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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Thursday, April 13th

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The nice capital best physicists. Terrible with the writing engaged skate very calculating how he says that if they felt like it's spontaneous. Did not. And he goes into a lot of these things saying okay here's what I'm going to say about this and ethnic about how much time is it then he's coming up with the work group. I've never heard the word hope that that's very creative. One WGR. Won't just win. All right what's going on right gays hanging out with you back here and WGR two weeks away. Rama VN FL draft and will be bringing you all you need to hear about the bills draft plans garments out parts yelled he's going to be paying now to everything he hears about the bills and well we bring in some experts. I know all John Marino's gonna become a back on draft week and sure John Niger will be hanging around I think Mark Schofield both of those guys from inside the pylon. Pretty should be able bull become an on and it'll effort Keon Fahey and get a little more perspective. On the quarterbacks and coming into this draft because now we're hearing about the quarterbacks that they are going to be. Got on X every time this year. Right around this time two weeks before the draft three weeks before the draft all the Sundays cornerbacks start heading up the draft board and one of those guys that. Thinks these quarterbacks are better than a lot of the of the media coverage has been giving is Greg Gabriel he's been an NFL scout for thirty years. He was nine years. The barest scouting directors saw this guy but he he's got a since he's got as in you've got some information I'm sure. And that's recess he says he's using the information that here is not just trying to base it on. I think he's he's what pro football what weekly he's also an analyst and SIX SEVENTY The Score Chicago. Where he is where he is living so we're gonna hear from Greg Gabriel here what's got two weeks away from the draft. And Greg Gabriel he did spend some time at the bills as a part time scout and here he just opens up by talking about some of it is how we got into the scouting world really. I spent seventeen years with the giants and that I was part time the bills from. 81 up and until the 84 draft that next follows with national scouting and then January 1 date went to the giants announcer for seventeen years sixteen and adheres. And I'm in Chicago now with pro football weekly and SIX SEVENTY The Score in Chicago thanks your time today by the way. Well yeah how did it start if I may ask with the bills and 81 because there are probably a lot of people. That think about how much. One. Being a pro scout would be how did you get them. You know in all honesty I got to know Bruce Nicklaus who was. College scouting coordinator at the time the norm problem. Who ended up being my mentor him and he was the director of player personnel. For the built at the time and I was. You know I've been playing football and I was eight years old I was playing for the a semi pro team in buffalo at the time between city yemenite some. We got to meet these guys and let them know my interest and and norm really took me under his wing and I but I worked for them part time to a lot of film rating at the time there are gonna come back with Stella Sampras a school in Seattle called quadra. And you know tape wasn't. As efficient George good as it is it is now would it. It was still the old sixteen millimeter Kodak take back then continues to used to carry these big projectors around but anyway because of that and ends. The availability of papers make good. They used to is that when they got film comedy and they have you know local people break down some of that film. Just to help. It would with the scouting reports just to get another look so. That's what I was doing is the 83 season I actually went out on the road a little bit. Or norm but it was more local Syracuse. Cornell Colgate post it worth you know. Places like you get to a couple hours she can get back. Am were you in the draft Roman 83. That was Jim Kelly you're right after the first round I was up their little birdie from the rest of the draft and I was. You ever see the movie at the thirty for thirty movie about it the three draft. No okay it was great enormous and I don't see normally I don't know him but. The ease in and of course Kelly's in it all the drama of that draft with Elway at the top and everything I mean it's. Maybe the most famous draft. All but that was a tremendous draft that is you have lived up to quarterbacks ever met draft and and and the rest of the players who might have been one of the stronger stress of all time. Well before we get to this year since we're talking about your career a little bit and you you tell the story of what the job was when you were first in the profession. What do you think about how different it is occult. It is the role of scout as important when their when you know maybe it's not literally every game Greg but it. So many games are so readily available hot how do you compare the importance of the scout then the now. It's actually more important now because of vote. It is the money that's being paid out. Intends to being able to scouts have to do a tremendous job in doing a background check. The players you know locals could use that that 83 drafters of the examples in other work cell phones around and when players that players got a than any local trouble. They have been brushed under the table and nobody would have known about it but now with cellphone videos except for nobody can do anything in. Perfect example of that is Jim Kelly nephew Chad Kelly who has had a few run in them. Oh a lot of that is just because of how quick things can get out of the public but blew the sky today just as far as. Getting access to film that's a lot easier everything's digitized. She plays on Saturday you have the tape Kinect game by Monday Tuesday at the latest. Everything's within the go home computer network of of the team. And you've got Internet access you've got excess you know all the different college tapes at your fingertips so. Having to make K eight school all the look at taped. That doesn't necessarily have to be done you can spend your time when you make your school call. And doing background checks on the player watch practiced. Talk to people around the program and get this much up to date information on the players you can't. And you can do a lot of that don't work that you can do an after school but it also do it in your hotel room as a really no reason why you don't can also were dominant with technology the way it is right now. Can you talk about in those days that I forget the word to use I hadn't heard it before but the group of teams Dallas and Seattle. That you worked together with to share information is it. Is meet the scouting information or less proprietary now when everybody can see everything or is it still all it is is it how was it different impetus. Oh well back in that particular comeback and the response fourteens and accept or a couple scouts within each organization. All the reports went to all four teams. So and that he might have had national scout that was here you know you're old scalp so to speak and and his reports state with fatigue but. Yet that information was it was the same obviously to save money. And let's go national scouting around that time also with Scotty just wasn't as efficient. That you don't to a vote ahead of that'll come back and what was Gil Brandt. You know that was Dick and Berger was the Seattle these guys were where. Godfathers so to speak in this in the scouting industry in Dallas is one of the first teams to. Really have that I think computers. Get heavily involved in them scouting and storing information. Were before that it was you report written by hand. Let's start working for the giants I mean I think the first two or three years I was there were doing Hamrick reports persons entering him into computer then somebody at. At the office wouldn't term into the computer but it's just so much more efficient right now until much easier to get your work done but at the same time. The scouting directors for a little bit more load on the scouts themselves are getting information getting proper information. Greg Gabriel my guests longtime NFL scout including a few years with the bills pro football weekly now and score in Chicago. So how do you think Paul Weller the bills positioned at ten in this first round. That these anytime you're the top television director usually pretty good position on this is so strong graphic took the the offensive line. There's depths that just about any position. You know and I've been looking. And at what the bills could potentially do and play I think most of those so called private work out that don't border checks over the last few days that. I think we're trying to be held under the you know kept under the table under wraps so to speak in the coach created out the pictured them let the cat out of the bag and I think. That hurt them a little that it especially wouldn't coach McDermott get samples of what. Might not necessarily be true but. What with the owner goes along I don't work out. There looking at quarterbacks real. Heavily and that and it wouldn't I wouldn't be. Shocked to see you draft a quarterback content. Is how how rare is the owner being on a visit like that. Rare I mean I in all my time in the league it has to happen too often they go along every want to while but it usually. When you're really. Looking hard at certain players certain positions and and they want to. You know they wanna get to know the process to which they're achievement to an end. Scouting is an important part of of building up achievement they wanna learn the process I. You know I I think it's great that mr. Pakula. That it has taken the time out to really. Walk through the process what is called to wish some of the scouts and and go on these trips to see what actually goes on when you're getting that information on a player especially to try to work out. And with quarterback I think private work out Serb. Really one of the most important criteria. In judging the player because you get to spent so much time with them a lot of interview. Stop going there's getting the player on the board a learning what his analogy of isn't different opposite concept except yourself. That mr. Pakula is doing this I think they're really speaks highly of him as an owner because you want to get involved and alleged Jewish Philadelphia. Jeffrey Laurie and what are they can take a quarterback and he will long on the quarterback trips also and I know what it. Makes you feel very comfortable when they've made that decision to draft our show once with the number two pick. And there is monetary value in drafting a quarterback early and right around this time is when. The Eagles not attention noted the owner was on these visits this Eagles traded up to ensure that they would get. Eight release one of the two quarterbacks they must of felt was worth it. If you look at the bills attendants say they are this is all the jet and they wanna get a quarterback out of this the best lawmaking get. How many guys Greg deserve to be picked as early as ten. Well you know I I think the quarterback position in this year's draft. At least it among the draft media in the draft that is greatly under I think it is class a lot stronger than they're given credit for. In fact I just. Did a mock draft of pro football weekly Holcomb out. Picture over the weekend and I put three quarterbacks in the top ten would buffalo being the thirteen taking the third quarterback. I think Chicago's gonna take one at three of the jets could take on that side and then. Next game could be our local would you look at a round the leak. There's eleven teams that have a legitimate need for quarterback and then there's probably happen doesn't quarterbacks in this stressed. That have a chance to be what I did not really deserve to start as rookies they should serve as a rookie but the you McDonnell wrote eventual starters should be winning quarterbacks in the league. Mean and you've got a group of teens a cluster of teams whose quarterbacks are still productive bought are nearing the end. You know the old Ford draft teams excluding the bills all those all those teams are in play here probably. Yeah they are I mean you look at Arizona. The New York Giants. San Diego that they've all got older starters and they've got to begin to look for an eventual replacement because these guys aren't going to be played forever. In the ideal situation is to bring in young guy let him sit learn from the voter for a couple years that retires this guy is ready to plug and play. Am so if the bills are attend and are Ers are are thinking this way. And and too risky and Watson gold before time is it more homes there. Could be my home that it could be to show guys or B one or the other depending on which one do you like better. The Kaiser is going to be even more. Pro ready because of the office he played in that Notre Dame while it was spread like these other guys played it was more pro spread. It was a full field read. For the quarterback. He went through three and sometimes format effort Russian. I'm each and every pass play. He listened quarterbacks able to change a play at the line of scrimmage able to change protections and a lot of these front office was the quarterback doesn't do that. Them Greg Gabriel my guests thirty plus years scouting the league pro football weekly and the score in Chicago. Greg what's your what's your attitude about what the browns have done in the last couple years then what they should do this year. You know I guess they got mixed emotions because they've. Broadens the baseball analytic people and the Olympics and football as many word of the year what analytics are in baseball. No baseball even though it is a quote team sport it's a one on one sport it's an individual sport. It's pitcher against batter and that's where you get a lot of these analytics. Statistics sort of speak what football is the ultimate team game. And you have to use analytics a little bit differently with football and you better head football people and putting the information before you Kamal what. The statistic because if you don't know exactly what each player's supposed to do on a given play. It becomes almost impossible to rate them. Is there another side to this were the browns have so many pics look easy you see of mixed emotions. Well absolutely you gotta make a peck. They can Trace it back and then and collecting picks which gives them ammunition to move up or the little down but. Same time you've got to. Make a pick and make a good pick expansion of politics that they have and they've been really reluctant to make the pick they keep making trades as doesn't. Selecting the player. That's what you get thirteen batters to make picks like the player and and get him on the field. So are you do you think they're crazy if they don't take Garrett. Yes. You know he's obviously the best player in the strep. You know head and shoulders above them extensive strong craft and it is very strong at deposition but really would you would you look at. The size the speed. His production. Production this year wasn't quite as good as the wasn't 2015. But he is playing with a sprained ankle. Then you look at his workout numbers as far as the speed and strength you widget that I think 32 reps at 220 by that. Almost unheard opera defense of founder of an edge rusher guys his size so you know he's he's got a lot of special tool. Smart kid plays hard all the time and I just think you know that type of guy that your gonna win then when you. You gotta have three things to win the National Football League got a strong profit of one strong beat Frontline in the quarterback. He's gonna make that defense of blind very very strong you know Williams is Gregg Williams as a defense of coordinator and they're now uses that why do I detect and these and didn't. You know very important part of that defense is having. A guy can really rush the passer and the browns the lack that met with. Miles here it's gonna give no there's no big gap with the next pick they got to hope to get a quarterback now if my address book or my back draft. Ends up being some what true. Cleveland could be out so well speak but if they don't in less they blew up inside of the top. Eight Sadie get a quarter regular my belief that these guys are gonna go a little bit higher than the national media as well. Yeah I am watching that closely and I think that would be really exciting. You're not you're not as we closer Gregg you're not on the island anymore right. No not with the Chicago U of Chicago cut well you know things are good but I want to ask you how is the fifth. Things are good they're talking. I was there you know who that was and so worked for the board of education. But also as a buffalo allowed over the last year and it I took the right on the island and like a lot of things are different. Up where you live sir there are some all unbelievable new builds. Saw the let me do what you mean I don't know like that it's really amazing up there and they're they're gonna close the west river parkway. Yeah I know that too and they have a friend that lives right along there is a little bit. Upset about. Well I I live on the on that street two and I'm Elvis OBB Unita should paying out some time to talk about. All right Greg thanks a lot for today. Okay thank you thank you haven't done. Yup sure Greg Gabriel pro football weekly you heard the man that's Greg Gabriel pro football weekly checked and on demand. At WGR 550 dot com. I think a lot of mixing stuff to say there is I mean obviously there's the Tibet where he thinks that these quarterbacks are going up a much higher back and a lot of the media has been predicting it means you heard it's when. The season first added it was always. Was like the other 2013 draft to a grower and hear these these are like Tony thirteen draft and now and all of a sudden you keep hearing rumblings. Mr. risky and potentially gonna go number one. The one quarterback you don't really hear much if you think the least talked about Corbett acknowledged Shawn Watson into Shawn Watson is getting. Big zero of the cupboard it's all about mr. risky. You hear a lot about homes because I think he's more of a lot divisive kind of prospect. You hear about Kaiser a little bit but. To Shawn Watson is just kind of likes and there are right now you don't hear anything about back I'm hurting him in weeks together in my home is like the wildcard. Too risky suppose he'd be number one guy in Kaiser's. He's like the one that people like he's got the physical tools that he gets the coaching that he needs you'll probably be the best quarterback. Out of the draft yeah Watson has been the one thing. I haven't been here and anything about John Watson and he was the hot one coming out of right after his season ended because this huge performance against Alabama. Yeah I can even remember the last thing I'd been hurt in us it's been weeks I'm pretty sure we've had. Molten lead at media doesn't each guy except for anything about them yeah I mean he got the bills out there they looked at troop risky it worked out. Kaiser who worked on homes but they have yet to work out to Shawn Watson must have they've done it already maybe that's why they've been able to keep under wraps because you hear Greg Gabriel there. It's he made it sound like the bills were not too pleased that that pitcher got out that the UNC offensive coordinator took that picture and got out there. And then as soon as that happened I kind of just owned it because one else's there to do. Watson was on the greens QB came two days ago. I'll give it may be needed help pick up some steam forum. In a 30551888. 550 to five regular phone numbers here Gary comments on the draft coming back here we're going to be talking a little bit about. I. I hit at some thoughts walls watching the NHL playoffs last night. I'm Mike shell B he talks about how he felt dirty. Rooting for Boston I was a little conflicted about something myself. Last night my house watching these games are quick update Toronto still up to want about halfway through that game and Nashville up one to nothing. On Chicago. And that one's about halfway through the first eight these lower seeds right now. In the lead. We'll talk all the talk HL playoffs and Becky I thoughts on that do you give me call here it's the nightcap with the WGR. Start to pick up game. I've got in the third dominating this overtime at least after the first chapter two. Good. I like Allen matter. But 1000 rallies called College Hockey games B&B my friend who called College Hockey together we. We went on the roster list merely coconuts with some stupid ask all calls that we be come up way. There's one guy and the team is as extreme as the motto. So was you say you say to NATO allies Amano. As my favorite with a couple of all that. What is not to well you say tomato I say he'll never scored one goals. Was an article caught got a break. I want to talk a little bit Obama relationship with the Edmonton Oilers coming up but the first we got John Hamburg here Joseph talk about the draft Joseph what's going on and make him. It was going on that they pick McCall. I took a quick question wonders to what you guys opinion was the north he talked about this he put on these people are popping up about. It's possible you know the top. Happens secondary guys go. In the beginning you know traffic before the build the kind. And if Rubin talked is there from Alabama you know people are saying maybe you can take. A collection that. Moment put on what you thought about that. Yeah I. For me if it's if it's Ruben Foster I'm. And they already have two inside linebackers with Preston brown and Reggie rant when they just drafted last year. If they get it if this he's quarterback rumors are coming out of these quarterbacks are gonna start. In drafted earlier and earlier like I'm hoping that some of that the weeks. Lot poll. Secondary talent falls like hopefully march on the animal might fall from a week hooker might fall. Jamal Adams is always kind of been a possibility there but he might be even more of a possibility. Now all of that these quarterbacks are being rumored there. It's clear that the draft is just so. You've got to take it as it comes to you guy I'm not a person that's like you obviously have to have a plan you've got your big board and everything. But it's also you gotta just be able to react to what's going on and among the big. If if one of those secondary guys isn't there if you really like at quarterback when your number one quarterbacks there. I'm all for taking the quarterback there but otherwise I'm all I'm big on team trade down and trade down is where I'm going to be for for a while here amongst this like. They're number one cornerbacks there or one of those real high level defensive backs that's IMAP. That's an. Then they'll get appreciate your time. In a problem joke no problem in and out here on the nightcap. In a 30551. EEE 550. To fight if you saw last night and I'm hanging out in Olney now that the other local bar entry for our southern tier IPA's. And watching the the Oilers game much in the Oilers game. Oiler San Jose the milkman scores in the in overtime to. Get the the overtime victory for the outlook for the sharks excuse me. But a march in the Oilers in them. Sit there and just. Take in the whole scene there there were and there are orange uniforms. Which I personally I'm a big fan of the orange uniforms. And they're doing their new arena rogers' place you're looking out into the crowd. And you see is a sea of Orange like every single fan. I I Texan like Shelton. Is wondering. In Orange Jersey signals aren't there like usual jerseys on the part of the reason mark only two months and you look at Edmonton game last night the crowd is literally there's just very little. Not orange there and if they got economy David and sitting there and Mike I think down. I think import for the Oilers I think a win a pole for the Oilers in the Western Conference and it's gonna be the team that I pick in the Western Conference economic David they're young. The super like. All the reasons that I even though it earlier us talking about astronomy please them like they're younger have them exposed to like them now screw on those like all the reasons why I like. Edmonton but the differences you know Edmonton's way over Yonder and the leaves are. Ninety minutes away and in our division and Oilers in the Western Conference only have to deal with on. So I'm sitting there and I'm like. Am I supposed to I supposedly hate the Edmonton Oilers and they they got me David over Michael and I love Michael obviously but am I supposed to really. The old. McCain have a connection with this team like. It's the playoffs and I always end up choosing a team somewhere along the line in the playoffs and right now it is just it was just a personal it's just a first the playoffs. But I look at them like should I mean. Not like should I be like upset with the Oilers should I not like the bush hate the Oilers I'm asking myself all these questions. And trying to think about Mike they'd gotten David. I mean they had four opportunities. And number one picks. You're drafting high forever. Anyone I was watching that draft lottery and the Oilers as the tired football over it's like Docomo. The Oilers they are he got three shots the number one pick a bit now that we'll bet that wound is healed. Now Mike whatever the Oilers exert their over in their Western Conference. League. Ultimately one day if there is a situation where the sabres make the playoffs in Gilani nice. Playoff run. Maybe make a cup final and on the other side of the cup final is the Oilers with comic David this is big dream and here real big dream and especially after the seed this season the sabres just hat. Obviously is our. A pipe dream. But I think that's just like it. I would I would love that that would be such a fun series if a word to ever happen. And I hate me David I think that David's awesome he's super sexy player. I don't know I just valuable crush on. And Edmonton right now because of the orange jerseys and come. David. I completely agree you everything they're doing right now I love it love the preachers these silo of the they have in the David who is. While of this having development David because you just love the player because he's our. Just I asked why entertaining player I've watched it play hockey since he was sixteen yeah you're you're going down that your you have taken the road trips I had a lot invested. He like he better turn out that he can someday because of the greatest player of all time and I tell people by some points sixteen. On. That being said I'm looking to see I think they give out tee shirts. To dig about T shirts. Because there was that there are large guy usually they do give T shirts I'll just what league they look like jerseys so maybe. Maybe it was just orange T shirts and people were Wear them over jerseys are now I kind of take care of it but I concede. Media guys talking it for the game and in the back and you can see something laid over. The series whether that's towel. Shortz a shirt a doubt to Jersey that's a lot of money yeah that's it. To just get out to a random crop and a playoff game if you're given a season ticket holders an excellent at sunspot into Oakland teachers the teachers don't go that are you guys probably Geithner shakers. Shakers like compounds difficult and shakers all adds data that's what Canadians call. Baja I'm street office shakers to shakers for all. Orange crush when I I think of shakers think Blakey now at a bar things that the districts and that's shaker that that's an issue acres that's not know being nice him. I would absolutely and shall to a playoff game denies Oilers orange shaker. Mix my drinks and above that but. There was the guy there at the bar and the bartender there was saying he's like I can't root for the Oilers camera for the Oilers because the guy Mick Davis and I'm like what is that really. But should I not be rooting for the royal is 'cause they I mean David thing that should have been the sabres. The sabres knew what they're getting themselves into wasn't like it was a guarantee the reason maintained that the guaranteed to get. At least cycle the consolation prize cycle. And I just stunned I can't key on the Oilers and Oilers have made so many existing moves at least I. Last summer last summer the move to swap Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson widely criticized. And makes me think Clinton went after a hole as on this team I mean and Adam Larsson had a pretty good year bought the imagine scoring power of that team if Taylor Hall is there to it being absolutely absurd. But I'm just thinking about. If I should feel some sort of malice I guess going am I supposed to feel some muscles feel something about the Oilers I gosh am I supposed to feel funny thing hatred of some sort. As I can't. I don't know it's hatred and a B and V may be out as a jealousy and Jozy jealous because there where we want to be right now. Yeah are in year two with their superstar and ease what in the world on fire which are what's tune up thinks that. But Bayard they've pulled white plastic Tino is just Stanley Cup finals yet and that's the other reason that the guy was like oh OK I. I root for these guys because of the Knick David factor. I got. I don't want to root for the Oilers too because it's this was their first time making the playoffs in ten years. Again the long process that took to get there is not something I'm really interested in but the sabres are already over halfway there. The Oilers like a glimmer of hope for sabres fans to be like you know what the Oilers were awful for a really long time pay. There is light at the end of the tunnel they're white was economy David. Jack cycle is supposed to be our play and hopefully when metal pans out soon. But think of the amount of laughs I was just taking a look at some the draft picks and Oilers history throughout this throughout their playoff drought. San Gagne was a draft pick theirs again he's he's on Columbus now Magnus. Quote we RB. Army pay RB because I see in the league still. He was playing with the blues for awhile but I'd I don't think I stink at least he might be out yeah I think he might be out to. He got Darnell Harris tries Adelman David Pauley RV is still he. Finland or wherever or where's clear decline. Please immigrant who we are via of people they started the year and a Edmonton and then. On the go down the you don't sound who I think there checking the Bakersfield condors I don't know there's a lot of nearly two teens he's an using HO he's got up and down. I did Bernie your account tremendous care about is still with the. Lose yes Philip blues so he's and so the blues have to. First overall like top ten picks from the blues they gotten Elliott compiled. A number one overall pick. And now law pay Harvey is still the blues as well so I just. For me it's like the Oilers they're super fun to watch the Dave got me David they play with a lot of speed. David is just a wizard Lucci just there which is like. I don't really I mean she just watches a lot of sabres fans do. I'm glad he's not the one that has thirty Eagles season and David winning yeah glad it was pat and then. Cairo battling to win every scores looks like the most surprised person in the arena it he'd scored. Which is great and all that it's great to have Allison caused much of scorer scored one soccer goal. And my response was I can't believe that just happened. No words just flooded out so normal and struggle in relation with the Oilers but I gonna stick with him throughout these these playoffs. It's otherwise it's same state same old same old sharks but. They're they're here year after he becomes the shark in the west and last media. Tonne times all all the Washington Washington ties it up here. Just what president Justin Williams. Looked like. Nice on my yeah I mean the sharks cowboys like the sharks to make the sharks. Like most teams in the Western Conference that he go up and on the Western Conference teams Chicago I'm just pretty sick of so like I don't really like them anymore. The blues cool I like the blues. Nashville. I don't really have much of feeling about Nashville's largest on the way to the blues and I like natural via a public blues I really am feeling about Nashville. Calgary. Are feeling about either guy answered one of the docks. A they went away from the cold duck logo also screw you. Benny got to yet the Oilers that. Did the sharks are eligible for the lions go wild like the wild so it's pretty much all goes like I look up and down to the Western Conference I would say. The strong portion of those teams and I'm a fan of and I go up and on the Eastern Conference and it's like. A strong portion of those teams I hate and then there's a few where I like that whatever. Yeah 30551888. 5525. If if you again any. Last comments here before we head out to ESPN radio even a scene in the nightcap this is WGR. I'm not gonna talk about years I mean I've been here three and a half years that's all I can talk about but I understand the frustration I understand the disappointment. That I am frustrated and disappointed that not in the playoffs and I haven't paid for one ticket. And I haven't been a lifelong fan or residents of this city Seoul I get big time. Tim Murray yesterday and his head of disease in the press conference and yeah I saw that saw. It's all there now down. In the playoffs. Logs. Fly. But you know there's there's there is hope there is hope even in the Maple Leafs and I know they're not. Fans down here a fan of their team mainly because Mike Babcock shunned the city. My Jacox shuns the city. The leads have their their self righteous media claims like all the leads taint the right way there's there's a rightly or wrongly detained. That they did the right way ago and then in only date when the they went lottery one ball goes one way we can and savers that at Austin Matthews. So I guess when I I think about. I have hard feelings for the Oilers but I do have hard feelings against Iran. And the fact that their right up and down the road their fans come and infiltrate our building. I'm working at 716 just hanging now just trying to do my job and he always go leafs go chance I can't do anything about it killing classes around like what am I gonna do start throwing glasses at Leeds fans can't do it get fired. You got job. So I got a little more. Got a little more hatred towards the Leeds Leeds fans and the fact that you got be that Matthews. I call connection is gonna be there for years to two young American stars. Gonna be drawn up rivals. These teams are gonna arrival each other for years in this division it sabres can get their stuff together. Tim Murray gave his stuff together get this team. To be the the fast paced puck possession team that he envisions. I do is dole I. I cannot get on board believes the same with the Oilers and now I had and it's it's a week they're caught them so much yeah it's it's just too close this took off again especially do you have bragging rights between a fan base and another fan base and we seed and so many more times a year. I mean I'm ever having like social media arguments of cats and Edmonton right. When Steve and Michael drafted by I don't know how we must nonsense yet they only play each other two times a year. As opposed to that the leafs and sabres played five times a year by ten years. In the invader building three times this year three times this year will be two times next year and so he had a little slow different they should have. If this is going to continue it's probably. Don't really cares they should have like a little little cup we will many. It's Toronto college football league college football or even all the Verizon's they have like the thruway come up with things like well. With Syracuse. Rochester. And buffalo all participate in its like who who is the best out of those teams. Winds through makeup just just a little something to throw extra bragging rights into the mix there. That's gonna do for us or had an over to ESPN radio you keep your knees. These Promos about the NHL playoffs are coming to WGR we are going to be heavy game Saturday afternoon I think three or the the 3 o'clock game as we're going to be having that here on WGR and ads as we continued to move forward. Mortgage are gonna be sprinkled in has to get deeper into the playoffs thanks everyone for listening calling tweeting texting. All that fun stuff thanks Joseph for Haiti now and I answering the phones. Now Waldman now wall negative beyond show open the bulldogs ground don't know won't never do any idea. Don't have an idea what Howard and Jeremy are doing tomorrow morning. But I'll be back tomorrow evening and one another and are nice to talk more about the regional playoffs the last time the year. Everybody wants my camp and be here.