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Is my first GM job obviously much I think some opportunities in the past to get my name in the ring and this first time that I thought that. Some real serious job and and the right situation in the right time for me to come to a simulate buffalo school where you're going to strap on your boots strap on your skis and worker. Your call every year is doing a lot else you told the Chicago batch of 2011 out of mind but it's gonna take time and they wanted 2006. Today's society. Yeah a lot of this Laurie you know we wanted to now we want an album by now if you can't execute the plaid you're never gonna win it and you court the bottom and that your work your way up you can take short cuts. I don't see here I felt great here and they've been very supportive. I can't think of one time I've gone to them with the idea that in all they've said all were. Even questions all. I've felt very secure and I guess it's you know what you're going in the last your your deal. I guess the vote of confidence when you can get a deal done and don't have to wait till June 30 when she. Is great for me and my family obviously. I was put in our resident is there anything I have my dog feels good then it was a pretty simple process who. And Ryan bring in the room down that was from opening night this year the last Arthur Murray talking about the contract extension. He set with a us for those home opener against Montreal. He was late because of that because of that that'd just greenery was signing whatever but yeah. She would instrumental version of metal world like us. Yet the pieces like it's like Muzak version is even more depressing they took. Tickets are really depressing song and took the words out of them. Try to make it less depressing is that I don't know forgot it. Tim Murray fired them miles of fire from what all of the 030550 let's get right back to your calls feel like we've just been sitting here for the last half an hour listening to a I don't know if you to other losing Ryan talk here's bill on WG RI bill. A right OK thanks. Alberto all chip except in a little responsibility produce much they've created that all right. It seems like they've got a history of debt artery and Ed pigeons. And this debt everything. I'd like to see them it's as soon as things go wrong it's me or somebody. Like the French from themselves. And like this finger pointed at them a little because I beat the lap the two. Well I mean they own the teams yeah they they have everything to do would mean it it is all alternately entirely on them. I don't know that you fire Tim Murray today to deflect attention away from you or failing ownership. I think of anything firing Jim Murray today draws more attention. Two there are failing ownership because it's another it's another person taken out back who as we just heard. Early in October received the vote of confidence of a three year contract extension if any thing it. It is it ratchets up the questions about their competence as owners to meet firing the coach would have been. I think predictable all. And I'll just say that because I was calling for it. It would of made sense the team's performance on the ice vs the tail and they had while not perfect far from it. Was still batterer I think then the results they got from the coach see you make that change. And you keep moving and we're not in here today I don't think talking about. There were ability to get this right but. Good morning flame thrower on ball hockey department. Did see you there. I mean the expansion draft is coming. The draft draft is coming. And they make this move today and then there watching big football practice an hour later. I I get why you wonder like are they gonna get this right and how all tuned into getting it right. Are they go about to beat. Yeah I mean you want accountability it's a familiar complaint from fans about people in power. He can't fire himself from war what would constitute that sort of accountability you crave somebody get standing there yelling madam I mean what would that be. He's not gonna just quit as owner. Tomorrow he'll speak and humility is in order. Mean this is gone terribly all of it both teams since he walked in. I mean the facilities are nicer and everything but really the performance of the teams for a guy who boasted about I don't wanna we just won Stanley Cup. Oh here we are six years later and it's a mess. You've you've got. Your firing your coach and general manager. Six years after. Taking over ownership when you've barely even sniff the playoffs. So having said all that though I remain a bit. The odds I would've given the sabres to be either a playoff team or cult team. In the coming few years really don't change today. They just don't. Michael is who they need. Talent is what they need. Coaches come and go even GM's I like to Marie they can replaced simmering and they can certainly replaced them Viles law they will. And that is not going to. Move me off for that at least too much I hope I know I won't get it. I hope they replace Marie with numbers young numbers guy. Because like that's the way sports is moving I think there's a better chance they replace him with old play the game the right way guys. And so I'll be sad about that but I won't predict. I won't guarantee failure you can't do that the sport is pretty even competitive balance is strong in the NHL and they have a great player. But they hired dean Lombardi I don't know what what does it is he old. Play the game or wait guys maybe right I mean he's been he's been around any day. They want to Stanley cups in that team dominates the numbers. But whether his approach is that are not maybe it's just happy accident but he's assembled a team other missed the playoff to your general while dominating possession but. He knew how to put team together that can play that way Ariana coaxed that could make this team play that way maybe together. There are the both. They missed last year that lost San Jose last year they lost wholesalers price are right maybe you're that was in a three nothing series. If that's I'm confused that's a differ here and LA ran the San Jose anyway yes. I don't know we'll see what I wanted the two and she would go on and they're already like two dozen names on your twin aisle today upper right who replaced I'm really all I'm really doing is saying. This is just to enhance the quality shouldn't. Booed the profile of the guy the age of the guided higher. Should not necessarily dictate whether or not. They're going to be able to play the game in ways that wall and be successful because you know you Marty you and Darryl Sutter might be evidence of that I don't know how much respect they have for the numbers but they played numbers dominating. Here's Dan on WGR again. But Billups loophole. Children the I. You know you fire boat to and our late Jim Murray. Winning and all right police come don't do what your calendar we have on your roster. Agree that the coach and urging annual marine interchangeable black people from where Marie. If say the fact that you're in the days broad street reporting good enough. You're doing what. We understand an owner like. Me and he got here. Yeah no or yes or at the roster wasn't good enough or the colts couldn't get enough out of the roster and he didn't do anything about that either. And that could you know it is but it's worth noting while he would not expected him to make a trade. It is in lieu of the Jack Michael injury which happened to be for the season started but there was not a but I don't scramble and find. A nineteen year old superstar replaced my nineteen year old superstar like I mean it's idiotic you can't do that right Iran knows. The season just went by and what happened. Justin falcon Taylor for doom came up and down from Rochester a couple times there was one trade Eudora was the minor league right bold he cared about Sheikh. GAAP per there's bode is something a roller right. That's. No no coaching move no nothing and then you know as interesting as it is to ponder. Articles role in all of this at least is a pertains to the code from what Paul had reported yesterday. Or. Personality conflict. The coolest balking at some of Murray's style which Kevin Allen from the USA today's writing about today. What what ever it is. It's possible the Google is dissent with him and when you do want to do we think this year and this year looks don't. You know what. Good fur all the different ways will talk about him he he strikes me still very much as a fan. Who owns the team and is a billionaire public offense. And might he be that guy got it sitting in the arena watching his team play going to some yes. I think you could be why you strut you want what it fans everywhere asset to him. Tim what is Toronto Doug 95 points in the playoffs. And I'm down well what happened. What's the answer to your. Good question I don't know the answer is. What does emerge say why did you do anything well there wasn't moved to make a robo I was just talk what you talked with a sometimes. And at the end of that do you still end up with your publicity they're going. I am so army and I like bullet. Didn't do we. Moved Brad is on WGR Brad. I put Doug Stewart sort of stole my thunder because I was gonna ask you guys if you thought that that. They think that the the maple leaves had something to do with it vying to dig I I think that depth of bullets are developing. I'm a reputation. As a no nonsense type of reputation because down. You look on the football side indoor hockey side they believe given each year in the results went there and they cleaned how are. Now on the football side of course Whaley still here but but wreck in in his coaching staff to go on. I I didn't think I'm optimistic with the hockey team more so than football team I think we have. Hockey team I you know we have hold that bill and whatnot but I would very disappointed and I thought the under achieved this year because. I do think that we should have me declared I think we're better than some of those teams in the playoffs. I'll hang up and it in your guy's comment thank you thank you. Not sure who in the playoffs that are better than. Well by it by performers there were not close friend to an hour on the team but no doubt that that could give you I think that you can get the coach. That they should have been better zarrella performed better in and thus had a better result and more chance of being in the playoffs. You know I don't do you get right to Toronto again later in May be I hope. We get a chance to talk to Marie ever reached out the sabres today. Expressing my sadness for him. As after he was let go. Usually. I did not specifically ask for in an interview because usually. Once guys are fired like Darcy is worth on this out they say we're don't handle that more. Once the route around so I think that was have to come from Marie at some point. I got there was no burning like that but I'd I'd love to Wear whenever he is comparable doing it I hope that we get that opportunity to. We scheduled those New England schedules been leaked in the bills do not play New England. At all according to this at all right a lot of break what operate the new would the rare New England box. So the bills today you can play the dolphins and jets three times. No New England while this crazy I can't believe Derrick hasn't had this in damage broken and I should stop this is ever won those diseases. Mark works round of the patriots radio network as the patriots schedule he claims and the bills don't play the patriots until December. The four week thirteen here December 3. Week sixteen their Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas. Man. Chris. And it's fine if that's right. I'm five if that's right then road games last two weeks like we were sort of thinking because the juniors in the outdoor game newer fields so right we think it's at New England that Miami right to end the season schedule comes out any. We've got the jets here week one at Carolina week to. New England here we thirteen. Rumors of Denver here week three. At New England week sixteen at Miami week seventeen. At the jets on a Thursday night somewhere. Ands no home night games if you've got the New England schedule are they playing the jets in week seventeen. This leaked version here. Yes okay the man doing that would cinch bills and dolphins to close sees right go to later asked me that here's Brian on WGR Brian. They they. Culture on file my. And and Murray and they connect with the players that he do enough I question you guys it is just. Irvine probation is what accurate member. While we're at Murray. Stop lean mean for August okayed it does that banking. We obviously worked super happy about the trade. But looking back is they're exempt player that. That we traded away it is really blown up. I don't think anybody from the from the equity trade is really O'Reilly opt for all Reilly yes well. Where would hurry up until that point he would win and I think he was seeing biblical way he's handling it pretty straight you regret going out. I don't want your opinion on did I find it ever lose the trainer where is that the wheels off I. I think I'm glad you asked it this way I wouldn't say he lost in the of those trades he did give up a lot of potential a lot of youth. In those trades no Drew Stafford Tyler Myers. Am Gregor Blanco evens the Doral but just off to me still is young enough that that that could that could turn into a player. Tootsie jury's out on them but those other three or whatever. But what what what he did. It is push. It is chips into the center of the table maybe sooner than he needed to buy a you don't Joseph he'd he'd jump this timeline he moved note. Guys that we I think it's a fan base were braced to wait for. And ready to be patient for you know I remember sitting here with you before the king trade got made. And even like the off season before that season started to as the right car draft here talking about waves of prospects. It's going to be there there's just so many guys that. I don't need all of whom to turn out but there's so many possibilities. That if tour three of them hit. I also. And that list was pretty long and then the train started happening and included some high draft picks too and next thing you know oh we're down to. I've got back tees and I've got Billy he and now got bullied although he's pretty flesh. Am now I'm waiting on ask one who just got drafted last year and instead of GT copper shown up a brand new immune showing up exit door off developing here. And what I the first round pick I traded for Lennar the first round pick I included in the game trip. None of that skier are none of it is pending its new we're not waiting for it to hit the beach. And what that end we end up there is where you better win you you know traded Paul Riley. He's ready to play and help you be good you traded for Evander Kane he's ready to play and help you be good I've got Ryan art I've got my goal let's go. And when you fail to go at that point. The GM can pay the price and I think that's a part of the story here coaching is weaved in there. Court Rodman of ESPN made a point on Twitter about Powell there isn't anybody here from the first Marie draft really. Making it Reinhart. Is. A player on the team his value he's also the second overall pick from the draft is no one else according to court from and from that first Marie draft is close the league. So you're into three years later and don't have any reward from that they were the worst team leader were drafted first ever round. And the reason. There isn't talent here from that I think he I think there's what you said there might be that there is. The high end is good but the middle in the bottom are not good in the goaltending did not. Lose games for this team either but the middle in the bottom and that is in those big trades you know those guys that were traded away may or may not have been in those roles. Jane O'Reilly. And those cases played all the time played big minutes like they were important players on your team what about the rest of it Molson a free agent signing. Georgia's coming in with Gionta and Gionta as well. Players like this where where. What are we doing there. The goal is Eunice Myers I think that that's pretty much a wash so I would have had Myers at the goes you know I think it's the smoke close enough to the same thing. And then you have the mystery that is crystal line. And Marie might walk out of here thinking when he really doubt that he wouldn't have done this already every day. But what what really did happen here is a lot of us are doing right now but the caller where'd he go wrong. They. Need to have needed and need crystal line and to control games not karlson on that level nobody's on that level but on a level comparable with the next. The the best defenseman in the league Warren in the top five. Right. That's a ball right at least and what they got was a team that got run over when he played. Worse than when he was on the bench. So they have got to figure that out and I wonder in time or have fear that can be a coach that they can be related to coaching. But as far as him being an elite player in May not be I hate. My money's on will never been a lead player because you can't beat this this bad. Stat wise for years and ever beatle league player to me he can he play for them you'll probably. So defenseman widening your cool look off here if I didn't mention him. That was a real move for these guys that was a real move from Murray Cook off was going to be a big help to them he thought and it. It flopped he got hurt. Together the injury will not I mean. I said you know there's hardly matters now but. I was looking forward to watching that. And sort of out. Arguing about but to be eating that. Whether the key helped crystallize and whether you help them overall as opposed to classic who was good in the in the areas you're describing. And a freaking malfunctioning bench door. Meant not just dabbing deadlock with a player a player who catcher's foot and a crack in the joys and terrors me up with something like anything can happen. But the open stores that. A few days literally one of the next gains there at the door to the same thing he wasn't even required. That did in the cold softly. Maybe a bold is terrible no matter what I thought you all year I thought of living but we don't know and that kind of sucks for Murray. I know later really wished we'd have seen. Eighty games of cool Carter in seventy games he missed it came here there with various maladies fine. He said at the at the press conference the last couple games he felt like he really had Kool caught finally the original small consolation to 88030550. Another one of these days much over the bulldogs were read experienced of this that you know maybe not good but. We certainly had our share these days lines are open we'll be back after the update on WGR. That you know why there's not many of these jobs available you know that's one thing so whenever one becomes available. There's people who are adjusted but also I mean. You've got five goals and that's attractive. You know use he's a really talented player. You got an order that's got to willingness to spare him you know that's that's attractive I just think good. Just judging from Nevada feedback I've got an early there's a lot of people looking to get involved here. Elliot Friedman on WGR earlier today and one piece we have not spent much time on and three and a half hours is what happened yesterday. The report from Paul Hamilton that made national news how Jack cycle he believes from sources says. Made it known that he wouldn't sign a new contract years piles more still here. And so one question for Terry the Golan will be did that mean anything today. You could and every spent most of yesterday talking about this take you to think that like piles Mo would be in trouble but would the sabres want to. Delay any act any action aid or avoid any. Speculation that what Michael said or is. Reportedly you know always alleged to have said wood with that would that have been importance. It in this cause the sabres were probably not want you do think that. And then you have Murray too and I just wonder like what our goal is thinking today right lake. A huge shake up and I wonder. If he feels at all responsible. I wonder if Terry the gore has reached out to him. What if he's the most important piece now. And he's he's the one. Right you know he's a survivor if you will and I I I wondered yesterday at one point weather and. Do this news. About Michael yesterday becoming public. Would make. Ownership or even Tim Murray I was focused on bottles well wasn't anything about Murray being at risk. Would make. Them reluctant. To move on the coach because of the appearance. All of it being our equals doing. You wouldn't want to settle in nineteen year old kid with the reputation. Of having off his first broke coach. What are we left with. There's still the building is daunting and like our goal is to sort of stand emeritus fastest soup a he's dogged amoeba that's fine we'll go a bit but the goal is. Were sort of had whatever reason they had to do what they did today. And it could just be the base they they believed that the coach wasn't connecting with the players and they wanted to replace. And that Marie didn't do anything about that soon enough IE to salvage this season either to the roster or with the coach. What by doing so they've left their most important asset with the appearance of blogs it's. As not a great egg and it's not something that should stop you from doing what you think is the right thing personnel wise with your hockey department. Boy the timing is off no doubts tomorrow that they will deny Terry the global denied that Michael's comment if he even. Acknowledges it or just passes it off as you know that mean media or something like meet these people tend to do. No doubt in my mind he will deny if asked if there was any. Any thought of that in these moves right like to jump the he would. Whether it's true or not know that they're not up their under oath these people but there's in my mind there's no way he would say that what Jack eichel said. Meant anything today to these decisions but we'll see maybe he'll be wrong. Here's Tom on WGR a little time. They've got high. Well it goes dead. So they had in the eighties but. I'm kind of surprised by tens inspiring. But did a decent job. Establishing a core group of players here. Obviously some some draft picks. For a acquisitions betrayed were. As sketchy but I think he did pretty decent job and I'm here. Well I'm looking more towards we're gonna bring index has turned overly. President of hockey operations there near him and the warned the one name that was action. That I had never really thought of before it was Chris. You had no idea what he's doing over it was. USA hockey. I mean he's a proven winner in the NHL and college mean winning. And he's a little kid I mean. We've got B es car eazy e.'s assistant GM with the Rangers. I'm not sure either what is wrong with USA hockey news. I mean like I can find out. I I might I might be inclined to look right now if I took the idea of him being their GM seriously. And I guess right now I'm not inclined to and I might be wrong about that because may be the coolest can convince him. That this is a great idea for him but. This just came up yesterday at some point talking about him. And this city I was an overall point about how obsessed we are with these teams and how the cycle story is such huge news here in. You know we had a baseball game going on maybe you wouldn't be as big a news. And Drury when he left here. Was quoted is sounding to me very much like a guy dude in love with your because of the fishbowl. So he went to New York in part. Two mobile closer to home plate for a team we always dreamed of and also kind of regain a sense of anonymity which escaped him here. Where you know he talked of going to the grocery store and having talk about the power play. So I don't over it really fits for him to come back here to be the general manager of the team because. That fishbowl is not any different if anything it's more intense than it's ever been. I don't want anybody whoever played for this team to be the GM. And I certainly don't need anybody who ever played in the league to be the GM. They're all kinds of terrible teams with coaches who played in the league. I want this team one of our teams solemn day in our lifetimes. To make like. It's in keeping with the modern trends of professional sports and that is data and that is young. So I know that there's this whole faction of fans who always want somebody who wore the blue and gold to be in charge. And I just could not care less about that and that means I am. Dismissing out of hand potentially good candidates like Chris Drury I know. I am sick and us delta. I am sick of this idea that because. You played for the team somehow you'd be good at coaching or running it. It's a ridiculous score relation. Completely. Not. Important or trustworthy as a core relation in the stuff not worth caring about. If you follow the sabres are you like the more because. The coach or the GM is somebody you used to root for fine. Respectfully I don't want these owners doing it like that. So Chris Drury sorry for me he falls on that list with. I guess Phil Housley a lot of other people that again might be. Good I know I might be. Blowing that off wrongly I just sick of it I'm second missed Alger as appoint a secular with the bill's second with the sabres there's no reason. Why this team which has a great fan base should have to consider that as an important thing. The best candidates are probably not. Your former players probably now. Here's Josh next on WGR Josh. They are here and there aren't yet. I just wanted to touch on the planes are reachable or alleged breech about a robbery try to mortgaging the future. And pushing his chips or does it seem the president wanted to catch you guys that you think that was influence but for gore at all. And another reporter wanted to make is that I think in hindsight. We're seeing more than worth looking at right now. Who would have let it smarter and just trying to that the topics were double in the NH all of that while the other fixed but I mean there are treated away though and miners. They would've been ready for the NHL after Warner true years like ordinary heard restoring Ambien nor Mitchell and such as brought those guys and and then bring new corporate said he turned it just sought to discipline me. Traditionally. Get a candidate ultimate and most of oracle or sooner I think there. All lol picks in the first round or even in northern first. What was O'Reilly in the pick Ameritrade last pick of the first round or late first round was that Iran. Somewhere out there. Remember the so it bite by this second round your it kind of a long shot for the players who on whatever team making the leak. Or did you detect something to other in this scenario. Oh what one of resilient ships are that we could've got started getting later which some world junior team. For Russia or. And over there will be guys we traded away here for Cain are we gonna guy. Big horse and who is not NHL yet but he's a lot handed defenseman are screech prince measures circumcised men can. Boca well that what do you know find great I'm glad that you know that it would record the sabres to pick those exact players. Row which they may or may not have gone than in this case they have a good goalie M at 48 goal scorer leather team. Yeah sure like I'm uncool. Right yeah the book is that the the one I'm making it. I don't know they'd be better off if they done that. But Murray I think would have preserved his future longer that's why make that point is not to argue that. I don't want O'Reilly you're keen on the team that those are even bad trades what they end up being is perhaps. A key piece in like Tim Murray gets fired today. Because of those guys that you're talkative Jacob Larson is he's scratching at the door to get here and Samsonov displays and for Russia in the world juniors. And he's my goal we of the future. Then. Tim Murray. In talking with us every couple weeks during the season is telling us what Sampson office doing while he's playing junior hockey and were like waiting for these guys to get here. And our expectations are high. But. It's all based on the year after or the year after and it's never really. It's never demanded that they be good. And instead he traded away all those possibilities. And was left with you better be good and guess what. I mean I sent here for a decade waiting for either marik Zagreb and Robert Pearson or. Who's the TJ Bryant and Michael these guys who were sort of picked in the middle first round or later and yes of robbers are Dennis person yet you know. Good good point Josh I just. I there there's a there's a point at which you think may be just what this other strategy would have worked and then there is. You're crazy for not doing it and I think this one is in the first group. And I you know you could do what you could've gone other things all along and your point is I think right that he could of prolonged his career. One of the first things I ever remember him saying is I'm not interested in that are not appear to be a candle in the wind simmering like I'm not here either it was the tight. And his words supported that he never saw himself being here for a long time. Yet in making this point that I've made numerous times today and certainly in the past. I am not leveling criticism at him infected something I say with respect and admiration. Because. I think a lot of people I would understand the temptation to job like that to just based decisions are making on. Can a key to the checks coming the longest what it was here are a great job. I get paid six figures. And I get to watch hockey games and build the team and like this is great. That's for gear mean that was nurturing your work for the owner keep it under budget and never treat your draft picks if I'm gonna make a trade. A draft pick for a player at the deadline I'm getting a a draft pick back there at the the president strolls trophy season he traded Marty brought a way to get a pick back because he was spending a pick to get who breasts which there was never go for it. So Murray comes along and he's go forward and and I you know I love them for a. According to be fair they needed the cap room to get super sin and get Mario so. They did get the pick that's true but I think there was do law. Speaking. Great. The athletes. Right you have you have a team that goes to game seven of the conference finals and 06 maybe give yourself a little space so that when Katrina like com you can go get your armor younger somebody. Not here it's a long time that's a decade ago. Much over the ball well this is WGR. You always just order get a spare tickets pictured at the queen city roller girls right now caller 56449878. Tickets are good for any game jury in their 2017. Season at buffalo river works. Value the prize thirty bucks general contest rules apply good luck here's Andrew with us on WGR hi Andrew. Yeah yeah. Good that Abby spring cleaning by the way. Yeah I mean when it comes to you know the clearing bowl while my end Murray when you sit down and you look Emery inquired I mean are we really surprised. Yes being look if I mean what have you done to these came in and everything that he's done we we know we're coming all along. Are really you know even entertain trade was coming along here and you knew you knew the Ronald Riley trade was coming along. The Evander Kane traded mineral worker. I mean and that that was rumored. All along when in reality betrayed what could it gambling and yet paid off. To quote our trade I mean you can't really. Plan him getting injured I mean it's so you know there's. Also dole. Went. Return under percent. Well I well. All right I don't wanna I wanna jump all over you. A bomb but I arid kind of did. I don't vote needed to lead with what does he really dawned. I mean he did he made moves whether they all work and look they weren't good this year but that to me is is a reason to fire him. But to say he didn't do anything. Me he used the opposite of that with cars I've spent minutes at a time today talking about. His aggressiveness may be being a part of his downfall that is the opposite of not doing anything. Someone who doesn't do anything sits back and waits for JT com per. And Brendan LeMieux and all the other picks in the Swedish kid the caller last time was talking about to show Walt and mature and learn how to grow facial here. And says like well I've I picked these does a winning they're going to be good look they've groups he scored the world juniors and and that that's not doing anything. That's picking some players and waiting for them to grow putting them in the window where the sun hits them and they get some rain and like batic. I Murray did the exact opposite of that. Yeah here's our Dave Nextel they've. Look guys here you know got papers say secretary got but I have thought a popular show you guys don't Wear a sign that. And Goliath stringer has given away. And picks in the top three rout nothing it'll late traded away we could have trapped I don't about the team that would've lasted a long time. But the bulk OP PP president. Yeah that they can control and say we need to that threat and to develop. And whether you're looking. And got a draft and develop and bring it always sorely lacked even the coaches. Prefer that they wouldn't get it not for somebody. And I'll go number one in every week and it took built. All right here and we just too many commercials don't give it away and I yours you'll get Evander Kane situation. Rather. What is the what is the Evander Kane situation like how would you describe that. We aren't. We got lucky are we gonna give eight million media are. Know is that what this is that the better McCain's situation is no they're not gonna give me million a year. Well a lot of organizations that contract and liner the Clinton being medical we could end up on you guys. But could the draft that went too much. And assume you're showing the old being good I guess right like a third third round picks would be good players which is pretty rare in the league that's the point here. I tried that one moment but don't bet McIlroy. The Mac Voight Jolie met the boy you've got an opinion and then we'll round. You you can't convince me that all your good pick your theory waits waits or you're trying to tell me that ten picks. That you can't use it three times but once you corrected yourself. He gave away you try to tell me that those terror employers would grow into this great team not yet I think you'd have to acknowledge that yet vineyard of eager to prove that to me. By plucking out one guy whose name I knew. What you gonna pluck out one guy from another organization as evidence that that would have happened. I'm pretty apple debuted at five strong contributor which would be nice to go up the core we have or write what I call. And it would still not be on time yet and GMs who are in jobs but as long as their owners can stand it. That GM has to get to the playoffs some day. He decided it was his plan to accelerate that and I thought that was reasonable. Street have been giving up that contract and lucky to get started what it's about drafting and developing and that's no big deal do you want a bigger battle. Or can continue that playoff drought continued under the contract the problem. Maybe maybe maybe I agree with draft and develop it doesn't sound like you have a clue how many. Draft picks after the first round our impact players in the league. It is not football. And that is important. Football by eight the third or even fourth round. You want a guy who's going to be in the leak and a fourth round pick in the NFL or fifth round pick in the NFL. Is. And thirty to 40% of the time in the NFL for a few years. Not true and hockey. By the second round you are hoping. So yeah he traded a first for Robin Lehner he traded. A good peck to get Cain he traded a good pick to get all rightly. I don't mind those deals let her I'd I guess I do mine because. I've never like that. Button you know I'm used to. Having people give me all four reasons for criticizing letter and sitting her going. Do you care where he ranks in the league in save percentage because I do I like saves I know you breed that one goal against Winnipeg. I like saves so. I'm an unborn and hot. I I just think what he did in those cases I like them when when they happened. Part of what you want is a sports fan is to be excited those those moves were exciting and I don't think they were the Watkins strayed. All I wouldn't say that either. Who says that either. You don't get you don't get to get away with gears up all liar from some late round pick they were they might Henrik Zetterberg was picked in the ninth round so obviously you should. Want to use all your ninth round picks a three and as a ninth round anymore. There's some crap like that. Thank you. I I like those trades. And I can't sit here right now and say oh you're right they should know made them. And there is absolutely no. Guarantees. That this team would be better off having not made them. Knoller what I think the point I've been trying to make all day is that maybe Murray would have been better off if he had not made them. Because he would have been preserving his dues this ten year because would be waiting for those guys to show up and demonstrate to the table one HL players. Instead I respect that he ate it just didn't work. I mean maybe it'll work next year for new GM and coach I don't know but it did not work and whatever you paid for Cain. His contract's gonna be all and he may leave for nothing. Or a minute trade on either way I paid a lot for him and I got zero playoff games. I must do this Ellie next year to this point right. Or they keep it for the long term in some. Let's get the updated and it will take more calls much over the bulldogs don't we have Greg Rusedski coming up we've Greg was since he thought that coming up. Give his insight on all this as well this is WGR.