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It's my shoe and pulled off. I gotta get out here I think human elusive. Sounds like somebody's got a case of the moon Mary's beats Mike show floor telling some days. Wednesday's season in New York. It's. It's okay did you generally something more to drink a nasal the number one some PT shooters shrimp crabs are extremely neatest. This copy okay so Ledezma Mondays. At the Bulldog. Me ask you something. When you coming on Monday and you're not feeling real well as anyone ever CDU's sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays. No. No motive. No moment I believe you get your rescue extensive look at them. Don WGR. Sports Radio 515. I have media first day of spring they're grossly Patrick's day here from spring my dog turns ten today so happy birthday. Teammate by a daughter wanted to give him a cake this morning. So. She birdied the guys are you could FK. As she goes into these law. Explanations why it's actually a good idea and she's way beyond me when it comes of that no listen I'm gonna tell you. This is why we should do it with Sampson at least get you get some cake greatly. He's paper towels he'll he'll lead the case right right we would give we would save the peace prize at least percent to writing all okay. You know she had this whole scheme for a go to the store five G you can go to the store. Get the kick the dog it doesn't even really have to look like a cake for a dog. Because he won't eat the whole thing right daddy. You know just like a whole big thing and it wouldn't really be able to discern if there were yes that metsu like a child making their first communion depicted on the kick from what little you know it wouldn't really matter right. Right congratulations Graham pocketed Radmanovic. Who cares worked out OK it's up all again I'll tell you doesn't terror garner chosen there just wants that she wants that Kate to authenticate to educate three I think that diets. I did not stoop on May be tonight. Maybe tonight. We have the sabres in the red wings the nightstand Dunleavy and rob ray at 730 rubble beyond that for today he will be the third straight show of hours. That rob will be on and tomorrow will be the fourth straight and I can't imagine that's happened before if it did it was like this. Thursday Friday Monday Tuesday. And it it reminds me if it makes me think about what is going on in the NBA. With us now you have Juan sitting on Saturday night assuming played yesterday. Think in the Laker game but he set out Saturday against the clippers have lost by thirty did not check the box but you know. So this is a thing BM and NBA teams have. You know this this think that I think the same kind of thing not that it matters. Happened with finishing last. It happen in hockey happens in basketball. Football is too. Stock I guess may be but it'll change. You had teams that sort of they're not so uptight about the sixers rightly they're not so uptight about what it looks like because they're not there to make. Critics happy they're there to win in this weather doing and know this is a different. Kind of that but it's we know that you wanna see stuff curry we know you wanna see LeBron James of course. But we don't work for you. Really that's what it is like we don't work for you that the GM. Of the cavaliers said that the league called him. Two and he was upset believe was upset Maddon and him. For what the cavaliers did it have. You know it's national TV game like ever games on TV but it's Saturday nightly primetime next game against clippers in LA right. Ands. He says this quote was someone like well I'm here to win championships. And that's how old Steve Kerr talks. When means for Alito Popovich talked when he did this rank was that a couple years ago if not beefed up more recently gotten. That's the first time I remember really talking about it is like donkey engine ol' blue. The and Parker may be all sitting at the same time in Miami to spurs Kate split they might get a rematch of finals rematch in Miami and he's like yeah. It feels like 33 years ago maybe whatever but that that that was the first time it's really sort of landed in orbit. I think I don't wanna go to. NBA on you but I don't think of that one and when when Golden State did it a couple of weeks ago was in San Antonio. And here's Cleveland doing it at the clippers and these are all marquee games. Look at least so Cleveland clippers but still like. These are all games that the average fan would be interest that the church San Antonio Golden State is noodles or two powerhouse teams in the west at least the clippers and cavaliers. You can't make an argument there competing proceedings or something against one and all know what you want it if you like the NBA yeah that's a rare match up east vs west and that's a game you might well. Be excited about it's almost like these coaches are trying to make they're trying to get. A certain point across I can sit. These guys whenever I want but if I sit them especially may be Golden State IRO that's right and they were coming off a bit lost. If fight if you sit them in certain games you get more attention important season games he and be really laughter. And in what they probably really want and what I I think the coaches probably want more rest for their players generally. Through the year that's why they're gonna sit them in first place at all that's why this is even an issue so by sitting them in all of our higher profile game. That is likely to draw more attention maybe the long game your playing is. Let's really talk in earnest about decreasing the number back to back sports. Ever does break this let's make this more convenient. For the players like it's not convenient and off are ready. With the money in the travel in the whatever but sure there are rigor to it. So coaches are probably if they are doing it specifically where it's gonna get more attention my guess is that the method of the madness would be. Will increase our chances of it getting enough attention that we didn't we want witches. Five fewer games a year if you were back to backs or some thing well what. That beat and that's where we can turn this to hockey. Because his wouldn't it apply with the same logic apply its may be exactly the same number games of the NBA play 82 games. Mean NHL players 82 games here the sabres playing. If you wanna go back all the way to blast Tuesday candidates wind up being 12345. Games in eight days eight nights. Tuesday night in San Jose Thursday night in Los Angeles Friday night in Anaheim that rate there is you know. Oh it was a brutal because teams do that quite often but if you just think about it it's a pretty big. Ask these 33 games in four nights. Then with cross country travel that they fly home and rest that's right they flew on Monday to San Jose Tuesday night game. Thursday night LA Friday night. Anaheim. Red dye back rob told us on Friday thought they would get to bed like 8:30 in the morning here or Saturday. Sunday he won yesterday one day flight to Detroit at practice before that there. Practiced yesterday morning that another flight game tonight Sidney Crosby and penguins. Tomorrow. We get yeah who are we we we giving their best tomorrow night when the fans come to watch the penguins I mean I don't their best. I don't the standings went public just generally speaking. It is Jack Michael and his best for a matchup with Sidney Crosby. After all of that. Don't you think that resting star players. Openly in the NHL is just a matter of time like by next year. Teams will be doing that just a matter of time and the scheduling part is the same the injury point can be the same. Hear what what do these teams in the NBA these coaches doing this not care about. Doctor the most about I don't care about the record. They don't care about home court advantage Golden State. Knows that old home court advantage be nice and against spurs but he goes the so they say in the next game anyway I think these things are put beneath. Resting the players and being right for the playoffs where the games are right and hockey should be really no different. Like that mean that the stats will be different about frequency of injuries probably back to back games in that. The V right. Ending. Is fewer games do we need to season to be longer so that games are so packed in no. Employers are gonna want that we want animal to the schedule already made its already September to June for some teams. That's ten months right. So September to the Middleton that almost all of it was no real direct that's that is lower than an off. Let's go off of what you wanna do here and don't like what what is for the NBA or even 44 hockey. What is. The right answer. I like this question M and once one reason why do is a reminds me of how man I got the win Indianapolis. Rested Peyton Manning in the last game of the season when me and clinched. And the one seed ever was when teams don't need to game week seventeen Weiler fantasy football leagues and a week early. Because some of those games in me for for losing teams to. But it's more egregious we're talking about the good teams Peyton Manning is healthy. But he's not gonna play and I've always. Most fans' approval. Of that I think so because I I think I think this earth. There can't be it is it is the same outcome. Fans going to the game don't get to see the best guys played. And and that there's no denying that. So what that that's your starting point but but from there are like I get to the end of the year. And I've clinched something but that's why I just played all these games now in the NFL to only fifteen but you know in hockey or basketball would be eighty some games. I'm all set over here. Hey you know what my obligation to life my fans right now is to make sure these guys don't get hurt in this meaningless game I've got nothing to gain from this. As much as I wouldn't feel good. If I were trying to bring my family to that game to see the star player play on given nodding go again. Game sixty randomly of the schedule. It feels different to me but your beer playing a season you haven't clinched anything yet you do still have something to gain in the standings despite with a Steve Kirk there's about Spielberg and were not. There is still your your still got a thirty or seasonal. It's different I think in season and at the end at the end if you cross the finish line early because you're so good. I'm I'm gonna give you more leeway to sit your stars then I'm gonna give you in the middle of the year. I have never thought about that that point and I might agree with it and I I just I always hated it. And I as I got tired of saying it goes appellate that was a long on this like nobody. Even got eight or dislike this point at all but you know year after year in the NFL. Good players sit there last week as are going to the playoffs. And I always feel like the most important thing. Here is that people pay to watch it's the people who pay to watch. Is not the most important thing like. So Cleveland rest LeBron James. It. Makes sense that there's no question it makes sense. But the most important thing to me is the ticket holders and in LA. And the family. Like you might be my family who wanna see LeBron James that one night a year. 2000 dollars courtside seats the sit on ESPN radio gentlemen. 2000 dollars courtside seats then they. Poll the raw ago you've got to it's no LeBron you told a story on Friday about your earn your friend someone I know is well I was out there in California to run. Or race but that was of the triathlon and also go watch some tennis. And the way to bring the kind of shook out you weren't at Nadal match urgent Federer match got got canceled because his opponent pulled out yup bright. Your friend very well have they don't what are part of California was going to. Could have been out there in public hate LeBron James and the cavaliers are right BLE play in the clippers' go to I think I'm gonna go on the go reliably go spend 500 dollars on. Decent seats I don't mean great seats when Akamai but still. Go spend that and then if you get married you're kidding him all right the cavaliers beat team I mean that. Would be brutal the loss by thirty conduct that's the thing about the NBA in this two or more football then hockey right that if you take. That happened that the warriors if you take LeBron out of the cavs lineup it wasn't just him. Carrier ring Kevin Love Irving love and LeBron James you take them out of Cleveland's lineup for the game against the clippers they're gonna lose. Mean you give it even beyond about a game like that that might just they might just. Take the game off the board when you have. The JV. Against the clippers it's joke old game becomes a joke once you do that a hockey game doesn't have to be like that. Like if if Crosby is Malkin healthy he's not making the trip to buffalo okay. Good so if if Malkin were healthy and Crosby a precedent model all meet up all the papers that closely it is read today that he's not coming. So if if Pittsburgh. Talk but they're almost assured the playoffs or not they're going to be in there somewhere. It's it's like if it fits it works if they took Crosby out of Malkin now Odom one or two other guys. Because they wanna you know just take a little bit slower right now. He could still be better the better team to begin with but you would never think oh sabres win for sure now. No I still Mike disparate bits of 32 game I don't know when it's right. So that's saying it needs and I'd like to so you still have that if if that happens to NHL game you still have I mean I know who's going to win. But in the NBA Witten. If both teams of the second time then that meant not but would that you know that would just be kind of a bigger joke. I just think the most important thing is the ticket holder. Listening to the ESPN radio guys yesterday morning. One of them said what does Cleveland old the other team's fans and I don't think it's nothing. I think you owe. The other team's fans your best effort and you owe them and you know your best healthy lineup now. Somebody can tell me let's talk about the sabres from two years ago Michael what's that and what I have said. Any thing half. They had rested healthy players. In that effort. Two years ago. Like would that have been so wrong I I don't want good healthy players on my team but I do have them on my team and they don't they definitely have to play. I don't it seems like a pretty blurry line gotten very complicated and it's. All this all this is up is a byproduct of when your regular season is so meaningless well. It it it if these leagues if the MBA if the commissioner wants to call Cleveland Cavaliers general manager. And admonish him. For I'm doing what we're what they did make the decision they made to sit their star players in the Saturday night game that's going to be on what was it ABC ESPN whenever Saturday night basketball. It okay fine. I want you do that I want you to stick up for your fans. Because I you know like I think it's. Almost impossible to to mount a counter argument. To the fans of being the most of the people are paying that money to be in the building and are the most important I mean somewhere somewhere in there. Our fans who subscribe to cable and watch the NBA Detroit somewhere in barely got that's their two it's a much smaller commitment but like it's better. Would've been brands across the country really bummed out between the game I don't like who is playing for Cleveland who 62. But Kemp and making a number brand went one up. Bronze up there are moving up their what are you going. So the fans should matter but to me believes. It would in this case is just the NBA. It's just look service you hear you're just trying to offset the damage done by the star sitting by. Saying you shouldn't do this you're not gonna age and maturity to do something to change. Then we'll save your breath. Yeah exactly but don't don't don't. Wilder you can't make them yet don't tell me your you're fighting the fight here for the for the little guy for the band the forgotten man who's paying all this money to go to the game. Unless you wanna do some thing. About the schedule. Do you wanna do something about back to backs you wanna do something about the number of games and find a way. Get everyone to agree to decrease the revenue. How we're slightly you would bite trop and games up the schedule then that's fine. Then let's talk about that. But if you're doing that to me you're just it's just hot or you're just trying to make it look like you care about the fans when in reality the machines can keep rolling in like. This'll happen again well it'll happen again maybe this year certainly happen again next year if you don't donated about. That the team's argument that what what can they do they find Cleveland is not gonna stop the cavaliers. From doing this know they come up. Up with a knee injury. And then it just becomes a Circuit City teams have come up with. If if Mort seems we're doing it more often then it might evolve to the point maybe consumer team would come up with an injury they come up with scalpers. Cleveland's Jim was saying couple those guys actually were injured. It's just you know it's. Part preventative but it's also now it's just going to be better for them whether there are injured or not every isn't everybody hurt somewhere this timing and it. So Marie called that that was the league gonna do force injured guys and games now. It's all because. Leagues have made all these different moves over time to make it all about the playoffs. Everybody thinks it. You know your presidents' trophy socks your home court advantage socks everything sucks unless it's in the playoffs Indianapolis. You know for most of those years got. Got criticized for not being better in the playoffs a date they won thirteen games a year but you know to really mean any thing. In the put a better up there were joke but it's and AFC finalist who believes it was about the playoffs I don't know. I just know that this is all this is all all that push went one way we've got to get Mort seems the playoffs everybody expands the playoffs baseball expands or playoffs. With the most important hockey's loser point. Gotta have 25 teams with three weeks left whatever will be think they have a chance the playoffs all about the playoffs. And so. If you have good teams with you know we're which in the NBA means the very best player at the very both players are going to beyond the best teams. And that's the most instinct sport for this is Alia that the start the star power is the reason why you buy the ticket it's not because of the teams' records are so excited because the final score you buy that ticket to the clippers because you're gonna see LeBron James and he doesn't show up. This is wrong. 8030515. Years mark on WGR mark. I'll sorry good thank you. Well I was gonna say what I think that part of that stance problem in the whole thing it beat the pre announcement that the guys are gonna play and they're going to be rat. And I thought that the coach go to the NBA and the coaches good. Accomplish the same thing by simply got that note and again. Playing a limited number in back to back minutes and at least it's not this presumption of they're gonna sit on the end of the bench in street because. And laugh and joke around while the game is going on Iguodala accomplish this the incident without upfront thing and they're not gonna play and I think that that. The bad luck. And I think the coach could manage the Mitt of those games instill those guys out there for pregame warmup. A couple of minutes here in America that back to back and you make decision not playing at. You can accomplish the same thing they're not gonna get over exerted during warm up playing a few minutes I get that could be a better look at the end yeah in a way to manage. The situation better for the fans and medically. One. Tactical counter point that's a technical counterpoint would be that the the coach would rather have a longer bench. Although we see carrying extra guys don't even know if he necessarily would be doing that on a cross country trip we have guys that would go when you know probably I don't know for sure. IE don't know if this is a good idea I wanna compare it to in my life. And when you say we work half day. So we early on from three to five Sunday from five to seven for whatever reason Friday after Thanksgiving. Because there was a hockey we were three to five right. It's still going in but it's still you're not cracking a beer 130. It's still you know some. I this is not this is not at all meant as a all my gosh my job as sole architect at what. But like I had a day off his day off day off yet and bright for so if it's about the players which is clearly is. That's one you know if it's one thing to tell them we're not gonna play that much don't don't worry about it. And you know then we'll disappoint here too about that the competitive integrity as you want guys on the court given the all. I don't know that's up in my fair point but it's out there. Verses you know what just relax debt that this is Steve Kerr talking just get away from. All you want the guy if if the idea behind. The day off is to give them rest. Having them participate in the game day a look at normal game day show up and and and and participate. Is not that it did that is not going to be restful and and furthermore you're gonna end up in the situation with a coat gonna do when the game is tied with five minutes ago. But look at his schedule like. And Orson William plea remorse or just stay there are not worried about don't you. You didn't you put your best guys on the floor when the game that. Like the idea of managing minutes mean that's that's been miles but colony at the beginning of every year grew up play rest for flight and about twenty minutes a night. It in the season starts but he's at 28 minutes and beyond just like this sick that's so all of that go usually the the best guys and a bit now there. It's just the temptation is to struggle bored so I don't think there's any way if you wanna accomplish giving the star's arrest. Having them play a half of their minutes to me is. You could you in theory do it yes in practice I think it's hard. Shorten the schedule I don't think there's another. Good idea to solve this right by the way yes all three of those cavaliers players did play last night. They combined the three of them combined for over a hundred points. And the cavaliers beat the lakers won 25 to one point Irving at 46. LeBron 34 love 41. 8030550. Is our number. Not hockey's problem today it will be if you wanna call it a problem there will be. It's a really good conversation I think basketball. Fans are having about this who who's right who's wrong. The fans the fight tickets get stock and that seems to happen a lot of sports. Mike showed the Bulldog here rob ray at four cell after rob bills have some new players on conference calls today's sell loosening and and will take your call throughout the day of course much open the Bulldog WGR. This sucks. At times were you know certain guys have to address book. Certain guys need rest you know and as long as the season. And good of a great job put them together as best they can we gonna have back to break your. You know certain names of these balls are nice work. You know coach and coach job who forgot aware of this team to compete for a championship. Knocking people today. LeBron James of course. That's that's the dilemma. Is that the team's job is to win in the playoffs not in the regular season just get into the playoffs you're as good as Cleveland. Mean they're not in danger of missing or anything but still he just did in. And that's all anybody cares about. But is it is it really already but anybody cares about I present you the family of four that four year has been looking forward to watching. NBA champs and liberal legend LeBron James play against the clippers on Saturday night maybe they can afford the lakers so they. By the winners you know and then the cavaliers like a known and you know what not only are. They not gonna play tonight it's really not even our fall. Part of what is what are you who who's who says who who speaks up for that fan. Who speaks up for their family everybody in in sports is tells you. No dollar makes cents and LeBron is saying it right there it's not it's not our fault or trying to win a championship. So here's what you get. If you. Make it all about the playoffs. It's crazy prices to watch these regular season games that for the good teams in every sport mean almost nothing. So. You end up here. And this doesn't happen all the time but that maybe you'll start happening. Kind of a lot Abbott the timer to a year in that league and that I mean it's not this is not a new story. The fact it was Saturday night in LA maybe. Pushes it forward put coming your dimension it was you know with the spurs in Miami I don't know it was a Saturday night. But what I ever that was a big it was a big deal look at time. So in the end nobody nobody speaks up that's why like that that the NBA commissioner and solar. I gets a lot of credit for I think being. As on top of his league and their connection to fans as maybe any commissioner. In in the spore in sports now and maybe ever by I think he gets a lot of credit. But to me believed admonishing Cleveland is just observes you do you have to change it normal avoid this then do something meaningful about it. And that means cutting into. That means cutting into the into the profits of means cutting into. Regular season games lessening the schedule. Decreasing this burden and no mic maybe I still end up with a situation where. Teams will feel like well OK we've got 75 games instead of 82. Guys only play 73. And kept him in the right imminent but it trimmed to trim some a lot of error and you still have this problem. But to me. It's all just it it's all just noise police and making noise about it they're doing any meaningful those fans to start ripped off by a multibillion dollar priced against Albert well. By the way baseball there's a tough is that really a great comparison here for baseball but one thing. That I think analytics are showing about baseball that may start to happen and you might not even notice it is. Starting pitchers who were not. Pitching in a series. Or maybe pitch at the beginning of of a road series. Will leave. You see this in the playoffs soon where. Pitchers who is somebody is scheduled to pitch game seven if necessary they won't be on the road with the team in game five or game six will be back home resting. And getting ready for that that outing. Like if you go to a game you were dodger game this act Kershaw is night you're not gonna necessarily even know if he's in the stadium. But you wouldn't see them. But it might be now that baseball teams will start to have those guys fly separately and just rest at home or wherever it is even if it's on the road maybe. To wherever it is they're pitching next goal there and wait for us now. Which is you know different. But I've I've seen. Analytics that show that that. Is better for its a better idea than the traditional just be with the boy it is right just like why do I need to be on this flight if I'm pitching tomorrow and Oakland. Public is go to Oakland three days ago brimming of that. I feel like I've seen that. In the regular season. May be with guys coming off a Rea. You know what ever that we we know always down to Florida. What working he's gonna be ready to pitch on Saturday and Texas. Were in Minnesota. Go to Texas Houston Texas cities is gonna wait is on meet the team in taxes and you know rather than you know what because you know why why would you do appeal to you know. So. How exactly the same thing all right leaving the team and going. And activists and right. Pretty soon a baseball he'll sit down to watch Kershaw and he's gonna pitched four innings that's the plan. And it's long season and they wanna win the World Series two and Stephen Strasburg when he have editing in England a few years ago. Shouldn't have pitched in May at all but they had to stop them in September. To really dumb. I I call baseball teams the Smart ones and sometimes they're not. Was it hard to think that the guys sitting somewhere I don't even know where it. My thumb tonight they can I ask a question about my thumb well in. Mean the times were spent. Good good comeback. So glad what's up with your all right home fifa seventeen Xbox E. A. SPORTS these episodes of San abroad. Immediately loved it got more more into it started a career mountain. As manager of marsh say in the league. No more French or promise is the top French league and I'd. Thought about it I ended up picking them who cares why so. Saturday morning my wife is at a tennis match Mike is a watch remove people. Will be just freeware that I've put a movie off my kids like go play for you right. That is that is assault hole distinction but I think one the business I have to you know be totally honest here. Pretty much a plea fifa on Saturday from like 10 AM to 1 in the morning. You know couple a meal breaks in the morning pretty Michael it was like I was 44 again. Couple of meal breaks a little bit socializing with my family I never closed the door. But pretty much it was like a fourteen or fifteen hour beef have done. Okay. By the second game like before noon my left bombs start to her. You've played this before you know why it would hurt. The little joystick on the left when you do a lot you go along with. Yeah that's the guy that's that's that's that's running like that's that's everything right in my pressing too hard I don't know but I always pressed too hard. But my phone starts to hurt and then I I feel like by that but as I can't stop playing the game. Over the course of the day. It's really not hurting anymore which is always hurting on what is well just keep playing and doing any harm to it but so. So am I doing wrong or is this something that every video gamer knows you just have to play through. Thank you just have to play through it. With this caveat I I'd slipped and all right I I I know I always. I always feel myself. Holding the controller. To I don't know him well be able to hold the controller more I think you're going to be more deft with the controls if you're just sort of he's sort of being one with a instead of I find myself crushing. An important point in hockey and employed sold everything is really the public controller deals in my hand who I'm talking point clenched teeth that's how would it. And like. From the oldest fighter when you play worse yes it's like golf solely a golf club that right exactly. The bulk so that thumb is like Ali in state. This happens gradually when employed in my my son Mike. Controller doesn't work right. It's me when I think I'm just I'm I'm I'm just not. Doing it too hard. I think what you need he need to know going into here your sessions and if you're gonna be called out wanna be is fourteen hour sessions you don't need to compression glove needed tape job low pre wrap. Because vols are why you're really gonna get that don't come and cool at the age of holding you 46. 4545. Sets out and knowing you're gonna play people for fourteen well I can rapidly if my wife took the kids to Toronto for the day. I might descent down 11 in the morning and no over to beer in my I'm going to be in Euro back I cook but I can Ryan yeah. Really. The goal all of and the tape. Is that X I I don't know if you're actually serious I mean it. It just it just makes sense in the EE go to go to soccer Amy got bad ankles and all year ankles are gonna hurt after a while you put you take care of you take care. Are you tell us you know people who tape up their phones on there gonna play video game for a long time I know a lot of people but I do not caught up obviously helped a I do not personally but I might you might surprise you find out that there are people that do there absolutely asked to be people who do this at this bribery you know they they probably have like these clubs that excel got swept to a sold their hands don't get likely Meehan you know control options aren't aren't you guys to talk amongst ourselves and you know how to do that I'm gonna Google video game globe. They're definitely is video game yeah I'm gonna tell you don't have to Google it because access all right. I either way the start of the show I Google LeBron rest. And there was a jockey. Named all run or the horse was named Abramowitz who and but there were solving had a horse wrap things. They dug the jockey had to arrest for something that was the lead story on Google when you Google LeBron rats all year they're out into the street Paul Paul Jett or choices for all apps like. Just the first page here but not even like going to images like. I've got eight different ones right here just. Bam on the search page of brock's looks like the average price. Oh boy well I've got a low end of six dollars and 81 cents and hand high end of 4995. That is for the speed and strength power and don't click on it. The speed and strength it's yes speed and strength power and the glory globe and a rap right forty will be no 49 by a series of colors it's it's available in. And it's for a minute you've got your gaming team you guys got to look at a deficit target all the same colors as well. You are an MM which could. Big. Hurry up. You play easy horns as they do business now I use ports is cry his eyes no and I respect it I don't know if I wanna be in the in the arena. I don't federal I wanna have equipment that's that's what's gonna end up more than one day there's not even beat light sport I and review it's going to be just people and her Reno watching people play virtual sports. Now have you noticed that while I agree that. Have you noticed that the bit. Teams are buying stakes. In. That they bought but the capitals goalie announces the Boston Bruins are few. They've they're buying stakes in that. I agree with Ryan I think that'll happen alternates in the in in the process of happening and beat that this company that makes the speed and the strength. Power and the glory glove. Has speed and strength run with the bulls 2.0 shoes. OK Arnold. As it is for like virtual reality gaming now while I'm here to speak for recent in their playing fee at all otherwise. I see from my games aren't so that's gone on he is in the room. I else does that I'm playing video games all I haven't got the right rough from writers writers young for the writers who are their. What do what do these obviously for both bicycle riding or what we're writers must be like you know when you used to go to the arcade and had the you would sit on the motorcycle and likely. Boris it's probably and maybe that's. Home that's really something I might need to gloat. Look I might buy a global this world I sawed off my song walks and and I sort of telling him he's too young for a. Which isn't it's hard for me to say right right. He's too young for this kind of wanna game soccer I just kind of one of pledged their like Marie does witness table right is gonna wanna but that's. I mean if it's the whole day that's totally bad on me Erica I'm not saying you shouldn't you should respect us or this kind of wanted to do it. Just me and Maya all the peak Tamar say global. Yeah that's what I wanna do this eco engine you know my seven year old son comes like dad what's up. And I'm put a glove on. That is an eagle with speed and strength power in the boardwalk. Super light and protective for steamy summer days the speed and strength power and the glory gloves have mesh back slaughter palms and TP. Are not Poland spring. I need buckle armor. The fighting anything it's that and then there's the policy and nobody wants. To sell you now that those brawls after the video game wars are passwords really that's eighty that finger arm and I'm not doing matters hardcore man. Rob coming up. Any advice you might have got friends text in the ones one knew about the glove and others saying play through it it he he he he he. Play it lasts here yeah I know it's artist restaurant is easily your playlist it's easy look at money that senate spent on this game meg I think it just ignoring of if I if I don't play it and I'm wasting and wasting that money that's. Rob and sell as we continue that's coming up shortly Mike show in the Bulldog WGR and. I. Cairo quick getaway it's time for you here we prepare tickets to go see the queen city roller girls in the game during their 2017 season buffalo river works values prizes thirty bucks. General contest rules apply these. That was their game this week in a buffalo river works you can find tickets are QC RG dot net or at the door or when a pair right now caller 5644. 9878. It seems these speed and strength power and glory gloves are actually look motorcycle riding its. Big showed up here on my my search for video game gloves but there. Compare actual Morse. Hey though maybe there won't hurt me. Like I could put all uniform on to get toward the spirit of it and I told you what I want to Disney I went to that soccer store and even though. And please use the please take the word favorite here is a relative term term. But my favorite team was Russian Dortmund I was and they're looking for marsh say. Because that was the team I picked in. In fifa to be to manage. By the way. Ended the first season finished fifth in the league you know not ready by so I was just learning the game and I felt I was pretty good. And then I get end of season comes the calendar. The team is just amazing. And this season comes and I didn't even really notice that 450 my best players have all been on loan to me. So I thought okay I'm losing don't miss your instinct over I was saying. And gee I lost. I lost all the good players. Which was a blow I thought about. Choosing. A new team started over coming you know but I just felt like I had. Some more work to do now you don't Jerry's friend pat played thirty seasons of it. And then in the game goes out of the game set and Jeremy told me that. So he is playing fifa. Manager. So your play in the game mature in charge of everything in charge of everything who the roster is transfers loans everything right. Coaching style you coach the manager of the players. So he played thirty seasons of and was moving on to season 31 in the game said that's it that's as far as we ago. Really yeah. Italy goes thirty seasons and old. He hit the the the end of the ocean in the sky in the Truman show regret it totally uses play it is ordered this 31 season and his boat pulled through a hole that it had sorry that's that's. I the end of the world very. These moves over patent. Coached all the data and senators to back them up and downs I think it was pat. Thirty seasons of fifa. I I gotta be honest I've played NBA two K12 a lot when housing college and in the season you can simulate the season's been about. Five to ten minutes and just go through and drafted and you don't run the team so that's what I would do in a single day I would do one of your you're giving binges on your head out on Sunday. Except I would do that and just sit there for 78 hours never play a single game and be thirty years into the future without a single real player. Is that fun for you that was fun I loved it but I still like playing my name involved. I my favorite thing about sports is supporting the team together and all that but I still like playing I want to look at this fifa. Game enough that I haven't simulated inning games and I simulated I did I did this with menu manager when our night at a play I played all the Premier League games. But I would skip over like the board. The F at all if they call up and although I just the bureau Cobb just plowing through Kansas wanna play the career and I you know. And afford. Did you get fired during a season no I got I got fired idea and the board of directors that and they said I needed to the end. And we were gonna roll like third or fourth though it were playing to win Premier League titles your body your route to you got me. Jack see you later yup you've got to meet our objectives jobless. I was worried a little bit in my season but they I've ultimately. I. I'm happy that that the board showed. Confidence in me but I I will ditch them pretty soon. I'm gonna get bored with league you and go to Spain or Germany Breaux would soon pretty soon be the robbery coming up look at this burger. We will talk about this burger that Paul tweeted a picture of if you follow for office. You're missing yet look what Robby who knows when that was horrified when that was rob and the sabres in Detroit robbery next here on WGR.