyond a certain. You know when he gets in that position. That's an admission mean that's not jobs. And and that's and that's something that you know you didn't work on it all you want. And break it down all you want and good for whatever reason. You know when it happened this cycle. And then sooner it happens once in an additional laws. He's cooperate. Yeah 88 attempts eight goals I mean I don't outs this year I don't mean this to be Sharkey I would really wonder if the sabres shooters have hit the net each shots in rural. Like somebody could issue Y on this guy wants a BR I 66 a couple of UUUCR you used to go to guy that bigger meanwhile you might be trying to pick a corner that. Yeah yeah I mean. NBA take eight short the sabres have what three bowled out for five. They only have a few goals this year themselves. In shoot outs flamingos are just you know your DT you lose the clock should have brought in an article and other credit limit and a street aren't right. Eleanor probably somewhere Leonard Leonard thinks about this is going that be nice yeah act responsibly just display or on me and is it just a couple under stick Democrat Al. It is safe. Yeah I'm not if if Leno were all like me I'd be like during that Anaheim shoot guns be of course. Votes go ten rounds like coach you they'll stop all. Let's just have that 120 route to receipt when he rounds here and ultimately every save he's probably out like that. Now I mean what might have made the play normal mice are for the guys after two losses and the way the last month or so was gone. Too when wonder. Played home better. I don't hold much better what do you make it your program the flight home better to me. Within an hour everybody on the plate it was pitch black and everybody was sleeping and woke up as the plane was hitting the ground soaked. You're right is called I don't know how much better we are you like to call me on this league with a little draw in the chicken didn't have not soft on of Soria. That things could have been tosses. It was at stake in chicken on the plane at 2 in the morning both yeah. It wasn't right it eating a cheese burger with chicken finger might front and bacon and ham. Are less time at the Joseph tonight on. Yeah there. He narrates a bright Goldman little press box right today it is so it got some good out of it. Walked around there all day look under something that wasn't painted on her. I don't know anything do anything. Terrible thing. While sorry your scavenger hunt didn't there are more for them. Being from each building and I'll have that kind of dwindled away and this was you know that I want and so I. As I got competent. The old got to be. Ready Google ranks dead is it rough underneath when you when you get good looking around and especially down under where the Zamboni in the restroom at all Larry it's. It's. It's been payment about a thousand times and I think that's pretty much we're told and everything together. That means you have any particular. Highly blue from from haven't been there are whether that's. I don't know I remember you tell me years ago George Kosher would've been like that the got to hit the hardest of anybody who would ever. Got hooked up with but any any gains through the years stand up there do you. No army or because we never really played here at the beginning I was only the last few years once they've they came over to the use the action played here more more more times. Do something you didn't play here taller here so. No no I think my biggest thing is a member of the power checked gold was pretty cool here. Can't go to my mind quick two part over the back Burnett and step certain gonna captured it in the front door but other and that it was at a Victor. And that was all I was through the years where they had some pretty. Mean do you teams there for awhile to sort and really. Anything too crazy but no. Then they got real good it's been a long time is they haven't been good this year in the sabres have very few wins there. In the last 1015 years but a couple lately that change though. You're they've they've. Today I was surprised there have practiced and everyone other guys on the days there was every coach the guys and they were practice with like they were getting ready for the playoffs. And they are grown out of Harvard and a loose there was pretty impressive Italian troops. All right good we'll have a good game we'll see tomorrow. OK guys one more let's go again clearly got a laugh. I don't games laughter. But I'm gonna do we have left I don't know we I haven't looked at the weekly schedule yet I think you're six home games left but they're not all on weakness sent this Saturday. So with her four times. Period thanks rob thank you editor Everett there.