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Nightcap with Ryan Gates
Wednesday, April 19th

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I don't care about yeah. I didn't who even got to have big plans. And and we. Sports Radio 515. Oh yeah baby were back here on the night cab. Stayed out well watch all playoff hockey watching leaves. Get in getting beat up right now Casey killed her you know. It's funny though because Jeremy goes on now leads rant yesterday and I think the one part that really resonated with a lot of people out there. And Jeremy little leads ran completed in the nightcap last night. That was on WG if I could lead counsel you misty could check it out there but he says. I think it was harder Jeremy and what about Howard actually but it says. He sides. What's the Max good day going to be for buffalo sports. Where it's not. It's a great question it's great question it's something that we all want here. Some that we've all been and hoping for ends. Personally and to stay away and you watch these playoff games and the very jet ski from. From that spin he put out a tweet that said. Hockey is hockey is a strange sport. Where playoff overtime hockey is extremely enjoyable to watch a must and your team is involved. Which I haven't felt that feeling and while some kind of it's a little foreign to me. But it's can't help but do agree. But those emotions those ups and downs. Odd man. As long for an adrenaline. That a job your seats. Every single play back and forth in overtime. Just dismisses much. And I can't wait for the day for to come back. And it's someday well. I know the bills are on their seventeen year playoff drought. The sabres are on their six year playoff absence and still refusing to call a drought and not calling it. They get to next years seven years three years of Michael you know what I'll call the call to drop out. I got to college yet some playoff absence playoff absence for the for the sabres. And someday we'll get back. Advisors that are tires here. Joseph mentions on the enemy well here off the air. Imagining me. Are these there's there's game forward to tonight losing 41 to Washington right now. Pretty much meat as you can get a ticket to the Toronto Blue Jays game in Toronto right now. Two dollars. Two dollars and get a ticket. That's a man if I'm the trial blue jays. Not I'm doing. I'll talk and and they scheme up on the big screen. You got baseball right now there are no there's laws if there's rules. But at their residence. It just seems like a genius plan he got the Maple Leafs you know there there's a congregation of Maple Leafs fans downtown meekly square. And that's happening. You draw some of those people await the get a seat in the stadium watched the game on the big screen at Roger's son Aaron. And you know taken a little play playoff baseball ha ha ha. Not playoff baseball. But just take and it's a baseball you know Ali you watch some pets. The blue jays aren't doing too well right now the two and allowed them. So they're probably not really even paying attention they came to art. So you pop up to me believes he get more people's in the stadiums you get the concessions going to get some beer fallen into these may leave fans. And I mean they are down 41 right now also so the atmosphere might have been a little terrible. The day you need get more people in the seat that wave just popped up again mop on the big screen they're all at Rogers associated there are so. Rogers probably holds the rights and put it on the extreme. Right. Now my one thing would be because maple leaf sports and entertainment. I think owns all the Toronto teens except the blue geez. And so I like sticking point but the other thing I mean from the could figure that out. The sabres did it what are devices that you brought and a device and yeah with savers that they have been they were the same owner. Well I mean the thing about doubt was that. There wasn't a baseball game going on why all. While there was the sabres game on the big screen I don't think at least I know they had to watch parties for the sabres and Dunn tire park. Local field was done park and let. I don't think there is actual baseball games happening while that was happening. If I have a rock someone please by 5550 should be tax Buick now there is Biden's baseball and savers based on at same time. But in Toronto is an ex. The Rogers Centre right now probably a. The other thing I was gonna bring up to is that if you if you are familiar with the Toronto set up. With that they're stadiums and Arenas they ACC isn't within walking distance from projects and yeah there's the stadium district right if you wanted to I mean if I were obese fanned ten toughened. I would have in on the blue jays game I got the game open my phone I just walk over to meet Lee square whenever I want. The big TV right outside the green there I mean. What's keeping anyone in that building the site from just walking out citing going to rugby fans there. How much heated up on all. I mean besides right now the fact that the leafs are down 41 thing that might be a contributing factor but if what abolish the leafs come back here. Tied up for a four heading into the third period follow that that blue jays game you know what I'm doing ditching I can't get an out. I am heading to meet we've squared Debbie with that crowd over the blue jays ground. And it's interesting it's funny I hit a trip planned to Toronto. Planet like a little over a month ago maybe a playoff schedule wasn't out yet. So I had I had plans I had plans to go to Toronto only just so happened beat this Sunday. This Sunday. It's potentially gain six and Toronto and I had no idea. So I mean these plans and god trial with a friend spend the night there and now know got an excellent place. Lawyer being beat pretty cool. Great price great location. Lots. I didn't realize that the potential for game six. In Toronto and especially if if Washington wins tonight as a guarantee. During game six a guarantee we're gonna make it a little difficult for me driving Indians. That's all that's all not so fun. But I might have to go out and check out the scene. I just for a little low while I'll stay in the back out. But I it's gonna go check it out check out all these crazy Toronto fans and see there see their faces as they are joined some some nice playoff hockey. Thought I'd got a text him. The couple toxin. What Donnie would pay to go to Rogers Centre for baseball game to watch hockey game. I don't putting get the tickets for two bucks I'll stuff all seems like a pretty decent deal. Seems all right to meet. Bad idea you have people cheering when nothing is happening on the baseball field. Nobody would be watching baseball I don't disagree with that. If a bad idea if you're the blue jays and you're you care about the product on the field. And what's really going on there. But if your more so worried being like you know what we can make money. We can make money by getting people leaf fans in here we're probably also blue jays fans. Get the fans and your get concessions going pour some Beers for these fans I think it's a bad idea. How mad are they going to be I mean you did you ask for any crowd who really honestly really right now the way that the blue jays are Ghali made. They can use human any amount of fans there are still early in the season maybe the blue jays turnaround at 211 is is that all to dig yourself out. It'll real fight if you want 888552. I think he got a couple calls on the line got Jerry can more here Gerri you're on my cap. Hey I've got back. A couple things our. I met. A long time. You plan your day around the bills are. Oddly the best ever this year. Carol I quite a bit battered a lot. After all they ought. Where I can it be right at the Bible they dropped off all it. And that they're not. What I want right at the last four years able that I thought I got. It. I mean the closest one was you know Arizona maybe when they were contending for last place that was probably the closest one and that was further. You know I competitive reasons really. About the act like oh. I'll be equitable Jim Kelly 87. I don't like yell. Look out the 08. Sure they get here or here. But we need him back at it or hear nobody would talk for or that or get. And the odds are that Edgar yet we wanted it but you know it bought out. The second prize that bat. Emphatically that the guy or get all law. I mean there there's the snapshot of likely to Atlanta went all that was going on the snapshot of likely is under age he's talking a Bud Light and he looks at the camera and says. Buffalo and California and that was the moment where else like you know a lot. The sabres are gonna end up with Jack cycle and I think I'm a million times OK that. The thing about that video those people forget that wasn't about the sabres. The video was once it is with buffalo uncommon for it could use common for the all American prospects game. Just the facts get away because just I just say it. Lap by adding that last night I saw my doctor I am really roll out I'll tell you why. You know he very corporate tax. Program. He won a gold waking. World a world championship. Or quick young player out there real big thing from our. Well all the thought and has bigger it. At a second again. Think about that ought. An eighteen year old but. He's a Turkish delight. In your all out in the week the better experience that. Yes good point that I didn't even consider thanks for the call Gerri mean I mean a lot of good points there appreciate that. Phil Housley is definitely. A name to keep in mind if there as a coaching change is still no word. From the meeting between Murray and the owners so we haven't heard anything yet they expected to go into tomorrow. That's an aim to keep in mind Sheldon Keefe was the name that's been brought up here who has a 36 year old coach in the age shell. He's formerly coached Justin Bailey with the Sioux saint Marie green pounds. And easier is like an up and comer he seems like an up and Connor and in that sense. They're still has to be stop one stop once still has to column where it's. You're the coach gonna be here Dan miles mock juries not we haven't reached out to one. So once we get there. Weekend kind of move forward with doctor maybe that's part of the process. Of why a damn wild law hasn't. The decision didn't column. Two quick I got I got a tweet read as a show starting here from my vote in poetry. The Buffalo Sabres mishandling things are we fans just impatient for change and they are being thorough. I think it's possibly part of what's going on. I don't Murray wasn't gonna go ahead and make the decision without Terry Google it and move on from from Dan miles voluntary Google was you know. I'll check out quarterbacks all week and but it could be at the sabres are like okay. We've got damn vials and right now we know what kind of coach he has maybe there's a little bit of skids on between the coach in the players'. Thoughts. We need to know what we're gonna head out moving forward so maybe they're doing in all talking about cornerbacks they're due diligence on other coaches. And seeing. What's available out there and what is. Realistic. To bring in after Dan miles Monty deals they're certainly young coaches out there bet. Are distinct the shall we keep Phil Housley. Kevin do need is a young coach anymore but I still think he's an interesting name to bring up. There's still adjusting guys out there it's just not the big names that. You're gonna hear that your drug Lott hired Hitchcock hired Claude Julien even know what happened in the middle of the season hired. But the big names are gone. But do you really need the big name is Wendy Roth before he came to buffalo. The Panthers assistant coach the Panthers assistant and he was only a player made. He for five years even before. His first head coach K. Yeah so. If you if you think about windy Ralph. A key he was kind of unproven. He was assistant coach for the Panthers. Still pretty young gun. Andy eat gay men and brought the sabres to back to back conference finals I mean he did overtake team with the greatest goaltender of all time. Pretty much on the top of his game. Some attacks in beat you David Quinn. Of course of course he's he's definitely he's like the biggest name on the radar. By us going got he got doctored stops. We haven't heard anything yet and hopefully tomorrow. What about kids' meals here right. A lot of people. From what they hear about the coached they didn't like the coach to begin went. To begin with I should say what I was first hired I think everyone's pretty much behind it because of the pedigree that he brought. Thoughts. In the Indy months and years afterwards and last year I don't think it was much of an issue because they have the nice run in the season. This season was certainly difficult with Michael going out to begin way which. Maybe you might wanna give them while small little leeway because of that cause that is helpful way to start a season. The emotional drain from that of having your star player the day before the season go down. Don't think it's it's a huge deal that's brilliant day. But on the course the season goes on it sounds like. Players and coach are on the same page. Fans watched the game and not being of the system that is being put out on the ice and that's where I got the the aches towards the announcement comes. I got two points at one was by the caller who brought Phil Housley in. I never really thought of that name and even first reaction like that's not really an idea wanna sign up for but Housley. When you think about it and he's coaching that Nashville back and Andy yeah. Some good players thereby. Files and also it he was a great defenseman and I think he's done a great job with. In my my friends friends like Brian. My own for right always knows all talk about how good Bryan Ellis has done this year yeah right now as I think's been one of the top. Like he's gonna break out years over the top offensive defenseman in the league this year and I'd all of its argument as one savers to finally get him. And I might one can attribute some of that to house because house if it's only been their year to. On and on the other one was piles of when we hired him kind of felt like like a lesser extent Michael. We just missed out on Babcock yeah comic David we missed out in the Canadian the batter Canadian and we got a dead second place consolation American marriage and. Right yeah it was kind of similar to end it it was. Isles my dad coached. Michael. At that we're at the world championships a year which cycle once again is going to the world championships that came out. You know couple hours after this story a lot of like illness today it really first Paul Hamilton reporting. The big news about the no desire to sign a contract extension. While Darren Myles was coached this summer. None bears. Check Michael's only to the world championships then there's Jack Michael spoke into the buffalo knows. So spent a lot of Michael today it'll 30551888552. Factor euphoria break. We got out got to actually hear the whole narrative that cycles at buffalo on coming for you before slamming their crew for the prospects game is nonsense and was told Lee about the tank he in his representation. Knew that it was a bad but to openly acknowledged the sabres take so they spun it plausible and ability that's my story I'm sticking to it with say huge. Am I a question his thought process. You know I enjoyed it I enjoyed reading itself by its I was pretty good I'm stick with his story. I'm with them about the text on this just go with the more interesting story yeah I'm going to march things aren't. That's all I'll probably do I'll stick to facts and assign us all right that's yeah that's your job over there you stay with facts I'm gonna stick with the fun stories. It 030551888550. To 550 people are Colin about Michael. The sabres. Not as cynical about Mike he'll sleep because. Reporter behind this week. Britain's I mean there's nothing really it's a mean everything's kind of been said Intel yeah reaches an official decision yeah I wish I mean at this point it seems like it's trending towards. They're not in a pick it up so unless they do I mean we've kind of cover girl a good or we've covered all basis. I agree. I agree and if you if you haven't covered all of your basis. Good WGR 550 dot com. Cell poncho he's got you covered there isn't like yep that's Joseph Jody DeOssie over there that you're hearing this me Crying Game it's not capped a BG. In this game what I learned is that there's no cut from the fact that you have a contract. That's your path in the fact that your term employment he has a year left his deal I have three years left in my ideals and I in general matter today he's the coach today I haven't had any thoughts of fired him up to this point the reason Iowa State today is because something. So you vote yes. All what is this here. On the hill what is. Label Ben Folds Five. Paul Ben Folds Ben Folds Five and for entity from the if someone is probably put it in their. Well and that was Tim Murray. Police say there. All I had made the contract extension next year that's your pat on the back. You also said. And there that he has any thoughts of firing but something come out tomorrow and you know something it kinda happened. Something that captain mats are Paul Hamilton reporting about Jack Nicklaus say there's no desire. Law. Inside sources telling him that Jamaica Jack Michael has no desire. To sign an extension this summer if Tim miles much continues to be head coach were talking about that here on the night capping a three all of by fifty. And yet Murray. The ghoul was program and a meeting. John morrow saying that the meeting last couple days heading into tomorrow. So we're still way here worst away here in buffalo to do to get any sorts of news. And the future of the team. And it might be a situation where. We just don't hear anything for a while. If they decide to stick with the piles ma. I don't think there's necessarily something that you're gonna hear is it's gonna be like okay. Couple. Weeks from now. Mean the draft is going to be coming up there's the expansion draft all that's coming up and hear from Tim Murray if if nothing happens there and then all things good. Yeah gamble as well as our coach. It's all there is to a and that's all here. It's not going to be some. Grandiose statement I think they might be better off by at least you know informing the public but I mean. I guess there really isn't a point in doing that. Maybe if he's your coaches your couch he'd just keep moving forward Andy's coach and that's for two right now. For the the Maple Leafs. In. In Toronto against Washington. 46%. Percent possession. As a way I saw from jeans on Twitter which you know not gotten. Not good for me police. Got to Jackson about other other coaching ideas. Paul Maclean Paul Maclean he had that fabulous big mustache. Used to coach the Ottawa Senators he was coaching these senators. And Carlson was we Carlson it's just a beauty all the way through through Carlson. But he it was fun but. Coaching. Those season Carlson was riding horses. And was being criticized because he wasn't a great offense defense and McClain. Does play offensive system and that's one thing I would like to see. You got fire power on this team. Especially with Jack cycle. Evander Kane doesn't it too big guns. And that I know some people be like god they don't have great goal scorers. If you put an offensive style and certainly economy David changes the game in Edmonton. I'm not sure Jack Michael is. As good in that aspect of. Seen a play before it develops. He does do that by that David is just a wizard out there sometimes he gets seventy assists this season. Padgett marooned scored 27 goals. Dries needle is. 2728 goals 77 points and 77 points for tries. Again. You you put. Players. In a place. With a star like that and they get better. That's I think a lot of people. Also have a problem with damn piles lies because of the line juggling and the way that he wants to spread out. The tail throughout the lineup which is something that I've never really. Hated I think it's something that you just like a necessary evil Indiana NHL now. You're you have to be rolling at least three lines consistently. The fourth line he can probably switching in out every once in awhile during the regular season. Like come playoff time. Iran for its audience have to you have to roll four lines. Stay alive. For an extended run. And he he was spreading Alcatel adjusted try to be able to find a scoring touch on each line which is. Why Keane an equal and Ryan are separated by. I understand clause that. King and Michael and they were to gather. What grates the speed that they played the game life. Like all wanting to beat Cain Cain wanting to shoot it's it was it was great. So. I can see why people were upset when that was split up McCain. I called and recycled Ryan Carter are dealing married at this point do we could serve I'm married. But is it. Did they ever going to be split up and there's times and they were split up but today they're engaged they're engaged me gathered there and not little yard greedy. There little young to be area like what they're getting what he he even had his first simple legal alcohol yet. So he needs to. Is get their first he's get their first. Other other ideas that on the tax line there Sutter. Not for me is because of the on the system is more of a defensive guy again. And I just want someone who'll let these horse drawn. I mean you didn't like files marked with his system mining solders. Might that on steroids. And you talk about old school coach she's even more so that so I mean if you're looking for a change from bows I feel like you're just. You're getting you might be getting a better version of miles of your still getting another version. Yeah and it kind of they're not exactly the same but they're very heavily involved in the systems. They're they're both kind defense first offense after. On so I think you're getting a lot of similarities there. I agree I agree with that is it that that system. In Washington I mean. And it's kind of the same argument for Solder that was four or vials and he's got the cops. He's got that pedigree Sutter bank posting in this league for. Ver he has been coaching in this league for a really long time. So that's. I don't wanna say I wanna guy with zero NHL experience. But I'm looking for a more her flash guy maybe he's had. A cab and the need is a guy that comes up in my attic yet the one coaching shot in Florida. He's better in Chicago for a little while now under Joel Quenneville. And his coaching pedigree is shaping up pretty nicely but he hasn't really had a total of coaching experience in the NHL. Suitors are here for for awhile. Mike Mikey and is that the guy was coaching in the cage Al yep yeah highly trained at a Chinese team Chinese team in the cage LE es and our god that is. Floating around out there I've seen his name pop up is just another guy that's been coaching for rapper. The Ralf Krueger who we brought up accounts was it last week maybe get any week yankees getting interest from the Vancouver Canucks now I saw that I saw that. Someone actually reached out to one was asking him like would you have interest in the connects job and he said. He's mainly focused over in now know what he coached he he's he's not coaching the chairman of I wanna finish his team no it's English and it's Sutherland aka our but it's whether it's one of Iran's right Sunderland it's one of the premier early teens but it's not like it's elegant. It's our great Premier League team. He's the chairman of one of the premier teams yeah which is weird. That is weird and yeah IE coached team Europe in the world cup of hockey. And out is great because I had I had never heard the name I heard the name but it never really stuck in the eye and I was reading Vancouver. Having some interest that are at least having some talks with them so what is Qaeda tossed around some names. But still it's still. No word on damn whilst no word on damn vials mine and until that that domino falls. Who were still exist or is kind of hanging out here were hanging out here are just being like all right. Jack Michael and half the players on the team apparently don't like plain forum. Paul Hamilton won his party used the word despise. In his analysis of it. So there's something there and if there is that by he just he can't have it can't have you need the young guys to. I guess. I don't even know like the coach necessarily. But they can't be. This huge of a disconnect where it's half the team. That has been lost by the coach. If you're coach sets off the team that far. There are some other issues that you need to take a look at. Everyone on this. Sabres in the organization. I think they're all willing to take some of the blame. The blame that they feel they deserve that everyone takes it seems like okay. I was responsible for this. But I wasn't responsible for this I can't take the blame there against him read his press conference last week it's like. I'll take the blame on certain things. Well what about the players they show up after our five day break and lose to Colorado and Arizona. And play like trash. They got take our share of blame for that I can't do anything about that they had to show up and they didn't. And I think for the most part. These players are willing to do that Jack Michael's voice for that Robin miners and voice for that. Ryan O'Reilly is always a guy that's he doesn't want. Point anything else do you ask Ryan O'Reilly about the coaching and he's like all I need to do a better job as leader. I do a better job I made a mistake on this one play you know I played 23 minutes tonight. 56%. Of it in my defense's own. I received I need to make that one play that doable. And that's always gonna be how Ryan O'Reilly is. But there's this giant skids and in the locker room there's there's half the team more than half the team is Paul Hamilton sound. That doesn't like playing her for miles mark. I think you need to make the move I don't think you need to waste much time. Like coaches are gonna be getting gobbled up. Because what coaching jobs are still available Vancouver still available Florida still available. Vegas hired block the I was hired Hitchcock the islanders they. Kind of Doug Weight. Is currently in there and the islanders want him to beat head coach but he said that he doesn't he doesn't necessarily want the job so. He he liked being in the front office more so I think it's gonna come down to them trying to keep him in that spot but they could. That that could be enough to be in there oh yes that's actually right now Vegas has their coach says there coach. And I think that's I think that's it for a place to be much in the way they do not coached right they just fired all of them if they hired an agent and that your. John Stephens. John Stevens and they're kind of talking about grooming underneath Darryl Sutter. I don't think they need to move on that Rob Blake talked about why money a guy with each experience. So there's still a few other coaching jobs out there that are available. But it if the sabres do decide to. Move from miles long. Piles and a media as the opportunity to go interview for an LA or go interview for. An islanders job if it's there for a those jobs are still out there if the sabres do decide to move on from them. There's still available positions and I think there's enough coaches out there that if you're looking for. The young up and comer type especially after hearing. I only talk about B one ghost NHL experience I look at Florida. I think they want a coach with NHL experience to deal tail there I think he's looking for a guy with the NHL experience the islanders. They clearly want dog way. So all he's got a penny to experience as in he played in the NHL for very long time is great player. I'm looking for that necessarily. I got a book keeper for rush for new. I guess you could say that Ryan Ralston was that which was. He was the only US usaid of national development team guy. Always Wear to the youngsters. Always was developing players. And how did that work out Ryan. That's the guy that you want you want Iran Ralston ask type of coach. But not Ron Rolston. Now kind of talked myself out of this. The islanders by the way did make weight there. They took the interim tag off so he is he is their head coach he is there coach yes OK but that would event like he said that's not. That's not a guy you would have brought in no it's not a guy he that you would have brought in here we're gonna silent because that's more pro X it is more. Not a veteran coach putting out NHL experience so. Philly that's more of a team you wanna bring it for veteran team kind of like the islanders. Yet it 030551. EEE 552 by fifty. We're at in the last segment here just it's going to be a lesson about the sabres you argued that each Colin before we take off year. Reports tonight reports coming out. So. Be prepared for that. Trying gates could be Osce is WGR. He's very are assured enough. Disrespect. There's so we don't really. Your group. With a book I. Felt more so necessary. It's ran across. Various talking about Paul Maclean. The former Ottawa Senators coach. Apparently. Not a fan. Not a fan of Paul Maclean. I want more tax about the other coaching situation here in here in buffalo. We candidates and EB you'd like to see as sabres coach if they do decide to move on from him bows we'll. After it player coach Michael Levy. Haven't seen the the player coach since Reggie Dunlop. Who's that. Slap shot now been beaten. Back. All right so yeah there's player coach you know too young for player coach it is a player coach candidate might be Brian Gionta and this team. Someone did call into a big job and the bulldogs suggest that Brian Gionta should go to Rochester new player coach there. I do think at one point there was a player coach in Rochester. I'd. It's been really bothered me. Who was. Rochester and Merck's player coach. And yeah I'm not confined. Like at a point in time if I do final tweet it out. There was player coach effort we recently. 20 on us. Anyways something real quick before I take off here Serena Williams is twenty weeks pregnant and eleven weeks ago she warned. The Australian Open with out dropping a single side. She was nine weeks pregnant so I took the liberty of taking dual research. And nine weeks pregnant. The embryonic tail on your your fetus completely gone it's not an embryo anymore it's a fetus. About one inch long the size of a great and weighs a fraction of an ounce. So that's what was inside of Serena williams' body. While she was just dominating tennis players. There is there was little fetus in their shoes dominating tennis players incredible. Incredible feat. I'd be one of the greatest tennis accomplishments of all time record breaking 23. Major. Dent drop side. And you know is growing up eighty persons I've ever it's pretty impressive. Pretty impressive. That's back to night. I think it's going to be here tomorrow now I guess again ash confirm that with them. Keon Fahey definitely going to be here tomorrow I actually do have a little insight. I'm what's gonna happen on the morning show. It's the first time for everything. There is diversity is proof of that thing yeah. I do have a little insight Howard treated well. That he created his ideal bills I deal they'll schedule and sorted insular going to be sharing that. Maybe Howard takes the bills of her ideal schedules and of course the NFL schedule is coming out tomorrow night at eight and may be. We get some some news from the sabres organization. Ongoing meetings between Tim Murray. And the owners the populace. Hopefully we do you get some sound we get some noise gets in news from that some that were not just you know. Hanging out on the edge here just waiting. Just waiting to hear some news. Thanks everyone for calling and texting and that's a nice text to speech tonight so I like that we've got a lot. You're off follow either of us on Twitter and Matt Ryan and scored WGR and DB CW GR. Sounds exactly the way you would spell DBC minus spell for you because you know how to spell it. And Mike thanks for listening to reports coming up next on WG.