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It's Mike Hsu over. I know Bulldog. I drove home. One of the best sushi restaurants and ballclub that they won't sushi demise and it was great for your house yeah it was all of some of us. Well and that's a very good thing to have to win. Because you know hot it's not really put him at all Tony some right to invent the constitution would probably be terror related problems don't do it it's my shield fresh hot it beyond its not something you see above institution it's gonna get this garbage truck fresh Russian constitution. Here. He gets sued treat you open the lid and it's like steam comes out it. Hot hot hot hot topic I know Bulldog. Please write Ryan never knew that I know together I want you in my stomach. Believe that is just is always likable he. Might feel and called on me. What are you noted that a microwave in the Suu Kyi. Alcohol. WGR. Sports Radio 550. To think that this show can sound like like that sometimes. It's it's it's it's hot sushi and firings of this is always a fire team's performance art that he dreamed yes that's what it is the think you by the waged more effective. Saber stuff. Another day of reckoning here in our sports lives. Thank you all the people who've expressed to me on Twitter today it's been many I appreciate this. Please. Ignore the sabres and just talk about the NFL schedule back that up because that's really what I wanna do that and some food talked loses what. This is what today's this what today was made for. Generally speaking this is scheduled day IE I I wrote a piece today at the website even alluding to you like to do this. To you Friday read because it was about football and Mike you know that went out the window like put it up at 6 AM. And here we are you know 1030 or whatever million bottles required. But I'd Adeline and are scheduled a remarkable both. The governor before him I and I am doing that I'm not doing as well as I think I could be. Because I'm distracted by it work. Sure we'll try to work usually that is the work of the day that today guests watch some holiday qualifies. I I feel you people out there who want the schedule put together we do have we think we have bills home to the jets week one bills at the Panthers week to. May be home to the broncos' week three maybe at the dolphins week seventeen. And I believe. That the bills will not have a home night game. But that they will play at the jets on a Thursday night maybe we'll have a Monday night don't know they will definitely got us on the night c'mon mission. No I've been betting against them I'd go I'd actually bet. Literally against you on them having a Monday. Is an item I did that not just for the action I mean I really thought that I don't get on. July of action to reassure us or both and its connection now Thanksgiving. Rumors are that. It's the chargers and Dallas. In the night game is the giants the Redskins and the following Thursday night game is Washington at Dallas. So when he of Dallas and Washington and work sure to be a part of the primetime schedule. Let's get Specter calls on the sabres Tim Marie fired. Dan vials Maher fired here we are. Another new. Other shake up with the sabres. For that matter the bills and if I counted right. Terry Pakula who. Bought the sabres in February of 2011. So six plus years ago. Sabres coaches. Roth Ralston. Noland vials mullah. And whoever succeeds files mother there's a vacancy so it'll be five. In six years plus. Bills moral and this is going back to only 2014. The Rome quit. Rex. If anyway and if you want technically he Dawes count. And men McDermott not mean the coaches. In what is what ten seasons. The part at least of ten seasons not even full seasons right. Meanwhile. That is some that some wreckage. That is some wreckage respect to speak. I think back to. Us talking very early in the open tools ownership may be wild in these. And RC rebels were still employed in one way to explain them being still employed was that he had just taken over. And you wanna be the sort of guy remember you make this point you wanna be. We're perceived as an owner. Owner who's going to be a George Steinbrenner says owners should show up and I got a hasty in a year you can't do this job and I don't people. And we will more meg sure maybe that's a more reasoned approach and you are. Six years later and I mean it's just it's just there's bodies all over the side of the road. To your phone calls here's Mike on WG. Mike. Yeah I don't indicate Michael. Good thank you all act. I'll. I called back in November are here shell late November and now question why Murti but nobody. At its emerged job. But now I know it there and seen that their Internet and every lie I well epic in November because. I I get you do our job but it rebuilt the at all and he and he he lacked. Much waste. Player out there like it's not and her act like older players you know let the young guy. Play was stopped. Hi Kelly oh right you got the old soldier you're right Boyer I hurt. Yet many like your morals and lap dancing don't worry he should have complained that bad she simply at least. Our early in the year let you know let him about which rattled with their young guys they let all we got rid of all the way. Of their older players he would govern alone. Yes her and you yes that's why I felt like they are stuck in the mud your top are. Because we get it up and tell your record guy. Article what I got fired were terrible because still OK your molten hot and or out there. And have a lot and they you know without urgent about outdoor NHL I mean. That's why and what the goaltending latter I thought built such a when nursed a goalie two years ago Martin Jones can't tell that we're out there he he well which you you're hit guys. Well but wouldn't you are do are you arguing that Leno wasn't good this year casino ended up being good this year. Well. Not that morning good night I thought they had you know you think it's the I don't know letter still out there and air up or. There were bet are better ways at least all the ways to get a goalie of that caliber that's correct that's correct. Yeah that's right. Like her out I agree with every word of us I agree with every word that I think that was a real problem with the sabres and I think but I think. I I understood what Marie was going for in terms your first point. Because most people in hockey I would say think that the veil that there is value in what those players provide that is in a bowel. Goals are him and production but in terms of leadership in the east these sort of things that console we are glorified in this sport. And so while I'm with you would that that that that was a burden on this team yeah like I understood the reason for them in the third different. Arguments for each guy I suppose I would I put Georges on that list you don't play players that dragged down their overall. Quality. I mean art form. All right in the sabres sure you're right now. And I think the issue glitter he put the chance to see our article. This ought to me it's been all I don't feel like he has. Cat like McDade got and see this article inquire on the court and even not sure. People don't you know like all right good great you got money and its that they can't write this article you know. It might yes I've got to hope it'll happen but totally if you didn't think this was jacked Michael's team and if you've been paid attention the last forty hours. Like yeah yeah yeah. Right. It it definitely felt to me like Murray was leaning that direction whether he was actually going to choose the captain or not. Would be something that maybe we would've spent five minutes maybe at some point this summer debating whether the GM should do better it's the cold to the players don't however it's decided you know what's it any jokes. It's you know it's men and you know in the locker room. But I. That felt like it was in the cards this offseason. I don't know what happens now. Mean you you could you could get. Call it I'm not predicting that this will happen but it is one it's it's a page Aldous rubble for five hours today. They can hire somebody that's very old school. And does not appreciated all that. These players. Had it in for this coach. I don't know to what extent any of them mark said anything to ownership they were asked about the general manager but I I think you know. I respect false reporting on the story on Michael yesterday despite. All of the disputing that went on from the agents and the player himself I think there's obvious reasons why they would have disputed it. So you could end up with someone who shows up here and just says economic. Captain of my team does not do that to coat you've got to wait your turn you got to earn it. And I don't know what that means to who ends up being their camps in or what but. I mean that could that could happen. Well the the point about beliefs is well taken by the caller Mike mean that I would have to say that Marie didn't trust. A team that young to succeed he was. Think there and in pain in there with that is this point about his timeline that may have ended up costing them because. They went for a fast a sprint to the playoffs for a team that was so bad is two years ago. As opposed to what your point is good about comp for in this like if they just go if they Garcia. Men men you know hey this is coming this is coming this is coming maybe were annoyed and an upset. Maybe we RB two or not but the team feels like it's in it's in. You know in the shop and it's coming along in this year felt like. A bad year. Because of this because of expectations that they sat 95 points the memories sits there or loss and says yeah that was. What that's what matters that was our expectation but they were never good enough to do that he. They pounded and some of those veteran players and us too was he old enough to count some of these veteran players to produce for down. And help Jack cycle point you're deemed Jack cycle and the rest of bomb to get there and it didn't come close. So we don't what do you say about the GM when Mets the reality of it. 8030550. The number joy is now excite dole. They guys are you going their good I've got all worked curtain news. Pretty shocked. Now with the coach. What Laura wood Murray. Stand in is funny because you're so great that it top of the hour is that coaching carols so all the issues. Fired coaches in this same name comes out Brendan. I mean how much influence this guy. With the goal is ignoring. He I I I don't understand exactly what she thought I. He runs their business. He wrongs there sports teams business that's what he does. Easy is he asked sometimes about what they're doing what's going on with thirteen was probably sure. But what if you don't understand what is job is that is what his job is to make them money and I think he's good at it. Known architect by which you'd think. That they are Lawrence has called them. So if you get your old and a with more important right now here's Mary. Was a good cheer. What Goodyear. And the coach. Under your anger mean Ryan gone up outlook on. I mean war. Right I don't which myself I do not attribute that to Russ Brandon. But you're not attribute what happened today with the sabres to Russ Brandon I do think he is respected in this is just meat from the outside like. Like all of us here but I do think he he must be respected enough. By ownership. To be heard and to do his job I I can't imagine he's never arrest anything it in the in the role that he served for them but. He's the president of bowl teams and both teams are. You know a mess. In the last fruit so I don't think I I'm not about Richard and taking him off. Off the table is a topic here by that but I just don't think he's responsible for these things. And his job is for them the business side of things and I think that's successful like he must beat. Successful at that to still be employed. They all got what. I mean that they've they've been my point is. The main objective is to win. And utters and we went. In different sides are winning. I mean he might been a matter of fact I got its interest in my son called me and said breweries in the next. Bellic bring in a big name guy that everybody loved the Bob one I love and so you know I'm over here in New Hampshire. But you don't just bring Amanda told C. Not get all the good Ole. They article the seats. Yeah that was great but here you're suggesting that. That the business guy would suggest they hire someone who would be popular because it would go over well for business is basically what your concern is and look I hear you is that what summit or was. It's and that's what we suffered from Rex Ryan. And also not hit it as far as what but more concern. You don't yeah what I remember reading things yet you he had caught. But they ran him out of Pittsburgh beaten on a plentiful. I don't know if you know the unity go to great opt. Well I don't think Russ Brandon hired bile small I think Rex is right I think my I think Ross would've been an important voice on Rex but. Saw McDermott is in no marketing no maybe that's a departure like it it seems there's been an effort made. It feels very much to me. Like you know EUU laid out what Ross dollars in I think that's right. What what his job description is. But there's never to me even more than half. Effort from both organizations to sort of make sure they are distancing him from anything related to the athletic endeavor we beat the actual the games became the choosing of the players and people run. Hooters players what whatever it is but there seems to. And I mean that tells you I added that should tell you something with they'd recognize that there's a problem there early this caller is asserting they went. When Rex finally bought it. All or was Kirk or really even before he'd he'd he'd been fired. But there was that months of speculation about it prior to the Pittsburgh game and it just went on and on. I know why average to bring in our dislike. You know what I've known this guy and on and off the air publicly and privately but I don't I'm ready to talk about getting about a year like this is just it's just that he's presided over nothing good. Kelly great to business is good. But where are the results for the team out if you keep that job. So I understand anybody's frustration with that I do I do too. Sales. Bryant or his job and I think he he goes deeper than just the bottom line on that. Like he was the go between between Ralph Wilson and Terry the goal he was with the league in that way. And he played an important role in that I wondered if Ross media would make it through once the goal was bought the bill's gonna head to head black. And the bills had. By the way I don't canoes the bills were on a terribly long playoff drought. You know Ross brand and things to a larger extent. Over there in the middle of that period apart from just business so but he didn't have to make it the way I've thought about it at that time but he did. And you know the bill's business by all accounts first I'm well aware is amazing. No nobody the these teams do not. Struggle it seems to fill seats in mean that's part of a story here with this these times we live in you've got teams that are just a disaster in some ways. On the field on the place but how's business. Do you do you know anything about Saber season tickets dropping off they raise the prices every year the team gets worse and that is still true now so. I don't know if if they if they this argument about him is about money. And I think that is going to be most if not all the argument. Like what is where where am I looking to see that it's not going well the deal the only. The only challenge I've got with a all of that right now is I'm back to the staff directory page. And you. Lose fair. It's Terry and Kim unload there is Ross is named president alternate governs the sabres not the bills. President alternate governor imagining managing partner president who grew sports and entertainment. And then from there it's all just put gruel sports entertainment people. And then I get into the hockey department and were in the scouts. So who much like win. We pondered it like one of the bill's gonna do the good clean house and start over the. Who helps them do that. Today just go out on the earlier they are they calling. Calgary ownership. To ask that you talked to the Calgary GM may be I mean maybe it'll be I think his contract is up bread travelling is the man's name. Bum. Wars that are someone in the organization that sort of gonna help steer candidates to them. If that I don't know who that is lawless is my best guess I don't I don't know Wilson would be I don't either this is a new. New a new part of the story now with this because. Right and the sabres are in. In the what is the word in the weeds and right now like who. Are out of the I don't know Ali percent may be a sand and it and it and it seems. To me like if it were him. Blue blue blue wave they've been handling. Him publicly. Lately. I would bet they would rather we don't. Just because of the caller we just I agree with today they would rather not have. I don't really don't want turtle tomorrow morning to sit down at a news conference and say Russ Brandon is going to be your search. Cannot predict that's going to happen but they would almost definitely not want him to say that if it were happening I just don't we didn't want that help anybody's asked. 10 o'clock tomorrow dale 8030550. Much show the Bulldog WGR. It's quite got a strong team. You know I mentioned Dawkins and scouting staff in the work that they put in all season long for next week we're going through that process now in terms of respecting that process really with the meeting times and stack in the poorer and make sure we know these players again off the field and on the field and and how they fit us on the field in the scheme theater went through whatever it is and so. We respect that process or scouts to a great job. Coaches have done a great job with that process and so the communication now it's important we begin to an attractive. Sean McDermott should've mentioned in the headlines the schedule comes out tonight in the NFL and some leaks around that the bills opened at home with the jets. Go to Carolina a week to. And rumors have the Broncos your week three. Bills and dolphins week seventeen. There is a report from New York the bills well heaven on a Thursday night game at the jets. And my information is the bills will not have a home night game. That's I think all we have right now a lot of other. Atlanta New England is week seven so in the nineteen weeks at stuff like that's why around but these are the only bills ones I have. New England Kansas City expected to be Thursday night's season opener. It will be New England into yup. Here's Tim excite him. Well Mario okay Jim thanks telling us. Yeah thanks. This wanted to comment on the whole situation where they portray an Arctic they. I'm a little bit stick by about them firing Murray. I've been a long time mini cup holder and I'm busy and hang. Responsibility. A responsibility on the clueless right now like. Every year ticket prices go up and you know that the economics how things go and special sports herbal Bild newspaper's site. Now it's partly a result and with Murray gone and kind of the plan scrapped for the sabres. You know I'd like this is a result like I'm not sure Mary knew Miami back next here. Not sure what they've marked up but not until then. A time but the in the papers right now yeah it was. Results could beat. What drove this I mean there's all there's a lot to consider. You know as are all that is. Maybe don't wanna say especially around the Google owned teams it could do there's. You know reports of dysfunction and drop Mullen infighting and whatever. So there might very well be some some eggs being that boiled over that caused this. Or it could have been something that was just sort of sitting on the stole all season. Because the results were horrendous I mean seventeen points out of a playoff spot. For a team that last year improved dramatically from the previous year if you're looking for progress not necessarily even a playoff spot at least being a lot. They never really were off to left so they finished far out of it and we have a caller in the very beginning of today's show. Maybe in the bonus coverage our between two and three when we went on early that said it's all going on in Miami today that made mention of the fact that Murray didn't do anything. You will know the you could trade for someone to replace Jack Michael Wright but. There were reasons to think there was a problem with this coach and wave the team was performing would've been I think. Board made by removing the Cold War did at some point this season but that did. There were no win season moves of significance. Trade deadline came and went and nothing happened not that I expected her to act when someone trying to save the season. At the trade deadline as it turned out where they were in the standings but he didn't even trade. Veterans for assets. Mid round picks or anything it's nothing happened all year or two when bought. And it might be that. He showed up to talk of the bullets and they asked him why didn't do everything. Removal what are we paying for rescheduled for your contract extension and you kind of just let this season go by. I would understand that I mean it's a tough spot there was no easy fix but teams do who change out coaches. If management or ownership thinks the team is underperforming even good teams yeah. So it's possible that at some point this year January February before it was too late around the time saying it was removed Ken Hitchcock. We talked about it that day. Was is something the signal should do. I've been I know what's irritable assistant Marcus. And you know with his news coverage is I think the few words about her. But he says. Look at our record wasn't good enough when I tell you I was here for then. But I think it in the good sabres can represent that it's as simple as that mean they they were worse this year they saw what Toronto did look at our record. And while Marreese being fired disappoints me. IE don't think it has to mean. Much. To their future a lawyer different general manager who will internal hire a coach and they could be good. We'll see what the moves are but they could be good I like Marie. More sleep too I wanna say mostly because I thought he was so interesting to listen to. That's just talked to were to listen to me I'd like to have a memory around and like I liked him as a sports fan in this town likes having to Emory around. But bill or GM who'll do stuff. And I have Jack Michael on my team and I think that puts me in a better place than most teams to win in the coming years that's what I think. Tom is next on WG RI Tom. I had a question about which you expect lenders future may be and that in the short term you're worried guy the first round draft pick. I ain't gonna have a new GM and new approach who may not appreciative of somebody who's as mobile. And it Lennar has them up personally and the light there at the auto refresh which comic routine where there's a lot of answers and pebble spit out at you know in this tapper there's a lot. But I just don't know what that new approach and GM's domestic somebody who's as willing to point their fingers at other players and and whatnot. You know coming in fresh. Question now. Tour cards are a fair question I think what though although the worry most about is how often he stopped the clock. And how much it's gonna cost to have him stop the clock. And those two things I I think I mean this year is an indicator that he's pretty good at stopping the clock. I'm not. Particularly ready to say I'm sold bottom and they don't have the B new GM I think should show up and maybe handle Leonard the way that I am inclined to believe Murray was gonna handlebar. Butts talk about a a short term deal here and see if you can maintain. What you did last year and your first real chance as a sixty game player for us. And we'll take it from there thanks. Boy there are so many questions that are all brand new. Immediately all Brando. And any of them that existed before starting with what about Robin Lehner. How would I answer that somebody calls up two days ago and says. What do you think happens with Robin letter and Mike first move is to think about what Tim marine has said what he's done traded forum. Trader first round pick forum said this in the bat in the past has shown this tendency is Jian whatever. And then you give an answer. Lennar. Gionta maybe. I mean a lot Evander Kane. All the guys that we've debated. So in some cases for a long time. Whoever this new person is comes in with his current or her own attitude about them. And what they want an I don't know what that is I don't even know if that attitude. Gives them a better or worse chance of landing the job. There's Terri a cool wanna hear. Well first all he's gonna wanna see your resume and I assume they're gonna want experience here I don't care they get it but I think they're gonna probably want that. And then he is is he gonna wanna know. Brought her. Philosophies. Just what what's your style what's your philosophy about this. End and make a decision from that. Which I think is more likely. Or is gonna wanna know what you wanna do with Robin Lehner. And if he's looking for certain answer mean Robin Leonard doesn't rate quite high enough for that but just specific. Specific situation in which case then. The goal is the defect and general manager of the team but that's what he wants when you know we could do the things because that person's boss that he wants to see Don that's why I think that's probably not how this works. It's probably instead broader. Full philosophical. Opinions and and beliefs. So sure I would've considered. Two days ago thinking how Murray would would handle minor but. To me out the changes were winning when a new version. I think necessarily the same answer he's a goalie was good. We're not sure how good and how sustainable what he did last year is so long bradys and our face and we control them. In all that that meet a computer spits out the same result regardless of whether dean Lombardi your memories and mr. Right but another guy yeah I agree that another guy can not like him but were all right and say the same thing and do the same thing but he's thinking to himself. You know some of the things you criticize one or four technique wise or whatever. I don't think this or that or he might have some other idea and mine's mother player he knows again got to be comes from Chicago or LA or some other organizations. Like you know. What I'm gonna do right now but Scott darlings ready to be number one goal lead right gonna find anybody get him in the he's going to be my guy in the that's right that's right it's a variable sure you Murray. Probably head specific plans with. Either Anaheim or Minnesota or some other team to improve this team's defense. Whoever they hire will have some all all different. Otherwise calibrated ideas and that could be with the team there Rhett they could be was taught. All I hate camp Boller would never trade for him very well who knows it all wanna build around McCabe or something like. I mean I don't mean to say that everything here is just. Kooky. But it's really different it is now does the new guys show up. And called George McPhee Las Vegas in advance of the expansion draft pick. He I heard you had a thing fixed up with Murray here and destroy our freedoms are you breaking yes. Thank you Iowa who. What I mean because you know the favor was done by the sabres organization ultimately timber was the man who made. Happened. I was a Saber Spielberg you know no wonder does that cross over to the new GR. If that is jerked her feet sort of I'm sorry I don't know who deuces and. 8030550. Back your calls after a timeout much over the bulldogs great emotions keep puck daddy coming up at 6 eastern this is WGR. It. Only affected today's deal of the day for my vocal perks. Solid second and did it speaks for its right here in the hands. That's a fifty dollar certificate develop Vista restaurant in Niagara Falls for only 25 dollars bella Vista restaurant offers great Italian food. Including hand roll impostors of homemade pizza without standing view of the Niagara river from my vocal perks dot com here's Joseph on WGR joke. Say yes they don't good from. In regard to Murray. Fires you know he really don't start with a can. You know what young guys who are excellent. Twenty producing on the outside of the but the puck but it just seemed like the defense was neglected and bowel mullets. You know came from a team that was the highest scoring team aren't really need analysts that style of defense. And I just think from the very in and you know all of march and here to rebuilding process she's she's really cannot be comfortably side. It only way to get these young guys find there a potential. On the and get the nut is and not have to worry about going on the other yeah on the other side of the Blue Line and it just. Don't let your optimistic that the team into the this year we never got that warm feeling that the team that. You know I don't match what in the Pletcher and unfortunately I was I was correct so. You know I think you look at young got a Riley came right our uncle. Quote so I mean. Really good up and quote we have other than on and on. You know you know playing defense that he's a really. It'll be comfortable about going on in the future. Yet right Joseph thanks I don't think it's by neglect so much you could use that word I guess as it is just you know he was wrong. And I'm disappointed to lose Marie I thought he was interest thing and I was optimistic for him but. You know time ran out on him before I thought it would and did the the defense was bad. And he pulled out there and he stood by it if it matters after the season. He agreed with the criticism of it with the cool look off trade but it just was not good and so this was a bad team this is not. Firing people. Where your team might not be as bad. As you think or anything like that in my mind you know that they were bad they were definitely worse. The last year and so if it's too so that's one argument but. At least you know we're talking about a team that was a big disappointment. And defense is where a lot of that criticism. Along and and were once you know most people I think agree on that. They just do not have a good defense at all. No. Equipment. What do they got me. I'm not I'm not down on McCabe I think Bristol line and still going to be a good player and branding tool. That's got ice in glee hasn't played hardly at all you have who goes in for years to come out of Georgia still under contract. You have Faulk still under contract. As well so you've got bodies and you can rule them out there or gridlock moving memory I don't know but you still have. If you have bet and it's like it or not you have new GM has that. Maybe you hire somebody to be the GM might regret this that you know. Has a has a guy in the league has a friend in the league that really loves. Certain players on the Buffalo Sabres and just you know you can unload them. Maybe you do like that parents are. 8030550. Back your calls after sports another one of these days Mike show in the Bulldog WGR.