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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Wednesday, April 19th

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It's a nightcap with Ryan geeks. He could nightcap with the right in geeks on WGR. Sports Radio 550. I don't even know how to begin after that that is actually down here. This volunteer Iraq. And this is something you actually Joseph this is. He was he was an honest is that some kind of sick joke 1000%. Serious. And one of his all the rock them sock them videos that if all he where he would just like watch highlights it was money. It think it saves stuff like that that yes that was exactly dot dot cheering screaming in the background there well. That's next to start of the show we got Don cherry wrapping. And thinks things will have to tune in tonight gap right gates BBC. A few here certainly an interesting day. In the world of the Buffalo Sabres. It started way with the expectation of the meeting is going to be happening between Kerry Google. I'm assuming Kim Google was well and -- the general manager. Nothing. Of the news. Has come out. Any meetings and John world be Associated Press a couple of hours ago reporting that. The meetings were gonna take place over a couple days. Sell ads problem we haven't heard anything out there still more to be hashed out I guess if your if you're waiting for news as receiver Stan. And also Paul Hamilton originally reporting that. The meetings would be taking place down in Florida. But that's not the case. The team meeting. Between Angola. And Tim Murray is taking place in buffalo. So wool we'll see what comes out of that. Like it's actually day here in buffalo. Paul Hamilton reports that. Inside sources are telling him that this summer a lot of stress certain points about this this summer Jack Michael. Would not sign an extension. If damn bio Somalis come out that's what apple Hamilton is reporting that doesn't mean that maybe you know Kim Myles was still coach. And today you win some games this year maybe they made the playoffs. That Jack Michael when it signed a contract. I mean the sabres on his rights were very long time so it's not like. Without some way. Of getting compensated if if you outlook. But early worst case scenario as sabres fan if you look worst case scenario with Jack right goal. And gamble house must still be coach in that relationship essentially be irreconcilable. The worst thing that happens is they have thousands though coach. I think winning fixes everything so if they win. I'll be there be a whole lot of issues to be discussed. But if you go to the end of the ads and there's still issues gamble house must still going to be coach even though your superstar doesn't want to be that way. A worst case scenario is that someone makes an offer our Jack Michael he's restricted free agent and human action. Are you are go even a worst case scenario on the sabres decide. Not to mention because Jack Nicholas so adamant that he doesn't play in buffalo you're gonna differ for first OPEC's. So I mean. Definitely. Horrible situation. Given what the franchise went through to get this player. But I don't foresee. Any of those worst case scenarios. Coming to pass. If real 551888550. To 550. Are the phone numbers here it's kind of a delicate situation too because clearly there's still a lot of moving parts and pieces going on here Jack Michael. Spoke with the buffalo new is. After this news came out from our Hamilton. His agents were out there pretty early and hard. With the Buffalo News the Associated Press the only end times Harald V they were all over the place we reached out to Peter fish. And we're hoping to have him be able pop on our show in response but I meet. I can't get the reason why they would want to come on. A WGR AD the original source of that report to kind of defend themselves and they've. Don't it in every other single media source that in Western New York. So I can I can understand why that Monica Mon here. But it's it's something that's. I don't call. Paul wanna put something out there that is just a complete and utter fabrication. And Baird's. In my mind's just knowing Paul may be the inside sources say he's talking to are misinformed but. Paul would not see he's not that kind of reporter Andy. If you follow Paul on Twitter you know he's not king of the hot take or anything along those lines and he is pretty much straight shooter. -- may not agree with his opinions about the sabres but there's definitely is not trying to mislead you. He's not trying to mislead you and anything about what he's saying you may disagree with the home. Based on. You know what he thinks about Jack cycle. Or how the team should run or media specific player that. You'll like more than policy can disagree with them and all that but he is not the time reporter that's going to intentionally. Miss leads you in any sort of way. So you can't call fake news and you can't. Because the ball's not he's not big news report. But this whole situation is very. It's just interesting. There's ban rumblings about the coach for a very long time in buffalo. And for me typically where there's smoke various fire. You. You hear the the little rumblings the whispers. And they're not necessarily ever wildly reported there's usually not somehow they're saying this is what's happening. But those whispers have been going on bird. For awhile now. With the Buffalo Sabres I don't think this is necessarily. Shocking new us. For me if Jews that Jack Michael is refusing to some rain. An extension this summer at the report only covers this summer because. I think it was. A couple months ago now. That timber he was on with shoving the ball dog and they were talking about. The possibilities. Of extending Evander Kane this summer Evander Kane was the name that was originally asked bow. And Murray said well. July 1 is gonna comment we're gonna be able to negotiate with Evander Kane. But first and foremost we're gonna be negotiating with Jack I call in sick and Reiner knows of the two guys. That are. Highest priority list. And that's kind of where. This all started. Was. That thought that. Tim Murray side. We're gonna start negotiations are assured there agents have been in contact Jack Michael's agent has been in contact with temporary throughout the entire season. I'm sure they've had a back and forth. But the fact that's. The coach would be a huge sticking point for Michael. Is. A huge issue. And I think everyone recognizes. That it's a huge issue. And now it's hollow is the organization. Going to move forward. With this noise. Because it's a lot of noise now. Paul originally reported on this morning. I was hanging out in tears at a meeting early this morning at 830 here probably got out of the meeting around 9:30 and at 10 o'clock. It was it was start to come down maybe a little later on them hours might be little little messed up. But. It started coming down Apollo and didn't lead with that in this had it's tough bind was. Murray set to meet with Google us and then -- you read through the article and on the last lines brings in that in tidbit about. Insider sources tell me. That cycle not. Has no desire is the did words Michael has no desire. To sign a contract extension this summer if damn vials ma is coach. And then next thing you know it's. The Buffalo News picks up. Puck daddy the blog on Yahoo! picks it up. TF seven picks it up. And next thing you know it is just a huge story in the hockey world and makes sense that's a huge story in the hockey world this was. A huge deal for the sabres getting this player this player was the subject. I'll be very. Divisive. Take your buffalo. Fans were and each other during that thing. And there is still the facts of that. That linger Iran to this day when it comes to Jack cycle when it comes of how you think about the sabres when it comes the money you watched me weeks. There are still lingering a box of that tape on how old buffalo sports fans have done. Ingesting the sabres. Because he certainly had the people who were anti tank like ought not one player. Can't fix this thing. Even if he is a generational talent. A short week we could call Jack Michael generational just because. When I think of generational you think of what the top player of the generation you think Sidney Crosby. You think Wayne Gretzky think Mario LeMieux. Right now it's. Leaning towards David being that guy. Don't think you can have to generational talents in one class. Jack cycle may very well be an elite player but generational talent might be might push. He could still be great player an elite player a point per game player. Maybe even better maybe there's more to Jack Michael's game that we get CE he he played near a point per game this season after coming back from a high ankle sprain. Which is extremely process. He comes back at nearly a point per game pace. But I mean. I love watching Jack Michael play he drives play he drives possession. But David is still. Ease ease king. I'll bet a draft class of this generation of young players even when you think of Austin Matthews and Patrick line. I don't mean that as an insult Jack Michael at all I think Jack Michael is a tremendous talent. I think there is a brilliant future for him. And I think he's gonna continue to get better. But generational now. In my back and might have been a little grass 'cause you can't have for me at least you can't have two generational counts that wants because then the word. Loses meaning. You agree with that show me you seem to be like shaking your hat and they are mustard shaking your had to. Taxpayers I'll notify you a little bit on it just because my immediate thought process went to cross the Ovechkin and I feel I don't wanna consider both of them generational. And I thought back to Gretzky Gretzky and LeMieux. They wouldn't find exactly why they did exactly O line but would they were assembled there is almost across overtime on troop vote would you also need you wanna call messier generational I mean. I think you're right though when you say Eddie we may not think that way that we might call batch in generational and Crosby generational by the year right when you say the word lose its meaning when you go to second. I think but you talk about Crosby you know backs can now way. I still think there's clear hierarchy. Of that it's still Crosby is the greatest player in the world of pressure and about skin need. Be the greatest goal score. But there's a bell Thai amateur is a different but there is a difference but there is a difference and it comes with you now. Stanley cups becomes what playoffs. Success and all that some. It's a little too early to tell medium beetle to arch right now maybe it's just a little too early to tell. But when it comes down to you god you got to take a look at the organization in these meetings apparently are still ongoing between Tim Murray. In Terry Google. And with this. Necessarily say a bomb shell but it's it's big deal. It's a big deal what's going on here. The rumblings about their. And you can hear it even from the press conference last week. The press conference last week from from Tim Curry. And Joseph pointed this out joint foreign choke point this out now is trying to dig a little bit. A little further about locker room clean out day last year because last year for the end of the season press conference ball they have piles muck and Tim Murray were present for that. But I am not sure if dale miles and I held and locker clean out press conference at 2016 I can never find. That video I found a few articles that were posting all the links from the 2016 and a season. Locker clean now and I could find any damn miles in the video on it so I'm thinking maybe he didn't do. The locker room clean out day and just dead the press conference of Murray as opposed to doing that and this year he had his press conference. On locker and clean out day and then Tim Murray had a solo press conference. But as a few days later a few days later and it. That's that's out so there there was last year ball thrown together at the podium. And then this year it was just Emery what is interesting to know and I do think it's interesting in all bats. Are you talk to the players and then got his notes for the players and media making too much of the big deal of this. But he gathered his notes from the players and then deciding it was goggle talk Google isn't when he decides to come back or if he's coming back. And if damn piles Mans back he's gonna bring it to the couch. That's what he said in his press conference and maybe it was just stay. Lake Marty are you know my coaches think we got back there. The entire season I know the coaches think. Just super insisting on it's. We we get to this point as buffalo sports fans and especially. All of her. The last five or six years. Where it's. British searching for her some sort of excitement some sort of drama because. We don't have that taste of playoff excitement as I sit here. And over what the hell's going on this first period it's it's five minutes and sixteen seconds into the first period between Washington and Toronto and the score is 221 Washington. That's what we're missing. Oh we're missing that's. And then a report like this comes out it's all that we have to hold on to him and it's all that we have discussed. So we able discuss it until the area. But for me it's really simple. Detained for Jack cycle. Dan vials not unfortunately was a consolation prize coach. You're looking for that coach that had experience your body experienced coach to pair with the young team. You wanna Mike Babcock if you're the sabres organization. It's one you missed. In the and you want to miles. And at the finish it right. And there is division in the locker room. I don't think there's any problem was moving forward and I understand the argument of you can't let the twenty year old superstar talent that we are all star. Make these changes. You just can't let that happen. Again if he was a few years older and had more time under his belt I think. I think people wouldn't have as much of an issue with the but the fact that he's only its second year player. That he really. He he's proven that he's a good player but he hasn't had the winning pedigree. And people don't want to hear this kind of stuff from. Players who have nots. One things. If your playoff caliber player you Europe and BP. You spend a playoff games you want Stanley cups. Your voice is a little more respected in that sense but that's that's our goal Hulu. Has just come out of college two years ago. He'd lost the national championship game and he was he was just the guy that we are all craving for here. And he's trying to tackle that role in the way that he Basque. And read the piece problem. John Bogle the Buffalo News who was able to talk to Michael today. And have a conversation with them about everything that was going on about the reports. That came out in Michael's house kind of bombarded by it and then I thought that one of the most interest in parts of it was five to go back I would. Changed my body language. And the the locker room clean up press conference I'm a guy. That is emotional where's my emotions on the sleeve that's what my agent tells audiences that's what Michael size. And IE. I just can't help it sometimes. I don't think that's a bad. Punk gets a bad thing to have a player who. His competitive drive is clearly there we've seen pissed off after a ton of games he was clearly. Not pleased after the season. And as part of the youth to do is that you tended to show a little bit more. When you're that age. You show those emotions hands. It's not always for the bus when you live and you learn. You learn how to get better Michael still learning how to be a professional least one year result. He's one years old steel and he's still learning how to be professional. It a 30551888550. To 550 gonna squeeze in a phone call here before I had to break in the end. Next segment I'll just come in a much reduced Paul Hamilton his segment earlier Shelton the Bulldog and we'll get right into that. We got Sammy buffalo Sammy your on the nightcap. You Ryan you. While I was on hold you pretty much off summed it all off then and what I what I wanted to say was you know it there's obviously a big issue and I mean at the end of the day. Just skated over like we got to move on and and and you know everyone's talking about Jack. Say in what he said no that I would not set aside. What maybe Ryan O'Reilly. Has a few words to say about it as well I mean I know. Franchise revolves around Jack right now. But you know in the gun like you said Jack still young. And I think that you know I think Ryan so really really big part of this team right now it's sure well here are on the scene right now. Being with Jack so young yet and still has a lot to learn. That you know aren't. I wouldn't venture to say that Ryan had a few words to say about it too. And you know we're we're right now on this aren't Jack in his. They don't body language and everything but. That's also hadn't done I think you're right like at the end of the day we gotta just move forward this team is too young. They're too good we shouldn't be where we are and there's obviously an issue with the coach. And you got good enough players bring in another guy and hopefully they just move forward because. Dan has done something in that locker room they're not gonna tell us they're not gonna say it but. Forget all the meetings has stopped because you know the right thing to just just move on like they did rocks. Yeah I hear there I am I'm what you personally on that. But it's it's got a double edged sword. I talk about you know coaches for me are interchangeable. And they're interchangeable at this coaches are working you move on. And someone like it it's more about the players. And so does it off it's more about the players that. More fortune fall on them and why sundae or miles mullah. They give us more about the players they should be batter. But. I think hockey puck is one of those games. And I think about Rex Ryan and kind of comparison factor because the thing about Rex Ryan and all those players. Towards the end of last season and the rumors about Rex Ryan are coming out. They're all coming to us to stir Aussie I while playing for Rex Ryan Rex Ryan is great I would run through a brick crawl Walter Rex Ryan. You don't hear an effort and miles mine I don't think you necessarily have to hear that. But that's to be some level. Of communication and Jack Michael's side. Yet as I end of the year meeting in this is in the Buffalo News piece by age envelope wary Maria has a back and forth of Michael. He says that piece that he had the meeting with with piles and they talked about Q he needs to work on they talked about the team. And what he thought about the team that you think it's my great. Of course you're gonna see that as a player. It's still your coach for the time being. This is this is all very it's very uninteresting in in buffalo sportsman. Were all starved for for just a taste of the playoffs. That's always got so we've got it 30551888. 550 to find that your phone numbers you're gonna have to break when we come back a bit too right into Paul Hamilton. So we can hear his comments see he is the guy that the report originated from so I wanna hear it straight from the horse's mouth we'll get straight from Paul. And that no wall will continue to discusses as the nightcap moves on trying gates Jody B Osce and the board rang analogy here tonight get a WGR. Well not sure right now I'm not sure what Simon that's contract's going to be. I think come to life first so they would be the first two guys that we talked to today yet the trickle down effect of who's Netscape Buffy bunker right next day and expect. I'm sure that it would be. The right after the. I'd. The other is that comment from Murray when he was on the show the Bulldog exact from jail probably. My gas and the gas march 21. March 2. He did he was also on the show Annan. March 21 he record really it was actually on the show march point for a Smartphone first you on the show that's pretty god but yes that's from our site and talking abouts. The extensions going into the off season ends. Jack he's going to be talked Tuesday and he's going to be talked to Evander Kane easily talk to these guys. Have another year left on the contracts are going to be entering this upcoming season. On expiring deals but probably restricted free agents and then of course again McCain. Is on restricted all right. Hamilton broke the news earlier summer's gonna get right in here hero Paul Hamilton said when he joined shell and the Bulldog at 3 o'clock today here's Paul. So what is the latest down there. Well they are in buffalo was originally scheduled for yesterday in Florida. And the goal was attended dead and in Pittsburgh so we're just made sense come back to awful way back or so the meeting actually taking place today. In buffalo that's what changed. As -- right armor things going to Florida for the meeting when he was our and that that's the reason it was changed and that's the reason writes today that yesterday. And we think what that it's just Tim Terry and Kim. That's probably saw Russ Brandon I suppose to be in the room he's president of the team whether user not I've not heard. I have not heard of the coaching staff but that's not the way Marie broke it down he broke it down that he would be meeting with ownership. And if he was still the GM he would come back and that he would meet with coach coaching staff after that so. If we go by that I would say again miles is not in these meetings. So all the the information that you move. Reported. Late this morning about Michael and his feelings about the coach and his future here. Couldn't fulfill our audience and for those who have not read or seen referenced this a WGR. I DOT dot com or on our various Twitter accounts most normal well documented and I mean there's no secret that he and Tim miles or not on the same page and there's been a disconnect there. How many times this year we heard Michael say you just heard it it was just on. From his end of the season talk I'm not the coach. And he said that many times and there has been a dissatisfaction. With the news system and files or puts in there and Michael's basic thought is here and Brittany and played like this this is and what this is what I think you had in mind when you're drafted me and and I think that's the way he feels about it and and I wanna stress he is not the only one. I mean there are other put people in that locker room who. Despised plotting for have vials. At the court fuel as a matter of fact so I don't want people to think this is just Jack Michael. That is. Against Stan isn't so I might did you do it again bile smoked pot here. And you heard her talk about that he forced the issue with every single player. He made every single player no matter how comparable may have been talked about system and coach. And he insisted upon so he got I'm sure is a lot of varying opinions and views on that. Usually when your one on one I think you're pretty honest about the coach it's not like here. You know your year and for your teammates in front of the coaching staff freer from the scouting staff landing on so I already got some fairly. Honest employed in the attic and Jeff Jeff just doesn't have a desire to play for miles man but. On the other side of that coin what you have to understand too as. He may not have a choice just because ski he has no desire to sign a contract extension this summer which she doesn't do. He does every year left on the deal doesn't have to happen this summer. What is options at that could expose go to Europe or something like. Or he could give an offer sheet but in the end the sabres are gonna match any offer sheet that comes his way they can do all this to let him along and offers. Art were were were a few steps down the road here hopefully for all of us are rove it doesn't get taken. Right where we get to this point that these tours at loggerheads. Socially I just just because she doesn't have a desire this summer. To sign a contract execution vials lowering remain coach. His options are very limited right well Paul I met how how much how much do you do you happen to Noelle if our goal has told. Kimbo either. Or is this just something you've learned from inside the team and it irrespective of whether Murray has now just inside the team your respective Murray has now I don't know if that was discussed in the what do you make of this full throttle. Denial of it from his agents. I think it's people doing their job I mean united. I mean what are the ages gonna do about Saba I mean. That doesn't make their client appeared. No it cannot wait can I only put what I think is a is an answer that to you share what they could do like. Somewhere you know you you have what you have and Michael and in so many words and it's a lot of words. Through his agent is saying that's not what I think that's not popular denying us. What the agent could do if indeed uncle has expressed criticism of files moan or. Even specifically has said to somebody. I will not Rio up here down the road if he stole coach. What the agent can do is this. If anything you don't have to talk but if you wanted to talk. Jack Jack Jack cycle always. Perfectly happy being a member of the Buffalo Sabres wants to win the Stanley Cup here and you know that's it like he. The the agent has gone all kinds of interviews we've reached out to him to. Today and there's just so much there all right lakers. Up Jack's character is in question here and you have to see you have to know that Eagles hospitals. And stuff like whoa. So I think that the one way you could do it and I'm not a professional in that field so I don't know but I feel like one thing you can do here is to say. Jack is perfectly happy being a member of the sabres and in all bets in the pits in the future. Well there's nothing in my article or comments that say Jack article doesn't like buffalo hasn't right hospitals or do any of that that's right he he is very giving of his time when it comes to hospitals. And charities and that type of thing. He was extremely complimentary of the city and the and its fans. Our was right before the last game I think he was on our pre game show. And he he spoke about that at length I think it was like two and a half minute answer. About the fans and then even know that they've given him nothing to cheer about the show up anyway and support them. So I don't think there's any doubt. In my mind at least that he likes buffalo and there's any doubt that at all. Yet it's just like for me that's not something. I really need the agent it pouring its heart out about. But that's just me. Also there is Murray at the end of the season saying I talked to Jack and he told me he was happy here and like to know you have. You have the GM saying same. Happy in buffalo and if they make the team better. I mean if they start winning. I don't think he'll be unhappy with files month. I mean if he's getting appointing game and and there are and that's not what's important in my saying that might make it seem that way that's not his main opens. His main focus is winning and if they come out in October and lose one game and come out very fast and miles was still coach. That heals a lot of wounds and it boils was still the coach. Nowhere here does this say he will not sign a contract extension. They're if files remains the coach they're gonna have to sit down and have come to Jesus moment and they're gonna have to talk about an hour and a half to figure this out. And I'm sure they will and may be the owners of the involved in that meeting. You know files on Jack in Hillary and and the owners could also be involved at that meeting and say look at. We're gonna there are differences. And work we're gonna we're gonna get this figured out because next year is a big year for this organization. And we want to win just like you do. Just like the coach does just like Jack does so why I'm almost sure that would happen if Tim miles remains ago. Sure the question is whether with this being public. Bottles moon will remain the culture appalling every one here. I think that the organization not everyone I mean not not on us. Particularly anyway. The organization. I goal his representation. Would want to avoid the appearance. Of Michael. Getting the coal fired a PowerPoint yet it's could it mean he's twenty he is just it's just not gonna be a good look so. I think that's might even enter your your question Paul about what what the agent Bo why B overkill. On the amount of stuff I mean I don't know why I think we live in an era of big news I think you say enough things that are refuting the thing you want squash. And a certain segment of the population is gonna believe we're gonna choose which side they wanna beyond. And usually the star player. Gets. The benefit of the now wait your siding with Paul because I thought that an aircraft. Beat right poll mean and to me I think the reason to go as hard as the agent is going is because they're they're hoping they're open to shield their client from the appearance that is by Obama gets and currently doesn't. That they've got a mail content twenty year old golden spoon spoiled kid on our hands. And both in Pittsburgh both Crosby and Malkin both came out publicly. And denied any any thought in Haiti vials were getting him fired. I can tell you this we were doing in Pittsburgh this year we were during the pregame interview in the hallway and Malkin walked by. And right in the middle of the interview files with said Afghani Mario. Never looked out of numbers that word just kept walking. It's. Huge interest and so are nothing he had nothing to do it. Do you have do you have any. Comment I'm or in any prediction I'm trying to avoid the word prediction because right norm talking to you. What what what are thing happens here. That's a good question because I honestly don't know what the analysts think and you know what. Maybe the goal is to know what they think until they get all the information. And Murray's gonna throw a lot of information out them today. And I'm sure they're very eager to hear what he has to say. Because they talk a lot yes but they haven't heard. You know he as Murray said he's gonna put together a major to a notes on the player interviews that he did. And his thoughts on the way the season went both his own performance. And what needs to be done to make this team better. This isn't gonna all happened at five minutes I mean there are a lot of things they wanna cover. So far was that if you want me to a predictor yes I would say that the goal was. Came into this meeting not knowing what their suggestions were going to mean. Because they didn't have all the information and there was a lot of information that they were going to be hearing today. When I just wonder about your your come to Jesus meeting. Whether. There there there is fighter here coat with three years left on his contract that's that's another big chunk of money that we're talking about. Not that that's supposed to really mattered to them but still it it's just you know what's put on the pile you know I don't quite require going so book bright. But will whether or not you'd really want this is my concern like I heard her even though it was all last week Paul talking about all these things that. That he thinks the coach could do differently the coaching staff could do differently. And my thought was why aid. Not just changed the coach Rick there's an expedited change how he does it it's very it was very weird to have all that aired publicly. So like that's exactly what I was gonna say I was gonna ask you guys did you guys what I found weird is that. He was saying it to us why he's so honest and and we all know that you guys know that every show with them. Where he'll say you know what guys I'm not gonna talk about that and then spent the next twenty minutes talking about. And and not intending to because of his honesty he feels if you take part asked me a question I'll take the time to give you went on stamps. I think it's his way in that case at least I think it it's his way of defending himself. Could see you always there and here come the questions he's right out with. I take responsibility it's my team all those things so I I don't think he'd docs any of that. But when he meant anything bad about the record I'm told me maybe not maybe not only what he's specifying like he did. Things that he wants to have be different. About coaching tactics. You'll taught how time is spent and things that to meet some like fundamental. Coaching strategies that any coach walks in the door with them and you decide whether you under him or not but this is how I do it from. You know I think it was just his way of saying look that this is how I see it and I want that to be different. Whether we'll get a different coach remains precinct. I looked at it I didn't look at that is as a sign at all that he be fired and the coach. I looked as this is we all have to be better here's an example the coaches that I think they can do to be better. And I didn't take it all went. I don't know because to me if his thought was I'm starting to lean towards fired as coach I don't know if you would have brought it up. Whoa whoa here's what we can duty here's what the coaching staff can do to get better and then it'll weaken gonna fire. That that didn't make any sense to me so I I didn't take that at all as a sign that he was thinking that he wanted to fire code. And he also said that David hadn't thought of doing. In part retired with Paul Hamilton he joins us here on the AT&T hotline poll has a piece up at WGR by fifty dot com. Containing his report that sources have told him. Michael has no desire to sign a contract extension this summer should Dan Viles among remain as the coach Paul. If yes. The output grew lows and worry were too. Acquiescence if they were to give into this and again you said earlier it's not just Jack Jack just his name is on it. He ease ease the marquee guy. It hit the hit he's contract negotiations. Should begin. Early in July after July 1 is when they can formally begin slow but he's like speaking for his teammates. In any respect to their feelings about Murray but coconut like the air about while achievements are. How good an idea is it organizationally. To give in to. Ball players to Jack to our young group like this just what's your read on. I was talking to a former player earlier today and that was one of things you're talking about how distasteful I think Murray. Would think that he giving two players that players now have in their ads that. It'll like the guy will give them will get a mop back and then that'll be the end of that. That that's it that's it as a slippery slope. But to me that's more of a slippery slope if you've got one guy doing the complaining. Even if it's Jack cycle and everybody else's organ you're coached all that bad just because superstar doesn't like them. You know that that would be I think a little bit different. And that's why I wanna keep saying just what you just did that is just not him it's it's a lot of players it's over half the team. Thinker in this vote. And just don't like the way it handled now communication is obviously a problem we earlier to address that Murray addressed it. Is that the only problem and that's what we don't know is that with the players dislike the most that they have no we employ. And it's our way or no way and they sit room and come out dictate terms and we sitter oh well what about and they don't listen. You know it it could be as simple as that this is getting to them because they feel. They have more to give if they were given the opportunity to give that. There's fall. Hamilton today yet he was the one school reported originally. That is Jack Michael has no desire to sign a contract extension this summer. I'm miles coached so there's pol just explaining his thought process and his thoughts behind the whole thing if you. Wanna catch and again on WGR ID dot com and check out. On demand audio silverlight two breaks went ahead here and I just got a little tidbit Allen thought about when we come back here real quick though. And the first period between Toronto and Washington. For a one capitals 41 going into the second period. Dirty Yasser and the board is trying gates who is in a WG. About coaching the players so our coaches put in systems for us the following into gonna try to do it and it and move came in my accident. There is a very. Emotional upset Jack cycle at his locker room clean out. Press conference we'll get more people the vials my news even Paul Hamilton. He did you check out the WGR five dot com article he wrote there's one that will hurt tomorrow. Joseph posted up there after Paul's interview which opened a Bulldog and you can hear Paul there he just turn them. It's not just Michael there's more players on this team that it's affecting so it's not just a simple. Michael vs miles mop. Kind of mentality. It could be that Michael is trying to speak for the team and roll. As as a leader for this team. So he's trying to grow and that is trying to become that leader. And it's going to be a process for the case there's no doubt about that. Why he can't be too upset at the wave that he's talked throughout the season especially towards the end there. And he's got the though one quote from is under the season press conference that's. He's not happy with what players on the team too and he says that you've got beat but it's the lived re lucky. It's not enough to say that you're just you just want to win. You got to prove it yeah let it so there's clearly more to Jack Michael I'm just saying. This rift between him and I'm miles. There's also clearly. Parts of his team teammates out there he's not needing. The Eads. Saying like hey there has to be more of a commitment. From the team as well it's not something they can place just on coaching. It's not something that you just placed on a general manager or the players for me that's how it's always there's no wants this entire situation with the sabres. And that's why yeah ongoing meeting between Kerry Beagle Tim Murray came to go look. Is as solid state right now the timing of it with Paul's news that he broke today. And it's. Earlier. John war rose saying that the leaves are gonna take place over couple days so we Knight might not get knew it was until tomorrow. Till Friday. Acting not even hear any news they decide. Not to make any changes they might just go forward and just be like this overdue and and that's it. What could you show up on day one of the different coach could do that data to show up I mean that's what Pat LaFontaine did when he showed up. All the sun analyst Ron Ross is fired here's Pat LaFontaine with Todd Null and he's the coach again. And we all now that that went down and so. It our all we'll talk more about this coming up piles that Joseph Joseph mentioned a little fun fact to me that album get into a little bit about Toronto things to do in Toronto. But if you like comment on Michael your thoughts about the reports that came out today his comments an awful news. Does the sabres in general on the direction. In the meeting between Google and Murray and what you think should be happening there 8030551888. 552 by video phone numbers here WG RR Wright gates Jody B Osce behind the board is an accountant Allison W care.