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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Wednesday, April 12th

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No effect rhythm rhythm with Brian geeks love group called him. For the red shirt politics love the food the guy is cool but clearly don't look for the good kids. You're not gonna hit a little into our food looked good so please stop. While spending an extra day here at WG are starting this morning we had. They'll head coach Sean McDermott Don for a visit he does or Enron about the stations here in probably the most interesting comment that he even made. As with kiss ninety point five all talk about that coming up. And of course Tim Marines and of this season press conference will be bringing that to you in two chunks we'll get to the first chunk here in just a few minutes. It's about a half hour long soul did use some time to rule will socket socket and together. Lots of things from Tim Murray and it's just leading to even in. Further speculation about what the future of the game namely the coaches the future of the coach. With some of the things that Emery said of his press conference today so we're gonna listen to that together you know 30 I think he won 888552. By fifty. Are the phone numbers here. It's. Obviously disappointing end of the season no we all were expecting different results Murray. He'll hear and talk about a going and he's just finishing up what his meetings. With players and coaches. And that now he will be meeting with Terry Google the next two weeks ago. There's still time for a decision made and you'll hear it right off the beginning that he doesn't really give a super strong marine endorsement of damn piles and use the word today so let's get Bryan Murray here we got Tim Murray did want. Parliament is under the year press conference. Right here. Whenever but he did know that Adam. Talk the bottom in the organization we understand it was a very disappointing season. I'm the general manager of the team so I guess that's top of the food chain when it comes to hockey. Com so I stand here and take full responsibility for. Our position our standings. And Howard finished. So questions. Tim I guess it sets the tone revenue and talked about today just off the top are you moving. We require follow party moving forward then Viles coach. As I say every day government I get asked that question he is my coach today on the general manager today. Am. There's gonna be reviewed top to bottom. I have to meet with ownership next week in. Florida I'm sure I'm gonna be reviewed I'm sure being reviewed right now. As they should be and I finished my last interview a vote twenty minutes ago. With my last player so I have. A book full of notes that I have to compile and period ready to deliver. Those thoughts ownership. And after that it will come back if I am still here and deliver my thoughts to our head coach and our coaching staff. You use. It. I guess I can heat he. As of I I always say as of today and you guys take it the way you want because you guys and say he said as of today that may not mean. In this game what I learned is that. There's no putts in the back you if you ever contract that's your pat on the back that's. That's your term of employment he has three years left in his deal I have three years left in my ideal and I'm the general matter should it today he's the coach today I haven't had any thoughts of fired him up to this point. And the reason Iowa State today is because something could happen tomorrow. So he's the coach yes. Well what you guys waiting. And this year went to like. Well again I'm not I'm not completely done that come but we didn't make the playoffs. I think we have to be in talking to the players that I don't want to. Until I compile all the notes into one sheet him. But we have to be. Clear in our message all of us. We have to the players want black and white and that comes to team rules that comes to. Teams' schedules that comes to team style of play that comes to roll on your team that comes to. Being a buffalo sabre and that's just not that doesn't fall just on the coach falls on the coach but it also falls on me falls on the players. Again that's why I made the statement the start that I am willing to take the knife here and as they should and that's for a the old question who's or not the night sorry rights or. I know what what went wrong. Oh god could you be any more broad. What went wrong Emmy night. The words that are not supposed to use right out right out of the gate injuries weren't wrong. About to start off with. Jack and then the next day here that first game Vander. And then the next day it was Brian. Capsules so injuries were wrong and word auditor position. I haven't put us in the position that we can with them yet I hope to one day. Be able to do that in and developing create enough depth that we can do that but I haven't done that at this point so. That's part of what we're wrong. A lot of other things went wrong that. Specifically IE. I'm not rated talk right now. To be more specific. US. Clear accountability in maturity were issues mentioned. In in the locker room what is your take on how that room may need some fixing before anything else that's. Does it needs fixing. But that's part of our responsibility that's part of of making a black and white fourth and I guess down and I probably. Could both do a better job at that and not probably we we we both can do better job at that and and we have had discussions already on that in broad terms. Players want black and white that's the message. Seoul you know we have to be very clear in the rules we have to be very clue but I clear on the consequences of breaking rules. And it goes down the line for rules to two style play how we practice. We have to make more demands. So I have to make more demands of Dan Dan has to make more demands of players I had I personally have to make more demands of myself. And we intend to do that. Tim what's been prevailing theme if any of these exit interviews so far. Disappointment. Feel we have the talent and we didn't. For multiple reasons. Through all the layers of our the organization. We just didn't get it done. You tennis team what's the top offseason priority for every one point that he senses that number one well yeah I mean I've said that I mean I've I've said that multiple times and I don't I'm not trying to (%expletive) on the defensemen that are here by any means. But I said you look at our strengths as first on ice it's our power play was outstanding. Or save percentage I think was third in the league. Goaltending their save percentage on the PK was high. Our transition. Game offensively and defensively was four. Our shots against were pork are scoring chances. Height injure your shots or work for the given up so. It's easy to point at them but the Blue Line and start there but that's where else are we have to improve there. We have to be able to play at transition game we can have 90% of our goals coming off of hard work and and and the site. Or the power play and that's where they all came from so this game is about speed and its transition and we failed there and that's on all of us. I've received it via trade free agency or I. Sure. Give me an option and Ellis so that's that's all that's that can be the draft. That could be trade secretary for reasons that's that's down on the road though we have an hour scouting meetings yet but. Of course. Any evidence to prove. I guess this goes into demanding more rejects that. He has on guys be happy to be here did you see too much of that big guys are just happy to be here. I think I. I think IE just six explained it that yeah we have to be more demanding in every area. I don't know if guys are happy to be here by right. I didn't see a lot of happiness so be you know happy to be here. I think every team has. I think every single team that team that wins the cup. Great to the last place team they have guys that are. That are professionals who want to. Get better and want to win and want to be here. Some teams have a couple more guys that are happy to be here verses. I don't think there's anybody at any not on any non playoff team that any player that doesn't wanna be in the playoffs so it's inaudible want. It's a vote it's about structure it's a vote. Helping them achieve their goal and the guys that don't wanna buy into structure I guess or rules or whatever the case may be then and you have to find a way to get more guys that do. So I think every color deep down. Wanna be successful from a individual standpoint but then from a team standpoint so. I think it's clear that. That we didn't achieve that but. Players wanna be Stanley Cup winner spurs wanna be in the playoffs. I guess of we have some players that are team that believes that some players are just happy to be here while they have it they have a different in say that I have I I spent a lot of timer on the team this year. I say too much I didn't get the scout is much. As I would like to and I wasn't away from the team very often so. I IC things but. Not a with them when their. Plane that's boxer. Atmosphere water going to a movie that's that's that's internal stuff. Indicates changed so now. From rob latter at least one tick in long term as well. You tell me what he wants as. Hermann mine and that I'll tell you I wanna commit to. I'm not being flip that are wrote I just I don't know I don't know so. We haven't started at any negotiations yet and when we do. And I guess I could say if you one to eight years and eight million a year than I'm not willing to make in my long term number one goaltender so I don't know the answer. Did he have a good year yes he had a good year Ers lakers that are save percentage I think was ninety team. Further the three goalies and I think Omer played. With a very small part of that so with the two goalies. RC percentage was. Extremely respectable. And where you'd want to be to be a playoff team. How creative. Do you think you're gonna have to be to get. Another quality puck moving defenseman hear what kind of commitment yet to make this summer's opposed the last time I know Dmitry got hurt but. Well that's the disappointing thing I mean I eat he can say injuries aren't excuse but he gets exploded into an open door pre season. And there was a game. You guys probably know there was a game I don't know with five games or seven games ago where where he made the a perfect one time pastor Jack that's our power play. I mean jacks are guy that's our power play. And perfect one time class raid on the tape great work should be and it's a goal and then he gets the puck. And a one timer where he. Which is his shot that I seen in the past for a fact that you hear where he can catch as the goalie goes back against the green scores that's the Dmitri that I made the trade for. That's what I saw visions of before I traded forearm and it didn't work so you can say that's bad trade I'll agree with you hum but I don't blame him. I blame the circumstance and then I'll take the rest of. If you see most of it. Practices on all when you see you know exactly what the coaches are teaching these guys and the guys come in after game and say the coach has laid out worse pickles exactly what to do. And we get out. I mean as you watch games after you watched the presses knowing what they want from them. How could players not be grasping at what we're is that grasping what they coaches want them do. I think I think players pay attention. The more you win the more the pay attention the more demands you make up than the more that pay attention. The more accountability is there is the more than pay attention. So obviously we're not. At that point yet and I've said all along that you know we come out of the break I think they talked to like that late. Words to accountability on the players and we promote the break and we can't beat Colorado in an Arizona when we have a step from the playoffs but I'm not saying we're making the play prospect. You were right there we've. Played great going into the break we did lose to Chicago we played great and it's in the first period. But you know you know you're when you're going into or break that your schedule is very intense and game pact going into the break so maybe we needed the break at that time in. And the last two periods against Chicago maybe that was our tipping point and that's where we got tired and but that's what going into the break as you've played a lot of games to get that break. And then we commit to break and we template so. I'll let you guys you guys are on the team to I'll let you guys decide. Or or have an opinion on whose fault that is. But. I can't blame the coaches a 100%. I can't take I'd like to like catching a 100% of the blame for that. I'll take blame for a lot of stuff went. Sometimes the players have to take two and coming out of the break its. I think you look at her I think. You know what time we three games off we are really really and then when we for five games up we were terror whistle. What is out. There. Sure I I think that. I think the players that's legitimate gripes about. The culture I think players have some legitimate gripes about the way our team is built and that's me and I think the players has some grapes that are legitimate than our excuses so. Again I in my opening statement we're all the blame. Tim back briefly to the coaching situation obviously there's been a lot of decisions already made around believe it different teams that you have a different structure how much is. The fact that. Everyone knows carries out looking at quarterbacks impacting the decision in May be putting things on the back burner that prayer area. I don't know. Waiting for him and it basically sign off and he's well no no I think he I ate. He lets me do my thing here so. Would I ever do anything without telling them obviously not mean he owns the team and I would never do that but. Again I haven't had a chance to sit down and talk to him and go through the notes and and given. The players' opinions of what went wrong players' opinions. Mom and my opinions of what went wrong and so back it's done next week but you know he's never. He's never asked me to make a trader to fire coach her and like that so. I'm gonna continues to assume that that's my decision and angle. On that track. There it is a part one of. Tim Murray is meeting with the media this afternoon at 2 PM I'll bring the second part of that. TU coming up next hour from ma from this action out and if you got any thoughts about what you just heard. From to marry Italy 3055. Tee he arms right they're talking about going to the meeting with the Google was next week down in Florida. And he talks about how he just had his meetings with his players in this was going back up probably twelve minutes ago it took more of the beginning of the press conference. And he hasn't yet I guess. Talked to the coaching staff the he mentions about going down and they're in a meeting any sitting in the meeting and he's. I guess chiding them because I know gamer what game are you guys preparing for what game you guys preparing for you guys should we got should worry more about your own team then and and other teams was pretty much. What it sounded like he said the coaching staff there. And so he's he's already talked to players he says he finished the meanings of players twenty minutes for a talk in the media at 2 o'clock. They say he's got a notebook for adults he's gonna had to. Florida to meet with the goal was and that if he still around he'll come back and talk to the coaching staff about it. Which is an interesting. I guess organization. Of how we were going to do that. I think most. GMs would probably first talked to the coaching staff that the players that in the owner. Especially. In Murray was saying how he's gonna evaluate everything top to bottom and I'm sure he has opinions about the coaching staff already. But this order of the way that he's doing things I think is certainly worth noting that. He's already talked to the players. And now he's gonna go talk to the owner and if he's still around which I think Tim Murray will capsule will still be around I don't think there's any question about that. He's gonna come back and talk to the coach. Which that you just heard Mike shelled speculate for four hours about how he thinks it's almost done. That damn miles must not going to be this coach anymore and the Kathy missing 80%. And if you're doing things and that's sort of order. I think your your heading down to Florida with the intention of saying. But it I've got these notes from Jack cycle or eat you can name which reporter obviously Jack cycles the first one that comes to mind for everyone because he's the star player. He's the one memory study he promised but he's gonna make the team batter. And he's. He's a franchise. Is the guy you tanked bird. You don't win the gold medal we got the silver Matalin Michael. Was the guarantee he was the guarantee and that's the reason why you you went the route that you dead so viewer Tim Murray. Where does your loyalties lie in that where you are more tied to. Are gonna be more tied to your coach. Are gonna be more tied to the kid is balance that you traded away everyone you trade away two goalies because there performing too well. For your liking so you try to. Behind goalies that we weren't going to perform as well so you brought in Chad Johnson who ended up performing really well I get it didn't stop. With the goalies. For this guy so pure Tim Murray. Yeah you're gonna be promising that kid the world because that's where your job ice. And if Beckett isn't happy. Ye who are probably going to be looking for different job. Is. The the order. That he's going in I think is pretty telling. It sounds to me like you've got a book full of notes. And you hear about the disconnect he talks about it later run here the second segment coming up. A ball he picks his coaches need to. Coach individuals more and my system. And I think a lot of the notes that he's taking is. Maybe players aren't being heard. Media there's not a give and take between the coaching staff. And the players. But the fact that the coach is being skipped completely and the GM just interviewed the entire team all of the players and is heading right to the owner. I don't think it's a it's a good sign for Dan piles. And makes you wonder. What. The thought process is right now give it Jimmer he's gonna go down there. He's gonna say it is what I think this what I've heard my players I'd like to move in different directions. I need to get feedback from you guys because you guys are paying this guy you'll have to pay this guy if you move on problem. And where we gonna go from here do we want to meet them move in just not have a guy ready or do we want to talk to some people first. Get a replacement that comfortable with. And if we don't find guys that we're comfortable with maybe move on with piles knocked. It's it's a very weird. Situation right now the way things have back and laid out in 030551888552. By fifty or phone numbers here if you don't got time don't wanna hang out on hold in gimme attacks at 55550. Or shoot me he tweets pat Ryan underscored WGR Jody got he's also here we'll get some thoughts from him. Coming up in the next segment but really wanna hear from you guys you know three. 0550. Is the nightcap you'll see the WGR. I've heard the rumbling. That of them could be bowed out there I mean the thing that you know the rumors I guess that I hear is that there's been a little bit of Iraqi situation between Tim Murray and Dan but you know again these are only rumors. Then I though long contract and mean the very. Capel called she's won a Stanley Cup in Pittsburgh they're in a rebuilding circumstance involved all. Could tell that works PGA attic there. Talking about. Damn files and all the relationship between him and Tim Murray and I think I'll with V with the press conference today we got a little window into that. That Mary said that he. He would probably do things differently in the GM and coach I'm sure there are. Many times that you don't see. But this seems to. Be something that. Continues to leak out of the Buffalo Sabres is with these guys quick now. All I know all that some some people were interested in the the constantly. Going into the playoffs well. If you somehow got expert here glass hearsay and pretty right now because he is the first goal scorer of your NHL playoffs. That's right Tanner Glass. One nothing Montreal. That's wrong and nothing New York over Montreal. Right now in the game under way as well 00. In Boston between the erred in Ottawa between Boston and senators all those games. Approaching the end of the first about seven minutes remaining there so. Oh what are your takeaways from the press conference with Tim Murray. I think one of the the most obvious takeaways and I think most people got pretty much immediately is there was an all. The backing of damn vials are really. Tim Murray came out inside if it's not just the coaching it's on me it's on the players. Tim Murray pretty much saying that it that you can't just point 21. Thing for the reason this season went south which. Is exactly right. I know there are people out there that wanna point to like a down by thousands gone maybe the team get better then killed the shackles of and take off these players. The shackles of bios of the system and I'll will be able to run around and do whatever they want and should be more free in creative. I don't think that's just it the players have to be better. And Tim Murray to Murray himself has to be better so. I want to hear your guys take on how we heard for Marie two era start off with Troy in corner destroyer on the nightcap. I don't. Not too broad. Up until today I don't there was no worries that ever to get reload them file. But after this press conference and in the local tidbits that. Marie go out to. It's been pretty clear that that's what's gonna happen but we're Juarez skewers. Bit if peace that you Google or news mobile home of notes from the players. And and he and he's gonna give his take what happened. There's terror record on call. I'd been about mark and four and on the floor and and and ask him what happened this year. That's interesting because. You wanna compare the bills with the sabres sometimes because it is the same ownership group. Andy Yuxi president running the team all of that. But I think the way that the the sabres are set up it's it's not the same as the bills setup could you know what the bill that Sean McDermott reports terrible luck. And Doug Whaley reports Gary Google luck and they're they seem to be pretty much on even footing but I think what the sabres it's more of that. Typical higher right. Hierarchy that structure that you're used to where its owner GM and coach. But I mean broad goal has certainly banning guy who is willing to. Listen to his coaches listened to every opinion available to him before making a move cell. I'm. That's an interesting point because with without Murray talking to the coach's first you would think that the owner wouldn't lie just go down there. Have Murray come down to hand and be like okay you got all of this stuff from the players who clearly. There's something going on the coach according to some players according to some players there's not. And you seemed to also have an issue with the coach. Again if you're an owner of a team I think you wanna get all sides of the story first but I'm not sure exactly if you would want to. Be stepping on Tim Murray's pose that way so. It makes sense to wanna do that but I'm not sure that's a route you wanna go. Two if you want to have your your general manager feel empowered to make the moves he feels he has to make. Regular court burba is much like either Brooke a young kid like that. They can control the whole situation because. You're right when you but he has that Murray's future is the next example he's gonna do he wants. Yes exactly Murray's future thanks agricultural really appreciate it Maureen Murray's future is absolutely. I. That was the plan Mary Kane and ended it was already trending that way because Garcia used the words suffering. That Pat LaFontaine comes in uses the word patience instead of the word suffering and then he ends up hiring temporary who comes in and I think part of the reason why he got hired as he had this vision. A Powell he was going to rebuild the sabres and it was going to be through. They are gonna have to second overall pick in the draft and he was looking at an extra operators Michael on the David coming companies like okay. It rubbing his hands together look at those two guys like I get my hands on one of those is gonna speed this up. And they talked about doing the trades. He had all the draft picks yet on the prospects. Talked about speeding up to rebuild through footing dolls for. And it's already players players that we're still young that still had room to grow. Like Ryan O'Reilly and Evander Kane getting those guys in here to speed up the process. And he did all of those things that's the exact vision that I think these sabres organization was sold and when they were going through the hiring process of temporary. He sold on that vision he might throw it that. And now all. The vision. Dare I also wasn't his vision his vision of getting Mike Babcock in here to be the coach of the team. That was certainly I think it was necessarily selling that as part of his vision because Detroit he was still with Detroit and Detroit was in the middle of their playoff run. 25 years up until this year. Babcock went out what you Ford pretty much you modest set the market for coaching value Sears looking for the fattest contract he'd find. Came to buffalo owner deep pockets knowing that hey these these people pay up so I think that was also audio as part of the selling points. But tells Mo was the backup plan for that. I think that the rule is do want Marie to feel empowered to be able to make the decisions he feels is necessary. So I'm not sure they would want that kind of what are we got I'm sure they would say to Murray right to his face down there they're gonna be like OK maybe we'll take this all end. We're gonna give can't call talk to him and I'm sure they'll be straight up with him about that going behind his back stature they would circumvent them. That way in a 30551888550. To 515. Jerry and kind gorge earlier on and I kept. And Dugard during what's up. Yet that it that awhile you know concerned about all out for you but the concern. For the general manager. The bait to trade last Palmer one was for Jimmy eat it was and it worked out again and editor and the risk there. And that they'll want a cool car we're looking back. Kelly did you get a player that really did help us. Like an issue in the locker room and attitude about you can hurt but you're a locker room and I don't get hurt you I perform. All. Else at all or even you know I think because you're appoint her to. And you don't make any trade that all the fourth line of well for a lighter. Do something that changed the chemistry on the team and he did not. In debt. I don't call me or nothing available because there's always partners definitely don't want a lot beat something. That is eight total. Access at all at all. That the guy. Well if I hear about your opponent that night I blogging about it and buyout by seeing the same thing all the. How but. They do the same thing I'll. Yeah I was actually having that conversation. Earlier with what the guy who just called and he called and show open the Bulldog I never ended up you ever end up getting on the air we just had a conversation affair. But he he he was talking about how he wanted to point strictly at the talent he was like I don't think this team is talented enough. I don't think it has anything to do with the coaching I think it's just strictly to count and I said. I'm not a person that's that thinks it's one thing or the other I think there's multiple issues on this team you have to take care of but what the coaching again miles has the system and he kept mentioning how old problem. That the team would get caught up in the neutral zone. And I said that's because with Dan miles in the system me he tries rely on that long stretch pass through the neutral zone and teams want to clog it up so there's either. A guy right on the guy who's receiving the pass all I can really do is make a quick chip in or something like that or their right on the pass so that they can look to stick. Org force the pass another way to turn create a turn over. So teams load up in the neutral zone because. They eat they do is get that would piles and I figured you're right with that he has that system. And ousting and that last night even might I don't think bottles must necessarily a bad coach when it comes in the axis analysis I think it's more of the adjustments and connecting with his players and taking feedback from them to create a system that works for everybody. Well I tell you why not Allen here when you buy back. Where you think the papers for the Bennett thought about it told me I expect that in here I'm all yours we go we're gonna legally hour. We're a top 5%. Are to go. Jack Michael ever point gay murder or guide our audio or call. You'd think it would have made the article did very well. Yeah this is CL that sounds really good but there is that the biggest factor that's missing there is they were twentieth in the lead F five on five scoring so you can only do so much. With power play scoring and all that to fear you can. Most of the game is played F five on five and unfortunately this team. They were not performing at five on five. I think another mistake he made it up O'Reilly I think he wore him out. And and honestly if we get the worst PK in the league for a long time yourself on O'Reilly out there. Why are you wait in Nevada on the peak hit a horrible body weight or somebody else out there. He doesn't have to take every city stopping your salt I think you war or lightly here. Yeah and I think a lot of that has to deal and it's it's a name that hasn't been brought up much recently. I yelled I'm arson I think Johan Larsson was much more important this team that people really wanna give him credit for. He really towards the end of last year developed into that role. Of the third line center like he was tough to play guns he can't. Provide a little bit of an offensive touch not a great offensive player but he got a little bit of an offensive touch he would play on the second power play unit is the sinner. You play the penalty kills the center. I was taking a look earlier today that the sabres face off percentage before Jack Michael came back and yellow marks are probably one out about a month later. Was 52% before Michael came back into the lineup and then when I call. I exited hurt and Michael came back it was a lull. 40% or 40% 48%. So I think you are marsh and really had a lot to do with the reason why all right he was out there playing major minutes in the defensive zone in the penalty kill us because they are miles mud into yet another guy Derrick and tutor grant is another guy who was. One of the few guys that was above 50% and face offs. I began while not felt comfortable stating other guys out there and defensive zone. To take those face offs once once ball those guys were were gone and I was no big Derek grandstand but he. He kind of delve that Larson scroll until he was placed on on waivers you know 30551888. 5525. If you love the second half of Tim Murray's press conference coming up in about. Fifteen minutes here until that take more of your calls it a 30551888550. To five good deeds the nightcap. Proceeded WGR. He lets me do my thing here. Whatever you anywhere telling them obviously not that mean who owns the team and I would never do that but I haven't had a chance to sit down and talk to him and go through the notes and given. Players' opinions and my opinions of what went wrong that it's done actually but no he's never asked me to make it Fraser to our culture. And like that so I'm gonna continue to assume that that's my decision on that track. To emerge today that's. Good clip of kind of what. Troy and I were talking about with with damn files there and you hear it there with him Brees never I guess had an issue with. Terry cool having. Interfering with them. Anything like that so I don't think I think Tim Tim he's gonna go down there get a suggestion. And as long as teary. Angola is is depending on what to Murray's. And all be all decision is he says he hasn't thought about firing him miles month. Before. League like as if the the first time though the question of the rumors ever come across to lament the miles miles on the hot seat and all I ever thought about. Firing Dan miles before. It right up until he brought it up. I find that. Very hard to believe. Maybe he's just. Saying he's never thought of before because he wants to talk to be owner first. OK it you just in the political science and he's given the political answer you don't get what he normally doesn't do very very much not you start to loosen up there. At the beginning of that press conference and we haven't even got to the point yet in the press conference which you'll replay in. The second part of it a little bit. Where he he gets asked about Kyle post so and even here at the beginning of the press conference he's got that that sound too on the sounds a little on edge to say at least which. I mean after this season and after talking all these players. And sure that he is a little match. But. He gets asked about Kyle post he'd just like all right man about it he gets down Rain Man so it was. A little more interesting to see Murray we have him on the show she opened the Bulldog and never down there to see. What he's like in person and every time he's here and he's got is he's got a things he's got its things he's got a little jokes he did crack some little jokes there. During the press conference he's always trying to. I don't see why in the mood I would say it's the way that he is in the way that he talks but he he always has these little things that he's as which. Put a smile on people's faces. He didn't get so much bad this year he was more of the straight and serious. Guy in this press conference will take one more call before we had to operate here and into the second part of Murray's press conference today it's ten unless it cuts and on the weekend. Pretty epic it call early particular call. The biggest problem here the team right now. And obviously what. The level player that we have on our team. We have a very debt maturity problem because of the young players. And our leader they're going to be like we need leadership. The leaders are come are becoming from the younger players now the problem I have is when you put a microphone in front of Michael or one of those guys. They don't keep their mouth shut. You have to start exit professionally here good player. And we all of that but some things that you are saying to the media. Should be taking behind court doors and talking with people behind closed doors. I think that's where they're probably it became the coach. If two and change it not matter what systems are fairly similar with each coat shall another come out to similar system. And Jack the same thing or Sandberg the same thing or whoever but it probably. But at all. So applied or are these exit interviews. Any basically share in. The days that basically I want the one. That basically. People filed by a pleasure ride our my what I come out. And basically all role that's simply that short immaturity. Sort of being checked just at all sure about it and say it's unfortunate not basically charts or terrible. Now I understand. That it's bad. I you know I. I'm not gonna agree with you just because I think these athletes are also bought and up. And CB robotic answers that they're taught to say. That anyone like Jack Michael comes through our Robin liner and actually speak their mind to the fans to the people who are really caring about what they say. It's super refreshing and I'm not gonna sit here and chastised Jack Michael for coming out and be on you honest to the media I think it's a good thing and baby. Maybe the athletes have a different view I mean I played high school sports and I played intramural sports in college I wasn't it. A high level high real pressure situations. There was no media covering me I prefer a class. 45 kids. So it's not like I had any of these experiences. So maybe there's different views from people who banned inside a locker rooms. But I am not going to crush your kid for. Once we have seen in my heart is. One year older than him he always gives you the bought and a business cancer and Jack Michael will come all and actually say what's on his mind and actually give his honest opinion. About what he thinks is wrong with the team and I just. I like hearing it too much to say that he should shut up. Candidate or more question that that's going to stay this day we'd be a viable captain by just going that. Open ended route in the future that I would say I would have doubtful that even know it skills that is off the chart. Well I think now with the NHL what you're really looking for with captains is. You're you're looking for a guy I don't necessarily think you need the that the Super Bowl guy in the locker room and I guess I'm not really say you need a guy that's calling people out so kind of anonymously through the media either you you want a guy who quite frankly is a high skilled guy who's gonna go out there on the ice and beat the leader through his actions on the ice and I think Jack Michael has got a lot obviously he's the franchise to a lot of fans around here and I think he's done well to. Put himself in a position that. Be saying those things. Wanting more accountability with individuals that I think it would make a good captain. If he's still so young he still so young which makes it a little questionable but I mean he slipped the the C our economy David and Edmonton. This year I think that went pretty well because. This is the guy that's going to be. You're relying on this guy is gonna be the guy that's driving the bus for you going into these future playoff series so I. You kinda want him to be forced to have that responsibility be the face of the franchise that way as well. Yeah appreciate it appreciate them or take a break here we come back I get you. Part two of Tim Murray's press conference. With the media today and more of your calls it a real fight 51888552. Of my fifties and I kept on WGR.