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Paul Hamels. Has the facts to back up he's opinion. I personally. I keep saying this at comics I know him. He thinks I'm completely non WGR. Sports Radio 550. Yet another. Thing we have to do this exchange that would jump at that point is that right right and it does that by. Do me a favorite day higher grabs him in particular the most experienced name that we heard out there so far dean Lombardi. Ryan I want you do just that albeit in on Paul's open there in the morning Lombardi very obviously does not call. The funny thing is I have already had that thought in my mind since literally the nose is the first thought really relevant us Paul do you think dean Lombardi thinks you're an idiot. Her don't worry that I would guarantee it yes yeah what you get guaranteed I don't know is that positive no hesitation at all all right Paul what dumb. I knew what what do you know about how or why. This happened the way it did today. Well and. Obviously you know the answer is it Marie gave weren't satisfactory for the rulers and he had answers we'd talk to him on Wednesday and he said he was going to compile a whole sheets. And be rated speak with a broad goals and set himself if I still have a job onward on. And so you know he may have known I just retrieve something from Kevin now on the well respected hall of fame writer for USA today. In his article has quote is at the start of this season there are whispers that the analysts had some discomfort with Murray style. I've said the U guys before I think sometimes it can be a hindrance as when he standing at a hallway for everybody here. It's not like I'm speaking out of turn here and anybody can hear it or raiding the head of officials in a manner that would curl your ears. Tom does that help you with a referee. Whose Friday you know it may be Nixon calling game. I'm he's admitted himself I've heard say itself that may be his style hurts aware of other GMs. You know so how much to this dial hurt him in his in his quest to make the sabres better. So is is that some things that your herb you're going with that that may be. There were personality issues I think it's. As I said I'm just using what Kevin wrote I'm quoting him. It's not anything that I have heard from. Behind closed doors it's something I've wondered. And it's something Murray has talked about himself often you know with the other GMs and hit me probably rubbed some the wrong way. So are their guys in the league who really aren't interested in trading with our current that type of thing or. And again that comes from him. And it just you know here's the style which didn't bother me at least I like somebody who is going to be direct with you. And be honest with you which he was I felt I never left feeling boy he traditional meat there eaten. Ever I mean he he was up front about it if you want to wanna say some he wouldn't say it. Paul would you move. And be able to make a case for dismissing Marie. Op aside from this personality. Commentary. For hockey the hockey team for for the decisions for the roster he built like is it dumb. Is it reasonable. That the coolest marketable debt three years and this year may be in particular. And said you know what this this is not good enough you can do anything to try to fix what was ailing U this year. Changed the coach out make a trade. You really just an inactive all your long. Or no question about it. I let this Kevin elkington stalling because I just saw via greeted. Yeah no question about it. They didn't just missed the playoffs. They missed by seventeen points. You can nickel back and say well if you would have beat the Rick Arizona coyotes and and and Colorado here. You would have been all satin you would have gone on this run there was nothing ever that would indicate to us. That they were gonna go on any front whatsoever no matter what happened in the season with seventeen. Points. And Rochester Americans were just as that big of a dysfunctional mess is the Buffalo Sabres were I would since the interviews and locker clean out day from the embarks. You would have thought to which the disabled girl who we were working hard and there were games where we didn't show while. It was like. These are totally different players seem the same exact things that I'm listening in the same room. Can all be hooked on that day and bottles while he's down their coach in the embarks. I mean that you have to organizations that were absolutely. Horrific in the standings this year are two teams rather at the same organization. There were horrific in the standings. What do you go to talked about that that's Tim Murray. And I know there were injuries I know their call ups and that's what the American Hockey League is all about call ups other teams have call ups to. Paul Hamilton with a us Marie and vials my both fired today by the sabres. What Tom what do you think about Powell big go from here Paul. A long might it take what might they be looking for. Well I can tell you know bomb and which one of you mentioned it you know are Russ Brandon not gonna be involved in this he's not hiring GMs were. Hockey coaches or anything like that. This is gonna be the coolest thing. You know are they gonna go with the guy. Who was a president and Romney operation. For me it starts and ends with Rick Dudley what whatever you I would pay him what he needs I there's nobody in the NHR respect more. From a personal standpoint that Robert Dudley. Thing is with him is he has turned down jobs to stay with the Canadians right now vice president of hockey operations. He's but I talked to melodic saver games and he'll say some about a player and I'll I'll watch him it's always right. He always opened my eyes to to you know if if we talk about somebody that. While look at that yeah you know it and it's just I respect him a lot the way he's gone about things in his career as a person. I would endorse him a 100% to be in charge of the operation whether it's as GM were in charge of hockey operations. Do you have any idea from these interactions you've evident why he's turned down other opportunities to remain in Montreal as the families related thing me Carlos it's more he likes the job he has there. Nothing has appealed to him really that he would want to change even if it's being at GM amber or something like that. I don't mind the idea Chris jury if he's ready to run a team. I mean Steve eyes have been stepped right into the team and did fine Brendan Shanahan stepped into to team he's done fine. If you know Chris jury is a no nonsense guy who right now has done some things with USA hockey to assistant GM with the New York Rangers. I know it's bringing back a former sabre I don't know maybe this organization does too much about. At times but he has he has the type of personality. And the type of leadership and the type of work ethic that I would like to see in my general manager so. If if it. If you know he would be a guy that is ready to take that on and you know I definitely would like of course. You have guys like Jason bottom row and build car Garrett mark potter is a I really consider an up and coming star. I with the Maple Leafs he's a guy that. Some thought that before Amaral Kaman might get that job. So he would be another guy that I think if you're looking for our company coming person in the NHL would be got a look at and then that person players their coach. Exactly that's a way I think it should be done I think the general manager should be the guy that hires the coach. I'd heard at Elliot Friedman on with Andrew. And Cragg earlier. And he brought up David Quinn and he could best beat you coach he was Michael's coach should be you and he he. It was very carefully even said like I've been very careful about how I've written this in how I've said this. So he's sort of reiterated something that I saw him buried a few weeks ago. That the sabres. He thinks have probably already done background work on Quinn. And if they were gonna try to get him they might have to move quickly because other teams are interest dated him. And that sounded to me like a scenario where you might see them it if Elliott as we don't correct in this in this you know just look at it. Hire a coach before you got your GM just because of the timeliness of it if you think you need to move on the guy because someone else is gonna swoop in and take. Yeah but. Again who's helping the rule is in the making that decision. That that's the way to go if you're doing it to appease Jack cycle. No I would not agree with a if you. Really think he's the next thumping coming coach in the NHL and can be very successful in the jobs has nothing to do with Jack cycle. Having played forum before. Then that would be fine but. I know that that's a possibility that he can go elsewhere I still think I would rather have somebody in charge of the operation before I would start with the head coach. You've talked about all of a few different types of candidates here you mentioned Dudley and and you mentioned people who haven't had a job yet you any sense. Over what would be best for the for school was like what they might prefer I guess someone. Who's on the job Marty's won a couple of Stanley cups in LA. Person is someone who has only been as high is assisting media so far. Yeah they may want that experience guy who has won cops the only thing with Lombardi is. Is he made some really really bad decisions that put them on on the cap which is why they're the reason I think. Why they had problems in the past couple of years after winning some Stanley cups they Austin brown. Yeah Dustin Brown will be right on top Richards was involved was stuffed bear when it comes to salary cap and if you want a bigger Donald Paul putts. In the end you still won two cups. I mean let's let's be honest here if we said that the fans of buffalo right now with two cubs at that we're gonna which in salary cap jail they're gonna go to the bottom Italy. You sign up for that. Two cups one of the first round look like this from perfect yet. Just fall yes I sign up for that yes yes so I mean is a guy who knows hockey worked diligently. As one a couple of cops but there is a draw about physics I think he mismanaged the cap been mismanaged and signings which wound up being his undoing. People earlier shot down the suggestion that Russ Brandon would have a role in this so who does if if found. If word of you know accept that is is there no one. In the organization that you know of and I unassuming by the way you should know this cause but I don't know this person is and maybe. Maybe no one does but what what do you think Terry. And Kim do when I mean they've been through this so many times already Toomey beat. It there might be an answer this from from the past and then also I suppose there's also there there could be. These new. Route they were wanna take considering results. Well they've been around the NHL now for a little while and it developed friendships and and that type of things. Where people they can ask Ken Sawyer with somebody that when they bought the team they brought in to be an advisor I'd never like that idea. He was a guy that they aerial view was happy to let go a lot of the Pittsburgh organization and from what I hear her paper north snicker under his breath when the sabres wound up with a so I would hope that that wouldn't be. You know the direction they would go and I haven't seen his name on anything as far as being in the organization anymore. Hum they used to have Craig Patrick in the organization knew he was brought in your bio LaFontaine. He has since left the organization and I don't know what terms they are with him. If it left on good terms of the left on bad terms I don't know about. But he would be an excellent resource if you are on good terms with them. Yeah I mean Paul this is the the staff directory that I looked up today which is current enough to have. The general manager and head coach spots blank. That there really doesn't look like. That that person neither so lawyer's name nor Benson's name appears Benson was another man who came over from Pittsburgh when the rules football team. And was was thought to be a part of the inner circle there. Now not that you have in her circle members necessarily listed on an organizational depth chart. From from the goal is to Russ Brandon you're writing to. We'll sports and entertainment personnel and many in the hockey department you're into assistant GM and then scouts. So I mean I just. I don't know why I don't know who he's sitting with are very day he and his wife are sitting with. To try to figure this out but it's some it's a mystery to me right now. It marked the assistant GM is more a cap biologist. He would you know he was the guy that Marie would count on to our I. What time can we call up the hammer because we're up against the captain what would be the best way to do that. And you hole. Either one of the the amateurs we had an amateur scouting ahead of professional scouting. Ortiz assistant GM somebody is still. On the ball here because you. You have the Russian defenseman. Admin who. The sabres were in pursuit of it you would hope that we continue to be pursued him. Now back to be something we assistant GM could do it continues that suit. Be able land a defenseman just like the week Scott last year he was the MVP of the KHL tournament on defense beat Kato playoffs rather. And I get a broke a couple of records this year on defense so you don't wanna lose here momentum on that especially if you were very close to signing them. What happens if Peterson. Says today that he's leaving Notre Dame. What he would and I hope somebody's ready to go ya because you better be ready to go on that one. Again the assistant GM I think can be. The first American people we've done that because of the contract that you need to be signed in both cases. How about the deal with big feet about expansion draft that blows up I would think that smoke. Man that you don't have to worry about that for a little bit you know while so it. Doctor T eleven new GM in place by then you got a drought the NHL draft coming up and everything. That goes with that so but you still. Have to start worry I was wasn't worried about the expansion draft once Webber Wright I thought Murray knew we was gonna lose and that's that. But now I think you do where maybe not to give that a worry again because I think all bets are off. I think the Russian guys really interest thing. I don't know if they would have anybody be did you Mississippi mark. What was his name this air jet about ski mark check about asking like maybe he would know how to proceed. Unmet and it's about what because it's a contract I think Coca I think contract parameters when I would think would have already been discussed. It's an entry level deal so it's not much you can do with that. But then the kid might say it once they're MySpace things have come and play now are death the NHL players are currently Olympics to Wallace they indicate shell selected in the Olympics that department apply boys think watching that'll be really interesting and then of course to be signs somewhere else like is he a good player may be. You know that well that that could just be that's worth watching if the sabres don't have some. Plan to proceed with him and you know he's good. Best thing that's that'll be one McDonnell way. Or do I wanna go to organization as a complete write your ego like kids transfer out of schools were coaches get fired or believe. Seoul. Maybe and only a few and awkwardness Saber roster and understand there's a huge opportunity for him here no matter who the coaches you know I don't know how many options he might have in the NHL. I liked this idea. It sounds like he was good enough for me to care about this. So Woolsey may be the sabres can still do that this is season over. Yes it is playoffs ended Boca their team lost I think there is some. There's some timing and when. He can be sign aimed and not have to be subject to waivers. Leaving it to have to come for McCain HL to sign a contract in the NHL. I may first is the date I've got in my head. We did they may have Eddy they acted ahead of that then they'd run the risk of losing him to rivers and you would certainly not want to do that wouldn't. You would definitely lose that. You Simon drama waivers quite. That's idiotic. But are up but I'll buy I will agree and that's right and I'm bringing it up just to let fans know that if they're waiting on the Santa been thing. It it will beat the white we will take a couple of weeks. Are all the assistance fired. I would think yes but that wasn't in the release there's nothing they got to figure out by June 1 two answers three players from media. 2015. Drought that need to be signed on to Stevens. Asked upon us Wheeler. So those that to be done bite you again the assistant GM can handle probably. You know this just another thing that you'd use on industry prospects and go back in the draft. And the Rochester coaches were the other was announced on that either write that it was announced on that but he did say in his accident or view the other day that. You never know it's almost like he had an idea the way you asked a question. Easily bend their one year but it wasn't a great year. How model that is the players he was given how much of that was being a first year coach in professional hockey Rochester has been down about as long if not longer than the sabres they even have a good team in years. When. Thought it was a very successful coach in junior Dan lamb bear yet. Wolf say that so and it was his first trip through the prep for professional ranks and as he said he made some mistakes he learned some things. And I would love another opportunity the that's going to be up to the new general manager I would think right okay thanks Paul.