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It's Mike show name any word in less than a second I will tell you how many letters or an but I cannot. I'm not anything mechanically I don't even know ought to put a team together for three year old spend a Bulldog. Fool me once. Shame on. Shame on you. People we can't get fooled again WG. We miss him. Well schemed so I would miss some. This year it's that the president the current president today said he was good friends with Popper Roddy who died in 2007. Near that one was too busy Easter and at the picture of him with Ted Nugent Kid Rock cancer it would in the Oval Office Kid Rock is that that was. Greg pushing ski without Greg don't worry no politics questions we won't do that view. Thanks for being on there. I'm ivory I wanted to tell you though that you know what is your friend but the guys in debt for a decade of great friends. We're operating rendered it's frustrating as I just the idea that the president try so hard to tell you the people he knows Iowa's public the president knew everybody cool like if you wanted to have. Boggled the Oval Office you just gotta. Or whatever is the you have to told. Yesterday it was George Steinbrenner. He was he was talking with the patriots Bynum is like as you know I was great a great friends or you might have said in the present that's. Is you know our great friends would George Steinbrenner like. You know dude. Can't. I just how it. And that's why it's so configure the only may yet drop the last few months as Brady's. I think it's. Right well here we are Greg we we set together right before the draft. Outside the arena and you know what will Tim Marie do will there be trades this team improved by 27 points last year. 5041. An hour here are you stoned or what is your feeling about what happened to the sabres in the last year or so. I'm really well and I mean I'm not done in last year there was sort out the way it has to that in think it's a playoff caliber team quite yet but. I mean at first the events of the last 24 hours some armed with yet done that that it Murray's got Mike. The Bolivar thing may be the writing was on the wall a little bit the cycle stuff coming out this week. They're obviously being some disconnect between the players and coach. Navy you know I mean you revolting cherries are the pretty quick trigger finger on. A coach's view that bad contract term but we're just a general manager to go without seeing it through to at least a fourth year. I think is is that it's a pretty stunning thing not only for the franchise but also. The typical norm that we hear on the NHL. Have you been able to gather. I recognize that the playoffs are going consulate there are other things that you know might be more you know more pertinent. For you but any kind of a consensus of opinion from people nationally in your business or any people inside hockey about like what exactly. Unravel here is the Murray thing really threw us for a loop two Viles mullah. I thought was was was possible I don't know that I go to of likely but. I was kind of hold report I thought it was necessary but Murray was so Stoddard. Yeah I think the consensus is that. It was something that occurred you know this this week I mean it was. It was a decision that was either made after the meetings for both of these guys. With ownership. Or it was just something that they were kind of walking in Q with ownership party deciding what they were gonna do you. But I mean as far as far as. The impact of of the comment to Michael this week. I mean the big debate right now and it's been kind of a theory account candidate never satisfied that we're well we're still. Is whether or not him with a guy who leaked the information about Michael not resigning. So the coach. I mean if that's the case in a obviously you know trying to turn up the heat and and may be you know provide cover for her Danny it you have to go. But and you know it's first intent to some wise up and their intent too on what's gonna happen next the mean it's it's they're not and it's. It's it's runner but it for a loop I think. Greg oceans key from us here on the TT hotline which opened the Bulldog on WGR. Greg what about Marreese tenure having so what you said about how surprising this is do you. So we've each been arguing with some people today trading for cane as he did trading for a Riley's he did. Do you see this as some sort of you know would you wanna draw a conclusion. On whether those trees were worth doing because some fans are sitting here today going. I wish I had those draft picks back. Well I yeah I mean noted that graphic element of that I think is is worthy of debate I think look player personnel perspective. I go to Q successful trade. I mean you can you could argue the merits of of of Meyers because both. The the Blue Line to be the big deficiency that torpedoed both these guys are out there employment I think both those deals where were pretty good one. I think the these tiny avid interest they would because. You know they've hired Hemmer is administrator Jim. They hired him married because he was. Had a reputation of finding really good young players. And when the meant to the development system the Ottawa Senators. And the idea that that that you know that process here cut after what you've been out three years this is sort of a curious one because. Yelling you hired him area it's for the long game. And and and that was short. That was why it was sort of probably one. Do you know any thing of Murray's reputation in league circles for being. May be volatile all. And maybe we don't potentially would whip. Having a tendency to maybe where people out. And could that be something that was working here. What does hamper and you know I think that that's pretty well known around the league but I don't know about his reputation pars. Rating on people wearing people out it's kind of hard but let out there it in his previous situation in Ottawa because obviously. You know his uncle of the general manager so it's been diligently from cover I think if there was any kind of personality conflict here and stay in the employ of the team. But Helio or they have heard is is just you know quick tempered but again that's that. I get the first alliger you're gonna finalize these general manager. Is that you know yeah a lot of ego involved in the position. So Greg with the sabres you have you know pros you have Jack cycle of course and that. At least to some extent should be agreed. Asset for anybody who consider or is is hired or talked I talked to the job I mean you know tons all this controversy. Maybe more maybe looking at the ownership here on balance what is this. Franchise right now you think to people who might be considered as candidates. Yeah I. I think situation situation like that gives you pause but. Only until you get in there and and really understand and at that he had dynamic room these review what it was while on the players. And then you know really sit down and talk its ownership understand the the damage mechanics behind the at the end of the day it's your unemployed general manager you're goal to be employed editor out of whatever manager you'll be employed in a place you're going to be paid handsomely. And that buffalo appeared pretty clear daylight you might not make it in your contract if the money anyway so it's all right. Offense that is the way it's gone here there's this quite a pile of people being paid not to work on both sides of the coolest sports empire the bills. And the sabres were talking we're Greg Bush's key Yahoo!'s puck daddy here on the AT&T hotline on WGR. So would you move. Would what sort of moves do you think you need to be made by whoever this new GM ends up being I received that you'd think he'd would have to hire coach. But as far as the roster goes like you mentioned you didn't think the sabres were gonna get home this year as far as the playoffs go. Do you think there is a not here to added pieces that they were lacking and turn into a playoff team by next year. Thought well I mean what a human experience. Is definitely a possibility on because this is a OB with particular parity. And an anti anybody you know and can make the leap from outside inside the bubble quickly have seen what seemed like John Allen and and and the Oilers and other this year. You know that that's the first there's a certain amount of a high element here that we should talk about birth which is that. If not only the NHL draft coming up for the NHL expansion draft coming out. They had a few things yet to worry about getting an Ambien played well pretty quickly. I can have also made some you know changes on a scouting staff side of the need you know by people for those positions with the draft picking up well. But as far as the actual roster goes. I mean yet to figure out Evander Kane and and you know what it is busy these days if you off by up and out like oh. But the point you have to targeted the Blue Line you up ordered the current. There's a part of me that really is. More all the seed yeah involvement go before they get a playoff caliber blue line in place. I think it's a real that the the other team. And you don't get your money at that situation in some cases I mean obviously got to Alec shot Urquhart gullible as to create and that's what the off season. But you know the most part of it's going to be trying to figure out ways that pride and I was champion. That that might create salary cap situation and that sort of thing. Have you thought about this as far as to have candidates you like or maybe a better question is is our type of candidate that you like for either. Vacancy. Look at the first guy editor based talking about it we Lombardi or because. You know get canned by the LA kings he's got the helicopters do is that credit the last few years. And any big guy in I remember listening to a dirtier here press conference one. Where they talked about where this or that they've but you know it would that it's gonna be painful for her for a while copper edit room. Remember him referencing. The LA kings. And the way that they went out around building that mean in which is to develop young players and then flip bumper established players when you wanna become what it and and maybe that's. In the back in my mind something that I wonder Kerry kind of used. That the open plan for the human being in effect it Lombardi might be your guide that as far as philosophically goes here here it is in short form. Don't go in the Alger. Don't go hiring Chris curious from the Rangers are so secret theory dump the hired Phil Housley if you don't how please don't hear that. Until many teams have done that have worked out Colorado think Rupert let's go to. Build it yourself. A brilliant. Guys waiting in the wings awaiting it's turn Julianne breeze block the at bay lightning. Jason bottle and that's from the Pittsburgh penguin bring in some guy that is an retread. That is on the way up that might come up this problem with a different perspective. Then someone that generally managing his third or fourth in. Another name of another name that's crossed my Twitter feed today is nor al-Qaeda. Similar to the W assistant AM Chicago. I I much prefer when teams go in and they and it's what I term it's just organizations. I mean the best example of it's he buys and then laden and came from the red wing. He you learned under Ken polity learned of what was considered to be noted that brain trust but also the best run organization and hockey. He go to Tampa Bay and well what are shocked they're pretty good. What went to you when the whole team got injured as they were hurt here so. I'm very much in favor of hiring from the right pedigree but also very much in favor hiring. You know a different way of thinking about think ultimately. It regulatory team like Toronto for example. Ultimately that the best thing you can do without that makes so. Of a forward thinking young general manager and then a better and bring truck around them that's gonna be able. They're really give you a cabinet if you will of of Smart people hurt to have one guy trying to run the show themselves what they're expecting a party that there are urged. Right I know you already mentioned you know the attractiveness of the job via a year you're an assistant you'd like to become a GM you're an out of work GM you'd like to be GM again. The pay will be good. And there's an attractive as an attractive this in certain respects to the roster is simple goal is. I they they penalized for being. As quick to don't people as they appeared to be here in the last few years. Maybe mean that it might get some people pause electorate that ultimately. I think there's a lot of pieces in place here that that people are gonna have you wanna come in and insulate it not apparently planned to visit. A team without the tank you very good thing it's got a piece of Barry you play with. But he here's a certain attractiveness of a roster. That would be penalized I don't know maybe keep some people from turner had during the ultimately I think people. That wanna become general managers know that they're only. 31 opportunities in the league debut so a lot of places are gonna have general manager for quite awhile that these opportunities don't come along all that often. You know like a bit earlier you know usually these guys report by your group themselves. I imagined it would not in the European allies as far as people. Being repulsed by the opportunity you're correct. That mattered to sabres. Electric. Pulsed to thank you Greg your job any questions for us. Well I mean just keep in my that no matter who gets tired at the yen. The coach is gonna be that you can be you could jock Michael earned a team now. I think that he is there anything is that a 100% Cirque NASA urban maybe less than a 100%. It's like hey it's like 86%. Are though is that a horrible idea. In and of itself like a date. Oh. I mean look I think I think he's NCAA guys but gave back all the flyers are getting these guys. You get a lot more opportunities that you ordered a certain. You know old boys network or go about coaches and a certain. Labor regard for our Canadian junior coaches and got the baton and get out until some all four sides. When it comes cycle it's better off we forum yeah. I do you believe that he and his agent stopped protest the little too much when I come his way in the organization from. But ultimately I I think the worst part about it is that. No matter what come doubts about the whole scenario the creek with with very involved. I mean cycles cycles gonna have to work real hard to shake the label during the week true rumor and innuendo. And hiring his college coach doesn't help that god help us beat maybe two weeks ago they might be able that. Position that that differently and. Remember I mean you know if it's depending how things worked out of the month that I collect grab your craft people that are out. Important Greg thanks as always for your time. But sort of Greg Rusedski puck daddy. Was some of that but that's just exactly what I said. Drury Housley area there what's ironic to me about Housley is that. When I grew up here in the eighties Housley was good but fans were all over. He was always not good and I wouldn't soften us all whoever and so like I think of him as a player who is underrated. Here because he wasn't our style or something and now some notion that I mean maybe be a good coach but I just. Are we willing to rule out anybody whoever played for the team made it any important job how is Lee as somebody to bring back because there's a connection with the team like that is just. Upside down would be weird. I don't dumb. I don't. I've always kind of felt this way. But I'm not averse to someone incredibly. Taking those positions. I don't eliminate them because they happen to have played for the team. I don't either want them because they played for the team but as I want the best guys. But to Phil Housley is set up to be a good coach knows how to play early Ocampo. Puck possession hockey. And recognizes the need to have a fast team playing a simple straightforward system and how to get the hell out of your own zone. Then great fill it up on all authorities. A writer Karen in this league win. Not that far reason shoppers in the playoffs you however I'm I'm fine. And I'm not a bottle of him because he wore the uniform but it's not like why I want them you know and there and the same would Drury like I wasn't. Thinking I don't want him as the GM at all because he played here. I'm seeing that doesn't fit to me considering how he felt about the area back then I mean maybe he's older previous family's older maybe it's different I don't know. But it's just you know seems to me like a guy that wants to be where everyone's not bought him. 8030550. To reach us much over the bulldogs will be right back this is WGR. This is absolutely a team effort 100% a team effort and you know Doug and I have had great meetings he's keeping me addresses the situation. As far as we got valuing the players. He he can't stat line things up fortunate. And nice ways we can have productive healthy meetings so we can come up with the right players. This organization for. Sean McDermott the real. Snow. One sad part about the Saber news is that the scheduled day is not relief red acting like the scheduled day and a full schedule coming out tonight. Haven't gotten anything new and about an hour. He didn't I'm looking to I'm not calling anybody. So I'm not doing. Not I don't have the usual 710 and absolved. On schedule. Rumor pages are doing right but I do have you know some. And I've gut teams one to. Thirteen sixteen and seventeen and maybe three. Straw poll week one of the jets. At Carolina week to somewhere in here there's a night game at the jets' Holmes New England week thirteen at New England week sixteen. At Miami week seventeen last two games on the road. And maybe Denver week three of a concern that I think you're dead. No home night games. Maybe just a thirst and acting with the jets is pars all like split don't know yet we have ten bucks on whether they get on the night and Como and haven't heard one yet. Rule on this day I've got that dad. EJ we know we don't know but until summer. And fall really. Football season begins technically in the summer still rate falls starts on September 1 or something. Anyway. We're just going down to be bored with this this marketing slogan thing I should I should have that home for good reason. Yeah you should win that yeah we both have golf that money coming in right. Michael you're coming in like all that money just to go to Q for the playoff pool which. Marvel without employer but whatever reaction in here serious or not and WG Arlo Scott. I am I doing. It's cyclical so just quickly here. Is you know it was and it's those other arguments about Murray in public assessing what he clearly did do. There's kind of two arguments it made in the you can make it as an argument NC you know he gave up tick. That. Gators didn't amount to anything but I don't know that you can necessary Egypt I think general manager's job. Is to acquire assets. And did. O'Reilly could yet I'm glad to have O'Reilly in I don't know about it entertain maybe betting the point is. I think maybe Steve Lee a little too much. Yeah. You know. Well the trick to that is you might not Scott Beale will make those deals without giving up what you know what you gave up the criminals are good players that maintain. That did the trick with Cain is in his contract is going to be up after next season. And I'm not realize anything informal post season play. While he's been under contract for diamond this year had a very good year so. It is I'm might not end up if he leaves circuits traded because his contract is up resound in the future plans are too expensive whenever. Then what I'm left with is really nothing for that trade that'll be easy one I think when it's all said and done to look back on and go. When bush and on that even if I just had no picks or whatever now but I did Walt Myers Stafford or whatever it's just. I didn't get what I wanted out of that you're supposed to help me win. At least at the very latest this year if not even last year. And that did not happen. So it's tough I mean I support him making the trades he made. But at the time told you what I've said it repeatedly today what what did what does it shortens his shelf life and the G up. Because he's gotta win now instead of wait for picks to develop and he didn't win. Thank you Scott for the call or Sam who you were yesterday or whatever name you'll call in with tomorrow. John is next on WG Arlo John. I. I'm in actual the guys that my real name and a lot of people over to know my real name is going around. I called you on the ninth that they secured first place in the draft her first or second. I told him made me crazy. Before the game. Yeah on the Friday one a day that was real I was not I was in Toronto when they played Columbus that night it was just you might yes praise the ninth yes. We finally got what we want it finally got the eighty that are like go. In what blows my as anybody can Colin right now in peak sat at all. We have Jack White goal amnesty. I don't know what anybody watched. But this is one of the best players in the league. Cheers to media meant who cares Cogent. We have check like go most important thing. And everybody impossible does that awful thing they complain. 00 record Carner a bit. Well we did we get the act like oh you know what I'm good what it could last time I checked. It's two to win that series they lost seven year old the other night. Well I mean model that at Edmonton David is great he's gonna win the Hart trophy in their in the playoffs it's it's not so much for me thank you. Again John Wright memorably whatever her name is. It's not a comparison like that that'll work like that. What it this is the comparison I wanna make bicycle was more important to them than bio smoke or Marie. And I like Marie and I am disappointed. He's gone. But. Uncle was more important to that he's the guy that they have to keep in galway and bid on that it right and. But he's some. Overstate just only keys under siege. Or hurt you some you know he's tainted in some way. But this this is this messy for him. In the timing the ball this is messy. Elliot Friedman is one of the people who is supposing. Just wondering. Is that the theory that Greg pushing ski just talk about with a fifteen minutes ago. About how all of this news got out about our goal saying he didn't want to. Who wasn't interested in signing a contract extension this summer files remain the coach. Elliott is wondering if Murray maybe you was responsible for leaking that out. I mean I don't part of Powell Paul knows. What what he knows about Abbott and all of it. So I can't tell you and I wouldn't expect Paul tell you either die bolts that. But. You know I I personally am skeptical of that I don't I don't think that really serves any purpose for Maria I think if he wanted to fired him while he fired him bowels vitally needed. This article piece of the story. Public and eager to go on to ownership himself and said. Look the kid doesn't like coach dots we've got to do this and I think they would have gone OK I did it. If they felt like he deserved to keep the job and then me you know they might have been a bigger problem with Murray the man it would pile I mean I don't know. But I just I doubt. That the theory that I'm I'm perhaps helping to perpetuated by saying it on the radio in buffalo now. Holds a lot of water that Marie was responsible for any part of Paul's story. Because I don't think I only deep he needed it. I could be wrong but I just don't I don't see it but either way it's out there. And I respect Paul reporting on it and our goal looks like he took a wrecking ball to the sabres hockey department. To sum to the to the harshest skeptic of the entitled rich. Athlete. Article news articles where he's carried some stuff right now. And that's not great for anyone. And most importantly him Ali it's great for the fan base it's definitely not great for the ownership or do you. Did the organization all go get through it. Don't get through it I mean everybody will lay low go get a new coach in here we'll get a new GM. And go get through it and eventually. His talent and competitiveness I think went out and that is what we care about more. So yeah out for a while. And to the extent that we talk about these things it will get criticized him but he's a great player and he's learning that he's gonna get criticized for stuff. This went especially when the team loses like that's part of it. These these warning that your reflects few days that his comments can have serious consequences not that. They were fired because of them but he's somebody that. People pay attention whenever he talks. So lessons being learned that people get through that part of it he he does play by different rules. And that's just how what is and I think mostly how we should be. Going forward they don't let him make every decision or anything like that but. His his opinions on important things like who's coaching the team should matter to. To the owner and I I'm thinking that they do. But yeah like there there is there's baggage from this but I think. More more important things to most people will. Beat what we focus on eventually. I'm I'm also doing schedule work. Multi multi. Multitasking. We have two more beyond my friend Joseph found these bills' home to Tampa Bay weeks seven. October 22. To Sunday night. I. Everything's 1 o'clock until noted pools built templates on the. It's a. Al Michaels in the middle of a Steelers. Ravens game goes and next week will be in buffalo. Forward James miss Winston and the Bucs vs your name healer and the wheels. What. You know we're not having that 1 o'clock Sunday October 22 at New Orleans. Is here November 12. Presumably 1 o'clock on a Sunday week ten. You also can know from the is that that's not that's not good bye week like I don't know where in the bye week is the most important thing to me tonight is when is the bye week. For scheduling work. Come on I'm also do it every every one of these matters to me for 1 o'clock Sunday among big panel 1 o'clock and one of all the B one Americans don't really know how much I care about when the games actually are. Until the kids' hockey schedule who's made final and that's not for months after the split. But it you know. Last year I dislike the two best games of the year was the best team in the league and he played great against opponents in those years potent a couple of Eagles and the problem it's I hope I don't have happened to invoke when it's just. I'm being self centered again our most. Boy if you chose to get my you're happy with it does of course. Joseph is next on WGR joke. They got to the so so today is is in some senses a sad day right we all less. He would straight talk he would no be yes we saw behind the curtain a little bit he said things that. Press conferences about how to process word that frankly I've I've not heard other Guillen. You know talk about. But but objectively speaking there advocates for him to be gone right yes Molson and it goes front and George's school. And you know opinion he's the guy that takes file. Right he picked the guy who gets run out of town in Pittsburgh who never really seemed to fit here a guy that he probably should have controlled better. Probably should add an intervention mid year so no candidate had gotten out to the press like it had. And so and that he's gone we won't have someone like him again probably in the future. But you can't say there's not a case for independent of whatever Michael thinks about the guy totally agree and end up and ended I equal scores 75 point next year and we make the play out. Nobody's gonna care. Michael is more important and it's always been true. Yeah thanks Joseph that's right that's right Anna Marie would have to say the same thing probably would just like those that is the peace. Murray was so interesting to listen to. And as Joseph says. A lot of fans like them just for that and would also well I think that that caller. Is a lot of people tonight. That guy you could do this will be the same team will be a little different ways yet to be determined. But. He was core rate to listen to he was really open honest very much self deprecating. Just he was different. Ands I would also assume that the next guy won't be. But who knows I didn't see him coming and that's right but very very few of them are I mean it is some. It in. A group of seasons here where were we talking all four seasons what parts of four seasons he wasn't here for all of the line and our draft your route so. Where. We head at various times that it fans. After one another about where they stood. On what the team's intentions intentions were. I'm for some reason a pretty very hard not to use the word that's malls often associated with those seasons I don't lie. Is much easier follow the tech. Murray. Was like. We immediately hokey here. But but if he. He was. Not not a friendly face and that SO because he didn't come off as necessarily friendly. But. He he was. All of voice of reason within. And I think. Helped Steward the organization through mean it is worst critics who say he designed a plan. To have them be that bad and they wouldn't be entirely wrong. But he managed to do it in a way that kept I think even pro and anti tank fans. On the side of the organization in some way I think he is largely responsible for. Just because of a freaky one is Pete people appreciate whether they agree with his tactics philosophically. Going to the bottom on purpose. Having exact adultery in Baghdad ST place. Wow what that whether whether you thought that was offensive or not I think you listen to him and felt like someone involved with the team is being straight with me. And in you know I'm an old I don't know what all other cities like I don't disabuse like we won't. Which we just want someone who is not going on. BS us right on. And he was aces in the apartment. Right on Bryant shows it's seven wolf set that up with him here after this timeout which over the bulldogs WGR. The latest schedule is out bills at falcons' week for. And the long running mystery of whether Atlanta would get. A home game but not the opening weekend in their new stadium the answer is no. We won at Chicago. For the falcons' week two homes on the night football against Green Bay. I looked at Atlanta today they have to they've Dallas and Green Bay on their home schedule they're gonna play. A celebratory. New stadium Sunday Night Football game begin this season it's could be Dallas or Green Bay scream back bills are falcons' week for. I don't have no Monday night game yet so I might return box and I haven't seen anything on the colts that I. So if they're still in the league that's adjusting like everybody else seems have some news out of leakage. Of living on the colts. Bills are on the colts schedule Indianapolis is here this year. Culpable adult well you already think that they're not having home night game so yes and rules. We think the bills will play New England in Miami four times in the last five games. That's that's weird yup. That is weird isn't it yes Ryan now it's gone what's the plan for your talk to the sabres tonight beat oral report when he plans. I say we were we had it. Intensive for Tony plans mean the year we know they got they got you know set on fire. Figuratively but when it opens they went up in smoke if you well because of all the new set your savior today. Your new plan has been weeded out all it's been weeded out. Yeah we had a we had just yet. You know sort of talk about. Yeah obviously this a little bit you don't want it stuck in the grass yet nick says he he's got try to make me feel better about memories wiring because I told them on the end here that I'm depressed about it haven't priced holidays so he says he's gonna try to make me feel better about it that schedule gets released at eight and we'll all go away from depressing dolphin and talk about potentially even more pressing it'll be at the billions being brightly beatable form a halt will have a plenty balls of fun you believe my schedule notes yeah they should leave the house. I have not been compiling annie's schedule it's because as you very well on the well. And there. OK stay tuned Ryan doesn't care job media writer has that alluring indifference about them. It works for some people works for me then which are you PO OK well the nightcap is next thanks for listening today. Eric Delco and Travis Yost on tomorrow show 3 o'clock. Or sometimes two but today history I will play and three much over the Bulldog WGR.