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And like she opened the bulldogs welcome to the hotel hell. Check in time is now a check out time is never beats Mike she hope to learn that you know. And sheets are made of fire. Captains. Sorry were all booked up held convention in town and the bulldogs. Finally checked out. To touch the manager. You're not familiar even though are fans and from the owner. Co owner with Satan it's might show a bit. Just so I understand that in your wildest fantasy you are an oil. And you are cold running in bed and breakfast with the devil and a Bulldog. And half to address sound area and go. 80000. Dollars a year on WG ER Sports Radio five. I'm Brian made that except if if you call this an except every timing here it is wanna talk by the office for fifteen minutes that is going to be ill advised. 5 o'clock plays of the office opened our problem from its challenge. That mine Brian where are we won't. Who was allowed to be a fan as worry war that is where we left off you know I don't care we talk about that anymore and current. But can we even them you want but I think. You know maybe it's dumb by it. And maybe it's dumb and mean he like everybody else has just such a different sports. Life experience than mine because of our working here are some IRL. I have no idea how that might make. You and I different from everybody else. But. So like soccer is becoming more and more appealing to meet him and like I can't talk about the office parliament and make appointed builds around soccer so. It's become more interest in my mail him at 5 o'clock I named it right and it's a game day. It become more urgent to me it's more readily available on TV like all the big European leagues around. And Xbox fifa game is insanely good that all of us right there IA. Getting into it okay dormant I decided what many years ago was that you're gonna clot removed to a loop to Louisville Liverpool. Fury club like whatever that was five or seven years ago. The this is cool buffalo sister city not the biggest money team but a decent it is going to be my team. I can't tell you and then or three days ago. If they have a game that day room but I've got a shirt. And a scarf curse the soccer so scarf and and I can name three players. Plummets oh. I don't care I can name three players scandal. But it so I'm not a fan because that's not good enough I just decided to like them. I think I think you like them unlike him I think that's different I think when there's a difference. Three liking it team and being a I'd being a fan means meaty you know. All more than three of their players. And I think you definitely know when their plane. Especially if it was at all times and well if there's a time when you could be watching it or. If there the game is already over and somebody says do you pass he did they play today that made. That's what happened that's still I think you'd you'd like you have a crush on them your interest in getting to know them better. You might be evolving are looking towards becoming a fan but I don't think you worry fan yet if you don't know when their at all times brought. Yes I I'm gonna go look at all times sure. Yeah I'm not a why don't you don't because this was one time and I did sometimes they're well yeah sometimes there are bogus and then yes and all Clark knew would Knoll league got a game if they ever have a game on the day and you don't go away. Bureau. And you can't let go and where your scarf it just I argument you can't call yourself there would I would hesitate. To call myself a Manchester United fans. I'd like them. There the team I told to play with when I played fifa. So I need still no more of their guys and maybe any other team in the league although Lester after last year went to close. But Fannie. But that's that's closely tied I don't I don't I don't always know when their plane. I don't. No old what all the moves their making it transfers of mud whatever happening it it's it's not. Look at look at the standings every weekend but where there close to the top four can give the cup or is it realistic to get there and do champs champions league by OK fine that's it. Let me go back to the to macro here for a second. And exciting this is really actually mean this is just to you or anybody listening small talk to me this is really interesting what you worse and this is just like a new conversation for us I think. Where you are saying is. That your your making this distinction between liking mountain and being a fan of a team. And I have never thought that there would be a difference necessarily. Like it is if you like them. That makes you a fan if you like and then you don't like another team. At the same time that they would be arrival. And if you like the Red Sox you can't like the Yankees and you just like the Red Sox. But the idea that that doesn't qualify you for a fan we have read fun show rose. Where. We we took a lot of calls and we just sort of be the idea was here the questions you were you would have to answer. To. Qualify Bryant as a fan of the team but it's a little bit. You know it's meant to be I think the way I thought thought about those days or think about it now it's meant to be a little bits you know haughty. Okay well you have to know for instance you have to know the score. 51 to three you can't just know that the bills blew out the raiders you have to know that it's the LA raiders but not the Oakland Raiders here at how many people would call themselves bills fans were already eliminated. Maybe path as people of cult also said 533. Whatever like people love to hold the radio whose vision he got it wrong to mean. Mac could be nervous. And what I ever consider we're so intimidating. Or just like you don't have like like you do you feel like you're a big fan in you remember 53 to 300. And we waited in the person I got to remember is every at least once from purses talking talking talking about in the first and second that I'm visited at the score wrong. We just said your through breathing. Waiting for the person infinitely. It was there were be being wrong and then miss speaking like when I said I knew thumb for my dog for a which I don't mean Guidant their gloves. So mean melt all the different here's here's I mean I I guess. This isn't some thing that I I've either thought a lot about but I think I've always just sort of believed him. It's differentiating. Liking a team and being a fan of the team. Here's an example of why I would say the way I've set it I don't know I accuse soccer it as best I can't work because I think. I am sort of I'm Amanda amid a distance from it and off that I think that this'll work. Our menus my team I'd like me and you last year Lester was a great story sometime in the Lester I want them to win. The league is just it's just an unprecedented in just incredible underdog story moves so. Their first chance to clinch. The title. Coms act. Manchester United on a Sunday morning. That that's the that's their first chance to put the gold leaf. For Lester his dead played for Manchester United back like twenty years or thirty years ago she my coach Michael. It's just an incredible story so that there are there they are playing at Manchester United. Who like that that it's. As much of a fan of any team in that league that's my team. And I want Leicester city to win badly. I whereas if I were fans of Manchester United I think I would not want them to win. The title on my back OK I would want them to go home and get not in my house you know coming here to trafford and and taken home the title that. We win titles you are Leicester city go back to the mid wins. And just leave hostile chaotic year. That's what I would watch if I were a fan of Manchester United and us dislike them so. I want you know why one of the voters. I got it all right I. All right. Ryan I'll just say. I'm a Bulldog on this on the if you are fan that you are invested in the team you know what's going and figure in tune with the moves that they're making here in tune with all that. Because I consider myself really truly Obama on a bills and sabres and and tonight. Like the Houston Astros but I can name you. Four players on the team but if they make the playoffs my god I go Astros like that like the Astros and I feel like you can like. I always say guys in the in the NHL there is high in a sabres fan. I hate literally every single other team in the Eastern Conference and I like probably every other team in the Western Conference besides like the Blackhawks. We read. We also very aisles it conducts and that's because Alex burrows did it do its finger in the Stanley Cup played outside just lost respect for. The neon Ottawa now where the trade and is around. One clarity wait I did that. You hate you still late economics even though he left yet via all right fine. A system for mobile blog. Well. May be some days I would feel like you guys. Maybe one it's not me. We're kind of like you guys. But I really like this feeling with. And I. Overall it's gonna sound although this shouldn't get away for what you whenever you're enjoy I mean don't write it you know told me I can't enjoy it could just tell me I can't use the word fair and and Illinois I learn all the other stuff like I had it all into eight players. Do some do some work I don't know these they live in four all right let him for a soccer I need go why don't you Neil all right whatever. So patient use are I wanna say one more thing I had a rough is gonna sound but. I hate. Like this existence with with the Russian dormant. Of what I don't know I like their stuff but I don't know because. And media anybody out there maybe some of you out there are specially if you're a little bit older. Can appreciate this sort agree with us. And I saw this before I feel like a lot of the time of watching sports I've seen everything the NCAA tournament does not excite me what you used to. Because as I may thing. Except for sixteen vs one I was thinking that down in the arena the other day like sixteen vs one I would Dick. But there's almost nothing left to happen in the tournament that I haven't seen even just hasn't happened before but that I haven't seen happen. The buzzer beater last year we had a guy eight. At the buzzard drained a three to win the national championship the OK Jack. Honey I've got all kinds of upsets to vs fifteen years to be cool now it's happened like six or seven times. Michigan State went out last year to verse fifteen and it was not that big of a deal because that it happened before but what's the thing. That's fresh about it and that I think that they can sound like a real wrong. But that's not how I feel I don't feel negative toward it. I just don't feel that excitement about it like it's just okay duke loses duke loses almost every tournament. The board call or more few man they usually lose at some point that wasn't that special I I thought and I think the bad. Coms from two things. That are not unique to me but there are no particular to me. Two things one is that I'm 45 years old and watches sports zone was six. And I've paid very close attention all time. And two is we do this for job and it's twenty hours a week sorry twentieth. There's forty hours a week of talking about it like it's just so reading green. That. So I have Dortmund and I know three guys. Reyes. Who elicits the kid and over mining pose the three I don't know the name of the goal keeper I don't know the name of the stadium. And our own name of the manager. But I love it and there to play Monaco April 11 or twelfth in the first leg round of eight champions league and little really care. If they win and be in here probably written and if you're here watching it and all be distracted. There's all really want from one. And I I loan. They don't know about them sure. I get that that makes it can roll that makes it you'd like them you're not a fan. I think that that is that all the sort of fits into. Under the umbrella of how would describe that being different than being a fan. And then it's God's awesome he got I am not at all by saying it by differentiating yeah. Even in. But animal. What you want one too strong a word yearly at. I'm not public looking down what you were patron I I think that's great I do I couldn't do that all the talking but that's easy. Yup. It's something that's kept me from getting too invested in other sports things just because I as. Over there but that's because there's enough stuff that I walk around feeling like I. And it's not agree to dramatically I need to know all. But it's a responsibility to know so. I don't wanna be over cook that part of my book that he that he can tell a soul a lot of others. More stuff just generally. And I still there are good that I like that's good works for me god. The stuff I really need I'm going to be prominent really died in and invest in August of this is currently. Like that that's. Part of this I think is what the buffalo teams are right now. May I. Respectfully. To I wanna say that respectfully. Jack eichel is the only cool thing I think like Jack cycle is what. Wonder what sort out the sabres Jack Michael why once again tonight Jack article. After that. Borrow my donor you know in the bills the bills have to be good before changes then there's gonna be good to be made me all your life changed again and it's just been so long for them a new generation. That are gonna be good. Not not like six in for either but it legitimately good. For me don't like. And so if a soccer team or baseball team comes along and like Pique your interest boon for real lucky you know I sort of. As we end up talking about soccer Earl tweet about soccer really like what I think well the what's clearly. Old age it works for me and I think this point you're making about the teams that we spend our lives on the feud maybe if you allow. Peeing in the state they've been in. I feel like I am I mean. I'm using soccer to keep me interested in sports but in ways like. It and it got its casual but I just wanted to enjoy it. And it's easy it's on at a time that is not. Conflicting with anything else. Mean I'm all my house is usually get teenagers in my wife works well he's yes hours so like I'm up at 7 o'clock am Saturday. I won't until almost launch time. Sold just what like it fine if I don't feel like I need to go out and do something that's a daughter I am just hanging out and I'm happy calmly put on a second public coffee when. I'm Bob good to go. And that just. It feeds my sports. Fix. And that. I think I need that but I still I don't wanna lose touch with enjoying it. Because our teams have not been super durable yes that might sound a bull who boom free but but really it's it's tolerated. Yeah I I relate to that for sure here's Josh I'm WG RI Josh. Hey guys adding it is a great conversation. Mike and then kind of the same boat with you with your soccer team with yet Pete Lewis was practically live and think Lewis I'm a diehard Buffalo Bills and Hillary and I really don't like hockey it's from within the WG Ari that talked about a lot. I purposely keep the blue that existed because I don't wanna be it diehard fan of multiple scenes in my life with the bill. I don't like the person I wanna marketing are and make India are twenty points in the fourth quarter I'm sitting here thinking about the Leodis McKelvin game I am envious of any bills fans. Who's able to watch the built with a four point lead acute regained it and thinking of Ernest Wilford like perfect will for Michael in my. Can even enjoy the games. And like with the blue accept why don't look for the sabres because I was here got the shock from what I don't wanna be that at bat that cardinals who Eric Hinkle is I know they treated. Having Shaq Kirk who brought people together didn't. Can't take Allen but I just sit down have a beer enjoy the games are prepared our before Ebert over. And that's indeed what sports are remote are the way we delude you in any gain or you don't that there might. Stressed out in the whole course Jordan Hill four million dollars. Up rough it's all a sorry job of our servers are you this morning this is the point that I have made over the years. About being a Red Sox fan and having change. After they won. And won and then won again. And what what I now feel is like this guy's saying it's sort of seems normal. And I think that's good. But it away you do you do miss. You miss being invested you puke but I think some day. You might. You might feel bed if you don't regret Ernest Wilford like it's nice to have. But. The other be the alternative is is I think it's normal it's like well adjusted its normalcy it's adulthood it's. I like this team this is good and it's not that from my health because they won three times and I'm Scotland what ever lose I don't doesn't devastate me. Boy Josh picked the perfect games for the colts who will for treadmill so that that's perfect job. I even the good the best blue's name for that point ladies has got the best the best names for that point. Yet it it makes this medicine that a lot. Are not a rebel was baseball. Is so great for me because. That Toronto I've. Gotten into Toronto what a lot of people have last couple years have been really exciting and good. But I stopped short Michael Coleman is oval blue jays fan I don't think ever eaten so that's really sort of on your side in this I don't really think I heard it. Dorman is just more like a flying when ever call for coma so when you want but you're you're you're right on this one. And with the jays by if I went to a game. At Rogers Centre this summer. And it you know the roof is open and it's like idyllic I've got my big fear and I'm certain closed the field in the among the third base side so looking up at the towers the game starts the blue just to lose 25 to one candidate would not care crooked it's like I just don't care that's a 162 games I like baseball in my head like an honest threat. You know. I tabletop war game and I like you with a beer in my hand in the sun. But what happens on the field on a motive for greatness and want to for something special but who wins the game. And how many people go to sabres games or even bills game specially sabres in a league where there so many games how many people go to sabres games like that good for you. If you do good for you. That's the way to do it these days. I see that you know if you don't know because of their results that's the way to do. 8030550. Is our number what makes you a fan as women talking about here for a while. We will have sabres pre game in just over an hour buffalo or Detroit tonight on WGR. And I think it's too closer live its sides of the same coin. To put it only metaphor I hate to New England Patriots. And no matter who they play I'd like them to lose. And so on at the same time rooting against the patriots and hoping their opponent beats them there's only two teams on the field. That's the FBI director doesn't sound like Roger Goodell he does gender yeah I thought it was I thought it was built to answer yeah return to talk. Roger Goodell them before I could think of why we would be playing. Maybe you had a new stars talk about them finding those missing super boulders. In Mexico. So one of those jokers the Bruins media today. Probably. Has embraced often media has been stealing for a couple years. There why were there to do I did not look far into it today. Because I well and I can tell you I chose to not care about them finding the jerseys. But I I did seed. Poor old jerseys via two years ago a Super Bowl against Seattle. Maybe that he had something and maybe also Von Miller's. Super Bowl cleats McLaren. And so possibly three times. A allegedly a Mexican and tabloid writer. Stole from the locker room and Kuwait and gets to go in the locker room. The media those are all just pour into the Super Bowl locker rooms. You have to wait and there's all big the dreaded news conferences that like on day it yeah I mean they they have been sent Cam Newton after the Super Bowl was at a podium outside. All it's not in that locker room. Don't know. We found it's certainly that wasn't good bill that was the James comb James combing. Who spoke it like today and I guess that was pretty interest they're welcome to our show James Norman and happy. Right thanks for being on Charlie is next on WG Arlo Charlie. Good thanks for calling. Talk about. I got it I lay out driving but is thought of becoming band and I you. You know you might lose a little. Thank god you're hearing that cause yet talked about it. I think that it's pretty pretty pair of 38. I think you become a fan because you're told about Andy that there. A family member in the span of a team or your friends school you get injured because it back out and and you kind of quit their quiet Arafat from my personal respect met I've gotten older I hear a lot about sports. Just because you can't put as much time into. Error I think he's the bar and you know that it's more and Taylor on the silly stuff that goes and up in the road for somebody saying darn and so I worked in professional sports. I kinda see from both sides but it's not that tough and do it a lot easier just the Canon. Not be the most about that especially sometimes about. Well thank you Charlie and I'm gonna turn the car a little bit in the cited say please become more emotionally invested in the girls. It is vessel we need I am I am thinking. I think everything that's being said is. Doesn't sound at all incorrect for the time. That we are experience right now. But what what we haven't had now in. In a long I mean it's it's been super long time with the bills its bid a good long while with the sabres I might even say ten years. Because. It after the summer 2007. Even the team that won the division in 2010. I and my sense is we did not enjoy that sees. But fans did not enjoy that we're here every day talking about whether France believed in that team even though they've led the division almost all here. It just didn't feel we were still feeling the after effects of the old guys leaving three years prior to that I think. And so it's been a long time for the sabres to where you really. Believe that it. And what what it reminds me of is how it felt around here when we first started working together and the sabres thing was really dormant I mean. It just was not who was not a conversation to be had about them almost any day no matter what happened in their games. The building was half full barely. Name many nights I don't filing a wanna say most nights but certainly many nights against not just against national bullet against Philadelphia. I'm talking about 0203 before the season long block out. It was just bad and what happened is it it got good again really fast. Even faster than we thought it would maybe we didn't really see it coming and that brought all of that investment. Emotionally right back to the forefront and that needs to happen again with our key patents it so if this guys guitarist ace 38 in light. That might be right and you might keep going that way but I would tell you that I might have felt that way. Eleven or twelve years ago and the sabres got really good and in all I I found out how best to drive on my motorcycle getting from Hamburg back to north buffalo looks at wanted to be home type of face off. Then just because it's just restrict contact him the second and wanna be there even though on DVR and I wanna be there when it starts that is scheme one in Ottawa in six right. Chasing you down route five. Iceland home. Both Serbs revolted well that was just the way we went Friday night Brett do you want to the second round of playoffs. May go broke both went home right. So like. We're we're just we are lost right now. Because we just haven't had that in a long time but it'll come back and it'll be awesome house then you'll you'll terror like you didn't. Think you'll think you forgot how to Caribbean. The new law I think you'll just. Bill will be familiar and it'll feel beautiful but even even as we're talking about. Bigger rationalizing its healthier this way and we're better off this way you know it's easier for me to be that way about soccer. You know it's just described won't. I don't have a stake in a blood feud between united and city and just watching. Because I had them on a video gave him it's idiotic. There's no there's no emotional body America. This is casual schedule can be easily get on the nor name on to say oh it's great. This will be different when it gets good I gotta get good first. I am getting into this this the soccer but I've not yet and I'm a little surprised by the as I've not yet. Gotten to a point where I have some have Phelps I need to get there. Even I've got friends who've gone. And say it's amazing and I'm sure it is. You can even back in the stadium and at her but I have not yet felt that I'm waiting to feel that even just the video game scoring a goal in fifa. It that the that the game is like a perfect in in every way the game is just perfect. And that that. Also more than the greatest sounds in sports like a huge soccer crowd reacting to a goal. Watched my eyesight and I've watched. On Saturday who watched the last ten minutes of Barcelona PSG the second leg where Barcelona scored three goals right at the end. In the news all of them to have to advance. And just put the noise in that state he amend you know the pieces and everything that I wanted to watch that and think I've got to get there. Camp new is it Barcelona like a 100000 seats are bigger some of those stadiums you watch the out at Premier League are. Some are much smaller than her own. This is like a 100000 seats or more that Barcelona but what is that like a what is that like verses I don't know I don't know the right example for this but the spurs are at white Hart lane Wright with that small it is subtle moment. Craven cottage. That that sounds like it should be small but what's the most seats a place named craven cottage today. 30000. I was using 8000 project he buried. But as we more than eight is a Premier League venue great news so if it is or at least once OK I don't know I can't tell you right now. In every case who's in who's out. The Newcastle I think is out of poetry. And they don't want Needham analyst here that they were relegated. Yesterday so that was Saturday was for me like a going back forty years the days no girlfriend no job no way anything just the whole day playing playing of video games. Saturday was kind of a day for me and my family was like in the house. A little bit embarrassing it is that's a strong move. Yesterday though you issued a little different. There was all of us soccer mixed in but my son I went pay chopping. All in this was a first you know for me you know he NI alone at the mall today. And man it took me back to doing this with my father who. There was a point where this is dumb there's a point where I I had to. Pairs of pants in my hands in front of him same size. Just different scene scene makes different com a different color. Northern that was different about them is color Julius. Which color do you like more and he picked and I put the other one back and I was like immediately. Transferred. Back to when I was a little kid. When do we that was really sad for me. Because you do you'd help and haven't put a pair of pants back I always felt bad for the like the clothes that I said I didn't like well. And like that ultimately this early it's one that while first stories until about me all he remembers the media the store. Being said for the clothes that I didn't check the picnic. Oh I'm sorry pants well but I'm gonna sit governor go with these pants. Yeah right that's incredible and so I think that's an intense feeling for me and so yesterday at home while I knew if I do I did its entire message. Yes or limit the story importing the darker pants back on the rack and I was feeling that all the way we all know this is replace. Though X super crazy. Beatable. I think it'll Walker's. Boots seven year old you having that emotion is this experience doing it if it if it was powerful when you were seven. It's not weird to me that you would have that feeling again experiencing it with your son. At inception at seven years old having manipulators just. But it's close. But it's close to right. Do you do you get that feeling when you know yet to go through your closet every once and a while and you're like looking at this T shirt that you've had for a very long time you like on the hand me in this teacher we've gone through it may not really a lot not just you you just can freely get rid of that T shirt. But this stranger T shirt that you're just. You know take a look at the story feel bad for that teacher not a teacher that you've gone through you know lifeless. Yeah it's a different it's a different thoughts in me now that it's weird the one in my closet and I've owned and enjoyed. Warren like the one in my closet I've had and it's fine but one of the store that I don't you know I feel like get a chance I mean I feel like coming up pet store. Mean sometimes it and it at a at a got a clothes store opens like Buena pets are a pet stores are really central because I don't pick all the pets. Who'll Oakland's. Book. Blue shirt the shirt I don't tortoise the shirt you wore you won't do you wish you had viewed they had time with few there's not to be sad about. The stuff you don't pick never doubted that the its funding of the relationship it's it's a sad time knowing ninety. No no one enjoys a break up your breaking above that key shirt and you're not even getting into a nice new family your like say oh yeah go have another nice life you're either. You're you're thrown in the trash. Maybe you're getting into the good well it's it it's still a solid team shouldn't but it but it all the warranties or that places that the teacher is an hour ago. This by the way is the Sonntag used moment affair with an M and mrs. Beasley the winners conversation we've. Think about some teachers some teachers you don't even give that luxury of going into the trash on the good will you'd chop it up into a shop ragged white grease off with it and I think that teacher. Feels like I should self educated I shouldn't feel bad stretch the abuses. A solitary moment I shouldn't feel bad for the parents I've chosen because my son is what are ripped through the mid forty's. That's that's what they don't know. Once in the wreckage and I wish I had that thought yesterday to trump the sadness. He's still say trauma. And bring in phrases know these failures that her. Not trump the service is it would be like actually I should be happy for you because you're still gonna exist in a week. Coupled up a. Tiger Woods is talking about playing golf again will toys. What he says that what his plans are for us coming up much over the Bulldog WGR. Okay give away here for you caller five or 64 point 9878 gonna get a four pack of tickets to the buffalo means business. You've been celebrating 185 years of buffalo the event this Thursday April 20 at prior aviation. At the buffalo Niagara airport from five EP endowed the prizes sixty bucks general contest rules apply. Tickets are available at WGR 550 dot com. I go to that. I often feel like I don't know enough business people. Around here but don't feel like a mental problem. Or however how many years we have I have. Seventeen years on the air in the city you have more opening of the many business people normally I don't know ten. Most times. This is because you don't mean business Mike that's why I must not mean do you do not need business because I worked great hours but also ours that are problematic for being in likes the golf week. I'm a golf league might be a place for you to meet a lot of glory and just being out for happy hour which some business people are prone to do I go out after happy hour right where business people are home they're going home to have dinner you're just didn't loops. Yeah doesn't line up notice lineup I thought if I go on 11 in the morning yesterday. Not gonna see that many business people. Probably. Right here is Matt on WG Argo had met. I don't gentlemen good. They like big question. You know I only exist through there and I'm not I'm Ronald were you teach. I was just thinking about Jack cycle and the young stars like why are you you don't change the current equities Robbie on. But what does. The the media. Problem. Call home what does that play yen to. They'll want to stay how much is what played into that boat quote. It seems like it right below. Check or wander all I wish that they would. You know yeah what are you want to stay here. But the owner and GM and all the what do what do com about who our Beirut. Do you think these guys go it only got iPad are being bought. Or are critical here. For any particular reason or US and. Yeah yeah yeah he basically because of BM well well I am that. When they get here pretty well stands. Or well genes that instead actually you know. They're really depends on the guy and it would depend on the guy you know like a of course it would very of course are BP Craig don't don't care there'd be others that terror. More and I think you'd find it. Very similar a lot of places I mean there's just sit there there's going to be a certain kind of fan. That exists in every fan base how many of them you know if you're if you're responding to like what we were talking about earlier rose mutual restless and somewhat detached right now. That's that's unique. But. I don't really matters those players are under organizational control for a long time. And I just I don't predicted something that regardless of how they really feel. Could could could be one of them could both of them like push it to some some. Horrible level where there refusing. To talk about contract extensions and demanding to be traded yes. Mean if you're asking me a forecast that for you I have no idea that I don't think it's something you need to worry about. It just depends depends on the guy who knows what I don't know what they're thinking about that. Thanks Matt. Tiger Woods Chuck Berry Jack Michael LeBron James points about all these guys ahead and we'll get sabres pregame with Paul Hamilton after that. Much over the bulldogs WGR.