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My partner on WGR via live deal. Inside the locker room. Do enjoy shall Bulldog team vision for Oklahoma Buffalo Sabres and others triage portrait you'll find that. It's not me it's the guys that do the show where it. I knew it up. ER Sports Radio 515. Our news and their parents as always brought you by the folks at chance smoke shop to where everything you smoke in point 47. By the law court outdoor store high impact gear for hardworking men and women. By the Riviera theatre set the stage historical Riviera theatre by Jim stick out revenue pizza steak hero. At Jim's steak and I. Right on key what you. You've got it. I've got good whistling pitch Chuck Berry wrote this. Batman people know that the league rate Chuck Berry. First ballot if there was even a ballot rock and roll hall of fame the first class to a very appropriate righteous yes. Rob ray from. Detroit. Motown. Brought Detroit. And it'd motel legislative got about a hundred million cars. Smoke and today because there is dark and gloomy. Dark and gloomy you're she does that help you did for us to tell you where you are at this point so you know kind of. Held June Mort let me know what I'm going to be home. What if you don't many hours your home for the weekend. Saturday it was cold and third. What vote. My point thirty hours. Between Gary Condit. Let's talk about this this cheeseburger. Now we're toward cheeseburger Paul tweeted a picture view and a burger and I'm wondering if it might be old. It's got a deal because Paul has been around me. OK and we Topper you've taken to dinner last night we were this really cool barbecue place. They need declined. Mean. Because he said he's been doing under the weather and he hasn't been able to work so quite the way he would like to for the last two weeks ago. He passed me in the lobby and OK I'm gonna walk down the ranks. Where we get there hardly go I give me directions. And by the time I got out of the RB I see him coming back into the lobby and heading up shares. And he chose to come activated only where does that work go to in a hotel because it was too cold it was hard. Like war. So everything they can put them in multiple life. While this burger I think I've seen this before but we've got. The picture got it don't look actor I've got a little wanted to copy slider that was Edmonton there was an Edmonton Canada and a group of an amateur. All right let us to made no. Burger bacon ham marsh rooms is that chain error is that chicken there what is a bull test graduate here again chicken tender their. But relative risk on now when you brisket blue cheese and then the little slide her stock into the top what is the bottom line this just way to much. The so we questioned but the for the what is the point of slider on top. It's the body which is just to give you look at manageable burger eat while you try to find a way to squash this monstrosity down into like a but some in the opening your mouth. I know is just a day ahead on the big long toothpick holder altogether. It's decided. A lot of this you have to it's on the presentation. This is an attractive place it is yes good presentation is right. I watch commercials on TV and it's very hard in the book and sometimes it doesn't taste that great but homeland and it looked great on the plate they keep talk. Well I agree with that I thought our local shows. I love those shows got some fourteen year. Am hoping to catch up so you at the Fries with cheese guys in gravy. This is. Incredible that is it does this business kind of place that and is the cat caloric intake. On the menu. Because I'm guessing this is like 101000 dollars what is going to be the dismembered her replaced but nobody really cared for the kicker Dave well. You know sure Canada still. But by law I think there are certain rules that need to be followed so I'm just curious have you had an idea what that. How many how many miles on the treadmill you Houston's go to work that bad boy off. Given up working artist and they they're working on football this year my back up where my hips got bad and I just I'm done I'm done. Armed is going to be like cute guys and our. Pop up. Up up up up well I mean that's not so bad. I'm laughing at like how different Bulldog and I are in this way back up Britain. You guys there one thing so rough you're do you ever watch the the NBA. Well why. Once all right well I I think it's probably a reach to call this a trend but a couple times this year. The best teams the NBA. Set their best guys for road games in the name of rest and we just that with Cleveland on Saturday. No LeBron no carrier ring no Kevin love the Providence three best guys in the bronze LeBron. At the clippers were to give these guys a night off and their easy to understand defenses. We're trying to win a championship and we think this is better. You're in a stretcher with the sabres. Monday flight to California. Tuesday play in San Jose Thursday LA Friday Anaheim fly home overnight practiced the next morning Sunday. Mourning the flight to Detroit tonight in Detroit tomorrow Pittsburgh here. That sounds pretty crazy. Do you think hockey teams are about to get to this point where they will sit guys for rest. Well I'd I'd nobody do it already. They do it if your team that. In a position to do you know a player out front. You do you cut back guys laced I would sometimes you do is you may give them a nice job yes. Not for fired him at a time. But I think it's more managed by just cutting back facetime bit well any time guys that particular night topped two. You know just to get ready to prepared to even have even a little older guy did goaltender a lot of the times and our goaltender gets tonight not just. Make sure he's ready I I figured if you're crazy if you don't do it. You're managing your team your managing here you know whether cloture is a general manager you know what. Limitations your players have been what it's gonna take hectare restruct. Put yourself in favor resting anybody know I cried like I don't give the impression that they are either. I don't regret they don't how how well you're you're a fan in LA. And you buy you know sometime months a goal maybe on the secondary market maybe you're looking up to give him the box of view by. Tickets to take your family. Do go see it's LeBron James is only. Appearance there that you're playing the clippers he's our teams that are not in the same conference. And you use to you you pay whatever you it's gonna cost you make that happen and then point four hours or twelve hours before the game. You find out that they are taken the life. Are important. That's it. We're give it our. I know what the game entertainment game but bottom line to you have to you have to win here hold. Obligation of playing the court coaching at coney it is winning. And I don't think that. A cavaliers ran is going to be. So watered rate because the ball on a ticket in LA begin may rest of their stars. And if they have them you know witness having a good run and and taken a shot at a championship or winning at. Well no certainly not about a cavaliers fan although earlier David the other car. Inside were coming in to deter it tonight. And you sit Jack cycle and then maybe people didn't feel perhaps that's not the sabres responsibility. Tiger came be traded. Sam. I think it is a lot of it I think it is settlement I think I mean to put that way is hard are harder to argue with but I think it is a little bit the responsibility of all these teams. To play their best guys best available players on the road it's definitely it's definitely complicated though I understand. The other argument I'm also somebody who sent here two years ago and was opened the sabres lose every night and if you told me that. I don't know who would have have been Tyler Ennis wasn't gonna play. For whatever reason do it grates. So I just I always feel like the fan who buys the ticket gets the short. Straw and that's. That's what happened here I mean those those moments where you get you go to the you pay that big money to gold would deem and CE LeBron James. In real life. That's that's what it's about I think that's really important. Grow it is an identity tested so the game to do a certain point but you're you're getting to a point and he's an hour. It's you're not thinking about anything but you know that group of twelve guys or wherever you go about smoking that. You know. To get them to where they need to be it'd for the months ago that I I would problem at the agriculture. General manager whatever it seats do whatever you have to do to make sure you're you're ready for. No the stretcher gonna get our and so that's that's sitting. You know that's with every the team's side of it is worth pointing out that basketball I think is it as much says any game that I'm gonna go to marijuana seed Jack Michael or Sidney Crosby tomorrow night for example. The the impact that those stars can have on the game. In basketball. Is is almost under and I don't say on the nightly guaranteed delegate its. You're gonna get moments with those guys words and a hockey game you don't always get that. You know what you're dispel a game go by end of the best player on the ice the biggest star in the game might not. Get a chance to do the thing that their best known for doing worse in basketball. The chances of that the impact that one star player in this case three star players for Cleveland would have on their team that night. Is immense. And the price for a it's a robbery with us from Detroit might show in the Bulldog WGR savers and red wings tonight sabres and penguins here tomorrow. Robin letter place tonight right out ands. Have you talked at all or does anybody talk at all with Lennar about shoot outs. He had you had Nilsson the other night 810 rounds and and a win and I wonder just what. Your read it to rob or if you know like that the team's attitude as a whole is about this subject with him. Well I've talked Robin play any added I between rob and ought probably more than men and just what any other guy. He he knows himself play either of them hide from Needham and heightened today you know there's you know it's it's just dumb luck. He goes I practice I practice I do everything in practice to make sure that when that time comes. That RAM 100% ready. Annie goes. 100% of the time I'm going into that shootout I feel good incomparable ward I'm gonna do and what I have to do you believe them. I do I don't think he had any reason to lie to me. They did you know. You know the way you talk we're we we talked it'd be you know I'm hoping that. You know he wouldn't hold back from before and I don't think why he would you know. Changes minor changes story just so I would speaking differently. Are our situation like this when. More personal things that you know it point by point. I don't I don't mean that he would be lying to you pursue a I just think it could be a thing or you're trying to tell yourself some thing. You know like. I do that I mean don't we all do that is like yeah I got this site but you know back your mind you think you don't so if you if you try to sort of give yourself into the right frame of mind. We have an yeah I I think goaltending is is probably that that position in marketed you have to be mentally tough and you've got to be. Sharply. You gotta be positive you gotta be able let things go you gotta be able to have short term memory. Yeah I adapt. Oh wait I don't think that that's how he wants to be here that's how we are to be in the in the club's interest is you know do you you've got this and that's probably what. The boys on the bench say when the shoot outs about the start. Okay they've ritual actually gave me he could play exceptionally Damon and stop that. We don't want her to break ways you may get they may give up or something and be phenomenal and Elvis couldn't get into the should go than it. Things don't go your way. I don't know if it did it it's all mental not physical it's not something that you know he can't do it it does. Yet you get to that point hidden and there's there's this little block somewhere eased I don't think I need you coach your way out of it don't they give it. It's just a matter of you know doing that a couple times and and having success and then to build up. Has he talked at all with you about. But how much that they have they've looked at the attempts this year. That have gone in on him is their suck anything as Sony could lose there that he's there he's committing two early he's there's a towel whatever it is is there anything to be gained from looking at. What has happened to him specifically on the easy chewed up to its. Made daybreak on every goal they look at every goal they what's rate what's wrong and then you know he he is his comment would be. He goes everything fundamentally that I would have to do. To make the saves. He says they get away from it he's a very open up my leg open up pieces he's so great pressure dropping down leave in the top of the net open. It's sometimes they get too aggressive look and serve a poke checked and you know they want around it. He said everything that I would would know and think about going into it. It kind of goes beyond a certain. You know when he gets in the depositions today. That's an admission mean that's not job. Internet and that's something that you know you didn't work on it all you want. And break it down all you want and good for whatever reason. You know when it happened good football. And then it happens once minute just snowballs. These cooperate. Yeah 88 attempts eight goals I mean I don't outs this year. I don't mean this to be Snowe RPI would relieve wonder if the sabres shooters have hit the net each shots in a row. Like somebody could shoot wide on this guy wants a BR I 66 a couple of you you you see you use the go to guy that bigger being robbed you might be trying to pick a corner that. Yeah. I mean 88 take a short the sabres have what three bowled out for five. They only have a few goals this year themselves. You shoot outs amigos are just you know your DT you lose the pock who should have brought in an article it and give it credit limit Burnett street aren't right now Leonard. Probably somewhere letter player thinks about this is going. That be nice yeah it responsibly just display or on the canoes are just a little stick across a lot of it is say. Yeah I'm not if if later were all like me I'd be like during that Anaheim shoot out to be of course. Votes go ten rounds why don't you feel stop all the what Nicklaus is have that 120 route to receipts when he rounds here and ultimately every save he's probably out like that. No I mean what might it may deploy normal mice are for the guys after two losses and the way the last month or so was gone. Too when wonder. Played home better. A much better what do you make it your program the flight home better with these. Within an hour everybody on the plate it was pitch black and everybody was sleeping and woke up as the plane was hitting the ground soaked. You're right is called I don't know how much better we you like to call me on the league with a little dry in the chicken and have not soft on a story. That things could have been taught us. It was at stake in chicken on the plane at 2 in the morning buffalo yeah. It was directly. Leaving a cheeseburger with chicken finger on my front and bacon and ham. Our last line at the Joseph tonight I'll. Yeah there. You are it's a great school my little Brett sparks are in today it is so it got something out of a walk around there all day look under something that wasn't painted honor. I don't know I get anything. Terrible. Well it's solid you're scheduled. To build an open and bumping from each building you know have that kind of dwindled away in this group. You know the last one story. I'd I'd have something. Buildings got to beat. Ready to go right edited rough underneath when you when you get good looking around and especially down under where the Zamboni in addressed certain at all that aren't. It's. If in payment about a thousand times and I think that's pretty much would hold everything together. That means you have any particular. Highly blue from from having been there are whether that's. I don't know I remember you tell me years ago George Kosher would've been like that we got to hit the hardest of anybody would ever. It got hooked up with but any any gains through the years stand out there do you. Not me or because we never really played here at the beginning I was only the last few years once they've they came over to the ease the action played here more more more time as. You sometimes you didn't play here taller here so. No regarding my biggest thing is a member of the power chuckled it was pretty cool here. Can't go to my mind quick apart over the back but that step so I'm gonna captured it in the front. But other and that it was I don't think there's. And that was why it was through the years where they had some pretty. Mean do you teams there for a while to sort of really. Anything too crazy but no. Then they got real good it's been a long passes they haven't been good this year and the sabres have very few wins there. In the last 1015 years but a couple lately that change though. Do they base. Today I was surprised there have practiced in every one other guys on the days there was every coach nice and they were practice that like they were getting ready for the playoffs. And they are going to have a hard and a loose there was pretty impressive attention. All right good we'll have a good game we'll see tomorrow. OK guys one more let's go again clearly got a laugh. I don't games laughter. But Romney do we have left I don't know we I haven't looked at the weekday schedule yet I think you're six home games left but they're not all on weakness sent this Saturday. So with her four times. Good thanks rob thank you very very Everett there are at Bob's game day appearance with us again brought you by Jane smoke shop to where everything is smoke and point 47. By the lock court outdoor store high impact your for hardworking men and women by the Riviera theatre set the stage with the historic Riviera theatre and by Jim's steak out of new pizza steak hero agent stake. Not only do we have three new bills talking about there are joining the team build new bills or returning. That it conference calls today we have EJ Manuel. Speaking with the media in Oakland. And that includes a comment or two about his bills years sell about you go on that and more next. Much over the Bulldog here this is WGR. I mentioned when. Mentioning that cell was coming up. Conference calls involving. Signings free agency this is the trickling end of the free agency period for the most part at least in the NFL and what's next is the draft. So while. So it certainly fine I guess to mention some of these conference calls and even EJ Manuel doing one with Oakland as he has signed there. The draft is the next thing sell what most of the calendar here so it's march 20 the draft is still little more than a mournful way. What are we have now visits and pro days is that right. That's right so Prodi's are going on elixir he's had theirs today. You have visits that are ongoing. You have thirty. College prospects each team is allowed to bring to their facility out of this so you get thirtieth those. And then you also have a Jemima the schedule released value depreciation schedule which will be released probably between April 1 April 4 usually. And the head right. And then the regular season schedule usually comes out between the fifteenth the 22 like that week. Sometimes it's a little earlier so that's a little later. And you have the draft the last week in an April 2726. Seventh. This year in Philly. Yes throwing so I mean the NFL has done a great job of cornering the market on the calendar really mean they they pretty much own every month maybe not so much I guess. What organized team activities this yeah. Ago it's that those happen. When do we find out whether that the bills will win the offseason self clues as that not come I don't think you're here that a lot of Sean McDermott's out of my days feel. So that's when they finish up mini camps mandatory mini camps and then have a brief. Through July until training camp actually starts that's when that happened to the question I have is if McDermott is ever asked with a reference to Rex. About winning the offseason the the the possibilities are the answers that we have I'm not. You know talking like that. Or just doesn't say a single word to stares at the yes to answer the question though they're being my my the thing I want to that is will there be any noise coming from McDermott and beat any team words at all. If all you're gonna hurt the opening press top. He was asked of he would specifically asked at the opening press conference when he was introduced in the field house. Someone a reporter said you know Rex made a lot of promises and guarantee playoffs and he said. I'm not making any promises he basically said that right away like you're not gonna get any of that from me in any basically did what he does which is a lot of cliches about. Artwork competing and you know process and things like that. Yep which so far I'm I'm. Getting along with me also all ask if the thing was on at the beginning you reduce county yeah. That was our that was an honest question it was funny that that happened. That is right he. Did actually wonder if the microphone was up. Those courses continue to not sure if Mike has turned out they may be should charted on forum but that it these future promoted got that covered the court obviously you don't you don't but Moya will be. So sell did you talk to today and what interesting things did they say. So today we talked to Andre hall's brain Tate Leonard Johnson and Ryan Roy. Well let's see you know rank Roy if he ever really what you really talk to now he's been on our show. Any. Then on the conference call and bowl ties brilliantly keys genuine I think when he talks about. How guys he had no idea what was gonna happen like you imagine that situation where. It's not it's not your control that he didn't know her 34 days of Italy and LA or buffalo. He did know these planes for the rams are bills he signed the contract knowing what how much money's gonna make. And. Let you know it's twice now he's basically said it's kind of laughs about it like they have no idea what's gonna happen until the team says yeah we're matching the offer. Whereas you know a lot of people feel you had to have a she it's gonna pick what you gonna do he didn't have that chance to visit the chance to pick who he was gonna sign the offer sheet with and that that he had no idea. What was gonna happen with the bills I know when we talked about is being retained. That we went through new. I ideas of how we could be used if his value would be truly yes a swing men or as me and potentially their right tackle that he. Shed any light on what the bills. Told them there are thinking his wit him. He said he hasn't spoken anywhere in the coaching staff yet. When I brought it up I get asked about playing right tackle he said of course she's willing to do it he said he played a little bit in college. But he sounded more like you know it seems to him like he's probably thinking that's not to be his role but he has not yet talked to the coaches. About that so you know we'll see where that goes we also talked down you know with Andre homes and you know it's funny it's finally someone said. No one ever says the deal you know at about the money years taught term great thing about why they chose to do something. He basically did he said a chance to come to buffalo compete and I team that's going to. Be on the way up and any stop anybody knows all in the long term security of a contract that's why it three years for him. So I mean that's good you really. That is why of course it is but no one ever says that song ever say well hey you know I wanna goes where I guess some guys might you know give a clue what he he did that was nice here sometime. Some teams you can get away with it. There are some team where you know like maybe maybe stick Stephon Gilmore price himself out of us but certain guys sign Americans say you'll. We re in this four and only concern that here and you know let's. That's pretty obvious probably what what is so do you envision him sell. As they like going in the camp as the number two who did depending on the draft of the draft somebody at ten. Maybe they draft somebody in the first three rounds that player could be competitive for the number two wide receiver role. So I wanna see barring that has maybe it's likely they'll do that really is with Obama's first three picks but this guy. What what would be your level of expectation beat four homes. He will go to camp almost assuredly as the number two wide receiver on the depth chart. I would say that even if they pick one at ten it doesn't mean he comes out of camp as the number two Newton but there but but. Sean McDermott is not how I I would almost guarantee this. He's not gonna take a rookie in penciled in at number two ahead of a five year veteran country homes to sign and hand that he's not gonna do that on the first entry. They may draft a guy at number ten and have plans for him to be the number two wide receiver behind seem like and that's fine. But I'm telling you what the coaches get together at the first meeting that night it's going to be on their homes neat about that kid because they're not in that position and. Speaking of the raiders here was all about you owing WG are looking at Twitter feed of John creek from Toronto. He's got some quotes having been on EJ Manuel conference calls cell can I assume you with those other ones and not on this conference call that's correct you can assume. So Manuel said here. About being benched by the bills in his second year that's when they went to Kyle Orton. After four games the game in Houston word JJ watt. Took a pick six to had a pick six against Manuel. He said quote sometimes young guys continue to get a chance to grow and fight through those growing pains I just wasn't afforded that opportunity. I don't know what we've talked about this going back hundreds of times maybe but. Did Emanuel at all sell or get a bad deal here. Now he got every chance he had every chance of competing every chance start I think the only thing that really did to me. Hurt EJ Manuel and his growth and development if you wanna point anything and I I don't think at wouldn't even turn on any differently necessarily. The only thing that would hurt his growth and development is a a wet met at saint John Fisher that Kevin cops. I mean really that's it otherwise you know otherwise I think you know he's he has a chance to. Kind of grow a little bit more developed more not be rushed in I think other than that he had plenty of opportunities. Over the last four years to play. And the thing that ultimately did come. Robin though was a concussion in a pre season game although hole. He was missing playing time in May be Manuel was gonna be the starter even with Kolb back. Because of that but you're right that Matt I remember I I was lost in you that day you were you were live it was a Saturday at camp right. It was great for me right Perkins right well. One thing. Well every year but that's see I mean and I don't think his career turns out any differently. But I think there's at least an argument to say. Yelled that he had a three get a different role that point he might have been ready. And now all the sudden he his entire career is a little bit of a different trajectory with a expectations placed on him from that point nine. You know but luck I mean they ever went out and got a franchise QB over the last four years. It's not like he didn't have an opportunity to go to camp at least take steps to prove what you do have if you was the best quarterback Matt camp last year. He would've been a share. He had been in the league for years that he couldn't prove that he couldn't do that so I think every person. Generally like every guy that. Under home said yesterday I asked that all about you know play behind Crabtree Cooper and you know how much noted that factor in the fact that you're targeting you know opportunity there he said. He said everybody wants the play I'm no different than anybody and and and and that's right and AJ say it I'm sure they. He feels that maybe he didn't get that opportunity but the reality is he did he didn't take advantage of it because he wasn't good enough. Bottom line thought if I got fired here and went across the country to a new job I'd probably say like it was bulldogs fault Rockies at. It just didn't I didn't have that I didn't have the freedom that I needed wanted or some lamented what am I gonna say instead no it's totally my fault and the place goes what are we are here. Vijay demands like. I was terrible and the raiders like hum which are we sure we want you on our team and if you re talking us to talk about this again. All right so next is like we talked about beginning here we go visit send numb to these did does the team announced these visits no he. After it hit the basically gay I I I can tell you I had the first one last week that we don't personally know of quarterback from my temple and he cares and I know that he was in town. So I put that out there I I've been reading today that. There was an Alabama alignment town and then I don't know that there may have been more out there but you have the basically he get these from all different sites and all the people people who know people who. Might not support the college or the agent or teen and then it's out there with team generally. Has never really confirmed those types of this so why not smooth so I don't knowing the team that would wonder about. It's it's a mystery to me I've always often wondered who cares I don't maybe they just don't want you to know who they didn't bring it doesn't get thirty I don't know. And there they're afraid you're gonna column. Maybe that's why they don't announce it yeah. Are trying to play the trying to cheat the system well I don't wanna think that it's no it's probably. Very serious about this system it's probably. Because they'd rather leave it up to some doubt whether or not. They're giving any clues to who they release. Right sell some to some eggs some of poker playing going on here. I think so yes you know they do to us a lot of times they'll bring guys in for visits in the bring them with their teammates and this is that it's great actually I heard. Think I don't know I was really tell the story now but anyway her personal got to talk about how a lot of times what they'll do is. They'll bring guys in the same team it'll take a while to dinners lately for guys from the same team. And what that personnel guys scouts do. Is they actually observe how those guys interact with each other because they say they get a lot from. How much they respected either teenager who's the leader of the group is in those kinds of things and if you care of that stuff matters. I'm telling you that those people do. And that's why they actually choose to put the minutes at the situation. South thanks. You're welcome silk about you know our bills guy on the eighteenth tee outline. Do I need a foam. For video games is a bet is that is that something that people boo you when you need a drug law buddy rice you said the armed or not. It bomb and bomb why it hurts you can solve a lot. That was dumb of me Obama's vital to new glove to protect the phone very shaky thank you all protecting love seat this what I would have had a tough time. Telling the the California media that it wasn't my fault right at this point total it was my fault do they go well keep that in. For my com. And older fingers. Or just a thumb is there's a finger just goes on your thumb to protect the phone to your videos in little bowling things. The you know with a bit wrists Garrard home thing there but right maybe I need that. A call while I may become wrist support but if you don't know the bowling thing on. Like it's my dad liked tiger he retired up like you can't pressure it's called a cast. Now it's not a cast some sort of a soft cast like helps it helps people with carpal a solicitor bullies went with the bullets when my dad is solution it's a risk span. You global when lingo up. 8030550. Is the number. Sabres and red wings tonight 735. On WGR. I've got a pair of bandits tickets right now caller five or 6449878. It's a pair to go check out the bandits taking on the Saskatchewan. Rush. Saturday April 1 that he thinks on her game time 730 billion comprise forty dollars general contest rules apply. You don't win these public purchase your own you can find. Tickets at bandits dot com the Saskatchewan rush. Who is your favorite sports team right now. Well. It was the Rhode Island Rams until they lost yesterday now on to say that Brian that are Rhode Island ram trying now for a couple of days. Week's meet me in my room they really got into it because it was your brackets he had that I'm going to be elite eight so he was really he was riding them and we also took in EI BA ten tournament together so we both. Independently came to the conclusion that we are gonna right the Rhode Island Rams sentence. Didn't pay option and two point short. It on I'm I'm not ready with an answer. My favorite sports team right now before you most excited about if all teams are playing today. My would be whose most exciting to you. I really like watching like hawks play hockey Chicago Blackhawks are really like Washington like to play hockey. And I don't know looked up mud and no I don't know. Cavaliers mean I'd I'd always wanna watch LeBron James. But I think by putting him over the sabres I think the Chicago Blackhawks are answering the current. Can't like them all speculative no I don't it bullets. It's challenging I mean who rightly got edited liquid cool front running with summer evening but. I I've said this before me not on the kind of rewrote that watches them I like watching Seabrook and Keith like to acknowledge all the stars on front like I like watching those two. And but I mean the start up front also mean they are on to watch it at the puck in the zone and it's as good as hockey do. It's they are a threat again the first half and looks wise was not good for them but they have streamed out there are looking very good Dortmund for me. I am enjoying having a sports team that. I just like. There's no professional element here at all and if I can just like some. And I'm learning a lot on the other the fee is may be like most people Wendy. Think about sports where you really don't know that much. You know some of the players you know a little bit about their history you know a little bit about. Their schedule and a conversation the other day. And I I have this car forget this dormant scar face Disney World that I like so I'm wearing it. And the guy recognizing musical your dormant fan I'm like yup he says he's a dog didn't they play today as an I don't know. The mayhem that. They had a Bundesliga game on on Friday and I didn't know then night. The that you need to revisit how liberal your being in describing yourself as a fit well let me call my mil at bat that like suffered enough we can you what what. What makes you. You want to answer this call in and answer that you feel when you makes you land you know when I. Public if I have a scarf does that make me a fan poll why not you need to know out there playing it's not like I liken the other team. All I doubt known work you need in order. And again and again I'm the one here this sort of more bringing everybody together and back Africa. I'm at all you gotta know when their plane is let me tell you all day I knew from. 8 AM when I woke up on Mike Weiner the Rhode Island Rams play 710. Tip off I've got a date with the Rhode Island ramps it knew what was coming. I am I do like commitment menu might be an answer for me for this question why like the mall right. Saturday comes I'm up early. I look at the Premier League schedule in a turnaround on a Saturday I'm going to Sunday to see if the plane Sunday than I know OK go play in the Austin played. And in the in the way whenever they played somebody yesterday morning much. I mean Middlesbrough middle Borough they won 31 right now that was yet there was Saturday. When it was a yesterday it was just an apparent that a deliberate or via so was yesterday. Dormant. I mean just like him off. Wanna like a market like I just how do you like it. Jacksonville Jaguars not telling you can't like them. But I'm a fan you know what. It's okay. You can you can light come but that doesn't make you a fan of star doesn't make you fit and only when they blame you for. Okay I don't know the answer to this but that just seems harsh. I can be harsh sabres and red wings tonight when Monday to 8030550. What do you think makes you for Angola is Ryan a big. What was he rams for not anymore because they'll talk I don't know oddball and it was dole has yet it's over I thought works this is WGR.