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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Monday, April 17th

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I just months. No effect through the red with the Bryan gates bruised got I think he's got in that. Thank you captain guy in that. Everyone needs some upside they go to him on W. Everybody writing gates. The nightcap on WG are going to be with you. I think last week I thought that that was going to be the future for five days I mean. We got to become mind my appearance on sports talk Saturday it was five days but this week if all five days of the nightcap. Barring any last minute decisions to. You. So laws some great contacts to WGR. So better content that's a great contact it is a great confidence in all we we provide great content here on WQ are. That not all think any pity and he is better than any other content that we provide we we just provide all of REIT. Kinds contents so I hope everyone had a happy Easter. Over the weekend obviously lots of NATO playoffs going on the NBA playoffs got. Going on as well. And Dahlia yesterday. Eddie stir went home you hung out and we for a little while and I got and an essay. The the normally it's Easter time and you know. Eastern time comes around some other other holidays come around in Reese's dosing nice a nice thing they meek tags her Christmas trees or media pumpkins. But for Easter this year and this is definitely like come with a call first world. Maybe even millennial problems because in 25 years old and I'm still getting an Easter basket and I don't think that's happened in any other generation in the history. Of the world. I'm 25 still getting Easter basket yes. This year the Easter basket came with some some lottery tickets you don't grocery cart done to wegmans. A pretty nice pretty nice hall except. Regular Reese's cups and stuff about Reese's I'd sell. Just it's just a little. I can't complain. I guess I am complaining right now actually butts you know he got out of the Reese's flags over the normal Reese's at at Easter time. You have. A legit qualms here because if I gonna powering the re sees the cops in my opinion. Mikey near the bottom yeah no eggs are probably are if they're not number one in their right up there yet the odds are certainly. Near the top and a I did she did she did the Easter and I can say. The Easter Bunny added. Garrison regular Reese's cups but there was also big Reese's cups and he's Reese's cups. Just like in big old Reese's cups and they re sees PCs. Inside of the reason is cops there was like peanut butter greasy species in the chocolate. Altogether and him coming out party. And on Ellis solid now it's kinda similar to what I received which was a chocolate Easter Bunny but with receipt PCs molded into the actual truck. Oh it still wasn't a cup. But it was. You know just the normal chocolate bunny in the New England species is inside us that pretty nice sell ads that's a Meister wind but. Overall great Easter Arnold family it was on yeah. Just you know drink some trees and average districts and hold me and bruised and mine my father brewed up himself. And hung out and man they're they're talking on all day here's knocking on all day and I know beyond the sabres. You know not there. Which is unfortunate. But the we're gonna get into an interview here right away with a Marty Iran because he previews a little bit of the regional playoff games are happening tonight which are out get under way. And he also he talks about. With cell pod geo who ran the marathon today five hours for sale today you can check all that out on demand and WGR 550 dot com. But here. Marty cell they they start immediately with just like memories this Easter weekend and it's. The playoffs used to be around here so let's hear Allison goes to ram and a slogan about that. This weekend really got me thinking about sabres years past and playing on Easter or Easter weekend and how nice that was some afternoon games in the playoffs. Over the years of course you know we remember a lot of those that may and I I just miss it so much Marty we needed here in buffalo that's it's just a great great weekend to know if your teams in the playoffs that the sun is starting to break through the weather's starting to warm what do you. As a guy who went through all that that George just kind of feel it in the air with the timing here. Absolutely I Angus that it was a driving you're apparently an inordinate that this suddenly you're. People without paper flag on their cards. New logo the report I mean I remember. In. That old slot got the first couple years after via Opel five lockout. Driving down at Oakland at 33. And now that welcome to buffalo. Right to edit it put a TARP over top that it's a welcome department will. This. Playoff fever right hockey crowd. I incorporate at least now in the playoffs. Heavily and you are at a record or later. They're gonna have the party and any police square feet hit over apps Saturday. At that and got to work. I watched a raptors are outside. Saturday urged her late afternoon and then that Saturday night lead in that ended up more double overtime and and nobody laughed it was. It went up there until like 1130 midnight almost nobody laughed squared so. Dad is amazing to. To be a part of an eye and I believe these old party in outlook at its agent started here in Oslo not to eighteen. We're doing Goldman now you look at Tampa Bay did some during the senate cup finals against Chicago. It's Reynolds doing some. I you know everybody's doing their party plasma just because the sabres were also. Marty you're on joining us here on the AT&T hotline let's let's start a lesson to get to trial and allow. This series even covering a little bit more but let's start in the west if we can on most surprising thing so far. For you in the Western Conference playoffs. All while Chicago at the article and am I am. I'm way off. It's open now. I think it certainly in third place right now and it got fort Chicago Blackhawks might demon eight though about not being one point I mean to meet. That the Blackhawks have not scored a goal is pretty impressive if you look at the weak tech arena displayed at the national predators have been able to. Two. You know Patrick Keenan and each month then that's an errant. Our office scoring sheet then but if you look back in Chicago. I have a history a little while doing similar thing. Both. They were down 02 QB. Actually it omelet game. At home but what happened is. Corporate where the plane while Scott darling got to come in. And played. Four games in that sort out until Crawford went that he had. This series. Winner in this. I don't play well the playoffs but you can't always speak to that verse the in the were not surprised. They had their staging a little bit of adversity natural the regular being glad that the Evans scored a school it's pretty impressive and a look at settle this thing. General they have outscored golden a lot to gain and after winning in overtime and can't help but saying. Are desperately. Shot that he needs to make it Avon on the amount Carlson overtime. I game winning goal in game one and he's put up back to back shutout thing. Netcast young and did you color me David in Edmonton so there's plenty of store are relying. Everywhere but that don't quest our web has been a cynic catching I am I dense I'll open it but. I don't think that's we think so that's that's an or. You know. The Blackhawks would be I think than the one team if you could pick one or two Pittsburgh another may be that if they're now own a to nothing you're not as much worried about them but if you listened to a lot of the analytics crab which I'm not I don't go down that read a whole lot Marty but I have been reading a lot out there there are a lot of people who say look you've even paying attention. To what the predators have really done this year this shouldn't be too surprising now granted. Not scoring goals a surprising I agree with you but even Betty but playing as well they have being up two to nothing the predators I guess they're a much better team than many people probably realized. What they're better team and Peter Laviolette got a lot of left experience. We are. Going to right deep in the play at Carolina believe we're here and and with the flyers you're below to Chicago in the year. In the Stanley Cup final but you look at that when. As guilty in count depleted sabres. I'd they're top Lorraine. And Johansson. Are that says I mean Forsberg at the character's soul good. Our in this so announcement the playoffs now is speed with people they're they're quick kiss on the Arctic. Teams that are the quickest in the fortune Beckett that we'll quit talking to speed. They the accused defense back carpet though. Are the ones that have allowed access and look at currently they're under. Every time they actually get the part. And they have to go through Google all they're just back it up at bat that they can because the you don't wanna get caught so. As you is that speedy team. Beckett be very surprising. If they were eager to write yet bearish double what church can't come back and illegal under an eroded good for the and Eric being that that. Get together and all and all that we artists. Wanna you know at least Stanley Cup. In the past seven years and that we can come back from the not and I rented out the black guy because he never do that but he definitely got that so. I ate and came into these playoffs and I have the last two years you're hoping that Minnesota would advance. I wanna see a guy like Jason palm and will make a run towards the Stanley Cup do you do that Marty you have. Lots of former teammates that you know can be spread around the league obviously and playoffs. You latch onto a dire Q that you really wanna see maybe hasn't won yet that you played with or the you have a personal relationship with. Yeah I do and add personal stories. Great feel good story of a bad idea but I like it well. But then again you look at from their I don't like what are the negative but there's some. Stories that are just. Great for ice. In on I am Arab reporters. Our analysts. Are you see coming up that group liberal vision has just amazing to me right now. That actually that they would so he Minnesota out there. What about when he gave lap you sense is blood pressure who raised way off. Almost soon go back at the bit that lipstick. And go back to the playoff failure we're watching here. And and it just bottle that they'll opt in rule it out there don't doubt that. I it. To me it's just the pleasing that we can't overlooked. That he can never looked at the question where you want an eight in game seven and can't seem to get is he going. When we get. You know Tuesday. To the big games then so I wanted to get like you're probably built to be able to walk. To do well I like Alec DeVon to nickel with the port goalie with the Montreal Canadians who you your uncle or your nickel and he's battled back to be hip as a rookie candidate I mean this is a means a lot of the but it's time to accuse your stories are don't want. Need no disc recorder will sit swing is at. You know wouldn't that be crazy to think that. They'd be out in four games against their former coach Wright might now. And a and Minnesota and there was tumultuous last year when he got to get fired not fired and it yet it's Saint Louis. Replacing them are left wing machine and I mean that that is the main thing aren't upon this site so those. Stories are always need a one that I look or. And and I find myself cheering for my predictions so I picked that one real ought to be the New York Rangers I cried myself on that happened. Ridiculous particular and I went right by that they're. There's so many good stories the ball in. That that that's why it's so great at that I'm here. Yeah I hear and that wanna be right as much as I can as well what do Hendrick Lundqvist your former teammate anatomy he said such a great career he's now 36. Yeah I'm sorry it is he's mentally locked I delegate is exact age don't know but I know he's in his mid thirties now that. You know he's coming up to appoint his career where you don't know how many runs that he has left do you wanna see him get a crack at him in would you like to see that happen. Atlantis in get a crack at a Denny's in what is been really good in the in the game against the bikini didn't get here it is unfortunate that that is team. After him really gauge shorting game one and it didn't seem to accurately they said. There's so much pressure. Playing at Madison Square Garden playing in front of those the end. I just that are out such an appreciation for it Mike Richter and Mark Messier and Brantley. We're able to do. 8942 win that cup because that. People are sure. Ranger history the pressure. That fateful and then C is is an. Something that's really hard for other players spoke with relinquished a lot eat eat this into it playing at an as. But I feel that the rest of the team that struggle that played. It been released. Shall opt to back in the Canadian. Dominated not just Corbett. I feel that he dominated that rather than that the all their chances right from or quite how. And look it's really good so I look at it guys there aren't that even look at that and sorority. Who is a great team made a guy from while in Ontario record right across the border it. I look at their their client who. I still keep in touch with and now. Always with the young guy when I was there over the Rangers by such a mature. Young player in become a great leader Brian McDonough their captain mats carollo the little players that I really into like laying it. My rule. All that being. That backup and a veteran guys that seem like got two billion to orient all those guys so I do want them to back to be able to win as much as began. I just think that. It's little too late for them right now when. You know these dirt he got to start looking at the future. More as looking at that now. And you know that to me is is that of the problem that situation. You know we don't chat we in football Marty we always talk about the best quarterbacks had never won a Super Bowl in golf the best players who never won a major yeah we don't do that in hockey much with goalies but if we work. I would I would put Lundqvist on that list I mean he is one of the better in the expansion era one of the better goaltenders to never have won a Stanley Cup. Absolutely and eat it's not like he's. Beverly the play out in the playoffs he's going to conference finally gone to Stanley Cup once and a cup final. So that is cracked that it. He got his chances. It's just that hasn't happened I mean we talk about the best player to never win a cop. And you know obviously mark they'll be aren't as Lenovo and I agree pork reportedly ordered collateral. Was political before. He wanted to quit that Tampa Bay Lightning. Just as you know Al Jones apparel apparel absolutely I mean. I try to work out here and it did well well let you know Pete there's so many great players that we're here with the sabres and never got. A chance to win a couple of they're still in the album but goaltender. You know especially that it's great goaltenders you don't talk about a much now. With the New York Rangers the question is always the best goaltender in the history of the franchise Eddie document and yet the top of the list. Mike Richter is gonna be out there and Hendrick won't quit the only thing that's holding and what we're back from being deep best goaltender. In Rangers history it's probably the cop refused to win a copy he'll bypass everybody and really peak and elated as the king by. You know in these bad cop then I'm spreading out its it's gonna be a lot harder from here. No doubt about that I agree end what do you think about that series itself much or all of two games to one right now hi see that series shaking out. Well I mean that Tinny to me. Gary. Good structure team coach Julien has eight master lying. The system than me there. He's been a great job you're right well the game again. He struggled for awhile they aired during the season right before they fired show Iranian so. I I think about talking Indian. This is probably their biggest stat. I'm still getting used a conference title I think that this first round match up against the Rangers. We'll be their biggest tasks that they were. Two goal by the New York Rangers. I think with Ottawa and Boston beating Sarah really badly and think it sent in left the beret I think this second round would be yet. Partly it easier match up or thickening in. And then I. You know hitting a big law either through Washington. Immediately to our. But still I think it's pretty good for the Canadians do they can't score all. I mean I understand that in the playoffs are being spent in each championship but you categorical earlier in there and we have not been able to really have access consistency. And I'm aren't put in the pocket and that's all I put. I mean there are a great story. They're fun to watch are rats love this great story. Actually Weber against the great story so they're they're they're so much went to war in that sense but the idea. They can't seem to actually put in an article and it got to be able goal elect. For every loss the capitals have they have to have it in their head that they have not even gotten into the conference finals. With a Ovechkin led team right now 11 against Toronto that's the series you're covering mostly up there what do you make of that series so far we're excited. I'm surprised by the which models being able to learn a lot. Well. This course yet Fredricka they're cynical it for the league play really well even a couple of radical and you are still very spectacular Eric game by. Are you can't give a goal in overtime from Portland will shoot them a shot from their house or getting beat hike up. Our bloody battle back thinking to delete now Ari you know like on the you'll yesterday they capital where. The least of Batman down. He just opera moment Paul lack. Output this season and looked at me like a broken ankle or broke into our look something like wicked completely underneath him. I wasn't pretty to watch it. In the B may get. You know as I accept denied it would be really have an actor who's the least that he plays. The right side you know right Geithner president so that would increase single bed in a lot. And when you're Russia like and here they match up against the Russians were start Michael bet and I still don't like oh we stuck out like right now. Will want them to our enjoy this match up so it would definitely help the Al police. Our our matches doesn't really visible. The best player on that line has been William Neil entered. Seoul. This is bin really. Odd that. You know even know let's get them back over not getting really all that aren't in it themselves so the best players don't seem to have gotten that game yeah. It's been the secondary scoring has been in Renton thank you. Michael is said and it stayed in the place so I am expecting that series is still get a long way goal. Glad I didn't think the lease we're gonna get more than one being. In this set match up and he feared dead bats in double overtime. But there are surprising me and the way they're playing and their local obviously we know our Arctic cold sore. You say he's been able to get those guys on the right let. Blue Jackets in your former coach Porter well they are toast or what. They are so goes back even close to this as well done earned. And and they still have to reward gave it. A lot of art I think it. In game in game beat these tickets or put that in in that they are. Eight that somebody stepped an opt in and playing well get a cancel. Came up with a hat trick to it was Cold War but behind the goal line despite great score batting. But it's not you know it's Crosby. Has the it market that market and it's Kessel has that done to him you know our careers cut you out that there's always somebody step would not. Sort the Pittsburgh Penguins so yeah Columbus. I expected that means a well coached. Or Columbia Hebert realized yeah I was so Rangers are torched. That puts so much. Effort and energy into regular season. And give it your all everything that you got wrecked it let's get to the playoffs and you're really. Running out of steam and we are seeing that right now we're seeing a team that's running out a statement and it made another defensemen that went down you know or he goes down. Come back with that that that's the facial aren't what that is I shot in overtime he couldn't play so what do you know fear if it. Columbus set any chance to come back you're gonna need everybody. And now they're stuck defense of their star rookie defenseman is that is questionable for the rest this series so. To me that that that doesn't vote well. Then finally Marty the series that I think would be lease surprisingly those seven games you see it's got it written all over it it doesn't it senators against Bruins. It got all of yeah seven gave them. An art yet you look at the at the Ottawa Senators in the pot or they're losing all their defense maybe it and surprised that the Basel Rula. I've been able to try to keep up the page but they've got one guy chuck McElroy immediate. Legally. Spam that EE eight that they will chair looked like the military it was still a young pocket this week. So collegiate and they're not the lead the Bruins are lucky. Who's gotten this player. Aren't you stick to join the ranks they'll restore that into reckless. BP's argument like that contract BP and the dirt that the Bruins organization wants to college are always gonna be over but they're lucky it got him. And you know when it comes down to data I I believe all goaltenders get a sale to go around. Are kind of be really solid throughout this series oh yeah I would be surprised if it weren't goes to seven and that would be in Ottawa. Which would be a very interesting because he sure is a very good there. Tactical coach and cops are really important. So I think that game seven at all it would be people that support the Ottawa Senators if it were to get that. Marty thank you very much Mandela looked forward to watching on the coverage of the playoffs I wish you were covering the sabres we all do obviously but. After what Tim Murray said this past week I'm pretty sure that. You know he's gonna want that to happen next year as well. Yeah I mean this sabres there unfortunately yeah. What the law. Kyra but don't for a hockey. You'll enjoy this I think you're you're you're at this time a year. But definitely what this paper is involved in that next year. There's terror you know there's no excuses gotta do it now. Thanks Marty appreciate you coming on today really do. It there's Mardi bra and with cell compiled GO. Earlier today to catch that and demanded WGR 550 dot com. About midway through to a first periods and a ton of goals already. The capitals up already soon enough and on the Maple Leafs a basket and actually with all the goal post ball a goal each. There and then an Ottawa. Well I guess in Boston technically but Ottawa up soon enough thing I'm Boston Mike Hoffman with they just gorgeous feed from Erik Karlsson just. Ridiculous pretty big how far is that joke we think it's like what 200 feet and elegant it's of those Lago. And even was probably around her from behind his own net right at and opposing blue line yet so. And that often with Forsberg moved finished off X ticker yet and then I dare concerned with the second goal in that game so. A ton of goals already we're talking more about the NHL playoffs and observations Joseph and I had for over the weekend so stick around for that and of course got talk about dark because dark guy. Is pretty much a case study. On social media and how these types of things can blow one up to ridiculous proportions and so quick so welcome back for that it's been I kept him through WGR. Given to leaps of reached out to. Yes yeah so the leafs got a hold me on my Twitter account they're supplying the the tickets for the night and and putting me up and holds. I could be workers. We would take it. You. Well my wife was good golf. But you could make it's a lot of my friends that are available how. And along the iPod and it's tragic but it. Various beat him to miss. The now infamous. Anti viral sensation. Dart. Guy. A leafs legend already yeah already elite sludge and going to go right up there with the you know. Told Blake. And right up there with hopefully it yeah he's gonna go right up there awesome Matthews escorts notes due to one in. In Toronto where we're dark guy is watching. Dark why is it's super interesting solid dark guy. He's a Toronto Maple Leafs fan who drove nine hours down to Washington. To. Taken Maple Leafs game because apparently it's cheaper to drive nine hours to Washington go through customs go through the border. Customs go through the border. And be able to taken out Hakim at the United States capitol and then it is to get tickets to. I gain a trial which isn't surprising to me at all means and what a great road trip to take you guys take a bunch of bodies. And drive down to a place where you're gonna be one of these. Probably limited in Washington DC won't be limited to lead stands in the arena. And he goes out there and man this guy's got a Stanley Cup shaved into the top of this the sides of the side I got it wrong earlier. It says go leafs go in the side of this. And the way that is faces painted it's like the Maple Leafs are about the mask the maple leaf itself is like the mask a raccoon. He's got white people around the outside that is his beard is all painted blue in the end. For some reason. It's just the the TV cameras found them the TV cameras found on. Michelle is space. And immediately. Police Twitter. Which I mean I'm not a big part of leaves Twitter by any mean. Blew this guy up and sarge is demanding that appear at least and then you changed your Twitter avatar to dark. It's crazy. Again these things happen all the time. These things happen all the time. A guy I don't know I'll be you really wanna get into some of the men and teams that have blown up I mean United Airlines is an example. I mean that is blown out there if you if you go on different pages to be defined. In going Raddatz you can go on. FaceBook and everyone is posting. United Airlines means. And that's what happened with this guy this guy just he blew up so quickly. And when the Internet takes all the something. New moon there's one thing to be Null and abouts something on the Internet people will not let ago. And dollars in you're alligator backlash to listen dollar's gonna be backlash against poured our guy all dark I did was go to home. Follow his favorite team. And try to see a playoff game he's a Maple Leafs fan I know they'd be the playoffs a few years back I mean this is an 18% of Tom asks us. So I just trying to follow his team and just so happened that space got shown on TV summit takes a screen shot of and all of a sudden he's he's famous. He gets to go to exports studios talking about sports nationals talking about a local radio programs. Another example is that that Matt's guy who was screaming about them the metro on how we missed opening day. He went on like bar stool sport you are a bunch of different radio show us. So when you do something. Which is. I guess a component of our culture now days. You do something like that you do is on the Regis and this guy wasn't trying to be outrageous. News watch hockey team. And just had. I mean I guess paying your face. I'm not sure how many. These PD fans are out there are job you repeated your face to attend sporting event never once never once I. Also. Have never in my face once peed in my chest but that was like in in school for you know. Yeah it is stupid things like school for a year for all teams like spirits with face painting. Begins and ends with cycled episode. Yes side of the body and body that is not only experienced defeat yet sides kind of this guy reminds me and that's what exactly are thought of thank you don't look on his face even reminds me of party like this stupid bleak outlook that the party has his days. A screen shot a dark eye is kind of the same things just like this blank expression where he's got a cigarette outside of his. And this guy you know the Eagles Downey files favorite team goes to the game gets on TV and now he's going to be getting free tickets. Free tickets for tonight's game needs a report that he's sorry and have free tickets for game four and that is going back to Washington for game five. And he's gonna have free tickets for that so that's literally hit the jackpot for not doing anything besides. Pinning its base and being shown on TV with eight arc and is. It's unbelievable. Like how quickly things like this ball well become part of I guess what you would call Internet culture. Like the culture of the Internet and next thing you know. He's just sensation you've got the Kashmir outside girl that is like. Smart sad story than it is. I would say anything like this is Smart triumphant story you've got super fan follows his team nine hours away and well. He went there because he could not afford tickets to go to the game and always getting free tickets to go to the games that he wanted to go to originally. It's just incredible that this happen and blah so we got up bright and buffalo here he's apparently got to face cream story Grimes and I asked my cap. A guy or. Lat time I invite a Europe for about was. Stick out like a finals they lost the start over our. The part of it was a it's it was back in the day one and if your child in your own up you got carried it by air ticket. I got an idea but it but as they want for free but you know. Yes and blatantly and you've never you've never painted your face since that since that day. Yeah I'd say it fools that for your kid this is this what I'm hearing correctly. Yeah I was. What each year's goal but somehow I managed to look young enough that my dad though the only area. OK as so and so did the parents do the face pain yours as you're doing. Are. Opted. Why daddy even a step higher to have you to paint your child's case you think it or worse no I think it's it's and others level of dedication. Yet he got to be pretty delicate I think I'll now pinning her own face as an adult and they cynical Brian is off as pretty ridiculous and even get paid kids' days you don't accountable to the circus they faced Peters there for the kids that god you know Richard interface Pina look at tiger Johnny. And I'll. But it is to be a grown adult this man is 34 years old. And just went to a gains I don't know who did. It is his arts the space center for for game two. It's very crap we could tell it's definitely not the kind of pain that you're actually supposed to put on your face. Kind of just looks like an acrylic paint Adidas paid it on its own face or one of his body's dead. And now ought today goes the games he had to professional make up artists doing his has these paint you're gonna have. Probably like to see hundreds. Maybe. Tons. Tens of dark Alley impostors around the crowd the going to be dark I impostors at this game that I am currently watching. You know if they lose the weighted networks that are gonna slap said Michael Jordan face on Bargnani did they are dead. There was thought at times it was two to nothing Mike Arrington from the Buffalo News the tweet it out already but it was. Some already have that locked out that someone had that locked and loaded it crying jordin. Ready to go to just write on dark export base and of course he got the dark and Jordan's golf now instead of dark but dark a case study. Internet sensations that can just blow up so quickly and lead to a quite fruitful. Existence for a random person. Also caller wanted you to know that toe Blake has no association with Toronto Maple Leafs the however I thought I did three or cute and his career with buffalo bison in the. I'm like totally was the first name files like. Did you did not show Canadians got a passion aside in math sunbeam. The you know something easier that kind of guy and I don't 30551888550. To 550 got any comments on nod to our guys feel free give me call your idea of being out to mind tonight Jeff Jody B Osce and the board the extent and thanks for everyone Colin participating. It's like a fund of each year. But I go to MySpace. You painted pink. And I. They you know support the team. You can walk of life. Want to. It's insane but there are. Well law. This dispute and dark. Weird that sidelined because. It's that's not our guy that is David body played by Patrick warmer and I'm the odd thing ninety's sitcom Seinfeld. And idea he needs space because a double game these. Great guy while we're at the end of the first period and. Bolt the games going on so far each of these series tied one piece and after one period. In Toronto Toronto down two to one Austin Matthews scoring gold there. And that and in a Boston Boston down two to nothing to the Ottawa Senators. With great goals from Mike Hoffman. And dear priests are a couple of real nice passing plays on each of those goals. And I discussed finished reading of the Washington Post article I'm Derek and a lot of that. Article is a ball. Playoff hockey and just howl. In times can be. And I you know I'm sitting here and say here in the studio I just watched Austin after you score a goal and I know it's the sixth season without the sabres. In the playoffs and it's the seventeenth season. Knee is like without the without the bills in the playoffs. And that the biggest part you really mess is. These moments and people. We'll say like all you gotta you gotta chase for the Stanley Cup and the reason that the sabres in the direction that they did is because it and believed. The court that they had that they could. She's the Stanley Cup they thought they could chase playoff contention. But didn't think they could chase the Stanley Cup and a roster was regional little bits so they might in the direction they went in with me with a paint cans. At first I don't think it really wasn't intentional thing it just that's the way that the franchise had it and in Dayton got Sam and because of that and and they did the intentional thing where Jack Michael came into the picture. Reject article right now we've got to think and I I was watching these teams play. I was watching. It was Saturday nights with the Maple Leafs and the capitals. And I'll just thinking to myself like. I don't think V the Maple Leafs word. I mean obviously seventeen points out in the standings is a pretty sizable chunk. I generally think he botched the Maple Leafs and sabres play each other couple times. And you never thought that the sabres were completely outclassed by the maple leaves and I was watching the Maple Leafs and that team. On Saturday night and while kid. You've been on the edge in. The sabres team that was put out there on the ice trying to keep up with this cuddly type of speed and musicality in intensity. And it was really tough for me to imagine that team being able to. B and that type scenario but it's something that I want so badly at this point this month to be able to now. Feel emotion during a sporting event that something I haven't done in a really long time. Especially when I'm watching the bills watching the bills I think is more of an exercise in right. Self loathing and sometimes more than anything for me it's like you I'm gonna watch the bills and I know all probably be disappointed by it. Although there are some things and I'll get my hopes up and then eventually I'll be ripped down by V crushing disappointment that there are bound to place upon me. No matter what the sabers I'm not quite area. Because honestly I see at least some sort of long term plan their wasn't just a year after years trying to. Make a push for the playoffs is what they're doing for awhile and so they're doing for awhile on the change course. Butts. That I Kinney Benton. The put myself back in the situations anymore and now I think about that so Ben. So long. And I think of how great those times were in the playoffs and just how badly we all lined around here and eventually. You just get to the point where you're watching these games and Buffalo's probably going to be they bring the number two. Ratings market for NBC and NB CS and this year just behind Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh is on my gosh I don't know twenty games a year on NBC year NBC Stan. So of course they're gonna have ratings are pretty. Good hockey market they're usually pretty up there in the ratings regardless of whether the parents aren't in the playoffs but buffalo has about in the playoffs in the past five years six years. Date. Every single season are one of the top teams and ratings top teams in playoff ratings. The cure buffalo we just continue to consume hockey no matter. What state the team is and in buffalo on I think it's admirable because you watch these games you watch the intensity. Of all these games go on and there's been seven overtime games so far. In at least in this first round last year there were seven. Overtime games throughout the entire first round we've already seen seven so far and besides those. It's three to nothing in a couple series with the blues in the wild but I can feel bad for a while because the wild of them playing so extremely well actually. They just run into. I don't know the bus to Jake Allen has ever abandon his entire career right now is he's clean. And they've got obviously. Pittsburgh and Columbus that game last night was. You just know it's coming. Beyoncé and their arms and Easter but my parents to sit on the couch watch and watch and Pittsburgh in. Columbus comes out they get a 321 lead. And an obvious and then others like it Ireland where the time was going to be back where the time was going to be back. And that first period really get all the same script for Columbus that had. This entire series Columbus has been dominating the penguins in the first period every single game. The first two games we just were able to get any goals crossed yesterday they get for re across and the penguins still battled their way back win. African City Council. Who is playing in college last year and came to the age Jones scored. 22 goals each island thirty something games and now comes up scores playoff Patrick and looked. Completely. Natural. I'm Sidney Crosby's wing. And I'm Wayne for that guy to just kind of pop up for buffalo. Take excellent college last year. It's things on the guys that awful I have like that early there's the talks and bashing you think of Baptiste daily. The hope what these guys going to be able to come up and to start on pucks in the net. For the sabres the way that these guys I know Jack like wasn't Sidney Crosby or economy David and those two guys make Patrick wrote. And we and tries it'll look like stars or Pascal and queen Crisco and it's you want to go back with Crosby. But hopefully one day I will be there to make everyone look back god and it's. Have one of these known gamers really. Come up and make up make a big contribution in big games like that the penguins have atomic guys like that to get commerce cheery and brand across. Are 8830551888550. To 515 gonna slip a little bill's talking here any interest in report about the bills. And Mitch troop risky coming out scoring is gonna talk about that a little bit next. And and I kept Jody B are seeing now with me here. It's nightcap on WGR.