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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Monday, April 17th

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No effect rhythm rhythm with Ryan geeks love who pulled him. For the red shirt I would take up the food the guy is cruel but clearly don't cook who could take up Murdoch I think did little. Into our food Smith did so please stop. On W. All right back for another hour nightcap here puck dropped just getting under way. It's around author period two Washington beat them into the wind Joseph mentioned it in the update there. Sporting news's. Eric Delco we also runs its own website or something that happened in scouting. Dot com. He released article today talking about strong quarterback. And team pairings. Andie west the Buffalo Bills and is the same guy who back in February I think it was. Back in February he said he posts a monthly what I've heard columns in this is another one of those in February sent that he wild card team. To watch for. Drafting a quarterback is the Buffalo Bills so now as a couple months later. There's more information constantly hearing about these quarterbacks now because that's it's that time came into draft world. It's. See you here it's my kids this time last year. Purely gog off once those guys are not number one and two excellent people trade up forum. I'll. Imagine that happening this year but what else we we got. What does it really ten days will return days until with the draft. And as something bad might happen but it's it's interesting to note. About the quarterbacks that are drafted. In the previous five years. Three out of five years. It is back and cornerback drafted out one and to. You've got Andrew Luck and RG three in 2012. It's about two years obviously 2013. EJ Manuel as the only quarterback drafted in the first round. 2014. Like morals taken at three joining hands Alan. Teddy Bridgewater. 2015. The opposite merry Oda one and two no longer cord backstretch until the third round of that draft. And then last year there was golf once when one and two yet we actually OPEC second bird came in the second round but it take a look at that and what do makes me question is so you've got those guys who are obviously. What's it Mary go to our look like ball very good NFL quarterbacks. Off. Still huge questions just absolutely enormous questions about cared golf and we'll see going into this season if a new coaching staff in a league wonder kid. Offensive minds in May came into something but I mean he only played. A handful of games last year and was lackluster. And all those winds started off pompous deathly cooled down towards the end of the season but he got I'll be physical tools and the intangibles. The intangibles that these these guys love so much and of course bucket RG 31 of those two guys. He's not even on the team right now after having a tremendous year. An address in the 2012 draft. Other first round quarterbacks where our right hand hill and Korea and in Sweden which brand in Sweden stole one of those picks that absolutely just. That's why the Cleveland Browns got analytics people in. The front office is because some football guy who is running at the time and remember who was GM coach. Any of that of the Cleveland brown spent time. But some football guy decided that a twenty year old quarterback coming in the draft was a good use of draft capital. In the late first round ball the twenties. I just horrendous attack remember I was in college and I was walking around and saw that pay cap and that's on its policies like that is just absurd someone spent a first round pick and landed weed and who is older than. But the quarterbacks in the NFL but he was already 28 years old I know quarterbacks and play for a long time in this league blogs. And he figured why take more of the the raw talent in the the raw materials over guy that's. Already 28. Same year to that Cleveland picked Trent Richardson. Yeah that's another so another doozy this am I didn't like Michael Lombardi. But Michael Lombardi Mike Lombardi that was my own party time the guy who's now you know back in broadcasting days he's an analyst he's an analyst pretty sure it's them. How does that happen you know you got these analysts saw Mike Lombardi there let's applaud double check just to make sure that it is Michael party. That was the the Cleveland Browns. GM at the time. Because I wanna you know wanna. Slander and I know he's drug's spread fake news yeah and I try this. Right fake news here. But yeah he was general manager and VP of player personnel for 2013. And 2014. And I wanna just nature. He was in fact in charge of those rafts because it could be it could happen where he. Wasn't in charge of those drafts. All right so yeah he was definitely in charge of that when he thirteen draft which. Thank you got ten of us have this conversation last night with my records as well and got Mike Milbury. Mike Milbury one of these if not V. Worst GMs. In all about HL history. Mean. The draft is certainly. In the NFL. It's tough. I mean the bills that have they're obvious fair shares of misses a lot of teams have had their misses even went Koppel all acts. Even wave top ten tax. I it's really tough in the NFL. Something I wanna hates on the NFL aspects so much but he got Mike Milbury was out there. He. Is dishing out some of the worst contracts. And NHL history. And gets to just pop on in because he's a respected voice in in the community. I guess I just have never understood that these guys I know it got me ends they probably have people they can talk to. And Milbury was a player Lombardi is probably got a bunch of people Egan talked to so he's a good insider type. But again these guys they they went in their careers and a session here on Monday they give their push. I think heating and Mike Milbury is just. It's been about it's always nice and. Member Mike Milbury almost got fired by John spare no. Who influencing used in thirty to thirty was the middle class guy from Texas that skit schemed to the NHL into. Purchasing New York Islanders for a short time yeah that and that guy didn't like my killers general manager. Well I mean he did almost scheme his way. Into. He always came real close owning a T without even having money when he gets incredible. So yeah that's that's true anyways so I got on this tangent but Eric Alco. He he mentioned to him is what I've heard article all. That. I'll just read a quote here if there's one strong quarterback T connection it's true best ski in the bills they've had strong interest throughout the season and draft process in the actually were one of the teams he looked to for advisement when he was making his decision to declare for the draft. Why don't believe the jets will draft quarterback the bills might trade the titans to ensure they can get to Robiskie. Before New York I would be surprised if they target a different quarterback but they've done their due diligence on all of them. So obviously it was last week that all the work. Outs were coming out it worked out Robiskie they worked out Kaiser it worked on the homes. So now Terry Google. And all of those visits the owner of the team on those visits and we heard from Greg Gabriel last week that might show. That's very rare for something like for the owners to be Ollie that. Having those kinds of observations and looking at quarterbacks in meeting with quarterbacks and it's clear that. He wants saying that smokescreen but they've they certainly are at least getting to know these guys to do Knoll. Whether or not they are going to invest in one of these guys and their future peck now trading up. I wouldn't be. Necessarily. About it in I have said that if there is C a quarterback that you've got read it and number one which according to Eric Alco here. That's the guy at the bills like the guy at the bills like is Mitchell Robiskie at the guy that they like the white domed. Throw up college football season because he was a team that they were in contact with. For deciding whether or not come on the draft. Which means like OK like the bills are certainly interested in me so I I talk to the bills and decide to come on the draft I know I'll happily. He team with a a pretty high pick in the draft that could. Potentially. Be interest in my services. And the bills are set up to. Take quarterback there. It's just it's so weird. I get a EU you've got the franchise guy and your mind and if you honestly believe like you have a feeling in your heart. If your Terry Google are your Sean McDermott even if your dog lately. That this is the guy to lead your franchise and I'm not talking just about you gotta look ahead towards next year's draft. Like last year they weren't really in a position to be drafting a quarterback must they were interest and extant lynch. And in a first round capacity. But they're setup with Tyrod Taylor's contract be able to get out of bed so that they have a younger guy behind him that it could be that way. Or they can be considered for two years they really want to be pain toilet an awful lot of money the second year to be starting quarterback just. Below the bridge guy when you think the guy behind and potentially franchise. Type cornerback so that doesn't really make a lot of sense so they couldn't. Move forward with Viet kind of in mind but it seemed so contradictory. To. The way that they've run their off season so far. I think everything is we bring back Tyrod Taylor making the coach for the playoffs. If you think as the guy absolutely go for it but it just just the moves in general. May get. Interesting and I know you have to plan. So you don't know what's going to happen in the draft if you are doubly leadership on the you don't know what's gonna happen the draft you're not sure how things are gonna pan out. According to this report. Eric calico who will be on with our show available on this Friday at four. He makes it sound like that it's Stravinsky or lost for the bills and we get this information from from February there was a Bleacher Report. Matt Miller from Bleacher Report draft guide there he said that W Lee absolutely loves to Shawn Watson league is involved and Shawn Watson. But this has to go in the bills are involved with Mitchell Drabinsky and have been for a long time. That's why these court asked continually. Get driven up the draft board every single year because you hear on the and I hear about your New York Jets there think about taking. Sean occidental expects that we really want Sean Marks program to move up there. Now that I think that's gonna happen in this article. That Eric alcohol as here on sporting news he thinks that. Watson's probably the guy that might have the biggest lie in. Out of all these quarterbacks and that's kind of the feeling I've been getting me we talk to mean Joseph talked about a little bit last week about you you've been hearing. About. I would say mostly been hearing about. Drabinsky. And even hearing about Patrick moments. I go to the top two guys you've been hearing about. He got a little DeShawn guys are here I think that might just be a little local biased because we hear about the work out that the bills have had with John Kaiser. But National League I don't think Kaiser has been really getting a ton of noise either and we didn't hear anything about Watson. But there's no vocal work all the sites that little snippet in that draft peace on Bleacher Report. There's double snippet there saying that. Bills. Doug Whaley specifically. Law Watson. Buy it like I've gotten nationally I feel like there hasn't banned a tonne on ten either. When you're hearing about national reporting. And the quarterbacks are being talked about it's mostly mental travesty being talked about and it's packed homes being talked about. In this article Eric alchemy goes on he says. His top rated quarterback at optimum scalding as Patrick Holmes. And he doesn't think that you'll get picked in the top twelve. And they and maybe there's a few teams later in the draft they earn that first round that. Could it could be interested but. The cardinals as one that he cites. The chiefs in the taxes as well are all teams that he sites that would be interest did. Compared to my homes. It's it's good that season and we're doing not told ya here because you know we're trying to transform his many people's weekends we like to have people on. That have been watching these guys talk on that I've watched their film I've watched their college games seven get a more. Informed opinion. And a lot of these guys like me personally I don't watch a ton of film I watched the films on and bring on the guys that do. So you just take what you hear from these guys. And use that to inform your opinion. And not necessarily what's gonna happen on draft table where you value prospects. And the bills will do that internally in their organization they have guys that do that. So we'll have their guys who are they eight target and there are draft board is winnable difference then 31 other teams in the NFL. And at that time of the year word they draft gets really and stay because they're so much information put out there from a ton of different sources. You're not really sure what to believe what not to believe because. You got the classic smoke screens so does all this bills quarterback interest I'll smoke screens and they're gonna take a defensive back. In the first round again. Could be could be you know since it's that that season got Mike in Jersey on Mike was going on them. Hey good in the hello are you act. And did they had a limited time and I feel like what we're doing both look at all then it'll get you create confusion among other means. So he's not eating or god a lake village is. But you know I've been you know I seventy years and you know you know with regard to play out throughout. I think more of the particular that it not be around we don't always like you. Get a defense to let the you'll cornerback Beilein man and come get you line up like. Then they don't get them inspired so. I don't and that has what in something you're so what I would yours would you if you respond back. If you wanna be you know competing in the division we need to go hear her college ball and dart said. The guy had a really nice is you know the guy equally welcome. Corey Davis on my career. Corey Davis not great Washington or Washington some practice squad guys that day they signed in the off season. Are yet doors up from parliament and Michigan I think you're going to be good speaker. Here are either completely you're my opinion that side but I just being that. You know he's either going to beat again that my opinion I think we'll only do that what what do you think about it and running back. Big big guy and you know come in and you know you know what you read you get. Some or right. Yeah Mike I. I think it in the later rounds and sorry I cut you off a little bit there but I think the later rounds you can find that running back there are. It's super deep and running back like there's joke honor from Pitt whose parent that bruising back and he'd put up just huge numbers. This year so with running back that's that's certainly something that's why I'm not really freaking out. About the whole Mike Gillis we restrict free agent and visiting with the patriots. In if you went to the patriots know we don't wanna see. Are decently successful players. Leave and goal to that they hated patriots. I think that topic because I think you could find a guy Gil sleaze already and you know he doesn't have a ton of miles on his body. Bought CU's 26 these running backs don't last forever to bring in a fresher younger and younger running back you got Jonathan Williams who he came off the knee injury. And didn't really have much of an opportunity to perform last year but hurt itself by adjusting its earlier and it's something that I completely agree with. Last year might jealously was even on the radar because Carlos Williams was the second running back. Coming into the season. And and Carlos Williams asked it's not a team now and I'll look at that there's Mike still asleep he filled that role just fine. So I don't. I don't really need it might jealously for Darryl I think you can find people in the draft especially in the later rounds decade I can hook you up. In a similar fashion. As deal's lead dead. So I'm not too worried about that as for the receivers. I hear about about Corey Davis. And being just like the all round wide receiver. But I like the idea of Mike Williams because he's the big body goes up and makes the play on the ball he doesn't necessarily. Have super clean skills otherwise. But he is the guy that will go up. And pinpoint the ball in the air make a planet it's on the national championship game. They key is one of those types of receivers which is something I think is really important in the NFL nowadays they're gonna be battling with these TVs and Unita guy who can. I'll battle. These these quarterbacks that are out there it up 30551888550. To fight to keep hearing a lot of noise in the past couple weeks about the Buffalo Bills and quarterbacks. A lot of noise the worked out Kaiser it worked out Robiskie they work out. My homes. Now we got this report that the bills and Robiskie had been close in the entire draft process what do you think remake of see you think quarterbacks actually play a time or is this all a big smoke screen. John Skelly over at WK BW used to be beyond the bills reporter here I think it's all big smokescreen. So there is opinions every where he got Delco speaks Drabinsky is in play attendant bells might even make a move to trade up forum. You got Josh Norris who is over wrote a world he thinks that the bills are at play at cornerback attendant and he got. John Skelly here close of the team who thinks put things off a smokescreen. So what do you think are there you know 30550. 1888552. By fifty if you're holding out there a begin your calls right after this short commercial break through my cap on WG. You know but at the scene feels like he's their guy he's their fifth of their offense. They could see him as a future leader then sure I can understand why they may go in that direction but I think being dumb or too impatient with. The quarterback prospect and then they get very desperately them and then point the finger at the college game when they don't work. There is that all that he was in shock of the bulldogs earlier today are real great interview and think insight. From him checking out. On demand at WGR 550 dot com. It's also about the work with Robiskie. And last week right Gabriel was so. Everyone learns about the work with your risky over the offensive coordinator dean University of North Carolina. Tweeting out the picture. Of all of those those people together. Of Sean McDermott's the coach and it's. Her true riske was true risky in the picture as the coach does the coach of the cut out right yes so as the coach McDermott and Terry Google. And then we hear Greg Gabriel say like I don't think the bills are very happy to life have that picture I took the picture. And presumably someone's camera phone also the pictures ever taken down. Pitcher was never taken down has to be taken down so angrily really unhappy that all this came out and then all of a sudden. The Kaiser work out comes out in the homes or god comes out. Michael. But they were they were upset that the Drabinsky workout game. So is it really at their upset about it or they want to pretending that their upset about it because they're pretending to be extant cornerbacks. It all is it's all very interesting so we're gonna get some phone calls on this guy Tim in west Seneca tenure in the nightcap. I think they err I mean not sure. Well I'd I'd feel that the term risky. Thing as a smokescreen. The reason why it seems like. Every time a weaker pupils or you look at history it would beltway elites. He says we can use the media. And a couple different way and used and do. You know influence. Something you know it is an art direction did you know like I feel that he's trying to communicate to Cleveland. And like it seemed like Arizona picking a welcome thirteen. Eddie come great what does so we can collect some extra fixed. Because we're now Elliot expects them draft. You know and maybe we can look back twelve and thirteen and still put up a guy like. You know Corey Davis Smart and Humphrey. You know and get maybe like second rounder or maybe like an extra fourth rounder you know just to collect some text. And I don't I don't think that error. That enters into quarterback I think. What the bill are finally doing alliances there used then he mapped burglaries and even Terry Pakula. You know why would they send out a picture like that which serves this ski. In they are enters that it. You know I think they're trying to. He showed that all we have interest elite quarterback to come straight up with that's my thoughts at least and I think you know a team like Cleveland. Taken at twelve are gonna grab miles here the first direct. And he's you know he's an Ohio guy that just seems like. It's some really great and could get you know what those extra pick today having a look does premiere featured with the bills that's just my thoughts. Well Tim I I just want to I want scenario action may be the bills here are drumming up interest Turks Robiskie so that one of the teams out of them. So maybe it's it's the browns because there's band reports of the browns saying that they're not sure what they're gonna do with the number one overall pick. It's this whole season around around the draft but they're not sure the guy do with the number one overall pick. They might go quarterback they might go La miles gear in the bills are trying to drama all this stuff thought. Because they want teams to take cornerbacks in the top time. Thinking like oh we got jump out of the bills or we've got to do. If were were already sitting there with a pick. We've got to pick a quarterback because the bill's gonna take one so that some more of the talent falls down to attack and as opposed to them. Being forced to make a move out of ten maybe they're looking for specific talent. To be pushed down to them by having quarterbacks be taken out about I mean you follow me. That's a good point as well and that would be great you know the guy like Jamal Adams there're. Police cooker fell you know to us said you know it to help with the safety position. In other than that and I think either way that would be a win win for us because. We we do have a lot of holes the so let me get. For sure Ellen and then I mean that's. We're going gonna all honesty. I personally I would love that we did grab a guy like Mike Williams. Nets hadn't. Yet it's more but he. You know exciting pick. You write the big receiver too wide that character do an agent called and appreciate him and I move on some other people. But yeah I think that and Greg Gabriel comes and says that he thinks. The national media is doing a good job and that these quarterbacks are going to be eaten up and Bibi is because of the bylaws that. Some more of these teams are starting to generate the bills may be chief among them. To. Push the court backs up further because they're actually looking at another player that they want to fall down that they don't think. That could possibly happen without these quarterbacks being being picked up first and kind of makes sense if you want to think about it like it wants talent default on their way. With the most timid because this the most that they made this offseason moves to. Push for the playoff spot. Playoff caliber on the back of their shirts I. The post for the playoff spot. So big and fill more holes and they can figure out a way to trade down maybe because these these prospects are being pushed down because who else maybe Arizona decides to come up in. Trade the bills that talent because the need to get their hands on that home system. Be be the guy in waiting in Carson Palmer. And the bills it's the basketball world she got defensive talent falling down. You think the bills will be interest and and and you're picking up next OPEC's summit that's what it is all happening here. There's so much at work that it. He's always seem to be inside these rooms with all this going on like. You got double elite maybe Sean McDermott saying like oh we need to release this to this specific person. So that they report on its there's different news out there. It's it's all very interesting to me would be the Columbian. Person falls on Curtis was going on. They would come I don't. The look of went back and you talked about that you don't watch a lot of home when I was just at quarterback but I don't want but don't you did not want the game when he came back and. And lately Abu walking wounded quarterback camp. I want home. The whole lot. Like his pedigree that parent and I guess the helmet on his parents were set up an army a military guy. And the way he would written groove yes sir yes sir yes certain people. But old school caved in on now. An actor bit alike until. But the only thing not you know it is is lack of exactly and and I get my heart. At third as well at so you know or local kid but I really do like what mall will. Yet those are the over the big names right now it's certainly about homes and Robiskie. Kelly has. He wasn't a lot of these experts these experts will say that Kelly has all of the tools necessary it's just the mental make up out injuries are factor for Cali. Personally I don't want anywhere near buffalo I just think it would be better for the kid himself to be somewhere else outside of buffalo. But I mean you know if he's not drafted reagents. And the bills take a flyer on him knocking out. I think it's great but on the back and lose my mind because apparently. Getting anything out using a piece of draft currency. To get down and maybe maybe has done the right support system around here with his uncle. To be like his articles are dark and we all know Jim Kelly wasn't. Wasn't a saint. Yeah you know there there's the stories of him going out before supermodels then and being. Being a bad kid Wellesley that he was being a bad kid and maybe could he could use that wisdom. Upon Chattanooga champ listener under a banner and know what it's like and you just gotta. Yup the blinders and now you got put on the blinders to all that. So I don't. I don't want using draft pick and I think it would be better for Jack Kelly but I mean he's undrafted in the bills take fire on them I'm not completely. Qaeda on the move. 830551888550. To 550 so they all of this coming out. About the bills their interest in cornerbacks. And I'm still in Iran is still on the tree down and I am still on the tree down bandwagon. It's going to be tough because I think a lot of teams in the draft this year just like. We see it every year. We see it every year EU you get the beat teams who will trade up any wise like last year Washington. Traded. Down the derivative trade up Houston treated with Washington literally swamped pecs. The swap the 22 the 23 pick because. Houston wanted willful and more than Washington did. Even that was the it was the start running wide receivers there and get this extra pick to move up one spot. It's in the bill's trade up. Trips are bound to happen because teams will watch a player of the fallen multiple air and will be like that's the guy that we need to go along get. So triple still happen. But I'm wondering. It may be this year will be a little bit different because everyone talks about how deep this draft is with talent in the second and third rounds. And people white value those picks more this year than previous years. Joseph we got some online two years it's just. Yeah Roman Roman yacht Roman Roman East Aurora romance going on here in the nightcap. Date picture taken Michael. And I also agree that I think it's probably a smokescreen. But once thought I had was at what are sit down what do they were serious about. Gervais give taken over the quarterback. Do you think that maybe they could. And a trading Tyrod Taylor somebody that was interest let's say Cleveland I think they had interest in. In Taylor before. Maybe acre and a unit twelve text. So Taylor plus I don't know going to be gets in and I actually that particular about. It could be an option I think it would be very difficult just because. Like I think if you're if you're one of these teams out there it's like okay we're we'd be interest and Tyrod Taylor. Doubly don't think the first round Pittsburgh Cleveland would be in play and I think they could they would rather just be it will take a shot and one of these draft quarterbacks there rather then and Tyrod Taylor Liu. For the most part you know what you're gonna get what Tyrod Taylor you know a ceiling you know this war I you know for the most part are you gonna gala Tyrod. So I don't see that being. I did see that in BB ramping sure Robiskie in that and or one of these quarterbacks. Is seeing something play out practice. Where they're like man this guy is guided me to get him in the lineup as soon as possible and then maybe there's a situation elsewhere in the league. A starter goes down. Something like that's where a team that was already interest in Tyrod has some issues at quarterback and they can make a trade. In the offseason but for the most part I just see it being. Tyrod Taylor couldn't be here if they do decide to draft a cornerback. I still see Tyrod Taylor is the starter and then we'll see out seizing goes CO the rookie. Is picking up the offense in the NFL game and I'm Bibi gets it towards the end of the season of the season isn't going well. But for the most part deceit are Taylor being here and no matter what. To imagine the look of the organization if they convinced Tyrod Taylor well first they sign him to an extension in the season. Then convince him to take less money to come back and then treatment. But after all of that. Yeah that would be I had I like the idea from a value point of view right it's it's what you used to think about it when you take from human point of view and how people would look at. They bills treated Tyrod Taylor in that situation I think you'd be bad. Yeah wanna be who would it be greats and I mean that that. Same thing with that the sabres and Brian Gionta league Brian Gionta do want to be treated. He could about traded in some people are like you should have traded on the anyways even though he did have his his no trade clause and there was only certain teams he could be traded to you. Like Murray goes and talks to on the AB it was a team that wasn't on his list Bob Murray doesn't end up making the trade and I just think. You got to do right that's it it is a business. It was here all the time and decisions are made. Due to business but you also got to treat people well I think that is important. For both these organizations being in buffalo buffalo and our great destination and it's. It's looking down. Looking up. It's gotten better still not the greatest destination. For these athletes to decide to move to. They got to treat your people right here I think it's really important for these organizations. It up 30551888. By fifty to 550. Last call coming up on the nightcap get you caught up with the NHL scores before I take off here. It was a W jar. Gotta be careful you underestimate the same time he got to keep on working whether it's in the classroom on fears though on the laws and I kind of don't Embarq is to take my drops and go through my. Corrections in China excuse everything that's on him talk to do. That is Jeff Kelly has jet Kelly he was reportedly in town today. For a local road able combined with the Buffalo Bills and was meeting with. Quarterbacks coach David colleagues so. They said Jim Kelly he is at least on the radar of the Buffalo Bills being talked to by the organizations of the NHL playoffs. I lost them. They're so awesome ITV freeze in here slow TV freezes best thing now. Ottawa Paul you know three to one well. I was not a freedom one any marks 33 at the end of the third and that and thought that you know we are a good spot with. With the capitals older who leads. Freedom on the era there in that too but quickly. William meet later comes back and now it's now it's tie game so they. Right now it's going to be great. Sign off here. Unfortunately we don't have these games for you but. Well Saturday we carry some games. And throughout the rest of the playoffs the we should be slowly bringing more games and as more games are available. Boy it's gonna go home and watch these are small audience third periods problem for two hockey games all 33 ball type series. So makes the NHL playoffs great the only problem is that there and at the exact same time. And I have to figure routes now I am going to box ball at the same time that is the only issue. But I'm gonna go home and would do that I suggest you're listening to me your driving home right now you go home do the same games are on. CS NBC right correct that's right CNBC CNBC there's no us now one correct CNBC. And and BCS. And not and that's NBC. So CNBC. Right and and BCS and the channels you look forward to watch the the remainder. Of capitals weeks. And over this. No vs no outdoor living network. We've we've moved well past those days. And then I'll later tonight. A couple more games in the NHL as. Nashville Buxton take chokehold. On the Blackhawks they are up two nothing there. 930 puck drop on CNBC. And then it and I'm a Calgary saving there and I'm looking to take the 30 lead in that series. 10 PM on NBC yes and I'll be back tomorrow talking about all those games. We've got Jeff Radcliffe of pro football focus coming Irish open the Bulldog. Has always I don't know what's going on on the morning show. I never well Joseph they steal for stick around as always. And I yet thanks everyone for listening to participating orbiter to sound bites the nightcap WGR.